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AZ Sheriff Opposes Border Wall: ‘Medieval Solution to a Modern Problem’

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 11:07am

An Arizona sheriff is opposed to President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, calling it a “medieval solution to a modern problem.”

Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier said in an interview with New York Times podcast “The Daily” that lawmakers would be better off giving a fraction of the estimated billions it would take to build the wall to law enforcement.

“I think it’s kind of a medieval solution to a modern problem,” Napier said. “I mean, 10,000 years ago we were building walls around things, and here we are in 2017, and this is the best idea we can come up with?”

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Napier, whose county includes 125 miles of the border and the city of Tucson, doubled down on his comments.

He said he’s completely in favor of securing our porous border, which he called a national security problem, a public safety problem and a human rights problem.

“My fear is that we’re continuing this dialogue of ‘a wall, a wall, wall,’ which to many of us, just doesn’t seem credible,” Napier said. “And in that discourse, we’re losing the more serious discussions about how to better secure our border at a lower cost point, perhaps more effectively.”

He suggested a blend of technology, fixed barriers and human resources could work better than a traditional wall.

Tucker said voters believe that lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are pressured to ignore illegal immigration, and the American people want concrete evidence that someone is finally taking the problem seriously.

“It’s an easy sound bite. It’s easy to digest,” Napier said. “This is a very complex issue. And perhaps that’s why we’re still dealing with it.”

Tucker countered that a “medieval solution to a modern problem” is also an easy sound bite.

“Nothing we’ve done in the past 50 years has really worked,” Tucker said. “And so what’s the guarantee that your solution will be different and will work?”

Source:  Tucker Carlson Tonight[email protected]

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French Elections: Emmanuel Macron, a Disaster

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 1:10am
  • Anti-West, anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish diatribes were delivered to enthusiastic crowds of bearded men and veiled women. One hundred and fifty thousand people attended.
  • Emmanuel Macron promised to facilitate the construction of mosques in France. He declared that “French culture does not exist” and that he has “never seen” French art. The risk is high that Macron will disappoint the French even faster than Hollande did.
  • On the evening of the second round of elections, people will party in the chic neighborhoods of Paris and in ministries. In districts where poor people live, cars will be set on fire. For more than a decade, whenever there is a festive evening in France, cars are set on fire in districts where poor people live. Unassimilated migrants have their own traditions.

Paris, Champs Elysees, April 20, 8:50 pm. An Islamic terrorist shoots at a police van. One policeman is killed, another is seriously wounded.

The terrorist tries to escape and shoots again. The policemen kill him. One hour later, the French Ministry of Interior reveals his name and his past. His name is Karim Cheurfi. He is a French Muslim born in an Islamized suburb of France. In 2003, he was sentenced to twenty years in prison for the attempted murder of two policemen. He was released before the end of his sentence. In 2014, he targeted a policeman and was sentenced again. And released again. In March, the police were informed that he was trying to buy military-grade weapons and that he contacted a member of the Islamic State in Syria. An inspector discovered that he had posted messages on jihadist social media networks expressing his willingness to murder policemen. The police searched his home and found several weapons and a GoPro video camera similar to the one terrorists use to film their crimes. The police and members of the French justice system did not think they had sufficient evidence place him under surveillance.

The Champs Elysées attack clearly shows that the French justice system is lax regarding dangerous people and that the French police pay only limited attention to suspects who are communicate with terrorist organizations and who seem to be hatching terrorist projects.

This terrorist attack summarizes everything that is broken in terms of security in France today.

Men with a profile similar to that of Karim Cheurfi have, in recent years, been responsible for most of the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium: Mohamed Merah, who killed three Jewish children and the father of two of them in Toulouse in 2012; Mehdi Nemmouche, who attacked the Brussels Jewish Museum in 2014 ; the Kouachi brothers, who committed the Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015; Amedy Coulibaly, who murdered four Jews in the Saint Mandé grocery Kosher store Hypercacher; Samy Amimour and others who maimed and murdered 130 innocent people in the Bataclan theater in November 2015; Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who drove a truck into the crowd in Nice in July 2016, killed 86 people and wounded many others, and, among others, those who beheaded a priest in Normandy a few weeks after the attack in Nice.

The successive French governments under the presidency of François Hollande showed themselves to be appallingly weak and impotent.

A climate of fear has overtaken the country. Attendance at theaters has declined. The particularly targeted Jewish community — two-thirds of the attacks in France in the last five years targeted Jews — feels abandoned. When a Jewish cemetery was vandalized on March 30 in Waldwisse, eastern France, neither the media nor the political leaders reacted. A week later, in Paris, a Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi, was tortured and then thrown out of a window by a non-radicalized Muslim, simply because she was Jewish: the French media and political leaders, with the exception of the courageous MP Meyer Habib, also did not react. A silent gathering below the window was organized by some leaders of the Jewish community. Only Jews came; they were greeted by anti-Semitic insults by Arab Muslims in the neighborhood. The implantation of radical Islam in the country is intensifying. The annual meeting of “Muslims of France” (the new name of the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood), took place on April 14-17 in Le Bourget, ten miles north of Paris. Anti-West, anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish diatribes were delivered to enthusiastic crowds of bearded men and veiled women. One hundred and fifty thousand people attended.

Economically, France is in terrible shape. The unemployment rate remains above 10%. Nine million people are living below the poverty line –14% of the population. Economic growth is stagnant. Government spending accounts for 57% of GDP — 13% more than in Germany, France’s main economic competitor in Europe.

Month after month, polls shows that the French population is anxious, angry, immensely disappointed with current French policies. François Hollande ends his term with a popularity rating close to zero. He was so rejected and discredited that he decided not to run again for the presidency.

The first round of the French presidential election took place in this context, and one could expect that the French population would reject everything that looks like François Hollande’s policies and choose a new direction for the country.

That is not what happened; quite the opposite.

Benoit Hamon, the Socialist Party’s candidate, suffered a disastrous blow and received a mere 6% of the vote. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a far-left candidate who left the Socialist Party a few years ago and who supported Hollande in 2012, received a much higher score: 19% of the vote. He is an admirer of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and the late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. Immediately after the anti-Semitic Islamic attack in Saint Mandé, he claimed that “Jewish extremism is more dangerous than Islamic extremism”. That statement did not hurt him.

Above all, Emmanuel Macron, a candidate close to Hollande won the race and will be elected President on May 7. He was Hollande’s senior economic advisor for more than two years and the main architect of Hollande’s failed economic policies. He then became Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, and held that post until he entered the presidential race.

Read More by Guy Millière[email protected]

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Back to the Wild West?

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 10:42am

Back to the Wild West? Every time we inch forward toward taking back our right to defend ourselves, and restoring the 2nd amendment the touchy-feely left dredges up that time worn phase that we’ll be reverting back to the Wild West. Let me enlighten you folks to something. No one in Tombstone ever went in to the little red school house, and shot all the kids.

America was born of revolution. The very idea of taking on the British Empire was pretty revolutionary, but that couldn’t hold a candle to Texas. The colonies more or less secured what they had lived in, and developed since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, I guess if the Germans had landed first it would have been the Mercedes Rock, but Texans carved off a piece of Mexico, stripped the president thereof down to his Long Johns, and called it their own. That’s called “balls” boys and girls. Write that down. There’ll be a test later. If the Americans had done likewise they’d have sailed to England, slapped King George, and took Ireland. Just saying.

Texas was taken by the gun. It was secured by the gun, and till this day it is maintained by the gun. The Mexicans were more than a little bit irritated at the loss of the region, and the Indians were plumb red faced over the introduction of the pale face interlopers who shot all the buffalo, fenced up the land, and sent them off to build casinos. That having been said, just how wild WAS the Wild West?
Well, to start, you could get hung for just about anything. A good hanging would always generate a good crowd, complete with picnic baskets, pee-warm beer, and oh yeah, bring the kids! Good folks went to church, and bad folks went to the saloon, AFTER they checked in their guns with the sheriff because most towns had an ordinance that recognized guns and whiskey don’t mix. That’s right. Imagine that. There was a form of gun control in the Wild West.

When the more “modern” thinkers say the founding fathers didn’t account for the advanced weapons of our present day they overlook the fact that in every era there are advances, and cutting edge weapons. The caveman with the bigger stick, the percussion cap replacing a piece of flint, or with the advent of the Winchester, that “Damn yankee rifle you could load on Sunday, and shoot all week.” Weapons change, people don’t!

Remember that question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Because there is a certain percentage of the population that if not restrained, will do whatever tickles their fancy. In an armed society the possibility of bad things happening to BAD people keeps their pants up, their mouths closed, and if they still get out of line you can always hang em. Predators will always prey on the weak, and if you think they don’t then why doesn’t the lion chase down the largest, fastest gazelle? Why didn’t the Sandy Hook gunman shoot up the police station?

Police have a thankless job. When you see some woman screaming in an officer’s face, calling him a pig, she doesn’t know that possibly that morning he removed a dead baby from a car after what should have been a fender bender, but wasn’t because some irresponsible wench just like her forgot to strap the car seat in, and the baby hit the windshield. Cops are human, just like the rest of us, and they run, cry, and die just like us, when they get shot, cut, or clubbed. They NEED us to be able to defend ourselves, and sometimes to defend THEM!

