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When Push Comes to Inevitable Shove

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 2:49am

The British came and now the Israeli’s are coming, and they are coming after Rudy Giuliani hand-delivered a personal letter from President Trump to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And there is more to this than first meets the eye as key Israeli leaders and politicians will be descending upon Washington D.C. to forge new ties with the (thankfully) Trump administration, and doing so in the short span of the next few weeks and months.

The first to meet with President Trump and his administration will be Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was personally invited by Trump to visit the White House during their phone call after Trump won the election. And while a definitive date has not yet been finalized, Netanyahu is expected to fly to Washington the first week of February to meet not only with President Trump, but also with Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and numerous Congressional leaders.

And other important Israeli leaders are expected to be in Washington D.C. within the next few weeks including Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan. And a member of the entourage of those coming said, “A lot of politicians are interested in getting to Washington to start coordinating with their new American counterparts.”

Also, most likely coming to Washington within a month or so is Israeli President Reuven Rivlin as well as opposition leader and Labor Party Chairman Isaac Herzog, and in a highly unexpected move, both are rumored to be attending AIPAC’s Annual Policy Conference scheduled for the end of March.
And know that Israel’s top leaders coming to D.C. to meet with President Trump in so timely a manner are not a mere social call but a ‘summit of sorts.’ And while we can only proceed at this point as per the above-stated facts and by speculation, know it is educated speculation based on past events, the personalities involved, and by tangible past actions taken. So even while at this point not all the pieces of the puzzle are on the table, enough of them have been scattered about to begin piecing together the bigger picture.

Now let’s begin with piece one…Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer. Ambassador Dermer is a personal friend of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kurschner and was set to return to Israel had Hillary Clinton won the election. Now not only is he staying on in his role as Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., but Dermer’s term has been extended indefinitely by Benjamin Netanyahu himself…and note the term ‘indefinitely’…to which Dermer’s response was that he is “looking forward to working with President Trump.” Also note that for any head of state to extend an ambassadorship indefinitely is a highly unusual move signaling that Netanyahu will use this very man who has personal ties to the president and who is highly respected by Congressional leaders, to push forward with his goal of re-forging the close ties between the U.S. and Israel…ties are broken with malice by one Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Puzzle piece number two involves Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, and know that even if he is publicly saying that he will just attend AIPAC, simple logic dictates that he, in his Defense Minister position, will at least meet behind closed doors with President Trump and other Congressional leaders. And why do we surmise this…because recently the U.S. conducted joint testing with Israel of their David’s Sling Weapons System…an anti-ballistic missile defense system…and did so in conjunction with the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) of the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D)…both of which fall under Lieberman’s responsibilities…and with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA). We should also expect that Lieberman will meet with key Trump cabinet members, most assuredly with one of them being General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, our new Secretary of Defense.
More on Lieberman in a moment.

As for Israeli President Reuvin Rivlin and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan who are both coming here as well, and with not knowing at this point if they will meet with either President Trump, members of Congress, or with anyone from the Department of State, we suspect their role in this ‘summit of sorts’ will be to lay groundwork of the sort that makes sure that both potential diplomatic and Congressional actions on our part are on the same page as we move forward in reestablishing the Obama broken ties between our two countries.

Puzzle piece number three involves Isaac Herzog, former rival to Benjamin Netanyahu who now as Labor Party Chairman and part of Israel’s Knesset, is a man who mostly identifies with Netanyahu’s positions and policies, and who might very well be coming to show how Israel’s government is cohesive enough even with party differences to work together for the common good…basically to assure our government that there is enough unity within the Israeli government to override any pro-Arab (Palestinian) factions who might be trying to disrupt Netanyahu’s and Trump’s shared agenda.

And yet another piece of the puzzle involves Russia and most especially Vladimir Putin.

Now to understand how this puzzle piece fits in you need to know that Russia and Israel have already formed an alliance of sorts. How so…let’s first start with words from Putin himself, “Russia and Israel have developed a special relationship primarily because 1.5 million Israeli citizens come from the former Soviet Union, they speak the Russian language, are the bearers of Russian culture, Russian mentality. They maintain relations with their relatives and friends in Russia, and this makes the interstate relations very special.” Translation: the Russian Empire rebuilding that Putin so desperately wants…a rebuilding totally different than a rebuilding of the old Soviet Union…has already knocked on Israel’s door and has been welcomed into some degree thanks to Obama’s stabbing of Israel in the back, and his doing so on more than one occasion.

Second, Russia and Israel have already forged closer ties out of economic necessity, especially while Russia continues to be held down by U.N. and U.S. sanctions, and cannot freely purchase oil on the international market. And with their economy hurting and with their energy needs not being met, Russia by circumstances has been forced to buy oil from the rogue nation Iran…forced to do so to a tune of a $20 billion oil deal that allows them to buy 500,000 barrels of oil a day…which is a major economic burden as both global oil prices and the Russian ruble continue to fall on the international market…something Russia’s economy can ill-afford.

But at the same time know that Russia also has an alliance with Iran in the guise of their selling Iran military equipment and weapons.

Obviously, Russia has conflicting alliances in their buying Iranian oil and selling weapons to Iran while at the same time building a strengthening economic alliance with Israel. So the question becomes, on whose side will Russia stand when push comes to the inevitable shove? To answer this we must now put all the pieces of this very complicated puzzle together.

With Russia needing to modernize its economy post-haste another piece of the puzzle falls into place. And what better way to do so than to continue forging economic ties with Israel…the Middle East’s most economically successful and stable nation…a nation from which Russia gets much-needed funding via economic cooperation and a nation who is also now aiding Russia with military know-how. Furthermore, Russia and Israel have important and expanding trade relations, tourism, and medical ties…medical ties that allow Russians to go to Israel for medical treatment and for teams of Israeli doctors to go to Russia to share their expertise, knowledge, and advice.

So now we know that Russia is basically in a catch twenty-two situation allegiance wise with only time telling on whose side they eventually will align with. But history shows that when a nation’s economy collapses the leader at the time of the collapse will be ousted from power one way or another, meaning that only regional stability will allow economies to flourish and grow. And Putin knows that Israel equals stability while Iran is and always will be a destabilizing force within the region as long as the mullahs hold the reins of power.

Remember when we told you that we would get back to Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman who is coming to the U.S. as part of the ‘summit of sorts’…know as simple fact this in and of itself makes Lieberman an even more important piece to the puzzle as Lieberman grew up in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to Israel when he was 20-years old. And Lieberman, like Putin, has no use for islamists, and with Liberman’s core political base consisting of roughly the one million Israeli’s who immigrated from the former Soviet Union to Israel in the 1990’s, this makes him a most powerful man to align with.

Lieberman is, therefore, a natural tie between Putin’s Russia and Israel. Putin has no such tie with Iran.
And remember that both Putin and Netanyahu were estranged from the U.S. by the Obama administration but that situation has now reversed itself as Donald Trump is looking to forge a new relationship with Russia as well as to reinvigorate our natural bond with Israel, both of which work in Putin’s and Russia’s favor. This makes us believe that when the push becomes the inevitable shove that Putin, like Trump, will stand with Israel.

Now that we have given you the pieces of the puzzle let’s start assembling said pieces.

Piece one, the Israeli’s coming to D.C. must be placed at the center of the puzzle for the simple fact is that Israel is the center of all the events that we believe will unfold. Everything revolves around Israel’s and Putin’s reaction to Israel’s doing what both we and he knows must be done…as in a pre-emptive strike against the sum of the nuclear facilities of those wishing to kill us all…that is when Israel’s hands courtesy of Donald Trump are finally untied. This pre-emptive strike no longer is an ‘if’ but is a ‘when’…we know it, Israel knows it, and Vladimir Putin knows it as well.

