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Macron and Le Pen in French election run-off

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 11:37am

French voters are choosing their next president after an unpredictable campaign that has divided the country.

The second round contest pits centrist Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old former investment banker, against the far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen, 48.

The latest figures show voter turnout is sharply down on the past two presidential elections.

The vote is being closely watched across Europe, as the results could affect the future of the EU.

Polling opened at 08:00 local time (06:00 GMT) and the final stations close at 20:00 (18:00 GMT), with early estimates of the result set to be reported immediately after.

More than 50,000 police officers have been deployed to maintain security.

Both candidates have been in the north of France on Sunday, with Mr Macron voting near his home in the seaside resort of Le Touquet, and Ms Le Pen in the working class town of Hénin-Beaumont, a stronghold of her National Front party. Both are due back in Paris later in the day.

If Mr Macron wins, his supporters would celebrate in the courtyard of the Louvre. The area was briefly evacuated on Sunday after a suspect bag was found.

A Le Pen victory would be celebrated at the Chalet du Lac in the Bois de Vincennes, on the eastern edge of the capital.

The two candidates have offered voters starkly different visions of France.

Mr Macron, a liberal centrist, is pro-business and a strong supporter of the European Union, while Ms Le Pen campaigned on a France-first, anti-immigration programme.

She wants France to abandon the euro in the domestic economy, and hold a referendum on France’s EU membership.

Polls suggest Mr Macron will win the vote, but analysts have said high abstention rates could damage his chances.

The latest turnout figures from the interior ministry show a considerable fall compared with the past two presidential elections.

The participation rate at 17:00 local time was 65.3%, compared with 72% at the same time in 2012 and 75.1% in 2007. It had even fallen below the election of 2002, when Jacques Chirac beat Marine Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, winning 82% of the vote.


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AZ Sheriff Opposes Border Wall: ‘Medieval Solution to a Modern Problem’

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 11:07am

An Arizona sheriff is opposed to President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, calling it a “medieval solution to a modern problem.”

Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier said in an interview with New York Times podcast “The Daily” that lawmakers would be better off giving a fraction of the estimated billions it would take to build the wall to law enforcement.

“I think it’s kind of a medieval solution to a modern problem,” Napier said. “I mean, 10,000 years ago we were building walls around things, and here we are in 2017, and this is the best idea we can come up with?”

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Napier, whose county includes 125 miles of the border and the city of Tucson, doubled down on his comments.

He said he’s completely in favor of securing our porous border, which he called a national security problem, a public safety problem and a human rights problem.

“My fear is that we’re continuing this dialogue of ‘a wall, a wall, wall,’ which to many of us, just doesn’t seem credible,” Napier said. “And in that discourse, we’re losing the more serious discussions about how to better secure our border at a lower cost point, perhaps more effectively.”

He suggested a blend of technology, fixed barriers and human resources could work better than a traditional wall.

Tucker said voters believe that lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are pressured to ignore illegal immigration, and the American people want concrete evidence that someone is finally taking the problem seriously.

“It’s an easy sound bite. It’s easy to digest,” Napier said. “This is a very complex issue. And perhaps that’s why we’re still dealing with it.”

Tucker countered that a “medieval solution to a modern problem” is also an easy sound bite.

“Nothing we’ve done in the past 50 years has really worked,” Tucker said. “And so what’s the guarantee that your solution will be different and will work?”

Source:  Tucker Carlson Tonight[email protected]

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French Elections: Emmanuel Macron, a Disaster

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 1:10am
  • Anti-West, anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish diatribes were delivered to enthusiastic crowds of bearded men and veiled women. One hundred and fifty thousand people attended.
  • Emmanuel Macron promised to facilitate the construction of mosques in France. He declared that “French culture does not exist” and that he has “never seen” French art. The risk is high that Macron will disappoint the French even faster than Hollande did.
  • On the evening of the second round of elections, people will party in the chic neighborhoods of Paris and in ministries. In districts where poor people live, cars will be set on fire. For more than a decade, whenever there is a festive evening in France, cars are set on fire in districts where poor people live. Unassimilated migrants have their own traditions.