Back to the Wild West? We never LEFT the Wild West, but let me give you a challenge. Take yourself a sixteen year old girl, give her twenty dollars, and let her walk through downtown Austin looking for a sandwich. Now, send her through Detroit looking for a pizza. Oh, don’t make her anyone you care about. And the Nortés call US the Wild West! To sum it all up gun control, when imposing unreasonable restrictions upon law abiding citizens is dangerous, irresponsible, and down right stupid! The tail cannot wag the dog. Society cannot be put at risk as the liberal left tries to placate the lunatic fringe. There are more good people than bad, and if you want to see that just remember there were more people WATCHING the hanging, than being HUNG! We seriously need to go Back to he Wild West!

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Writing Angry: Celebrities, Supergirl, and Political Creep

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 1:08am

Americans can put up with a lot when it comes to celebrities.  We still go watch Mission Impossible movies even after Tom Cruise had a bouncy seizure on Oprah Winfrey’s couch.  We can even forgive him for hawking a religion that has all the trappings of a cult to anyone outside of it.  People still tuned in to watch Joe Namath play football even after he admitted to a strange predilection for wearing pantyhose. (Well, strange for that time at least.  If Tom Brady did it now, we’d all let out a collective, “Whatever.”)

People even still watch the Kardashians even after it’s become painfully clear that they do absolutely nothing. Hell, they watch them specifically because they do nothing.

But one thing we cannot tolerate is the newfound need of any person with even a slight hint of notoriety to expound their political views if they get within 20 yards of anyone with a video camera or cell phone.  Like creeping ivy weaves its way up a trellis, politics has started to creep into our entertainment, and that’s not something we’re going to take sitting down… even if the couches we potato on are really comfortable.

I’ve posited a theory about why this is happening (Hollywood Guilt: Why So Liberal?), but just to recap:  If you made millions for doing something every kid in the entire world does for free, and you came to the realization that if you disappeared tomorrow, a hundred other people just as talented as you are there to replace you, you would probably feel the need to do something that others might consider more worthwhile.  In a world where people are supposed to feel guilty about the color of their skin or how much they make, it’s a solid hypothesis.  Unfortunately, it would be impossible to test because no celebrity would ever be honest about that while they’re telling you how hard it was on their psyche to pretend to be someone else.

Soldiers facing IED’s in Iraq didn’t go through anything compared to an actor having to pretend to fight with a laser sword that he could only see after postproduction.

What these celebs seem too self-important to realize is that we watch them because we need a break from the real world from time to time, especially politics, and we do that primarily through them.  They appeal to us because they can take us away from our lives, if only for a couple of hours.  When they stop being able to do that, their value as a celebrity drops like an eagle hitting a wind turbine.

Slight pause.  A little background for perspective:

I’m a self-admitted movie buff and comic book nerd. (It says so right in my bio, thanks for reading.)  As a world class insomniac, I tend to get in two to three movies a night. I had rated over 15,000 movies on Netflix before they switched to the thumbs up/thumbs down system and made me start all over.

That’s not bragging, unless lack of sleep is a virtue in your mind.  I just don’t want anyone to think I’m just writing this out of hatred for celebrities.  I’m not. I’ve spent the night with quite a few of them. Now back to the column.

Believe it or not, most people don’t want to know about a celebrity’s political views whether they agree or not.  In the celebrity search to matter, they taint the very reason they matter to us.

We want to go to a Green Day concert and sing along with Basket Case without hearing Billie Joe shout “F^$& Trump.”  We could stay home and watch any report from Portland, OR to get that.

We want to watch a football game without having to think about who’s going to be taking a knee during the national anthem.  (And for God’s sake, don’t pretend that the flag and the anthem haven’t been part of sports since the day Cain and Able picked up a couple sticks and played field hockey with a sheep patty.)

We want to read a Stephen King book or listen to a Cher album without worrying about whether they blocked us on Twitter.  (Ok, that one was personal.)

And this may come as a surprise, but I want to watch a Clint Eastwood movie and not think about him talking to an empty chair.

No celebrity has ever changed anyone’s political opinion.  No one says,” Well, I was against illegal immigration, but then Kylie Jenner gave that Pepsi to that cop, and now I get it!”

At most, it’s a validation of what we already think.  It’s fun to believe that you and Lady Gaga are simpatico, or that Kid Rock and I could have lunch together without wanting to kill each other by the time we get dessert.  It makes us feel that we could sit at the table with the cool kids.

No, as much as celebs want you to believe that they just feel it in their hearts that as long as you gave them fame, they have the obligation to use it to make a difference in “just one person’s life”, it ends up being a supremely selfish act.  If you do something just for the sake of someone seeing you do it, you can’t truly call it altruistic.

“Now, Parker ” you say, “a lot of people get on Twitter and pop off about politics.  Why can’t celebrities do that?

“Good question,” I reply, “and to that I say know your role.”

You don’t turns on the news expecting a reporter to suddenly break into a stand-up comedy routine, and nobody goes to The Avengers expecting Iron Man to deliver a soliloquy on gun control.  The first has yet to be seen; the latter is becoming all too common.  And it’s not just the actors, the political creep is weaving its way into their product, too, thanks to Hollywood writers who feel the need to get in on the politically correct act.

Arrow (yes, I’m a comic book nerd) had that very special episode on the goods and bads of gun control.  Supergirl’s entire season turned into a thinly disguised Trump-bash about immigration.  (Yes, there are aliens on Earth, but most of them were good and there is no reason except bigotry to kick them off the Earth or for God’s sake do something silly like build a force field around the planet to keep them out.  Most of them were just trying to get away from their own bad planets.

The writers were so intent on getting this message in, they completely forgot that Supergirl worked for a secret government organization dedicated to monitoring those aliens and getting rid of or locking away the bad ones.)

If I tuned in to the West Wing, I knew I was going to watch a political show.  Ditto House of Cards or Homeland.  I even know which way the show is going to slant.  If I tune in to Supergirl, I want to turn my brain off and see a flying woman kick some alien butt with heat vision. I don’t want to watch her have a debate.  Not only is it clubbing you over the head with a position, it’s just bad writing.

As a conservative, I’m a big believer in freedom of speech, and everyone has the right to share their opinions.  Celebrities aren’t excluded from that, but they need to get over themselves and realize the reason they’re celebs in the first place. There are consequences for their little forays into feigned relevance. George Clooney’s movies have tanked, and it’s not just because they were all horrendous (although Solaris could put an ADHD kid on a sugar high to sleep.) A bigger reason is that he’s turned off half the people in the country who would bother to go watch him onscreen.

Clooney, like Hillary Clinton, may feel like he doesn’t want those deplorable people as fans anyway.  If he does that would be a shame, since he owes a lot of his success to those very people.

I don’t want to speculate about Clooney’s life, but he’s got money for days, a gorgeous wife, and a job a lot of people would love to have.  I’m guessing he’ll be okay no matter what I think.  I can say the same about Trump, which is why I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care what Sarah Silverman or Whoopi Goldberg think of him.

Judging by the last election, most people aren’t influenced by their opinions either.

I just don’t want to become a place where our entertainment avenues are as divided as the country.

I don’t want to live in a world where only Calgon can take me away. Especially since then we’d have to debate showers vs. baths

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Is a Man Competing on a Woman’s Team a Sex Offender?

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 9:24pm

Conservatives were wrong when they said granting alternative lifestyle practitioners special rights would put the country on a slippery slope. It wasn’t a slope at all. America jumped off a cliff.

Today sexual confusion isn’t concerned with whether a young adult should remain a virgin until marriage. It’s concerned with whether a young adult should remain a member of the sex into which they were born.

Unless your daughter is Brienne, the Maid of Tarth, she has no chance competing against hemales.

The desperately confused, unhappy people that believe they “are a man trapped in a woman’s body” would simply be sad if they lived out their torment privately. Unfortunately, no one does anything in private any more. The closet is vacant.

Elite opinion makers in media, politics and law demand society participate in the delusion. Call it mass hysterectomy.

The average American is supposed to embrace the theory that a baby is destined to be a homosexual in the womb, but whether the baby is a boy or a girl can only be determined sometime after birth when the child has weighed all its options.

Americans who didn’t want to make a fuss deluded themselves into thinking that if they just avoided certain areas — San Francisco parades, dance clubs with extensive Village People playlists and trendier florists — they could live their lives in peace and let bi–genders be bygones.

That is no longer true. Making sure the kids drained their bladders before going to Target is not enough. Now the gender benders are invading sports.

Formerly I was aware of the odd teenage boy who wanted to compete on the girl’s track team, but according to America is way past that. Men have invaded women’s sport at every level. Average or has–been men no longer have to be content with being an also–ran. If they are willing to undergo a wardrobe change, in no time at all they can be diamond–level competitors on the distaff side.

If you have a daughter who wants to compete, there’s a distinct possibility she’ll be competing against men, to say nothing of changing with them.

Here is a brief list of the female sports that men have entered: Weightlifting, cycling, softball, track & field, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, cricket and mixed martial arts.

Average men who think they are women have innate genetic differences that give them an athletic advantage few superior women can overcome.

Men have greater muscle mass, greater aerobic capacity, more fast–twitch muscle fibers, larger hearts, larger lungs, greater bone density, longer bones and tougher ligaments. As points out, these advantages give men “mechanical advantages over women, since they have greater leverage, increased height and larger frames to support muscle.”

A visit to Victoria’s Secret and an estrogen regime won’t level the field genetically between men–pretending–to–be–women and the genuine article.

