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Updated: 44 min 27 sec ago

Lifetime achievement: 94-year-old woman celebrates 44 years working at McDonald’s

48 min 6 sec ago

One 94-year-old woman is celebrating 44 years behind the counter at McDonald’s.

“When I started, I didn’t start to stay,” Loraine Maurer told ABC News, adding that she started working at McDonald’s in 1973 after her husband retired on disability. “I told him we were too young to stay at home and so I went for a job.”

Maurer was feted by her co-workers at an Evansville, Indiana, restaurant, including owners Chip and Katie Kenworthy.

“Loraine has quite a following. That’s to say the least, really,” Katie Kenworthy, who has owned the restaurant for almost two years, told ABC News. “She has lots of very loyal costumers who come especially to our restaurant to see her.”

So Kenworthy decided to plan a party to celebrate Maurer, inviting her church — Good Shepherd Catholic Church Parish — along with her family and friends.

“It was wonderful,” Maurer said of her party. “The only thing is there were so many people there that I couldn’t talk to them all.”

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China building a 100,000 strong Marine corps

55 min 57 sec ago

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is set to increase the size of its Marine Corps from about 20,000 to 100,000, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on March 13. According to unnamed PLA insiders and experts interviewed by SCMP, elements of the expanded Marine Corps would be stationed abroad, including Djibouti in the Horn of Africa and Gwadar in southwest Pakistan.

The PLA Marine Corps (PLAMC), part of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), has gradually been expanding its size over the last couple of years as its mission is slowly expanding from conducting operations in China’s coastal areas — including defending Chinese holdings in the East and South China Seas, next to preparing for a possible amphibious assault on Taiwan — to more global roles.

“The PLA marines will be increased to 100,000, consisting of six brigades in the coming future to fulfill new missions of our country,” a source told SCMP. The source also noted that two combat brigades were already transferred to the PLAMC, increasing the size from roughly 12,000 (two understrength brigades) to around 20,000.

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40 police officers beheaded in Congo

58 min 34 sec ago

Militia fighters decapitated about 40 police officers after an ambush in central Democratic Republic of Congo, local officials said on Saturday, the deadliest attack on security forces since an insurgency erupted in the region last year.

The Kamuina Nsapu militants struck on Friday as the police convoy drove from the city of Tshikapa in Kasai province to Kananga, the capital of Kasai-Central province, said Francois Madila Kalamba, speaker of the Kasai provincial assembly.

“They were apprehended by the militia members and they decapitated about 40,” Kalamba told Reuters. He added that witnesses said the fighters spared the lives of six police officers because they spoke the local Tshiluba language.

The militia fighters, who are often armed with machetes but rarely carry firearms, made off with arms and vehicles during the raid, Kalamba added.

Corneil Mbombo, president of the Civil Society of Kasai, a provincial activist group, also said about 40 officers had been decapitated following the ambush. The provincial governor and national police spokesman could not be reached for comment.

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Walk a mile in their shoes: Students told to write essay on 9/11 from terrorists’ perspective

1 hour 5 min ago

Make that “freedom fighters’ perspective.” As long as we’re being politically correct, we might as well go all the way.

The College Fix has the particulars:

A recent assignment in an international studies course at Iowa State University asked students to write a historical account of the 9/11 terrorist attacks from the perspective of Al-Qaeda.

“Write a paper that gives a historical account of 911 from the perspective of the terrorist network. In other words, how might Al-Qaeda or a non-Western historian describe what happened,” stated the assignment….

“Don’t worry about the fact you don’t agree with the terrorists, the point of the exercise is to consider completely different perspectives,” the assignment adds.

Don’t worry about anything. Be happy.

