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  • Political Leadership School Are you respected by politicians? Unless you are politically feared, you will not be politically respected. Learn WHY this works…. Learn HOW YOU can be feared AND respected by politicians in the...
  • Notes or Video from past meetings Here's how you review the notes or watch the video from a meeting you missed: 1. Click on the "Calendar" in the heading of any page. 2. Locate the date of the meeting you missed and click on that...
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Will Robinson : Legislative Session Wrap-up - 5/28

Come listen to Will Robinson, Florida House Representative from District 71 give a 2019 legislative wrap up.

Will Robinson Bio

Will Robinson is a first-term Florida state representative for District 71 and a partner of the Blalock Walters law firm where he focuses on real estate law and is certified by the Florida Bar in Real Estate Law.

Visit Rep Buchanan : 6/10

Allen Page of FreedomWorks - lets go visit Rep Buchanan and talk about healthcare and other important issues.

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