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It’s Not the Heat; It’s the Sensitivity in Global Warming

Wed, 04/26/2017 - 11:55am

The Heartland Institute’s 12th International Conference on Climate Change was nothing like I expected. When joining a group described in pejorative terms as “deniers,” one would expect to see furtive movements and disreputable haircuts, yet the crowd displayed good humor and a welcoming attitude.

Even the dour Washington Post, which sees potentially fatal darkness around every corner, described the event as “buoyant,” which will come in handy if the seas continue to rise on Al Gore’s Titanic–like timeline.

Spending time with climate realists shows an informed observer that what he should be looking for is not spectacular climate disasters visible just prior to his agonizing death. Trying to spot herds of tornados tossing Oklahoma into the Gulf of Mexico or perpetual heat waves leaving spontaneous combustion in their wake is simply a waste of time.

The momentous events that drive leftist climate policy aren’t something as mundane as the weather. What really counts are small adjustments to computer programs. Or as Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, puts it, “He who controls the parameters controls the climate.” Or at least climate policy and how it affects the taxpaying public.

It’s why control–freak leftists are so passionate about the climate. Minute adjustments to confidential computer models produce dramatic disaster scenarios that can only be prevented by massive government control and intervention.

Earlier that morning Kevin Dayaratna, senior statistician and research programmer at the Center for Data Analysis, gave an example of parameter control. The EPA has determined the social cost of carbon is $36 a ton. This figure purports to represent the sum of the net damage across the world of adding another ton of carbon to the atmosphere.

An accurate cost “improves the efficiency of policy” and “putting a price on carbon is the only regulation needed.” But the key word is accurate and takes us back to Michael’s “parameters.”

The EPA price for carbon has been more volatile than Reince Priebus futures under Donald Trump. The cost started out at $21/ton, then jumped to $24 and has now peaked (until the next Democrat takes the White House) at $36/ton.

The price kept jumping not because the damage increased, but because the number was “a political decision.” According to Dayaratna, “The goal was a high price not justified by science.” To get their number EPA bureaucrats cooked the books and based the cost finding on “worst case scenarios” and the world that embraced “zero (carbon) mitigation.”

The EPA’s future featured self–driving Ubers powered by burning wood and a White House heated by dirty coal. The EPA couldn’t even be trusted to follow guidelines for discount rate set by Obama’s Office of Management and Budget. OMB recommended a 7 percent discount rate, but EPA’s calculations used 2.5, 3 and 5 percent, finally setting on the figure that resulted in the highest carbon cost per ton.

Dayaratna’s cost with little adaptation on the part of the government is $18/ton and with extensive adaptation $4/ton.

The difference between the figures is the difference between maintaining your first–world lifestyle or fleeing to Honduras as an economic refugee after the EPA makes modernity unaffordable.

Obama’s lasting legacy is embedded leftist regulations. Even if Donald Trump issues executive orders overturning the EPA’s economy–killing regulation, they won’t take effect because green fanatics will file suit to stop implementation. Their argument will be Trump can’t overturn any of the EPA’s carbon regulations because the EPA has determined carbon is a pollutant. Reversing the “endangerment finding” is the only way to prevent this stalling tactic.

A reversal is only possible if the administration can prove the “endangerment finding” was based on faulty science.

Michaels explains, “The endangerment finding was based on computer models [showing carbon causes warming] and nothing else. If these models are demonstrably failing, the endangerment finding can get thrown out.”

Michaels compared an average based on 102 temperature models with the actual temperature at various altitudes in the atmosphere based on a number of years. The distance between the temperatures predicted by the models and the measured temperature looked like the gap between a husband’s opinion on the acceptable price for a sports car and that of his wife.

“Climate scientists” can’t admit the sensitivity in their models is wrong because then “you admit you’re wrong.” So they continue to use models calibrated to reflect 20th-century climate exactly but break down completely after the turn of the century.

The scientific solution is to change the carbon = pollutant hypothesis since observation doesn’t support it, but “climate science” isn’t science. It’s religion. Which is why the economy’s only hope rests on a carbon atheist in the Oval Office.

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Houston businesswoman Sandy Phan-Gillis in spying case

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 7:17pm

A Houston businesswoman who was detained in China two years ago as she accompanied city officials on a routine business trip was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on spying charges Tuesday.

The judge presiding over the closed-door trial in Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi region in southern China, said Sandy Phan-Gillis would be deported, but he didn’t specify when.

That leaves open the possibility that she could be credited with having already served more than half her sentence and removed to the United States soon, according to a person familiar with the case who declined to be identified due to its sensitive nature. But she could also be forced to complete her term.

The Chinese Consulate in Houston didn’t immediately respond to comment. The State Department confirmed the sentencing, but said it remained concerned about her welfare.

“We are in favor of any result that allows her to return home to her family soon,” the department said in a statement.

Her possible deportation would mark an end to a saga that has threatened U.S.-China relations and puzzled those who know Phan-Gillis, a 57-year-old Vietnamese refugee of Chinese descent who spent the past three decades forging stronger partnerships with the communist country. She has lead dozens of delegations to China and hosted Chinese groups in Houston, founded the city’s Chinese New Year festival, and headed the Houston Shenzhen Sister City Association.

But to Chinese authorities, Phan-Gillis was a spy, going to a city in southern China in 1996 to conduct an espionage mission, according to her indictment last year. They accused her of recruiting Chinese citizens to spy for foreign agencies and spying on the communist nation herself.

Little more information has been disclosed over her charges, as lawyers in China are forbidden to publicly discuss national security cases without approval.

Phan-Gillis’ husband, Jeff Gillis, has repeatedly maintained her innocence and called improving relations with China her “life’s work.” He declined to comment Tuesday.

But he has previously said that his wife’s passport shows that she did not visit China at all in 1996.

He has also said that she told him that her arrest was related to people she knew two decades ago who were from the province of Guangxi but whom “she knew in the United States, not in China.”

She told him that, according to Chinese authorities, these acquaintances “have been violating their law, and the law is catching up to them,” he said last year.

At one point, Phan-Gillis told her lawyers that she felt forced to admit to the espionage mission but that the confession was “faked” because she was threatened with life imprisonment during daily interrogations.

American experts in such cases and those who knew Phan-Gillis in Houston were confounded about what could have raised Beijing’s ire. Some in Congress even suggested issuing a travel advisory for China warning about the possible risks.

Her case raised questions about the safety of Americans doing business in China under the presidency of Xi Jinping, who has arrested at least nine foreigners on allegations of spying in the past two years and oversaw the passage of a sweeping national security law in 2015 that grants authorities broad discretion about what constitutes espionage.

It was approved as Chinese authorities have increasingly blamed “foreign forces” for protests in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Source: Lomi Kriel

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Freedom Caucus Chairman: ‘We Will Repeal Most Aspects of Obamacare by the End of May’

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 5:38pm
House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that he expects an Obamacare repeal bill to pass by the end of May.

Rumors started spreading last week that House Republicans were close to a deal on repealing Obamacare, and now Congressman Mark Meadows says a repeal bill will pass by the end of May. The agreement, brokered by the House Freedom Caucus chairman and Tuesday Group co-chairman Tom MacArthur (R-NJ), would allow states to eliminate Obamacare’s community rating system — a rule that prohibits health insurers from pricing health care plans based on age, gender, or health status. States that repeal Obamacare’s community rating rules would have to join a federal high-risk pool or establish a local high-risk pool to obtain the waiver.

The deal, known as the MacArthur amendment, would also reinstate Obamacare’s Essential Health Benefits, although states could waive Obamacare’s Essential Health Benefits if they were to prove that eliminating those regulations would lower premiums, increase the number of people insured, or “advance another benefit to the public interest in the state.”

Meadows told Breitbart News that the waiver serves as a conservative compromise to repeal Obamacare. He said, “I think the waiver, while not a perfect solution, does provide an option to find common ground between more moderate and conservative elements of the Republican conference.”

Meadows added, “The waivers give states the authority and the flexibility to do what they need to do. That’s a critical component of what we need to do to fix health care and give the states the ability the instill more of the free market in health care and drive prices down. I’m encouraged by it and hope that we can get the 216 votes for it. We can certainly look back at the involvement of the White House on behalf of all Americans and give them access to affordable health care.”

The House Freedom Caucus chairman added that he will be working with conservative senators to continue to push an even more conservative repeal bill in the Senate. “I am having conversations with my colleagues in the Senate,” he explained, “where we can push for even more conservative solutions because it was more difficult to push amendments procedurally in the House.”

