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The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground
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Anti-establishment Blankenship calls out Fake News and “the swamp” in $12 Billion law suit

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 5:19pm
In a groundbreaking defamation lawsuit to the tune of $12 billion in damages, former Massey Energy CEO and 2018 West Virginia Senatorial Candidate Don Blankenship has alleged a coordinated case of defamation from the D.C. swamp and the mainstream media in order to prevent him from winning high office and “draining the swamp.” While Blankenship […]

Maryland legislators pass $15 minimum wage

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 5:16pm
Nothing is as powerful as a bad idea whose time has come. 72 percent of economists say that a $15 minimum wage is a bad idea. But Maryland’s legislature has passed an increase in the state’s minimum wage to $15 by 2025, on a largely party-line vote. The legislature is mostly comprised of progressive Democrats, […]

New Zealand terror followed coddling of murderers

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 2:05pm
One of the suspects reportedly had contact with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. Breivik killed 77 people, most of them at a youth camp, in 2011. Breivik's coddled existence makes him a living inspiration for other mass murderers.

In typically profane fashion, Samuel L. Jackson invites (dares?) you to boycott his films

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 11:53am
I can't say for a fact that I will never again view one of this cretin's films. But I certainly won't go out of my way to spend money that I know will at least in part line his pockets.

Afraid of racism accusations, British police didn’t address child-sex ring

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 11:08am
Jack Crowe, Nat'l Review

Cartoon of the Day: Man-made disaster

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 10:51am
Party of science

Top Obama aide praises Kushner-Trump high-tech drive

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 10:47am
Paul Bedard, Wash. Examiner

Beto O’Rourke compares climate crusaders to ‘those who were on the beaches in Normandy’

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 10:39am
Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey made similar comments, telling a group of supporters at an Iowa rally in February that the world has faced catastrophes in the past. 'When the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save Earth … from the scourge of Nazis and totalitarian regimes?' 

CUNY: ‘Whiteness continues to be a crucial problem in our English department’

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 10:25am
At a time when racial inequality is as much as in the news as it was before the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, one might hope for a little more delicacy in dealing with the feelings of another race

U.N. chief heads to Washington with simple plea: We need your money

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 9:03am
Simon Kent, Breitbart

Ct. Supreme Court rules it was gun makers’ fault students were killed at Sandy Hook

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 8:58am
Rick Rojas & Kristin Hussey, NYT

Shootings at two New Zealand mosques leave 49 worshippers dead, 40 more hospitalized

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 8:34am
So far one man in his late twenties has been charged with murder, though police have declined to say if that person charged was Tarrant.

Pentagon spending should be cut

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 8:25am
Instead of cutting wasteful spending, our politicians want to spend trillions of dollars we don't have on new programs, like the Green New Deal backed by leading Democrats.

Andrew Weissmann stepping down from Mueller probe

Thu, 03/14/2019 - 6:58pm
Carrie Johnson, NPR


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