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Updated: 1 hour 11 min ago

A Few Simple Facts

2 hours 17 min ago

A man made a comment on YouTube concerning the Austin bombings. We Ed to remember a few simple facts

Today, it’s YouTuber Chad Prather who’s in the hot seat for a dumb comment he made on Twitter about the Austin bombings. “Where are the marches and protests for bomb control,” he wrote.

Ok, students, I made the same comparison yesterday in my article They Shot Him In The Bomb! As usual, the Snowflakes responded with a convoluted straw man argument that completely missed the point.

Bombs are already illegal so we don’t need to march to change legislation. Only heads anyone is messing with are those that throw logic out the window and think Chad’s comment is in any way relevant.

I won’t bore you with all the cry-baby comments that followed. First off, explosives are most certainly not illegal. They are used for construction, mining, geology and fireworks on the Fourth of July. APPLICATION of said devices tell the tale of the tape. Windex with “ammonia D” as well as Clorox are both legal. Mix them in your sink, and see how that works out for you.

Guns, explosives, household cleaners and little Johnny’s baseball bat do not kill people. People kill people. Telephones don’t kill people, but a telephone cord in the hands of “Joe Salami” in New York sure will. Joe’s also partial to plastic wrap. A well placed rock does quite well.

When someone decides to rid the ground of your shadow anything will do. I could fill up this article with everything from rolling pins to ice picks, but the fact remains that if the Austin Bomber didn’t have a fire cracker he could have just as easily used any and all of the above because he was CRAZY!

The cops are searching for a motive. There isn’t one. Look for common factors between the victims. If there isn’t one, then he was BatCrap crazy, which is about as crazy as you can get, and still run for political office. This problem does not flow from weapons, tools, devices, or anything else. It stems from a dysfunctional society.

The world laughs at us. They KNOW we are mostly crazy. We had a national, gut wrenching debate over gay marriage. Mexico just passed a law. If you will note, Britain didn’t have a civil war either. They just outlawed slavery. Americans are always the ones who’ll manually blow up a life preserver when just pulling the little red tag is faster, and easier.

So, the point is KILLING with a bomb is illegal. Killing indiscriminately with ANY gun is illegal. What if we outlaw the dreaded AR15? Some kid goes bonkers in home room. What’s next? Pencils? This nation is morally bankrupt. When you ask anyone to recite the Ten Commandments they’ll only know the ones they break. As for me, thank God there’s not one that says, “Thou shall not drink whiskey to excess!” Wait, I need to double check that.

The Butcher

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Congress Says THIS Time We Really Mean It!

6 hours 35 min ago

There’s a bill being lovingly preserved by Mitch McConnell, Curator of the Senate, that’s one of those ‘bi–partisan’ efforts the media loves to celebrate.

Senators John Cornyn (R–TX) and Chris Murphy (D–CT) have introduced legislation I’m sure they’ll be featuring in future campaign commercials. According to CNN the bill “aims to strengthen how state and federal governments report offenses that could prohibit people from buying a gun.”

Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch

Specifically, “It would ensure that federal and state authorities comply with existing law and require them to report criminal history records to the NICS.”

Strangely enough, we already have a law, passed by Congress, that requires just that. Yet no one ever asks what makes the esteemed senators believe the federal bureaucracy will follow this new law when they are failing to obey the old law?

Or why the legislative branch allows the bureaucracy to get away with ignoring the law without consequence in the first place?

Nothing demonstrates the impotency of the GOP congressional leadership like introducing a new, stringent law when these political eunuchs can’t seem to convince the bureaucracy to adhere to law already on the books.

Federal statutes require criminal history be reported to the NICS in a timely fashion now. It’s vitally important a potential gun purchaser’s records be current when the dealer runs a background check.

Why don’t these overpaid ‘leaders’ who assure us they are ‘fighting for you’ force the bloated, unresponsive, inert federal government to be accountable to current law? Why are they so comfortable with being ignored by the government they assure us they are leading? Is it because most of these barnacles have been in office so long they think of themselves as government employees?

