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Jeff Sessions: Missing In Action…Again

Fri, 05/25/2018 - 9:08pm

While this is the beginning of my article I can safely say it’s also the end of my article…an end where it becomes more than a bit apparent that as long as Jeff Sessions is attorney general, and as long as Republicans give Robert Mueller even more time to procrastinate in wrapping up his joke of a proven nonexistent Trump/Russia collusion investigation…Congress will use that as an excuse to stay unfocused and get nothing of substance done…while the mainstream media racks up ratings and advertising numbers as they continue to twist the truth into even more lies.

And while on occasion Jeff Sessions speaks out against sanctuary cities and the need to cut said cities federal funding as well as sporadically informing us that the round-up of illegals is still ongoing, there are so many other occasions where in his position as Attorney General, Sessions could have and should have done his job and brought charges against the guilty party or parties.

Remember when Obama illegally ordered spying on American citizens including all those who ran in the 2016 Republican presidential primary, I surely do. And I and so many others watched over time as said spying morphed into the media-hyped Russian dossier scandal Obama, Hillary, and crew were sure would take Trump and his presidency down. Starting off with the F.B.I. lying to the FISA courts regarding said dossier…a dossier now proven to have been funded by the Hillary campaign…with her full knowledge of course…it was also a dossier Rino John McCain personally hand delivered to the F.B.I. And he happily did so in an obvious attempt to get revenge on the man who said that he, McCain, was no war hero, and who he could not believe was actually elected president.

And dare we forget that it was former F.B.I. Director James Comey and crew who were charged with getting to the bottom of Hillary’s email scandal, and who in a ‘dog and pony’ televised news conference actually had the gall to exonerate Hillary Clinton…exonerate her in what was actually found out later to be an exoneration James Comey himself wrote up even before he had bothered to interview Hillary regarding said scandal.

Silence on all above accounts from AG Jeff Sessions…who while not attorney general at the time of certain happenings still legally had and still has the power to bring charges, but who instead chose to recuse himself from anything even remotely involving or suspected of involving Russia…or for that matter Hillary or Obama. But what can you expect from the man who publicly stated that he wanted the Inspector General alone to look into all the above stated matters even while he knew that the Inspector General cannot prosecute anything…how convenient and ‘red flagging’ is that.

But then again Jeff Sessions says a whole bunch of things without his really saying or doing anything of substance. As examples of that lest we forget that Uranium One is still out there circling overhead and so is the Clinton Foundation…the first concerning Russia, Hillary, and treason; and the second concerning the buying and selling of political favors to foreign governments by the very two people whose payroll, I believe, Jeff Sessions might secretly be on. The true reason for his not prosecuting anything…perhaps.

And recently a group of Republican lawmakers…including Rep. Mark Meadows (N.C.) chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus along with two of the group’s co-founders, Reps. Jim Jordan (Ohio) and Ron DeSantis (Fla.)…presented to Congress a 12-page resolution that asked for a second special counsel to probe all matters directly related to the ending of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, the progress of the Trump/Russia investigation from its origins through the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, and abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) during the warrant application process.

In fact, Rep. Lee Zeldin (N.Y.) when announcing the resolution to the press said that, “The Justice Department cannot be expected to investigate itself,” adding that AG Jeff Sessions “should tap an independent investigator to examine whether FBI and Justice Department officials obtained surveillance warrants with insufficient evidence.”

Really…Jeff Sessions would never do that for the obvious reason of possibly implicating himself, and besides does anyone really believe a second investigation would bring different results than the first…it’s just another waste of time and our hard earned taxpayer dollars as we and Congress already know that certain folks most definitely belong locked up in jail.

And the fact is that AG Jeff Sessions could end this nonsense once and for all if it wasn’t for his recusal getting in the way. Being just the same old nonsense but on a different day, maybe instead Congress should look into the real reason why Jeff Sessions recused himself in the first place. Perhaps I should send Congress the article The Case for Removing Jeff Sessions my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andressen and I wrote to help aid them in doing what they know should have been done long ago…demand Jeff Sessions do his job or resign his position post-haste.

And now being thrown into the Jeff Sessions recusal mix comes the fact that President Trump recently demanded that the Department of Justice investigate whether the now disgraced F.B.I. infiltrated his presidential campaign via what he calls an “embedded informant”…an informant by the name of Stefan Halper who also sought a permanent position within the Trump administration…an informant who suddenly seems to have gone missing like so many others before him.

But to see the big picture regarding the now corrupted F.B.I. and how it ties into Sessions’ inactions, one needs only to understand some basic facts, first of which is that under James Comey’s directorship the F.B.I. was indeed Obama’s private army of sorts…maybe not the rank-and-file agents per se but surely the hierarchy all have the stink of Obama on their hands. Doing Obama’s bidding by looking away to not only protocol breached, but by actually tampering with and even destroying evidence revolving around Hillary’s email scandal in order to try and assure her win…and Obama’s third term in office I might add…now places the F.B.I. on its own ‘wanted list.’ And when you add into the mix that the Hillary campaign actually helped to fund the Steele dossier/Russian collusion nonsense the once great F.B.I. becomes but a joke that saw educated men and women suddenly and willingly choosing to play dumb especially when it came to the FISA court.

Comey’s F.B.I. and those in the D.O.J. knew well the true duties and obligations of the FISA court, and yet they manipulated said duties and obligations into not only affecting domestic politics, but in setting the course said politics would take. How so…by together creating a scandal to manipulate votes against Donald Trump and in favor of Hillary Clinton…the above stated Steele dossier, charges of Russian collusion, and vote tampering nonsense was born. And that nonsense took on a life of its own and grew to the point where we now know as fact that in 2016-2017 the FISA court was “abused by intelligence officials”…aka the F.B.I…who used the phony dossier as their prime evidence against President Trump.

And with ‘We the People’ knowing what we know now… courtesy of the limited information given to us in a ‘throw them a bone’ manner…so did AG Jeff Sessions know as well as did Barack HUSSEIN Obama for the fact is that as president, Obama was informed of all FISA court dealings and rulings as they happened. In fact, I believe, Obama is probably ground zero for this whole sorted mess…with Jeff Sessions recusing himself for one obvious reason alone…not to protect himself or his real or imaginary dealings with Russia, but to protect Obama alone.

Are the pieces of the puzzle coming together for you yet?

Remember, all these shenanigans boil down to one thing…a not so hidden ‘Deep State’ attempt to try and negate the 2016 election results. Removing President Trump from office, through impeachment if need be, and to install Hillary Clinton as president was and still is their main goal no matter that Hillary is a drunken, America-hating, socialist spouting, U.N. controlled, islamist-condoning puppet-on-a-string…albeit one with the all-important D after her name.

I guess the plotters and planners truly forgot that even if Trump was indeed somehow impeached Hillary Clinton would still not even be on the presidential succession list as V.P. Mike Pence would now head said list.