Even if your daughter is fortunate to be competing against other women, she can still be cheated by a disturbed girl who wants to be a boy. In Texas the legislature determined athletes must compete in the sex God selected for them. So Texas daughters may have to wrestle against anchor babies and sanctuary grapplers but at least they won’t be men.

Unfortunately, the legislature didn’t consider all the possibilities, because this year the 110 lb. girl’s wresting state championship was won by a girl that’s been taking testosterone treatments for over a year.

In a CNN interview, Dr. Brandon Mines, of Emory University’s Department of Orthopedics, explained, “Testosterone and anabolic steroids are in the same family and have the effect of increasing muscle mass and strength gains.”

As a result Texas girls were wrestling a competitor with the muscle mass of a teenage boy.

If the same lack of logic was applied to Lance Armstrong he could have entered the women’s cycling tour as Leslie Armstrong, taken all the drugs he wanted and still been a champion.

I can’t explain the motives for these disturbed people going public and demanding accommodation. Maybe it’s exhibitionism, craving for attention or the realization this is their only chance to claim Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame, but parents and female competitors need to understand it’s all at your expense.

Parents of normal children need to make their voices heard. It’s not bigotry to insist your daughter compete only against genuine women. It’s common sense. Demand school boards regain their sanity and if necessary file a lawsuit. If that doesn’t work, organize other parents and boycott sports in government schools.

Form your own female youth leagues. Women who are adult competitors should make it very clear to organizers they won’t enter any event that allows cheating men to compete.

This isn’t a fight for intolerance or exclusion. It’s a fight to return reality and mental health to mainstream America.

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Liberals Willfully Create a False Image Of Christians

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 4:02pm

Have folks been shaming you for being Christian?

Pointing out slavery and the crusades and the inquisition?  Well, keep the following list handy.

How about we discuss more recent Christian behavior ?

A list of Christian folks’ acts of virtue toward others:

  • Largely Christian folks founded AMERICA, which WAS the worlds’ most equally righted and individual-protective nation.
  • Largely Christian early settlers were persecuted in THEIR home states – that’s why they left.
  • Ben Franklin led an early movement of Christians to end slavery soon after the Constitution passed. Slavery was not acceptable by a majority of whites. And blacks served in the revolutionary army.
  • White Christians were made slaves on British ships in the war of 1812 – whites have been in slavery.
  • Largely Christian majorities PASSED the Civil Rights Act – not black majorities. And the CRA is hailed as an icon BY BLACK PEOPLE!!
  • Largely Christian folks initiated and died by the hundreds of thousands in the war that ended slavery. White, largely Christian conservatives voted heavily in favor of ending slavery.
  • Largely Christian conservatives started the Abolition movement.
  • Legitimate racism accusation: Largely Christian 1960s judges decreed black preferential hiring, test scores and judicial rulings that are deceptively labeled “equal opportunity”. Laws by decree are TYPICALLY the way racism is implemented.
  • Largely Christian conservatives selected America’s first black justice, first black chief of staff, first black senator, first black leader chairman for a political party. NOT by decree.
  • Largely Christian,America is known as the “melting pot” for absorbing so many cultures successfully. We cannot possibly be drooling racists and famously accommodating at the same time.
  • Largely Christian America fought and won WWII to extinguish threats of mass killing and occupation aimed at Asians, Africans, Arabs, etc.
  • Largely Christian Americans elected America’s first black president.
  • Whites were also made into slaves: “Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, The Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800 (Early Modern History)”
Liberals Display Intense Hatred Of Christians on Social Media

When I post this list on social media, the leftists disregard all these positives, as contemptuous bigots would do. The left TRULY HATES CHRISTIANS, FOLKS.

That’s a reasonable explanation for why it’s easy for them to accuse others of being “haters”.

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Texas Is Incompatible With America

Mon, 05/01/2017 - 9:06am

Texas is incomparable with America. It just don’t fit. In my literary journeys over the last few months I’ve tried to find common ground, but it’s just not there. The Nortés have lost it, and without Texas showing them the way they’re never gonna get it back. They’ve got the best president they’ve had in forty years, and they can’t even agree with him that they don’t need to sell Long Island to the Mexicans!
I watched a bunch of documentaries yesterday, drank a little whiskey, well, a lot of whiskey, but my mind was clear this morning, and one of the films I watched concerned Sandy Hook. I cried through the entire thing, but something struck me. The yankee mind is so twisted that it can’t understand you have to deal with some things through common sense! You have a nut killing little kids, so what do you do? Why you run down to yankee central in Washington and try to take everybody’s guns away! That way, when the next idiot decides to turn an elementary school into a shooting gallery he’ll just see the “Gun Free Zone” sign, and all the passive resistance, and realize there’s nothing to see there, and just go home. I crappith thee NOT! A United States Senator actually said that! She said that if you put up no resistance an active shooter will calm down, find Jesus, and just go home! Wow! I wish I could run across her in a bar, and she was cute!
In my travels I have seen some pockets of resistance in the northland. I’ve also seen that this is the exception rather than the rule. Just try to book a conservative speaker at Berkeley. I announced my return to TexCentric writing yesterday, mentioned the word, “Yankees” and was seized upon by the Battling Bitches of Brooklyn. You’d think I’d called them the “N” word that some people can say and some people can’t. As you may know, I became entangled in the intrigue of this March For America nonsense. When I saw the word, “America” I should have known better. The behavior of that little band of merry faggots was the rule rather than the exception, and I found that the groups opposing it were just as bad, if not worse than it was. Back stabbing, lying, out and out criminals, all but one or two exceptions, the “Pissed Off American” and his Mother of All Rallies, (MOAR) being the last hold out and the American version of the Alamo. Another documentary I watched was about the University of Texas sniper. I noticed a major difference in the public reaction to Sandy Hook, and UT. Now, notwithstanding the babies at Sandy Hook were defenseless, but the students at UT were, too, but the public wasn’t. They had guns in pickups, and turned them on Whitman. By the time Martinez and crew dispatched him he was so busy ducking deer rifles he didn’t have time to take aim.
One time I went to pick up my granddaughter, Puck, at school. As you know, she’s diabetic, and had a sugar problem that day, so I sat in the nurses station waiting on Puck to collect herself to go home where I’d fix the problem. Anyway, as I sat there, I noticed the kids milling around the central hallway, with a couple male teachers among them. Then I hit me; I’d just walked in, simply waved at the office staff, and passed right on by, in my full length London Fog desert coat! I only went through the office because I’m a nice guy. I could have just as easily walked straight through the front door into the main hall where the kids were with an AR-15 under my coat! I was totally unimpressed with the “staff” herding the kids through the hall. I realized that I was the only man there with a set of balls, and out of respect for the law I’d left my pistol in my car! I’d fallen for yankee political correctness, and by doing so endangered my granddaughter and all the other kids, too. “But,” you ask, “how often does something like that happen?” I was sitting one mile from the Luby’s massacre, and about four miles from Fort Hood! THAT’S how often! ONE bullet would have ended both of those events.
Texas is incompatible with America, and following their lead will get you killed! We may not be able to secede right now, but we can ignore. I mean, what can they do? They’re still trying to figure out why letting illegal aliens get food stamps might be a bad idea, c’mon! Not all Americans are bad, I’ve met four good ones, well five. Texas has got to slap some sense back into their heads and maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn to build cars again, but don’t hold your breath, they’re still trying to come to grips with the fact that it takes a man and a woman to make a baby! Texas is incompatible with America!


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Is A Rose Really A Rose?

Sun, 04/30/2017 - 8:14am

Is a rose really a rose? Alex Jones’ recent custody battle revealed several issues that we have been contending with for years. Divorce is always a difficult situation. Marriage is a difficult situation. A man must bet half his stuff that he’s going to totally love a woman for the rest of his or her life. When we see cases where this works out its beautiful, unfortunately new models come along year after year, and as you know if a man test drives one the old model loads up half his stuff, and the kids and heads out. Happened six times to me. (Those were my surprised faces.)
Compound this with being in the entertainment industry, and don’t be jellyfish about it, Infowars is entertainment. ALL broadcast news is entertainment, including me, the only question being how much is entertainment, and how much is actual news. Now you can stick you pointy nose in the air and call Alex a fraud, a charlatan, or conspiracy nut, whatEVER, fact remains the his fact/entertainment mix runs a little better than the main stream media, and if you think I’m wrong, just check out the ABC, CNN, or MSNBC polls the day BEFORE Hillary forgot to give her concession speech. Alex Jones, and yours truly predicted President Trump a year before! I think it’s our Texas accents, but I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, so what do I know?
So, now comes the former Mrs Jones, with council, to drag Alex through the Family Court mud, trying to use his radio persona as a measure of Alex Jones the father, the jury pivots this way or that, and we get the usual topsy-turvey decision we always get when twelve strangers try to get involved in someone’s personal business. Of course the jurors NEVER heard of Alex, and absolutely do NOT have a pre-formed opinion. If you believe that horse manure I still have that bridge for sale and I’m making it a two for one Sunday special.
All news outlets are biased. No one is “fair and balanced.” Case in point, Fox News. When the walls came tumbling down recently it was apparent that internally Fox News was more corrupt, more sexist, and more racist than the Ku Klux Klan. To top that off, the management had the backbone of a rather mature tadpole, folded and ran in two days as the liberal press peeled the skin off Bill O’Rielly’s back. Bet he don’t ever order hot chocolate again, huh?
Back in the day we KNEW Clint Eastwood had never shot anyone. We kinda hoped John Wayne hadn’t, but we weren’t quite sure, but all in all the general population had a reasonable grip on reality, all but Vietnam, but that’s another story. This present day finds us not only with the news services grinding out “Infotainment” but anyone with WiFi competing on the open market grinding out anything they may think relevant to the situation. WWIII is always a big hit. Some fat kid in North Korea fires off a bottle rocket and the internet lights up with dire prediction of breaking news. Is a rose really a rose? It depends where the rose is. If the rose is in its home garden, sure, it’s a rose. If it’s on the air, or in family court, it’s anybody’s guess. I guess roses smell different in Travis County than they do in Hays county.