According to the author of the essay question, the assignment is intended as an exercise in “thinking outside the box.” Thinking outside the box something that liberals excel at whenever reality comes crashing down on their preconceived world view. They look for the silver lining in acts of depravity, which leads them to observe, as CNN political analyst Marc Lamont Hill did for example in late 2014, that “people behead for all sorts of reasons.” Hill was attempting to provide a rational explanation for why a Muslim convert in Oklahoma decapitated a co-worker seemingly out of the blue. His co-panelists, realizing that Hill’s utterance might be viewed as the idiotic formulation that it was, quickly chimed in with a more plausible explanation for the horrific act: workplace violence.

Workplace violence, a frequent go-to among liberals, was also posited as the driver behind the assassination of 14 civil servants in San Bernardino, Calif., in December 2015. This time, there were additional factors behind the massacre orchestrated by Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik. Chief among these was Islamophobia. According to David Chesley, a Farook family attorney:

There was information about the fact that his coworkers kind of made fun of him, for example, and his beard.

Never mind that ISIS put out a statement to the effect that Farook and Malik were “our followers.” That claim is not outside the box.

According to Facebook, ‘Hunt and kill all white women’ is not hate speech

1 hour 58 min ago

… Paul Joseph Watson of notes that in a recent Facebook posting, a woman identified only as “Laura” is calling for albo-gynaecide, presumably across the globe, as so it would be impossible for any more children of the Caucasian persuasion would be brought into this world.

As cited by Watson:

When the post was reported by another user for “hate speech,” Facebook responded with the message, “We reviewed the comment you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Meanwhile, posts by Christians that simply state bible passages in discussions about homosexuality are being removed, while pages devoted to showing grisly mock images of President Trump being assassinated are not taken down.

Also posted on Watson’s Twitter feed was a screen capture of a rather sarcastic Facebook posting and subsequent notification that one of his posts was “removed” due to not meeting the high Community Standards of the social media giant.

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Young man in Iran sentenced to death for insulting Islam online

2 hours 6 min ago

Sina Dehghan, sentenced to death for “insulting the prophet” of Islam when he was 19-years-old, was tricked into signing his confession, an informed source told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).

Despite the severity of the charge, a court-appointed attorney who failed to defend him properly represented him during his trial, added the source, who requested anonymity for security reasons.

“During his interrogation, Sina was told that if he signed a confession and repented, he would be pardoned and let go,” said the source in an interview with CHRI on March 21, 2017. “Unfortunately, he made a childish decision and accepted the charges. Then they sentenced him to death.”

“Later he admitted that he signed the confession hoping to get freed,” said  the source. “Apparently the authorities also got him to confess in front of a camera as well.”

“Security and judicial authorities promised Sina’s family that if they didn’t make any noise about his case, he would have a better chance of being freed, and that talking about it to the media would work against him,” added the source.

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Phoenix man accused of planning ISIS-inspired terror attack released on bail

2 hours 9 min ago

A 30-year-old Phoenix man accused of plotting to carry out a “lone wolf” attack inspired by the Islamic State has been released from jail after posting bail.

Court documents showed Derrick Thompson was released March 14 on a $75,000 bond.

Terms of his release include a requirement to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Thompson, aka Abu Talib al-Amriki, pleaded not guilty to charges of assisting a criminal syndicate, attempting to commit misconduct involving weapons and inciting or inducing a criminal syndicate in January.

Court documents said Thompson tried to buy a semi-automatic weapon online in January 2015, but the seller sold the gun to someone else because Thompson was not in Phoenix at the time.

A probable cause statement filed in state court said it was clear Thompson attempted to buy a weapon “with the intent to use that weapon to promote or further the objectives of a criminal syndicate.”

Police also found that Thompson, who is not legally permitted to purchase a gun due to a felony conviction, had online postings dating back to July 2014 in support of ISIS and had “hundreds” of Google searches for weapons.

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London terrorist driven to murder by anti-black racism against him earlier in life

2 hours 13 min ago

Khalid Masood may have been driven to murder by a deep-seated hatred of his treatment at the hands of ‘racist’ police, it was claimed last night.

