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Resist 45 and the Government in Exile

Sun, 06/18/2017 - 4:05am

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the packed gun shows his extreme disjointed attacks on the Second Amendment inspired we’re confronted with the sorry spectacle of a former American President speaking against us on foreign soil.  I knew this guy reminded me of Jimmy Carter.  When you hate America it doesn’t matter what your job is or isn’t you’ll always find a venue that rejoices as you attack Old Glory.

After an all too brief (for us) vacation orchestrating the Resist 45 Movement from his lair in DC the Instigator-in-Chief couldn’t resist a chance to visit the scene of one of his most famous speeches, Berlin.  The fact that Europe’s leading exponent of unlimited immigration German Chancellor Merkel agreed to receive him as a fellow head of state must have made his narcissistic head swim.

Here he is trying to upstage President Trump’s well-received visit to Saudi Arabia by attempting to push his shopworn platitudes down people’s throats instead of playing golf with Tiger Woods.   It seems no one told him Americans are tired of hearing the same old song no matter how loudly the supine Germans cheer as they’re overwhelmed by the migration flood.

“We can’t isolate ourselves,” the former president said from a platform at the Brandenburg Gate. “We can’t hide behind a wall.”  Of course, everything should be taken in context.  What was the Ex-President (oh how I love the ‘Ex’ part of that) saying: “One way we can do a better job is to create more opportunities for people in their home countries,” Mr. Obama said. “If there are disruptions in these countries, if there is bad governance, if there is war, or if there is poverty in this new world we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves — we can’t hide behind a wall.”

And do you think that applies to everyone equally?  According to the Washington Times, “Like so many liberals and ‘progressives,’ the former president does not mean that what he says should be taken literally, or even seriously. Walls, after all, are relative. America can’t have one, but he can. The president lives in an enormous rented mansion behind a brick and stone wall built just for him, and which he has fitted out as the White House in exile, with a staff and lots of electronic communications gear, requiring the seizure of a quarter of a mile of a quiet residential street to be guarded by a Secret Service detail not much smaller than the platoon of heavily armed agents who kept him safe, sound and ready for action at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

He even had some advice on child care, “A child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child. We can’t distinguish between in terms of their worth and inherent dignity, and that they’re deserving of shelter and love and education and opportunity.”

This from a man who Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, just revealed directed Customs and Border Protection to release 16 members of the remarkably brutal MS-13 gang, freed to look at will for opportunities to kill and plunder.  “[The federal authorities] apprehended them, knew they were MS-13 gang members, and they processed them into our communities,” the senator told his committee.  How does this help provide safety for American children when these gang members terrorize our schools and communities?

These globalists are more interested in advancing their agenda than in protecting America and its citizens.

According to one of their minions, a senior judge on the far-left Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, “Judges are humiliated and dehumanized whenever they must enforce the nation’s immigration laws.”  Judges are humiliated when they have to enforce laws?  What kind of tin-hat wearing an alternate reality is this puffed-up self-anointed Carter appointed king in a black robe coming from?  What set this ruler of men in a rage against the machine?

He was unable to block the orderly repatriation of an illegal immigrant who has two drunk driving convictions, plus a U.S. wife and three children.  The outraged jurist complained, “We are unable to prevent [Andres] Magana Ortiz’s removal, yet it is contrary to the values of this nation and its legal system.”  In his blast from on high, he continued, “We are compelled to deny Mr. Magana Ortiz’s request for a stay of removal because we do not have the authority to grant it. We are not, however, compelled to find the government’s action in this case, fair or just. … The government’s decision to remove Magana Ortiz diminishes not only our country but our courts, which are supposedly dedicated to the pursuit of justice. Magana Ortiz and his family are in truth, not the only victims. Among the others are judges who, forced to participate in such inhumane acts, suffer a loss of dignity and humanity as well. I concur as a judge, but as a citizen, I do not.”

This judge is a perfect representative of the Deep State, the permanent government.  They don’t care who is elected or what the people may want.  They have their agenda and they’re going to continue to try and shove it down our throat until we either accept it or choke.

A president in exile leading a resistance movement against the man elected to succeed him, a Deep State of bureaucrats dedicated to the disruption of the government they are sworn to serve.  What are we to do?

Why worry when we can pray?

Keep the faith.  Keep the peace.  We shall overcome.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2017 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

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Political Terrorism…The Calling Card of the Left

Sun, 06/18/2017 - 2:11am
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“Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police…It would have been a massacre without them.”
– Senator Rand Paul who was on the ball field when the shooting began

He ranted and raved all over Facebook and Twitter about President Trump being a traitor and a danger to democracy. He was a hater of all things Republican including his belonging to a group called ‘Terminate the Republican Party.’ He was a die-hard Bernie Sanders supporter and Iowa campaign volunteer who believed Sanders was the reincarnation of FDR. He asked Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis, who was leaving the ball field before he committed his cowardly act, “is this a Democrat or Republican game practice” as he needed to know he was targeting the right people. And according to both congressional witnesses and law enforcement, he appeared to have perpetrated a “deliberate attack.”

As if we did not know that with the question he asked.

And by now we all are aware that at 7:10 this past Wednesday morning one James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year old man from Belleville, Illinois…a former home inspector with a fairly lengthy police record that included assault, domestic violence, DUI, aggregated discharge of a firearm…a democratic socialist and avowed Trump-hater…traveled to Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Arington VA with one thing and one thing alone on his mind…to kill.

And try to kill he did, spraying the ball field with multiple gunshots seriously wounding GOP House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (LA)…the third-ranking member of House Republican leadership…along with four others at the for-charity Congressional baseball practice game…a bi-partisan annual tradition for over 100 years…a game that rightfully still took place last night at Nationals Park. Scalise (who was shot in the hip and is now in critical condition after undergoing surgery) and the others shot…Krystal Griner and David Bailey… security members of the U.S. Capitol Police assigned to Scalise as round-the-clock protection because of his position…Zach Bart, a member of Texas Rep. Roger Williams’ staff and Tyson Foods lobbyist Matt Mika…all survived what would have been an early morning “killing field” if Hodgkinson had not been shot and mortally wounded by Griner and Bailey, who returned fire even while being wounded themselves.

Hodgkinson died of his wounds at the hospital a few hours later…with his rightful death sparing ‘We the People’ having our taxpayer dollars wasted on keeping this bastard alive in a cushy jail cell for years or possibly even decades.

And as for the 25 members of Congress on the field at the time of the shooting who were forced to run and scramble for cover either in the dugouts or by going over the 20′ tall chain link fence surrounding the ball field,..they all gave the same chilling account of at least 50 shots being fired within ten minutes time from what looked like a ‘long gun’…a semi-automatic assault weapon…from behind the 3rd base dugout which afforded the shooter a clear view of the field and everybody on it. “We were sitting ducks in that dugout,” said Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-Fla.) “There was blood all over the place…it seemed like it took forever to subdue the shooter.”

But once Hodgkinson was down Sen. Jeff Flake and Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who is a physician, ran to help the wounded Scalise…who never lost consciousness and had dragged himself 15 yards off the field leaving a trail of blood…to help by applying pressure to Scalise’s hip wound until paramedics arrived to both stabilize and evacuate him to the hospital.

And what was the response on the Hill when word of the shooting hit the news…regular scheduled proceedings were canceled or postponed, including votes on legislation and with many critical hearings being delayed. The House Natural Resources Federal Lands Subcommittee canceled a scheduled meeting to instead debate gun legislation, while Capitol Hill Police notified congressional offices and leaders that security presence on the Hill would be increased “out of an abundance of caution.” And President Trump rightfully canceled an afternoon event at the Department of Labor.

President Trump issued this statement, “The Vice President and I are aware of the shooting incident in Virginia and are monitoring developments closely” and “We are deeply saddened by this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of Congress, their staffs, Capitol Police, first responders, and all others affected,” and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan added that “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

But what of Bernie Sanders in whose name the attack seems to have been carried out… a man who supports instant background checks and bans on semi-automatic weapons, but who surprisingly voted five times against the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. “I am sickened by this despicable act. Let me be as clear as I can be. Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms,” were his words as the avowed atheist added that his thoughts and prayers were with those wounded and their families.

And these ‘supposedly’ comforting words of thoughts and prayers came from the mouth of the very man who during the presidential campaign stated that “I want to see real, serious debate and action on guns, but it is not going to take place if we simply have extreme positions on both sides.”

Extreme positions on both sides…I think not as most acts of gun violence in this country happen in ‘supposed ‘gun-free zones and are acts committed by those whose allegiance is either to the Democratic party itself or who are tied to the government teat for their very existence. Driven ever forward by a liberal media that glorifies violence against Republicans and especially against President Trump, Sanders and his ilk forget that defending our Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” is a Constitutional right afforded to ‘We the People’ that assures we always remain a republic, and that the Constitution must remain the law of our land. And it will do so as long as American patriots remain loyal to that very document.