But again, Jeff Sessions knows this all and still sat mum on the sidelines. And why am I so sure of all I just said… said even beyond what was exposed in Craig and my previously stated article…why…because Jeff Sessions did not request to be in yesterday’s meeting Chief of Staff John Kelly was tasked with brokering…the all-important Trump called for meeting between congressional leaders and the F.B.I., the D.O.J., and the office of the Director of National Intelligence. And really why wouldn’t Jeff Sessions in his capacity as attorney general not want to be there…to be there if only to garner first hand information to help him set up a case against any and all guilty parties…that’s in his job description after all…leading me to believe this has to do not just with his recusal from all things Russian connected, but because of the actual act of recusal itself.

And this, again I believe, has possibly led some in high places to now consider that Jeff Sessions just might be the White House leaker. Remember, some of the leaks have stopped since islamic-condoner and now former National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster has been gone…some…but not all.

But even if the above stated is proven to be true, a hero of sorts has entered the picture as Rep. Trey Gowdy (S.C.)…the House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman…has taken a special interest in the F.B.I.’s mishandling of the entirety of the Russian investigation. And Gowdy’s interest peeked after earlier this month he met with some members of the Department of Justice to go over their role in now exposed F.B.I.-FISA abuses.

And so at 12 noon yesterday the first of two meetings regarding what has become known as “Skygate” took place…sans Jeff Sessions of course…at Department of Justice headquarters. Present were White House Chief of Staff John Kelly; White House Council Emmett T. Flood, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; F.B.I. Director Christopher Wray; Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats; House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes…who also accused the FBI of planting an “informant” (a spy) within the Trump campaign…and above stated House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Trey Gowdy. And at the very last minute Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was included in said meeting after leading Democrats accused Nunes and Gowdy of holding a partisan meeting that “could be weaponized” against the D.O.J. and even against Robert Mueller himself.

So what was the outcome of this first meeting…simply a lot of whining that the president’s council attended said meeting. But really why shouldn’t he be there to protect President Trump’s interests, after all tensions between the White House and Sessions’ Department of Justice are at an all time high what with the Russian investigation being nothing but a witch hunt, blatant F.B.I. improprieties more than bordering on the criminal, and the now come to light accusations of a spy being placed by said F.B.I. within the Trump campaign.

The second meeting at 2pm…again sans Jeff Sessions… was called for after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer whined that no Democrats were invited to Kelly’s first meeting even though Mark Warner…the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee…was asked to attend but declined. This meeting was attended by a select bipartisan group of lawmakers with whom the government’s most sensitive intelligence is shared…a group referred to as the ‘Gang of 8’…also saw John Kelly, Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray, Dan Coats, and Trey Gowdy in attendance…with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and former decliner Sen. Mark Warner there as well.

And while there is a ‘gag order’ of sorts against disclosing what was said at this second meeting as well as what was said at the first, you just know the supposed F.B.I. informer Stefan Halper was a key point of discussion. And we all know that over the next few days information will surely leak out as it has done so many times in the past.

And so what I said at the beginning of my article holds just as true at the end for AG Jeff Sessions’ silence and absences in regards to both meetings and all the things stated above is the direct cause of everything getting out of hand. If Jeff Sessions had not recused himself…if he had done his job as America’s chief law enforcement official…the guilty would now be in jail awaiting their court dates, and an innocent man would finally be totally free to do the job ‘We the People’ elected him to do…unencumbered by shear nonsense hanging over his head.

And oh yes…I hope President Trump fires Jeff Sessions now.

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen’s blog The National Patriot to read his latest article Penalizing Success…The Seattle Syndrome


Today, Friday, May 22nd from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss ‘Jeff Sessions: Missing in Action…Again’; What If There Was No Israel’; ‘Penalizing Success…The Seattle Syndrome’; and important news of the day.

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Trump makes it easier to fire poor-performing federal workers

Fri, 05/25/2018 - 9:05pm
Friday President Trump signed 3 executive orders that overhauls  the federal bureaucracy, including an order that makes it easier to fire federal workers for misconduct.

Trump said that to empower our civil servants to best help others, the government must always operate more efficiently and more securely. He signed the 3 executive orders this afternoon, according to the White House.

The first order is to strengthen accountability for federal employees and makes it easier to fire poor performers in the federal government. This is something past presidents didn’t do.

The second executive order creates a federal labor relations working group to analyze union contracts with the federal government. It also makes it harder to pay federal unions to appeal firings and to lobby Congress.

And the last executive order focuses on federal unions, is aimed at reducing waste and expenditures and requires federal employees to spend at least 75 percent of their time working on the job they were hired to do, as opposed to working on federal union work. It will also allow the federal government to start charging unions for office space in federal buildings.

Andrew Bremberg, who leads Trump’s domestic policy council, said the orders will make it easier for agencies to remove poor-performing employees and ensure that taxpayer dollars are more efficiently used.

But this has ticked off J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees, whose membership includes some 700,000 U.S. government and D.C. workers, who claims these  executive orders are a direct assault on the legal rights and protections that Congress has specifically guaranteed to the two million public-sector employees across the country who work for the federal government.

Cox further said this  administration seems hellbent on replacing a civil service that works for all taxpayers with a political service that serves at its whim.

Cox said in the newspaper that his union was prepared to take its challenge to Congress and the public.

This comes as no surprise.  Since day one of the Trump presidency, the left has been trying to stop all he tries to achieve.


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The Reset Button

Fri, 05/25/2018 - 4:29pm

Toddler Dies a Day After Her Mother was Killed by Alleged Street Racer as They Crossed the Road

There is no reset button in life. You wanna see the most horrible event of the week? Think it was a cop beating a black high school kid down for not exiting his car in a timely fashion? How about some movie mogul who sexually assaulted women all through his career because he was really a fat slob with money? Or a deranged punk shooting up the umpteenth school this year? ZvxxYou’d be wrong! A mother and child killed by two teens drag racing while she was walking her baby in a stroller along a residential street in AnyTown, USA!

Know what makes it so horrible? They didn’t need to die, and the teens didn’t mean to do it. Four victims of various levels. Two lives gone, and two lives ruined. Was it the top story of the day? Heck no! The top story was Donald Trump refusing to eat Chop Suey with some Gook who runs a country that’s never gonna make any difference anyway. Swat them bees.

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who are inherently evil, and there aren’t enough ropes in Texas to hang ’em all. Then, there are people, through no fault of their own, are caught up in evil situations where there is no reset button. How many times in real life, or film, have you seen a couple teen boys drag racing? It’s a part of Americana. American Graffiti. Happy days. Now we’re all wondering ”Why?”

I can’t tell you why. Religious nuts will say that it’s God’s will. Atheists will claim that it is what it is, and the universe is an unfeeling place designed to wreck havoc upon itself. I lean more toward a grand designer with extenuating circumstances.

Imagine the universe as a book. If you’ve ever written a novel you know that even though you figured the plot, invented all the characters, and the entire world view the characters will sometimes go their own way. The scenario you put upon them simply won’t fit. The character literally speaks to you from the page. Even though you ultimately control everything, you may chose to go with the flow, and simply write down what the “book person” tells you. The book is the cosmos, the author is God.

