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The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground
Updated: 2 hours 48 min ago

‘Some white people may have to die’

Fri, 01/18/2019 - 8:08am
Eduardo Neret, Campus Reform

Property owners near N.M. border finding more and more prayer rugs left by migrants

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 8:41pm
Anna Giaritelli, Wash. Examiner

Dem leader Steny Hoyer: No, a wall is not ‘immoral’ or ‘racist,’ some ‘walls work’

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 1:57pm
‘I don’t think [building a border wall] is an issue of morality,’ Hoyer said responding to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who has referred to a border wall as ‘an immorality’ on multiple occasions.

The word ‘family’ triggered a meltdown at Google

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 12:00pm
“Using the word ‘family’ in this sense bothers me too,” wrote another employee, who felt excluded by the term because she was neither married nor a parent. “It smacks of the ‘family values’ agenda by the right wing, which is absolutely homophobic by its very definition.”

Cartoon of the Day: Own goal

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 11:06am
Nancy Pelosi

ESPN host accuses Trump of racism for serving Clemson players fast food

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 11:01am
You couldn't have imagined that the president's hosting a winning sports team at the White House would generate this much press, but the reception for national college football champion Clemson on Monday has been a hot topic ever since.

DNC drops partnership with Women’s March over leadership’s anti-Semitism

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 10:07am
The group was launched in 2017 as an outlet for leftists unable to cope with the inauguration of President Trump. Democrats latched onto the movement as a means to resist Trump, though the marches had little bearing on the President’s standing. It was a means to foment hatred of their political opponent and stir up the base.

By canceling State of the Union, Pelosi only gives Trump a bigger audience

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 9:37am
Philip Wegmann, Wash. Examiner


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