And while House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is the first member of Congress to be shot since former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot in January 2011, it did not take long for liberal politicians to start spewing their rallying cry for more gun control as well as for gun confiscation. And first on that bandwagon was Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) who called for more gun control immediately upon his hearing of the Scalise shooting…called for more gun control even before knowing the shooter’s name or the facts surrounding him…even before digesting the reality that anyone with a gun shooting members of Congress will always be political in nature. Stating repeatedly that “we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence”…before being correcting by a reporter to the true figure of just 93…McAuliffe relished in spewing out the typical Democratic and liberal rhetoric that it is the ‘bad’ guns that kill people not the people who pull the gun’s triggers.

“Efforts to restrict the second amendment rights of law-abiding Americans will only punish those who play by the rules and will be ignored by criminals who break the law. – wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise who right after Sandy Hook spoke out when Obama considered taking away our Second Amendment rights via executive order

But if truth be told more gun control will never equate ro less gun violence…remember Hodgkinson was from Illinois a state with some of the toughest gun laws in the country…nor will it reduce crime or stop murders…for guns are deep-rooted in criminal culture no matter what the Democrats say. And those who abide by gun laws will continue to do so while criminals and those intent on doing harm will always find a way to secure a firearm, with legalities like background checks and existing gun laws be damned.

And while gun-control advocates pushed and continued to push for new and stricter federal laws on firearms in light of Sandy Hook, Orlando, and now Arlington Virginia, thankfully those efforts went then and will continue to go nowhere now for actions taken and words spewed show that the gun-control crowd do not want simple and just laws nor do they want to enforce the laws already on the books. What they really want boarders on gun confiscation if not outright confiscation itself…as in the complete disarming of the American citizenry. And why…so that they and they alone can control into whose hands firearms will be placed.

Also forgotten in the gun-control discourse is that the choosing to do harm was, is, and will always remain an individual choice as will said individuals weapon of choice, and is really a mental health issue for no stable person in their right mind chooses to do harm to others, and no sane person turns politics into an all-consuming religion of hate.

And that raises a very important question…should the mentally ill be allowed to have firearms if they are taking their medication? Current mental health laws pertaining to firearms are lax at best…as is their enforcement…so maybe the most viable solution is to across the board enforce gun laws currently on the books as written and enforce them equally for everyone.

And while at this point it is not known if shooter James T. Hodgkinson legally got the gun he used (he did have a valid Illinois issued firearm owner’s identification card) or even exactly where he got it, we do know that Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s words that called Wednesday’s shooting “part of a pattern” of “increasing intensity of hostility on the left” to be true, as it becomes even more obvious with each and every passing day that the problem with guns is solely one of the shooter’s mental health, especially in light of the unproductive rhetoric that has now become part and parcel of today’s political discourse.

But even that rhetoric and the passion that accompanies and most times overtakes it…does not mean that more restrictions need to be placed on gun ownership, for now, a new form of terrorism…political terrorism…has arisen in our country due to the angry political discourse and rancor against those one considers the opposition. And this anger is fueled on by has-been celebrities like Kathy Griffin and Madonna…to name just two…and by a media responsible for the normalization of violence coupled with their inspiring and fueling on the hate for both ratings and to push forward an agenda that would have our Founding Fathers turning over in their graves.

So now as we wait and pray that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise survives wounds far more serious than first thought, the saddest thing of all is that this did not have to happen if the left had not let their anger and hate-filled rhetoric over an election lost consume their every waking moment. Steve Scalise was their first victim, leaving one to wonder if he was but the trial run for the left’s ultimate goal…as in the elimination of President Trump. They could not do it by the ballot box…it appears they cannot do it via ‘fake news’ and Russian innuendos… so will they will try to do it with a gun.

Heaven help our country if that is their goal.

Copyright © 2017 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor


Today, Friday, June 16th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori’s special broadcast on the ball park shooting in Arlington VA and it’s aftermath.

Hope you can tune in at:

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Fox News Officially Drops “Fair and Balanced” Slogan

Sun, 06/18/2017 - 12:55am

Two months after shedding its most recognizable personality, Fox News is dropping the most recognizable catch phrase in cable television.

In a move that will likely infuriate Fox News viewers who’ve grown loyal to the sole news outlet that gave conservatives a voice in mainstream media, the network plans to lose the “fair and balanced” tagline that has become a part of American culture, New York magazine reported Friday.

The famous three words helped Fox establish its own identity in the vast wasteland of network news in the United States – and served as an implicit criticism of the liberal bias among the three major networks when Fox News was born in the 1996.

“He would call a group of senior producers and make you watch the channel and he’d point out stuff, like a banner that’s slightly liberal,” one senior producer told New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

“He would say, ‘The news is like a ship. If you take hands off the wheel, it pulls hard to the left.’”

That’s the kind of philosophy Fox News viewers came to appreciate. And the all-star lineup of talent Ailes built, led for decades by conservative icon Bill O’Reilly, helped the network live up to its own billing.

The irony is that despite Fox’s undeniable conservative bent, it has been consistently more “fair and balanced” than the rest of the mainstream media – but that has only made it look more conservative.

The fact that Fox gives conservatives a voice at all makes it stand out against the overwhelming liberal tide of Western media organizations.

Ailes, however, was forced out of his CEO post in July 2016, amid a burgeoning sexual harassment scandal that included some of the network’s biggest female stars.

He went on to become an informal adviser to then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He died in May.

Since Ailes’ ouster, the network he helped build has been in turmoil, as big names like Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren left for other jobs. In April, in move that stunned conservative fans of Fox, the network fired O’Reilly after news of sexual harassment settlements related to O’Reilly caused advertisers to start pulling dollars from the network.

Regular viewers who were already turning off because of Fox’s upheaval are likely to be even more disillusioned with the dropping of the familiar tagline.

There could be even more irony in the network’s other tagline, which Fox News will be pushing, according to New York magazine: “Most Watched. Most Trusted.”

Fox News has long been at the top of the ratings in cable news, so “most watched” will probably be true for at least the foreseeable future. But “most trusted”?

After a year of tumult, sexual scandal and the firing of a conservative favorite, “most trusted” will be something the network will have to prove all over again.

Like and share on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know Fox News is dropping its tagline.

Will you consider Fox to be the “most trusted” network after this? Scroll down to comment below!


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The Slavers Are Coming

Fri, 06/16/2017 - 2:52pm

The Slavers Are Coming
There is a tally to be paid beyond this place, our world. Our world, so God tells us is a furnace; a forge in which we are being shaped. A fire that strips away all about you that conceals what lies within at the center of what we are. After the fire, the good book says, after the dross is gone, you will be judged not for your Sins, for God sent us a means by which to be judged more fully, but for what purpose we may truly serve beyond now. Before God sent us Jesus to help determine our real future, God provided us commandments. But God was to find out the consequences of bestowing free will upon any creature. That consequence, of course, is that anything can happen, even things we don’t like.

Those commandments were designed to provide parameters to live within which encouraged the proper shape of the clay upon the wheel. Somehow, within us, the recipients of this irrevocable bequest, find within themselves dissent with these strictures, the commandments. A blindness erupts in such people, a blindness to what they are doing. We know when we stray from the path God has made so clearly for us that we don’t fully understand the precise shape that the potters hand is seeking, but the edges of our paths are clearly marked, and there are simply those among us who cross them, into whatever lies beyond the “ Keep Out “ signs God is trying to point the way with. And I imagine purpose underlies the effort. After all, are we not made of something? And does not our creator expend some effort in our making? I cannot imagine what lies in the beyond for those who choose to follow the desired paths by remaining within the boundaries of God’s grace, but I do muse occasionally upon the future of those who are too dull to follow God’s simple rules. For that is what venality is, in whatever shape it chooses to wear. Dullness. It is we the ones still on the path, mixing energy with foresight who respond to this with drama, and it is that drama, shaped so cleverly by those who wear it, a fig leaf. A fig leaf that they might stand before God, clinging to the only thing that makes their shame bearable. And it is us, this poisoned and divided ship of fools, somehow we manage to communicate, and cooperate with our predictable ways to be the fabric of that leaf. So our contumacious cousins might test the limits of God’s patience, we fight and scrabble with each other so that any behavior might be justified by some voices in a sea of voices so racked by storm that no wave is distinguishable from another, and no true voice may be heard over the clamor of the chaos.

If I may be allowed to speak freely, I would like to render my thoughts on how any of this relates to a specific case of such a departure from God’s will and our response. Despite the very real sideshows of violence and despair erupting around us with such shocking force and frequency, there is something which we must turn our eyes toward together, the central purpose to which seeks to paralyze us is to reduce us to a completely helpless state. What will those who are spending extravagant sums to create a political process that inevitably corrupts all who partake of it do with us when we are ultimately helpless to resist them? Why, they will do what every conquering nation has done to any defeated people. They will enslave us. They will kill our old and useless, they will work any men found who can or will, and they will exercise great cruelty in the killing of those who fight them. And, they will make what sport they will with our wives and daughters. It is the invariable path of conquerors.