The two boys, meaning no harm to anyone, made a bad choice. In the woods their race would have meant nothing. No telling how many times these two have raced. The book was written, but the ink wasn’t dry. The characters were in place. Two parallel universes running side by side, both the will of God, waiting for someone to choose a door. A tragedy transpired. Wrong door! The universe has one flaw. There is no reset button. Once you pass through the door it’s forever closed.

I grieve for the mother and her child, but also for the two boys. These young men most likely would have helped the mother load her groceries into her car at a supermarket parking lot. Helped an old lady across the street, or thrown themselves into the path of a bullet during a school shooting. Unfortunately for them the book was written, the ink has dried, and there is no reset button.

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Mexico says will not renegotiate NAFTA under pressure, but makes new offer

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 9:24pm

Thursday , President Enrique Pena Nieto’s spokesman said  Mexico will not buckle to pressure to conclude the long-stalled renegotiation of NAFTA, but a source said the country made a new offer after the United States launched a probe exploring auto tariffs.

Differences over how to reconfigure the auto industry have slowed progress on talks to rework the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement that underpins Mexico’s economy, with Mexico showing some flexibility but refusing to completely meet U.S. demands.

Trump’s Administration said Wednesday it would examine whether car and truck imports from around the world harm its auto industry, a move that may lead to new tariffs on exports to the world’s second-largest auto market.

One Trump official said the investigation was partly aimed at yielding NAFTA concessions from trade partners Mexico and Canada.

Mexico said it won’t negotiate on the basis of pressure.

Mexico says any agreement much benefit Mexico.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday also said Washington was using the auto tariff probe as a negotiating tool. But  Mexico made a new offer on autos “showing some flexibility” on Thursday, following the U.S. announcement of the national security probe into car imports, a person familiar with the talks said. It was not immediately clear if the offer encompassed other areas under negotiation.

Mexico has in recent days responded to U.S. proposals with an offer that 20 percent of any auto made in North America would be produced in high-wage areas, a Mexican industry source briefed on the talks said. It was not immediately clear in what areas Mexico had shown further flexibility on Thursday.

The United States wants 40 percent of auto content to come from areas paying at least $16 hour.

Mexico has also proposed that 70 percent of overall content of a vehicle made in North America come from the region, countering a U.S. proposal of 75 percent for high-value parts.

Trump ordered the renegotiation of NAFTA to meet a campaign promise to bring more manufacturing jobs to the United States. The nine-month long talks are now bogged down by differences over auto production.

Once again courting voters in the U.S. industrial heartland, this time ahead of mid-term elections later this year, Trump says NAFTA has killed U.S. jobs and has threatened to scrap the deal.


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I Just Love It When Somebody Calls Me A Racist

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 1:56pm

I just love it when somebody calls me a racist. Someone whose political base is so thin that all they have going for them is their complexion. Where were all these girls when I was in high school?

Racism is the line of demarcation for American politics. Just watch the news. I don’t care if the story is about wolves screwing at Ocatillo Wells, SOMEone will make note that one wolf has a white patch on his belly. And God forbid if it’s two male wolves. Then we have the Gay Alliance dragging their bedroom acrobatics out for all the children to see. And they call ME Weird Wilbur!

Nobody is discussing politics anymore. Alex Jones makes a lot of hay just asking University of Texas Law students to SPELL the word “Constitution!” The best political commentator we’ve had in years was that smart mouth ten year old kid who flipped off one of Alex’s so-called InfoWars “reporters” at the Austin Capitol about a year ago, and HE was too stupid to know where to shove that finger. I particularly loved the fact that she was a white chick.

When someone calls me a racist I jump right into it with a big HELL YEAH because that leaves liberals with their politically correct faces hanging out. Of course, I’m not, but I can’t keep up with all the revisions to the Racist Rules For Idiots so I just go with the flow. They then retreat to their safe place. My safe place is a bar on sixth street with a black chick.

But, I just love it when somebody calls me a racist. At that point I know there’s nothing to see there, time to move along. You wanna know how to identify a racist? Call someone a racist, and if they start defending themselves. . . they’re a RACIST! Just ask five kids who stole the cookie.

Obama did this. He wasn’t even a real black guy. He was a Henna Color! Barack Obama should be given a honorary lifetime membership to the KKK for resurrecting an organization the rest of us had been laughing at for the last forty years. If he had a son he would have looked like every thug that ever tried to mug you in the parking lot of a Seven Eleven. That racist enough for ya? I just love it someone calls me a racist!

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What If Obamacare Sold Homeowner’s Insurance?

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 10:36am

If homeowner’s insurance worked like Obamacare, in no time at all homelessness would be a viable option for residents trying to lower their insurance cost.

Under Obamahome, construction contractors would talk endlessly about how compassionate their employees are. Edgy companies would assert that dealing with an English–speaking crew makes rebuilding your home a breeze. But no company would be talking prices or making binding estimates.

Instead homeowners would hire the company that was closest or had the most caring spokesperson. Really shrewd homeowners might check a Yelp review, but that would be the extent of the research. When it came time to sign the contract the homeowner would pay his deductible and the bill for the covered procedure would go direct to the insurance company.

The homeowner would remain blissfully unaware of what his newly repaired roof, siding, basement or deck cost to fix.

Under Obamahome, renters are also covered, but renters wouldn’t be required to pay a premium. And homeowners who had a loss, but weren’t covered by insurance — because they opted to make the final payment on their Sistine Chapel tattoo — can both buy a policy and file a claim during the same transaction.

At premium–setting time, homeowners would discover Obamahome rates had to be set high enough cover their house and their prorated portion of the renter’s and the pre–existing damage claims.

Soon they’re confronted with Obama’s Choice: To get an affordable premium, homeowners must choose between a much higher deductible for the same coverage or the same deductible for much less coverage.

The result is a $12,000 deductible that covers everything up to and including Hurricane Stormy or a $1,000 deductible that covers tornados and fire, but excludes hail, wind, lightening and floods.

Fortunately, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t malfunction like Obamacare, and with any luck the Texas Supreme Court may force hospitals to adopt pricing reform.

The Dallas Morning News reports Crystal Roberts was rushed to an emergency room after a car crash. The good news is she was home three hours later. The bad news is accompanying her was a bill for $11,037.35 for X–rays, CT scan, lab tests and ‘other’ services. Crystal was charged the ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ rate because she lacked insurance.

But she didn’t lack a lawyer, so Crystal sued. The Texas Supremes ruled that if the hospital intended to prove Roberts’ bill “reasonable” it must “share … details about the discounted rates it had with health insurers, data that’s generally seen as proprietary and confidential.”

I’ll say it’s “confidential.” You’d have better luck finding Trump’s tax returns. The only price information a patient gets on a visit to the hospital is what it costs to park.

One wouldn’t know that from the story, though. Economics illiteracy among journalists continues unchecked, “While few dispute costs are out of control and transparency would help, the ruling is seen as unprecedented by some, who worry it could deal a big blow to free market competition in health care.”

The statement couldn’t be more wrong. It’s like saying if we banned Consumer Reports Car Buying Service and prohibited window stickers on new cars it would increase competition and lower prices.