Meadows commended the actions of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Congressman Tom MacArthur for bringing the Obamacare repeal package this close to passage. He said:

Not only have we made good progress, we have to get give a good shout out to Tom MacArthur and the President and the Vice President for their efforts in the last couple of weeks. It would be a mistake to suggest that had Tom MacArthur, the President, and the Vice President have not gotten involved in this process, then we would not have the options now for everyone to consider. Tom has worked closely hard with Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden and the committee to make sure that what we do is keeping in line with repealing and replacing Obamacare and drives down premiums and keeps pre-existing conditions.

Meadows told Breitbart News, “I fully expect that we will repeal most aspects of Obamacare by the end of May. It may have been a deterrent in the first 100 days, but by the end of the first 120 days or so it will be seen as a significant accomplishment. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, as the as song used to say. We will have an excellent finish.”


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Things That Really Matter

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 3:24pm

Things that really matter. The social media phenomenon has grown exponentially since AOL came on the scene in the last century. As we drift farther and farther away from reality we must pause, look back, and collect our thoughts, and common sense. What really happened at Berkeley? People following the myths promoted by social media gurus who sit behind their keyboards every day grinding out fake ideas, completely untested by time and gullible kids without the capacity to change a belt in a vacuum cleaner following like rats behind the cyber piper. That’s what!
Remember back when you were in school? Back when I was in school we had books. You see, when you read something it tends to have more weight than advice from the drunk on the corner begging for change because the end of the world is coming soon. Well, same thing with Facebook. Yesterday I read that Eddie Murphy was dead. It took me less than thirty seconds to vet that, and trash it. How many bought the story? Well, Everyone at Berkeley, that’s for sure. I mean they think an election can be nullified in the streets with a few well placed M-80s.
Facebook is a drama machine. That’s mostly all you see, and all the drama kings and queens swear to God it’s not them, it’s someone else. When you challenge someone in any sort of social media you create drama, drama being intriguing situations evoking opinions from all sides. Never forget that we’re basically naked apes hoarding our bananas. And folks get MAD when you diminish their demigods that they have sacrificed all for, their common sense being top of the list. Don’t laugh at them either. That’s when the bring out the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the local health board, AND begin to look seriously into their live feed (the new reality show) claiming mountains of “evidence” in their laundry room that will explain everything.
When you laugh off their claims their minions will attack. Of course you’re a homo, a pedophile, a drunk, or any manner of vile humanity because if they hear what you say then that’s reality, and reality is a bitter pill. And they are all the same. From “Marches For America” with the CEO, and founder predicting WWIII all the way down to housewives claiming to have a direct pipeline to government agencies who hang on their every word. The conflict flowing between these groups fuel the never ending drama machine better than any Hollywood script you can imagine.
But it’s fun IF you know they’re ALL full of it, and take them no more seriously than the latest Michael Moore movie. You don’t have to poke ‘em hard either. Any little prick will do because they all live in a cyber house of cards. They have forgotten things that really matter. Fried chicken. That matters. Martinis matter, too. Not running out of gas on the way to get gas. Finding a girl roughly your own age who is about as settled as you are. There are dozens of things that matter, but social media drama is simply not one of them. If you wonder what attracts you to these clowns . . . well, there it is . . . they’re CLOWNS! Unless you have a fear of clowns you have no problem with things like “March For America” in any of its current flavors either “Inc” or “2017.” They are like a Chinese menu. You can take one from column “A” or one from column “B” but don’t drink the Kool-Aide, and never forget the things that really matter!

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With Ally in Oval Office, Immigration Hard-Liners Ascend to Power

Mon, 04/24/2017 - 5:55pm

Jon Feere, an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration, on C-Span. He now works for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Read More: Nicholas Kulish

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UC Berkeley College Republicans threaten to sue if Ann Coulter not allowed to speak

Sun, 04/23/2017 - 4:43pm

UC Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter to speak on campus are threatening to sue the university if it doesn’t find a proper time and venue for the conservative pundit to speak next week.

Harmeet Dhillon, who represents the Berkeley College Republicans, said in letters sent Friday to UC Berkeley’s Interim Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton and chief attorney Christopher Patti that if Coulter is not allowed to give a speech on campus on Thursday, she will file a lawsuit in federal court because the university is violating the students’ constitutional right to free speech.

“It is a sad day indeed when the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, is morphing before our eyes into the cemetery of free speech on college campuses,” wrote Dhillon, a committeewoman to the Republican National Convention for California and former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party.

Berkeley officials on Tuesday informed the Berkeley College Republicans and the nonpartisan BridgeUSA, which organized the Coulter event, that it was being canceled due to security concerns.

The cancellation comes after a series of violent clashes this year on campus and in downtown Berkeley between far-right and far-left protesters who come armed with pepper spray, Molotov cocktails, brass knuckles and soda cans filled with concrete.

Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks said that police have “very specific intelligence regarding threats that could pose a grave danger to the speaker,” her audience and protesters if the event goes ahead Thursday.

Officials offered an afternoon event on May 2, when they can offer an “appropriate, protectable venue” but Coulter rejected it, saying she is not available that day. She also tweeted, “THERE ARE NO CLASSES AT BERKELEY THE WEEK OF MAY 2.” The period is known as Dead Week when students are studying for final exams.

Dhillon said the university offered eight possible venues for the event students had planned to take place between 7 and 9 p.m. but then abruptly canceled the event.

Patti said in a letter to Dhillon that university police and officials have determined neither the group’s free speech nor the safety of the university’s 36,000 students can be safeguarded on Thursday.

Coulter has vowed to speak at Berkeley on that date.

Source: LA

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I’m a Tea Party conservative. Here’s how to win over Republicans on renewable energy.

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 2:55am

Activist Debbie Dooley has some choice words for individuals who believe that fossil fuels have no impact on the environment. “If you think fossil fuel is not damaging the environment,” she says, “pull your car in a garage, start up your engine, and inhale the exhaust fumes for a few minutes and see what happens.”

You could be forgiven for suspecting that Dooley might be a Democrat. According to a Gallup poll conducted last year, 85 percent of Democrats believe humans are contributing to increases in global temperature. But she’s not. Dooley is a conservative, gun-owning Trump supporter who also happens to be a co-founder of the Tea Party.

Dooley runs Conservatives for Energy Freedom, where she advocates for the expansion of renewable energy and for cuts to government regulations she believes hinder that growth. Through her efforts, she has even won over unlikely allies such as Al Gore.

According to Dooley, the problem with her fellow conservatives is that “they’ve been brainwashed for decades into believing we’re not damaging the environment.” As a result, Dooley speaks with them about renewable energy in a political language conservatives respect, using phrases like energy freedom, energy choice, and national security.

When speaking to conservatives in these terms, “you have a receptive audience and they will listen to you,” Dooley says. “If you lead off with climate change, they’re not going to pay a bit of attention to anything else you say.”

Watch this episode of Vox Voices to learn more about how Dooley’s discusses the environment with fellow conservatives and why she thinks caring for the environment is not necessarily anti-Republican.

Source: Matteen Mokalla

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Bill O’Reilly breaks silence on his ouster from Fox News

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 2:01am

‘It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims’

Bill O’Reilly’s highly successful 21-year run on Fox News is over.

“After a thorough and careful review of allegations against him, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Mr. O’Reilly will not return to the Fox News Channel,” a statement from 21st Century Fox said.

Internal memo sent by Murdochs to all staff at Fox News Wednesday (Photo: Twitter/Oliver Darcy)

The news followed a report of a former Fox News employee coming forward with accusations of inappropriate behavior by O’Reilly.

O’Reilly issued a statement as he returned by plane from Italy on Wednesday: “It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today.

“I will always look back on my time at Fox with great pride in the unprecedented success we achieve and with my deepest gratitude to all my dedicated viewers. I wish only the best for Fox News Channel.”

He added: “Over the past 20 years at Fox News, I have been extremely proud to launch and lead one of the most successful news programs in history, which has consistently informed and entertained millions of Americans and significantly contributed to building Fox into the dominant news network in television.”

With O’Reilly gone, Fox host Tucker Carlson will move to O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. slot starting Monday, April 24.

Fox News will fill Carlson’s former 9 p.m. spot with “The Five,” to be co-anchored by Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dana Perino, Bob Beckel, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters and Juan Williams. Sean Hannity will remain in his current 10 p.m. slot. Martha MacCallum will stay at 7 p.m. in a program that will have a new title “The Story” beginning April 28.

Earlier, New York magazine said the Murdoch family was split on whether the prime-time host would come back to Fox from a vacation that has just days left.

It was one of several media sources reporting the Murdoch family was split on the matter, which was costing the most profitable TV news operation considerable advertising revenue.

New York magazine sources said the Murdochs had indeed decided to pull the plug on O’Reilly’s reign as the king of cable news.