“…We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first. We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example. We will shine for everyone to follow. We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth…”

So said President Donald Trump in his inaugural speech, and herein lies the crux of all the puzzle pieces coming together. How so…with Israel’s leaders soon coming to Washington, and with Vladimir Putin vacillating in his allegiances between Israel and Iran, we believe certain key factors will tip him in Israel’s direction…prime of which can be seen in Trump’s inaugural words for Donald Trump basically said that the U.S. will accept another nation’s sovereignty even if it means non-involvement in the inner workings of said nation.

And while we expect sooner rather than later that Israel must take steps to neutralize the nuclear proliferation deal put in place by Obama, with military assistance from the U.S., Putin’s Russia will most likely not involve itself militarily nor will they take steps to prevent it. And why…because with a victory by Israel in this regard comes both regional and economic stability in the Middle East thus benefiting Russia more in the long run than their existing oil buying and military selling deals with Iran. This is because the oil contract with Iran runs out in two more years at which time Iran would then have the upper hand and nuclear weapons, neither of which Putin will allow.

And with us now having a president who understands that Iran must never be in possession of any nuclear weapons, we find ourselves actually on the same page with Russia, meaning the central puzzle piece that is Israel becomes the very key to those nuclear weapons never being had. Stopping Iran’s nuclear ambitions in their tracks can now only be accomplished by Israel doing a pre-emptive strike…a strike which also would end what has been shaping up as a nuclear arms race in the entirety of the Middle East.

We know that Saudi Arabia has been negotiating with Pakistan to buy nuclear weapons which in turn would lead to Kuwait, the UAE, and possibly Bahrain, seeking their own nuclear stockpiles, thus creating a situation that would completely destabilize the Middle East both economically and diplomatically to a point from which it can never pull back.

So, now that we’ve basically assembled the puzzle pieces we know of and combined them with educated conjecture and an unfolding timeline of visits by key Israeli leaders and phone calls to someone quite unexpected, as in Vladimir Putin, do you think this is still a social call or a congratulatory ensemble or is it a ‘summit of sorts’ in the making? We believe it is even more than a simple summit…it is the laying of groundwork for the prevention of World War III. Only time will tell if we are right or if we are wrong, but time is the one thing that neither we, Israel, Russia, or the world have.

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

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Unabashed Hatred, Something I Know

Tue, 01/31/2017 - 7:44pm

Recent news headlines revealed an elderly Trump supporter was attacked by chair wielding Clinton supporting liberal.

Another Trump supporter was recently attacked at an airport “peaceful protest” by more liberal leftists.

Literal media silence.

I know hate. I do not care how you want to phrase it, this is hate. Unfortunately, cases like these are happening all over the country.

I have told my conservative friends and family:

Don’t wear a Trump hat
Don’t post a Trump sign in your yard
No Trump bumper stickers on the cars.

I do not want anyone of us to be a target by the “tolerant” left.

See, I know irrational hatred from my fellow humans.

For 20 years I was married to a black man, I know hate when I see it. Liberals do it, conservatives do it. Other white people that think I am “one of you” and other black people attacked me, my children, my husband as a “turncoat, wanna be” the list goes on.

I know the secret codes, the looks, how you really think before you find out who I really am . . . If I let you.

I live in a different world from the rest of you. Unlike politics or sexual orientation, I can not hide my spouse or children to avoid persecution if needed. We live in a smaller world than most, where my children and I have precious few people we trust.

Thank Goodness for family and real Christians.

Recent political attacks have brought back so many memories, and they are not pleasant. I spent years not showing pictures of my children or spouse to others at a job or social event due to racism. I have been fearful of losing my job over it. I have lost a job over it.

Is all this in my imagination? I think not.

In the past few years, multiple commercials depicting LGBT couples by major companies have been presented and were hailed by many. Yet a few years earlier these same people lost their “stuff” over a single commercial of an interracial married, couple eating cereal. That advertisement was actually pulled from television.

Anyone notice there are few successful, NORMAL inter-racial couples on TV? I do.

Now, I see that same level of hate directed not just at inter-racial couples, but at people who openly support President Trump.

Is this America?

For these same reasons, I am fiercely protective of my sibling in a same-sex marriage. I know the hypocrisy of these people. How they say one thing and really mean another.

Hate comes in all colors, all religions, and most definitely from people who sanctimoniously wear safety pins while smashing others over the head with chairs.

Liberals bemoan the loss of the American dream due to a temporary ban on specific high-risk immigrants to tighten security. I wonder where the American dream went when we started literally attacking others for political beliefs. Just exactly who are the “Nazi’s” here?

My dad once told me people will always find a reason to hate. He was right.

Liberals are eerily silent when others are physically attacked for political belief. I know these people, these are the same people who attacked my family for being inter-racial. They over-compensate in public, while secretly hiding their hate filled heart behind a smile and political correctness. There should be no tolerance for hatred, of any kind, let alone for a political belief.

To those who condone politically motivated hatred, I know hate, I know you, and it is only a matter of time before everyone else sees the real “you” too.

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Tue, 01/31/2017 - 10:43am

Tonight, Tuesday, January 31st from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss when ‘Push Comes to Inevitable Shove,’ Trump’s SCOTUS pick, and the liberal protest dejour.

Hope you can tune in at:

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Trump Shows Beta Politicians How a News Conference Is Done

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 11:54am

Another bedrock of conventional wisdom has been overturned. During the Trump administration it is okay to shoot the messenger.

Metaphorically speaking.

Trump finally held the news conference the media had been demanding and he gave it to them good and hard. Trump already holds the distinction of winning the greatest modern presidential debate — Round 2 with Hillary. Now news conference as president–elect set a record for entertainment and pugnacity that will be hard to top.

The big blowup came in connection with stories concerning slanderous sexual accusations that allegedly took place when Trump was in Moscow. Evidently Access Hollywood didn’t have this tape but the media hoped the FSB did.

It is an index of the contempt in which the media holds Trump that they could believe the charges were true. It takes an Anthony Weiner–sized intellect to think a man of Trump’s prominence could go to Moscow, hire hookers and not be videotaped by the Russian security service.

As much as it loved the story CNN didn’t have the tape, so the network did the next best thing and mentioned the existence of the slanderous charges and said US intelligence officials had a copy. This is sleazy signaling. Connecting the allegations with intelligence agencies gives a hint of veracity to viewers and fits nicely with the Putin–stole–the–election theme of the administration’s honeymoon period with the media.

Even worse, CNN’s mere mention gives other reporters cover when they use it. It’s the Pontius Pilate Gambit. CNN thinks it can’t be held responsible because they didn’t mention specifics.

The dean of CNN weasels, Wolf Blitzer, uses the technique frequently. I use a video in media training sessions where Blitzer quizzes former President Dick Cheney regarding the sexual preferences of one of his daughters. The question has nothing to do with any national issue, but MSM reporters love to discuss homosexuality with Republicans.

Cheney doesn’t dignify the question with an answer. He gives the furry Mustela a withering glare and says, “Wolf you’re out of line.”

Blitzer proceeds to wet his pants and whine “but people are saying.” Essentially the same excuse CNN is using now.

Trump not only won’t suffer fools gladly — he won’t suffer them at all.

He told the CNN reporter, “No, I’m not going to give you a question…You’re fake news.” The New York Times moaned the scene “stunned” journalists and “delegitimized” reporters while the LA Times said Trump broke “the norms of presidential engagement with the news media.”

These so–called norms are rules unilaterally written by the news media. The mainstream media (MSM) is accustomed to Republican presidents who are quickly domesticated. Since they are interlopers in an office the media believes rightly belongs to the left, MSM culture informs Republicans it’s “not presidential” to object to the tone or content of coverage.

So Trump is supposed to grin–and–Bush it.

This might have worked in the past when the media sold the public on the fiction they were high priests of propriety and impartial purveyors of fact. Now the public can see and judge for themselves events that in the past might have been unavailable. Even more important, a multiplicity of news outlets has given the information consumer a variety of opinion instead of the cultural Marxist groupthink that dominated news coverage until the rise of Fox and the Internet.