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Affirmative Action Program to Drain the Leftist Swamps at Universities

Sat, 04/29/2017 - 8:07pm

It’s time for some Affirmative Action on our college campuses — not for racial, ethnic, gender, or class diversity but for political diversity.

On most college campuses, Leftist instructors now outnumber conservatives by about 12 to 1, and on some campuses, one cannot find a single conservative professor in the history, political science, sociology, or English departments.

For decades, Leftist deans and administrators at our universities have cultivated racial, ethnic, gender, and class diversity on their campuses. That’s mostly a good thing. But at the same time, they have systematically discriminated against Conservative perspectives and viewpoints in their hiring and instruction. Their schools have gradually become places where everyone looks different but thinks the same. University leaders proudly celebrate their diversity in everything except political philosophy.

Now, Left-wing fascistic mobs in masks and ninja outfits threaten violence against anyone the Left chooses to target. And university deans and department heads are going along with it in the name of “safety” and “free speech.” Even many Democrats and a few Leftist politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are appalled by the violence and censorship of political speech on American campuses.

Since roughly half of all Americans still hold to many bedrock conservative principles, how is it that these universities are granted taxpayer dollars for such blatantly discriminatory behavior?

In particular, who represents the taxpayers who are forced to fund this discrimination? Who represents their children and grandchildren who are being sold into debt bondage in order to fund these de facto Left-wing indoctrination centers?

It’s time for some Affirmative Action programs to address this imbalance. The race-based Affirmative Action programs of the past 50 years can provide the logic, language, and legalities for such a purposeful political-diversity affirmative action program. There is ample precedent.

Federal funding for a university should come with an obligation to hire and teach to support a political diversity of thought that is reflective of America’s general population not just that of tenured university faculty-lounge elites. And it comes with an obligation to report annually on status and progress toward achieving that diversity. I know of no such obligation today. None at all. Anywhere. That should change.

We the People, of all political stripes, should call on Congress to pass legislation requiring all colleges and universities that receive federal funding to:

  1. Submit yearly to a professional, verifiable, external audit of the political affiliations of all professors and lecturers, deans and department heads, trustees, boards of directors, and other personnel.
  2. Publish such audits prominently for wide distribution, including in all university recruiting literature and websites.
  3. Publish board-of-trustees-signed plans to address imbalances as well as progress reports on achieving a political diversity balance reflective of the general population of federal taxpayers.

Those schools that fail to provide this information or fail to make progress toward addressing their imbalance will be subject to withdrawal of all or part of their federal funding. And alumni and donors (including corporate donors) who believe in political diversity can use the information to guide their yearly contributions or those in their personal estate-planning documents.

Universities, public or private, that accept no federal funding would be exempt from this program and its requirements. But the rest — and that’s virtually all of them — must comply — or lose that funding.

Leftism has steadily invaded and infested our universities over the past century, slowly at first, but in a crescendo that is now peaking with the incidents we are witnessing on the news. Withdrawing money, in the form of government funding and private contributions, is the single most effective countermeasure that We the People can use to drain the Leftist swamps at our universities.

If you like this concept, consider forwarding this article to your US Representative and Senators as well as your state representatives. State funding of universities should carry the same political diversity obligations as does federal funding. We the People, through our representatives, have every right (and obligation) to demand this sort of accountability for how our tax dollars are being spent on higher education.

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Jeff Sessions Is Not a Racist

Sat, 04/29/2017 - 3:21pm

Is it not incredible the lengths that the Democratic Party will go in order to shift blame, manufacture lies, and rewrite history all in the effort of hiding their dark, blemished past? Then again, perhaps it isn’t so astounding, when one considers that such duplicitous behavior is the inevitable result for an organization that is fully unmoored from truth, principle, and integrity. After all, the end goal of a post-constitutional, Ameritopian paradise justifies any means necessary in the eyes of the statist—even attempting to destroy the reputations of some of the finest Americans.

Last week, such an attempt was made on a great American, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

On Tuesday evening, Sessions, in an interview with nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin, commented on the judicial proclamation that was issued last month by a federal judge in Hawaii—Judge Derrick Watson—who sits on the bench of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Levin asked Sessions about the status of the U.S. Department of Justice’s appeal to rescind Judge Watson’s proclamation, which blocked Executive Order 13780 (the revised version of Executive Order 13769 which was issued by President Donald J. Trump on January 27th, 2017). Both executive orders seek to protect the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States through halting the admittance of refugees arriving from a specifically delineated set of nations.

“We’ve got cases moving in the very, very liberal Ninth Circuit, who, they’ve been hostile to the order,” Sessions responded to Levin. “We won a case in Virginia recently that was a nicely-written order that just demolished, I thought, all the arguments that some of the other people have been making. We are confident that the President will prevail on appeal and particularly in the Supreme Court, if not the Ninth Circuit. So this is a huge matter. I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the President of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power.”

Now, most people who read his statement carefully would agree that in no such case did Jeff Sessions make any sort of racially bigoted or ignorantly disrespectful statement. In fact, take a moment to carefully examine and break down the last sentence of his response. Sessions simply noted that he, as the chief legal officer in the United States, was amazed that a member of the judicial branch—albeit, audaciously ignorant of his constitutional limitations—would seize the authority to set policy in such a fashion that clearly violates the separation of powers between the three co-equal branches of government.

The next part of the sentence is where the Left totally takes Sessions’s words out of context. Here are the words that come next: “a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific.” Now, consider three important parts of this phrase.

First, we know that Derrick Watson is a judge on the Ninth Circuit. A basic question to begin with is whether Judge Derrick Watson is a human being? If yes, then he certainly retains the physical limitations of all human beings. One of those limitations is the inability to be ubiquitous (i.e. every human is in exactly one place at one time).

Second, consider the geography of Hawaii (see map below).

Is Hawaii not a state whose geography is undeniably that of a system of islands? The map confirms that it is.

Finally, does Hawaii sit in the Pacific Ocean? Again, the answer is yes.

So, we have established three things: Judge Watson can only physically exist in one place, Hawaii is comprised of a grouping of islands, and those islands exist in the Pacific.

Now, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit for the District of Hawaii is located in the state’s capital, Honolulu. Thus, it can be concluded that Judge Watson sits on the bench in the Ninth Circuit courthouse in Honolulu, a city located on the singular island of Oahu.

In this light, Sessions’s statement clearly neither misrepresents any geographical information regarding Hawaii nor makes any sort of racial jest. Instead, his comment is a completely valid and accurate statement.

Yet, if all you paid attention to this past week was the mainstream media, you would’ve thought that Sessions was Ross Barnett or George Wallace. Ideologically motivated commentators, politicians, and media mouthpieces all took turns mocking the former senator from Alabama with the goal of trying to paint him as a caricature of all of the typical accusations liberals make against anyone that subscribes to a different ideology than theirs.

Funny enough, that’s the one thing that was crystal clear from the conga line of feckless Democrats from the Aloha State’s congressional delegation attempting to pick Sessions apart with their litany of insults: if you are not a liberal — that is, if you do not agree with their political philosophy — you are automatically unqualified to serve in any position of government, despite any exceptional credentials, merit, or experience. Sardonically and pretentiously, Representative Colleen Hanabusa (D-Hawaii), who represents Hawaii’s 1st congressional district, tweeted this out:

Spent today on Kauai at PMRF, the world's largest instrumented multi-environment training/test range. @jeffsessions is clueless re: Hawaii.

— Colleen Hanabusa (@RepHanabusa) April 21, 2017

She was joined by her counterpart, Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), and both of Hawaii’s senators, Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii):

Amazed @USAGSessions doesn’t know Hawaii is a State, not just an "#IslandinthePacific." Another reason Sessions should step down.

— Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) April 20, 2017

Our 50th state #IslandinthePacific is home to the only US WWII battlefield at Pearl Harbor. AG Sessions, have some respect.

— Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) April 20, 2017

Mr. Attorney General: You voted for that judge. And that island is called Oahu. It's my home. Have some respect.

— Brian Schatz (@brianschatz) April 20, 2017

State of Hawaii has many islands, not one island. We have around 1.5 m people. Island of Hawaii has 186,000 people. Please use the google.

— Brian Schatz (@brianschatz) April 20, 2017

Hey Jeff Sessions, this #IslandinthePacific has been the 50th state for going on 58 years. And we won’t succumb to your dog whistle politics

— Senator Mazie Hirono (@maziehirono) April 20, 2017

Hawaii was built on the strength of diversity & immigrant experiences- including my own. Jeff Sessions’ comments are ignorant & dangerous

— Senator Mazie Hirono (@maziehirono) April 20, 2017

The delegation was then joined by Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had this to say:

Someone please tell Sessions that Hawaii is a state. An American in Hawaii is as American as one from Alabama. Or Indiana.