God’s commandments, and the natural algorithm toward our desired shape which is to be found in the story of Jesus strongly suggest through such commandments as “honor thy father and thy mother “, that the least among us are part of a common purpose which binds us together in finding solutions to helping them live with dignity, that we not bring our children up amidst such dishonor. Our government informs us that medical care to the poor must go, that they might find more funding in their campaign against us. The poor must die in humiliating circumstances, and our children must be bound to a future with such a landscape, and we, those whose desired shape has yet to be determined, will soon feel the touch of another masters hand. Now is not the time for speeches, or marches, or rallies. Now is the time for every person who can see the truth rushing upon us to look outward privately, to do an internal inventory. To determine if anything is to be done, and if not, to prepare for war. Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves, the slavers are coming.

Copyright 2017
Clevenger & Witt

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Trump signs order for more apprentices

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 7:46pm

President Trump made a mint as the longtime host of “The Apprentice” and later “Celebrity Apprentice” — and on Tuesday he signed an order that will boost funding and cut red tape to expand a popular federal apprenticeship program.

The White House said the move would increase funding for the Learn-to-Earn program by $200 million and help fill some of the 6 million jobs in the US.

“I’ll be signing an executive order to expand apprenticeships and vocational training to help all Americans find a rewarding career, earn a great living and love going to work in the morning,” Trump said.

The order will also reduce onerous regulations that stifled the program, which was backed by the Obama administration and lawmakers from both parties.

“We will be removing federal restrictions that have prevented many different industries from creating apprenticeship programs,” the president said. “We have regulations on top of regulations. And in history, nobody has gotten rid of so many regulations as the Trump administration.”

Instead of starting with Labor Department regulations, the apprenticeships would be largely designed by industries looking to fill specific jobs.

The approach is designed to increase the number of apprenticeships and reach out to women, minorities and young people who are under-represented in the 550,000 apprenticeships that exist now.

Trump has frequently boasted about his ratings on “Celebrity Apprentice,” and in February mocked his replacement as host for not measuring up during remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast.

“When I ran for president, I had to leave the show. That’s when I knew for sure I was doing it,” Trump said.

“And they hired a big, big movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to take my place. And we know how that turned out. The ratings went right down the tubes, it’s been a total disaster. And I want to just pray for Arnold if we can for those ratings, OK?”

Courtesy Bob Fredericks and Gabby Morrongiello

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NFL End Zones Now Sponsored by Jackass

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 10:35am

Sophistication functionaries all across the nation are in a tizzy. President Trump’s budget calls for the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts, which is a festering legacy of the Johnson administration.

From the program’s beginning in 1965 until 2015 bureaucrats at the NEA made 140,000 grants totaling over $5 billion. Outright NEA elimination could set off domino effect warnings like we haven’t seen since the last chopper lifted off from the embassy in Saigon.

The people squealing the loudest aren’t necessarily artists; it’s the arts infrastructure. The culture claque that doles out taxpayer money will suffer a double whammy. First their social life will take a tremendous hit. Since these bureaucrats will no longer control the distribution of free taxpayer money, there’s no reason for the culture combine to comp their tickets.

They’ll be queuing up at the cash bar with the rest of us common folk.

Trump won’t be fighting just federal sophisticate swamp denizens. State level leeches will attack, too.

In the past state arts organizations could finesse elimination by offering gullible legislators a deal: An across–the–board budget cut for all state agencies. The state police lay off 10 percent of their troopers and we’ll lay off 10 percent of our mimes.

Outright elimination in DC could ripple all the way down to Des Moines.

Still, there may be a glimmer of hope for interpretive dance. It looks like the NFL is preparing to grasp the torch and allow self–absorbed athletes to “get down” in the end zone.

Or as one puerile columnist for put it, “NFL is putting the fun back in football. 

Thank goodness Roger Goodell has decided to end the unrelieved tedium football fans have suffered through from 1939 until 2003 when Joe Horn made a spectacle of himself during a Monday night game.

Goodell made the announcement using the same robotic corporate–speak he’s made famous: “We know that you love the spontaneous displays of emotion that come after a spectacular touchdown.”

Only the exhibitionism isn’t “spontaneous.” Players rehearse their little dances in practice. And performances aren’t confined to “spectacular” scores. A player that trips over a referee and falls into the end zone gives us the same “look at me” exhibition that comes after a 50–yard TD run.

Sportswriters who may secretly yearn to be gymnastics judges are all lathered up about the return of approved exhibitionism. Their consensus is toddler–style “look at me, look at me!” antics are just what the game needs. The Washington Post is looking forward to “showmanship” while I yearn for a return to professionalism.

If fans like those little end zone jigs so much, why isn’t modern dance more popular?

Players that want to express individuality can enter American Idol. Football is a team game. Only these dancing machines spell it “teaME.” Former running back Jamal Anderson calls the new rule, “the Odell Beckham freedom clause.”

What a great example for young players! Beckham is the teaME–first receiver who convinced the NY Giants’ receiving corps to join him for party time in Miami before their first playoff game against Green Bay – which NY lost.

This year the coach’s dream is skipping practice sessions in favor of nuzzling with his new girlfriend. A fresh influx of self–important, selfish players is just what Dr. Goodell ordered.

The only sensible coverage comes from Cameron DaSilva and even he supports this teenage showing off. DaSilva reminds us the NFL will start the play clock after the official signals a touchdown. Teams have :40 to snap the ball or be penalized.

He put a stopwatch on the last seven games of the season and all the playoff contests and found teams are taking :45 seconds between the call and the snap. So without any festivities teams are five seconds late.

For just a moment there was a glimmer of hope for mature fans that are tired of freestyle egomania, then DaSilva dropped the bomb. In 119 games he evaluated there were only 32 touchdowns that weren’t followed by a booth review, penalty or injury. That comes out to one quarter of a TD per game that will be affected by the snap clock.

After the vast majority of the scores there will be time for the entire team to rumble into the end zone and form a chorus line like the Rockettes.

Even worse, if the NFL allows cut–rate choreography the decay will soon travel from college to high school to Pee Wee football. Pushy parents will be sending junior to a dance teacher in the off–season to get his YouTube on.

Horn, who has some investment in showing off, says kids “like seeing the guys act a fool.” That may be correct, but the kids aren’t buying the tickets.

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Congressional Shooter Had History of Violence, Supporting Liberal Causes

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 8:15am

James T. Hodgkinson, the Illinois man identified as the would-be killer who wounded several at a practice session of the Congressional Republican baseball team, had a history of violence, supporting progressive causes, and voting for Democrats at least as far back as the year 2002.

According to the Belleville News-Democrat, a paper from the St. Louis area community in which Hodgkinson lived, the shooter has been identified with particularly progressive and liberal causes. He even worked as a volunteer on the presidential campaign of self-professed socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The suspect’s Twitter feed is also filled with tweets on liberal politics.

The paper reported that Hodgkinson belonged to a Facebook group called “Terminate the Republican Party.”

The shooter’s Facebook page was also linked to a long list of far left-wing groups and pages, including, “Expose Republican Fraud,” “Liberal Democratic Socialist Party,” “Boycott The Republican Party,” “I Hate Donald Trump,” “Healthcare & Education Berners United to Resist Trump,” among others.

The now deceased shooter also noted on his Facebook page that MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was one of his “favorite TV shows.”

Facebook has since deleted the dead suspect’s account.

This afternoon, Sen Sanders responded to the fact that the shooter was a member of his own campaign by denouncing the shooting in no uncertain terms.

Bernie Sanders has released a statement about the shooting/shooter.

— Tamara Keith (@tamarakeithNPR) June 14, 2017

But Hodgkinson had been exhibiting stronger liberal views over the last year. Only a few days ago, Hodgkinson posted an attack against Trump on Facebook, saying, “I Want to Say Mr. President, for being an [expletive] you are Truly the Biggest [expletive] We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office.”

The Belleville News-Democrat also reported, “In 2012, Hodgkinson took part in a protest outside the downtown Belleville post office. He said he was part of a “99%” team drawing attention to the amount of money and political power the top 1 percent of Americans acquired.”

Additionally, the suspect recently donated a small amount to the far left activist group ACTBLUE.

Suspect identified as the shooter during a baseball practice w/ GOP congressmen contributed $18 between 2015-16 to Dem group ACTBLUE

— Gabby Morrongiello (@gabriellahope_) June 14, 2017

Hodgkinson voted Democrat in the 2016 Democratic primary, was described as a “union tradesman,” and was a licensed home inspector.

The shooter also has a history of altercations with the police. According to court records, Hodgkinson was charged with battery and damage to a motor vehicle in April 2006 in St. Clair County, Illinois. Ultimately, the charges were dismissed.

The suspect also recently came to the attention of the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office when shots were heard being fired in a local patch of trees. Police found Hodgkinson with a rifle but let him go after finding he had a valid firearm owner’s card (FOID), a requirement for gun owners in Illinois.