Friends revealed that the 52-year-old Westminster killer had accused the authorities of ‘persecuting’ him while growing up as a young black man in the Home Counties.

They said he became increasingly bitter as his life spiralled into drink, drugs and petty crime despite being a promising school pupil.

His festering hatred only increased as he was repeatedly arrested while living in Tunbridge Wells and rural Sussex, leading to two prison sentences for violent assaults.

Mark Harman, 52, said Masood, then known as Adrian Ajao, was the victim of racist bullying at school and in his early adult life. The builder, who was a fellow pupil at Huntley School for Boys, said Masood got into a lot of fights because of the ‘colour of his skin’.

School friends said Masood was one of only two black boys at the school and remained in a tiny minority when living among oast houses in the picturesque countryside. Mr Harman said that when Masood went to court he believed he was wrongly found guilty by a judge who had ‘obviously taken the white person’s side’.

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Poland charges 11 over bizarre lamb-slaughtering by nudists at Auschwitz

2 hours 19 min ago

Polish prosecutors on Saturday said they had pressed charges against 11 people who slaughtered a lamb and then stripped naked at the former German Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The unprecedented stunt, carried out on Friday in front of the camp’s “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work makes you free”) gate, was apparently intended as a call for world peace.

After killing the lamb, the seven men and four women, all aged between 20 and 27, draped a white banner with “love” written in red over the infamous gate, removed their clothes and chained themselves together.

They used a drone to film the incident, local media reported.

The perpetrators, among them six Poles, four Belarussians and one German, were charged with “desecrating a monument,” Oswiecim regional prosecutor Mariusz Slomka said, quoted by the Polish PAP news agency.

The man who killed the lamb will face additional charges under animal protection laws that carry a penalty of up to two years behind bars, he said.

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Biden: I regret not ‘being president’

2 hours 26 min ago

[Ed. – Admittedly, it would provided some comic relief.]

Former Vice President Joe Biden late Friday night voiced regret about his decision not to run for president, predicting if he had secured the Democratic nomination he could have won against Donald Trump.

“I had planned on running for president and although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won,” he said. “I don’t know, maybe not. But I thought I could have won.”

“I had a lot of data and I was fairly confident that if I were the Democratic Party’s nominee, I had a better than even chance of being president,” Biden continued.

Biden explained that he didn’t regret the time he was able to spend with his son Beau Biden, who later died after battling cancer.

“But do I regret not being president? Yes,” Biden said. “I was the best qualified.”

His remarks came during a speech at Colgate University in Hamilton New York, which was largely focused on helping the middle class.

Biden explained in emotional terms that because of his son’s illness he felt he couldn’t run and that he had “lost part of my soul” when Beau passed.

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Coming soon to America: Places for addicts to safely shoot up

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 8:18pm

[Ed. – What could go wrong?]

In 2015, Mike Pence was in a tight spot. As the governor of Indiana, he was staring down a public health crisis when hundreds of people were contracting HIV by using dirty needles to inject opioids. Pence knew he needed to do something quick to quell the outbreak but was fundamentally opposed to the solution that health experts were suggesting: a needle exchange program where drug addicts can trade in their used, dirty syringes for new, sterile ones.

Some worry that such programs encourage illegal drug use. But research generally shows that needle exchanges reduce the likelihood that diseases like HIV will spread. So Pence relented to the health experts, and the outbreak was quickly contained.


But if many politicians are reluctant to embrace needle exchanges, then they’ll likely have a hard time with the latest frontier in the fight against opioid abuse: supervised injection facilities.

At these facilities, medical professionals provide addicts with sterile injection equipment so they can safely use illegal drugs they obtained from outside. They can also wait out the high and get information about and referrals to treatment.

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Muslim in India charged with butchering teen daughter, dumping body on boyfriend’s doorstep

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 5:57pm

An Indian Muslim man allegedly cut his 15 year-old daughter’s throat with a meat cleaver before dumping her body on her boyfriend’s doorstep, in what police suspect is an “honor killing,” The Daily Mail reported on March 22.