The ability to compare prices encourages competition, while concealing prices encourages price–fixing.

The decision is a tentative step toward my simple, Constitutional, solution for increasing healthcare competition. First, require any hospital taking federal money to post turnkey prices for the 25 most common hospitalized surgical procedures; the 25 most common out–patient procedures and the 25 most common tests. All charges must match the best price offered insurance companies – the information the Texas hospital doesn’t want to share.

Second, allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, creating a national market. Any national policy won’t be subject to state-level regulations. This means state politicians with itchy legislative fingers can’t force companies to cover pap smears, prostate exams, birth control, or any medical fad do-gooders want to force on consumers. Individual buyers will be able to pay for the coverage they want and not be forced to pay for coverage a major campaign contributor wants them to have.

Policies must be offered in all states to escape individual state regulation. Any company selling a policy within a state must conform to that state’s financial stability rules.

Third, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions if the patient can prove continuous coverage for the prior six months. Otherwise, a six-month waiting period. Patients who don’t want to buy private insurance can participate in a federal high–risk pool.

Depending on judges to reform healthcare is spotty and imprecise.  We need Congress. The only negative impact my reform might have is on hospitals and the Medical Industrial Complex. That’s why it won’t happen. Those insiders make large campaign contributions and the likes of Crystal Roberts don’t.

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California’s Feinstein No Longer Supports Death Penalty

Wed, 05/23/2018 - 10:16pm


Strange isn’t it, how politicians change their minds when some law or way of punishment no longer suits their needs. Well now, it looks like Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein says she no longer backs the death penalty, a reversal of decades-long support that comes during a primary campaign where her stiffest challenge is from a fellow Democrat who is trying to outflank her with the party’s base.

Wednesday she said that the penalty became crystal clear to her that the risk of unequal application is high and its effect on deterrence is low.

She hasn’t publicaly mentioned this before until now,  just weeks before the June 5 primary in her bid for a fifth full term in Washington. Feinstein’s toughest challenger is Democratic state Sen. Kevin de Leon, who argues she is out of touch with California values.

Where does her reversal come from?  It’s possibly from the fact that her party hasn’t endorsed her in her bid for re-election.

De Leon blocked Feinstein from receiving the California Democratic Party’s endorsement at its annual convention in February, a window into her troubles with some of the activist base. De Leon seized on her death penalty shift as further evidence that Feinstein is worried about her base of support.

But still, she remains quite popular and has a significant edge on de Leon in name recognition and money, two critical elements for a successful statewide campaign. She’s run successful campaigns in the past by picking up Democrats as well as California’s independent voters, who now make up almost as large a share of the electorate as Republicans.

Her prior support for the death penalty is a prime example of her willingness to shun the party’s base in favor of capturing wider support.

When she ran for governor in 1990, she aggressively touted her support for capital punishment at the ire of Democratic activists, who booed her at the party’s annual convention. In her tv ad, she said she was the only Democrat who supported the death penalty.

But she also this year, changed her views on marijuana. She vehemently opposed a state proposition to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016, but said in early May that she would consider legislation granting protection to states that have legalized the drug.

So De Leon similarly pointed to that change as evidence that Feinstein is out of touch with today’s voters.

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From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

Wed, 05/23/2018 - 5:53pm

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. The American Biker, Rebels of Society.

WAKE UP CALL TO AMERICA! Let me take you back in time. This country was built by the funds of the Whiskey RUNNER of the past. The citizens loved these REBELS whose bravery was unmatched at the time. They knowingly faced the dangers that lay ahead of them, so they could deliver a product that was in demand nationwide. They risked their lives through every turn they took because they knew the importance that their mission meant to the impact of this great nation. Then the people betrayed them and made laws to condemn them, jail them, fine them and even kill them.

America’s Veterans are yet another chapter of this great nation’s book in history. These fearless solders fought till they were black and blue, injured and broken, tired and hungry never giving up. Some gave all for this great nation, so you and I could live free, and safe. Yet once again the people betrayed them. Spitting in their faces as they returned home, holding up signs protesting, all the while enjoying the freedoms these soldiers were protecting while fighting against our foes. Yet they never refused, ran or surrendered for why, what or love of their country, they were fighting, knowingly giving their lives for you and me.

Once again it would seem that history is repeating itself in this great nation. The bikers that most of you spoke poorly of, looked down upon, are those Veterans. Veterans who step forward in defending our beloved great nation, against the Foes, Terrorists, and Enemies that make offensive moves against this nation. Bikers are fighting for the freedoms and protection that most of you unknowingly enjoy day in and day out. Bikers, classified as Rebels by the American peoples, are the ones defending the honor of your loved ones who lost their lives during the attack against the American people on American soil during 9/11/2001, yet we Bikers are the ones you choose to look down on when you are tucked in safe and sound at your homes. Regardless of all the nasty things that the people have said and done to us, we never hesitate when facing danger to protect you and this great nation. No matter the individual cost to us, or the hatred that you distill upon us, we voluntarily choose to defend, fight and protect your freedoms in this great nation we call America. When tragedy strikes a community, it’s those bikers who step forward to protect that community. It’s those same bikers who organize and fund raise in those communities. It’s those same rebel bikers who defend the children in those communities.

I know the story of another Rebel of his time that people hated, assaulted, spit on, called names, and yes, I am afraid it’s so, they even put this Rebel to death. This Rebel said that “the world will hate you, as they have hated me who came before you.” This Rebel’s name,,,,, Jesus Christ.

I wrote this because I too am a Rebel Biker looked down on by many. But I am a proud Rebel Biker that knows not the definition of give up, nor the directive to change who you are. I was born a proud Rebel Biker, and I will die a proud Rebel Biker maybe it’s time that you consider who you chose to hate in this great nation, as we fight for the Freedoms you enjoy in these United States of America.

But hey that’s just my thoughts on this very morning. But everyone knows I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas, and my personal thoughts are just that. Thoughts of a Dumb ole Biker From Alvin.


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Cornucopia of Corruption In Global Warming Promotion

Wed, 05/23/2018 - 11:59am
The Global Warming “Cornucopia of Corruption.”

We can’t say Global Warming is a pack of lies, without proving a giant network of liars to support it, and a clear reward system to tell the lies.  Motive and method must be shown.

So, I had to challenge myself to provide reasonable evidence of massive lying up and down the line, from voters to scientists to leaders.

Notice all the levels of confirmed existence of either lies, or behavior 100% consistent with liar’s behaviors.  It’s like a cornucopia, with levels of corruption piled on top of each other.