According to Rep. Mike Bost, the Illinois Republican who represents the southern Illinois 12th District in which Hodgkinson lived, the suspect was “always angry” and repeatedly called the officers to complain, the Washington Post reported.

“Every issue that we were working on, he was not in support of,” Bost said, saying the communications were of a left-wing slant but were never delivered “with any threats, only anger.”

Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam denounced the shooting.

“I am deeply saddened by the shooting this morning in Alexandria, Virginia. Elizabeth and I are praying for Rep. Steve Scalise, the Capitol Police, and all those involved,” Roskam, a Republican, told Breitbart via email. “I wish those harmed a speedy recovery and commend the bravery demonstrated by the Capitol Police and those who tended to the injured. We are fortunate to live among the brave men and women in uniform who serve to keep us safe each and every day.”

Congressman Bost also slammed the left’s “political rhetoric” that caused the shooter’s mental breakdown.

“With reports indicating that Wednesday morning’s shooter is from my district, this is a tragedy that certainly hits close to home. As we continue to gather information, Tracy and I would like to send our prayers to my friend and colleague, Steve Scalise, as well as members of the security detail and congressional staff who were injured,” Bost said in a statement. “We live in challenging times, and the political rhetoric has been turned up to an alarming level. This should serve as a wake-up call for all of us to step back from the battle lines and come together to strengthen our nation.”

The Illinois GOP did not respond to a request for a statement on the matter.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Twitter @warnerthuston, or email the author at [email protected].

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Texas Cops Buy New A/C Unit for 95-Year-Old WWII Vet

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 5:17am

Two police officers from Fort Worth, Texas, chipped in to buy a new air conditioning unit for an elderly World War II veteran. The officers made the purchases after responding to a call for help from the former warrior.

When 95-year-old Julius Hatley woke up Thursday morning, he found himself drenched in sweat. His air conditioner had failed and the temperature inside his home had already climbed to 85 degrees in the Texas heat. Not knowing what to do, and fearing for his health, he called 911 and two Fort Worth police officers, William Margolis and Christopher Wei, were dispatched to help him, Fox 4 reported.

When the officers arrived at Hatley’s home, they decided to replace the broken air conditioner with a new unit.

“I talked to my partner and I talked to the gentleman and said, ‘Look, we’re going to help you out. I’ll be back in just a little bit. I promise you.’” Officer Margolis told the local Fox affiliate.

Reassuring the man they would return, the two officers went to a nearby Home Depot store and picked out a new unit for Hatley.

Happy with their work, Weir snapped a photo of his partner in the checkout line with the new air conditioner. When the manager of the Home Depot found out what the officers were doing, he and other helped out by contributing $150 out of their own pockets, CBS News reported.


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US Senate overwhelmingly backs Russia sanctions

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 9:28pm

US senators have voted overwhelmingly to impose fresh sanctions on Russia over its alleged interference in last year’s election.

They also agreed, by 97-2, to set up a process by which Congress can block any attempt by President Trump to scale back those sanctions.

The legislation was filed as an amendment to an Iran sanctions bill.

It comes amid concerns that members of Mr Trump’s campaign team colluded with Russia over the election.

President Trump and Moscow have always denied any collusion.

A number of investigations into the allegations have been opened in Washington, including a justice department probe led by former FBI director Robert Mueller.

The new sanctions will target:

  • Individuals involved in corruption and human rights abuses
  • Anyone supplying weapons to the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad
  • Individuals “conducting malicious cyber activity on behalf of the Russian government”
  • Anyone doing business with Russian intelligence and defence sectors
  • Russia’s mining, metal, shipping and railway sectors

The measures need the approval of the House of Representatives and to be signed into law by President Trump, although they are thought to have enough Congressional support to override any veto.

The Senate vote was welcomed by both Republicans and Democrats.

“It’s time to respond to Russia’s attack on American democracy with strength, with resolve, with common purpose, and with action,” said Republican Senator John McCain.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer called it as “bipartisan as it gets”. The only two senators not to vote for the bill were Republicans Rand Paul and Mike Lee.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had agreed “with the sentiment” of holding Russia accountable but had urged Congress not to pass any legislation that could harm a “constructive dialogue” with Moscow.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been one of Trump’s team facing allegations of holding undisclosed meetings with Russian officials during the election.

He told a Senate committee on Tuesday that any suggestion he colluded with the Kremlin was an “appalling and detestable lie”.


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Support for Muslim Brotherhood Terror Designation Bill Grows

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 8:35pm

The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act now has about 60 members of Congress supporting it. Although support is growing, the number of cosponsors is far less than what it was for the last version of the bill.

Voters must remind members of Congress who supported the previous bill to cosponsor the new bills (HR377 and S68).

Information on who is currently supporting the legislation is at the bottom of this article.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the Trump Administration was about to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The Brotherhood and its apologists went into overdrive, launching a tremendous PR campaign to stop it from happening. A Brotherhood official overseas said the group had spent $5 million and was confident of victory.

Due to pushback from the State Department among others, the Trump Administration became divided on the issue and indefinitely delayed its plan to designate the Brotherhood.

National Security Adviser McMaster reportedly opposes designation, as would be expected based on his endorsement of a book friendly to “moderate” Islamists. Secretary of State Tillerson is presumably opposed because his State Department hasn’t designated the group yet, but he did describe the Brotherhood as an “agent of radical Islam.”

Attorney General Sessions and CIA Director Pompeo supported the previous bill when they were in Congress. Also supporting designation are Trump’s chief political strategist, Steve Bannon and Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka.

Defense Secretary Mattis’ past comments about the Brotherhood and political Islam indicate he is likely to be supportive. However, his initial choosing of an ally of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for a senior post leaves room for doubt.

It is unclear where Homeland Security Secretary General Kelly stands, but Katie Gorka, a supporter of designation, is an official adviser to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Policy. It is also not known where Director of National Intelligence Coats or Trump’s pick for FBI Director, Christopher Wray, stand.

Even though the White House is currently divided on the issue, but passing the Muslim BrotherhoodTerrorist Designation Act would likely tip the scales.

Momentum for action against the Brotherhood is growing. On May 23, chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) said he would introduce a bill to implement sanctions on countries that support branches of the Muslim Brotherhood. The most obvious candidates would be Qatar and Turkey.

The House bill (HR377) has 58 cosponsors and is now with the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations. The only current supporter is Vice Chairman Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), one of the original cosponsors of the bill.

However, there are six Republican members of the subcommittee who voted in favor of the previous bill and likely to cosponsor it if they are pushed. These six are Chairman Trey Gowdy (SC); Jim Sensenbrenner (WI); Steve Chabot (OH); Ted Poe (TX); Jason Chaffetz (UT) and John Ratcliffe (TX).

There are six Republicans in the rest of the Judiciary Committee who are currently supporting the act: Lamar Smith (TX); Steve King (IA); Jim Jordan (OH); Blake Farenthold (TX); Ron DeSantis (FL) and Matt Gaetz (FL).

There are five Republicans on the Judiciary Committee who voted in favor of the previous bill and would probably cosponsor this one. These are: Chairman Bob Goodlatte (VA); Trent Franks (AZ); Tom Marino (PA); Doug Collins (GA) and Ken Buck (CO).

The Senate bill (S68) has four cosponsors. It is currently stuck in the Foreign Relations Committee, where it only has one cosponsor: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI).

Below is an alphabetical list of cosponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act bills. If your representative hasn’t taken a stand, now is the time to act.


Abraham, Ralph Lee (R-LA)

Babin, Brian (R-TX)

Barletta, Lou (R-LA)

Benacci, James (R-OH)

Black, Diane (R-TN)

Brat, Dave (R-VA)

Cheney, Liz (R-WY)

Cramer, Kevin (R-ND)

Davidson, Warren (R-OH)

Dent, Charles (R-PA)

DeSantis, Ron (R-FL)

DesJerlais, Scott (R-TN)

Diaz-Balart, Mario (R-FL)

Donovan, Daniel (R-NY)

Duncan, Jeff (R-SC)

Farenthold, Blake (R-TX)

Fleishcmann, Chuck (R-TN)

Frelinghuysen, Rodney (R-NJ)

Gaetz, Matt (R-FL)

Garrett, Thomas (R-VA)

Gohmert, Louie (R-TX)

Gosar, Paul (R-AZ)

Granger, Kay (R-TX)

Grothman, Glenn (R-WI)

Harris, Andy (R-MD)

Hice, Jody (R-GA)

Hudson, Richard (R-NC)

Hunter, Duncan (R-CA)

Johnson, Sam (R-TX)

Jordan, Jim (R-OH)

Kelly, Trent (R-MS)

King, Steve (R-IA)

Lamborn, Doug (R-CO)

Lance, Leonard (R-NJ)

Loudermilk, Barry (R-GA)

Marchant, Kenny (R-TX)

McCaul, Michael (R-TX)

Olson, Pete (R-TX)

Palazzo, Steve (R-MS)

Perry, Scott (R-PA)

Posey, Bill (R-FL)

Rohrabacher, Dana (R-CA)

Rokata, Todd (R-IN)

Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R-FL)

Ross, Dennis (R-FL)

Rouzer, David (R-NC)

Royce, David (R-OH)

Russell, Steve (R-OK)

Rutherford, John (R-FL)

Scott, Austin (R-GA)

Smith, Lamar (R-TX)

Trott, David (R-MI)

Walberg, Tim (R-MI)

Weber, Randy (R-TX)

Wenstrup, Brad (R-OH)

Williams, Roger (R-TX)

Yoder, Kevin (R-KS)

Yoho, Ted (R-FL)

Zeldin, Lee (R-NY)



Cruz, Ted (R-TX)

Hatch, Orrin (R-UT)

Inhofe, James (R-OK)

Johnson, Ron (R-WI)

Roberts, Pat (R-KS)


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Wed, 06/14/2017 - 3:21pm

Tonight at 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, our SPECIAL Report: ‘Putting Comey Into Perspective.’ Hope you can tune in at:

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Never Date A Colored Girl

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 2:00pm

“Never date a colored girl. They’s all got the clap. They get it from they mamas.” My grandmother’s sage advice to me at five years old.

