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The Facebook Myth

Wed, 06/07/2017 - 9:58am

The Facebook Myth

During my morning check of numbers I saw some statistics that were quite sobering. The reads in the trade papers have ballooned in spite of our Facebook presence being this one rather civilized page.

Facebook has made a lot of hay perpetuating the illusion that if one does not pay tribute to the God of Zuckerberg correctness you will sink into Facebook anonymity, never to be heard from again. Indeed, this power has been seized upon by self righteous hate groups who hold fame and Facebook fortune over heads like a cyber sword of Damocles. This is all a myth and outright lie!

There is a whole world out there full of sites and people serving death and destruction to the Facebook empire. As Facebook tries to influence free speech, political thought, sexual choice and even family these counter sites welcome the Army of the Dead with open arms.

Facebook has become a drug. We don’t like it, we don’t get the same feeling we did the first time we used it, but we can’t live without it and think there’s no world without it. Combine that with the range of psychotics there ranging from so-called patriot groups to free ranging FemiNazis, angry with every man who ever touched them and you have a rather stout Facebook STD.

When I landed in Facebook jail this time I took the cure. Rather that sweating out my incarceration I went to work and this morning I saw that the numbers grew far beyond anything Facebook had ever generated. Reads! Real reads, not just “likes” from some lesbian up in Philly, still passed off because she thought she was a Facebook superstar and the reality of her psychosis crashed in on her. Reads from people who took the time to seek me out and there wasn’t just a “like” button to insinuate a read from some illiterate somewhere in the obscurity of the Facebook jungle.

I’m free of the drug. I didn’t spend the morning worrying about what someone wrote about me last night after their crack ran out or the insane utterances of some carnival barker in New Jersey trying to pimp his daughter or some woman ranting for hours because she was snubbed by a Facebook romance. I spent my morning counting real reads from real people with real lives. And it was glorious!

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Jihad preacher who incited London jihad mass murderer to kill lives in Michigan

Wed, 06/07/2017 - 3:31am

“Preacher Who Helped ‘Radicalize’ London Attacker Lives In Michigan,” by Saagar Enjeti, Daily Caller, June 5, 2017:

A Michigan-based Islamic preacher’s YouTube account may have helped radicalize one of Saturday’s London attackers, a friend of the attacker told BBCNews Asia.

The preacher, Ahmad Musa Jibril, is well known on youtube for preaching sermons that appear to lionize Islamic terrorists fighting in Syria. The friend of the attacker was so concerned by his obsession with the preacher’s sermons, it prompted him to notify the anti-terror police. The attacker and two accomplices killed seven and injured dozens more after plowing a car into a crowd and stabbing passersby before police could gun them down.

“He used to listen to a lot of Musa Jibril. I have heard some of this stuff and its very radical. I am surprised this stuff is still on YouTube and is easily accessible. I phoned the anti-terror hotline. I spoke to the gentleman. I told him about our conversation and why I think he was radicalised,” the friend told BBCNews.

The London attacker’s enamor with Jibril is no surprise. A 2014 Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence study found that Jibril’s facebook page was the most popular among European and North American jihadists fighting for the Islamic State. Peter Neumann of the Center said that Jibril “provides the political and theological justification” and “comfort” to jihadists, the Counter Extremism project noted.

Jibril is prohibited from posting on social media after a 2015 violation of his probation but his sermons remain widely disseminated online.

During his 2005 trial the U.S. government alleged that Jibril’s then website “encouraged his students to spread Islam by the sword, to wage a holy war [and] to hate and kill non-Muslims.” The ICSR report characterizes Jibril as a “eloquent, charismatic” and importantly notes that he is fluent in English. “Ahmad Musa Jibril is a subtle, careful, and nuanced preacher,” the report continues.

Jibril is a U.S. citizen of Palestinian descent who holds a degree in Islamic law from Saudi Arabia….

Source: Robert Spencer

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Fight Them There or Fight Them Here

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 10:32pm

Fight Them Over Here Or
Fight Them Over There
On November 21st 2015 then president George W. Bush, echoing the words of Winston Churchill, said of Muslim terrorists, we fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. Let us reflect a moment on that. Not for the first time have I wished that the dead might testify. If such a thing might be I would ask the unconsoled dead of the terror bombing in Manchester, or those mangled in the attacks in London how that has worked out for them. What cautionary advice might those innocents provide for us from beyond the grave? Since President Bush’s’ explanation for our military actions in the Middle East, our foreign policy as to where we intend to fight the enemy has shifted westward around 5000 miles. The refugee act of 1980 set the stage for bringing in roughly three million refugees based on the noble proposition that those who are well off have a responsibility to give refuge to persons fleeing persecution or tyranny. Setting aside the fact that few, if any of those refugees have been settled into gated communities, resettling refugees from countries to which we brought war and poverty, the very things they seek refuge from, seems to spring, not from compassion, but from questionable reasoning; perhaps outright stupidity. Does anyone really believe that it’s a good idea to take those whose fundamentalist ideology is so directly at odds with our own, and settle them in the midst of our unsuspecting citizenry? Given the state of division suffered by the American people, do we really want a few hundred thousand resentful citizens of our enemy nations escorted into our midst, that they might serve as the focus for further division? Islam is a competing ideology! Islam forthrightly rejects those forms of religion which currently coexist peacefully in America. When Muslim clerics pronounce that the only acceptable end game describes one religion, Islam, for the world, and we provide transportation, housing, food, and necessities to practitioners of Islam, what does that say about our leaders, and their support for the polyglot of American religions who have no defense against jihad? About 84,000 refugees have been settled in America under the Obama administration. Is it Elitism? Is it yet another attack on labor? Are we bringing in yet more cheap labor? Or is it something darker?
I once worked with a defense lawyer who told me that the least important aspect of probable cause was motive, as means and opportunity lend themselves so much more handily to building a forensic case. But I for one want more than anything else to know why. Why are we settling such a corrosive influence on our culture right here in the heart of the homeland? I have tried to learn both directly and indirectly from my own congressmen, and from others. What I encountered was a wall of indifference. Personally, I feel that 880 million dollars ought to at least buy us some answers, if not a better congress. My heart goes out to those in Europe, whose constituents have no second amendment. At least in America we have an immediate first line of defense. I’ll bet more than one dead Englishman wishes he or she had been carrying something more deadly than a cell phone on London bridge. That way they might at least have fought them where they were; right in their midst.

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Confessions of an Islamophobe

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 9:14pm

America’s Last Stand Confessions Of An Islamophobe
I am an islamophobe. I confess to it. I was not always so, and, to be honest, I would much prefer that this not be so now. But fear, brothers and sisters, while it is not always rational, is sometimes the only response to a threat. My fear of Islam could easily be averted; simply remove the threat of Islam from America, the land which had been promised to me in my youth. Let it be restored to the lands from whence it came. Send the Islamic refugees back to their own nations to do what was done in our land by our revolutionary fathers. Soldiers of the old guard, keepers of the faith, and witnesses to the making of this great country will understand what I mean by my cry for the fulfillment of the pledge. After all we sacrificed, after all of the sacrifice we have demanded of others, this is our country. Understand me when I say It was not implied, it was not alluded to, it was promised by word and by deed that this was our land, and that it would be the land of our children for generations to come. So, for better or worse, I am an American! But now, there is among us a growing threat. Now, imbedded into our union lies the seed of its destruction, Islam. Not the concept of Islam, oh no. We have had constitutional freedom of religion in this country all along, and folks worshipping in mosques have long been among us, and welcome too. But they were American people. American either by birth, or by naturalization. For a time, and even now, some black Americans chose Islam for one reason or another, but it never really caught on. But now, now dear readers know this: lulled into a false sense of security by the covenant established by our constitution, and by the overwhelming tide of freely available goods and services which have dulled our senses like cheap liquor, we have allowed multinational corporations, once wholly American corporations until they decided to stop supporting the nation that helped to bring them into this world, to buy our government lock, stock, and barrel, and they have decided to move foreign islamists into our nation by the tens of thousands. In a moment, I will explain how this represents a threat to America so great that I am willing to risk calling it America’s Last Stand. But first I want to point out clearly that this was accomplished in a manner that demands our attention. This is a nation governed by a body sworn to uphold the constitution. A government of the people, by the people and for the people! But power mad dividers came among us like wolves among a flock of sheep, and turned us against one another so effectively that we are as the people of Babel. Without the Union, we have nothing. Massachusetts did not defeat England! Nor did any one state. It was our union, dearly bought, and barely preserved that made a civilized world even possible. And now, we’re nothing but a mob. A truly pathetic rabble spitting epithets at one another, holding opposing rallies in close proximity, exclaiming that the inevitable violence resulting from such foolishness is the fault of the other side. The other side? What other side? We are Americans dammit! And we had better start acting like Americans again and right soon too.
Now, back to the other great menace. The Pew research center, a site I cannot recommend highly enough, finds that Islam is growing at more than twice the rate of Christianity. This ain’t because folks like getting rug burn when they pray, or that they are convinced that killing infidels will get them laid after they die, this is because, like Catholicism, Islam is a cradle to grave religion in the counties where it was established long ago by the sword. There is no tolerance for any other religion inside Islamic communities. Islamic law inevitably replaces secular laws where it takes root. Our weak, corrupt, congress is allowing the true masters, the unelected rulers of our land, to establish Islamic communities that number in the thousands in all of the strategic cities we built! And, by singular coincidence, the rate of reproduction among them is greater than that of Americans. Yeah, yet another competing ethnic group that, by sheer coincidence makes babies faster than us. I don’t know about you, but I already feel like a stranger in a strange land. What kind of place will our children inherit? And let us not forget that ISIS is right under our noses in Mexico, running most of the cartels. How long until the tunnels used to ferry drugs, guns, and money are used to bring armed insurgents onto our very soil?
The only way to end this is the way our forefathers did it. The time has come for a party. A Tea party. And, by God, an American Tea Party that must be open to populists of every stripe. Not just former republicans, or libertarians , but disenfranchised democrats too. That’s what I am. Neither party is giving ordinary citizens anything they need. Every American needs to swallow their prejudices and join hands to take back our government community by community. It won’t happen easily, any more that it was easy for our forefathers. We cannot do it part time. We will suffer every harm that the oil companies, and big pharma and the rest of those bloated parasites will be capable of bringing down on us. But should we fail to do our duty, should we abandon our watch, then we deserve the scorn reserved for the lowest among us, cowards.
So, if you are an Islamophobe like me, raise up your voice. Contact your local Tea Party representative. Get involved. Make friends with people unlike you in any way except that they too are Americans who wish to hold their ground. Stop, I say stop criticizing other Americans for their party affiliation. We do not have a political problem, we have a problem with the Union. It’s sick, and likey to die if we do not act.
Some will say I am speaking out against freedom; and so I am. I am against the freedom that is being exercised by those who would bring a virulent ideology into our nation, without a kiss my foot, or by your leave, that’s for sure. Is it ironic that in order to preserve America’s freedom, we must suppress that of others? It has ever been so. And so it shall always be.