  • Citizen level – Widespread appearance of “Alinsky” tactics on social media. No liberals would debate me on Global Warming, out of thousands I challenged – when I demanded the rules limit to using only proven facts.   None would discuss how easy it is to manipulate the math which reduced millions of measurements down to one number – indeed they did not want to discuss this obvious source of error and deception.
  • Citizen level – These 3 beliefs are highly correlated: socialism, globalism and global warming.   It appears as 100% politically aligned, and thus is politically driven, not scientifically driven.
  • Party level – Democratic leaders are clearly PROVEN liars, not just accused liars, about spending, benefits, racism, education, protecting women in the workplace, Russian collusion among Republics, hiding Russian collusion with Hillary Foundation….
  • Ideological level: Socialism is well established as an agenda-driven ideology, not known for “science breakthroughs.”
  • Ideology level – Socialism is known to decay into mass lies, US kids were taught this history of lying in high school for decades.
  • Scientist level – $200k per year for 200 scientists to “prove” theory, will spawn 200 affirmative findings. True science would pay half the scientists to find the flaws in the theory, as they do in a thesis review, not dig up more agreeable data.
  • Scientist level – A theory is that which is UNPROVEN, so the scientists are evangelizing policy based on guesswork and hearsay, until proven.
  • Leadership level – Al Gore propaganda videos and UN money flows. UN official calls it an “economic program” at a live event – “to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years.”
  • Leadership level – They changed the name from “global warming” to “climate change” when their acclaimed certain predicted never manifested themselves. That’s “bait and switch” deception.
  • Rewards level – Big $ rewards to “prove the theory,” not to find flaws, like a typical theory undergoes.   Theories are always bolstered by finding the worst flaws – not looking for data which agrees with the proposed theory.

As you can see, the motives, rewards, communication methods, and con men leaders are in place to promote a phalanx of lies about something which cannot be proven:  The “average temperature” of the earth.

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With Every Generation Comes The Pop

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 11:04pm

With every generation comes the pop. This active shooter thing isn’t a flash in the pan. It’s a flash in a muzzle. Hearing the pop refers to the sound a bullet makes when it flies by your head. Kind of a little sonic boom. Once you’ve  heard the pop you’re never the same. Death was right there, inches away, maybe closer, maybe your BFF who swam in your pool the night before.

Our kids have heard the pop. It isn’t a political discussion to them. It isn’t some debated theory penned years ago. It’s a matter of life and death. In their own way every generation hears the pop. There have been too many pops in our schools to not rethink our values.

Back in my day it was Vietnam.  Stupid war, actually. We had no business there. Didn’t win nothing. As I watched my friend, Joe, die of Agent Orange I realized how stupid that war really was, and how stupid the government was, and is. About as stupid as this debate about school security.

People! What’s in your minds? Are you really weighing the cost of metal detectors against the life of your child? You pay five dollars for a cup of the sorriest coffee I’ve ever tasted, but you won’t give that much to see your daughter come home alive?

The enemy is different, but the pop is the same. Our children are fighting for their lives. My own grandchildren are going to a public school for eight more days, and I’m fully aware that an active shooter is counting those days. Somewhere a psychopath realizes he has eight days to make his mark, and someone will cradle their dead baby while the politicians pray for them, and city councils pinch pennies because family court judges are more important than children. No wonder the kids eat Tide Pods!

The kids don’t understand the constitution. They never read it. Their teachers won’t let them. They just don’t want to hear anymore pops. They just want to live. Every generation must hear the pop. If I were president I’d shut down every school for the summer NOW! Trump is so handy with executive orders, order the schools closed, and not opened again until every door has a metal detector. One police officer for every two thousand square feet. Every student should know they are safe as they study the constitution.

That young man from Santa Fe needs to be dragged out of jail by a mob and hanged right in the street for all the people to see. Especially the students of Santa Fe. Suspension hanging,  it takes a while. This mayhem has got to stop. I can’t believe we’re even debating this.

Every day I get a little madder. Every day those kid’s blood cries from the ground, and every day we stall, and chatter, and pray. Well I pray too. In the words of Brigham Young, “Vengence is Mine saith the Lord, but I do take a little myself!” This generation has heard enough pop!

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Dems want to scrap tax cut for rich to fund teachers’ raises

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 12:03pm

Naturally they want to suck up to the teachers, as it’s they and their unions who keep Democrats in power. Congressional Democrats want to give a big salary bump to teachers and pay for it by canceling the tax cut for the nation’s top 1 percent of earners.

Of course this whole idea is the brainstorm of Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, whom on Tuesday are expected to propose giving states and school districts $50 billion over a decade for teacher raises and recruitment.

That’s just the Democrat way, tax and spend.  When the money runs out, raise taxes even more. And note, all this money nearly always goes to liberal groups or causes.

The Democrats’ plan is an election-year slam at the tax cuts passed by the Republican-controlled Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump. Democrats say the cuts are a windfall for the wealthy at the expense of other Americans. Teachers have been rallying for pay raises this year, particularly in states where they’re prevented from unionizing.

Republicans defending their congressional majorities are certain to oppose any tax cut rollback.

Remember folks to vote these people out of office come November, as Democrats want to undo all the good that Trump has done in his first year of office.

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The Lessons Of Santa Fe

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 10:31pm

My team and I have drilled down on the Santa Fe shooting. I’ve made my beliefs clear as have Chappy Gypsy, Brother Theo and others I’ve met with and spoke to. Gun control is NOT the answer. When I suggested metal detectors for the schools in Killeen, I was told the expense would prevent such an action. There’s no problem building football stadiums however.

School shootings are becoming the fashion. Gun control groups leap to the second amendment. THAT’S why legislators are stymied. No one is going to go there. Does the Left come up with real solutions. Certainly not. David Hogg and Emma Gonzales are making too much money on speaking tours advocating an impossible proposition for that.

Whenever anyone brings up the psychotropic common denominator they are quickly shouted down by the anti-gun wing. Psychiatric practice has been reduced to a pill. While some people need to be sedated, my own granddaughter being one, a kid being bullied does not require a psychedelic cocktail. They need good, sound therapy to learn to get through life.

Life is hard. The first breath is hard. Each breath after that is not guaranteed, and one day that breath will not come. It’s called life! If the young man at Santa Fe had not done such an unspeakable act, he may have gone on to form a business, and made all those bullies “suck it” as he sipped fine wine beside his swimming pool. We will never know. His fate, and the fate of the dead, is sealed.

I agree with the Left that this is becoming redundant. I do not agree that gun control is the answer. Tomorrow, right here in Killeen, Texas, school bells will ring. Students will file in to go to class. Not one will be checked for a gun. Adults will come in later for various reasons, and will not be challenged at the unlocked front door. Just like I did TODAY!

Metal detectors won’t cure it all. You need cops. If you can’t budget in at least one police officer per school you need to fire your police force and close the schools. This rampage could end tomorrow. There is no reason an active shooter should get past the office. There is no reason he should even get in through the door. Locked doors with surveillance cameras, and a button so the police officer can allow entry. If someone tries to breach security they should be treated with the same method the army employs at the gates of Fort Hood. That means they are killed, folks. Little girls get to go home to mommy.