In spite of all the glamour shots of Spanish moss, and cypress trees, Louisiana is about as out of luck as one can get when it comes to being from somewhere. It’s hot, muggy, racist, and nobody’s family tree has a fork in it. Mine was no exception. My grandparents were first cousins, and I guess that’s why we all look alike, have every health condition known to America and some third world countries, Louisiana being among that group in spite of it being positioned at the tail end of the Mississippi River.

Long about the time I was three years old God decided it was time to kill me so I contradicted polio and something called the “sleeping sickness.” I lived, no thanks to the medical care of the day, and the following year they gave me a polio vaccination. You can’t make this stuff up folks. So at five I was deaf in one ear, which still rings till this day, blind in one eye and walking like a duck, but by golly I was white and that counted for something I guess.

Being white in a Klan based state had its perks, the main one being there was a whole race somewhere just a below white trash, which is what I was. What that amounted to was we could vote without getting lynched. Now we couldn’t marry a girl with all her teeth because that meant she’d been to a dentist and obviously was a blue blood, not capable of finding love unless black folk raped her. Then, of course then there’s the hanging, and Scarlet grows a new hymen just perfect for her fiancé Buddha Montgomery, heir to the gas station and thirty second degree Mason to boot.

All of this meant nothing to a kid growing up in a shotgun shack, living on liver gravy and bread with a flea bitten dog and a yard full of chickens, even in town. The difference between our “neighborhood” and “Nigger town” was the distance between the shacks. Theirs were closer. My most vivid memory was my uncle and dad “gigging” frogs and butchering them in the kitchen sink. All they’d eat were the legs, but they had to cut their heads off anyway, I suppose for the entertainment factor, and I’d watch them eat the frog legs while the heads blinked at them from the counter. They’d actually position the heads so they could see that. And poor old Martin Luther King tried singling “We Shall Overcome” to these guys. He’s lucky he wasn’t blinking from a sink.

I really did end up in a hospital when I had polio, but for minor ailments like nails in the foot, cut throats or pneumonia, you’d get taken to some camp in the swamp where a voodoo woman would blow smoke up your butt (literally) or put a penny on the wound so the spirit of Mr. Lincoln could draw out the poison, I crappith thee not!

I went to an all white school, but let me clarify. There’s white, then there’s white. The whitest kids had clean clothes and smelled good. I had neither. I usually wore a flannel shirt, and blue jeans with iron on patches. Iron on patches were the rage of the age. We was proud of iron on patches. I’d sit by the ironing board and watch in snake amazement as the patch cleaved to the fabric as if by magic. I really didn’t understand the social structure in school, only the fact that certain kids could hit me anytime they wanted to. There was this spoiled brat, Vance, I still remember him, who’d seek me out and beat me up during every recess. One day, in a moment of clarity, I hit him back and he fell, crying, so I hit him again. The teachers had to pull me off, but I think that was possibly the most memorable day of my life, that is until Velma Prigmore took off her blouse under the football stand years later, but I’ll save that for another chapter.

I was surrounded by family but none of us liked each other. I remember that every time there was a get together it ended up in a drunken fight with the kids all screaming, followed by that wild ride back to Shreveport across the Red River bridge with the car bouncing off the rails. The only good thing was at that age when you life flashes before your eyes it doesn’t take long. I know because every time I got my butt beat my life flashed before my eyes. Usually involving blinking frog’s heads.

My life flashed before my eyes when my grandmother got a hold of me once. I think I was five. We had this fat little dog named Maybelline. One day I had to pee, and couldn’t make it so I peed on the wall in the hall. My grandmother came along, saw the pee, then me, then the dog, picked up a stick and beat puppy crap out of Maybelleline. Wow! Remember, this was the days before internet. Next day, pee a little higher, bigger thrashing for Maybelline. Finally, I decided to kill the dog. I peed about two feet ABOVE my head. Now Maybelline was about the size of a fat possum. I have to give my grandmother credit. She did everything she could to match that dog’s butt with that pee before my life flashed before MY eyes!

Louisiana people will eat just about anything, steak, road kill, all manner of guts, small negroes, you name it. After the frogs I realized my dad was crazy and I generally stuck to liver gravy at home. Wonder Bread was safe. Rice. Beyond that was pot luck. Crawfish. Oh my LIVING God! Etched into my still developing mind was the image of huddles of inbreds sucking crawfish butts. Now, I’m not saying that’s wrong, some of you might suck crawfish butts, just not me. And Boudin sausage. I think there might be an FDA warning on that now. For those of you who do t know what that tastes like, take a dirty sock, pee on it, wring it out and stuff it in your mouth. There you go. Don’t forget to wash it down with some of dat good ol’ Jax beer.

And Jesus? God, did they have Jesus. My grandmother on my mother’s side, you know, the one who married her cousin, well, when we was living on Laurel Street, she would drag me down the the Baptist church and sit me right up there in the amen pew while this crazy old man screamed that me, and practically everyone else there was going to “hayell” and there wasn’t a damn thing we could do about it except put money in that little plate he had passed around. Jesus scared me to death until I was twenty-eight years old! I was just glad I wasn’t Catholic, and double glad I wasn’t black, or God forbid a black Catholic. Hell, if I turned out to be one of those I’d have just jumped into the Red River and been done with it.

I was told, when we lived Kaywood Apartments in Bossier City, to never go near the river. Now this is how much common sense we had at that age, and survival skills. With God, mosquitoes, teachers, the Klan and your parents all trying to kill you, you knew damn well not to go surfing on the Red River. This factor wore off by the time you got to high school because they were forever fishing teens out from under logs where the gators had stuffed them for seasoning. Oh yeah, we had those too. See the contrast; kids these days don’t know any better than to eat a dishwasher tablet and we used to play among the gators. We knew better than to eat a dishwasher tablet, one, because there weren’t any, and two, if there had been we’d have ended up down on the bayou with some old black lady blowing smoke up our butt. That’s called preventive medicine.

Not all things were bad. School lunches were a bitch. Till this day I have a prejudice. You see, all the school cooks were big, fat black women, and the result was whatever they come up with. Liver and onions, fried chicken, chicken and rice and courtesy of Huey Long you could eat all you wanted. They all had them Aunt Jemima wraps on their heads, a big smile, and even bigger spoons. They would throw mashed potatoes on the plate and it would drip over the side. Even today I have a hard time eating white woman cooking to the point of giving it to the dog when she looks away. Then you’d come home on the Good Ship Reality and find your uncle and dad in the kitchen with a case of Jax beer and a croak sack full of unfortunate frogs.

Louisiana weather sucks like a French lady of the night, and I know something about Them because Louisiana is full of them. You can’t see the tornadoes for the trees. I still remember the alert coming on the TV, the one you had to slap on the top to get reception from the station five miles away, and a very serious voice saying, “This is a severe tornado alert!” As opposed to the more mundane kind I suppose. Now, you didn’t know where it was, couldn’t see it, I’m told you could hear it, but that’s hard from under the bed. If you lived you’d stay up all night anyway just in case it had babies on the way through. Then the next day, in school, you have a bomb drill because everyone just knew the Russians were gonna bomb Barksdale Air Force Base at any given moment. All of this and the grown ups were worried about the blacks drinking out of the wrong water fountain. But . . . they all had Jesus!

By the time we moved to Texas I was ten years old, and pretty much bat-crap crazy. Had a permanent ringing in my ears, constantly looking over my shoulder for bombs, blacks, and bloody crosses, and the scary part is I left an entire state behind that thought just like me, and they’re still THERE! Well, the ones the gators didn’t get. Texas was a whole new deal, and I had to work it, which has only taken me fifty-five years, six wives, ten houses and three fortunes. This book is my story and thousands of baby boomers just like me!