Copyright 2017 Clevenger & Witt

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The military is building a case to block transgender applicants

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 8:12pm

WASHINGTON — A controversial Pentagon directive that would allow transgender men and women to join the military beginning this summer now faces indefinite delay as senior leaders within each of the service’s voice lingering concerns about the Obama-era policy intended to end discrimination but dismissed by critics as social experimentation.

This development, confirmed to Military Times by multiple sources with knowledge of these internal discussions, comes as the Defense Department faces a July 1 deadline to fully implement a policy that one year ago lifted the ban on transgender personnel already in uniform, and established the conditions and timeline by which new applicants could join either through enlistment or as officer candidates.

President Donald Trump does not share his predecessor’s view on transgender rights, while plenty in the ranks and inside the Pentagon have questioned the practicality of expending such effort to accommodate a comparatively small demographic. Those advocating for inclusiveness have suspected for many months that the administration could bring about the initiative’s demise simply by declining to act upon it.

It’s unclear how Defense Secretary Jim Mattis eventually will rule on the matter, though in the past he has cast doubt on whether such moves ultimately advance the military’s principal national security objectives. In early May, his deputy distributed a memo to the services’ top leaders affording them an opportunity to raise concerns about the policy’s implementation. As first reported by USA Today, the memo was carefully crafted to explain that plans would proceed “unless they cause readiness problems that could lessen our ability to fight, survive and win on the battlefield.”

A Pentagon spokesman, Army Lt. Col. Myles Caggins, would not address the prospect for delaying transgender accessions, saying only that there’s been no change to existing military policy allowing transgender troops already serving to do so openly. “And,” he added, “just like their fellow service members, [they may] receive all medically necessary care.”

Spokespersons for each of the services referred questions to Caggins.

The Army and the Marine Corps have been most vocal in advocating for a delay, according to one military official who, like others, spoke with Military Times on the condition of anonymity because the matter remains pre-decisional and extremely sensitive. No firm decisions have been reached, the official added, and senior leaders will continue to discuss the matter with Mattis’s office as the deadline draws near.

Another defense official indicated that a host of practical matters, not institutional opposition, are fueling calls for a delay. “We had several questions for OSD seeking clarification on aspects of the policy that have not been addressed yet,” said this official, referring to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. “It’s not that we’re unsupportive or unwilling to implement it; just that there were administrative matters to be addressed.”

Funding also is a concern, this official said. The services had sought an undisclosed sum for related facilities upgrades, including, it appears, to retrofit group showers and make other unspecified accommodations within communal living spaces. “That funding,” the official said, “did not come through.”

The Defense Department estimates as many as 7,000 transgender troops serve in the active-duty force of 1.3 million. As Mattis’s predecessor, Ash Carter, sought to define accommodations for them, he encountered significant internal resistance among longtime civilian staff who believed the military’s uniformed leadership did not support the change, a former Pentagon official told Military Times recently. At its most extreme, this individual said, there were calls to require transgender troops to wear bathing suits while using communal showers.

President Donald Trump speaks with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis after a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on May 29, 2017.Photo Credit: Tech. Sgt. Brigitte N. Brantley/Air Force

Beyond those considerations, military officials are apprehensive about whether some transgender recruits or officer candidates could experience psychological side effects associated with their gender dysphoria. Last June, Carter indicated the accession policy would require individuals to have completed any necessary medical treatment and to have been “stable in their identified gender for 18 months, as certified by their doctor before they can enter the military.”

As the Pentagon has debated the issue, officials have examined how other government agencies initiated such change. The Federal Aviation Administration, for instance, requires transgender men and women seeking a commercial pilot’s license to be transitioned and stable for at least five years. Otherwise, they can face closer scrutiny and more-intrusive medical screenings, according to the FAA’s website.

A leading LGBT advocacy group called any delay “unacceptable.” In a statement, Ashley Broadway-Mack, president of the American Military Partner Association, said it would send a “deeply alarming signal” from the Trump administration.

“Thousands of transgender service members are openly and proudly serving our nation today,” the statement reads, “and there is no reason not to move forward with the timeline as planned now for nearly a year. Any applicant regardless of gender identity, who is qualified and willing to serve should be allowed to do so.”

It’s the latest in a series of related developments since Mattis took over at the Pentagon in January. Most recently, officials informed two transgender cadets set to graduate from the Army and Air Force military academies that they would not receive commissions and be allowed to serve on active duty.

Over the winter, the Pentagon quietly rolled backed protections concerning bathroom and locker room access for transgender students attending Defense Department schools. A directive issued last year after an incident in Germany, granted full access to transgender students’ preferred facilities with no questions asked. Now school principals — in consultation with students, their parents, and teachers — address such matters case by case, as they had done previously.

Source:  Andrew deGrandpre and David Larter

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Portland braces for violence at pro-Trump rally this weekend

Sun, 06/04/2017 - 10:38pm

For decades, Portland has basked in its reputation for protest.

But few people here are looking forward to a pro-Trump rally Sunday that’s expected to draw a wide swath of potentially armed white supremacists and allied antigovernment protesters from around the country.

The city has been on edge since a white supremacist who attended similar rallies was accused of killing two men who were defending teenagers from anti-Muslim taunts on a train last week. Police are anticipating violence if the demonstration goes forward as planned.

The “Trump Rally for Free Speech” is expected to draw figures in the loose-knit movement founded by white nationalists that calls itself the alt-right, as well as left-leaning counter-protesters who oppose President Trump and call themselves anti-fascists.

“Both sides are looking for a fight,” said Randy Blazak, a professor at the University of Oregon and chair of the Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crime.

“Hopefully it will be a whimper,” he said, but added that he was doubtful.

The protest also pits the city against the federal government, which has issued a permit for the rally on a federal plaza downtown despite pleas from Mayor Ted Wheeler that outsiders are coming to provoke violence and “peddle a message of hatred.”

Tensions in Portland have been building for months between those upset over the election of Trump, race and policing, and an increasingly agitated and alienated minority of Trump supporters who organize online.

The rally is being organized by Joey Gibson, a video blogger from nearby Vancouver, Wash., who describes himself as a “Libertarian and a Christian” and has gained a following among people who identify as alt-right. He said he has invited everybody to the rally, including “moderates” and the “extreme right.”

Joey Gibson, a self-described “Libertarian and a Christian” who is organizing the Portland demonstration, speaks during a rally in Berkeley in April 2017. (Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press)

It was Gibson who organized another protest in Portland in April, which he called the March for Free Speech, where Jeremy Joseph Christian, the 35-year-old charged with murder this week in the train stabbings, was photographed giving a Nazi salute and making white supremacist statements.

Those images went viral after the killings on Friday. Gibson, who organizes his events through a Facebook group called Patriot Prayer, said he kicked Christian out of the event and didn’t condone his views or racism of any kind.

“Do not connect me to this crazy man and his decision to murder two heroes,” he told journalists this week after meeting the mayor, who tried but failed to persuade him to cancel the rally this weekend.

The rally is “about corrupt government,” Gibson said. “We need small government, we need to promote freedom, we need to promote Christianity. It’s not about Nazis.”

On violence, he said he “can’t control everybody.”

Following its principles on free speech, the American Civil Liberties Union has defended the rights of the activists to protest even as it condemns them as bigots. The people who attend Gibson’s events often wear clothing with racist and militia-related insignia.

The rally Sunday is expected to include several figures who have openly promoted violence. They include Kyle Chapman, a San Francisco Bay Area resident who has developed an online following under the moniker “Based Stickman.” Images of Chapman, who carries a stick and shield during protests and wears a motorcycle helmet, went viral after he clashed with counter-protesters at dueling rallies in Berkeley this year.

On Thursday, he turned to Facebook to urge his followers to “smash on sight” in an “open season on antifa” — shorthand for anti-fascists.

Also scheduled to attend is Tim Gionet, who lives in Southern California and goes by “Baked Alaska.” His online criticism of “anti-white racism,” Jews and media coverage of Trump have garnered him 171,000 Twitter followers.

Alexander Ross, a lecturer at Portland State University who has studied the growth of alt-right and anti-fascist groups, said organizers of the Sunday rally were looking for a fight.

“Gibson and his ilk cultivate an atmosphere of hatred and terror,” he said. “Their openly avowe

Jeremy Joseph Christian is arraigned in Multnomah County Circuit Court in Portland on May 30. He is charged with killing two people and injuring a third during a knife attack on a train. (Beth Nakamura / Associated Press)

d strategy is to antagonize ordinary people and start fights in the name of ‘free speech.’ ”

Adding to concern are laws regarding weapons.

Under federal law, guns are banned on the federal property where the rally is scheduled to take place. But under Oregon law, they are allowed on city sidewalks and streets outside the plaza, across the street from where Muslim, interfaith, LGBTQ, anti-fascist and other groups will be staging rallies in opposition.


Some activists from the left are still deciding whether to join the protests.