“According to sources briefed on the discussions, network executives are preparing to announce O’Reilly’s departure before he returns from an Italian vacation on April 24,” the magazine said Wednesday.

“Now the big questions are how the exit will look and who will replace him,” the report said.

“Wednesday morning, according to sources, executives are holding emergency meetings to discuss how they can sever the relationship with the country’s highest-rated cable-news host without causing collateral damage to the network.”

While founder Rupert Murdoch reportedly wanted O’Reilly to stay, sons James and Lachlan were said to have argued for his departure.

With street protests outside Fox News headquarters and a parade of women making accusations ranging from sexual harassment to inappropriate and unprofessional remarks, the ad-revenue decline has been in free-fall.

“It’s worse than Glenn Beck,” one unnamed source was quoted as saying.

Beck lost his show on the Fox News Channel in 2011 when advertisers turned against him.

On Wednesday, Beck suggested to his radio audience that Murdoch’s sons don’t like Fox News and will eventually kill off the channel.

“It’s not going to go away right away,” Beck said, “but you’re seeing a significant weakening. Who’s the big bad wolf that will stand in the door?

“Roger is gone, and Rupert had to deal with the family — that the family and the wives and the children would kill it, and you’re seeing the end of the Fox News Channel.”

The magazine mentioned another possible consideration: The Murdochs are trying to engineer a $14 billion takeover of European pay-TV provider Sky, and the British media regulator Ofcom is set to determine whether News Corp. is “fit and proper” to own the giant media property. Losing O’Reilly, some insiders believe, might help win approval.

In addition, the company is said to have paid around $13 million to settle claims of sexual harassment against O’Reilly.

Less than a year ago, Fox News Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roger Ailes was let go after a number of women charged him with sexual harassment and other similar charges.

The latest allegation against O’Reilly came Tuesday from the attorney of a Fox News clerical worker – a black woman – who claimed the host called her “hot chocolate.”

According to the woman’s attorney, O’Reilly “would never talk to her, not even hello, except to grunt at her like a wild boar.”

“He would leer at her. He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared.”

Attorney Lisa Bloom said in a tweet the “new O’Reilly accuser who I represent is not asking for money, just accountability.”

Matt Drudge, among other observers, saw the end coming.

“O’Reilly has had tremendous run,” he tweeted out minutes after the latest “hot chocolate” shoe dropped. “Very few in the business get to decide when and how things end. Media is most brutal of all industries.”

New York magazine said on Wednesday that sources report the “discussions” over the exit are moving along.

“Right now, a key issue on the table is whether he would be allowed to say good-bye to his audience, perhaps the most loyal in all of cable (O’Reilly’s ratings have ticked up during the sexual-harassment allegations).”

The report said Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and Tucker Carlson are under consideration as replacements.


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Feds say deported ‘Dreamer’ lost status, had criminal convictions

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 3:59pm

The illegal immigrant “Dreamer” who’s become a cause celebre for advocacy groups after his deportation earlier this year had actually lost his legal status by leaving the U.S. without permission, negating his permit under President Obama’s deportation amnesty, federal officials said Wednesday.

Juan Manuel Montes-Bojorquez, the 23-year-old who is now suing the Trump administration, claimed he’d been granted status under Mr. Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, or DACA. But he said he was deported in February anyway, despite that protection, after agents refused to let him get his paperwork.

Immigrant-rights advocates and high-ranking members of Congress, including the top House Democrat and the second-ranking Senate Democrats, have taken up Mr. Montes’s cause, saying he shouldn’t have been kicked out, accusing Mr. Trump of breaking his promises, and demanding answers from Homeland Security.

But Customs and Border Protection, the Homeland Security agency that arrested and deported Mr. Montes, says the young man’s story, which he first told to USA Today, doesn’t check out.

Mr. Montes told the newspaper he was arrested Feb. 18 after having lunch with a friend and wasn’t allowed to get his wallet showing his DACA approval, which he said should have protected him into early 2018. He said he was quickly deported, then tried to sneak back into the U.S. a day later, when he was caught and deported again.

CBP officials said Tuesday night that Mr. Montes fell out of DACA status in 2015, but in a new statement Wednesday the agency acknowledged he had been approved through January 2018.

But the agency said he broke the terms of DACA by leaving the U.S. without permission, making him eligible to be deported. Agents said they have no records of the Feb. 18 encounter Mr. Montes recalled, but did arrest him on Feb. 19 after he jumped the border.

“During Mr. Montes-Bojorquez’s detention and arrest by the United States Border Patrol on February 19, he admitted to agents that he had illegally entered the United States and was arrested,” the agency said in a statement.

CBP said Mr. Montes never mentioned DACA status during his interview with the Border Patrol, but even if it had come up, he had violated the terms and was subject to deportation.
“Even if Montes-Bojorquez had informed agents of his DACA status, he had violated the conditions of his status by breaking continuous residency in the United States by leaving and then reentering the U.S. illegally,” CBP said.
Mr. Montes also had several convictions on his record, including a shoplifting conviction last summer, after his most recent DACA approval in January 2016

Source: Stephen Dinan

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And The Whores Weren’t Ladies

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 12:43pm

These were bad men, and the whores weren’t ladies. Paul Newman said this in the movie “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean,” and though not historically accurate, it transcends to the present day, and the infamous Facebook murder. The absolute inhumanity of the LiveFeed on social media of the indiscriminate killing of an old man on Easter will be forever burned into the memory of America, if not the world. Law enforcement searches for the killer, and the rest of us search for the answers. There are no answers.

If nothing else, the Open Carry Movement in Texas proves one thing; there ARE bad men, and some of the whores aren’t ladies. The paradox of the liberal left leaves the thinking world speechless. A group that will hurl M-80s into a crowd of Trump supporters, yet cry alligator tears for animals who kill old men, and celebrate the mass execution of the unborn, our most defenseless citizens. You must ask yourself, if a section of the population is all concerned about emissions from your car as you drive to work to pay for their food stamps, and medical care, how on earth can they condone free air and food for life for Steve Stephens? I’m just a simple old boy from Austin, but did I miss something here?

Mankind has struggled forever on the best way to dispatch persons who have used up their air through their own actions. Death by trauma was the preferred method until the French Revolution when the Guillotine was introduced, and in a brilliant stroke (please excuse the pun) it was arrived at that if a head was quickly removed the chances of survival were significantly reduced. They needed a flock of doctors to figure that out, I crappith Thee NOT!

Since then several methods have been developed, hanging, gas, injection, and good old firing squad, as states and nations worked their way toward the perfect end to the imperfect life, and the debate over this has lent humanity to the most inhuman of the human race. These are bad man, and the whores aren’t ladies. While I support the rule of law there is a breaking point where common sense needs to prevail. That breaking point comes when an old man is gunned down for all to see, and someone starts worrying about the rights of the killer. If you are one of those people have I got a bridge foe you, and it’s on SALE!

We need to stop trying to understand people like this. People who kill old men, children, women and then go years either getting an appeal, or finally going to execution after living practically their entire lives at our expense. These were bad men, and the whores weren’t ladies. Does that offend you? Try watching that video and then come back and tell me all about it!


Post Script: My father used to walk behind supermarkets collecting cans. Wasn’t much money in it but he thought it was a good thing to do. As we move past this tragedy we must always remember Mr Goodwin’s gift to our country. In this time of division, and challenge THIS black life mattered to all of us, white, black, young, old, liberal or conservative. Thank you Mr Goodwin. Godspeed on your way home.

Bill the Butcher is an op-ed writer for several publications

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March For America?

Fri, 04/14/2017 - 1:50pm

Whenever you begin any endeavor where you have no intention of delivering the results you purported to in the onset, and have cloudy accounting principles to hide these intentions you have just engaged in a con game, make no mistake. When someone forms an LLC, or a corporation in a state other than their state of residence you must ask, “Why?” When you see large groups of people questioning the actions of the organization you must question the reasons. When you see the leader of the organization repeatedly flinging accusations that he cannot support, and drawing endless lines in the sand you must accept that the organization is not what it was put out to be, and that there is an alternative motive driving it from within.

Such an organization is March For America! What Scott Binsack started as a patriot group quickly morphed into a semi-marketing internet machine diverting funds and dropping orders for products, while shorting suppliers, and launching into attacks on anyone who dared to question the actions of the principles within the group. Combine this with endless rants on social media, real or implied threats, and outright lies, and you have a full blown business model designed to divert money from good intentioned Americans who only wanted to support a change in direction for our country. This is unconscionable!