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James Comey…Deep State’s Poster Boy, Leaker, and Clinton Shill

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 2:54am

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“Every detail related to the investigation has been leaked to the media. Often they had more information than the committee did. Do you find it interesting that the only detail that was never leaked is that the president was never under investigation?” – Senator Marco Rubio’s home run hitting question to James Comey…a question that had liberals all over social media accusing Rubio of “carrying water” for Trump (See Rubio’s questioning of James Comey here:

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, the plug was pulled and the swamp finally started to drain as the poster boy for ‘deep state’ was finally exposed as one James Comey…former F.B.I. Director James Comey…Obama appointee and Hillary protector James Comey… who got sucked into a quagmire of his own doing.

And by now we know well the details of James Comey’s testimony during the three-plus hours where both Republican and Democratic senators questioned now private citizen Comey about his relationship with President Trump, the circumstances of his firing, and the still to date ongoing federal probe into Russia’s ‘supposed’ but still unproven 2016 election tampering.

See James Comey’s entire testimony here:

Read full transcript of James Comey’s testimony here:

But the bottom line of those three-plus hours is that while James Comey did say that he personally did not believe Donald Trump to be a truthful nor a trustworthy person, Comey admitted under oath that President Trump did not try to interfere with, impede, or shut down the Russia investigation; that the president was never under investigation; confirmed President Trump’s claim that he shared that piece of information with Trump on at least three different occasions; and inadvertently admitted much to every one’s surprise that he alone orchestrated…via former federal prosecutor and current Columbia Law School professor and friend Daniel Richman…the leak to the press… specifically to the New York Times…of the “contents of the memo” he had written after a February 14th meeting with the president, and did so as a way to force the creation of a special council in regards to the Russian investigation.

So much for the Democrats call for Trump’s impeachment for with those words said, James Comey sent the Democrats scrambling for their safe places.

And how foolish James Comey was to ever cross the line of accusations against the president regarding the Russian investigation for the fact is that a sitting U.S. president legally has ‘absolute authority’ to ask his F.B.I. director about any ongoing investigation as long as said president does not interfere in the fact gathering process or procedures of that investigation.

And a sitting U.S. president, much to Comey’s chagrin, does have the right to ask for loyalty from those who serve in his administration for a pledge of loyalty does not mean a pledge to do the bidding of things that cross the line of trust placed or that break the rule of law. And herein falls Comey’s admission that he composed detailed memos of his interactions, meetings, and discussions between himself and President Trump, and his claiming he did so because he believed Trump would likely offer misleading accounts about said interactions sometime in the future.

So much for trust and loyalty to the man who was his boss and to the country he himself pledged an oath to…an oath that states that “…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

And James Comey is indeed a domestic enemy of the first degree for it seems he wants us to believe that he can predict future events while forgetting past events and memos not written, especially those not written of his all-important sham of an interrogation of Hillary Clinton, along with his admitting that he became aware of “cyber intrusion” by the Russians in the summer of 2015 but did nothing, said nothing, and composed no memos to that affect.

And this action of omission alone proves Comey’s loyalties remain with both the man who appointed him F.B.I. director…one Barack HUSSEIN Obama…and more importantly with Hillary Clinton…the very woman he claimed then Attorney General Loretta Lynch…the woman who makes him “queasy”…pressured him into not recommending she be indicted for the email scandal and that he refer to the then still ongoing proceedings as a ‘matter’ not an ‘investigation.’ (If true, charges of obstructionist must be brought again Lynch.) And Comey claimed this regardless of the fact that he had previously testified under oath that Hillary had indeed violated the ‘statutory language’ of the Espionage Act with her improper email activities and corresponding lies about it, while even now still claiming there was no criminal case to be made.

And while the word ‘liar’ immediately comes to mind, the words ‘coward,’ ‘obstructionist,’ ‘weakling,’ and ‘traitor’ fits James Comey just as well.

And might I add the word ‘felon’ for in James Comey’s admitting that he orchestrated the leaks of notes and information to the press via memos composed on government computers…notes and information that actually belong to the government…means that he, James Comey, knowingly and willingly broke the law for he leaked, as per President Trump’s personal attorney Marc Kasowitz, information that was “selective and illegal.” That in turn presents a case that Comey could be arrested under the Espionage Act if the information he leaked contained even a modicum of ‘classified’ national security information no matter James Comey’s claiming that that he had ”deliberately written” the specific memo in question as an unclassified document.

“Deliberately written” proving that James Comey calculatingly and with deliberate malice executed his plan to destroy the President of the United States with lies, innuendos, and illegal actions taken. And that includes the strong possibility that it was also James Comey who leaked information that now-former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn spoke to the Russian ambassador about U.S. sanctions against his country soon after then-President Obama announced them

But even with all this being said there is something that has been grossly overlooked…something hiding in plain sight…for the simple facts as presented during his testimony show that former F.B.I. Director James Comey is nothing but yet another whining and desperate bureaucrat out for revenge for being fired, and that all his actions taken are but a form of workplace violence… albeit workplace violence without a single physical shot being fired. Let me explain.

Everyone is under the assumption that the Russian scandal is of Hillary Clinton’s doing…that she alone planned it, orchestrated it, and implemented it as revenge for losing the election to the man she derogatorily loved to call ‘Donald’…but I say there is another scenario that actually makes more sense and falls in line with James Comey’s current testimony. And that scenario is that James Comey himself created the Russian scandal to hold as blackmail over Donald Trump’s head should Trump win the election… and why…simply because Comey did not believe Trump would keep him on as director of the F.B.I. if he became president.

And like all greedy self-serving Washington scoundrels, James Comey craved power and all of the perks that accompany said power.

And so in desperation the Russian blame game was constructed post-haste by Comey (with probable input by both Hillary and Billy-Boy), fueled on by Hillary and crew, acted upon by the rioting snowflakes, and ran with ad-nauseum by the media, forcing President Trump for the time being to keep Comey on for it would look bad if he outright replaced him too early on in his presidency what with his call for bipartisanship to help ‘Make America Great Again.’ But with Comey being an Obama pick… Comey knew his days were numbered so he created the memo in question with the intention of leaking it at just the right time to cause the most damage as revenge for what he knew would be his eventual firing.

But it also must be understood that James Comey was not…I repeat not…Obama’s puppet but was the puppet of the Clinton’s themselves and that every decision he made was done to protect both Bill and Hillary for it was them who lined his deep pockets and gave him the power he craved…translating into any impartiality while investigating Hillary be damned.

And certain events through the years show this to be true starting with Billy-Boy’s and Loretta Lynch’s oh so infamous and highly unethical meeting on the Phoenix tarmac…a meeting that was about anything but the grandchildren and golf. And what I believe that meeting was really about was the finalizing of plans to bring down whomever became the Republican nominee…and I guarantee James Comey was the mastermind of this plan as he was the sole author of the politicization of the criminal probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

In fact, according to a Washington Post article, Comey himself obstructed justice when he personally decided to let Hillary off scot-free after seeing and believing the contents of a forged memo the F.B.I. had intercepted…a memo that claimed Attorney General Loretta Lynch ‘had assured’ a Clinton associate that the Department of Justice would not “vigorously pursue” the case against Hillary for her use of what he knew was an “illegal and unsecure server.”

Basically what Comey did was take it upon himself to fully exonerate then-candidate Hillary Clinton of her mishandling of classified material and he did so during the height of the presidential campaign…something that in and of itself reeks of both improprieties and of his trying to rig the election in Hillary’s favor. And that is a criminal offense in its own right.

But James Comey’s deep ties and giving passes to the Clinton’s for what were criminal wrongdoings goes back further than the tarmac meeting and his obstructing the email investigation. In fact, those ties go back to Whitewater when Comey was appointed deputy director of the Senate Whitewater Committee…the very committee that was investigating both Clinton’s for shady real estate deals while Billy-Boy was governor. Remember, the Clinton’s escaped all charges even though Comey acknowledged that Hillary obstructed the investigation and destroyed evidence, yet he still decided not to prosecute her due to “lack of intent,” while their business partners Jim and Susan McDougal and former Arkansas Governor Jim Tucker were convicted and served time.

“Lack of intent”…the exact same words James Comey used when deciding not to recommend indicting Hillary in the email scandal.

Now fast forward to 2002, when as a federal prosecutor, James Comey took over the investigation looking into the legalities of Bill Clinton’s questionable 2001 pardon of then fugitive Marc Rich, a hedge-fund manager indicted on numerous counts of tax evasion, wire fraud, and racketeering…a pardon Billy-Boy granted without the required D.O.J. review process…a pardon granted only after Rich’s wife contributed $450,000 to the Clinton library fund, $70,000 to Hillary’s New York senate campaign, and with another million thrown in for good measure. And James Comey upheld said pardon even though he knew it was a bought-and-paid-for pardon granted courtesy of monetary bribes.

And remember the Sandy Berger case…the case where Berger, then Clinton’s National Security Advisor, stole documents showing that Billy-Boy could have taken out Osama Bin Laden years before 9/11 but chose not to do so. Berger, though caught with said documents, was not charged as it was James Comey who headed that investigation.