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) April 20, 2017

But if trying to suggest that Jeff Sessions was ignorant to the fact that Hawaii was a state, Congresswoman Gabbard took her asinine attack one more step further by suggesting that the Attorney General is not even versed in the fundamental concept of separation of powers.

Astounding AG Sessions doesn't understand how 3 co-equal branches of government work – executive, legislative, & judicial. #SessionsMustGo

— Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) April 20, 2017

What is truly ironic, however, is that Representative Gabbard and Senator Schatz, who both asserted that Sessions should “have some respect,” have no respect for separation of powers. If these members of Congress cared about separation of powers, their outrage would be directed at the very person Sessions’s initial comment described—Judge Derrick Watson—for his participation in judicial tyranny. That all for another day, though.

To some, their outrage mirrored the disgusting witch hunt that was orchestrated by members of the Democrat Party and those on the Left leading up to Sessions’s confirmation, sampled by these tweets:

30 yrs ago, a GOP Senate rejected @SenatorSessions’ judicial nomination, affirming no compromise with racism; no negotiation with hate.

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) November 18, 2016

Jeff Sessions, a man deemed too racist to be a judge in the '80s, will be Attorney General. And there is no evidence he has changed at all

— Dan Pfeiffer (@danpfeiffer) November 18, 2016

Just in case there is doubt, Jeff Sessions as AG means that a Trump administration will be exactly as racist as our worst fears indicated.

— Ian Millhiser (@imillhiser) November 18, 2016

Jeff Sessions was too racist to be a judge so Donald Trump just made him America's top cop. Any questions?

— John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) November 18, 2016

The outright lies, hateful reconstruction of history, and twisted distortion of this man’s record shows that the Democrats seek nothing short of a complete character assassination of Jeff Sessions. They targeted Sessions’s response, completely distorted it, and attempted a drive-by hit on his personal character. They are relentless — attempting to rewrite his longstanding record of legal objectivity and loyalty to the law, by perpetuating this narrative the Democrats fabricated long ago: that he is an ignorant, stupid, white supremacist bigot from the deep, old South.

And what an outrageously egregious misrepresentation of the truth that is.

Through their attempts to manufacture their own version of Jeff Sessions, they reveal their own ignorance of their own party’s racist history and their cluelessness on the Attorney General’s actual record of defending civil rights and fighting racism in his home state.

Mark Hemingway, a writer for The Weekly Standard, laid out Gen. Sessions’s record on civil rights quite effectively. Hemingway reminds readers that “Sessions’s actual record of desegregating schools and taking on the Klan in Alabama…strains credulity to believe that he is a racist.”

In the early 1980’s, “as a U.S. Attorney [Sessions] filed several cases to desegregate schools in Alabama. And he also prosecuted Klansman Henry Francis Hays, son of Alabama Klan leader Bennie Hays, for abducting and killing Michael Donald, a black teenager selected at random. Sessions insisted on the death penalty for Hays. When he was later elected the state Attorney General, Sessions followed through and made sure Hays was executed. The successful prosecution of Hays also led to a $7 million civil judgment against the Klan, effectively breaking the back of the KKK in Alabama.”

In Jeff Sessions, Americans have a true class act serving as the nation’s chief lawyer — not only administering justice in an objective and egalitarian fashion, but one who has the temperament and poise suited for the job. Oh, and by the way, Jeff Sessions has no issues discerning whether a certain behavior constitutes as ethical conduct for the Attorney General of the United States — something that has been a gray area for the previous officeholders serving in the Obama Administration.

What Chelsea Clinton, Mazie Hirono, and Brian Schatz fail to remember is that they hold membership in the Party of Racism, not Sessions. They have chosen to align themselves with the party of slavery, the party of segregation, the party of Jim Crow, and the party of the Klu Klux Klan.

And so my question to those exclaiming that the Attorney General is a racist — namely the Democrat Party — is this: must you be intellectually dishonest? Stop rewriting Jeff Sessions’s record. If any record needs to be set right, it should be that of the Democratic Party — not Jeff Sessions, who fought the Klan in Alabama…

…unlike Franklin Delano Roosevelt—who put the Klan’s lawyer on the Supreme Court of the United States and who rounded up Japanese-Americans and imprisoned them in internment camps during World War II

…unlike the founder of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson, who seized Cherokee territory, sold it off to the highest bidder, and forced Native Americans onto the Trail of Tears

…unlike Woodrow Wilson, a racist, who re-segregated the federal government and screened pro-KKK films in the White House

…unlike John F. Kennedy and Sen. Ted Kennedy, whose father Joe Kennedy was a rabid anti-Semite and appeased Adolf Hitler during his tenure as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.K.

…unlike Gov. George Wallace, who employed “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door” as a method for segregating the Univ. of Alabama

…unlike Senator Robert Byrd, a Grand Kleagle in the Klu Klux Klan, who was elected by Senate Democrats to be the Senate Majority Leader and who filibustered the passage of multiple drafts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

…unlike Bill and Hillary Clinton, whose mentor was Sen. J. William Fulbright, a racist who opposed Brown v. Board of Education

…unlike Al Gore, whose father, Sen. Al Gore Sr., voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964

…unlike the phony Black Lives Matter movement who perpetuate anti-Semitism in their own published policy platform

…unlike Keith Ellison who defends and identifies with avid racist Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

…unlike the Democratic Party, which not only fought Abraham Lincoln every step of the way on emancipating slaves and opposed the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution granting them citizenship and voting rights, but waited 60 years to denounce the horrific execution method of lynching and embraced the Klu Klux Klan—which had become the party’s military arm for fighting a race war against blacks—at the disastrous 1924 Democratic National Convention in Madison Square Garden.

There is more, but the list becomes quite lengthy. The point is that the extent that the Democratic Party will go to in order to retain power is really quite nonexistent. They will tell any lie that needs to be told, steal any historical narrative that needs to be rewritten, and distort any facts that need to be twisted to achieve their ends. The Attorney General said nothing that was racially questionable or factually false. The hyperbole is only a mere tool for the Democrats who will stop at nothing to try to take down Jeff Sessions—an honorable, decent man who has done more for civil rights then any Democrat in office today.

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The Upper Hand Remains Ours

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 2:08am

Thanks to President Trump, China appears to be trying to reign in the insane North Korean man-child Kim Jong-un for China’s President Xi Jinping understands well that the U.S. could and most likely will take unilateral action against the North Korean dictator if he keeps up his saber rattling and rocket launching.

And with President Xi saying that China “is committed to the target of de-nuclearization on the peninsula, safeguarding peace and stability on the peninsula, and advocates resolving problems through peaceful means,” it becomes apparent that Xi knows that to do so would benefit China’s economic pocketbook…but is there actually more to his words and even more at stake than seen at first glance.

And yes…there is more at stake…much more…what with Kim Jong-un now threatening not just South Korea and Japan but threatening also to do a “mighty pre-emptive strike against the U.S.”…that is if his rockets do not keep falling into the sea. And these recent threats have seen China moving its military towards their shared border because Xi is wise enough to know that first, a war on the Korean peninsula would not serve China’s said pocketbook nor its pecking order on the world stage well and second, he also knows that a loony man-child like Kim Jung-un could just as easily turn on China… the very country that made and still finances his dictatorial bed.

In other words, while both China’s government and her people know they would suffer and suffer greatly on the economic front if war did indeed break out, they also know that both prestige and regional influence not only comes into play, but that sometimes those two factors trump even the economic scenario. And that is why President Trump tried to put the ball back in our court when he told President Xi in a recent telephone conversation that “a trade deal with the U.S. will be far better for them (China) if they solve the North Korean problem!”

Translation: Trump made it clear that China must, no matter the cost to them, reign in Kim Jong-un for China not only needs bi-lateral trade deals and investments with the U.S., but with us now flexing our military muscle the dynamics in both the Middle East and the Far East have changed…as in the U.S. is now leading from the front having replaced Obama’s leading from behind.

And that particular dynamic has common sense dictating that if China was smart they would switch sides in the North Korean standoff or at least call for the man-child to stand down…something they now seem somewhat to be doing.

But if truth be told an actual outward switching of sides will not be that simple for China to do what with China being a big brother, a mother, a father, and an overseer all rolled into one in regards to North Korea. And this is but a symbiotic relationship that started when China’s Chairman Mao sent more than a million Chinese troops to fight in the Korean War, and that very act directly afforded Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung, the ability to keep control of the northern half of the Korean peninsula. But as the years have unfolded, China ever so slowly has started to see and digest the reality that the current regime of Kim Jong-un has done absolutely nothing to benefit China’s growing national interests nor for its growing economy…in fact the man-child has actually harmed China’s long-coveted super-power status in certain key ways.

How so…with North Korea having the nuclear bomb…albeit at this time minus a successful delivery system…which in time please know they will get…and with North Korea lying on China’s eastern border…they can and do try to pretend that they are a major power broker. And as such with both threats and accusations they have held the true power brokers at bay…power brokers including China, Russia, and until just recently these United States.

Thankfully, that scenario changed for the U.S. when President Trump recently ordered U.S. warships and aircraft carriers to the waters off North Korea’s coast.

