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A Few Simple Facts

Tea Party Tribune - 2 hours 19 min ago

A man made a comment on YouTube concerning the Austin bombings. We Ed to remember a few simple facts

Today, it’s YouTuber Chad Prather who’s in the hot seat for a dumb comment he made on Twitter about the Austin bombings. “Where are the marches and protests for bomb control,” he wrote.

Ok, students, I made the same comparison yesterday in my article They Shot Him In The Bomb! As usual, the Snowflakes responded with a convoluted straw man argument that completely missed the point.

Bombs are already illegal so we don’t need to march to change legislation. Only heads anyone is messing with are those that throw logic out the window and think Chad’s comment is in any way relevant.

I won’t bore you with all the cry-baby comments that followed. First off, explosives are most certainly not illegal. They are used for construction, mining, geology and fireworks on the Fourth of July. APPLICATION of said devices tell the tale of the tape. Windex with “ammonia D” as well as Clorox are both legal. Mix them in your sink, and see how that works out for you.

Guns, explosives, household cleaners and little Johnny’s baseball bat do not kill people. People kill people. Telephones don’t kill people, but a telephone cord in the hands of “Joe Salami” in New York sure will. Joe’s also partial to plastic wrap. A well placed rock does quite well.

When someone decides to rid the ground of your shadow anything will do. I could fill up this article with everything from rolling pins to ice picks, but the fact remains that if the Austin Bomber didn’t have a fire cracker he could have just as easily used any and all of the above because he was CRAZY!

The cops are searching for a motive. There isn’t one. Look for common factors between the victims. If there isn’t one, then he was BatCrap crazy, which is about as crazy as you can get, and still run for political office. This problem does not flow from weapons, tools, devices, or anything else. It stems from a dysfunctional society.

The world laughs at us. They KNOW we are mostly crazy. We had a national, gut wrenching debate over gay marriage. Mexico just passed a law. If you will note, Britain didn’t have a civil war either. They just outlawed slavery. Americans are always the ones who’ll manually blow up a life preserver when just pulling the little red tag is faster, and easier.

So, the point is KILLING with a bomb is illegal. Killing indiscriminately with ANY gun is illegal. What if we outlaw the dreaded AR15? Some kid goes bonkers in home room. What’s next? Pencils? This nation is morally bankrupt. When you ask anyone to recite the Ten Commandments they’ll only know the ones they break. As for me, thank God there’s not one that says, “Thou shall not drink whiskey to excess!” Wait, I need to double check that.

The Butcher

The post A Few Simple Facts appeared first on Tea Party Tribune.

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Congress Says THIS Time We Really Mean It!

Tea Party Tribune - 6 hours 37 min ago

There’s a bill being lovingly preserved by Mitch McConnell, Curator of the Senate, that’s one of those ‘bi–partisan’ efforts the media loves to celebrate.

Senators John Cornyn (R–TX) and Chris Murphy (D–CT) have introduced legislation I’m sure they’ll be featuring in future campaign commercials. According to CNN the bill “aims to strengthen how state and federal governments report offenses that could prohibit people from buying a gun.”

Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch

Specifically, “It would ensure that federal and state authorities comply with existing law and require them to report criminal history records to the NICS.”

Strangely enough, we already have a law, passed by Congress, that requires just that. Yet no one ever asks what makes the esteemed senators believe the federal bureaucracy will follow this new law when they are failing to obey the old law?

Or why the legislative branch allows the bureaucracy to get away with ignoring the law without consequence in the first place?

Nothing demonstrates the impotency of the GOP congressional leadership like introducing a new, stringent law when these political eunuchs can’t seem to convince the bureaucracy to adhere to law already on the books.

Federal statutes require criminal history be reported to the NICS in a timely fashion now. It’s vitally important a potential gun purchaser’s records be current when the dealer runs a background check.

Why don’t these overpaid ‘leaders’ who assure us they are ‘fighting for you’ force the bloated, unresponsive, inert federal government to be accountable to current law? Why are they so comfortable with being ignored by the government they assure us they are leading? Is it because most of these barnacles have been in office so long they think of themselves as government employees?

Or is it fear of angering the federal workforce? If that’s it, I’ve got news for Republicans: Swamp bureaucrats already vote Democrat in overwhelming numbers. Virginia’s 2017 state election is all the proof one requires.

A smart political solution would be to take the side of the taxpayer and demand current law be obeyed.

Cornyn and Murphy’s bill is a hand–wringing response to the Air Force’s failure to prevent the Sutherland Springs church shooter from buying a weapon. The shooter had been convicted by the USAF of domestic abuse, child abuse and had been dishonorably discharged. If any one of those three records had been entered into NICS, he would have failed the background check and would’ve been prevented from buying a rifle.

Because of Air Force negligence 26 people are dead and absolutely NOTHING happened in response. I suppose taxpayers shouldn’t be surprised. Since no one lost their job after 9/11, how can we expect repercussions for the relative handful of dead in Texas?

A Senate or House that was truly interested in establishing a climate of responsibility and accountability in the federal government would have come down on the USAF like the Wrath of God.

Could the Senate have done something? Certainly, but it requires work. For starters, the committees dealing with the services could have begun an investigation and held hearings. And I don’t mean a hearing where the Secretary of the Air Force and his entourage enters the room and delivers suitably contrite and take–no–specific–responsibility sound bites.

I mean a hearing where the entire chain of command at the base where the paperwork failure occurred is subpoenaed, sworn in and grilled in televised hearings. I want the incompetent clerk, the supervisor and all the rest of the base chain of command on the stand being interrogated. And when base personnel are rung out, we can move up to those in the Pentagon who are responsible for records.

Only afterwards does the Secretary of the Air Force make his appearance.

In addition, committee investigators must refuse to accept “we can’t answer personnel questions due to privacy” dodge. That shuffle is beloved by bureaucrats because it allows them to escape scrutiny and accountability. If these people are in ‘public service’ then what they do is public, too.

Settling for the ‘privacy’ excuse denies the public accountability in two ways. They never learn the identity of the miscreant or what the consequences, if any, were. Plus, ‘privacy’ is also a cover–up for the supervisor, because we never learn if he lifted so much as a finger to fire or punish the guilty.

I want the full weight of public shame and notoriety to be hung around the all the aider’s and abettor’s necks. As far as I’m concerned if an employee values his privacy, he can work in the private sector.

Passing more laws to require adherence to previous laws is ridiculous on its face. As is a Congress that believes it’s doing its job by passing laws and then assuming the role of a bystander.

The post Congress Says THIS Time We Really Mean It! appeared first on Tea Party Tribune.

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