Teressa Raiford, who runs Don’t Shoot Portland, a group that focuses on police shootings and arrests of minorities and frequently takes part in protests, was planning a cookout in a park a few miles from the rallies where she would hand out Black Lives Matter signs.

She was not sure whether she would go any closer. “I’m meeting with the community to discuss safety, and if it’s not feasible, I won’t go,” said Raiford.

Gregory McKelvey, an activist who founded Portland’s Resistance, an anti-Trump group that protested the mayor over his handling of police shootings, said he planned to counter-protest on Sunday.

“We want people to go but to understand the very real risk,” he said, and that the event is “an opportunity for allies to show how much they are willing to sacrifice but possibly too dangerous for marginalized groups.”

Damon Hughes, a 34-year-old carpenter who grew up in the city, said he wanted to join the counter-rallies but also was hoping for peace in a city where demonstrations have increasingly gone the way of “rioting” and “blocking of traffic” that “destroys any clout that the message would bring.”

“If the nationalists have applied for a permit to peaceably assemble for a rally, it is their right,” he said. “Denying anyone their right to free speech isn’t what this country is about. The city’s dark underbelly is showing its face… Seeing the people here band together against hate shows me that the spirit of my city still lives, that the love for all its citizens is still alive.”

Source: Jaweed Kaleem@

Jeremy Joseph Christian is arraigned in Multnomah County Circuit Court in Portland on May 30. He is charged with killing two people and injuring a third during a knife attack on a train. (Beth Nakamura / Associated Press)

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Can attending church really help you live longer? This study says yes

Sun, 06/04/2017 - 3:28pm

NASHVILLE — New research says worship services might be just what the doctor ordered. 

A recent study by Vanderbilt University professor Marino Bruce has found that people who attend religious services live longer and are less stressed. The findings held true across faith traditions, said Bruce, the associate director of Vanderbilt’s Center for Research on Men’s Health, in a video posted to the university’s YouTube channel.

“We found in our study that actually attending church is actually good for your health, particularly for those who are between the ages of 40 and 65,” said Bruce, who also is a Baptist minister.

Specifically, the study says those middle-aged adults who go to church, synagogues, mosques or other houses of worship reduce their mortality risk by 55%. The Plos One journal published the “Church Attendance, Allostatic Load and Mortality in Middle-Aged Adults” study May 16.

“For those who did not attend church at all, they were twice as likely to die prematurely than those who did who attended church at some point over the last year,” Bruce said.

Bruce, a social and behavioral scientist, is a primary author of the study along with Keith Norris, a professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. The study has nine other co-authors, too.

“I’m ordained clergy so I’m always about what do we mean by our spiritual health. Does spiritual health matter with respect to biological outcomes?” Bruce said.

Read More: Holly Meyer

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The Bastard Children

Sun, 06/04/2017 - 1:11pm

Ignorance And Violence In America The Bastard Children Of Greed
Jeremy Joseph Christian. A bastard child of greed in America. Mr. Christian (a paradox if ever one existed), is proof positive of the saying that while we may not recognize the bastard children of our violence, they will most certainly recognize us. On May 2 this year,35 year old Jeremy Christian fatally stabbed Ricky Best, 53, and Taliessin Meche, 23, when they tried to protect two young Muslim girls riding the train in Portland Oregon against an anti-Muslim rant on that, the first day of Ramadan. Micah David-Cole Fletcher was wounded seriously in the attack, and may not survive. Ironically, Mr. Christian screamed “death to antifa, and free speech or die” at his arraignment. Do we have an immigration problem in America?, damn straight we do. Is it ignorant beyond the scope of imagination to import uneducated, people from radically different cultures, who in all fairness have been taught from birth that America is evil into our country with no forethought, planning, or for that matter discussion with the citizenry of this country? Yes, yes it is! Good form, and for that matter the administrator of this site prohibit profanity, but where else shall we look to find proper expression of the emotions underlying sugh clear, provocative evidence that the people sworn to uphold our constitution have forsworn their duties. What civil discourse could possibly express the justifiable rage felt toward those pampered, aristocrats in the beltway, that former bastion of our freedom, those limousine riding, caviar sucking, champagne swilling traitors who have most likely murdered the finest nation this earth will ever know? And for what? More money? Were they not fed? Were they not clothed? Were they not housed, protected, and given better healthcare than any of the rest of us? Were they not given the privilege of skimming a little, sometimes more than a little without consequence?
This is what comes of letting other people tell us what to think. This is what comes of allowing ourselves as citizens of the Union to be turned against one another. Treachery, and the loss of our freedom. But far more as well, for now, the engines of our economy, our children’s education, our alliances in this most dangerous of worlds, and even our individualism are in tatters. Economically, we live in Dresden after the bombing. We import brains from countries where education is paramount, while our children languish in what is rapidly becoming a cesspool of ignorance, shunned by our former allies. And our ability to think for ourselves? Well, take a long look at Jeremy Joseph Christian; victim I say. Victim of a media that declared all news to be classified as infotainment. Didn’t know that? Well, if you didn’t, it’s because the vampires in the beltway didn’t want you to know it, nor especially, did they want you to think what that might lead to. Vicious trolls given high media profiles made it clear that thinking anything but what they said was out of step, and out of step meant vulnerable. If you disagreed with them, you were wrong. The truth is, we all became vulnerable, and the citizens of America have absolutely zero control over our government. It has become a maddened wild horse trampling every decent thing in or about America that lies in its path.

As the summer of rage approaches (oh yes dear readers, check your facebook pages) we will face rallies from MOAR (the mother of all rallies), MAGA (make America great again), and a slew of ANTIFA (ironically, anti fascism) in nearly all of our major cities. Calls for peace will go unheeded, as so called liberals (America’s liberal class died an ignominious death more than 35 years ago, assassinated by, surprise,surprise, Money. Thanks Bill and Hillary!) splintered , uncoordinated and deprived of any true leadership, will show up at these rallies full of their own brand of ignorance and rage. Let’s see, gasoline, matches…And the corporate nightmare clinging to the rotting corpse of our once great nation win again!

Here is some good advice children. Put those rallies off until you’ve had a chance to talk about what they should be about. Like our President, the refugees are here to stay until we regain control over our government. Period. End of sentence. QED! Make that the focus of your rallies you so called conservatives and you poor ignorant misled so-called liberals. Since I am a liberal I’m going to let you in on a secret. The beating heart of liberalism is that, while the other person’s freedom ends where the tip of your nose begins, there must be law, common to all citizens, from which none may be exempt. That’s it. There is nothing in the truth of liberalism that defines what laws those must be, or, even what the character of those laws must define. Only that the laws be applied equally to all.

So what’s it going to be? Will we as American citizens join hands in a common cause, if not in amicability, shoulder to shoulder in order to reclaim our government? Or shall we rather be remembered as the generation whose ignorance and lack of accountability saw America, our common ship disappear under the waves of an uncaring ocean of time?

Authors note: The title of this article references the bastard children of our violence. Make no mistake, indescribably vicious, cruel, and indifferent people driven by hatred and greed have visited violence of every kind against the citizens of other countries, and called it national interest. They have now turned those tactics on us, the citizens of America. If you want to know how, follow me and my writing partner Bill The Butcher here on this site.

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“Trump or Merkel?” Ukraine beer depicts world leaders

Sun, 06/04/2017 - 5:06am

A brewery in Ukraine is offering a special line of craft beer themed after world leaders. Their latest addition is devoted to the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The BBC’s Anastasiya Gribanova made a visit to the brewery in Lviv, in western Ukraine.


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Hillary Clinton told to ‘move on’ from her loss

Sun, 06/04/2017 - 1:41am

Hillary Clinton has been told it’s time to “move on” after she added her own party officials to the list of those she blames for her 2016 election loss.

Democratic Senator Al Franken told Yahoo News: “I think she has a right to analyse what happened, but we do have to move on.”

Mrs Clinton this week faulted Democratic National Committee (DNC) voter data as “mediocre to poor”.

She has also blamed the FBI, Russia and media.

Minnesota Senator Franken said on Thursday: “We have to move on by proving we are the party that cares about a lot of the people who voted for Donald Trump.”

Minnesota Senator Al Franken says the party must focus on the future

Mrs Clinton, speaking at a conference in California on Wednesday, said: “I take responsibility for every decision I make – but that’s not why I lost.”

She said the Democratic party did not help her once she was anointed their White House candidate.

“I get the nomination, so I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party,” she said.

“I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party. I mean, it was bankrupt.

“It was on the verge of insolvency. Its data was mediocre to poor, non-existent, wrong.

“I had to inject money into it.”

She added: “I also think I was the victim of the very broad assumption that I was going to win.”

Hillary Clinton joins the ‘Trump resistance’

But Andrew Therriault, former DNC director of data science, lashed out at Mrs Clinton in a series of tweets that have since been deleted.

“DNC data folks: today’s accusations are f****** bull****, and I hope you understand the good you did despite that nonsense,” he wrote.

He also wrote that the battleground swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, all of which Mrs Clinton lost, never looked “even close to safe”.

The Clinton campaign has been criticised by political experts for not campaigning more frequently in those crucial swing states.

“Her team thought they knew better”, Mr Therriault said.

President Donald Trump reacted to Mrs Clinton’s complaint by pouring scorn on his old foe.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate,” he tweeted. “Hits Facebook & even Dems & DNC.”


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US anti-Trump protesters facing decades behind bars

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 4:21pm

More than 200 anti-Trump protesters are facing felony charges that could land some in prison for 70 to 80 years.

When Olivia Alsip travelled to the capital to protest against the inauguration of right-wing US President Donald Trump, she didn’t imagine she would end the day behind bars and later face up to 80 years in prison.

Thousands of people journeyed from across the US to Washington, DC, to protest on the first day of Trump’s presidency, January 20.

During the swearing-in, Alsip was among the more than 230 protesters arrested when officers from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) blocked off a large area and hauled off nearly everyone.

“I am wondering if my 24th birthday next week will be my last as a free person,” she says by telephone from Chicago. “I’ve never in my life had such a painful and stressful experience. There are no words to convey the severity of this.”