Moving on to 2005 we now find James Comey joining Lockheed Martin as senior vice president and general counsel. Comey was paid $6 million in one year alone from Lockheed. And why is this important… because before Comey left Lockheed in 2010…before he held a membership position on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board…before it became known that his own brother Peter Comey was an executive at DLA Piper, the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes…and before it was disclosed that he, James Comey, holds the mortgage on his brother’s mansion…Comey convinced Lockheed to become a major Clinton Foundation donor, a Clinton Global Initiative member, and helped Lockheed win 17 approvals for private contracts while Hillary was Secretary of State.

And then in 2013, Comey joined the board of directors of HSBC Holdings, a British bank that is a long-time partner of the Clinton Foundation…the very foundation whose corporate partner board he once served on.

So you can see James Comey’s ties to the Clinton’s run deep and run long…both monetarily and politically…and are deep enough to assure his loyalty to do everything possible to seek revenge against President Trump not just for his firing, but for both Hillary’s loss and fall from political grace as well. And so Comey concocted a plan using the Russians who he knew never hid the fact that they were not fans of Hillary no matter that she sold America out to them in the Uranium One deal while she was Secretary of State.

And now with James Comey’s testimony…testimony that signals possible legal trouble for Comey himself…Hillary’s hoped for revenge has come to a screeching halt for Comey failed to provide any evidence that would end the Trump presidency. And even though President Trump has been cleared so to speak, be prepared for the Comey/Hillary/Trump saga to continue on until the 2018 mid-term election simply because the Democrats and the media want to keep the drama going…and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

Copyright © 2017 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor


Today, Tuesday, June 13th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss all things James Comey. This is one show you do not want to miss.

Hope you can tune in at:

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Sat, 06/10/2017 - 5:05pm

Nibitu, Horsemen, and Things That Go Bump in the Night


The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru. The idea that a planet-sized object will collide with or closely pass by Earth in the near future is not supported by any scientific evidence and has been rejected by astronomers and planetary scientists as pseudoscience and an Internet hoax.

Please read that twice, have some coffee, and read it again. If you are still stupid enough to believe the current Nibiru flap send me the password to your bank account, your car, and your address so that I may move in because you are a waste of food and water. I have looked at literally hundreds of supposed pictures of the famous Planet X, all hiding behind the sun, all hazy, and all fake as a three dollar bill. Science refutes it, people on meth laugh about it, and the Dali Lama says it’s got more crap than his herd of goats.

So, what is the obsession with this psychosis? Losers in the world who see no way out want everything to come crashing down so at the very least, for five minutes before the end they can say, “I told you so!” Scott Binsack, of March For America fame is now marching for Nibiru. Got a Nibiru line of underwear to save your butt when the Big Bang comes. Frankly, I thought he had more sense. When he couldn’t convince his chowder headed followers to cough up more money to fund the Trump presidency, he shifted gears and began to fund an impeachment, and when that failed he decided, what the hell, let’s just crash the freaking planet.

What did you expect? In a nation of imbeciles who think that Michael Moore can put Hillary in office why not believe in a planet ten times the size of earth hiding in a Girl Scout’s back pack? The Russians didn’t have to hack our elections, just let Forest Gump vote! We’re Lucky El Chapo didn’t win in a write in ballot. I think this is why my mother told me to never drink blended whiskey. Let’s see, first we legalized marijuana, then came Fagganuptials, and now NIBIRU!

I’m reading the Book or Mormon. No, I really am. Joseph Smith was a genius. He figured out way back in 1830 that the people forming the United States were not a breed apart, striking out across angry seas to forge a new frontier. They were the numbnuts THINKING people wanted to keep away from their daughters. They took one look at the Hunchback of Norte Dame, said, “Scew that!” and put me all on a boat to New Jersey. I only used New Jersey because that’s where Binsack lives, I thought y’all would like that. In short order these people were burning witches. About a hundred years they were burning black people, and now they’re burning weed and gazing at Nibiru. You can’t make this stuff up folks. I’ve never seen Planet X, and I’m a drunk!

You wanna see Nibiru? Get naked. Bring a friend, have her get naked too. Cover each other with sacred coconut oil. Blow a joint. Both of you lie back on the grass, and stare at the sun for, oh, about thirty seconds. Now, close your eyes. You should see a BUNCH of Niburus! Now, send the chick to my house. I just declared myself a God, and I’m taking applications for an Aphrodite. Ahmmmmmmmmm! Ahmmmmmmmmm! Jesus Christ! Oh, sorry Lord. Didn’t mean to bring you into this. At least YOU’RE real!


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The Theater’s Alive With the Sound of Chewing

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 1:14pm

When it comes to punishing customers, movie theater owners are in the same league as airlines. Just as airline CEO’s rarely travel commercial, theater CEO’s evidently never attend a matinee.

And there lies the explanation for the repeated failure of theater owners to understand anything about their customer base. The list of management missteps includes dividing large theaters into very small “multiplexes,” where the size of the screen was only a bit larger than what families used to watch home movies.

Followed by continually increasing ticket prices and then complaining how yearly movie attendance continues to decline. And eliminating ushers and wondering why people didn’t want to buy a movie ticket to eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation.

The only positive development in the last 40 years is the cup holder armrest. Everything else – larger screens, more legroom, reclining seats – are efforts to undo the damage caused by earlier bad decisions.

Adults want a large screen, comfortable seat and no distractions. If management attended movies it would know just before the movie begins seniors make one last trip to the bathroom and then the lights go down.

The idea behind darkening the interior is not to make it harder for gunmen to draw a bead on the audience – it’s to reduce distractions.

So why does theater management believe the secret to success is offering more distraction?

In the case of AMC Theaters it could be the CEO’s background. Adam Aron came from Starwood Hotels. Their movie business consisted of discovering the maximum the company could charge for cable pornography, while the customer’s movie watching experience was subject to, how shall I put this, self-imposed distractions.

Aron’s first distraction was to allow texting in “select” theaters. This is like encouraging smoking in “select” rows. Aron barely had time to bask in the glow from his announcement before AMC’s customer base rose up in revolt. He quickly withdrew the proposal, but at the time I wrote: “One can only wonder, with more than a little apprehension, what Aron’s next bright idea – no pun intended – will be.”

Now we know.

Aron’s latest innovation makes Donald Trump’s foreign policy look like it was designed by Bismark. This is fitting, since one of the centerpieces is “the Bavarian Beast.” The New York Times describes it as “a pound-and-a-half salted pretzel the size of a steering wheel.”

It’s part of Aron’s strategy to turn AMC into a food court that also to shows movies.

Patrons will long for the days when the rustle of cellophane and the occasional box of M&M’s hitting the floor were the worst annoyances.

If Aron gets his way patrons will be chowing down “a juicy chicken sandwich with waffles as buns” and “a new jalapeno-flavored Southwestern dog that’s to die for.” Lip-smacking at AMC will no longer be a descriptive term for flavor, it will be a movie-watching reality.

What he calls “Feature Fare” includes cheeseburger sliders, stone-fired pizza, chili dogs, salami bites, chicken tenders, three new popcorn flavors and hot and cold running bicarbonate.

Think of it this way. If you believe riding in American Airlines economy class during mealtime is stinky, wait until you go to the movies! I’ll bet you can hardly wait to sit next to a gourmand chowing down on an onion-chili-cheese hotdog or savoring his salami bites.

And God help us if Aron adds frijoles to the menu.

Theater management had to set movie sound systems on “stun” to overcome the clueless fools that talk during the feature. Are they going to turn the A/C up to “hurricane” to disperse odors?

It’s tough enough to eat on a plane when the lights are on, what’s it going to be like at AMC in the dark? How much of the “Bavarian Beast” is going to wind up in your lap? People won’t be wearing ponchos to keep dry in the rain, they’ll be wearing ponchos to stay clean at the movies.

And what about trash? Is the satisfied diner going to babysit meal debris until the feature is over? Heck no, he’s either going to disturb you once as he gets up to go to the garbage can and again on the return, or he’ll simply dump all the trash on the floor.

Which brings up another question: How does Aron intend to clean the theater between meals? It’s going to look like the decontamination scene in the movie “Arrival.”

It was bad enough when there was so much gum on the floor of a theater your shoes felt like magnetic boots. The day I sit in jalapeno dog droppings is the day AMC loses me as a customer, but gets my cleaning bill.

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Trump advisor Roger Stone will visit Lake Mary this Friday

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 3:43am

Roger Stone, a former advisor for Richard Nixon and a man under scrutiny by the FBI for colluding with the Russians to help the Trump campaign, will be in Lake Mary, Florida, this Friday for a book signing event.

Stone, who once referred to himself as “a scandal with no evidence,” will be the guest of honor at an invitation-only event called “An Evening With Roger Stone.”

According to the event page, the private party is hosted by the Citizens for Trump and will be held at a private residence.