Scott Binsack’s record is free on the internet for anyone to see. In spite of his explanations and rants, he has left a trail of failed businesses, convictions, and victims of his endeavors well back into the last century, and that’s not slander people, that is documented fact! In this latest effort he has added a new twist of religious fervor which caters to elderly women, his victim of choice. He mounts his pulpit nightly ranting in his convoluted style, bringing in news stories which he is happy to borrow from the likes of Alex Jones, Dennis Michael Lynch, or Outlaw Morgan, sometimes reading right off the iPad screen, telling his minions they “heard it here first,” lending the element of political insight or prophecy to his endless screaming.

Binsack will not and cannot debate openly with anyone who disagrees with him because he has no understanding of politics on even the most elemental level, and his limited education forbids any rational analysis of the plagiarized “news” he vomits every night. Jeremy Herrall invited him onto his LiveFeed where Binsack dominated the dialog in order to avoid answering questions about the tide of complaints coming in. There IS no “March For America” in any real sense of the word. When he finds his way to any public event he blends into the crowd, and calls it his own. With his “executive secretary,” Dawn Morgan, working tirelessly from some hotel, he bolsters this by creating endless Facebook Avatars to give the illusion of national support, while orders for items ordered by believers are being dropped or simply ignored. Anyone who dares to challenge this in even the slightest way is quickly told to, “Pack their ‘items” and slandered to the nines!

Binsack is very good at simple illusion, but poor at details, which quickly reveal his cons on many levels. He goes on and on about “off shore” bank accounts, yet lives between the apartment of the alleged mother of one of his children, and the hotel room where Miss Morgan works tirelessly maintaining his web presence. He “broadcasts” from his car, or a conference room in Morgan’s hotel, which he calls the “studio” of MFA-TV. He claims to be picking up his BMW after replacing the rims, yet photos prove the rims are the same ones that were on the car weeks ago, making one wonder if the car was being customized or did Morgan simply run out of money for the lease. You would think he would simply draw money from some Swiss bank and buy the car! He discussed picking up the car, not inside the dealership, but in the parking lot with a mechanic, who is, of course, conveniently off screen. When he enters the car he notices certain personal items like his MFA coffee cup and phone holder are missing. This is where he’s not good at details. When you drop your lease they CLEAN the car for he next customer!

Jeremy Herrell launched an attack on Binsack recently, bolstered by two other FaceBook heavy hitters and true to form Binsack went into an hour long rant accusing Mr. Herrell of pedophilia, his claim of choice for anyone who untangles his confidence game. Meanwhile there are many investigations concerning March For America, far too many for Miss Morgan to stifle, irregardless of Binsack’s denials as he drifts from motel to motel.

How will March For America end? There are groups working to expose March For America, who are involved with state and federal law enforcement. It is a long and tangled trail because Binsack has a unique ability of keeping his toe just this side of the legal line. This present March For America train wreck is too complicated for him to manage all the elements, and this time he has created too many enemies, and burned too many bridges to tie up all the loose ends. If March For America ends in prosecution, or dies with a whimper is anyone’s guess. Anyone with common sense should investigate long and hard, and consider before contributing toward this effort.

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My Witness

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 6:44pm

When I was young I was not a nice fellow.  Snakes would cross the street when I sauntered down the sidewalk.  My all-consuming passion was getting enough alcohol and drugs to help me forget something I couldn’t remember.  Playing music and living in a 24/7 party atmosphere was all I cared about.  Other people were collateral damage on my way to a buzz.  I had the name of my guitar tattooed on my arm so women would know where my loyalties lay.

Spiritually I was dead inside.  I called myself an atheist and I was faithful to my boast.  Anyone who spoke to me of any religion was automatically consigned by me to irrelevance.  The closest thing I had to an actual conviction was a strident attachment to militant apathy.  I didn’t care about anything and I couldn’t stand anyone who did.

That was my life until I was thirty.  Then God spoke to me.  God touched me.  God changed me.  God gave me a new life.  I was born again.

Today I can remember what I did in my former life but I can no longer relate to it.  It as if my life before God was a movie I have seen.  I can recall the important scenes and the important characters but I feel a complete detachment to being one of the actors in the plot.

God gave me a wife who is the love of my life.  He gave me a son who is my heir and friend.  He gave me a daughter-in-love who is the daughter I always wanted to have.  He has given me two grandchildren who are the joy of my life as a seasoned citizen.  He has allowed me to see miracles, plant churches, be a pastor, found ministries that fed and clothed thousands, watch people accept Him, watch people grow in Him, and hold the hands of people who went to join Him.

I was born again on Palm Sunday in 1980 so I just had my 37th birthday as a child of God.  I give Him the glory for my life.  I give Him the honor that is His due.  I cannot even give a fraction of the love He has shown.  He is my source, my summit, and my all.

As we approach the celebration of His rising from the dead I am reminded of the fact that it is faith that saves us and that not of our self for even the faith is a gift.  I look about at all the traditions and customs we have developed in more than two thousand years and I smile.  I pray that everyone who calls on His name has a blessed and joyous Resurrection Day.  Enjoy the season as best meets the requirements of your faith.

Let us all recall that if we confess Jesus as Lord and if we believe in our hearts that God has raised Him from the dead we shall be saved.

That is the truth, the truth upon which all of reality rests.  That is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, all the rest is window dressing.  Just as one enjoys Italian food and another enjoys Chinese yet all food is good to those who like it.  So too, our traditions and customs if they do not detract from the truth of by who and how we are saved are all good.

Have a wonderful time with family and friends, co-religionists and those C&E Christians who make it standing room only at so many normally empty churches at this time of year.  Love them all and let God sort them out.  Just remember, the biggest surprise when we get to heaven in not who is there but that we are for it is not by works but by faith that we are saved.  The greatest saint and the worst sinner both need the Lord’s grace to enter in.

There is no sin so great that it cannot be forgiven if we lay it at the cross.  He knows us better than we can ever know ourselves and he forgives us.  Don’t labor under a load you were never meant to carry any further than the cross.  Give it all to Him and he will give you rest.

I praise Him for saving me.  I praise Him for giving me life.  I ask Him to open doors for me to serve Him.  And when I am gone there is but one eulogy I wish anyone to hear, “God got the glory!”

Yours in Him,


Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2017 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens


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Meet ‘next Obama’ groomed to make political history

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 4:28pm

The Democratic Party may have found its next Barack Obama.

His name is Dr. Abdul el-Sayed, he’s a 32-year-old medical doctor and he recently launched his campaign for governor of Michigan, the election for which is in November 2018. If he wins he would be America’s first Muslim governor.

He speaks articulately, without an accent, inserts humor into his speeches at seemingly just the right moments, and he has the full backing of America’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood-linked network of Islamic organizations.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, El-Sayed said Michigan voters are having “buyer’s remorse,” and that President Trump’s decisions “are at odds with deeply held American values, and distractions from real issues.”

Sayed served as the executive director of the Detroit Health Department and Health Officer for the City of Detroit, appointed by Mayor Mike Duggan. At 30 years old, he was at the time of his appointment in 2015 the youngest health director in a major U.S. city.

According to El-Sayed, his decision to run for governor was influenced by concerns over state leadership following the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, as well as policies being implemented in Washington, D.C., under President Trump.

Dick Manasseri, spokesman for Secure Michigan, a group that educates Michiganders about the threat of Shariah law, predicts that Sayed will at least win the Democratic nomination for governor.


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Kellyanne throws some serious shade at the ‘presumptively negative’ mainstream media

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 3:24pm

In the last month or so, we haven’t seen much of President Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway. However, Conway sat down with Michael Wolff at the Newseum in Washington this morning.

Conway, in a way, praised print editors for, “still doing their jobs,” as opposed to TV news outlets who produce news, “as a way to entertain other journalists.” Conway said she gives the media an “incomplete” grade for their coverage of President Donald Trump’s administration thus far, saying it’s too early to judge. It was likely a more generous grade than several of her White House colleagues would offer.

She goes on to blame the media for the unpreparedness of the public to receive Donald J. Trump as their 45th president back in November. She told Wolff that the reason that there is a continuous resistance to the president that has never been there before was because the media prepared its viewers for only one outcome to the election and because of that, they were caught extremely unaware. She ends her answer to Wolff by stating that the media, in regards to the election, was so “unequivocally wrong and embarrassing.”

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Vows to Crack Down on Illegal Alien Identity Theft

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 5:02am

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled out a new series of measures to enforce immigration law and prevent further illegal immigration in Arizona on Tuesday, including aggressive prosecution of identity theft.

Illegal aliens using fraudulent documents will be charged with aggravated identity theft, Sessions said. A memo issued to U.S. Attorneys’ offices also stated that prosecutors should seek charges for aggravated identity theft and the fraud or misuse of visas, permits, and other documents in such cases.

It is an important step towards controlling illegal immigration and crime overall: As the Center for Immigration Studies explained, illegals commit rampant identity theft and document fraud while residing in the U.S., wrecking lives and costing victims millions.