“Our experience in police custody [that day] was totally dehumanizing. We were kettled, treated like animals and denied basic human rights and dignity,” she recollects. “People were forced to urinate on the streets and denied water and food.”

The arrests came after Black Bloc anarchists and anti-fascists clashed with police. Officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters.

Read More: Patrick Strickland

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Merkel’s schemes have been Trumped

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 3:43pm

Merkel Seized upon Trump’s Nato dedication speech as an opportunity to progress her long-standing design for an Independent German Lead European Military Force.

The intrinsic evidence indicts German Chancellor Merkel intentionally created a crisis to take advantage of an opportunity to advance her political agenda of German domination of a militarized European Union.   

The liberal democrats endlessly chatter, regarding unsubstantial allegations that Russian President Vladimir Putin to interfere with the United States Presidential election. However, these same liberal democrats are strangely silent regarding former President Obama’s obtuse interference in foreign elections. For instance, the Obama aggressive and forceful intervention in British politics. Consider, the following:

A rising number of Britons say they are offended that the U.S. president will try to persuade them to stay in the European Union, just as a poll indicates the “Out” forces have pushed into the lead in the national vote.
“If the American people aren’t happy with foreign heads of state or politicians telling them how to vote, then they shouldn’t be happy with their head of state lecturing other countries,” said Rory Broomfield, director of the “Better Off Out” campaign to leave the European Union.
He described Mr. Obama’s pressure as “sort of 1776 in reverse.”

Mr. Obama’s intervention in the debate has been so contentious that more than 100 members of Parliament signed an open letter last month essentially requesting that he butt out.” (Britain offended by Obama pressure to stay in EU: ‘Sort of 1776 in reverse’

Incredibly, one-hundred members of the British Parliament signed a letter of declaration requesting Obama to stay out of British politics. Obama has also spied upon the German Chancellery.
And illegally masking Trump campaign officials and others.

In terms, of Merkel’s call for a European Union standing military presence, her arguments were presented to European leaders long before Trump’s remarks in May 2017, at the NA TO new headquarters’ dedication.

Clearly, the Spiegel is doing Merkel’s work, that is, undermining the credibility of Washington’s chief commander in Europe…The second jab appeared late Sunday afternoon when EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced that Europe needed to field its own army. 
The European Union needs its own army to face up to Russia and other threats as well as restore the bloc’s foreign policy standing around the world, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told a German newspaper on Sunday…with its own army, Europe could react more credibly to the threat to peace in a member state or in a neighboring state. “One wouldn’t have a European army to deploy it immediately. But a common European army would convey a clear message to Russia that we are serious about defending our European values.

Thus, Merkel and others have been calling for a militarized European Union and the failure of NATO for many years prior to Trump taking the Oath of Office. Merkel’s call for a military order established as an arm of the European Union accomplishes many factors for the central European German state.
A few of the following factors are,
1) it reasserts German hegemony for Central Europe;
2) it denies American and British power, influence, dominance and control over the mainly Germanic states of Central Europe;
3) it provides a military order, under Teutonic leadership, against Russian projection of power and strength;
4) it provides an independent springboard for the resurgence of German power, in a manner, which also comforts and benefits, non-German states, by offering a league against Russian power, influence, and dominance.

Hence, Merkel’s call for a European standing army was prior to President Trump’s remarks in May 2017, at the dedication of the new NATO headquarters, regarding NATO member states paying their fair share. Merkel is leading the call for a standing military order for the European Union.

Merkel’s Chancellorship and credibility in Europe now depend on the success or failure of her calls for an armed and independent European Union. She has openly fired salvo’s of public condemnation, criticism and angst at the United Kingdom, the Brexit movement, President Trump and European Nationalism. Merkel wants a European New World Order with Germany as the lead-nation in that new order.

In order, for the German Chancellor, to accomplish her long-standing policy provisions, she will most assuredly have to utterly discredit Nigel Farage and Brexit, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin and any other substantive Nationalist support that gets in the way of Merkel’s Globalist agenda.

To be sure, if Merkel can persuade the European Union to militarize under German leadership, without the United Kingdom and United States financial support, Central and Eastern Europe will once again, have the check and balance, concerning Russian dominance versus German hegemony, in Central and Eastern Europe again. However, Merkel has wanted the United Kingdom and United States to pay for the creation of Germania domination on the continent. President Trump has answered in the negative. America will not burden the German bill. Also, another, no answer to Merkel. America will eventually talk to Putin and Russia, in order, to help facilitate a safer and more secure world.

President Trump has also designated Islamic Jihadism and terrorism as the most significant threat to world peace and prosperity, not Russian aggression. This Trumpian position and doctrine appears to have befuddled and dazed the German Chancellor, because like a baby going to her pacifier she had to meet with her yes-man. The ex-president Obama no doubt to stratagem the Globalist agenda against Trump. Merkel still wants the American taxpayers to pony-up for her liberal Muslim immigration policies and the Islamification of the Teutonic States.

This a political struggle between European Globalists led by Merkel, ( Obama and Clinton supported)  and Nationalism, led by Trump, who is supported, by Farage, Orban, Wilder and others.

The United Kingdom opposed a European Union standing military, but with the British exit from the European Union, Germany has quietly laid the foundations of a European standing army under German leadership. This has included Dutch, Czech and Romanian integration into German army units. No doubt, this is the beginning foundation for Merkel’s vision of a European Union standing military capability under German leadership.

Despite Britain’s move to block an EU army, a growing number of experts believe a recent German defense paper shows Berlin has ambitions to run an EU army and has a plan to cut through Brussels red tape and create one by itself. But at what cost to NATO? While EU defense ministers openly discuss with NATO chiefs how to create an EU army, many might think the haste for the EU to go ahead with such a stem from its own credibility being at an all-time low in the wake of Brexit. For EU federalists in Brussels, there is indeed some truth in this. But Brussels is also worried about being left behind or dwarfed by Germany’s own plans which would leave the EU in a weak position to negotiate who gets to call the shots in an official EU army, when it is finally created.

And the EU has good reason to worry. Germany is impatient and is looking to position itself as the military leader of a coalition of EU countries which would no longer take orders from NATO, but also would not necessarily even be part of an official EU army.” 

Thus, it’s apparent that Merkel’s Germany have had designs for many years, to build a German-led European Union army. Putin and Russia are her object of derision to motivate member states to join the umbrella of German hegemony. Now, the German Chancellor is seizing upon Brexit and Trump’s insistence that NATO members pay their fair share of military expenditures as an opportunity to continue to move forward on German plans for an independent German lead European Union military force. To accomplish Merkel’s long-term goals, it requires her continued derision of Trump’s policies and the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote and the demonization of Putin and Russia.

Not one to squander opportunities, the Merkel, influenced European Union just announced through a spokesperson, the creation of a military training center. Although, Merkel has been preparing, scheming, planning and plotting for years to create a standing military order of the European Union, she first had to avail herself of the opportunity for more vigorous advocacy of a European military force by demonizing Russia and Putin, discredit the United Kingdom and Brexit and mocking President Trump’s call for a fair share contribution from NATO member-states. Astoundingly, many members of the American public are not even aware of Germany’s quiet progress toward a German-led functional and standing military force.

Amazingly, the liberal Democrats have reached McCarthy-era hysteria over a nebulas and mirage-type Russian connection. Russia and every other nation, including the United States, have been involved in various forms of espionage, such as Obama spying on Germany. This most probably will continue to be innuendo, disinformation, liberal propaganda, smoke, and mirrors, without true substance.

Meanwhile, Merkel’s Germany has not fully supported NATO financially, resented the United States and United Kingdom leadership, openly advocates a militarized European Union and quietly integrated Dutch, Romanian and Czech military units under German high command. In order, for Merkel, to advocate a Teutonic resurgence in Central and Eastern Europe, the old adversarial relationship, between Germany and Russia, had to be resurrected. Thus, it has been in Merkel’s interest with the object of Teutonic restoration as a power in Central and Eastern Europe, to emphasize the fear of Russian aggression. The liberal Democrats narrative correlates with the Merkel-Junker narrative, regarding Russian intimidation and aggression. German resurgence and restoration in Central and Eastern Europe, as a counterweight and balance to Russian projection of power, is historically natural and inevitable. Nonetheless, despite this historical truism, American treasury and coffers should not be expected to burden the German expenditures for the price of German resurgence and leadership. This should be a German expense. The United States, despite German resistance and Merkel’s objections, should seek a better relationship with more meaningful communication with Russia.

By Jeffrey E. Elliott, Esq.

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Sometimes Saving Money Is Rocket Science

Fri, 06/02/2017 - 3:08pm

It’s ironic Elon Musk, one of America’s premier subsidy farmers, is also a perfect example of the difference between the private sector approach to cost and the government’s. Musk differs from earlier entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford who became wealthy by building a better mousetrap. Musk became wealthy by harvesting government subsidies.

The LA Times ran the numbers and Musk’s Tesla Motors, SolarCity Corp and Space X “have benefited from an estimated $4.9 billion in government support.”

The best part about subsidy farming, as opposed to wheat farming, is that Musk isn’t required to make a profit. Tesla and SolarCity have been in business for ten years and neither has made so much as a dime.

Even more galling, much of Musk’s subsidies go to benefit one–percenter Global Warming hobbyists. Tesla buyers receive a $7,500 federal income tax credit for purchasing a new hummer that costs up to $135,000. One reason the average household income of Tesla customers is $320,000.

The one company that isn’t a subsidy vacuum is where Musk wields a sharp pencil. SpaceX has received a paltry $15 million in subsidies and much of that came from Texas when it built a launch pad. Sure Musk has $5.5 billion in government contracts with NASA and the Air Force, but he has to perform to get the money.

Musk’s lesson is his approach to recycling. When NASA was king, boosters were fire and forget. That works fine with a mortar, but applied to sending men to the moon, costs add up fast.