Journos who followed the lead of the New York Times media columnist and threw what passes for their objectivity to the wind when covering Trump are now reaping the whirlwind.

Journalists are the ex–wives or ex–husbands of public discourse. Pretentious Pharisees who believe they are somehow exempt from societal norms.

The public simply doesn’t adore the media the way the media adores itself. That’s why they lose confrontations with Trump. He acts exactly the way 75 percent of the fly–over public would act when some self–important jerk starts badgering them.

The other 25 percent would deck them.

The media is so full of themselves they don’t even recognize an insult. After Trump dispensed with the CNN heckler, he went to the next reporter who was with BBC. Trump commented that network was a “beauty,” lumping them in with CNN, but the reporter thought it was praise.

Trump isn’t going to play by the media’s rules. He’s not going to answer, “When did you stop beating your wife” questions and he’s not going to flatter their egos.

If you haven’t watched the entire news conference you should do so. You’ll enjoy what Fox News host Sean Hannity described as “the single greatest beatdown of the alt-left, abusively biased mainstream media in the history of the country.”

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Andre the Giant v Wonder Woman

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 10:43am

Ok, this just got graduated to “story!” I’m so happy. Heretofore this man, from this point forward known as “Beetlejuice,” has been running small time confidence games all along the east coast, and in Southern California. It generally went like this. He’d start some storefront company, which these days is known as an Internet presence, get bank interim to begin building, and default. Leaving a trail of bad checks and drying two by fours he’d jump state lines, say like from New York to Pennsylvania, and do it all over again.

As luck would have it, all them chickens came home one day, and he ended up under some kind of charge. Now at this point the story line blurrs a little, the records showing some fairly interesting court proceedings, while he says the entire situation was an out of control parking ticket. Suffice to say, he claims he brought down an entire town in Pennsylvania l, jailed the judge, jury and all the law enforcement, forcing them to let him out on parole. Oh yes, he was in the slam for oh, around three years.

Now, according to him, even though he had taken possession of the entire commonwealth of Pennsylvania, somehow some clerk in city hall locked up his “offshore” bank accounts and he was forced to go to California where he revolutionized the real estate industry there. Along the way he “borrowed” a loan officer, and she helped construct yet another online presence to rebuild the property code out there.

Then destiny called. He decided to run Donald Trump for President! What to do? You guessed it! Another website! He marched across America forming a political action group he called “March for America, which shortened is the “MFers” because they’re a bunch of MFers, along with Miss Hathaway in tow, collecting donations through Go Fund Me all the way. Along the way he put out the fires in Tennessee, arranged for the inauguration, and morphed Go Fund Me to Go FIND me!

Only problem is a few of his disciples were, shall we say, “Disillusioned?” Enter a merry little band I lovingly call, “The Real Housewives of Facebook,” By the time Beetlejuice had found his way back to “Jersey” these girls were on him like Michael Moore on a ham sandwich! I’ll admit at first they were a bit scatter shot, but as soon as they got all the grandkids diapers changed, and dinner on they bore down on Beetlejuice and the fun began.

I initially dodged the story, although I joined the ladies ranks as an advisor because a small time swindler is not national news, but after a certain Miss Dana Falls lit a fire under his butt the human interest button got pushed and at that point Beetlejuice got blessed with my presence. Hence this article.

It plays out like this. Dana and the girls will post his jail record, he denies it and claims the FBI is coming to get them. A certain lady in Arkansas baited him with money and kept a record of where he spent it and he claims he founded a relief fund in Tennessee. He claims his companies are completely transparent but a girl in Texas has his books plastered all over her garage wall with little red circles everywhere pointing out Miss Hathaway’s “discrepancies.”

And it goes on and on. Of course, when you’re dealing with a personality like this, when cornered and faced with reality, it goes on the attack. Accusations flow from his Live Feeds from Dana is going to jail to I’m a vicious pedophile. Of course he includes everyone on what he calls the “Haters List” and yes boys and girls, he has a list. Miss Hathaway drew it up herself. To get on this list all one has to do is ask to go to the bathroom during one of his three hour Facebook rants! You can’t make this stuff up folks. All the while Miss Hathaway maintains the Go Fund Me down at the Motel 6 where Beetlejuice keeps her a respectable distance from the wife.

And the marches. Oh, let’s go there. The new business model is setting up marches for the president. Of course, you can’t attend a march without proper attire, and Beetlejuice is there to provide! From hats to sweaters to coffee cups complete with his autograph, he will make sure you are dressed for the occasion when he shows up to escort President Trump into the White House. There seemed, however, to be a back order issue, I mean the demand being so large, that left suppliers screaming for their money.

So, last night Dana went on a Live Feed and tore it up. Now folks, Dana is a housewife and grandmother with an iPhone and a southern accent from hell. She garnered around two thousand views (so far) with Beetlejuice on yet another live feed calling for mass arrests of her and anyone else who ever uttered his name, or his wife, or his daughter or Miss Hathaway or his cat! Oh yes, I’m on the list for the rape of a child. You know, you try. You can’t tell his true numbers because as you can see he feeds from outside of Facebook, but during the actual broadcast where the numbers do display he was topping up around 269. That’s because his membership is hemorrhaging to the Dana show which is like Carol Burnette doing The People’s Court. Highly entertaining stuff!

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Like I said, the story had no legs until last night, but when the emperor of the world took time away from Miss Hathaway to start spewing propaganda during Dana’s show I saw a cyber wrestling match. Andre the Giant v Wonder Woman. I’m putting my money on the chick!

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The Great Avocado Crisis of 2017

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 6:43am
In the era of “Trump can not do anything right”, left-wing critics are now focused on the building of the infamous “Wall” and who will pay for it.

One option floated by the White House included a twenty percent tariff on Mexican imports to off set the costs of The Wall…and another liberal head exploded.

Social Justice Warriors (SJW) immediately proclaimed all of the potential tragedies from this policy. Really important things . . . like the cost of avocados would soar. People that pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee are worried about the price of avocados. As they say on social media, SMH.

To all the SJW out there, here are some suggestions to promote your cause:

Start by telling your grievances to the families of victims killed by illegals in America.

Tell the parents of 21 year old Grant Ronnebeck, killed by an illegal over 2 packs of cigarettes the importance of your avocados.

SJW rise up and proclaim your concerns over the price of tomatoes to the children of 25-year-old Dennielle Schermock, killed by a substance-abusing illegal. 

Maybe SJW could protest for the “rights” of non-citizens to the parents of 18-year-old Joshua Wilkerson, a young man walking home from high school later found tortured to death by a “dreamer” who came to America when he was 10 years old. Surely, these people would understand.

The Washington Times reported in 2015 that:
“More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings…” 

SJW would say these numbers are few. I ask, how many are too many? How many preventable deaths have to occur before it is enough?

One preventable death is too many.

In 2014 the Pew Research Center reported that there were over 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the US.

That is over 11 million people authorities know nothing about. While many are likely good people, there are also rapists, child molesters, gang members, and other offenders in that list. Period.

Protecting our border is not about preventing young families from making a new life here, or other sympathetic cases the left would suggest. Just like criminals from America flee to Mexico, the same is true for criminals fleeing their country of origin. More importantly, unprotected borders allow terrorists to enter America undetected.

This is not about racism or the cost of avocados. This is an issue of border security. Countries all over the world protect their borders, but for some illogical reason, the left feels Americans should not have the same basic protections.

It is past time for our government to take a stand and enforce the laws of our land. This is not an undue burden. This is a basic protection of existing citizens and it is a true right. I, for one, will gladly pay extra for avocados if that simple gesture protects my friends and family from a preventable tragedy.

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Genocide in America . . . For Cash

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 6:16am
To the dismay of pink hat wearing “feminists,” President Trump is dismantling the abortion industry. Taxpayer funded international abortions are banned and these women are fearful there will be more limits in the future.