“Because it is virtually impossible to live and work in the United States without documents… millions… turn to fraudulent document dealers for falsified Social Security cards, forged drivers licenses, counterfeit green cards, and a wide range of other phony documents,” writes Ronald W. Mortensen in a report.

Illegal alien driven identity theft is not a victimless crime,” Mortensen said. “It impacts millions of Americans of all ages. Newborn infants and children often are the victims of illegal alien identity thieves. IRS agents, law enforcement officials, people with disabilities, the unemployed, and even those serving time in jail have been victimized by illegal aliens using their SSNs in order to obtain jobs and other benefits.”

The consequences of identity theft can strike abruptly and destroy someone’s life in an instant. The report continued:

Millions of Americans either knowingly or unknowingly are sharing their SSNs with illegal aliens and are having their lives slowly usurped by the identity thieves. They will only learn of the damage done when they are denied credit, receive a notice for taxes on income they didn’t earn, are denied benefits that they are entitled to, find that their medical records have been corrupted with possibly life-threatening consequences, or when collection agencies start calling.

The time and effort required to repair the damage from illegal alien identity theft costs victims hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of hours, particularly in states riddled with significant illegal alien populations.

Illegal aliens in California will usually buy three fraudulent documents, a former ICE officer said: A counterfeit resident alien card or work authorization card, a counterfeit California driver’s license, and a counterfeit Social Security card. This costs only between $120 to $300.

Retired ICE Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold said during an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in December:

The demand is so great for counterfeit documents because the illegal alien population wants to work—that’s the majority of their motivation for wanting to come to this country. So there’s a huge demand for those documents that are required to pass the employment eligibility verification procedures. In every neighborhood where there’s a significant illegal alien population, there are at least several document vendors who supply this service.

Roughly a tenth of all the illegal aliens Arnold arrested over the course of his career freely admitted they voted in U.S. elections. The left hysterically attacked Trump for “losing” the popular vote—and went wild when Trump tweeted that he would have won this interesting but non-vital metric “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Reuters sneered that Trump’s “allegation” was “made without evidence,” but given there are well over ten million illegals living in the U.S., and millions are committing identity theft, it’s not inconceivable that significant numbers voted illegally as well.

Terrorists also commit identity fraud in order to carry out their plans, as NBC News reported in 2004:

Terrorism and identity theft go hand in hand, experts say. The al-Qaida training manual includes provisions for trainees to leave camp with five fake personas, says Collins, who uses a copy of the manual to train law enforcement officials. Terrorists are regularly schooled in the art of subsisting off credit card fraud while living in the United States, [identity theft expert Judith Collins] said…

The Sept. 11 hijackers, surprisingly, used their real names when boarding their flights that morning. That kept commissioners from focusing more specifically on ID theft, said commission spokesman Jonathan Stull — after all, its charge was to study what went wrong on Sept. 11. But the hijackers had liberally used document fraud prior to that date, some to ease entrance into the United States, others to move around once they were here and to obtain drivers’ licenses they needed to board the airplanes.

Mark Rasch, once head of the Justice Department’s Computer Crime unit and now a consultant with Solutionary Inc., said the fact that identity theft is as easy as it makes terrorism watch lists essentially useless.

Tolerating such mass lawlessness harms Americans and their communities, Sessions said during his press conference, and it’s the duty of the government to protect them.

“Why are we doing this? Because it is what the duly enacted laws of the United States require. I took an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” he said. “How else can we look the parents and loved ones of Kate Steinle, Grant Ronnebeck, and so many others in eye and say we are doing everything possible to prevent such tragedies from ever occurring again?”

Aggravated identity theft is a felony and punishable by up to two years in prison.


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MSM Reporters Falsely Accuse Sessions of Calling Illegals “Filth”

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 12:18am

Oh, they must have felt so good for a little while until they realized they’d let their wishes get ahead of responsible reporting.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not refer to illegal immigrants Tuesday as “filth,” contrary to claims from a few media personalities, the Washington Examiner reported.

Sessions delivered an address to a gathering of U.S. border agents. During his speech, the attorney general focused specifically on the issue of cartel violence in the United States.

A copy of his prepared remarks called for him to refer specifically to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Los Zetas gangs, and to call their leaders and members “filth.” Though Sessions mentioned these infamous criminal enterprises in his speech, he didn’t use the word “filth.”

His larger point about cartel violence got lost, however, as certain members of the press soon tweeted out snippets of his remarks without the necessary context.

“Sessions to border agents, ‘It is here, on this sliver of land, where we first take our stand against this filth,’” Politico’s Josh Dawsey tweeted, linking to a Wall Street Journal report titled, “Undocumented Immigrants Who Commit Crimes Face Tougher Policy.”

Source: Keith

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Syria…Evidence and Truth

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 6:37pm

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots

It is a well-known fact that when one rushes to judgment one tends to be wrong. And it is also a well-known fact that gut instincts are usually right especially when they nag at you and will not let go.

Such is the case with the recent chemical gas attack ‘supposedly’ being committed by Syrian President Bashir al-Assad against his own people in the rebel-held northern Idlib province city of Khan Sheikhun…a city actually bordering on Hama province. And how quickly he was blamed, how quickly the call to judgment was made for after all no one can dispute the fact that al-Assad is a ‘bad guy’ who has in the past done bad things, and so it must be him doing this even ‘badder thing’ now. And when this most grievous of actions reached the ear of the public the collective outcry against al-Assad was heard loud and clear even before any definitive facts and truths surrounding the tragedy could emerge.

In fact, Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the ‘European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,’ condemned Bashir al-Assad and his government forces before the gas had settled or even before the gas used could be positively identified as what was claimed to be sarin gas. Saying that the “Assad regime bears responsibility for ‘awful’ Syria ‘chemical’ attack,” Mogherini’s sentiments were echoed post haste by world leaders who simply took her word for it. Europe’s leaders were quick to chime in, and even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attack against civilians already scared by over six-years of non-stop war. And when photos of babies and young children lying dead in the streets started to hit the internet, President Donald Trump himself did an abrupt about-face regarding his policy of not getting involved in Syria…of not going for regime change…which led to last Thursday night’s targeted Tomahawk attack on the airbase believed to be the base from which the gas was loaded unto planes and dropped on an unsuspecting civilian populace.

And on the surface this surely seemed to be the case, and no one can blame President Trump for his actions which were solely based upon hastily gathered ‘facts’ presented to him less than 48 hours after the attack occurred…and of course the photos of dead babies and young children played strongly upon the heart of this loving father and grandfather as it did upon the hearts of the American people as well. And we ‘Right Side Patriots’ cried too seeing those pictures, yet between our tears was a nagging feeling that what we were seeing…or should we say ‘led to believe’ we were seeing…just did not seem quite right for the rush to both judgment and revenge led us to believe we were being manipulated into seeing something that did not add up to the important word ‘truth.’

And so began our search for the truth…an around the clock search that began within hours of the attack occurring until just now, almost four days later, when we put to paper both our findings and what we believe did actually happen in a rebel-held city in the north of Syria, and simply put, while this incident in no way was a ‘false flag’ it was and remains the chess board upon which the pieces of the puzzle being moved around have chosen a king of the wrong color.

“Does anyone believe that on the eve of peace talks, just after the White House said the Syrian people should choose their own leaders, that Assad would launch a gas attack to turn the whole world against him? We don’t either. We’re back to the same lies that got us into Iraq.” – Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

And the nagging gut feeling grew even stronger for we knew that the day after the attack was to be the first day of talks between representatives of more than 50 nations who were to meet in Brussels for a conference to discuss the financial and humanitarian needs of Syria, a country that the U.N. estimated 13.5 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance, including the 4.7 million people who lived in besieged or barely accessible areas…areas like the city of Khan Sheikhun.

A meeting to help the Syrian people…a meeting to assist in helping to end the conflict between Bashir al-Assad’s government forces and those who call themselves rebels…a meeting that would start with Bashir al-Assad’s government forces showing that they were winning the war on the ground. And while some of the rebels truly are rebels, it must also be known that most who call themselves rebels are but tentacles of ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra (now technically renamed Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, meaning the ‘Front for the Conquest of Syria/the Levant’), and other terrorist groups…groups waiting for al-Assad to fall so they could move in and turn Syria into a sharia compliant state of the caliphate.

And to that affect we now find out that the rebel group Ahrar al-Sham…the ‘Islamic Movement of the Free People of the Levant’‎…issued a statement that they “welcomed U.S. intervention through surgical strikes that would deter regime capabilities to kill civilians.” Sounds good on the surface doesn’t it what with the U.S. considering Ahrar al-Sham as one of the most “effective” rebel groups in Syria according to a report from Stanford University. However, what is not being reported is that this very group is integrated with the Islamic Front and al-Nusra who according to their very own words is “dedicated to building an islamic state whose only sovereign, reference, ruler, direction, and individual, societal and nationwide unifier is Allah Almighty’s Sharia (law).”