Paris, Champs Elysees, April 20, 8:50 pm. An Islamic terrorist shoots at a police van. One policeman is killed, another is seriously wounded.

The terrorist tries to escape and shoots again. The policemen kill him. One hour later, the French Ministry of Interior reveals his name and his past. His name is Karim Cheurfi. He is a French Muslim born in an Islamized suburb of France. In 2003, he was sentenced to twenty years in prison for the attempted murder of two policemen. He was released before the end of his sentence. In 2014, he targeted a policeman and was sentenced again. And released again. In March, the police were informed that he was trying to buy military-grade weapons and that he contacted a member of the Islamic State in Syria. An inspector discovered that he had posted messages on jihadist social media networks expressing his willingness to murder policemen. The police searched his home and found several weapons and a GoPro video camera similar to the one terrorists use to film their crimes. The police and members of the French justice system did not think they had sufficient evidence place him under surveillance.

The Champs Elysées attack clearly shows that the French justice system is lax regarding dangerous people and that the French police pay only limited attention to suspects who are communicate with terrorist organizations and who seem to be hatching terrorist projects.

This terrorist attack summarizes everything that is broken in terms of security in France today.

Men with a profile similar to that of Karim Cheurfi have, in recent years, been responsible for most of the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium: Mohamed Merah, who killed three Jewish children and the father of two of them in Toulouse in 2012; Mehdi Nemmouche, who attacked the Brussels Jewish Museum in 2014 ; the Kouachi brothers, who committed the Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015; Amedy Coulibaly, who murdered four Jews in the Saint Mandé grocery Kosher store Hypercacher; Samy Amimour and others who maimed and murdered 130 innocent people in the Bataclan theater in November 2015; Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who drove a truck into the crowd in Nice in July 2016, killed 86 people and wounded many others, and, among others, those who beheaded a priest in Normandy a few weeks after the attack in Nice.

The successive French governments under the presidency of François Hollande showed themselves to be appallingly weak and impotent.

A climate of fear has overtaken the country. Attendance at theaters has declined. The particularly targeted Jewish community — two-thirds of the attacks in France in the last five years targeted Jews — feels abandoned. When a Jewish cemetery was vandalized on March 30 in Waldwisse, eastern France, neither the media nor the political leaders reacted. A week later, in Paris, a Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi, was tortured and then thrown out of a window by a non-radicalized Muslim, simply because she was Jewish: the French media and political leaders, with the exception of the courageous MP Meyer Habib, also did not react. A silent gathering below the window was organized by some leaders of the Jewish community. Only Jews came; they were greeted by anti-Semitic insults by Arab Muslims in the neighborhood. The implantation of radical Islam in the country is intensifying. The annual meeting of “Muslims of France” (the new name of the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood), took place on April 14-17 in Le Bourget, ten miles north of Paris. Anti-West, anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish diatribes were delivered to enthusiastic crowds of bearded men and veiled women. One hundred and fifty thousand people attended.

Economically, France is in terrible shape. The unemployment rate remains above 10%. Nine million people are living below the poverty line –14% of the population. Economic growth is stagnant. Government spending accounts for 57% of GDP — 13% more than in Germany, France’s main economic competitor in Europe.

Month after month, polls shows that the French population is anxious, angry, immensely disappointed with current French policies. François Hollande ends his term with a popularity rating close to zero. He was so rejected and discredited that he decided not to run again for the presidency.

The first round of the French presidential election took place in this context, and one could expect that the French population would reject everything that looks like François Hollande’s policies and choose a new direction for the country.

That is not what happened; quite the opposite.

Benoit Hamon, the Socialist Party’s candidate, suffered a disastrous blow and received a mere 6% of the vote. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a far-left candidate who left the Socialist Party a few years ago and who supported Hollande in 2012, received a much higher score: 19% of the vote. He is an admirer of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and the late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. Immediately after the anti-Semitic Islamic attack in Saint Mandé, he claimed that “Jewish extremism is more dangerous than Islamic extremism”. That statement did not hurt him.