If you tossed the station wagon after every visit to see grandma it wouldn’t be long before the kids had only a hazy memory of what the old girl looked like. The same applies to the moon. Space priced itself out of even the federal market.

Reusing boosters would have saved money but the suggestion was viewed as crazy talk. For the bureaucrat a reusing boosters is all cost and no benefit. There are no awards in the federal service for saving money. Someone looking to spend less is not a team player, since leftover money in the budget means Congress won’t give the agency as much next year.

Recognition in the bureaucracy goes to the functionary that invents a new program with new spending, not the green–eyeshade who finds a way to do more with less. Besides the potential for bad publicity should a recycled rocket cause a mission to fail was a risk not worth taking.

That’s why SpaceX’s March 30 launch was such a milestone. It successfully launched a communication satellite into Earth orbit perched atop a Falcon 9 rocket with a first stage that had already been launched once and recovered.

Ray Lugo, who directed NASA science missions, told Florida Today, “It’s potentially a big cost-saver and it will make a difference, provided you can re-fly multiple times. If this works, over the long term it will be difficult for anyone that throws boosters away to compete.”

At least as far as SpaceX is concerned, Musk is now a money–saving fool. That launch also saw a first time recovery of the nose cone. Musk evidently had to fight NASA thinking. According to the Daily Mail, Musk ordered his engineering team to make the attempt, “Imagine you had $6 million in cash on a pallet flying through the air that’s just going to smash into the ocean. Would you try to recover that? Yes, you would.”

Maybe in the private sector, but the feds would be worried about Greenpeace activists if a fish died during recovery.

This is what competition does. Musk launches now have a cost advantage over those of Jeff Bezos, who has yet to recover a booster. Another former NASA administrator estimates SpaceX can cut 75 percent of the cost of a rocket by reusing boosters.

Musk is already offering launch discounts to customers who opt for recycled boosters.

His goal is for each booster to be used between 10 and 100 times with an additional goal of being ready to launch after a one–day turn around. That’s three times better than the turnaround time of an F-35, which under Pentagon management requires three days between sorties.

The case against privatization is always put in terms of there are just some things that only government can do, like space flight. Only, our government isn’t doing space flight anymore, because it priced itself out of the market.

The market rewards efficiency and innovation, while government rewards government employees.

It’s not rocket science to conclude if the market can bring down the cost of space travel, it can certainly bring down the cost of health insurance.

But if Congress won’t give the market a chance, the solution isn’t Musk’s recycling. It’s NASA’s fire and forget.

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The Death of Free Speech Facebook and the Faceless

Fri, 06/02/2017 - 2:29pm

The Death Of Free Speech
Facebook And The Faceless
Well, it looks like the grownups are moving back to print media when they have a dissenting opinion to voice. That’s because on social media today, dissenting voices are shouted down, cyber bullied, or treated to outright criminal behavior. Criminal behavior which goes entirely unopposed by services such as Facebook.

There is a truth out there for advertisers of self made products today, and that is that you must have a Facebook account if you wish to promote your products to the public in an affordable and hassle free way. If you provide any service from furniture repair to escort services, Facebook is, well, not the only game in town, but in terms of viewer participation it is certainly your first choice. Facebook live has also begun to make inroads into youtube’s venue, providing members with lots of opportunities to update their status in a live video format, or, in the case of some people,give us access gawk at real time murders, beatings or rapes. Now, Facebook has made it clear through their spokespersons that they want folks to have a following limited to family and real friends (excepting celebrities, politicians, and, of course, rich or powerful people). In other words, if you are among the little folk, your friends list should not exceed, say, 35 people. That is not to say that this has always been the case, but as the end game being played out by the global giants moves into yet another stage, the idea is to keep little people useful as consumers, while promoting others up the ladder. For a fee. Poorly planned, and virtually ignored by the app developers, and more importantly the upper management structure, facebook is encountering some troubles that may well cause their market value to plummet, or worse. These problems are systemic, and reflect with astonishing clarity the problems faced by today’s American citizen. But that’s a different article. In a nutshell here is the problem. Facebook naturally wants ordinary people of ordinary means to be subjected to direct and indirect advertising; or as I like to call it, mind control. This gives them ready made markets with the cattle separated into convenient lots for sale to advertisers, guaranteeing them by a 28% margin, improved sales, and also that you will remain docile and conveniently at hand. So far so good. But this is where the plan Zucks for folks selling entertainment or opinion. When I opened my facebook account, it was so that I could share my life online with my familly and my close friends. As I began to share cooking videos, and video about the life I live as a truck driver, it attracted a larger group of viewers. Slowly, my friends group grew. It’s no great revelation that I have political views that are not slavish hurrahs for the state of our union, but as I looked around Facebook I saw many sites that were. Being a maverick, I began to publish my thoughts on Tea Party sites. Despite the fact that my thoughts were in opposition to mainstream conservative thought, they were published there, and well liked. I decided to take my thoughts onto facebook live, and again, I found success. I was elated. This was a way to reach a broader audience in order to promote my own political agenda, which is the revival of the Tea Party, and the reunification of the American people under our flag. Sadly, there were others with different ideas. First, I was told to shut up by some low level operatives known as Trolls ( a pretty descriptive name). Then came some cyber bullying; the usual stuff, you’re ugly, you’re an idiot, somebody should shut your mouth for you. We all know the stuff. Finally, someone used burps repeater to forcibly overcome my authentication code, and suddenly I had nearly 400 new friends in 3 days. At first I was excited. Many of these requests were from overseas, and I thought, here was a golden opportunity to show people over there what America was really about, and how to lead their own nations in better directions. To my horror though, they were nearly all people selling sex or drugs. A little research showed that two of my new “friends” were on a terrorist watchlist.

Now here is the real zinger. When I tried to report this to Facebook, I discovered you cannot contact Facebook. That’s right! The rape of a child being viewed by millions live on Facebook would be news that the Facebook administrative staff would find out about on USA Today, just like the rest of us. Whaaaaat????!! Really? You create a community, an international community that can share anything from moms recipe for dumplings to where America’s greatest vulnerabilities lie, and you don’t take calls warning you that this is happening on your watch? You may as well be shouting it at the far side of the moon as to alert the people responsible for creating that environment in which it is happening! Now, I’m no critic, but to me that’s worse than irresponsible. I guess our prayers really can’t be heard in paradise.

Anyways, I disabled my site, because I didn’t want human trafficking and illegal drug sales being conducted on my site. Further, I won’t be returning to Facebook anytime soon. Even in the unlikely event that they should set up something so simple as a serial port access monitor, or an algorithm prohibiting the use of repeaters on users pages (God knows Facebook can’t afford anything like that), Facebook is riddled with operatives from political organizations, NGO’s, foreign intelligence agencies, and just plain mean people with great web skills coupled with potty training issues.
Bottom line? The grown ups are moving back into print media. Here at least, an administrator may decline to print an article, but the writer is free to seek publication elsewhere. Here we have our constitutional right to free speech.
Here is where the grown ups come to read.


FAcebook is all powerful. Hey! Check out you MySpace account.

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Racist Black Students’ ‘Day Without Whites’ Backfires When Hidden Cam Caught DISGUSTING Thing They Did

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 7:34pm

Race relations in America are at a shocking new low thanks to 8 years of Barack Obama’s manufactured race war here in America.  As more disturbing incidents continue to emerge of whites being segregated and banned from black-only restaurants, graduations, and college dorms, what black students at Evergreen State College did over the weekend to whites across campus was so sick, it will prove once again who the true racists in America really are. But what’s unfortunate for these black students is that someone secretly recorded what they did over the weekend, and now the video has been leaked to the public. Now they are frantic to keep the video from spreading any further, as their sick antics are now on display for all of America to witness.

Over the past week, black students at Evergreen State College have been busy plotting on a sick way to make the white people on their campus pay for their perceived “injustices” of America’s history by organizing a “Day of Absence” where all white people would be banned from campus. Last Friday, they demanded that all white people leave the campus for the entire day, where they came up with a highly disturbing way to organize the event. Going from building to building across campus in gang-sized elements, they confronted their white professors and white students, screaming alarming racist-filled tirades into white people’s faces, demanding that whites immediately vacate the campus. While they were busy being blinded by their hate however, someone was secretly recording their antics, where this video montage was later put together highlighting all their disturbing acts of racism.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The video begins as one frightened white professor is ambushed as she comes out of her classroom, looking bewildered as the horde of racists blacks began screaming their premeditated chant, “hey hey ho ho racists teachers have gotta go!” Other clips show the same group of blacks becoming belligerent and interrupting various white professors’ lectures across campus, where they hijack the classroom screaming at whites to leave.

Here’s some of the racist highlights of their sickening “Day of Absence” takeover:

— “F** YOU [white people], AND F*** THE POLICE!”

— “Whiteness is the most violent fuckin’ system to ever breathe!”

— “I’m tired of white people talking about what black and brown people need.”

— “These white-ass faculty members need to be holding HIM, and HIM, and ALL these people accountable!”

— “F*** YOU [President] GEORGE [Bridges], we don’t wanna listen to a GODD**N thing you have to say! No, you shut the fuck up!”

— “I’m tellin’ you, you’re speakin’ to your ancestor, all right? We been here before you. We built these cities, we had civilization way before you ever had … comin’ out your caves.”

— “You have the fucking nerve to, like, fucking dehumanize our (unintelligible)!”

What’s hilarious however, is that while they stomped around campus going from building to building to bully and harass white people and demand whites leave, the racist black morons didn’t realize that someone was secretly recording their every move. Now the these black racists snowflakes are outraged that video is now going viral, where they’re now threatening to sue whoever leaked the video, coming up with quite a hysterical theory on who is behind making them look like dumbasses.

The College Fix reported:

Apparently, the activists are not pleased that this recording made its way to the Internet at large.

One of the demands listed by Evergreen students, and addressed by President Bridges, is that something be done to resolve the “theft” of the video:

“We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday.”