And when a group like this is but one of many terrorist groups conveniently calling themselves rebels…rebels wanting the predominately secular government of Bashir al-Assad gone…it becomes a dangerous reality that if al-Assad and his government do fall then a power vacuum will likely see al-Qaeda type terrorists or worse…as in the likes of ISIS…moving in to fill the void.

But that is for another article as what must be focused on at this time is the fact that a rush to judgment was made as to which side committed this vile act for as the dust settles some of us are starting to see and zero in on certain facts that others simply do not want to see or actually fear seeing. And let’s start by first noting that a day prior to the attack a tweet was sent out by Feram Karam, a reporter in Syria with Orient News, telling of Orient TV’s announcement that “Tomorrow we are launching a media campaign to cover the airstrikes on Hama country side [remember Khan Sheikehun is right on Huma’s border] including the usage of chemical warfare against civilians,” thus showing that the rebels were going to ‘stage’ an attack within the area…an attack that was now known about and media prepared for with key players in place before it happened.

Now briefly touching upon the reality that contrary to what many claim as sarin gas being the toxic agent used in the attack on Khan Shiekhun, the fact is it simply was not. And why is the gas used so important as obviously these people…at least some of them…were killed by some form of gas…because by proving this was not a sarin gas attack other key pieces of the puzzle will start to fall in place…key pieces that will show that not only were we here in America duped but that the world has been duped as well, and by those who up until now had little to lose.

And so documented facts are key as to the why this attack was not one of sarin gas…a gas that is “not very persistent” in the environment, meaning it dissipates fairly quickly yet certain toxic aspects of it remain. First, sarin gas is colorless and odorless and yet ‘survivors’ claim they saw a yellowish-green gas floating within the air at the time of the attack. Second, within seconds a minute or two of exposure to sarin gas the effects of the gas begins to target the muscle and nervous system as sarin is a nerve agent that causes an almost immediate release of the bowels and bladder, coupled with profuse vomiting. Now look at the pictures from the ‘supposed’ scene of the attack…no such bodily fluids can be seen in any of the pictures.

Also, when sarin gas is used within a concentrated area…as was the city blocks involved in this ‘drop’…it would likely kill and/or sicken thousands of people not the under one hundred involved. And third, look now at photos of those ‘helping’ the victims and those carrying the dead and wounded…from ‘supposed’ civilians to the very recognizable aid group known as the White Helmets…and much more on them in a bit…and see how they are treating bodies with little concern for their exposed skin for remember, sarin poisoning is spread not only by air-borne contact to the gas but even by just touching, handling, or carrying a victim.

Now let’s move on to some other oddities about this entire scenario. Supposedly taking place in a residential area…hence the baby and children victims…we have discovered through zeroing in on Google Maps that the areas in question were not residential but were warehouse districts scattered within a few areas of the city. This attack, we were told, took place in the middle of the night while babies were asleep in their cribs, yet the pictures of dead children and babies we see only show them lying alone in the streets in broad daylight. And where were their parents…they were not lying dead or sick next to their children…they were not cradling their children in their arms to comfort them… they were nowhere to be seen. And how did children and babies end up in the middle of the these (warehouse) street alone…something to think about isn’t it for what kind of parent would leave their child to die or suffer in the street alone…none that we know of and we’re sure none that you know of either.

Now something else Google Maps showed as does all the pictures we are seeing…if this attack did occur within a heavily populated residential area as claimed… a bombed-out area yet an area that ‘supposedly’ was teeming with family life…hence the babies and the children…why are there no signs of life even amongst the rubble. There are no remnants of children’s toys, furniture, housewares, clothing, nothing that would indicate that this area was home to anyone. Also, if this was a residential area where are the animals, the dogs, the cats, the birds…where are they whether they be alive or dead from exposure to the gas… they or their bodies are nowhere to be found and why…because none of those ‘supposedly’ killed in this attack came from the city of Khan Shiekhun and especially not from its residential areas.

And why…as can be seen by this unreleased media photo below of the impact site of the ‘supposed’ sarin gas weapon, the weapon was not dropped in a residential area… neither lived in now nor before…but in a warehouse district as we have alluded to throughout this article.

Also not released by the media…at least not here in our country…was the fact that one week before the ‘supposed’ attack on Khan Shiekhun, about 250 people, including babies and children, from the neighboring cities of Majdal (33 miles away) and Khattab (21 miles away) were kidnapped by al-Qaeda terrorists. Locals from the area are claiming that many of those dead from the gas attack were those kidnapped from Majdal and Khattab…staged to make it appear that al-Assad had used sarin gas to kill his own people. And with the absence of the ‘stuff’ of life as we explained above that seems a highly likely scenario.

And to that affect, remember what we said about those who were aiding the victims and carrying the dead… that is a key factor for the White Helmets themselves are the key to this all…the very White Helmets who most believe to be a humanitarian organization but who unbeknownst to almost all are actually an affiliate of al-Nusra and sympathizers of al-Qaeda.

The White Helmets…a key player in the whole Syrian mess. Also known as the Syrian Civil Defense, a supposedly humanitarian organization that helps all Syrians…rebels, and government forces alike…for lack of a better term think of them as the Syrian version of something akin to our Red Cross.

The White Helmets have their own broadcast channel, their own website, and were the subject of a propaganda styled film by George Clooney for Netflix last year, as well as having been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, but who are they really and are they what they claim to be. Netflix…the very  company who boasts a major shareholder as being the Capital Research Global Investors, and a company in which George Soros invested nearly $32.8 million dollars when he bought 317,534 shares in 2015, saw him dissolve those shares in 2016. One has to wonder why.

This Syrian Civil Defense organization referred to as the White Helmets was founded not by a Syrian, but by James Le Mesurier, a graduate from Britain’s elite Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and is said to be an ‘ex’ British military intelligence officer involved in a number of other NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ theaters of war, including Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq, as well as postings in Lebanon and what is referred to as Palestine. He also boasts a series of high-profile posts at the UN, EU, and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Not to mention his connections back to the infamous Blackwater (Academi)’…the American private military company founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince…the company who received widespread notoriety in 2007, when a group of its employees killed 17 Iraqi civilians and injured 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad for which four guards were convicted in a U.S. court.

Interesting isn’t it, that a non-Syrian, and a fellow like this Le Mersurier, would be the founder of a Syrian organization, and more interesting still is the fact that a couple of the White Helmets primary sources of funding come from NATO and from our very own CIA. Since when does the CIA pour $23 million of our American taxpayer dollars into what is ‘supposedly’ a foreign ‘humanitarian’ organization? When one thinks of adding the word ‘funding’ to the CIA, one thinks covert ops…not humanitarian organizations on foreign soil.

And here is a little something else to think about…the White Helmets are actually not the only civil defense organization in Syria. There is also the International Civil Defense Organization’s (ICDO) certified Syrian Civil Defense…the real Syrian Civil Defense…formed in 1953 as a civil fire and rescue organization that really does operate throughout Syria, and if you need them in a true emergency situation such as a bombing, you can reach them inside Syria by dialing 311.

To be clear, the White Helmets have no phone number so there is virtually no way to reach them in the case of an emergency, and yet there they seem to be every time a ‘rebel’ enclave gets hit, digging children from bombed out buildings, and nearly always with both still photographers and video cameras rolling.

The real Syrian Civil Defense as a member of the ICDO, is part of a partnership which includes the U.N. Department of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Secretary of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations of Geneva (UNOG), Red Cross, and the Red Crescent.

The White Helmets are not ICDO partners and have   no affiliation whatsoever with any of the legitimate organizations named, and while their helmets may be white, that waves a lot of red flags. What it appears to be is that the White Helmets are not at all what they claim to be, as in a civil defense organization, rather they are a PR organization organized by those supporting the ‘supposed’ rebels who are tied to various terrorist organizations which operate inside Syria.

In fact, nearly all the photos and videos we have seen, and those supplied to our various intel organizations regarding attacks such as the one last week, come from the White Helmets. The photos of the dead children, the videos of ‘rescue’ attempts that so quickly make it to worldwide distribution via the internet, from places in Syria that have been bombed nearly to oblivion, come from the White Helmets.

In fact, while the real Syrian Civil Defense operates throughout Syria, the White Helmets seem only to be found in ‘rebel’ held territory, embedded with various factions of loosely connected terrorist organizations.