So, if an actual switching of sides by China might not be realistically feasible at this given point in time what with Chinese so-called ‘saving face’ also coming into play…know that in the near future it just might happen. And why…because China can ill-afford having a loon next door going ‘rogue’ without warning, and because the Chinese know that the U.S. dollar is mightier than North Korea’s saber rattling sword.

And how so…first let’s look at a few key number facts* about both China’s and our U.S. economy and see who, if anybody, actually holds the much needed upper hand and why they do so.

Fact: China, thanks to rapid industrialization, is the world’s largest economy with $21.27 trillion in 2016 (with the allowing for adjusted purchasing power parity which is simply the exchange rate between two currencies equaling the ratio of the currencies’ respective purchasing power); the European Union is second at $19.1 trillion; and the United States, thanks to Obama’s total economic disasters, is now in third place at $18.5 trillion. But even with this China’s economic growth slowed to 7.7% last year, it continues to show some signs of decelerating further. This has certain trading partners worried, especially those that export a lot of resources to China…trading partners like Brazil and Australia.

But for China this slowdown in growth is not necessarily a bad thing as a slowing down usually does happen after years of rapid growth. And China has had an eight-fold increase in living standards in a mere 30 years…an increase that took the U.S. 122 years and Japan about 80 years to achieve. Or as economist Barry Naughton states, “China’s growth is slowing in part because it has graduated early.”

Fact: as of this past February the U.S. debt to China stands at $1.059 trillion and climbing…as in 27.8% of the $3.8 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries. The rest of the $19.9 trillion national debt is owned by either the American people or by the U.S. government itself, and that once thought unimaginable number of monies owed is again thanks to the free-for-all spending of one Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Fact: China exported about $482 billion in goods to the 2015 (the latest finalized numbers available), more than any other country who exported goods to the U.S., and that is according to the Office of the United States Trade Representative. However, we exported just $116 billion in goods to China during the same year, putting our goods trade deficit at $366 billion.

Fact: China buys U.S. debt to support the value of the dollar. And why…because China ties in its currency (the yuan) to the U.S. dollar, and devalues said currency when needed to keep its export prices competitive.

And much to the chagrin of so many, it appears on the surface that it is China who holds the upper hand in regards to the above facts for China’s role as America’s largest banker, if you will, gives her needed bargaining leverage no matter how the media tries to claim it does not. And China quite often, and not so quietly, states that it will sell off part of its U.S. holdings (and that includes its land holdings) if we continue to pressure her to raise the yuan’s value. In fact, since 2005, China raised the yuan’s value by 33% against the dollar, and between 2014 and 2015, the dollar’s strength increased by 25% causing China to allow the value of the yuan to decline. And why did they allow this…simply…this decline allowed China’s exports to remain competitive with Asian countries that did not tie their currency to the U.S. dollar.

So where exactly does our economic upper hand come in or do we actually have one at all? First, to outwardly gain the economic upper hand within a short period of time some say we can always place tariffs of up to 45% (remember President Trump spoke about that during the campaign) on goods coming into the U.S. from China. However, doing this would actually hurt both our countries as we are a prime export market for Chinese goods, and so in turn U.S. companies would lose access to China’s growing middle class.

And then China, a country who has now for all intents and purposes actually embraced capitalism, can always choose to rid itself of its U.S. Treasuries which would negatively affect U.S. financial markets by its causing so-called downward ‘shifts’ in the dollar or interest rates.

So where does our economic upper hand really lie…it lies with the fact that as China’s economy continues to develop no matter a temporary slowdown, they are now being forced to pay their workers more which in turn sees low-cost manufacturing jobs leaving China for even lower-cost countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh, and even (gasp) Mexico. And as per The Washington Post, China has also exhausted most of what economists call catch-up’ growth from acquiring the technologies of more advanced markets for as countries catch up and get richer, their economic growth just tends to slow…and might I add while our economic growth is finally moving forward instead of just holding steady.

So how and why does all this affect China’s sudden cooperation in reigning in North Korea’s man-child Kim Jong-un…or at least their trying to. First, China is North Korea’s chief economic so-called ‘pipeline’ and that means they supply Kim Jong-un with the oil and coal needed to keep his country operational, meaning if said oil and coal is not supplied then the North Korean economy…no matter how unstable it already is…would totally collapse in full.

Second, if that collapse did happen the Kim family dynasty would obviously come to an end, which in turn could lead to a unified Korea (which by the way will eventually happen) led by the South, which is home to tens of thousands of American soldiers sitting right on China’s border. And lastly, that would be coupled with countless numbers of refugees from the north flooding into China which would negatively impact their economy…that is unless beneficial economic trade agreements were reached between Beijing and Washington…trade agreements that would bring into China enough cash to balance out all the new mouths they would now be forced to feed.

And how does this new cooperation in turn affect the U.S…it allows the U.S. to have leverage over both any new trade agreements reached as the Chinese now know they need the increased trade and resulting cash flow in case Kim Jong-un does the unthinkable…as in turn on the so-called Chinese hand that feeds them. And that possibility is now starting to loom large what with China now doing what Kim Jong-un never thought they would do…as in suspend all imports of North Korean coal for the rest of this year.

So in the end when push comes to shove, China does need us more than we need them for the dollar is indeed mightier than Kim Jong-un’s ever threatening sword.

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots           _________________________________                                                                        *Number facts cited from Real Money, The Washington Post, and The Balance

Copyright © 2017 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor 


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Is Anyone Watching Those Who Watch Us?

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 2:03am

The ongoing tempest in a teacup concerning Russian hacking and Trump collusion is merely “Why? Oh, why did Hillary lose?” etched out in Washington double speak through the media megaphone.

To sum it all up I’m reminded of a quote from the Wicked Witch of the West, “What a world…what a world.”  (Not THAT Wicked Witch of the West the one from the Wizard of Oz.)

Here we are in an America where the government can listen to and record every word or keystroke without a warrant and the person who tells us about it is a traitor.  This is an America obsessed with a manufactured scandal about Russian collusion to elect Trump by people who love to say, “Hillary won the popular vote.”  They never seem to connect the dots.  If the Russians hacked our election and Hillary won the popular vote whose side were they on?

Back in the old days when the Hermit of Chappaqua was celebrated as the smartest woman in the world by the ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS Cartel, there was a joke that made the rounds:

Bill and Hillary pulled into a gas station in rural Arkansas and good old Bubba comes out to pump the gas.  As he’s wiping the windshield he looks through the glass and then says, “Hillary is that you?”  It turns out that Hillary and Bubba used to date.  As they pulled away America’s most beloved sexual predator is laughing.  Hillary asks, “Bill what’s so funny?”   The Prince of Interns says, “Here you are married to the President of the United States instead of married to some gas station attendant.”  Whereupon Hillary quips, “Bill, if I would’ve married him he’d be the President of the United States.”

A sequel to this apocryphal story could be:

The two heads of New York’s Sixth Crime Family are sitting at the inauguration of Donald Trump.  Hillary says to Bill, “If it hadn’t been for you and all your baggage that would be me up there.”  Bill leans over and whispers, “If you would have listened to me and campaigned instead of waiting to be crowned that might have been you up there.”

Hillary ran an abysmal campaign.  I haven’t seen anything like it since Bob Dole ran on the logic of, “It’s my turn.”

Although some of us saw the coming collapse of the PC America Last crowd in the growing disgust of hard working Americans the central planners never did.  They dismissed us as deplorable Bible clutching flag waving knuckle dragging tax paying bumpkins who lived in flyover country and could safely be ignored by our betters.  They have come to rue the hubris of their assumption.  They still don’t get it, but they rue it, and to them ruing is a new experience.

So their chosen successor to the Great Apologizer fell flat on her pants suit and they don’t know what to do.  It couldn’t have been that people actually rejected their plan to convert America into a third world hellhole one vote among many in a UN controlled New World Order.  No, that couldn’t be it.  There must have been a conspiracy.  So today we wander endlessly day and night through the twenty-four-hour wall-to-wall fake news cycle of the Russians did it while trumpeting that Hillary won the popular vote.  Now we learn when President Trump tweeted that he and his transition team were under surveillance by the Obama administration he was pointing to where the hacking may have all originated.  Even a celebrated left winger like Oliver Stone on CNN as reported by the Daily Beast says the DNC hack was an inside job.  Another left-leaning news source, Salon reports that our own intelligence agencies can hack sites and make it look like the Russians did it.  If possible a shadowy tale gets darker.

Susan Rice, President Obama’s national-security adviser, and confidant called for American citizens who happened to be involved in the Trump campaign and transition team to be unmasked.  Then we learn that Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense under Obama, has acknowledged efforts by her colleagues to gather intelligence on Trump team ties to Russia before Donald Trump took office and to conceal the sources of that intelligence from the incoming administration.  This isn’t a smoking gun.  It’s two smoking guns.  Both of these women need to testify under oath.  Where is Trey Gowdy when you need him?

And yet, the beat goes on.  It reminds me that the last person elected to say that he was going to drain the swamp was Richard Nixon in 1972.  Before that it was JFK.  It is obvious the Progressives are plotting the Nixon treatment for Mr. Trump.  Let us pray no one attempts the JFK solution to their problem.

I might have just certified my induction into the Conspiracy Theorists Secret Handshake Society as far as any supporters of the establishment are concerned; however, I believe that the permanent government, now called the Deep State, has its own agenda and they are not above staging a silent coup to reign in any elected officials who get in the way.