Next steps:

Based on conversations with the Attorney General’s office, the most likely course of action requires an investigation. We commit to launching an extensive forensic investigation of the theft of this video and to determining who stole it from the student. If that investigation yields a suspect, we will seek criminal charges against the individual in consultation with the Attorney General.

It’s truly alarming how eager some black people are to bring segregation back to America, as long as they can be the ones in the seat of power doing the discriminating. Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling in his grave right now as this  generation of blacks have absolutely no appreciation for the message that he marched and died for, as they keep clinging to the rhetoric that all white people must pay for what happened 200 years ago, despite the fact that only 5% of whites even owned slaves!

This story only proves who the real racists and hypocrites in America are. Could the reaction from the left if hordes of white students were going around screaming in blacks’ faces to leave their college campus? It’s all we’d hear about for weeks! This type of behavior should not be tolerated in our society by any race of people, and it’s time we finally step up and demand that enough is enough!


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Reuniting Under Our Flag, a new chapter in the story of the American people

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 3:16pm

Can an American look upon anything so moving? When I see the American flag, I am moved deeply; whether to tears of pride, or to a sense of belonging because it flies over my home. I am lucky enough to say, America is my home. My country, as much as it belongs to any of us. It is our common treasure. And yet, I feel separated from it somehow. I know, I’m not the only one. But, it’s hard to explain how that feels. Emptiness maybe. It’s hard to explain why I feel that sense of separation. God knows there are enough reasons to go around. My wife says its because I’m getting old, and while it’s true that I’m getting old, it somehow doesn’t feel like a complete answer. So, I did what you either love me or hate me for. I started asking questions. See, most folks don’t like to ask questions, and answers are, in my experience anyway, like a box of chocolates. And since most people tend to either agree or disagree thereby opening the door to friction, and conflict, .we live in a don’t ask don’t tell society, only being direct when we become angry. Sadly, the answers, the safe answers are on television. Or the radio, or the internet. But it doesn’t look as if media has held up to its obligations as an oracle. Quite the opposite in fact, as one interest group carves out its niche market from the citizenry, separating them from the herd, our citizenry becomes more and more indifferent to one another; unless hatred is part of the pasture we are assigned to. Our best hopes, our youth, and yes ourselves have been conditioned using psychological means of ideological proselytizing, using us and them media, derision, contempt, and outright hate to accomplish the purpose, which is division. Some guys just have more cattle than others. That means someone, somewhere is telling us what to think; not as a people, but as discrete cells of the people, most of whom are at war with just about everyone but their homies.

When I realized this, it struck me like a charging elephant; by belonging to a group of Americans at war, or purposely indifferent to everyone else, I had lost my sense of the union. What our forefathers fought for, all they had died for, was a union, within which all Americans could live. Could thrive . Once this realization had sunk in I was like Paul after he regained his sight. I had been blind to how divided we had become, and I had no one to blame. No one with whom to be angry. A citizenry as large as ours, with the trust we place in our government, secure in the promise of our constitution does as it is told. Even if it means turning on one another.

At first I was outraged! On the instant, I made a vow to make my flag whole again. To do my utmost to find a eay to nourish her with the strength of all citizens, for America needs her least as much as she needs her greatest. Where after all can a ship sail without a keel? And make no mistake, the least among us are like a ship’s keel, staying under the waterline, yes, but ultimately holding it together.

It turned out for me to be a matter of taking a really close look at other people, and asking myself who I might be if I had lived their lives. I can’t know of course, but doing so made me tolerant. Until you prove to be a menace, in which case I shoot you in the face. Really.

I find in my tolerance a greater sense of unity with those who are my American brothers and sisters. Those who would derisively sing Kumbaya at this point you’ve got a lot longer to go than you think. What the hell would be wrong with us just being Christian’s? Or at least, failing in that, living according to that vastly awesome algorithm that is the legacy of him whom we call Jesus?

My liberal brothers and sisters, and my conservative sisters and brothers, I beseech you, find it in your hearts to love one another. What awesome skies our flag would fly over then, giving us the blessing of having left our children that thrill of gazing at their flag with pride, shared union, and a sense of home. Let me make it plain. no unity, no union. No union, no protection. No protection, well, we all ought to think on that one.

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We Need More Special Counsels

Mon, 05/29/2017 - 5:43pm

The original accusation, the underlying premise for the entire hissy fit by the chronic sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome’s about Russian collusion was that the Russians hacked the DNC and gave the emails to Wikileaks.

Recently Internet entrepreneur and hacker, Kim DotCom, admitted that he was part of an operation along with Seth Rich, an employee of the DNC to get internal emails to Wikileaks.

Now we have proof that this underlying premise was a lie all along.  We now know that the person who really did give the DNC emails to Wikileaks didn’t have to hack in because he was an insider to begin with: Seth Rich.

We also know that Seth Rich was mysteriously killed in Washington DC on July 8, 2016, 27 and that the Metro Police are slow-walking the investigation.  The police say it was a botched robbery.  The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch, and phone.

In August Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.  Julian Assange also suggested in August that Seth Rich was a Wikileaks informant.  Kim Dotcom tweeted out that he has evidence Seth Rich, the murdered DNC operative, is the Wikileaks source.  He’s ready to release the evidence to Congressional investigators.  It doesn’t seem as if anyone in Washington is interested since this shines a light on the lie that started it all.

There is so much about this that is interesting.  Such as, the fact that the DNC leaders, Hillary Clinton, and Podesta, never disputed what was said in the emails. They instead attacked how the information was leaked. The media, of course, misdirected as best they could to cover up the facts.  Look at who made the accusations, not at the accusations themselves.

If there was any fraud in the last election cycle it was the DNC fat cats stacking the deck against Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

I continue to ask if the Russians hacked the election and Hillary won the popular vote whose side were they on.  Just ask yourself: who would the Russians rather have as president of the United States a corrupt politician that everyone in the world knows can be bribed or a billionaire who says, “Drill Baby Drill” when their economy is based on oil?

Now we have a Special Counsel to investigate a non-crime that probably makes sense inside the beltway and through the looking glass.

Why not have a Special Counsel to investigate Bill Clinton’s visit with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Arizona.  How about one to investigate all the people illegally leaking confidential material in an attempt to thwart the Trump agenda?  What about one to investigate how many people were illegally unmasked by Susan Rice and the rest of the Obama hit machine?

If we’re going to impanel Special Counsels to investigate rumors why stop until we’ve investigated them all?

Where are the over 30,000 emails deleted by Hillary Clinton?

If the massive donations to the Clinton Foundations weren’t thinly veiled bribes why did they dry up as soon as Hillary lost the election?

Special Counsels like Special Prosecutors take on a life of their own.  Which is eventually close to the half-life of a radioactive material, it lives on and on and on.  They need convictions to justify the bloated staffs and budgets that they acquire in years of so-called investigations.

Look at the case of who leaked the name of Valerie Plame.  The whole thing started with an article on July 14, 2003, by Robert Novak, a journalist for The Washington Post.  This article named Plame as a CIA operative effectively ending her career.  Before the Special Prosecutor was even named people in the government knew that the source of the leak was Richard Armitage.  However he was an insider, a member of the establishment, so he couldn’t end up as the fall guy.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald pushed and prodded until he was able to catch someone in a discrepancy between multiple interviews over several years.  Then he prosecuted Scooter Libby for that discrepancy and got a conviction.  It was not for revealing Plame’s name but for impeding the investigation into something that was already known before the investigation began.

Back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan won shocking the Democrat establishment they demanded an investigation of his Presidential campaign saying they made a deal with Iran to delay the release of American hostages until after the election.  How else could this has been actor beat a sitting president as successful as Jimmy Carter? That’s when Tom Foley the Democrat leader of the House said, “We have no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, but the seriousness of the allegations, and the weight of circumstantial information, compel an effort to establish the facts.”  As long as we are going to continue to follow the Democrat’s criteria for investigations let’s go for the Holy Grail.

Let’s investigate the report that Obama’s Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, testified that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, and not in Hawaii as the president claims.  And there is reported testimony from a Mombasa science teacher and the Mombasa Registrar of births that Obama’s birth certificate from Mombasa is genuine.  This report shows a copy of President Obama’s birth certificate that Lucas Smith obtained through the help of a Kenyan Colonel who got it recently directly from the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.

So, if we’re going to have Special Counsels let’s have a bunch of them.  Let’s look into every rumor and accusation in Washington.  That should cause enough gridlock to hopefully protect us from all the help the perpetually re-elected continue to force upon us.  Maybe then we could live our lives in peace as they all scurry into the shadows like roaches when you turn on the light.

Drain the swamp!

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2017 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

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Built Upon a Lie

Mon, 05/29/2017 - 5:31pm

Albert Einstein once said, “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”…and how right he is but not for the reason you might think.

Both modern Jewish and Christian beliefs still hold to traditions from the Old Testament in regards to creation with both great faiths believing that Adam was created from the dust and dirt by the hand of God. Also, Jews believe the place where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac to God the Father and where Christians believe that Jesus was crucified is holy and sacred ground. And built upon this holiest of grounds is also where the First and Second Temples of the Jews were built, and where certain denominations of Christians believe the that Third Temple will arise and be the site of Jesus’ Second Coming and where Jews believe the Messiah will first appear.

But what do these varied beliefs have as a common point of reference…simply…the land itself upon which these events did occur and which might possibly see holy events again occur in the future? And that land itself is known as The Temple Mount…an area of only thirty-five acres in the southwest corner of Jerusalem’s ‘Old City’…yet it is the most contested piece of land on Earth. And that contested land sits under…yes under…the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Masjid Al-Aqsa)…which in Arabic simply means the ‘farthest mosque.’

With that being said it now must be understood that this most sacred and holy ground is being hijacked by the practitioners of the ideology that is Islam. And with that comes the sad fact that, to date, Islam is actually winning the war we now find ourselves fighting for while we win skirmishes here and there, as long as that abomination of a mosque sits atop the Temple Mount…Jewish and Christian holy ground…we cannot possibly win, neither in the spiritual sense nor in the tangible here and now sense And why…because when a people’s sacred core beliefs and the tenets of faith which accompany those beliefs are held hostage by 7th century barbarians there can be no just winner until said barbarians are destroyed in full…and that means that the ideology that is Islam along with all its accoutrements must be no more.

