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Roots of Liberty Seminar with Kris Anne Hall

Thank you for interest in The Roots of Liberty. You have made an excellent choice because you’re going to learn about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights like never before. KrisAnne Hall doesn’t just teach the Constitution, she teaches the 700 year history of the Constitution. In the process you will not only learn a lot of new information but you the heart and soul of your sacred liberty will be touched by what those who came before us had to suffer and endure so we could enjoy the fruits of freed.

Health Care Advisory Meeting with BOCC

This will be the first time the Health Advisory Board will meet our county Commissioners face to face This event is open to the public with public comment as well Stay engaged with your elected officials Say no to special interests and 1 cent sales tax


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If you have Constitutional values, believe in fiscal restraint, limited government, and a free market economy - then join us or just come and listen to one of our excellent speakers. We meet every Tuesday from 6-8 pm at Mixon Fruit Farms in the Honeybell Hall, 2525 27th St. East, Bradenton, Florida. Map it

Tea Party Manatee welcomes all like-minded Americans.

Our core values are:

  • Defend the Constitution
  • Fiscal Responsibility
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