If you could possibly rid America of all guns, some deranged little pervert could go to the boy’s PE locker-room, pick up a baseball bat, go to the girl’s shower, and commence to clubbing them to death. Prisoners in state jails routinely kill each other with sharpened toothbrushes. Murder is a matter of the heart. You may reason that the killer could get into the school and kill exactly as I just pointed out. They CAN. That’s the societal problem we face. A nation where we can’t discipline our kids, everyone’s a winner, and Tide Pods taste good. As the Good Book Says, The next well adjusted generation may start the first grade next September. The generation that is in middle, and high school now may be forever lost. Just as Moses and the children of Israel wandered in the desert until that generation was consumed. But we can reduce the body count beginning tomorrow!

Shut The Front Door

America Is Having A Heart Attack!

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

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NRA links school violence to Ritalin but experts deny link

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 12:47pm

The NRA’s  incoming president has linked school shootings and other violence to using medications such as Ritalin. Or possibly all those vaccines given when mere babies. Or even so, the lack of parental teachings, of right and wrong, and the absence of fathers in these families.

Sunday on Fox News, retired Lt. Col. Oliver North said that perpetrators of school violence “have been drugged in many cases” and “many of these young boys have been on Ritalin since they were in kindergarten.” He also blamed a “culture where violence is commonplace,” pointing to TV and movies.

His remarks  followed the attack Friday at Santa Fe High School outside Houston that left eight students and two teachers dead. Investigators have given no indication that they believe the 17-year-old suspect, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, used Ritalin, which treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or other drugs.

Pagourtzis’ attorney, Nicholas Poehl, said Sunday that he was not aware that his client was on any specific medication. He said he was surprised that someone with North’s experience with the criminal justice system would “make those kind of generalizations with a case that’s less than 48 hours old.”

An NRA spokesman, Andrew Arulanandam, confirmed North was speaking on the organization’s behalf and said there are others who share this viewpoint.

But George DuPaul, a psychologist at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania whose research has focused on ADHD treatment, said a deeper body of research exists on the effects of Ritalin and similar drugs than of treatments for any other condition in children. He said it doesn’t support North’s claim.

The FDA’s medication guide on Ritalin says to watch for “new or worse aggressive behavior or hostility.”

DuPaul said the warning may be a case of being “overly inclusive” of possible side effects or a hint to underlying issues in patients.


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From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 12:40pm

From the Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker from Alvin, Texas…

People know I write what’s on my mind. I don’t beat around the bush, and I don’t sugarcoat it. But Houston, We have a problem!

What’s going on in our society?

What we saw last Friday, is starting to be the norm, but no one will address the issue of why. Why is this happening? There’s a moral decay of society taking place and no one will address the decay of this morality.

Let me show you what’s going on with our youth. It’s kind of like the MOB mentality at a protest. Everyone’s afraid to throw the first brick at the protest, but once someone does throw the first brick, it seems everyone wants to pick up a brick and throw it through the window.

Well the same thing is going on with these school shootings There’s been a slow, gradual process taking place since Columbine. No one would actually think of shooting up a school, and killing another human being, but once it was done once, others have decided it was okay to vent their frustrations out on others in this particular manner. It’s the gradual decay of the morality in our society.

Life has become meaningless to our youth. It’s become a slow mob mentality of the way things are handled. One person did it, now there are the copy cats who are going to do it as well. Just like at a protest, the people follow along with the first person that threw the brick. Do you understand what’s going on?

We bombard our youth with violence and more violence to a point where life is just another inanimate object; Look at the video games these kids sit in front of playing for hours and hours on end. Look at the T.V. programs we have allowed our kids to watch. Hollywood comes out proclaiming their disgust at these violent actions every time there’s a school shooting and demand something must be done, just as they turn out another film with more violence and sex and make it appealing to our kids.

Does that make any sense?

You know 30 or 40 years ago, people had sex, of course they did, however the difference was, it was taboo, you didn’t go around flaunting it. We didn’t have it thrown in our face 24 hours a day. What happened in the bedroom, stayed in the bedroom. We had Gay people as well, again, what they did behind closed doors was their business, we didn’t have it thrown in our face. Now they want to throw it in our faces and this is the outcome, our youth are confused and have no moral compass. We allowed this to happen, somewhere along the way parents forgot how to be parents and started wanting to be their kid’s best friends, Their BFF. Seriously?

Our Government has made it illegal for parents to discipline a child. Parents now think spanking a child is abuse, Parents that do whip their child end up in jail and now have a criminal record for domestic abuse. Our teachers can’t say anything because the parent takes the child’s side. We have lost control of our children and we let the opinions of a man called Dr. Spock in the 1960’s, a man who never had children, dictate to us how we should raise our kids. Time outs don’t work, patting them on the head and saying don’t do it again does not work. Mental illness? Wow, they are right you know, it has become a mental illness problem, the kids can’t handle real life anymore. They all get a trophy, no one is a loser, everyone’s a winner. Really??? Then they get out in the real world and they can’t handle it and they have to have safe spaces.

Yes, it’s mental illness caused by our governmental regulations that won’t let parents do their job. Caused by parents who won’t take control of their kids.

Kids need to be taught. As my father used to tell us, while we live under his roof, we would obey his rules. We had no rights! We had rules to live by. It starts at home!

Discipline that child, spank that child, not beat the child, but spank that child. Parents you’re screaming about the symptoms, but you’re not willing to correct the problem. Don’t you think it’s well past time to regain control of the family unit?

Folks look around you, look at the children cussing teachers, fighting teachers, playing with their phones and texting in school classrooms, cussing adults, that’s most of the kids today. If you claim Not my Child, my child is a good kid and would never do that, but you’ve had to go visit the teacher and principal, you may just be part of the problem. Let’s find the solution and the solution begins at home!

If I upset someone off with this letter, then look real hard in the mirror. Have a great day! God Bless. One last thing, I do know kids who have never had to be spanked, the difference is, they were raised in a Church and taught the Word of God! Let that sink in. Maybe it’s time we brought the lessons of the Bible back into the school house, at least back into the homes, these children need parental guidance.
Just a Dumb Ole Biker from Alvin, Texas…What do I know?

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America Is Having A Heart Attack!

Sun, 05/20/2018 - 12:10pm


America Is Having A Heart Attack!

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said he planned to hold roundtable discussions starting Tuesday on how to make schools more secure. One idea he and other state officials mentioned was limiting the number of entrances to the facilities. Rep. Randy Weber (R-Tex.) said Congress eventually would consider legislation focused on “hardening targets and adding more school metal detectors and school police officers.”

There are so many ideas on how to stop school shootings that the result is a virtual hodgepodge of squabbling inactivity! The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. Blind man could see it in an instant. The problem is not guns. School shootings stop when the second gun shows up. Fact! These are not your textbook active shootings. Kids shooting kids.

Aurora, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, none of these has any resemblance to school shootings. As irrational as any mass shooting is, a school shooting progresses to the next level. While the police dig for motive in Las Vegas, the motive for Santa Fe is right up front. Bullying!

Sounds so trivial, doesn’t it? We’ve all been there. I had a kid, Vance, in the fourth grade who beat me up every recess. Once day I discovered Vance had a glass jaw. Let me tell you, it wasn’t sex, but it was damn close!