Above all, Emmanuel Macron, a candidate close to Hollande won the race and will be elected President on May 7. He was Hollande’s senior economic advisor for more than two years and the main architect of Hollande’s failed economic policies. He then became Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, and held that post until he entered the presidential race.

Read More by Guy Millière[email protected]

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Back to the Wild West?

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 10:42am

Back to the Wild West? Every time we inch forward toward taking back our right to defend ourselves, and restoring the 2nd amendment the touchy-feely left dredges up that time worn phase that we’ll be reverting back to the Wild West. Let me enlighten you folks to something. No one in Tombstone ever went in to the little red school house, and shot all the kids.

America was born of revolution. The very idea of taking on the British Empire was pretty revolutionary, but that couldn’t hold a candle to Texas. The colonies more or less secured what they had lived in, and developed since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, I guess if the Germans had landed first it would have been the Mercedes Rock, but Texans carved off a piece of Mexico, stripped the president thereof down to his Long Johns, and called it their own. That’s called “balls” boys and girls. Write that down. There’ll be a test later. If the Americans had done likewise they’d have sailed to England, slapped King George, and took Ireland. Just saying.

Texas was taken by the gun. It was secured by the gun, and till this day it is maintained by the gun. The Mexicans were more than a little bit irritated at the loss of the region, and the Indians were plumb red faced over the introduction of the pale face interlopers who shot all the buffalo, fenced up the land, and sent them off to build casinos. That having been said, just how wild WAS the Wild West?
Well, to start, you could get hung for just about anything. A good hanging would always generate a good crowd, complete with picnic baskets, pee-warm beer, and oh yeah, bring the kids! Good folks went to church, and bad folks went to the saloon, AFTER they checked in their guns with the sheriff because most towns had an ordinance that recognized guns and whiskey don’t mix. That’s right. Imagine that. There was a form of gun control in the Wild West.

When the more “modern” thinkers say the founding fathers didn’t account for the advanced weapons of our present day they overlook the fact that in every era there are advances, and cutting edge weapons. The caveman with the bigger stick, the percussion cap replacing a piece of flint, or with the advent of the Winchester, that “Damn yankee rifle you could load on Sunday, and shoot all week.” Weapons change, people don’t!

Remember that question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Because there is a certain percentage of the population that if not restrained, will do whatever tickles their fancy. In an armed society the possibility of bad things happening to BAD people keeps their pants up, their mouths closed, and if they still get out of line you can always hang em. Predators will always prey on the weak, and if you think they don’t then why doesn’t the lion chase down the largest, fastest gazelle? Why didn’t the Sandy Hook gunman shoot up the police station?

Police have a thankless job. When you see some woman screaming in an officer’s face, calling him a pig, she doesn’t know that possibly that morning he removed a dead baby from a car after what should have been a fender bender, but wasn’t because some irresponsible wench just like her forgot to strap the car seat in, and the baby hit the windshield. Cops are human, just like the rest of us, and they run, cry, and die just like us, when they get shot, cut, or clubbed. They NEED us to be able to defend ourselves, and sometimes to defend THEM!

Back to the Wild West? We never LEFT the Wild West, but let me give you a challenge. Take yourself a sixteen year old girl, give her twenty dollars, and let her walk through downtown Austin looking for a sandwich. Now, send her through Detroit looking for a pizza. Oh, don’t make her anyone you care about. And the Nortés call US the Wild West! To sum it all up gun control, when imposing unreasonable restrictions upon law abiding citizens is dangerous, irresponsible, and down right stupid! The tail cannot wag the dog. Society cannot be put at risk as the liberal left tries to placate the lunatic fringe. There are more good people than bad, and if you want to see that just remember there were more people WATCHING the hanging, than being HUNG! We seriously need to go Back to he Wild West!

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Writing Angry: Celebrities, Supergirl, and Political Creep

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 1:08am

Americans can put up with a lot when it comes to celebrities.  We still go watch Mission Impossible movies even after Tom Cruise had a bouncy seizure on Oprah Winfrey’s couch.  We can even forgive him for hawking a religion that has all the trappings of a cult to anyone outside of it.  People still tuned in to watch Joe Namath play football even after he admitted to a strange predilection for wearing pantyhose. (Well, strange for that time at least.  If Tom Brady did it now, we’d all let out a collective, “Whatever.”)