These same liberals ignore marked disparities in a race in regards to abortion.

While minority women constitute 13% of the female population in America, they underwent approximately 36% of abortions performed.

African American women are over 5 times more likely to have an abortion and almost 2000 black babies are aborted daily in the US.

Pastor Stephen Broden

Pastor Stephen Broden holds religious leaders in the black community partly responsible for the genocide of black babies.

“What we are witnessing is a gross insensitivity to the almost 1,500 abortions of black babies a day that occur in America.

When these spiritual leaders should be resisting the culture of death that has so adversely impacted demographics of black America, they have join forces with the one organization that has targeted the community under the directive of its founder, Margret Sanger.

Ms. Sanger said of our community: “Negroes are like weeds, we need to get rid of them.”

These so-called “spiritual leaders” bring a whole new meaning to the term “turncoats.” Our community is suffering from many challenges and pathologies, which are devastating our children, families, and general well-being. Abortion kills more black people than heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gang violence, and car accidents combined. How can it be that our so-called spiritual leaders affirm this evil practice in the light of these horrifying statistics?”

Planned Parenthood (PP), the single largest abortion provider in America also offers birth control, STD treatment services. However, PP’s biggest revenue producer is abortion.

Abby Johnson, an anti-abortion activist, and former PP Director described how PP deceives the public in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

A director runs not only the day to day operations of a facility but also the budget. Johnson described quitting PP after being told to double her budgeted monthly abortions.

For the feminists out there, PP makes the bulk of their money from the cash-only abortion services they provide. To meet income goals, which includes a hefty profit, PP clinics have an abortion quota they must meet monthly. In order for a product to be a high revenue generator, it must cost far less to produce, than the purchaser is charged. Abortions, not birth control, produce the most profit for PP.

In this case, PP wanted to double their revenue at the expense of women and their children.

Pressuring women into an abortion to meet financial goals is not promoting women’s rights. This is not feminism, this is profiting off a woman crisis. It is criminal.

Not only is PP founded by a racist attempting to exterminate the black race, but abortions provide the profit for PP. PP has no mammogram facilities, nor do they provide prenatal care other than the rare over-the-counter available prenatal vitamins. For those pesky women who insist on having their babies, PP must refer them out for real prenatal care.

Abortion is an under-regulated, cash business. If abortions could only be performed by volunteer-only physicians, abortions would instantly and dramatically decrease. Take away financial incentives and few physicians would be available to “protect” women and their “rights.”

Liberals literally went into convulsions over decades-old statements made by then non-politician Trump. A disproportionate number of black babies die every day and these same liberals leave their pink hats on the shelf and are uncharacteristically quiet.

I suspect these liberals are far more racists than they care to admit. There is no other reason to ignore a holocaust of 2000 babies daily. Conservatives, it seems, will be waiting for the pink hat brigade to protest this deadly form of racism for a very, very, long time.

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Why Christians Should Support The Immigration Ban

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 3:59pm
This morning someone asked me, “What you think of the latest executive order? I have a hard time as a Christian accepting what he [Trump] did. Can you give me some reasons why I should support it?”   I feel compelled to share the response that I shared with this person because I am finding it very frustrating to keep seeing people say that, “Anyone who supports the ban shouldn’t call themselves Christians.”   Here is the deal…   This ban should have happened a very long time ago. It’s been a long time coming. The countries included in the ban not only give a home to terrorism but they train and then send them to the west to wage their “holy” war upon us. How can a leader keep allowing this threat to be imposed upon the people he is supposed to protect? His aim is to secure and protect this nation before he can even think about helping anyone else. I understand there are still Christians left in these countries, and let me get one thing straight — my heart goes out to them. However, let’s remember that this ban is not permanent. It is a 120 day ban in order to give the administration a head start and then following those 120 days, will be “extreme vetting” of those who want to enter our country. Is it more or less Christ-like to be concerned for the treatment of humans abroad rather than our native and domestic citizens? Ultimately, we are being told that we are choosing one over the other but really what we are doing is preserving the safety of the majority rather than sacrificing them for the sake of the threatened minority. Not only do we run the risk of admitting muslims that have already been radicalized, but with the admission of Muslims in general, they are exponentially more likely to be radicalized and execute brutal and barbaric “honor” killings in order to serve Muhammad and earn their place in paradise. As Christians, it is detrimental to the preservation of or faith and our morality to NOT support and defend the ban. There is no biblical command to accept those who pose a threat to our American life, liberty, freedom. Radical islam is not a faith or an ideology that can be met with compromise or who we can find common ground with. Its sole enemy is Christianity and its goal to take over the west, “through immigration” (see the Quran). American Christians, with respect to recent events and the rise of radical Islamic terror, are worried for their families. Recently, Bill O’Keefe, the VP of the Catholic Relief Service said, “The Christian religion is about love and fear is the opposite of love. As Christians, we need to overcome our fear and act on the basis of love.” This is completely tailored to his own personal agenda and beliefs. Fear is not the opposite of love, it’s its unfortunate counterpart. We fear because we love. If we didn’t love our country, we wouldn’t fear it’s demise. If we didn’t love our western ideals and way of life, we wouldn’t fear it’s downfall. If we didn’t love our lives, we wouldn’t fear death. If we didn’t love our faith and our Creator, we wouldn’t fear its subversion. If we don’t do something to stop this now, Christianity will not only cease to be a force of good in the world, but it will cease to exist at all. We, not only as Americans but as Christians, are responsible for preserving the ideals that this country was built upon and protect our people so that was can maintain the hegemony of the United States and not only continue to be but also flourish as the truest and most powerful force of good that the world has ever seen.

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You Won’t Guess Which Celebrity Just Discovered Her Grandfather was a Nazi…

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 6:24pm

Earlier this week, comedian Chelsea Handler opened her loud, obnoxious mouth again to attack our new First Lady of the United States saying that she “barely speaks english.” Although it seems Handler is probably already aware of the fact that Mrs. Trump actually speaks four other languages on top of English, it seems Handler was reaching for something to get her into the spotlight just days before her TLC special, Who Do You Think You Are, is set to air.

In this new episode, Handler, 38, discovers exactly what role her grandfather, Karl Stoecker, played in one of history’s most atrocious genocides.

A historical family photo shows Karl and Elizabeth Stoecker, Handler’s maternal grandparents

She traces his path from Nazi soldier to American immigrant through documents and interviews with sources familiar with her family’s history.

Handler’s story is made all the more compelling by the fact that was she raised Jewish in a family of faith.

‘My father, I guess, made a deal with my mother when they had children that they were gonna be raised Jewish,’ Handler says. ‘So I connect with my Judaism, or the Jewish side of my family, more than anything else.’

Handler examines a notebook emblazoned with the Nazi swastika that purportedly belonged to her grandfather

But even after the new immigrant family settled down, the subject of wartime Germany was always avoided by her grandfather.

‘My German grandma definitely spoke about her life during the war way more than my grandfather did,’ Handler says. ‘He never spoke about it.’

A historical photo shows a group of German soldiers, one of whom could been Handler’s grandfather

All of this seems very interesting considering the fact that Handler uses her celebrity and all its platforms to spew hate and malice everywhere she can, only to find out that her grandfather was apart of the most evil regime that history has ever seen.

Handler may find it wise to sit down and keep quiet rather than speculate about what the new Trump Administration might do, rather than spew personal and illegitimate attacks on women and defenseless ten year old children.

Chelsea Handler explores her grandfather’s past as a Nazi soldier in a new episode of Who Do You Think You Are, which airs Tuesday

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Mikhail Gorbachev Just Issued a SERIOUS Warning to the World…

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 5:42pm

Last Friday, Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union and author of The New Russia, wrote an opinion piece in Time Magazine addressing the problems in the world today and the coming change in the world hegemony as Donald Trump gains his footing as the new leader of the free world.