What made the Santa Fe Shooter use a gun instead of his fists? CNN! The Main Stream Media had exemplified a virtual floor plan for the successful school shooter. Video games provide dry runs. Unfortunately the there is no ALT-CTRL-DEL. The dead do not resurrect. Lives, and history are changed forever. The student, who one day may be working in a laboratory at Baylor/Scott & White on a single immunization that ends AIDS lays bleeding in a school room floor. All those future AIDS deaths lie at the feet of a closet homosexual who got his feelings hurt in high school!

This is the Heart Attack America is suffering. We’ve always had guns, especially in Texas. The kid in Galveston used a squirrel gun, and an old fashioned police special. He could have just as easily used a pellet gun, or a knife, or even a letter opener. The fact is while the little girls were crying, and begging for their lives he walked tall for a short time.

God was expelled from schools years ago. When God was in class, the “FFA” (Future Farmers Of America) students had rifles and shotguns in the back window of every pickup truck in Texas. Trivia: It was those kinds of people who kept Charles Whitman’s head down at the University of Texas on that hot summer day back in 1966.

Morality, parenting, non-interference by government agencies, i.e. schools, CPS, “social workers” and the like is what is required. Dr Spock was a fool. His mother should have sat on him when he was born. Lesbian Child Protective case workers trying to teach Maria Sanchez how to cook tortillas for her bambinos is nuts! Felony charges on a father for delivering a good belt whipping to a boy with a smart mouth is a waste of money, and courtrooms. I hate to be the first one to tell you people this.

Gun control won’t work. In spite of what I’ve said previously, metal detectors won’t work either. The next killer will just use a Ginseng carving knife. We have to come up with a national defibrillator, and put America’s Heart back in rhythm. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just pulled out of the Boy Scouts because the Boy Scouts can’t identify what a boy is any more. The anti-American, anti-God influences in this country are so insidious that when I typed the words “Jesus Christ” just now it did NOT auto fill in spite of the dozens of times I’ve written His Name on this iPhone. Mohammed gives no such problem. It just auto corrected after the letters “M” and “O!” THAT is the problem friends and neighbors.

Don’t be afraid to be an AmeriCAN! Don’t be afraid to discipline your kids. Don’t be afraid to stand up to the school board, and tell them you do not want subversives, sexual deviates, or social activists teaching your children and removing the words of Thomas Jefferson from our textbooks. Teach the constitution in our schools, and then apply that constitution to everything you think, do, and say. Make the deaths of our children count for SOMETHING! Give America a heart transplant! Until then the guns will roar, and the pain will continue.

Bill the Butcher

Shut The Front Door

Once Upon A Time Inna West

The Measure Of Belief

The Tea Party Tribune

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Trump nominates Pacific commander Harris as U.S. ambassador to Seoul

Sat, 05/19/2018 - 9:56pm

Friday President Trump nominated Admiral Harry Harris, head of the U.S. Pacific Command, as U.S. ambassador to South Korea ahead of a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un scheduled next month but since called into question by Pyongyang.

Harris, if confirmed by the Senate, would fill a post that has been vacant since Trump took office in January 2017.

He  was initially nominated by Trump to be U.S. ambassador to Australia but was asked last month by Mike Pompeo, now secretary of state, to take the post in Seoul instead, as diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear weapons intensified.

The formal nomination by the White House comes days after North Korea raised doubts about whether an unprecedented June 12 summit in Singapore between Kim Jong Un and Trump would go ahead, and Pyongyang called off talks with South Korea, whose president, Moon Jae-in, is due to meet Trump at the White House on Tuesday.

Trump has often taken a harder line on North Korea than Moon, and the U.S. president has repeatedly criticized South Korea over trade while questioning the usefulness of the long-standing U.S. alliance with Seoul.

Thursday Trump tried to placate North Korea after it threatened to call off the summit, saying Kim’s security would be guaranteed in any deal and that his country would not suffer the fate of Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya.But in rambling comments mixing words of reassurance with threat, Trump also stressed that North Korea would have to abandon its nuclear weapons and warned that if no deal was reached, it could be “decimated” like Libya or Iraq.

Harris, who is known for hawkish views on China’s military expansion, told the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee in March that Washington could not be overly optimistic about the outcome of a Trump-Kim summit and must go into it with “eyes wide open.”

He said he was encouraged by the prospect of a summit, but North Korea remained the biggest Asia-Pacific security threat.


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After Trump’s withdrawal from nuclear pact, EU energy chief courts Iran

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 9:24pm

Saturday Europe’s energy chief will seek to reassure Iran’s top ministers  that the European Union wants to keep trade open despite the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

European commissioner for energy and climate, Miguel Arias Canete,  will meet with five top Iranian minister over two days, including the Islamic State’s nuclear chief, oil minister and foreign minister.

The EU leaders have united behind the 2015 accord, with Brussels considering banning EU-based firms from complying with the sanctions that President Donald Trump has reimposed and urging governments to make money transfers to Iran’s central bank to avoid fines.

Yet EU officials admit there is a limit to what they can do to parry sanctions as a wave of European companies quit business with Tehran, fearing the global reach of U.S. sanctions.

The Canete mission is a symbolic gesture to urge Iran’s leadership to stick to the nuclear deal and shore up support for the relatively moderate President Hassan Rouhani against hardliners looking to constrain his ability to open up to the West.

Europe sees the pact, limiting Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for the relaxation of economic sanctions, as vital for international security.


With the reimposition of U.S. sanctions threatening the accord’s economic payoff for Tehran, EU diplomats worry they will lose what little sway they have in the Islamic Republic.

So Canete’s plan would involve the possibility of EU governments bypassing the U.S. financial system by making direct payments to Iran for oil exports and to repatriate Iranian funds in Europe – though the move will be up to member states.

And other ways to shield  European firms, the EU’s “blocking statute” would ban EU companies from complying with U.S. sanctions and does not recognize any court rulings that enforce American penalties.

I think these countries will find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. They need the US for business, without us, their economies fails.

The EU is also seeking to allow the European Investment Bank to do business in Iran and to scale up euro-denominated credit lines from EU states.

But some big names are already heading for the door. French energy group Total <TOTF.PA> said it may quit a multi-billion-dollar gas project that Tehran had repeatedly hailed as a symbol of the nuclear accord’s success.

The first sanctions to be reinstated are limits on Iranian oil exports that choked off more than half of Iran’s oil exports after 2012 – largely due to European and Asian buyers cutting back.


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Shut The Front Door

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 7:29pm

Shut The Front Door! More than a month ago I was warning of a school shooting in Texas. I figured it would be in Killeen. Well, here it is! Why? Because we’re lazy and stupid. AR15? Nope! Old fashioned shotgun, and plain old police special. Crazy kid? Maybe. When he wasn’t on the honor roll. What did he excel in? Well, it damn sure wasn’t competitive target shooting. Schools are a gun free zone! There’s that word. Gun free zone? Bingo!

Shut the front door! It’s as simple as that. Make a school rule that no one can bring a gun to school. Wait! We already have that. Then why do we have active shooters in schools? Because of the generation the schools have been grooming them for the last thirty years. Now, swat them bees!