People even still watch the Kardashians even after it’s become painfully clear that they do absolutely nothing. Hell, they watch them specifically because they do nothing.

But one thing we cannot tolerate is the newfound need of any person with even a slight hint of notoriety to expound their political views if they get within 20 yards of anyone with a video camera or cell phone.  Like creeping ivy weaves its way up a trellis, politics has started to creep into our entertainment, and that’s not something we’re going to take sitting down… even if the couches we potato on are really comfortable.

I’ve posited a theory about why this is happening (Hollywood Guilt: Why So Liberal?), but just to recap:  If you made millions for doing something every kid in the entire world does for free, and you came to the realization that if you disappeared tomorrow, a hundred other people just as talented as you are there to replace you, you would probably feel the need to do something that others might consider more worthwhile.  In a world where people are supposed to feel guilty about the color of their skin or how much they make, it’s a solid hypothesis.  Unfortunately, it would be impossible to test because no celebrity would ever be honest about that while they’re telling you how hard it was on their psyche to pretend to be someone else.

Soldiers facing IED’s in Iraq didn’t go through anything compared to an actor having to pretend to fight with a laser sword that he could only see after postproduction.

What these celebs seem too self-important to realize is that we watch them because we need a break from the real world from time to time, especially politics, and we do that primarily through them.  They appeal to us because they can take us away from our lives, if only for a couple of hours.  When they stop being able to do that, their value as a celebrity drops like an eagle hitting a wind turbine.

Slight pause.  A little background for perspective:

I’m a self-admitted movie buff and comic book nerd. (It says so right in my bio, thanks for reading.)  As a world class insomniac, I tend to get in two to three movies a night. I had rated over 15,000 movies on Netflix before they switched to the thumbs up/thumbs down system and made me start all over.

That’s not bragging, unless lack of sleep is a virtue in your mind.  I just don’t want anyone to think I’m just writing this out of hatred for celebrities.  I’m not. I’ve spent the night with quite a few of them. Now back to the column.

Believe it or not, most people don’t want to know about a celebrity’s political views whether they agree or not.  In the celebrity search to matter, they taint the very reason they matter to us.

We want to go to a Green Day concert and sing along with Basket Case without hearing Billie Joe shout “F^$& Trump.”  We could stay home and watch any report from Portland, OR to get that.

We want to watch a football game without having to think about who’s going to be taking a knee during the national anthem.  (And for God’s sake, don’t pretend that the flag and the anthem haven’t been part of sports since the day Cain and Able picked up a couple sticks and played field hockey with a sheep patty.)

We want to read a Stephen King book or listen to a Cher album without worrying about whether they blocked us on Twitter.  (Ok, that one was personal.)

And this may come as a surprise, but I want to watch a Clint Eastwood movie and not think about him talking to an empty chair.

No celebrity has ever changed anyone’s political opinion.  No one says,” Well, I was against illegal immigration, but then Kylie Jenner gave that Pepsi to that cop, and now I get it!”

At most, it’s a validation of what we already think.  It’s fun to believe that you and Lady Gaga are simpatico, or that Kid Rock and I could have lunch together without wanting to kill each other by the time we get dessert.  It makes us feel that we could sit at the table with the cool kids.

No, as much as celebs want you to believe that they just feel it in their hearts that as long as you gave them fame, they have the obligation to use it to make a difference in “just one person’s life”, it ends up being a supremely selfish act.  If you do something just for the sake of someone seeing you do it, you can’t truly call it altruistic.

“Now, Parker ” you say, “a lot of people get on Twitter and pop off about politics.  Why can’t celebrities do that?

“Good question,” I reply, “and to that I say know your role.”