In his piece, he addressed the world’s plethora of problems but stressed that there was none more, “urgent today than the militarization of politics and the new arms race.” He elaborated by continuing to say, “More troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers are being brought to Europe. NATO and Russian forces and weapons that used to be deployed at a distance are now placed closer to each other, as if to shoot point-blank. While state budgets are struggling to fund people’s essential social needs, military spending is growing. Money is easily found for sophisticated weapons whose destructive power is comparable to that of the weapons of mass destruction; for submarines whose single salvo is capable of devastating half a continent; for missile defense systems that undermine strategic stability.”

He explains that, “things could have been different.”

“In the second half of the 1980s, together with the U.S., we launched a process of reducing nuclear weapons and lowering the nuclear threat. By now, as Russia and the U.S. reported to the Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference, 80% of the nuclear weapons accumulated during the years of the Cold War have been decommissioned and destroyed. No one’s security has been diminished, and the danger of nuclear war starting as a result of technical failure or accident has been reduced. This was made possible, above all, by the awareness of the leaders of major nuclear powers that nuclear war is unacceptable,” he states before going on to explain that, “today, however, the nuclear threat once again seems real. Relations between the great powers have been going from bad to worse for several years now. The advocates for arms build-up and the military-industrial complex are rubbing their hands.” He pleads, “we must break out of this situation. We need to resume political dialogue aiming at joint decisions and joint action.”

His solution?

“I urge the members of the U.N. Security Council — the body that bears primary responsibility for international peace and security — to take the first step. Specifically, I propose that a Security Council meeting at the level of heads of state adopt a resolution stating that nuclear war is unacceptable and must never be fought.

I think the initiative to adopt such a resolution should come from Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin — the Presidents of two nations that hold over 90% of the world’s nuclear arsenals and therefore bear a special responsibility.”

His reasoning for this is simple.

He wraps it up in saying, “the focus should once again be on preventing war, phasing out the arms race, and reducing weapons arsenals. The goal should be to agree, not just on nuclear weapons levels and ceilings, but also on missile defense and strategic stability. In modern world, wars must be outlawed, because none of the global problems we are facing can be resolved by war — not poverty, nor the environment, migration, population growth, or shortages of resources.”

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Mikhail Gorbachev’s Just Issued an URGENT Warning to the World…

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 4:31pm

Last Friday, Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union and author of The New Russia, wrote an opinion piece in Time Magazine addressing the problems in the world today and the coming change in the world hegemony as Donald Trump gains his footing as the new leader of the free world.

In his piece, he addressed the world’s plethora of problems but stressed that there was none more, “urgent today than the militarization of politics and the new arms race.” He elaborated by continuing to say, “More troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers are being brought to Europe. NATO and Russian forces and weapons that used to be deployed at a distance are now placed closer to each other, as if to shoot point-blank. While state budgets are struggling to fund people’s essential social needs, military spending is growing. Money is easily found for sophisticated weapons whose destructive power is comparable to that of the weapons of mass destruction; for submarines whose single salvo is capable of devastating half a continent; for missile defense systems that undermine strategic stability.”

He explains that, “things could have been different.”

“In the second half of the 1980s, together with the U.S., we launched a process of reducing nuclear weapons and lowering the nuclear threat. By now, as Russia and the U.S. reported to the Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference, 80% of the nuclear weapons accumulated during the years of the Cold War have been decommissioned and destroyed. No one’s security has been diminished, and the danger of nuclear war starting as a result of technical failure or accident has been reduced. This was made possible, above all, by the awareness of the leaders of major nuclear powers that nuclear war is unacceptable,” he states before going on to explain that, “today, however, the nuclear threat once again seems real. Relations between the great powers have been going from bad to worse for several years now. The advocates for arms build-up and the military-industrial complex are rubbing their hands.” He pleads, “we must break out of this situation. We need to resume political dialogue aiming at joint decisions and joint action.”

His solution?

“I urge the members of the U.N. Security Council — the body that bears primary responsibility for international peace and security — to take the first step. Specifically, I propose that a Security Council meeting at the level of heads of state adopt a resolution stating that nuclear war is unacceptable and must never be fought.

I think the initiative to adopt such a resolution should come from Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin — the Presidents of two nations that hold over 90% of the world’s nuclear arsenals and therefore bear a special responsibility.”

His reasoning for this is simple.

He wraps it up in saying, “the focus should once again be on preventing war, phasing out the arms race, and reducing weapons arsenals. The goal should be to agree, not just on nuclear weapons levels and ceilings, but also on missile defense and strategic stability. In modern world, wars must be outlawed, because none of the global problems we are facing can be resolved by war — not poverty, nor the environment, migration, population growth, or shortages of resources.”

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McCaul Applauds Trump’s Executive Orders: ‘It’s a Safer Day for America’

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 4:01pm

President Donald Trump signed two executives orders on Friday, including one limiting the flow of refugees into the U.S. and instituting what he’s called “extreme vetting” of immigrants.

“It’s a safer day for America with one stroke of a pen,” Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said on “Your World” today.

He said that Trump has already closed more “terror pathways” than President Obama did in eight years.

“I applaud the president for doing this,” McCaul said, adding that he will work with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Congress to help implement these executive orders.

He explained that refugees, particularly from Syria, will be temporarily banned from entering the U.S., and the issuing of visas to people from seven predominantly Muslim countries will be temporarily suspended.

“I think this will strengthen our homeland security, and I really applaud the president for what he’s doing.”

Watch the “Your World” clip above, and share your reaction in the comments.

Courtesy of

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Creator of Voter Fraud Reporting App Claims 3 Million Illegal Votes Were Cast

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 3:20pm

Gregg Phillips, the man who claims to have the names of 3million who voted illegally, talks with me on New Day

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) January 27, 2017

A man who claims to have uncovered evidence of rampant illegal voting defended his claims this morning in an interview on CNN.

Gregg Phillips is the founder of a voter fraud reporting app called VoteStand and he claimed after November’s election that his group verified more than 3 million votes being cast by “non-citizens.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed, including this week, that millions of illegal votes were counted. In a tweet this morning, Trump said he is anticipating the results from “Phillips and crew” on the alleged voting by illegal immigrants.

Phillips was interviewed by Chris Cuomo, who repeatedly asked about the evidence behind the claims. Cuomo also pressed Phillips for specific names.

“You say you can prove it. I say … show me. You say ‘I will,’ but you’re not,” said Cuomo.

Phillips said it would probably take a few more months to release the information, adding that the number is bigger than 3 million.

“More than three million non-citizens voted in this country in this election. We’re prepared to prove it,” he said.

Phillips said the attorney general and Department of Homeland Security could prove the figures if directed by Trump to do so.

Cuomo, however, pushed back that Phillips has already claimed that the figures are true without actually confirming the information.

“You can reach a conclusion and then still verify,” said Phillips.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think of the claims.


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Flying Planes and Pigs

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 2:47pm

Flying planes and pigs. Write that down, there’ll be a quiz later. The collapse of the World Trade Center has spawned the most conspiracy theories since the assignation of JFK. When you have such a catastrophic event there are three positions: Right, left, and somewhere in the middle. The right is total acceptance of the government line, i.e. an old man in a cave talked nineteen religious nuts into grabbing planes and flying them unimpeded into the tallest buildings in the world. The left imagines that George Bush remotely controlled the planes while Dick Chaney computed stock options on Halliburton, and those that try to come up with a combination look for bombs planted within the buildings that gave the illusion of the planes bringing the buildings down all by themselves.