According to Vanessa Beesley, a correspondent for 21st Century Wire, who has traveled to Syria as a reporter, “In fact during my recent trip to Syria, I was once again struck by the response from the majority of Syrians when asked if they knew who the White Helmets were. The majority had never heard of them, others who follow western media noted that they are a “NATO construct being used to infiltrate Syria as a major player in the terrorist support network.””

According to the official White Helmet website, they claim they are not “tied to any political group in Syria, or anywhere else,” and they also state that they are, “fiercely independent” and “have accepted no money from governments, corporations or anyone directly involved in the Syrian conflict.”

Those are lies, plain and simple, as it seems is their claim to be a Syrian Civil Defense organization replete with first responders and doctors whose goal is to save lives.

Saving lives…really? Watch this video ‘supposedly’ of a White Helmet doctor ‘treating’ an injured baby who was ‘supposedly’ suffering from exposure to a toxic agent said to have been part of a recent attack perpetrated by the Syrian government. It is not an easy video to watch, but notice how the ‘doctor’ (if he really was even a doctor) jabs a needle into the baby’s chest. We are led to believe he is injecting adrenaline into the baby’s heart in a life-saving procedure. This ‘doctor’ never pushes the plunger…he simply and repeatedly jabs the dying infant through the heart with the needle.

Also in the video Arabic can be heard, and translators have reported that the words being spoken are not what one would expect to hear in such an emergency room setting…they are, according to Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, stage directions being given regarding the placement of the children’s body for the camera.

One of the biggest red flags with regard to the White Helmets is who they always seem to be assembled with whenever a crisis, real or fake, presents itself. Al-Qaeda, al-Nusra…an arm of al- Qaeda, Nour al-Din al-Zenki…a one-time more moderate group that has in the past year joined with Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (Front for the Conquest of Syria/the Levant)…the name we previously stated that changed from al-Nusra Front… and which is directly linked to ISIS. The list goes on and on, but the point is that none of the groups that the White Helmets associate with are in anyway moderate. They are in fact various factions of more prominent terrorist organizations.

Then there is Nour al-Din al-Zenki, yet another terrorist related Syrian-based organization that split from the Free Syrian Army about a year or so ago, and yet another group with whom the White Helmets associates.

There are a few key factors in these terrorist related associations regarding the White Helmets…first, the White Helmets can virtually only be found with the terrorist related organizations like al-Qaeda, as though they are embedded with them and second, the White Helmets, who claim to represent and assist all Syrians in emergency situations related to the war, are virtually never seen with the more moderate Free Syrian Army or anywhere near sites bombed or attacked by those opposed to Bashar al-Assad and his government forces.

And third, it seems every time cease-fire negotiations are ready to take place, usually within 24 hours of those talks, some enclave occupied by the forces of terrorist organizations gets hit, people are killed, and right there in the thick of it all are the White Helmets, their cameras, video gear, and their ‘doctors,’ to treat the victims…but have you ever noticed amid the inevitable flurry of released photos and videos that are recorded within moments of the attack, while ‘victims’ are literally dying in the streets…there does not seem to be a single shot or video of the attack itself.

If the White Helmets can be on the scene within mere moments with their cameras rolling and shutters clicking why are there not any images, moving or otherwise, of the bombing itself…or for that matter any photos or videos of actual down-and-dirty rescues they claim to have made. Holding a child in one’s arms does not an actual rescue make.

So far, everything we have found leads us to believe that the chemical attack at Khan Sheikhoun a week ago was staged, from the photos and videos to the bodies and the first responders…and all courtesy of the the White Helmets. Everything we have discovered leads us to believe that the victims seen in pictures and videos were more likely to have been victims first of the afore mentioned kidnapping by terrorist affiliated rebels before they were victims of murder.

And if you are looking for a name, someone who, by name, can be directly linked to it all…so too were we…and we found the person we now believe could very well be ground zero…Dr. Shajul Islam.

This so-called doctor spent the hours directly after the ‘supposed’ attack treating the victims and tweeting about the situation. Yes, tweeting, in 140 characters or less, that he was treating three victims, that it was a sarin gas attack, and that he had the proof it was sarin, and not anything but sarin, which he was offering to show to any who were interested, as he claimed to have “samples.” The ‘so-called’ Dr. Islam also offered to video chat with anyone interested in seeing the proof he offered.
Consider the situation in which he found himself during that particular moment. Supposedly, there had just, and we mean just, been a sarin weapons attack in Khan Sheikhun (remember, had it actually been sarin, the death and victim toll would have been extreme, and not limited to 100 or less), and he was ‘supposedly’ in the act of treating three victims of this claimed sarin nerve agent attack…and yet he had time to send out tweet after tweet, and had the time to go to video chat with anyone who was interested.
This seemed odd to us as to what we both did and did not see in the photos and videos, so we decided to do a bit of digging into this Dr. Shajul Islam, and what we discovered was quite shocking to say the least.

Dr. Shajul Islam, from Stratford, East London, was arrested in 2012 on charges of kidnapping two journalists, one being British journalist John Cantile, who was taken while crossing from Turkey into Syria, and then rescued a week later; and the other, Dutch photographer Jeroen Oerlemans, who was with Cantile.

John Cantile was again kidnapped in Syria, along with journalist James Foley, who was later beheaded by Jihadi John in a widely publicized video. Cantile is still a hostage today, and Oerlemans was shot dead in Libya in 2016.

At the time of the kidnappings this Dr. Islam and a man by the name of Jubayer Chowdhury were the only two British jihadis charged with kidnapping westerners inside of Syria. Also, at the time of his ill-fated trial, Dr. Islam, it had been reported, was some sort of associate, knowing the true identity of jihadi John, which we all much later came to find out was Mohammed Emwazi.

But that is certainly not the end of the rap sheet on this ‘supposed’ doctor…Shajul Islam…as he escaped trial on the kidnapping charges when the only two witnesses failed to appear in court and the charges were then dropped…how convenient was that.

Dr. Islam had been practicing at St Bart’s Hospital in London until last month when he was removed from the medical register after a ‘fitness to practice’ hearing at the General Medical Council, where a secret tribunal panel heard the disciplinary case against him and banned him for misconduct.

But it doesn’t end there…

The hospital where this ‘supposed’ Dr. Shajul Islam was working on the ‘victims’ of what he still insists was a sarin nerve agent attack, was Binnish Hospital, in the town of Hama, some 50km north of Khan Sheikhun, where people ‘supposedly’ exposed to sarin were driven in ambulances and trucks by people not wearing any protective gear.

Remember, in one tweet, this ‘so-called’ doctor claimed to be treating just three victims, and yet in other tweets and videos he posted that day he claimed that, “The patients keep just flooding in from this chemical attack. Every one – every one – has got pinpoint pupils” and in others that, “The patients keep coming, we’ve run out of ventilators,” and “We don’t have enough ventilator space, so we’re now taking out the transport ventilators we have in our ambulances and we’re going to try to modify them to see if we can use them for our patients.”

Let us be very clear on this point, it matters not whether a doctor is working on three or dozens of victims of a sarin or any other sort of chemical weapons attack, as said doctor would not have the time to devote to flurries of videos and/or tweets while in the process of dealing with such a mass trauma event. But, if it was all staged, if the victims were not really victims of such an event and their final outcome had been a pre-determined death, that doctor would have all the time he needed to issue all the propaganda he could muster.

We are happy to supply our readers with one more fact directly pertaining to this ‘so-called’ doctor, this man who had his medical license revoked for misconduct, who was charged in the jihadi kidnapping of western journalists, and who has become the propagandist for Syrian terrorist organizations…he lives and conducts his social media campaigns now in areas controlled by Jabhat al-Fateh, the former al-Qaeda affiliate.

Go to this: Dr. Shajul Islam’s twitter page or to this his facebook page:…look at the photos, watch the videos, and note that while those all around him in the videos are speaking Arabic, Islam himself speaks in English. And why…he is playing to the western mainstream media, as any PR firm and propagandist would. Note that he and his fellow doctors are ‘supposedly’ treating what he claims to be sarin victims while wearing only rubber gloves as protection. Were they really sarin victims, by now both Dr. Islam and his colleagues would be dead.

So, obviously whatever chemical agent that was used to inflict the deaths of those claimed to be from Khan Sheikhun was not sarin, and was most likely, we believe, chlorine gas…and who in the region is well known for manufacturing low-grade chlorine gas to be used as weapons…none other than ISIS in Syria, and it is ISIS and their splinter factions previously named in this article that are the consorts of the White Helmets, and this man expelled from the British medical community, Dr. Islam, has in the past been a player with the White Helmets.