You don’t turns on the news expecting a reporter to suddenly break into a stand-up comedy routine, and nobody goes to The Avengers expecting Iron Man to deliver a soliloquy on gun control.  The first has yet to be seen; the latter is becoming all too common.  And it’s not just the actors, the political creep is weaving its way into their product, too, thanks to Hollywood writers who feel the need to get in on the politically correct act.

Arrow (yes, I’m a comic book nerd) had that very special episode on the goods and bads of gun control.  Supergirl’s entire season turned into a thinly disguised Trump-bash about immigration.  (Yes, there are aliens on Earth, but most of them were good and there is no reason except bigotry to kick them off the Earth or for God’s sake do something silly like build a force field around the planet to keep them out.  Most of them were just trying to get away from their own bad planets.

The writers were so intent on getting this message in, they completely forgot that Supergirl worked for a secret government organization dedicated to monitoring those aliens and getting rid of or locking away the bad ones.)

If I tuned in to the West Wing, I knew I was going to watch a political show.  Ditto House of Cards or Homeland.  I even know which way the show is going to slant.  If I tune in to Supergirl, I want to turn my brain off and see a flying woman kick some alien butt with heat vision. I don’t want to watch her have a debate.  Not only is it clubbing you over the head with a position, it’s just bad writing.

As a conservative, I’m a big believer in freedom of speech, and everyone has the right to share their opinions.  Celebrities aren’t excluded from that, but they need to get over themselves and realize the reason they’re celebs in the first place. There are consequences for their little forays into feigned relevance. George Clooney’s movies have tanked, and it’s not just because they were all horrendous (although Solaris could put an ADHD kid on a sugar high to sleep.) A bigger reason is that he’s turned off half the people in the country who would bother to go watch him onscreen.

Clooney, like Hillary Clinton, may feel like he doesn’t want those deplorable people as fans anyway.  If he does that would be a shame, since he owes a lot of his success to those very people.

I don’t want to speculate about Clooney’s life, but he’s got money for days, a gorgeous wife, and a job a lot of people would love to have.  I’m guessing he’ll be okay no matter what I think.  I can say the same about Trump, which is why I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care what Sarah Silverman or Whoopi Goldberg think of him.

Judging by the last election, most people aren’t influenced by their opinions either.

I just don’t want to become a place where our entertainment avenues are as divided as the country.

I don’t want to live in a world where only Calgon can take me away. Especially since then we’d have to debate showers vs. baths

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Is a Man Competing on a Woman’s Team a Sex Offender?

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 9:24pm

Conservatives were wrong when they said granting alternative lifestyle practitioners special rights would put the country on a slippery slope. It wasn’t a slope at all. America jumped off a cliff.

Today sexual confusion isn’t concerned with whether a young adult should remain a virgin until marriage. It’s concerned with whether a young adult should remain a member of the sex into which they were born.

Unless your daughter is Brienne, the Maid of Tarth, she has no chance competing against hemales.

The desperately confused, unhappy people that believe they “are a man trapped in a woman’s body” would simply be sad if they lived out their torment privately. Unfortunately, no one does anything in private any more. The closet is vacant.

Elite opinion makers in media, politics and law demand society participate in the delusion. Call it mass hysterectomy.

The average American is supposed to embrace the theory that a baby is destined to be a homosexual in the womb, but whether the baby is a boy or a girl can only be determined sometime after birth when the child has weighed all its options.

Americans who didn’t want to make a fuss deluded themselves into thinking that if they just avoided certain areas — San Francisco parades, dance clubs with extensive Village People playlists and trendier florists — they could live their lives in peace and let bi–genders be bygones.

That is no longer true. Making sure the kids drained their bladders before going to Target is not enough. Now the gender benders are invading sports.

Formerly I was aware of the odd teenage boy who wanted to compete on the girl’s track team, but according to America is way past that. Men have invaded women’s sport at every level. Average or has–been men no longer have to be content with being an also–ran. If they are willing to undergo a wardrobe change, in no time at all they can be diamond–level competitors on the distaff side.

If you have a daughter who wants to compete, there’s a distinct possibility she’ll be competing against men, to say nothing of changing with them.

Here is a brief list of the female sports that men have entered: Weightlifting, cycling, softball, track & field, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, cricket and mixed martial arts.