The victim’s mother caught the boyfriend sneaking into her house and handed him over to local authorities, according to police officer Shivraj Singh. The family lives in Uttar Pradesh, India.

When the father found out, he allegedly returned home, murdered his daughter with a meat cleaver, and left her body on her boyfriend’s doorstep.

“We have arrested the father for her murder,” said Officer Singh.

Both Muslim families disapproved of the relationship, as the teenagers came from the same caste. Some Indians perceive inter-caste relationships as incestuous, despite the lack of shared genetics.

According to a 2014 report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Justice, honor violence is a “mechanism to maintain or regain a family’s honor by punishing or eliminating girls or women whose actions invite rumors of sexual impropriety or disobedience.”

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Shocker: Malibu becomes sanctuary city

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 5:48pm

The discussion inside Malibu City Hall over whether to become a sanctuary city last week bore the usual hallmarks of the heated national debate over illegal immigration.

While some residents praised the proposal, others blamed those who are in the country illegally for crime and called the move a thinly disguised rebuke of President Trump.

But it being Malibu, there was a celebrity twist. The idea was inspired by one of the town’s many famous residents: actor Martin Sheen. In December, he grabbed the lectern during a City Council meeting and — as if conjuring his inner President Josiah Bartlet from “The West Wing” — urged the city to become a sanctuary city.

Like many sanctuary city resolutions, Malibu’s is largely symbolic. Backers said the move, which passed on a 3-2 council vote, is a chance for Malibu’s privileged to stand up for the city’s vulnerable population.

Malibu is about 92% white and one of L.A. County’s wealthiest cities. Everyone agrees the city has workers who are not authorized to be in the United States, and they tend to serve the food at upscale eateries, clean the beachside mansions, look after children and keep the landscaping looking lush.

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Students at Ohio State go on hunger strike … with an eye toward shutting down what?

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 5:33pm

Wendy’s time at the Ohio State University is over, say fair-labor activists who oppose the restaurant’s use of produce from Mexico. Now a contentious two-year battle with the fast-food franchise on campus has come to a head, with students borrowing a protest tactic from the University of Missouri playbook.

On Monday, 19 students and alumni began a weeklong hunger strike to pressure the Ohio State University to end the restaurant’s lease in Wexner Medical Center — and “Boot the Braids.”

The Wendy’s has had a relatively controversy-free existence at the university-owned Wexel Center since the 1990s, WOSU, a Columbus-based NPR affiliate reports. However, activists began targeting this franchise location in 2014 when the corporate Wendy’s, headquartered in nearby Dublin, Ohio, refused to sign on to the Fair Food Program, which promotes fair pay and safer conditions for American agricultural workers. Fast-food eateries Burger King, McDonalds and Taco Bell have signed on to the United Nations-endorsed project.

“Wendy’s represents the worst of corporate greed locally and nationally,” Ohio for Fair Food and Farmworker Justice said in a Facebook post announcing the hunger strike earlier this month.

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What next for health-care reform? Possible strategies for the GOP

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 5:14pm

Republicans do not need to return to health-care reform immediately. There are many other issues, from infrastructure to immigration, that would more closely align with the animating issues of the Trump campaign and where important reforms are needed. However, there could be a political risk in not making some attempt at health-care reform. Republicans have had significant electoral victories over the past few cycles in part because of public frustration with the many shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act, and the U.S. medical system is in need of reform. If Republicans do return to health care, they could simply seek an outright repeal of the Affordable Care Act….

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry has argued that conservatives should do the following policy two-step: “Slash regulations. And then subsidize health care.” There’s a certain logic to this process. It would allow Republicans to focus on health-care efforts that might be more popular (market-oriented reforms) while avoiding parts that might be more divisive (such as cutting Medicaid for the poor and working class). Rather than “repeal and replace,” it could instead be called “reform and retain.”