Facts can be ignored:

Hillary won the popular vote

The Clintons have deep and long ties to Russian Oligarchs

The Clintons received millions from the Russians during the Uranium Deal

All those suspicious donations that we were assured weren’t bribes dried up and the Clinton foundation is blowing away after Hillary lost the election

Obama administration officials broke the spirit and possibly the letter of the law in their attempts to sabotage the incoming Trump Administration

Not only does the media cartel put everything through their progressive spin cycle, if anything is reported that disrupts their playbook they go so far as to instruct their viewers to ignore the story.  What is so sad about this is that so many we know and love, those who get their personal opinion from the Cartel will do what they are instructed to do.  They will ignore the facts and believe the lie.

Every conversation and keystroke recorded, cameras everywhere, investigations that have predetermined conclusions, and hearings that can only be seen as show trials and political theater that is America today.  So if our government is watching everyone and editing the tapes here’s my question: is anyone watching those who watch us?  If you are don’t tell anyone.  It might be treason.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2017 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected] Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

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Michigan: Lawyer says doctors accused of FGM are “Muslims and they’re being under attack because of it”

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 12:55am

Dr. Attar’s attorney Mary Chartier said: “I do believe that the government does not fully understand the religious practices of Dr. Attar and Dr. Attar’s religion, and I think that’s why we are in this courthouse today, and what we’ll be fighting over for the next few months.”

Indeed: the government is likely clueless as to the Islamic justifications for female genital mutilation. Chartier is getting right to the heart of the matter: apparently she intends to argue that female genital mutilation (contrary to constantly repeated establishment media myth) is justified in Islam, and that therefore Dr. Attar was just exercising his freedom of religion. If that is really what she intends to do, this will become a test case for the spread of Sharia practices in the U.S.: either Muslims will be allowed to violate existing U.S. laws under the rubric of the freedom of religion, or they will be called upon to obey U.S. laws even when those laws conflict with the teachings of Islam. If the court rules for the latter, the U.S. will have a chance to continue to exist as a free society. If the court rules for the former, it will be opening the door to all manner of jihad activity and Sharia practices that violate laws regarding equality of rights and equality of access to services, and no one will be able to say a word against the spread of Sharia in the U.S.

“They have a religious belief to practice their religion. And they are Muslims and they’re being under attack because of it. I believe that they are being persecuted because of their religious beliefs and I do not make that allegation lightly,” Chartier said….

No, they’re “being under attack” for mutilating girls’ genitals. But Chartier is right: female genital mutilation is indeed sanctioned in Islam. “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

Why is it obligatory? Because Muhammad is held to have said so: “Abu al- Malih ibn Usama’s father relates that the Prophet said: ‘Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.’” — Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 5:75

“Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: ‘Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.’” — Abu Dawud 41:5251

“Do not cut severely,” but not “Do not cut.”

That’s why it is so common around the world. A Muslim cleric in Russia said that “all women should be circumcised.” A Muslim cleric in India likewise urged that it be done. A Muslim cleric in Australia said that Islamic law permitted the practice. A leading U.S. Muslim jurist from the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) said it was an “honor” in Islam. A marabout — a Muslim holy man — was arrested in France for having it done on his daughters. In the UK, there were 5,500 cases of FGM in 2016 alone. It is commonly claimed to be an East African problem, but 93% of Muslim women in Malaysia have suffered this procedure, and it is common in Indonesia. In one province in Iran, 60% of the women have suffered FGM.

It is certain to become increasingly common in the United States. And if Mary Chartier succeeds, it will become legal, as a matter of freedom of religion. This case bears close watching.

“Prosecutor: ‘Brutal’ genital mutilation won’t be tolerated in US,” by Mayra Cuevas and Sonia Moghe, CNN, April 26, 2017 (thanks to Charles):

(CNN)Two Michigan doctors and a medical office manager were indicted Wednesday by a Detroit grand jury in the first federal female genital mutilation case in the United States.
Detroit emergency room physician Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, internal medicine physician Dr. Fakhruddin Attar and his wife, Farida Attar, face one count of conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation, two counts of female genital mutilation and one count of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding.

Doctors Nagarwala, 44, and Attar, 53, also face one count of conspiracy to transport a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity — a charge that carries a potential sentence of up to life in prison.

Both doctors also face one count each of making a false statement to a federal officer.

“Female Genital Mutilation has serious implications for the health and well-being of girls and women,” said Daniel Lemisch, acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan.

“This brutal practice is conducted on girls for one reason, to control them as women. FGM will not be tolerated in the United States,” the prosecutor said in a statement. “The federal government is continuing this investigation to ensure those responsible are brought to justice.”

The defendants have not entered pleas, but attorneys for all three argue their clients are not guilty of all charges.

According to the indictment and a criminal complaint filed against Nagarwala, the investigation into Nagarwala and the Attars dates back to October of 2016. The FBI had received information that the banned procedure was being performed at the Attar’s medical office in Livonia, Michigan, west of Detroit. Court documents do not indicate the source of the information.

Investigators saw two 7-year-old girls and their mothers arrive at the Burhani Medical Clinic, which Attar owns, after having traveled from Minnesota. Attar, his wife and Nagarwala were already inside.

Investigators said interviews with the girls and medical exams conducted after the visit to the clinic, revealed both girls had been victims of female genital mutilation — a painful surgical procedure to remove part of the clitoris or clitoral hood to suppress female sexuality.

Both girls, their parents and the three defendants are members of the Dawoodi Bohra Islamic sect, according to the criminal complaint.

According to the indictment:
— The three defendants had conspired to perform the procedure on girls under 18 years of age since 2005.
— Attar allowed Nagarwala to perform the procedure at his clinic after it was closed for the day. He was present at the clinic during the procedure, while his wife, Farida, assisted Nagarwala in the examination room.
— Attar and Nagarwala agreed to make false statements to law enforcement regarding whether the procedure took place.
— The three defendants told others not to speak about the procedure and to lie to federal investigators about the procedure.
— Attar and Nagarwala took steps to delete evidence.
— Nagarwala told investigators she had never been present or had knowledge that this procedure was being performed on children.
— Attar told investigators this procedure had not taken place at his clinic.

Attorney: Procedure is ‘religious practice’

The Attars were scheduled to be in court Wednesday for a detention hearing, but after the indictment was released that hearing was postponed until May 3.

Dr. Attar’s attorney Mary Chartier, who spoke to reporters after Wednesday’s initial appearance, said her client is “not aware of any crimes committed at his clinic” and that “what happened at the clinic was not FGM.”

“He was aware that Dr. Nagarwala used the clinic. He offered that to her and let her do that,” Chartier said. Chartier said that Attar was never present in the examination room and that he never “met these girls.”

Chartier said that at the heart of her client’s defense is a misunderstanding over his religious practice. When asked to clarify what that practice was, she did not respond.

“I do believe that the government does not fully understand the religious practices of Dr. Attar and Dr. Attar’s religion, and I think that’s why we are in this courthouse today, and what we’ll be fighting over for the next few months,” Chartier said.

“They have a religious belief to practice their religion. And they are Muslims and they’re being under attack because of it. I believe that they are being persecuted because of their religious beliefs and I do not make that allegation lightly,” Chartier said….

Source:.  Robert Spencer

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Kevin Jackson: The wall became the biggest symbol for Trump

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 12:31am

AG Sessions and DHS chief Kelly head to the border to highlight security and promote the border wall


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ICE Houston officers arrest Salvadoran gang member wanted for aggravated homicide

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:11pm

HOUSTON — A Salvadoran and member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, wanted for aggravated homicide, was arrested Wednesday by officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in Houston.

This arrest is the latest result of stepped up collaborative efforts to locate Salvadoran criminal fugitives in the United States and return them to El Salvador to face justice.

William Magana-Contreras, 36, was arrested in Houston on April 26, without incident and placed in ICE custody.

“The apprehension of known gang members and foreign fugitives in the United States is an ICE priority,” said Patrick D. Contreras, field office director of ERO Houston. “The cooperation between the United States and Salvadoran governments resulted in the arrest of this foreign fugitive.”

Magana- Contreras is wanted in El Salvador for aggravated homicide He has previously criminal convictions for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and sexual assault.

Magana- Contreras was ordered to be removed from the United States by an immigration judge in Oct. 2007 and deported in Nov. 2007.  He has been notified of ICE’s intent to reinstate his prior order of deportation.

The ICE National Criminal Analysis and Targeting Center (NCATC) provided critical investigative support leading to this arrest, one of El Salvador’s “top 100” most wanted criminals.  The expertise of the NCATC combines criminal and intelligence analysis from a variety of sources.

This arrest was part of ERO’s Security Alliance for Fugitive Enforcement (SAFE) Initiative. The SAFE Initiative is geared toward the identification of foreign fugitives who are wanted abroad and removable under U.S. immigration law. In just three years, through the SAFE Initiative, ERO has removed more than 600 criminal fugitives to El Salvador. Those removed as part of the SAFE Initiative have been deemed ineligible to remain in the United States and were all wanted by the Policia Nacional Civil (PNC).  SAFE aligns with ERO’s public safety priorities and eliminates the need for formal extradition requests.

Since Oct. 1, 2009, ERO has removed more than 1,700 foreign fugitives from the United States who were sought in their native countries for serious crimes, including kidnapping, rape, and murder. In the fiscal year 2016, ICE conducted 240,255 removals nationwide. Ninety-two percent of individuals removed from the interior of the United States had previously been convicted of a criminal offense.