We find all these individual puzzle pieces odd indeed…but when you assemble them into the actual finished puzzle they all fit together and lock into place. First piece is that this was no sarin gas attack by Bashir al-Assad’s government forces but was most likely an attack committed by any one of a number of ‘so-called’ terrorist factions masquerading as rebels who were part of the White Helmets circle of players…players who could be called into action at a moment’s notice.

Second, the true victims of those killed were the given number of people who had been but a week earlier kidnapped from the cities of Majdal and Khattab…those who were already near death by the hands of their kidnappers…those who were then ‘placed’ into position (and note that a large number  of the ‘supposed victims had their pants pulled down to the exact same level) and filmed as they died from a specifically targeted chlorine gas attack occurring within a small yet concentrated pre-designated area of the city.

Third, this is why there is no showing of people falling ill or actually in the physical throes of dying in any of the photos or videos we have seen…as in they were either already dead when positioned into place or near death with the chlorine gas finishing them off after what had become yet another routine bombing attack that had already occurred.

Fourth, remember with any gas being especially toxic to babies and children because of their small size and weight, and with babies and children being the prime focus of all the photos and videos, they would be the ones most likely to be filmed because photos of dead children tug at the hearts of civilized men and women.

Fifth, we believe this entire scenario was possibly orchestrated by one jihdist aligned Dr. Shajul Islam and then carried out through his affiliates within the While Helmets.

And why…to get the U.S. to do what the ‘supposed’ rebels could not do…as in bring down the government of Bashir al-Assad by tricking the world via photos and videos into believing that they were the victims…the victims of the only person who they believed stood in their way of having Syria become a state of the caliphate.

And so that brings us to last Thursday night when President Trump had Tomahawks reigning down on an airbase in Syria based upon the information he was given and the photos he was shown. And know that President Trump indeed sent the right message but simply sent it to the wrong ‘address’…meaning the Tomahawks should have been hitting the ‘supposed’ rebel enclaves in the area where this deliberately staged chlorine gas attack occurred.

But no matter as what is done is done and the issue that remains is that we, the Right Side Patriots,  believe that our president was given only half of the actual picture, because he was being deliberately misled by someone(s) within our own government who was acting covertly on behalf of those out to kill us all…but that dear reader is for yet another article soon to come.

Investigative Reports…Copyright © 2017 Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots



Today, Tuesday, April 11th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss their Special Report: ‘Syria…Evidence and Truth’ about what really happened at Khan Shiekhun.

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Tue, 04/11/2017 - 6:35pm


Today, Tuesday, April 11th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss their Special Report: ‘Syria…Evidence and Truth’ about what really happened at Khan Shiekhun.

Hope you an tune in at:

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Ginsburg Mistakenly Identifies A Senator As A Woman

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 6:06pm

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg mistakenly identified Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., as one of the “women of the senate,” who can help bring harmony to Washington, D.C.

Ginsburg made the observation Monday night while receiving Allegheny College’s Prize for Civility in Public Life, which was also being award posthumously to her former friend and colleague Justice Antonin Scalia.

The event happened to fall the same day Scalia’s replacement, Neil Gorsuch, was sworn in at the nation’s 101st Supreme Court justice.

Ginsburg noted for the audience that when she was appointed to the court in 1993 by President Bill Clinton “the hearing was altogether civil.” There was no effort to filibuster her. In fact, the confirmation vote was 96 to 3. Then the party breakdown in the Senate was 57 Democrats and 42 Republicans.

The 83-year-old also pointed out that the Senate unanimously approved Ronald Reagan’s appointment of Justice Scalia in 1986, when the body’s makeup was very similar to today: 53 Republicans, 47 Democrats.

Ginsburg lamented the loss of civility in Washington and hoped past recipients of Allegheny College’s prize like Sen. John McCain and “the women of the Senate, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham” would help lead the way back to more “harmonious work ways.”

Of course, Ginsburg need look no further than the mirror, if she would like that to be true.

Last summer, the justice took the very unusual move of taking sides in the presidential race with very public and negative statements to the press about then candidate Donald Trump.

She told CNN last July that Trump is a “faker” adding, “He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego. … How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? The press seems to be very gentle with him on that.”

Those comments came on top of ones she made to the New York Times, when she said, “I can’t imagine what this place would be — I can’t imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president.”

Ginsburg appeared very confident that Hillary Clinton would win when asked about the next president making appointments to the Supreme Court.

“She is bound to have a few appointments in her term,” the justice stated.

Ginsburg’s remarks caught the attention of the presidential candidate, who issued one of his famous tweets in response:

Justice Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. Her mind is shot – resign!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 13, 2016

Ginsburg retracted her “ill-advised” comments about Trump, writing, “Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office. … In the future I will be more circumspect.”

Court watchers, like Jonathan Turley, believe that Ginsburg fully expected Clinton to appoint her replacement, and resisted calls to retire during Obama’s terms. Now she faces the prospect that a conservative may well replace her on the court, appointed by Donald Trump.

Source: Randy

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Climate Change Doesn’t Affect NWS Forecasts

Mon, 04/10/2017 - 10:52am

How long would firemen remain the nation’s genial mascot if they forced you to move into a hotel for a few days because you smelled smoke in the garage? As you were wondering if ten years of chainsaw, lawn mower and leaf blower gas cans were about to be launched into a low earth orbit while you waited for firemen to arrive, once the truck arrived the first responders weren’t worried.

They knew in 30 seconds the smell originated in an overheating freezer, and unplugging it solved the problem. But the brass was concerned.

The chief worried that since your house didn’t go up in a giant fireball, you would be so relieved that you’d fail to view the problem as the narrow escape from a fiery death that it was.

Consequently, you might be tempted to plug the freezer back into the socket after they departed; potentially melting you and the lamb chops if the freezer shorted out while you slept.

That’s why, to impress the gravity of the situation on your family, the chief delivered a scary, arm–waving lecture and ordered you to earn two nights of Hilton points at Embassy Suites.

Unlikely you say? Tell that to the National Weather Service.

It was responsible for scaring airlines into canceling 9,000 flights, schools into closing, the federal government into delaying three hours, the DC Metro into cancelling transit services for the handicapped and a variety of other private businesses into shutting down on Tuesday for a storm that put a mere 2 inches on snow on the ground in Washington, DC.

Even worse, the NWS knew “Winter Storm Stella” was going to be more on the order of Snow Shower Sweetie but it refused to revise the forecast. The Associated Press reports, “After announcing that snow could reach record levels in the city, NWS meteorologists in New York and other Northeast cities held a conference call Monday afternoon about computer models that dramatically cut predicted totals.”

Taking a cue from “climate scientists” who never cut back on their hyperventilating over smoldering polar bears – in spite of their computer model’s failure to come close to predicting how the climate has changed – the weather service took a stern line on sleet.

Instead of calling off the evacuation of the Eastern Seaboard, they decided to stick with hysteria. This monumentally bad decision relied on that byword of the modern bureaucrat: “Extreme caution.”

These Chicken Littles felt people wouldn’t view a storm with a potential for just two to seven inches of snow as a harbinger of the apocalypse. Which is right, since it isn’t.

Greg Carbin, chief of forecast operations at the Weather Prediction Center observed, “I actually think in the overall scheme that the actions [by states and cities] taken in advance of the event were exceptional.”

If “exceptional” is another word for lunatic overreaction, then right on!

The NWS thought costing taxpayers millions of dollars in lost time, revenue and emergency daycare was a small price to pay if it prevented one granny from slipping on her way to the mailbox.

In their defense the weather wardens at the NWS are under a certain amount of pressure from the incoming Trump administration. Since it rained on him at the inauguration, the president has felt the NWS might be secretly participating in the “resistance.”

I’ve written the NWS is under a severe hiring freeze warning, which comes at a bad time for the organization because it’s been down 650 employees and no has appeared to notice. The solution for the weather mavens is to reinvent the NWS and make it part of the nation’s public safety apparatus, which the Washington Post says might allow NWS to exploit the hiring loophole Trump left for agencies involved in the military, public safety or public health.

If the NWS brass can finesse this textbook example of mission creep, the guy who eyeballs the rain gauge at the airport will join Seal Team 6 on the front lines of homeland defense.

Downgrading “Winter Storm Stella” into “Scattered Flurries Flo” and lifting the No Fly Zone on the East coast might have been accurate, but it wouldn’t enhance the sense of urgency management wants to convey to the White House.

Just mentioning these potential cuts in a previous column was enough to unleash hounds of humidity. My protestations that I’ve had my own Wi–Fi weather station on the roof for years fell on deaf ears connected to a dangerous high–anger zone.

I’ve suggesting the NWS concentrate on getting the data and let the private sector handle the forecasts, which in the case of the Weather Channel have proven to be more accurate. This latest exercise in paternalism and over–reaction hasn’t changed my mind.

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