The truth is always a combination of all three. No one position is absolutely correct. I’ve dodged peeling this onion for years, but I want to apply Simple Ol’ Boy logic here, and see where it leads to. Let’s look at what we know. Two jets absolutely DID hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. All the wild eyed theories that the images were superimposed at a later date, or the news networks were in some collusion with the government to enhance those images simply won’t hold water. Get that idea out of your head. But, like Alex Jones points out, there IS a problem. Planes hit tall buildings all the time. One spectacular crash into an apartment building in Russia comes to mind. Only difference? That crash in Russia, and others, did NOT reduce said buildings to the pile of rubble we saw in New York on that day. With all the calculations put out by the “official” investigation about “pancake” effects of floors falling upon each other it’s frankly hard to swallow that many pancakes.

The plumes of smoke shooting out in advance below the collapsing floors lend credence to the possibility of some kind of explosive charge being employed to facilitate the destruction of the buildings, and that’s plural boys and girls. Two perfect hits, and two buildings falling perfectly down into their own footprint. Even accepted controlled demolitions tilt this way or that. Three for three! Wish I could get those odds in Vegas. Just for good measure, building seven went down the exact same way, and they didn’t even bother to provide the obligatory plane crash to spice it up. GREEN BASTARD! When you analyze such an event you simply must differentiate between the possible, the impossible, and outhouse crazy. To subscribe to the government line is in the outhouse.

So, the planes did impact the Center, but in all likelihood the ultimate fulfillment of this Islamic pipe dream occurred with a little help from our friends. Let’s look at our friends, shall we? The majority of the hijackers that day were Saudis. Now, I’m not racially profiling, if it walks lake a duck, and prays like a duck, then it’s a duck. These guys were a special kind of crazy. Religious vigor is one thing, incinerating one’s self in the hope of seventy-two hot dates in heaven is way down the other way, and throwing baseballs at the stands. The Saudis are NOT our friends. They wear sheets and kill pretty teenage girls for being pretty. They also kill homosexuals. DUDE! Make a choice!

When I wrote on the JFK thing, in conclusion I said do not ask IF Lee Harvey Oswald was in that window that day, but HOW did he get there, and WHO put him up there. Same thing here. Nineteen real guys knocked down three buildings and blew up a fourth. Now, boys and girls, these were not the brightest crayons in the box! They believe the Qu’ran for God’s sake! So, these cats commandeered four planes, turned around, three out of four achieved perfect hits, and not even ONE F-16 fired a single bullet. Flew into the Pentagon! Let’s try a little test. Go rent a plane and fly over the White House. Heck, for that matter, put your baby daughter in a car and try to drive up the White House drive way. Take a little scenic flight over Fort Hood. See how that works out for you.

One of two possibilities roll out. Either George Bush WAS flying those planes, or he made sure that them that were had no problems at all. No problem boarding. No problem taking over the plane. Cell phone and air control traffic out the kazoo, but nobody noticed, and those that did were spinning around, sniffing glue like the air traffic controller in the movie, “Airplane!” If you believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE! And what was the President of the United States doing long about this time? In a room with a bunch of kids, sucking lollipops and reading Mother Goose. I can give you free delivery on that bridge.

It is virtually impossible for nineteen camel jockeys who can barely use toilette paper to engineer that attack without someone at LEAST providing a clear field of attack by disabling, or pulling back the natural defenses provided by both civilian and military units in the continental United States. Is that racist enough for you. I got lots! If the United States were to unleash its true military might on the entire Middle East their entire culture would last, oh say, fifteen minutes. Russia may take a half hour to eliminate them. But, the government would have us believe that the biggest attack EVER on US soil was pulled off by a bunch of salt water wetbacks under the guidance of some cat in a cave on a walking stick. There is your viable connection between those who controlled our government and those who controlled goats.

Now, I’m not going to get all into holograms, where the bombs were placed, or mythical passports found in some bar b q pit. I’m sticking with what I do know. Buildings fell, THEY couldn’t do it without help, and President Trump is about to open this box of chocolates and see what’s REALLY inside. Now, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, and everyone is all scared of World War Three, but I’ll tell you how many nuclear bombs should be dropped if that should ever occur. ONE! Right smack dab on TOP of the Kaaba, and the world will be done with this whole sorry mess!


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Science Fact Swallows Science Fiction

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 2:41pm

Not too long ago I began a science fiction novel, which has always been a dream of mine, and since I finally broke through the fiction wall last year with my book, America’s Trojan War I thought it was time.  I even had a plot that had been rattling around in my mind for years.

I began working in what I call Writing Mode, which is where I go when consumed with the writing of a new book.  Typically I will rise at about four in the morning and write for twelve hours, sleep and repeat until done.  Building on the years of pre-writing and research that precedes the first chapter I often stay in continuous Writing Mode for weeks at a time.

This process has led to the completion of a dozen published books and several more that are currently working their way through the publication pipeline.  In my mind’s eye, I could see my long-anticipated science fiction novel spring fully formed from my forehead much as Athena sprang from Jupiter’s in the Greek Myth.  The anticipation of a successful creative birth drove me on.

Here is the plot that inspired me.  A couple of scientists who were also husband and wife, he a world-renowned geneticist and she a programming superstar, decide to translate the human genome into computer code.  Once they have completed this herculean task they decide to hack the code. When they do they are immediately confronted with the entity that wrote the code and transported into an endless array of parallel realities.  In these multiple realities it seems each was the invention of another and like a reflection of a reflection in a mirror, these wheels within wheels stretched infinitely off into life begetting life.

Through struggles, temptations, and conflict the pair of scientific Argonauts chased the golden fleece of knowledge searching for the prime cause.  For they knew that every sequence has its beginning, and there must always be not only a first domino to fall but also someone to knock it over.

Then in what was meant to be a stunning and thought provoking climax our intrepid duo finally break through to the final reality and find themselves using their hacked DNA code to birth a new reality.  Thus the circle is unbroken and life begets life begets life begets life in an eternal cycle and the prime mover remains veiled while the unnatural source of nature reverberates through reality.

That was the plan.

Unfortunately, the reality of science fact swallowed my science fiction.  First, the CRISPR-Cas9 comes along.  This is a remarkable technology that enables geneticists and medical researchers to edit the genome by removing, adding, or altering sections of the DNA sequence.   There goes the revolutionary idea of hacking the genome.


This was followed by a headline which provided the final nail in my science fictional coffin, “Lab-Made DNA Used to Breed a Life Form for the First Time.”  This article continued to hammer away at my fictional ideas of creating life by introducing modified genetic codes into reality and thereby willing existence into reality.  The author, Clyde Hughes, put it this way, “Lab-made DNA has been used to breed a life form for the first time by expanding the genetic code with the help of common E. coli microbes.”

Not satisfied with dashing my dreams of wowing people with outlandish concepts the article added, “Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California modified common E. coli microbes to carry expanded genetic material which they believe will eventually allow them to program how the organisms operate and behave.”  As my imagination was corralled by reality the following posts were driven into the now to confine my musings of the future:

“Scripps Research scientist Floyd Romesberg said his colleagues have created a single-celled organism that can hold on indefinitely to the natural DNA mix in a synthetic base material.”

“You can think of these unnatural nucleobases as X and Y.”

“Romesberg said the challenge with X and Y … was that they would lose their code as they divided. Graduate student Yorke Zhang and Brian Lamb, an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow, used a tool called a nucleotide transporter to allow X and Y to be copied across the cell’s membrane.”

According to Zhang, “The transporter was used … , but it made the semisynthetic organism very sick.”

The author of the article interjected, “The researchers found a way to modify the transporter that alleviated the problem, making it easier for the organism to grow and divide while holding on to X and Y.”

And finally the author and the scientists ganged up on me and delivered the death blow to my science fiction fantasy about creating life when they delivered this, “The researchers said their next step is to study how their new genetic code can be transcribed into RNA, the molecule in cells needed to translate DNA into proteins.”

I figured why write a fictional novel about what is now a reality.  Therefore to compensate for this extreme case of Writus Interruptus and to live out the rituals and exigencies of my artistic Pon farr I waded into the depths of writing mode birthing two new books which will soon be available.  These books are: Then Came Trump, wherein I share insights about where we have come from, where we are now, and where the Donald promised to lead us.  And The More things Change the More They Stay the Same, which deals with the development of the secular political religion which is jingoistic patriotism using the three presidential assassinations of the 19th century as case studies.