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Fox News Contributor Points to Fresno Shooting As Obama’s Legacy

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 9:44pm

Broken politics and radical beliefs have consequences — and one of the consequences of former President Barack Obama’s eight years in office may be a lingering legacy of anger and hatred.

That view was recently expressed by Kevin Jackson, a conservative commentator and talk radio host. During an appearance on Fox News, Jackson pointed out how the Fresno mass shooting is connected to Obama’s past rhetoric.

“It’s a typical sort of narrative of the left to say, ‘pick one,’ right now they’re saying ‘pick one,’” Jackson began. “You can’t have terror and you can’t have race at the same time, when in fact, that’s exactly what it was.”

The political pundit was referring to the recent armed attacks in California, where a black man named Kori Ali Muhammad murdered three men because they were white.

That attacker reportedly killed an additional person in an earlier incident. During at least part of the rampage, Muhammad yelled “Allahu akbar,” but the Fresno police refused to call the attack terrorism.

“I think it’s a trick, if you will, of the left, to say that if we force you to pick one over the other in this particular case, we’re sort of favoring the idea that Islam is the religion of peace,” Jackson explained. “You can’t form the narrative that Islam is a religion of peace if people like him are going out and targeting the infidel. So in this case, killing three white guys, let’s make it a race crime.”

According to Jackson, that pattern of twisting reality to match a narrative is directly tied to leftism and the Obama era.

“This is a trifecta, if you will, in terms of the legacy of Obama,” he stated. “We’ve got a black man killing white people; he’s killing them in the name of Islam.”

“And the only thing, quite frankly, missing from this equation — and I’m glad it didn’t happen — was had he targeted law enforcement. Because that would have been the trifecta,” the pundit concluded.

The accused shooter’s own words linked him to the same leftist narratives used during the past eight years.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Muhammad spoke of a race war against black people in America, and yelled, “Let black people go in reparations!” during his first court appearance.

Barack Obama ran as a “uniter” who would end past tensions between different races. Instead, his time in office was dramatically divisive, and problems such as racism and radical Islam became arguably worse during his disappointing era.

Jackson may be on the right track. While criminals such as Kori Ali Muhammad are ultimately the ones responsible for their own actions, there is no doubt that rhetoric and twisted beliefs can lead to deadly consequences.

If you agree with Kevin Jackson and are tired of leftists excusing radical views, please share this article on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think about what Jackson said? Scroll down to comment below!


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Republicans Fool Their Voters with Tax Cuts

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 7:09am


When the Democrats protest a tax cut, it is like Br’er Rabbit saying “Don’t throw me in the briar patch.”

Historically, a tax rate cut does often produce a tax *increase*, because gross revenue rises.  But, it has never risen to the point a surplus to pay back the debt is created.  The fake “increase” in economic activity, based on the borrowed “tax cut” money, deflates the value of everyone’s existing dollar.   Just like printing more stocks for one company only devalues existing shares.

The borrowed money for the tax cut increases fascist-leaning gov’t dominance over the economy.  Tax rate cuts reinforce the guaranteed-fake claim the gov’t “caused” the economy to grow.  This is because the GDP equation promotes this fake claim of deficit spending:  Deficit spending is counted in the equation as real growth.  It should not be counted at all.

A tax cut only empowers and enriches those getting benefits and the federal government. The federal government dominates spending in education, medicine, health, media, health insurance, banking, finance, and pharmaceuticals. Through deficit spending, the government expands its dominance in all these markets and we become more fascist every day.

Every saver and wage earner loses with a tax cut – that’s why the democrats approved W’s tax rate cut, Reagan’s tax rate cut, Clinton’s tax rate cut.

And don’t forget, Obama AND THE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS kept the Bush tax rate cuts Obama HEAVILY campaigned against – with no explanation.

You know the Democrats are capable of lying about being for or against something.   Connect the dots, Copernicus.


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Federal Money Policy Deflates Your Savings 9% Per Year !

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 5:19am
The Government’s Most Insidious Thief is Not Taxes;  It’s Inflation

In the field of data analysis, it is critical to “back test” your estimates to make sure they played out accurately.   Let’s back test the FED inflation number for 16 years to see how much error they exhibited.

When I ran the numbers in Excel, I found the modern inflation number is 1.51 since year 2000, but the original, and probably the most honest according to Campbell’s law, is 3.84.  So all your returns in your investments since year 2000 shrank by  1./3.84=74% over what you have now.   That’s 8.8 percent a year over the years 2000-2016.

This inflation is due to all unbacked credit issued by the federal government:  Tax cuts implemented without spending cuts, benefits like social security which are not balanced by commensurate taxes, monetary policy like QE, and fractional reserve money now effectively printed by the banks for mortgage loans.

Here is an example: 

Say you had invested $1 million in year 2000, and your investments grew at 8.8% per year (simple interest = 1.088^16 ), amassing $3.84 million dollars in 2017.  To subtract inflationary losses, your financial planner will say you must divide out the 16 year inflationary effects of “1.51” from the “post-1990” CPI described in John William’s article.   This means you have only $2.54 million of “basket of goods” buying power – after accounting for inflation.

But if you used the more honest “1980” CPI formula with 74% deflation over the same 16 years, the $3.84 million of investments deflates back down to $1,000,000 dollars – zero return on investment.

In order to make a profit above the Reagan-era “basket of goods”, an investor would have to top 8.8% a year, on average, in years 2000-2016.

Simply changing the inflation measure to a more accurate one – while no one was really looking – has made you unaware you lost some of your savings, based on 2 trusted gov’t measures of inflation.

What is inflation?

If you know what inflation means, you know inflation is the “thief” of all monetary worth changes.   What does this mean? It means if you want to measure worth change, you MUST have a measure of inflation to normalize, or divide out, the measured worth change.

For example, if worth increased by 5 percent, but inflation was 6 percent, the item is worth around 1% less:

1.06 * 0.94 = 0.99 = -1%

But, if worth went up 7% with 6% inflation, then the worth increased by around 1%:

1.07 * 0.94 = 1.01 = 1%

Inflation of products, is deflation of savings.

Inflation of products you buy, is the same as deflation of your savings and earnings.  This is because the inflated priced of the products reduces the buying power of your future savings.  “Two sides of the same coin.”

“Inflation” is intended to be an educated guess of inflation on a large group of items, for gauging broad economic changes, like a food basket.  Based on a “basket of goods”, this lengthy “formula” has been changed by the Federal government 2 times.  These “weighting” changes bias the inflation result – and can be misleading toward the desired outcome of the equation writer – the politician trying to, say, hold down social security increases based on their inflation measure – the CPI:  Consumer Price Index.

Since gov’t has grown increasingly dishonest, and Campbell’s Law mandates dishonesty will increase (Princeton economist, in 1973), I decided I’d use the first gov’t inflation number, and predictably the most accurate, to back test the last inflation estimates.  (John Williams, a reputable economic analyst with tons of papers, provided the research of the Clinton, Bush, and Reagan inflation formulae.)

When I ran the numbers in Excel, I found the modern inflation number is 1.51 since year 2000, but the original, and probably the most honest according to Campbell’s law, is 3.84, so all your returns in your investments since year 2000 shrank by  1./3.84=74% over what you have now.

Your savings are depreciating at 8.8% a year.

John D. Lofgren @ Junto Club:
Author of “Atlas Shouts”  #13 rated Money book on Amazon:
Atlas Shouts, The Movie:


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Wed, 04/26/2017 - 8:06pm

PANORAMA CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) – A 26-year-old man has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl at a shopping center in Panorama City.

Jorge Enrique Lopez-Maza is accused of assaulting the girl behind some recycling bins in a parking lot on Friday.

According to Los Angeles police, the girl was lost in the shopping center when Lopez-Maza approached her, gained her trust, then lured her to an isolated area of the parking lot.

He was booked on kidnapping to commit a lewd act upon a child. He’s being held on $1 million bail, police said.

Police from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Mission Division are now looking for any other victims who may have had contact with the suspect. Lopez-Maza also goes by the alias “Julio Ramirez-Sarmiento.”

Anyone with information about additional victims of Lopez-Maza is asked to call the LAPD’s Detective Support and Vice Division Threat Management Unit at 213-996-1375. Ask for Detective Madero.


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California Sheriff Rejects Local Liberals, Backs Trump With EPIC Announcement…

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 1:47pm
President Trump’s immigration policies are being vindicated by a lone California sheriff.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, from California’s Central Valley, has announced that his department plans on fighting the spread of sanctuary cities and counties across the state, showing his unwavering support for the Trump administration’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

He wants his county to be a “law and order” county.

The Daily Caller reports:

Youngblood plans to ask the Kern County Board of Supervisors to adopt a resolution that would declare Kern a “law and order” county and not a “sanctuary” county, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“Sheriff’s deputies don’t enforce immigration laws and we don’t go on federal immigration sweeps, but we do have to allow our federal partners to do their job,” Youngblood told the LA Times.

Youngblood’s request comes in response to a bill under consideration in Sacramento that would make California a “sanctuary state.” Nearly all of California’s major cities and dozens of its counties have implemented some kind of sanctuary status, limiting cooperation and information sharing with federal immigration authorities.

Kern County is one of the few in the state that have bucked the sanctuary trend.


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