And while some will believe what we just stated while others will not, the fact remains that this specific parcel of land with the structure that sits atop it has become ground zero not only from a religious and tangible military standpoint but from a broad political standpoint as well. And that means to defeat the sum of the ideology that is Islam the Al-Aqsa mosque itself must be removed from this sacred ground for Islam’s squatting on this land has garnered it ‘so-called’ legitimacy as a religion, but garnered it only because Islam usurped the very ground that gave birth to both Judaism and Christianity.

The Al-Aqsa mosque (sometimes referred to as Bayt al-Muqaddas) along with the Dome of the Rock was built upon the Temple Mount (Haram esh-Sharif…the Noble Sanctuary) not to honor the true holy events that came before but to commemorate Muhammad’s ‘Night Journey.’ The mosque itself is the third holiest site in Sunni Islam which is really quite odd because in islam’s critical early years Jerusalem itself held no sanctity to muslims at all, but in later attempts to make it so and to attribute to the city a political importance of sorts in muslim history, the claim was made and has been perpetrated ever since that Jerusalem and Palestine are one and the same, and that Jerusalem’s sanctity is a reflection of the sanctity of Palestine as a whole…translation…Jews and Christians get out.

But ‘holy’ and ‘sanctity’ are subjective words in regards to the Al-Aqsa mosque for there is nothing holy nor sacred about said mosque for it did not even exist until years after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD. Constructed by the Umayyads around 710 AD, the Al-Aqsa mosque is the place muslims believe to be the exact spot to which Muhammad was “transported to” during the journey of Israa and Mi’raj…the night that Allah took Mohamed on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven upon the back of a great white angelic beast. But nowhere in the Qur’an is Jerusalem named as the place Allah took him to, and the words Al-Aqsa, as in the ‘farthest place,’ can literally mean any place on the then known Earth.

And when logic takes the place of religious fervor one comes to realize how can someone visit let alone ascend from a place…from a specific structure…that did not exist at the time that someone was ‘supposedly’ there. Simply, one cannot.

And what this means is that the entirety of Islam is built upon a lie…a lie that has held Christianity and Judaism ‘in check’ for over 1400 years.Drawing the gullible into the lie over these many centuries…many more times than not by brute force and savagery alone…has allowed Islamic ideology to steal that which is holy to both the Jews and the Christians and turn it into a corrupted place solely by the presence of a structure that is most unholy. And by muslims making this structure one of their holy places is nothing but an attempt at legitimacy…to hide the reality that the structure they built is nothing but a building they deemed a mosque…albeit a pretty one…but a building nevertheless…not a place to be revered as sacred and which in all rightfulness should be torn down…whether it be brick by brick or bulldozed in one fell swoop…so that the true holy ground of the Jews and Christians can once again be brought into the light of the world as the ground of creation would no longer be hidden under such a blasphemous structure.

A structure not just conceived and built upon the ideals of blasphemy alone, but a structure also built upon a simple lie that has grown so strong that the world has been fooled into blindly accepted that simple lie as truth. And a simple lie that had new life breathed into it when in 1967 Jerusalem was unified under Israeli rule. By saying to the world “Al-Aksa that has fallen prisoner to the Jews,” the then recently invented by Yassir Arafat people known as the ‘Palestinians,’ in their quest to defame the Jewish State before the eyes of the world, single-handily helped not only to raise the status of the mosque to the zenith of Islamic ‘supposed’ holiness but did so by turning it into the touch point for all things political.

And in doing so the mullahs and the heads of the Arab nations turned the Temple Mount, and specifically the Al-Aqsa Mosque, into the ultimate tangible token of solidarity in the battle both against the nation of Israel, the Jewish people themselves, and now with the Christians thrown in for good measure. And by turning a building into a living icon of hate for those whose loyalties lie both with the ‘so-called’ Palestinians and with those who believe that Islam is a religion of peace, the brainwashing of the world’s masses into thinking Israel was the wolf knocking on islam’s door became their trophy of success.

And while the Al-Aqsa mosque is but the physical presence built upon the holy ground of the Temple Mount, yet a physical presence that holds Judaism and Christianity hostage, what of the entirety of the ‘Old City’ itself…Jerusalem’s sacred inner core so to speak and the area most in contention when speaking of Jerusalem. This very city that rightfully belongs to the Jews and to Israel alone for Jerusalem is spoken of in the Bible hundreds of times with it first being mentioned as Salem, or Shalem, in Genesis 14:18, which speaks of a meeting between Abram and Melchizedek (“Blessed be Abram by God Most High…Genesis 14:19)…how quickly most forget. And Jerusalem became the actual seat of power for the land of Israel during the time of King David after he and his armies drove the Jebusites out of Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:9) and named it the City of David. David reigned as King of Israel for 33 years, and all of the Kings of Judah who came after David reigned in Jerusalem. In fact, David’s son King Solomon built the First Temple in Jerusalem, which was later destroyed, rebuilt, and destroyed yet again.

And this happened three thousand years before the ideology of Islam was but a gleam in Muhammed’s perverted eyes.

And in the years…in the many centuries…since then… while wars and conquest saw Jerusalem being taken away from the Jews it always in one form or another was returned to them, to again be taken away and returned yet again when finally in 1967 a six day war was fought and won, and where a pledge was made that Jerusalem would never again be divided nor be taken away from the Jews…from Israel…ever again.

And that pledge alone is what ignited a conflict that seems to have no workable solution, and the Al-Aqsa mosque sits atop ground zero.

So how do these individual pieces of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Temple Mount fit into the sum of the whole that has the Al-Aqsa mosque the core from which emanates the fight for ownership of the entirety of Jerusalem, and how does the existence of said mosque prevent the Israeli/Palestinian conflict itself from ever being resolved for the two parts are forever interlocked into the whole?

To understand both one must delve into the mindset of not only the ‘so-called’ Palestinians but of the entirety of today’s muslim world. Remember, the muslim world is a collective whole of people who believe that Israeli’s wanting control of not only the ‘Old City’ but specifically of the grounds underneath the Al-Aqsa mosque means that Israel’s true goal is nothing short of regional conquest and colonization…as in to take and populate all muslim lands…and to do so simply by igniting a full-blown religious war.

But it is not Israel that has made this a religious war for it is the muslims themselves who have presented the conflict to the world as a religious war…and by their making the Al-Aqsa mosque a victim of what they refer to as Jewish extremists, the now islamisized Palestinians and the terrorist group who bears the name Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, love nothing better than to publicly whine and cry that they are the victims of Jewish hate and brutality. And with phony pictures of dead children and such they have been able to negate the truth to mobilize the public against Israel no matter that it is the Jews and now also the Christians who are actually the victims of what in reality is genocide, murder, and assorted atrocities committed by muslim hands.

And no matter the fact that Israel is but a tiny sliver of land surrounded by millions upon millions of acres of muslim lands, for Israel to give up even one inch of land…as per the Palestinian’s demands…means the enemy who already knocks on their door would now be certain to enter through that door turning the land of ‘milk and honey’ into the Muslim’s long sort after Levant.

But if Israel’s leaders decided instead to send a message to the muslim world via the rightful dismantling of the Al-Aqsa mosque that sits upon and desecrates the Temple Mount…sacred Jewish and Christian holy ground…and starts construction of the prophesied Third Temple, maybe then and only then will the hand of God Almighty help smite those who wish to kill us all.

And so the religious and political divisions of the Middle East are truly both legendary and written in scripture that spans the two great religions of Christianity and Judaism as well as in the Islamic political manifesto called the Qur’an. Those divisions span tribal wars, slavery, Biblical epochs, the Crusades, and even modern wars, but the political implications of the here and now are not just drawn in the sand of Israel and Jerusalem but are blatantly obvious in these United States as well.

At the forefront of that, today is President Donald Trump, the depth of his presidency, and the ripple effects of it will surely be felt throughout the world.

President Trump is unabashedly pro-Israel and his long-time friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has liberals in our country as well as those spearheading a one world government absolutely terrified. For the past eight years both factions, the liberals and the one world government provocateurs, have had the U.S. government working in concert to destroy Israel, and their weapon of choice is both apparent and surprising.


From the White House to the Halls of Congress, the ideology of Islam had no better ally than the Obama administration and elected liberals who did everything within their power, and some things legally beyond the actual scope of their power, to bolster the intent of Islam to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. In those efforts, the weight of the United Nations should not be taken for granted, as that one world governmental body has for decades stood in abject opposition to the only true democracy in the Middle East.

There are several key reasons those groups, so opposed to Israel, are so scared of President Trump that they are willing to employ any tactic imaginable to put an end to his presidency, even in the scant few months since the inauguration.

President Trump has voiced his desire to fully recognize Jerusalem, all of it, as the true and only capital of Israel, and he has made it clear that he would like to distinguish that fact by moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…a move that could well become a reality sooner rather than later. Such a formal recognition, backed up by the presence of a physical embassy in the ‘Old City’ of Jerusalem, would send shock waves through the one world government agenda and through the liberal power elite, because having the U.S. make such a bold and decisive move could well trigger a domino effect of other nations following suit.

Moving our embassy to Jerusalem would also shake the world of Islam to its core, as it would signal that an American president has had enough of the mythical notion that Islam has some claim to the city and the all too real hold that islam’s ideological terrorism tactics are now crumbling.

Next, while President Donald Trump speaks of finding a solution to the two-state issue, those aligned with the ‘so-called’ Palestinians know that any solution promoted or championed by President Trump would hinge on full and iron-clad recognition by the world of Islam, including the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Hamas, Saudi Arabia, and even Iran of the right of the Jewish State of Israel to exist in perpetuity. Such a situation, as engineered by President Trump, would, of course, include the full backing and support of the United States should such recognition ever be trifled with by those who seek Israel’s destruction.