Average men who think they are women have innate genetic differences that give them an athletic advantage few superior women can overcome.

Men have greater muscle mass, greater aerobic capacity, more fast–twitch muscle fibers, larger hearts, larger lungs, greater bone density, longer bones and tougher ligaments. As points out, these advantages give men “mechanical advantages over women, since they have greater leverage, increased height and larger frames to support muscle.”

A visit to Victoria’s Secret and an estrogen regime won’t level the field genetically between men–pretending–to–be–women and the genuine article.

Even if your daughter is fortunate to be competing against other women, she can still be cheated by a disturbed girl who wants to be a boy. In Texas the legislature determined athletes must compete in the sex God selected for them. So Texas daughters may have to wrestle against anchor babies and sanctuary grapplers but at least they won’t be men.

Unfortunately, the legislature didn’t consider all the possibilities, because this year the 110 lb. girl’s wresting state championship was won by a girl that’s been taking testosterone treatments for over a year.

In a CNN interview, Dr. Brandon Mines, of Emory University’s Department of Orthopedics, explained, “Testosterone and anabolic steroids are in the same family and have the effect of increasing muscle mass and strength gains.”

As a result Texas girls were wrestling a competitor with the muscle mass of a teenage boy.

If the same lack of logic was applied to Lance Armstrong he could have entered the women’s cycling tour as Leslie Armstrong, taken all the drugs he wanted and still been a champion.

I can’t explain the motives for these disturbed people going public and demanding accommodation. Maybe it’s exhibitionism, craving for attention or the realization this is their only chance to claim Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame, but parents and female competitors need to understand it’s all at your expense.

Parents of normal children need to make their voices heard. It’s not bigotry to insist your daughter compete only against genuine women. It’s common sense. Demand school boards regain their sanity and if necessary file a lawsuit. If that doesn’t work, organize other parents and boycott sports in government schools.

Form your own female youth leagues. Women who are adult competitors should make it very clear to organizers they won’t enter any event that allows cheating men to compete.

This isn’t a fight for intolerance or exclusion. It’s a fight to return reality and mental health to mainstream America.

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Liberals Willfully Create a False Image Of Christians

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 4:02pm

Have folks been shaming you for being Christian?

Pointing out slavery and the crusades and the inquisition?  Well, keep the following list handy.

How about we discuss more recent Christian behavior ?

A list of Christian folks’ acts of virtue toward others:

  • Largely Christian folks founded AMERICA, which WAS the worlds’ most equally righted and individual-protective nation.
  • Largely Christian early settlers were persecuted in THEIR home states – that’s why they left.
  • Ben Franklin led an early movement of Christians to end slavery soon after the Constitution passed. Slavery was not acceptable by a majority of whites. And blacks served in the revolutionary army.
  • White Christians were made slaves on British ships in the war of 1812 – whites have been in slavery.
  • Largely Christian majorities PASSED the Civil Rights Act – not black majorities. And the CRA is hailed as an icon BY BLACK PEOPLE!!
  • Largely Christian folks initiated and died by the hundreds of thousands in the war that ended slavery. White, largely Christian conservatives voted heavily in favor of ending slavery.
  • Largely Christian conservatives started the Abolition movement.
  • Legitimate racism accusation: Largely Christian 1960s judges decreed black preferential hiring, test scores and judicial rulings that are deceptively labeled “equal opportunity”. Laws by decree are TYPICALLY the way racism is implemented.
  • Largely Christian conservatives selected America’s first black justice, first black chief of staff, first black senator, first black leader chairman for a political party. NOT by decree.
  • Largely Christian,America is known as the “melting pot” for absorbing so many cultures successfully. We cannot possibly be drooling racists and famously accommodating at the same time.
  • Largely Christian America fought and won WWII to extinguish threats of mass killing and occupation aimed at Asians, Africans, Arabs, etc.
  • Largely Christian Americans elected America’s first black president.
  • Whites were also made into slaves: “Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, The Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800 (Early Modern History)”
Liberals Display Intense Hatred Of Christians on Social Media

When I post this list on social media, the leftists disregard all these positives, as contemptuous bigots would do. The left TRULY HATES CHRISTIANS, FOLKS.