Reflecting further on the startling announcement that humanity now has the power to create a life I am reminded of an old story.

A scientist says to God, “You’re not so much I can create life right here in my laboratory.”

God answers, “Is that so?”

“Yes, it is and I challenge you to a contest.  Let’s see who can create life faster and better, you or I” responded the scientist filled with pride over his great ability.

“All right,” said God “let’s give it a try.”

With that God stoops down and picks up some dust and starts molding it in his hands and the scientist grabs his test tubes and starts pouring liquids back and forth.  God pauses and looks at the scientist and says, “Hey, get your own dust.”

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2017 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens


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Liberal Women Behaving VERY Badly

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 1:43pm

I didn’t want to do this…but because of the abject stupidity of it, I now feel compelled to issue this article and address it to specifically those…whatever they were…at last weekend’s parade of pussies in Washington DC.

What in THE hell, were you bunch of drooling, slobbering liberals thinking?

Seriously…you wanted to have a voice…you had the biggest stage imaginable…you wanted yourselves and whatever cause it was you claimed to represent to be taken seriously, and you dressed up like clowns from a circus of hookers, drew up vulgar signs and pranced about like a 500,000 member gaggle of shrieking, malcontented, pissed-off sufferers of PMS pansies.

In just 24 hours, you mangy morons managed to show more disrespect, more abject hatred of your own gender and did more to demean your cause that President Trump could possibly do in a lifetime.

And speaking of gender…
I was under the impression that liberals, regardless of their gender, didn’t give a happy puss 13damn about gender, and that being the case…why on earth were you out there demanding anything specifically related to one gender?

You can’t be gender-neutral and be marching for any gender’s rights at the same time…unless of course, you’re admitting your own hypocrisy.


Please, any one of you who were there, name even a single right that you had as women before last Friday at noon that you lost as OF noon on Friday when Donald Trump was sworn into office. Just one. Anyone?



You can’t, because you haven’t lost even a single right, so what was it again you were out there for?

Oh, yes…a woman’s right to have an abortion…and you’re scared that if the Supreme Court swings back to the Conservative…you might lose that right.

We know that this was exactly what your little parade of fools was all about because we know that Right to Life groups asked to be included in your orgy and that the organizers OF your orgy refused them.

What really has your parts all puckered up is the idea that the Conservative majority in Congress might vote to divest the American taxpayers of funding Planned Non-Parenthood. Now here’s a couple of things you probably haven’t spent too much time thinking about, and by the look of so many of your get-ups at your protest last weekend, I rather doubt that very many of you take the time to think at all…but Planned Parenthood, is not a non-profit bastion of abortion. They are FOR profit, and therefore probably don’t deserve taxpayer monies to begin with.

Now before you start telling me that oil companies get taxpayer dollars and they’re for profit…let me just point out that Exxon isn’t killing the soon-to-be-born on demand, so there is a difference.

Here’s an idea…why don’t you just pay for your own abortions, or better yet…don’t get pregnant to begin with and judging by the way you presented yourselves at last Saturday’s rally…the latter shouldn’t be much of a problem.

It really is amazing how you liberals want the government involved in everything…in every aspect of our daily lives, but you draw the line at government not paying for your abortions. You WANT the government to protect your ability to HAVE an abortion…you WANT them involved in your vaginas at THAT point…but you march about carrying signs telling the government to stay OUT of your vaginas.

So…which is it? In…or out…or in…or out…or in…

And don’t start screaming, “OH GOD, OH GOD,” because we know that your ilk doesn’t even believe in God.

You claim that you have the collective RIGHT to have an abortion.

No…you don’t. Finger through all the Amendments in the Bill of Rights, when you aren’t busy fingering something, or someone else, and you won’t find a single thing in their about any right, endowed by the Creator, regarding you having any right to end the life of a soon to be born child. And while you’re at it, take a moment to discover that our Constitution and our Bill of Rights makes it clear that our unalienable rights do not come from the government.

So…how did the organizers of this obtuse gathering pull it all together so quickly? Simple…it had been planned for months…as a celebration of Hillary’s win…which never happened…hence the need for hand lettered rather than pre-printed signage.

And women’s rights? Really? That’s what this was all about…in a country where women have equal rights? What about all the countries, many of which donated money directly to Hillary Clinton via her pay to play set up at the Department of State where women most assuredly do NOT have anything even slightly resembling equal rights?

Countries where women are stoned to death for being raped? Places where women are beaten for daring to be seen in public without their husbands? Countries where women are not allowed to drive, or get an education, or vote, or decide for themselves who they will marry?

Nearly all of those countries have an embassy in Washington…where these liberal woman could protest for women’s rights…where women’s rights are desperately lacking…but did they?

Of course not.

Those liberal moonbats protested for their right to have their soon to be born children killed, as a matter of birth control…and to have their deeds paid for by the American taxpayers.To those liberal women, and the smattering of liberal men who attended…the greatest injustice that women here face is the prospect of having to pay for their own abortions, or worse yet, in their eyes, the prospect of not being able to end the lives of their soon to be born children at all.

Oh, the humanity.

Let me now put the finest, sharpest point on the abject stupidity of this march that I possibly can…once it went from being a Hillary Celebration party to a so-called “women’s rights” march in protest of President Trump…the CO-CHAIR of this “women’s rights” gathering of liberal loons was…Linda Sarsour…a Muslim, tied to terrorist organizations…WHO SUPPORTS SHARIA LAW…which contains absolutely NO rights for women.

Okay, all of that said…allow me to address some of the idiots who joined the parade of pussies last weekend individually.

First up, we have what at first blush seems to be a woman dressed as a cow, but upon closer inspection, and after a little research, it is actually a cow dressed up as a woman. EradiGate is not how you spell…eradicate…which I believe is what you may have meant and I’m sure that had you possessed a dickshunairy…you would have known that.

Next…we had THIS liberal wordsmith…who had well over a month to come up with something deep to write on her sign…

But felt compelled to wallow about on the shallowest end of the gene pool she could find in order to show us all that liberals really are…staggeringly more enlightened than anyone else.

Then, we had this glowing example of liberal womanhood…

A woman who somehow managed to put her ass on backwards last Saturday morning, and she wore a shirt proclaiming that “the struggle is real.” Yes…yes it was…

After that, we come to THIS…

One can only imagine that she is trying to tell the rest of the world that she has managed to plow through all the available American men, and lesbians…along with having hosted all the illegal aliens in her own, private sanctuary city, so now she’s inviting all of Obama’s unvetted “refugees” through the front door.

Apparently, she isn’t particularly interested in vetting anyone who takes the plunge, therefore all but admitting her status as a multi-cultural slut…but there are a few things of which she might like to be aware…

All of Obama’s unvetted “refugees” are from Islamic countries, and some of them tend to wear clothing packed with dynamite, and some are prone to early self-detonation which could well lead to her first ever explosive orgasm. Also, those Islamists are looking for 72 VIRGINS and if one reads between the lines of her welcome mat…she doesn’t qualify.

Next up…

Her voice coach has been trying to get her to sing from her diaphragm…apparently, with some measure of success.

How about this tremendous example of liberalism who managed to turn her 15 seconds of shame into a TV interview

While I would tend to agree that building the wall she suggests would most likely repel illegal alien invaders…I have a hunch she wants the American tax payers to foot the bill and not the Mexican government.


If yours are ROARING…you’ve got problems bigger than Donald Trump.

This next one is a real head-scratcher…

Let’s see…you’re at a rally promoting abortion, but you have a toddler…maybe 3 or 4 years old….and you’re parading that child around carrying a sign containing 4 words…at least 3 of which she doesn’t even understand…in the hopes that she’ll grow up to be both as stupid, and as bitter as her mother.