And the United Nations, which relies heavily on financial support from the United States, is trembling because the powers that be there know if they do not straighten up and start supporting Israel against the world’s rogue nations, pretend nations, and terrorist-sponsoring nations, President Trump could well pull the financial plug. And should he do that, the U.N. has to know that Israel would dump the U.N. in a heartbeat, and because of the relationship that now exists between Russia and Israel, along with the growing trust being built between Trump and Putin, Russia could also make a move to leave the U.N. in the dust.

The resulting ripples from a shattered U.N. would absolutely be felt by a crumbling of the one world government agenda, as that agenda relies most certainly on a cohesive United Nations as its driving force. The last thing either the one world government types or the United Nations can afford is a stronger Israel with a triangular alliance which would include the U.S. and Russia, and a more stable Middle East.

This is why the United Nations and Obama worked so feverishly to promote the Obama doctrine of creating vacuums of power throughout the Middle East, to be filled by various Islamist factions. Such a doctrine would destabilize the region and weaken Israel, so if that trend were to reverse itself, as it already is with Trump in the White House, any gains made over the past decade towards a one world government would be wiped out.

Remember, we said that those hell-bent on the ideology of a one world government have been using the ideology of Islam as their weapon of choice, so allow us to clarify that point.

Both the liberals in the U.S. and the power brokers of the U.N. know full well that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology of death, destruction, and genocide, which is exactly why they have employed it and bolstered it at every turn.

It would simply be too much for the military forces of a one world government to deploy across the Middle East, not to mention Europe, for the purpose of wresting power from sovereign nations. It would be too blatant, too abrasive, and too much like a Nazi juggernaut to ever pull it off. What those attempting to bring about a one world government need is a force of terror, death, destruction, and genocide ruthless enough to do the dirty work for them, and if they can disguise that force as a religion cloaked in political correctness as a shield against those who know better, they would have exactly what they need, and for two very good reasons.

First, Islam could and is invading Europe in overwhelming numbers, and wreaking havoc on the populous there. In short order, the situations in key European cities and nations will become so dire, and the violence so extreme, that the whole of Europe will be looking for some entity to save them.

In the Middle East, the rise of ISIS and the spread of other factions of islamic terrorist organizations under the protective umbrella of the Obama doctrine and the shield of the United Nations has left a trail of death and destruction in its wake. Iran, a rogue islamist nation, thanks to Obama and company, is now on the verge of having nuclear weapons which is causing the rest of the region to engage in a nuclear arms race.

Across Europe, the ill effects of Islam are manifesting themselves on a daily basis through violence and sexual assaults perpetrated against innocents, to outright terrorist attacks which are becoming all too common.

Second, one of the building blocks of liberalism, whether in our country or abroad, is political correctness which mandates tolerance to gullible masses, and a big part of that tolerance is the notion that one’s own culture should be set aside for the culture of others. Islam makes the perfect weapon for the one world government and for liberals in our country because one of the primary goals of the ideology is to erase all other cultures, lock, stock, and barrel.

As Islam spreads, cultures are destroyed either from the violent, tangible destruction that is a hallmark of the islamist ideology or through the nature of political correctness itself which dictates acceptance of the invading culture. Either way, culture is replaced, and people die until a nation reaches the point of no return and is left to beg for help.

That is where the one world government steps in with military force to become not only the savior of civilized people but their governing body as well. Any borders not erased by the gullible and the willing will then be erased by the one world body. Any country not already buried by socialism and/or communism as a base ideology will be forced to it by the one world body.

Islam, is nothing but a tool of the one world body being used to force the situation passed the breaking point, and once that happens, once there is no further use for islam and it becomes a thorn in the side of the one world agenda, it too will be eliminated.

But for now, on the political end of the stick, that mosque in Jerusalem is political ground zero. It is a brick and mortar sign to the world that islam is to be tolerated while it presses forward toward a caliphate in the Middle East and an invasive force throughout Europe. It is there, it is visible, and its only real purpose is to act as a political wedge.

What Muhammad sought in his time was not a spiritual awakening but a political empire, and he recognized the fact that the Roman Empire had adopted Christianity as its religion while those closest to him in proximity held Judaism as their religion and base of power. He knew that the only way he could begin the process of building his own political empire was to base it on something that would hold something greater than himself as a sword over his people, and thus, he created his own political ideology and masked it as a religion of which he was the ‘spiritual’ leader.

Nearly a century later with no mention of Jerusalem in the texts written by Muhammad in the Qur’an, those overseeing the political ideology of islam knew that to gain political relevance they would need a hard and fast, brick and mortar, claim to the sight most revered by the two religions that were most present in the region…in Jerusalem…and for the sake of political expediency the exact location of their mosque would have to be built not on but over the sight of that specific pin on the map held most dear by both Christianity and Judaism.

To the Jews that exact site is the pinpoint on the Earth where human life began, and where their religion began with the story of Abraham and Isaac. To the Christians that exact site is where Jesus died on the cross which signaled the true beginning of their religious beliefs. To islam, Jerusalem has never been anything but a place on the map until it became politically significant in their quest to build an empire, and so, for political purposes only, it also became the place to construct a mosque.

And with that mosque came islam’s quest for domination of the world via a Holy War of great proportions so that all who remain will submit to the ways of 7th century barbarians, and those who will be left to fight will do so with but ‘sticks and stones’ for the tangibles of what was before will be no more.

Investigative Reports…Copyright © 2017 Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots



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Paris mayor may ban black feminist Nyansapo festival

Mon, 05/29/2017 - 1:44am

The mayor of Paris has called for a black feminist festival in the city to be banned on the grounds that it excludes white people.

At the Nyansapo Festival in July, billed as “blackfeminist”, 80% of the venue will be reserved for black women.

Black people of any gender will be allowed in another area, while a third area will be open to all.

Anne Hidalgo tweeted that she reserved the right “to prosecute the organisers for discrimination”.

Some French anti-racism organisations have condemned the festival.

SOS Racisme called it “an abomination” and said it “wallows in ethnic separation”, while Licra, the International League against Racism and Antisemitism, said: “Rosa Parks would be turning in her grave.”

On Friday the regional head of the far-right National Front party had challenged Ms Hidalgo to explain the “blatantly racist” event.

The organisers said in a statement (in French) that they had been “the target of a campaign of disinformation and fake news orchestrated by the extreme right” and they were “saddened to see some anti-racist associations let themselves be manipulated”.

They continued by mentioning that many had “no problem” with women-only feminist groups when race was not stipulated.

The festival is scheduled to take place in a property owned by the city of Paris, but the restricted event is in a public area. Organisers said the mayor subsequently had no jurisdiction over the event.


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Trump: Making Us Proud Shining Abroad

Sat, 05/27/2017 - 9:46pm

The elegance, wisdom, and class President Trump has displayed on his first foreign policy trip continues to baffle political elitists and fake news media. 1 Corinthians 1:27 comes to mind. “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.”

Trump is a man of the people who speaks like a human being. Obama spoke like an arrogant blowhard. He spoke so high above us commoners that it took Leftist professors to explain the brilliance of his oratory.

Am I the only one who has noticed President Trump’s humility ever since taking office. We were told Trump’s legendary ego would be a major stumbling block. But all I have seen is a man who realizes the huge responsibility placed upon his shoulders by We the People. Trump appears laser focused on winning for America.

Obama was rude to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on several occasions and hostile towards Israel. Never have I seen Netanyahu as relaxed and smiley with a U.S. president as he has been with Trump. When Trump spoke at the Israel Museum, his words brought tears to my eyes.

“Israel is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people. From all parts of this great country, one message resounds, and that is the message of hope. Down through the ages, the Jewish people have suffered persecution, oppression, and even those who have sought their destruction. But, through it all, they have endured and, in fact, they have thrived. I stand in awe of the accomplishments of the Jewish people, and I make this promise to you: My administration will always stand with Israel. (Applause.) Thank you very much.”

Regarding Israel, God said, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you, I will curse…” Genesis 12:3

Trump has restored our relationship with Israel. Praise God!

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Nobody knows enough to be a pessimist.” I interpreted his comment to mean there are too many unknown variables in a situation to correctly predict a negative outcome. Over the 8 years of Obama, pessimists faithfully emailed calling me a naive idiot for writing and working to restore my beloved country. They said it was too late and all was lost. Obama and the Left had successfully brought down America from her throne as the world leader. Rather than our tradition of striving to be all one could be, we had become a nation of deadbeats, happy to feed on the breast of big ultra-controlling government.

No one imagined Trump whom political elites and media regarded as the cartoon presidential candidate would win in an electoral landslide; proving pessimists wrong. This is why it is unwise to stop fighting for what is right. Leftists use the Madison Avenue advertising technique of promoting their extreme views as sophisticated and mainstream. They say our patriotic and Christianity rooted views are backward and racist. In reality, we are the majority and Leftists are the weirdo minority. Trump’s election confirmed this truth.

Signing 90 executive orders in his first 100 days, Trump is swiftly dismantling Obama’s horrific legacy. It is as if Obama’s reign of terror was only our shared national nightmare that never really happened. I realize we still have a long way to go to overturn Obama’s mess. But Trump has made remarkable headway.

Grasping at straws to criticize Trump and brand us, hypocrites, Leftists ask why aren’t we demanding that Trump use the term “radical Islamic terrorism”, considering we criticized Obama for not using it.

Well, the obvious difference is Obama not only refused to name our enemy, he protected our enemy at every turn. In response to numerous Islamic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, Obama’s DOJ threatened to jail anyone caught speaking badly about Islam

We know where Trump stands in regards to Islamic terrorism.

During his speech in what some might call the belly-of-the-beast, Saudi Arabia, Trump challenged Muslims to fight Islamic terrorism. Trump said, “Drive them out. Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this earth.”  Folks, that is incredibly bold, anointed and God inspired.

I marvel at what this unpretentious common man is achieving on our behalf on foreign soil. As always, I advise you to keep President Donald J. Trump in your prayers.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Author: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”

Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist

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