That’s a reasonable explanation for why it’s easy for them to accuse others of being “haters”.

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Texas Is Incompatible With America

Mon, 05/01/2017 - 9:06am

Texas is incomparable with America. It just don’t fit. In my literary journeys over the last few months I’ve tried to find common ground, but it’s just not there. The Nortés have lost it, and without Texas showing them the way they’re never gonna get it back. They’ve got the best president they’ve had in forty years, and they can’t even agree with him that they don’t need to sell Long Island to the Mexicans!
I watched a bunch of documentaries yesterday, drank a little whiskey, well, a lot of whiskey, but my mind was clear this morning, and one of the films I watched concerned Sandy Hook. I cried through the entire thing, but something struck me. The yankee mind is so twisted that it can’t understand you have to deal with some things through common sense! You have a nut killing little kids, so what do you do? Why you run down to yankee central in Washington and try to take everybody’s guns away! That way, when the next idiot decides to turn an elementary school into a shooting gallery he’ll just see the “Gun Free Zone” sign, and all the passive resistance, and realize there’s nothing to see there, and just go home. I crappith thee NOT! A United States Senator actually said that! She said that if you put up no resistance an active shooter will calm down, find Jesus, and just go home! Wow! I wish I could run across her in a bar, and she was cute!
In my travels I have seen some pockets of resistance in the northland. I’ve also seen that this is the exception rather than the rule. Just try to book a conservative speaker at Berkeley. I announced my return to TexCentric writing yesterday, mentioned the word, “Yankees” and was seized upon by the Battling Bitches of Brooklyn. You’d think I’d called them the “N” word that some people can say and some people can’t. As you may know, I became entangled in the intrigue of this March For America nonsense. When I saw the word, “America” I should have known better. The behavior of that little band of merry faggots was the rule rather than the exception, and I found that the groups opposing it were just as bad, if not worse than it was. Back stabbing, lying, out and out criminals, all but one or two exceptions, the “Pissed Off American” and his Mother of All Rallies, (MOAR) being the last hold out and the American version of the Alamo. Another documentary I watched was about the University of Texas sniper. I noticed a major difference in the public reaction to Sandy Hook, and UT. Now, notwithstanding the babies at Sandy Hook were defenseless, but the students at UT were, too, but the public wasn’t. They had guns in pickups, and turned them on Whitman. By the time Martinez and crew dispatched him he was so busy ducking deer rifles he didn’t have time to take aim.
One time I went to pick up my granddaughter, Puck, at school. As you know, she’s diabetic, and had a sugar problem that day, so I sat in the nurses station waiting on Puck to collect herself to go home where I’d fix the problem. Anyway, as I sat there, I noticed the kids milling around the central hallway, with a couple male teachers among them. Then I hit me; I’d just walked in, simply waved at the office staff, and passed right on by, in my full length London Fog desert coat! I only went through the office because I’m a nice guy. I could have just as easily walked straight through the front door into the main hall where the kids were with an AR-15 under my coat! I was totally unimpressed with the “staff” herding the kids through the hall. I realized that I was the only man there with a set of balls, and out of respect for the law I’d left my pistol in my car! I’d fallen for yankee political correctness, and by doing so endangered my granddaughter and all the other kids, too. “But,” you ask, “how often does something like that happen?” I was sitting one mile from the Luby’s massacre, and about four miles from Fort Hood! THAT’S how often! ONE bullet would have ended both of those events.
Texas is incompatible with America, and following their lead will get you killed! We may not be able to secede right now, but we can ignore. I mean, what can they do? They’re still trying to figure out why letting illegal aliens get food stamps might be a bad idea, c’mon! Not all Americans are bad, I’ve met four good ones, well five. Texas has got to slap some sense back into their heads and maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn to build cars again, but don’t hold your breath, they’re still trying to come to grips with the fact that it takes a man and a woman to make a baby! Texas is incompatible with America!


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