Mom of the year.

Just a couple more…I promise…

What’s really ironic is that the vast vaginal majority of last weekend’s prancing genitalia hate Trump because, 10 years ago, he made a comment about grabbing a pussy…and those who actually voted…voted for the wife of Monica Lewinski’s former boyfriend who used his girlfriend, as a humidor.

And finally…speaking of liberal men…

THIS guy showed up at the weekend march with THIS sign…

Atta boy…way to prove my point.

Now that we have seen the mindset of the garden variety liberal woman, on full display, let me wrap this all up with perhaps the most ironic, hypocritical and bone crushingly stupid part of last weekend’s waddling parade of vaginas…a parade supposedly meant, in part, to convince men to stop objectifying women. As your keynote speaker…there to whip the collective women’s movement into a frothy lather, and once and for all times put an end to men treating women as little more than the receptacles they were dressed as last Saturday…you put Madonna on center stage…Madonna…the very woman who promised oral sex to anyone who voted for Hillary.

In the course of a single day, somewhere near 500,000 liberal women managed to delegitimize, and make a total mockery of their entire agenda, because never again will anyone with an ounce of common sense or caring hear one single word they have to say without envisioning their absurd costumes.

And trust me when I tell you, that nobody takes a 5-6 foot tall, vulgar, slobbering, drooling and acerbic vagina…seriously.

Absolutely nobody.


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Fri, 01/27/2017 - 10:37am

Today, Friday, January 27th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Obama’s lesser realized traitorous actions, women behaving badly, and Donald Trump’s first week in office.

Hope you can tune in at:

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The Politics of Hate

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 10:22am

The politics of hate is a dynamic. Righteous anger has its place in this world. To right a wrong, protect the innocent, or forge a new direction is always a good thing, but to fuel a direction, or movement with pure undiluted hate never works because it is DEstructive, not CONstructive. The recent defections from March For America spawned several camps of resistance. My own exit began when I saw errors is the production of information. It wasn’t all that serious at first. I could see from the live feeds that the founder of the movement simply didn’t know what he was doing. There was little or no original content, and the delivery was laborious and boring. In addition to that, any dissent was met with a barrage of attacks from members following the lead of the founder. If you are to have a successful political movement you simply must have opposing views. Brother Theo and I have dominated blogs and news sources simply from this fact. He, being a liberal, and I a conservative, we would tackle an issue, come at it from opposite ends, and meet in the middle with a solution. March For America didn’t have that formula.

Forget the rumors, innuendo and personal information hemorrhaging from the organization, March For America simply wasn’t marching anywhere. It had descended in to a personality cult centered around the founder. Hence, defections. Defections are good. We didn’t get the Tea Party because good loyal republicans was happy with the party. But the Republican Party did something March for America did not do. It began to adopt Tea Party ideas, blurred the lines, and gave us our first Libertarian president. If you can’t connect those dots don’t worry about it, the dots were set up that way. Just understand that when twenty-five Republican Senators desert the Republican nominee in mid campaign that means said candidate is NOT a Republican!

The concept of March For America was the restored voice of the people. When that voice became the voice of one individual the standard bearers marched out, taking the moral license of the movement with them. One of those people was a woman who began her own movement. First, she used the actual term, “March for America.” This clearly demonstrated that the spirit of the movement didn’t belong to any one person, but was the property of the people. Forget the shirts, hats, and coffee cups! You cannot “Own” and idea. During the open carry movement here in Texas there were several groups. They didn’t always agree on method. There were copyright issues at times, as various groups marketed items in order to raise money to lobby for the legislation needed to achieve the common goal which was for all of us to end up on the capitol steps in Austin legally displaying our weapons openly. All the groups drilled down in that common goal until CJ Grisham removed his coat on New Year’s Day and showed his pistol to the cheering crowd.

There is no common goal among the splinter groups coming out of March for America, outside the destruction of one man. If any one of these groups will focus on fulfilling the original purpose of March for America that end will serve itself. A constructive movement, following the original spirit of the movement will grow, and eventually eclipse the faltering one, and that will serve two purposes. One, it will end the Papacy that has installed itself in the original group, and two, it will fulfill the original intent that drew members in the first place.

My issues with the leadership of the original group was very simple. It was descending into a free for all and the Pope of March for America simply didn’t know squat about politics. If you wanted to know what was coming out on the Live Feed today, just check out yesterday’s alternative media. Running up to the election and after was one crazy prediction after another and not one proved out because in addition to a sad lack of political savvy, fearless Leader didn’t have any business abilities either. While he plagiarized Alex Jones he totally missed the fact that Alex could DELIVER the water filters he marketed during his show, and they were damn GOOD water filters at that.

The bottom line in all of this is that I am throwing my support to Dana Falls and her March for America 2017. My reason for this is that while Dana has issues with the leader of the original movement, she has a vision that looks beyond those issues, and truly wishes to forge a group for political action of a positive nature. And she LISTENS! She will absorb, and is not afraid to say, “I don’t understand, explain this to me.” While she has serious questions and issues with the situation at March for America those things do not cloud her vision for the group now forming. This group is now being displayed to many other political groups. The Open Carry Texas movement here did not close its doors when CJ Grisham removed his coat that day. It added more goals to its agenda such as constitutional carry, similar to that of Arizona, eduction about gun safety, home defense and a host of other things, and yes, it sells items branded with a copyrighted logo, but in all the sales not one shred of impropriety can be found in its dealings with the public, sadly, something March for America simply cannot say. And, while there were some raised eyebrows about CJ’s gun walks, there was amazed stares that day when he walked his gun up on those steps where the day before a WATER pistol would lead to an arrest, and boys and girls, THAT is REAL political understanding and community action!

The politics of hate is a dynamic that will lead you to the same abyss that the original March for America finds itself in today. As it continues to hemorrhage disinformation, the movement will slowly falter, and eventually fade from the scene. What ever group picks up the banner and builds on real ideas, with a real goal will take the movement from there, and I am convinced that Dana Falls has began that March.

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Comedy writer Rich ‘suspended’ over Barron Trump jibe

Mon, 01/23/2017 - 9:24pm

A Saturday Night Live writer has been suspended after posting a tweet mocking US President Donald Trump’s son Barron, US media reports say.

They quote a person familiar with SNL’s plans as saying Katie Rich was suspended indefinitely. The program’s network, NBC, is yet to comment.

On Friday, Ms. Rich posted a now-deleted tweet, saying “Barron will be this country’s first home-school shooter”.

An avalanche of criticism on social media followed.

Ms. Rich later deleted her tweet, suspending her Twitter account.

However, on Monday she was back online to issue an apology.

One Facebook post in reaction to her previous tweet has been shared nearly three million times.

The post read: “NO child deserves to be talked to in such a manner… He is a child, he is to be respected and he is off limits”.

Chelsea Clinton, a former first child, joined the support for Barron.

SNL has made a number of shows in recent months, parodying President Trump.

Mr. Trump, who took office on 20 January, has described the program as “not funny” and with “terrible” cast.


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Prosecutors: Most Inauguration Day Protesters Who Were Arrested Will Be Charged with Felony Rioting

Mon, 01/23/2017 - 8:59pm
Most of the estimated 230 protesters who were arrested on Inauguration Day will face felony rioting charges, according to federal prosecutors.

Most of those arrested will be released without having to post bail on the condition that they return to court in February, CBS News reports.

If charged, the protesters could face a sentence of up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Interim D.C. police chief Peter Newsham said Friday that 217 people were being charged with rioting.

The arrests took place in a four-block stretch around downtown Washington while President Trump was being sworn in.

Protesters burned waste canisters, threw the embers at police, and broke windows of businesses downtown.

Police used pepper spray and “sting balls” against the crowd.

Six police officers suffered minor injuries due to the protests, with three of the officers hit in the head with flying objects, WUSA reports.


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