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Despite what Chuck Schumer thinks, SCOTUS nominees haven’t typically required 60 votes

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 12:25pm

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has threatened to lead a filibuster of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, arguing high court nominees are typically subject to a 60-vote threshold of support.

“If this nominee cannot earn 60 votes, a bar met by each of President Obama’s nominees and George Bush’s last two nominees, the answer isn’t to change the rules — it’s to change the nominee,” he said.

His claim isn’t accurate in several respects.

In the first place, the 60-vote threshold only becomes relevant if the minority party stages a filibuster. Breaking a filibuster, or “moving for cloture” in the parlance of the Senate, requires 60 votes. Neither of President Obama’s appointees faced a filibuster. Nor did President Bush’s first nominee, Chief Justice John Roberts.

The last nominee to face a cloture vote was Justice Samuel Alito, who sailed by with 72 votes. Fourteen senators voted to break the filibuster but ultimately voted against his confirmation. Before the Alito confirmation, the last nominee to face a filibuster was Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 1986.

In other words, seven of the eight justices currently on the Court did not face cloture votes, meaning they were not subject to the 60-vote threshold to which Democrats are insisting nominees are consistently held.

Furthermore, as Ed Whelan points out in National Review, only four Supreme Court nominees have been subject to a cloture vote since the Truman administration — and only two of those cloture votes were staged over ideological concerns.

In one instance, a bipartisan group of senators filibustered Justice Abe Fortas’s nomination to succeed Earl Warren as chief justice in 1968 over ethics concerns (concerns which were later vindicated and forced Fortas to resign in disgrace.) A few years later in 1971, a motion to invoke cloture on Justice William Rehnquist’s nomination was filed but never held, indicating — as Whelan writes — that it was likely lodged as a procedural maneuver, and was not connected to a robust filibuster effort.

The only two filibusters staged over ideological objections — Rehnquist and Alito, as described above — were both organized by Democrats.

Secondly, two of the justices currently on the high court were confirmed with fewer than 60 votes. Justice Samuel Alito was confirmed on a 58-42 vote that largely followed party lines. Justice Clarence Thomas won confirmation on a narrow 52-48 vote.

Placing Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court in this history is difficult. Though it is accurate to say that judicial nominations which reach the floor are not generally subject to filibuster, the Senate GOP’s successful blockade of his appointment is very obviously relevant to this story.

Still, if anything, this history reflects a consistent bipartisan consensus in the post-war period as to how Supreme Court nominations are handled in the post-hearing phase of a confirmation. That history does not match the message Schumer is pushing. A nominee may or may not win the floor vote, but Schumer’s “60-vote threshold” is seldom imposed.

This report, by Kevin Daley, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Britain’s response to last week’s terror attack: Same old, same old

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 10:53am

The officer stabbed in Wednesday’s terror attack in London was unarmed — like more than 90% of the British police force. Just 2,800 out of London’s 31,075 police officers are armed, which the police force considers a safety measure.

A cornerstone principle of the Metropolitan Police in London is that guns send the wrong message to communities by provoking crime rather than preventing it. Most officers are equipped only with batons, handcuffs, mace, and in some cases, stun-guns. A small number of specially-trained officers are permitted to carry guns on patrol. These include counterterrorism police and some officers in high-risk areas like the Parliament.

While countries like Germany, France, and Belgium have put more armed officers on the streets in response to a wave of terror attacks around the continent, the United Kingdom has maintained its “policing by consent” approach to security. The Metropolitan Police increased the number of armed officers by 600 after the truck attack in Nice last July, but the total number is still a paltry 9% of the entire force.

“Our neighborhood officers — the ones who know their streets, who know their environment and who know many of the names of the people in their communities — are our major weapon. They are our eyes and ears on the street,” Bernard Hogan-Howe, the previous commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said in 2016, adding that it “gives us a far healthier relationship with the people we police.”