Tickets for the event start at $30.

One of Stone’s more recent Florida shindigs involved hobnobbing with former Breitbart editor and anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant troll Milo Yiannopoulos at his alt-right “Cinco de Milo” party in Miami.

According to the Miami New Times, the event hired models as cocktail waitresses without informing them they would be serving drinks among signs that read “Feminism is cancer” and “Deport your local illegal.”

I highly recommend you read the whole story.

Great time tonite at the Cinco de Milo party in Miami with my new friend Bubbles

— Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr) May 6, 2017

Source: Colin Wolf

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The Heat: Trump’s challenges Pt 2

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 3:30am

It’s been a persistent problem for U.S. President Donald Trump. Allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and colluded with his campaign have spawned multiple investigations. Then there’s the issue of leaks to the media – a frustration the president shares with many of his predecessors. And lastly, there’s the matter of Mr. Trump’s own tweets – something that continues to frustrate supporters inside and outside the administration. To talk about the latest challenges facing U.S. President Donald Trump: Atiba Madyun, founder, and president of Party Politics US. Simon Marks, president and chief correspondent for Feature Story News. Michael Johns, co-founder of the National Tea Party Movement.

Source: CGTN America

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The Heat: Trump’s challenges Pt 3

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 3:00am

It’s been a persistent problem for U.S. President Donald Trump. Allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and colluded with his campaign have spawned multiple investigations. Then there’s the issue of leaks to the media – a frustration the president shares with many of his predecessors. And lastly, there’s the matter of Mr. Trump’s own tweets – something that continues to frustrate supporters inside and outside the administration. To talk about the latest challenges facing U.S. President Donald Trump: Atiba Madyun, founder, and president of Party Politics US. Simon Marks, president and chief correspondent for Feature Story News. Michael Johns, co-founder of the National Tea Party Movement.
Source: CGTN America

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Thu, 06/08/2017 - 9:32pm

The liberal Democrats and many liberal-leaning media outlets have boldly, aggressively and unashamedly, slanted their nefarious presentation of the news and current events with the implicit objective to delegitimize the Trump presidency by attempting to link the outcome of the presidential election to Russian interference.
This unsubstantiated and false narrative has been woven by known globalists, such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Pelosi, Warren, Waters, Schiff, and Schumer. Their efforts have succeeded in hamstringing the Trump Administration, but their ultimate goal utilizing the Russian false narrative is to bring down the Trump Administration by calling impeachment proceedings against the President.


Thus far, despite the myriad of smoke and mirrors, misdirection, false narratives, innuendo, false presumptions and bizarre conspiracy theories not a credible particle of evidence has been disclosed to reasonably infer the Trump campaign conspired with Russian agents to rig the election in Trump’s favor. Nevertheless, these liberal democrats have prescribed to Hitler’s propaganda minister Goebbels technique, taken from Adolf Hitler’s stratagem, when Hitler wrote, “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.

Hence, the liberal democrats, starting with Hillary Clinton often repeat the big lie, in order, to persistently drive home to the public the motif of a Trump/Putin connection to overthrow Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Nonetheless, no matter, how often repeated, nor how true corollary inferences will become, the big lie will nonetheless still, after all, is said and done, be the big lie fueled by a false narrative dressed in a window dressing of truth.

What truth? The truth that Russia was attempting on various levels to influence an American presidential election. This is a common practice in international politics, right or wrong, for better or worse, ethical or immoral. Such interference is a maxim of politics. Consider, the following quotes regarding American interference in foreign elections, including domestic and foreign espionage.
For instance, the Obama Administration espionage on the German Chancellery and foreign news outlets, publications and people.

“Price would not discuss the specific matter of the Obama administration’s spying on Der Spiegel and then telling Merkel’s government about an official cooperating with the press. While we are not going to discuss specific targets, we have repeatedly made clear that the United States does not collect intelligence for the purpose of suppressing or burdening criticism or dissent, or for disadvantaging persons based on their ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion,” Price said. “Signals intelligence is collected exclusively where there is a foreign intelligence or counterintelligence purpose to support these missions and not for any other purposes.”

Where is the liberal democrat’s outcry, outrage, and inquiries into the Obama Administration’s unreasonable, unrestrained and unethical, if not illegal, foray into the interference of the domestic affairs of foreign nations? It appears the Left’s outrage is selective, in order, to obtain an identifiable objective. In this case, their wicked, conspiratorial, and seditious agenda is to impeach an American President.

The Obama Administration dramatically increased the weaponization of Intelligence Agencies, turning the secret police upon the American citizenry. Consider the following:

“At some point, the administration weaponized the NSA’s legitimate monitoring of communications of foreign officials to stay one step ahead of domestic political opponents,” says a pro-Israel political operative who was deeply involved in the day-to-day fight over the Iran Deal. “The NSA’s collections of foreigners became a means of gathering real-time intelligence on Americans engaged in perfectly legitimate political activism — activism, due to the nature of the issue, that naturally involved conversations with foreigners. We began to notice the White House was responding immediately, sometimes within 24 hours, to specific conversations we were having. At first, we thought it was a coincidence being amplified by our own paranoia. After a while, it simply became our working assumption that we were being spied on…”

The reader should carefully reflect that this is not Putin’s Russia, but rather, Obama’s America. In fact, during the Obama Administration, not only where foreign governments and organizations spied upon, but also, American journalist and Congressman, such as Representative Dennis Kucinich, who openly opposed, many of the Obama/Clinton policies. Ironically, these same group of liberal democrats are pointing the finger at Putin and Russia. Can you really trust these people, knowing that they spied on opposition Congressional leaders? If Obama conducted espionage operations against the German Chancellery and American Congressional leaders, such as Kucinich, is it a far-fetched idea that the Obama/Clinton operatives spied on the Trump campaign?

Reflect upon the following assessment by Glenn H. Reynolds:

“So President Trump set off a firestorm over the weekend with a series of tweets alleging that Obama had tapped Trump Tower. But getting hung up on imprecise language in the president’s tweets isn’t the right way to look at things. What seems to be at true is that the Obama administration spied on some of Trump’s associates and we don’t know exactly how much information was collected under what authority and who was targeted.

As former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy summarizes in National Review, the Obama Justice Department considered a criminal investigation aimed at a number of Trump’s associates. When they didn’t find anything criminal, they converted the investigation into an intelligence probe under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Elements of that story have been confirmed by The New York Times, the BBC and McClatchy newspapers….”

Did Obama spy on Trump? This was not any Putin or Russian wrongdoing, but clearly, the Obama Administration’s untoward dealings upon American journalists, American citizens, opposition groups and opposition Congressional leaders. One must reasonably wonder, if the Obama Administration, during his eight-year administration impregnated various Intelligence Agencies with key operatives. This should be a legitimate and reasonable concern. Another way of putting it is did the Obama Administration strategically place key political and party operatives at essential posts in various Intelligence organizations.

Liberal democrats feign outrage at possible Russian attempts to influence the American presidential election, but mention nary a word, regarding Obama’s attempt to influence the British Brexit election. However, the Brits noticed and many spoke out against Obama’s interference on behalf of the globalists in British elections. Consider as follows:

“Mr Obama told the BBC that Britain’s EU membership “gives us much greater  Confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union”. He said the EU “made the world safer and more prosperous”.

But John Redwood, a former Cabinet minister and a Eurosceptic, said: “President Obama is wrong about the UK and the EU. If letting foreign countries impose laws on you, levy taxes on you, and spend your money is such a good idea, why doesn’t he create an American Union so Mexico can have common borders with the US, Cuba can spend US tax on herself, and Brazil can impose laws on the US the US does not want? “

The liberal open border, stateless society democrats are trying to discredit Russia and Putin, as a Russian nationalist, so their aim of impeachment of Trump, an American nationalist can be accomplished. The Obama/Clinton globalist agenda was provided setbacks with the British vote favoring Brexit and the American vote for Trump.  Now, these liberal globalists are out for revenge.

Nonetheless, the Trump-Russian connection to overthrow Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid thus far remains a paranoia fanciful concoction of Clinton’s imagination. No doubt, a fanciful creation worthy of Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi. And yet, a diabolical conspiracy theory not well-grounded, in truth or reason.

If such a flight of fancy is ultimately successful in impeachment proceedings being brought against President Trump, Clinton and her delusional crowd will have vindicated Hitler’s Mein Kampf, in terms of repeating often the big lie. Moreover, a precious opportunity for substantive international communication between Putin and Trump will have been squandered, because of the Goebbels-like propaganda of the Clintonite conspiracy theorist. Simply put, Russian involvement in American elections does not reasonably infer that the Trump campaign was involved nor that the Russians put Trump in the White House.If the British had voted Brexit down, would that mean Obama had forced the British to remain in the European Union? Of course not. As it is true, with illegitimate American involvement in the European elections, the same is true with any illegitimate involvement in the American election. America and Europe must be more vigilant.


By Jeffrey E. Elliott, Esq.

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