Teachers are oh so innocent. While they teach disobedience to parents, homosexuality, hating on the president, and then stand there snake amazed when little Johnny comes in and busts a cap on them. The same teachers saying they’ll never have a gun IN their desk end up hiding UNDER their desk while little Johnny gives them a “pop” quiz on Life!

Home schools don’t tend to get shot up. The public school system has seen its day. The little red school House was the norm back when, but with the Information Age, kids learn more from Facebook than from some tri-sexual wannabe social scientist. Folks, I’m not kidding. My kids went to public school in Brigham City, and the only thing they learned is that Temple Worthy kids, and Gentile kids should not intermarry. I crappith thee not!

You will not stop school shootings until you secure the schools. Notice I said “killings!” That’s because guns don’t kill people. Fat nerds that can’t get laid kill people. In Killeen, not one metal detector has been installed since I suggested appropriating some from the county courthouse. I asked who was more important, kids, or pedophile judges. Well, the people have spoken. The idea of spending a dime on the kids benumbs them.

If we’re going to keep the doors open to child sex trafficking, i.e. the pubic school system, then we’d better keep the little girls alive at least long enough to be “wifed up!” Every parent should refuse to put their children in that kind of danger, and keep their kids home until the school is at least as safe as a dog pound. I can’t imaging having to look into Puck’s dead eyes telling her that I was sorry. The city park bond issue was more important. We seriously need to Shut The Front Door! God rest the souls of the dead in Santa Fe, and bless the hearts of their survivors.


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Once Upon A Time Inna West

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 12:47am

Once Upon A Time In The West there was these child sex traffickers. Criminology is so simple. You look at the end result, work yourself backwards, and whomever is at the top of the food chain is the criminal! I think I’ll open an FBI training facility. Take the following hypothetical situation. Little girls from a sleepy little hamlet in Utah kept consistently winding up in Saint George under the direction of the Child and Family Services. Now, work with me on this. Please understand that this is all hypothetical, because God knows these fine public servants would never kidnap a child, and feed them to a multi-state child sex trafficking operation. <Wink Wink>

Let’s work through this floor plan. Two little girls trading lies in a school yard. “My mommy gave me a whipping!” “My daddy gave me a BIGGER whipping!” “My mommy whipped me with a switch!” “My daddy whipped me with a belt!” “Did I say ‘switch?’ STICK!” “Well, my daddy really used a buggy whip on me.” “If I don’t come to school tomorrow it’s because my mommy clubbed me to death with a bed post, and dumped my body in the closet!” (That makes her the winner, by the way.)

The loser goes and relates the conversation to her teacher, the very revered Miss Song, fetching young Asian import, hired in order to prove that CrackerVille is politically correct, who reports it to the principal, who is ever vigilant, protecting any child from their family. He in turn does “the right thing,” and calls Miss “MeToo” over at the Child Procurement Services, who places a call to Detective “Purty Serious” down at the PoPo, and they all make a bee line to the scene of the crime, infrared light in hand, plus a petition penned by “Susie Sweetcheeks, honor graduate of a local junior high, enhanced by two weeks of training in child psychology, and absolutely NO knowledge of nouns, verbs or syntax.

Please note this is not the Principal’s first rodeo. Not even the first rodeo this YEAR! If fact this is little girl number three, including the little snitch who started this ball rolling in the beginning. The script is so simple. Sit the girl on your lap, put words in her mouth, and have the case worker make notes of whatever comes out. Said principal has previously removed the girl from special ed, and placed her in general population, ignoring volumes of medical data identifying her multiple mental issues, including seeing angels and demons flying ALL around her bedroom. She believes everything she’s told and wants everyone to like her. That’s why she was so popular when the snitch previously led her to a local park, depriving her of her iPhone, iPad, and three hundred dollars in order to meet men in the park restroom. The case worker forgot to write that down, I guess. These are ten year old little girls, folks.

Upon descending on the residence, of course no body is found, either dead or alive. No club, no blood, no cocaine, and El Chappo has gone back to Mexico. The Detective, and the two caseworkers stood there with their respective faces hanging out. About the only thing officer “Blue Light” can offer the caseworkers is to take the broom he found in the broom closet down to the PD for DNA testing. I crappith thee NOT! The three stooges leave. Before they can approach the court, the little girl in question is on a first class plane ride to Austin, Texas to recoup in a sixty-eight thousand dollar a month center for poor little rich kids whose daddy left them dump trucks full of money. (That’s why she could shell out hundred dollar bills to the snitch.)

But, and this is a big but, almost as big as the butts on those two caseworkers, the case goes on. Even though it vapor locked in court. Weekly visits by caseworkers, grilling the little girl’s brothers just in case the mother should suddenly decide to run over them with a tractor, and bury them out in the apple orchard at the rear of the house. Oh, said orchard is in full view of the Child Protective office. Jus’ sayin’.

The plan was to go to court, and remove the little girl. From there she’d go down around Saint George to the loving arms of Brother Jeremiah Johnson, brother of the afore mentioned principal, and his other fifteen foster daughters. And they’d all live happily ever after. Isn’t life wonderful?

Of course this is all fantasy. Of course public school officials would never collude with state officials who’d conspire with police who’d kidnap little ten year old girls in order to pimp them off to some polygamous cult out in the desert. Why, that would be crazy! It would . . . wouldn’t it? The end.

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U.S. ends practice that gave some immigrants reprieves from deportation

Thu, 05/17/2018 - 9:25pm

Thursday Attorney General Jeff Sessions  barred immigration judges from a once-common practice of shelving deportation cases involving some immigrants with deep ties to the United States.

The previous  practice known as administrative closure allowed judges to clear low-priority cases off their dockets, effectively letting some immigrants remain indefinitely in the United States despite their lack of legal status.

And under President Barack Obama there had been an effort to administratively close certain cases as a way of allowing judges to focus on higher-priority matters and reduce the immigration court backlog. More than 200,000 cases were closed during the last six years of his presidency.

Those closures were routinely used for people without criminal backgrounds who had lived for many years in the United States, often with U.S. citizen children or spouses. In many cases, the immigrants became eligible for work permits.

But Trump’s administration  has taken a sharply different tack on immigration, declaring that all those in the country illegally, whether or not they pose a threat to public safety, are subject to deportation.

Since immigration courts fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, the attorney general can issue opinions in immigration cases to establish legal precedent for judges across the country and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Sessions on Thursday  issued such an order in a case in which a judge had granted administrative closure for an unaccompanied minor from Guatemala.

Before Sessions’ ruling, the government or an immigrant could ask a judge to close a case. The attorney general ruled that judges “do not have the general authority to suspend indefinitely immigration proceedings by administrative closure.” He said exceptions could be made in some cases, including when an immigrant has certain forms of legal status pending.

And since last June,  government prosecutors were moving to put cases that had been previously closed back on the court calendar.

Immigration attorneys and advocates quickly criticized Sessions’ decision. The ruling was intended “to reduce immigration judges to deportation machines,” said Chuck Roth of the National Immigrant Justice Center.

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