Wednesday’s attack sparked a debate among lawmakers about whether security needs to be enhanced around government buildings, particularly the “weak spot” where the officer, 48-year-old Keith Palmer, was killed.

“It’s a terrible, terrible day for Parliament, the one weak spot on our estate is those carriage gates,” Mary Creagh, a member of the House of Commons, told The Telegraph. “We have four police officers there, two on the gate going in, two on the gate going out, we see them every day, we are friends with lots of them.”

Former Minister Ian Duncan Smith asked why an armed officer wasn’t assigned to the gate, saying it was a “little bit of a surprise that there was not.”

France put thousands of armed soldiers on the streets after suffering two terror attacks in 2015. The approach may have prevented a terror attack Feb. 3 at the Louvre Museum. A man tried to enter the shopping center at the museum with two briefcases. He pulled out two machetes when he was refused entry and attacked a soldier, shouting, “Allahu akbar.” Another soldier responded by opening fire against the attacker.

This report, by Jacob Bojesson, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Another 14-year-old girl allegedly raped at school; this time school is remaining mum

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 10:34am

A case that is strikingly similar to the one playing out in Rockville, Md. has occurred. This time the venue is Charlotte, N.C. And this time it’s not just the mainstream media that are refusing to cover the story. According to CBS affiliate WBTV, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is unwilling to release details about the alleged crime or the identity of the suspects, even though, according to the mother of the victim, they have evidence that it likely occurred.

Police say that the victim, a 14-year-old girl girl who attends Whitewater Middle School, told them that two male students forced her to perform a sex act on them in a school bathroom.

Investigators say they’ve identified the accused students — both are juveniles — that charges are pending as detectives work through the juvenile court process.

Another local station, WSOC, spoke with the mother of the child who says she was sexually assaulted. The woman, who declined to be named, told reporters:

They [the school told me that they’d seen it on camera. That she was being pulled in the hallway. They could see where she refused to go along with the boy. There was another young boy that was with him. He didn’t do anything to her, but they didn’t see any more other than the pulling. Of course, there’s no cameras in the restroom.

One difference between this horrific incident and the one that happened in Maryland two weeks ago is that reports so far make no mention of the ethnicity of the perpetrators or their residence status in the U.S. If that indeed turns out to be a non-factor, maybe the media will consider the story safe to report.

Wounded Marine veteran defies all odds, becomes first double-amputee cop

Sun, 03/26/2017 - 9:45am

Against all odds, Marine Corps veteran Matias Ferreira graduated from Suffolk County Police Department Academy in New York on Friday to become the first active-duty, double-amputee cop in the country.

Ferreira, a 28-year-old who deployed to Afghanistan and lost both of his legs in 2011 after stepping on an improvised explosive device (IED), graduated after 29 weeks at the academy and has now become a legend, NBC New York reports.

The Suffolk County Police Department believes Ferreira is not only the first active-duty, double-amputee cop in the agency, but also in the entire country.

“It’s pretty incredible,” Ferreira told ABC News. “I’m truly honored to be part of the department. When I first got on, I didn’t know how good I would do — maybe having some self-doubts in the beginning — but I had a very supportive staff, very supportive recruit class. Everybody kept pushing me through.”

The audience at the graduation ceremony cheered and applauded as Ferreira accepted his certificate, and during his time at the academy, Ferreira was elected class president.

But for Ferreira, the road to recovery and becoming a police officer has been long and arduous.

After he stepped on an IED while in Afghanistan, Ferreira blacked out and ended up back home in the United States for serious medical treatment. The IED shattered his legs and also damaged his femur and pelvis.

Just three months after, he was fitted with titanium prosthetic legs.

He said he doesn’t think the prosthetic limbs will inhibit him from carrying out the duties of a police officer.

“If I break my leg,” he told Fox5NY, “I go to the trunk of my car and I put on a new one and I’m back on duty.”

He is set to start patrolling Suffolk next week.

This report, by Jonah Bennett, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.


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