Or is it fear of angering the federal workforce? If that’s it, I’ve got news for Republicans: Swamp bureaucrats already vote Democrat in overwhelming numbers. Virginia’s 2017 state election is all the proof one requires.

A smart political solution would be to take the side of the taxpayer and demand current law be obeyed.

Cornyn and Murphy’s bill is a hand–wringing response to the Air Force’s failure to prevent the Sutherland Springs church shooter from buying a weapon. The shooter had been convicted by the USAF of domestic abuse, child abuse and had been dishonorably discharged. If any one of those three records had been entered into NICS, he would have failed the background check and would’ve been prevented from buying a rifle.

Because of Air Force negligence 26 people are dead and absolutely NOTHING happened in response. I suppose taxpayers shouldn’t be surprised. Since no one lost their job after 9/11, how can we expect repercussions for the relative handful of dead in Texas?

A Senate or House that was truly interested in establishing a climate of responsibility and accountability in the federal government would have come down on the USAF like the Wrath of God.

Could the Senate have done something? Certainly, but it requires work. For starters, the committees dealing with the services could have begun an investigation and held hearings. And I don’t mean a hearing where the Secretary of the Air Force and his entourage enters the room and delivers suitably contrite and take–no–specific–responsibility sound bites.

I mean a hearing where the entire chain of command at the base where the paperwork failure occurred is subpoenaed, sworn in and grilled in televised hearings. I want the incompetent clerk, the supervisor and all the rest of the base chain of command on the stand being interrogated. And when base personnel are rung out, we can move up to those in the Pentagon who are responsible for records.

Only afterwards does the Secretary of the Air Force make his appearance.

In addition, committee investigators must refuse to accept “we can’t answer personnel questions due to privacy” dodge. That shuffle is beloved by bureaucrats because it allows them to escape scrutiny and accountability. If these people are in ‘public service’ then what they do is public, too.

Settling for the ‘privacy’ excuse denies the public accountability in two ways. They never learn the identity of the miscreant or what the consequences, if any, were. Plus, ‘privacy’ is also a cover–up for the supervisor, because we never learn if he lifted so much as a finger to fire or punish the guilty.

I want the full weight of public shame and notoriety to be hung around the all the aider’s and abettor’s necks. As far as I’m concerned if an employee values his privacy, he can work in the private sector.

Passing more laws to require adherence to previous laws is ridiculous on its face. As is a Congress that believes it’s doing its job by passing laws and then assuming the role of a bystander.

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They Shot Him In The Bomb

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 4:39pm

I think the cops shot the Austin bomber in the bomb. That’s just my theory, but work with me here. This guy’s tooling along the service road of I-35 and the cops are all over him, right? Before I go on, there’s always the truth, the spin, and then there’s the official or “fishy” story. The fishy story here is the bomber blew himself up. Hey, it’s possible. Arabs do it all the time, but here’s the twist. Supposedly he pulled the pin on a bomb right there in the car with him, and THEN a cop shoots him twice. Smell the fish yet. Cop shot the bomb, and I’m cool with that. “You have the right to remain silent.” Ka-blooey!

I was particularly pleased the FBI helped. That’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do. Solve crimes. Not meet with Obama in the Oval Office to discuss keeping Trump out of the White House, reading thousands of Hillary emails and pronouncing her the long lost descendant of the Virgin Mary, or burning up churches in Waco.

I will say that it was nice that Texas law enforcement took the lead because the last big bomb investigation by the FBI gave us the Unibomber. They really shined when they chased that school teacher across the country while he checked into hotel after hotel banging a fifteen year old student until tracked down in California by a pothead. I was surprised. I thought you could do that in California, I mean, a tiger can marry a chair there.

And that McCabe guy! Don’t get me started. Gets in a tweet war when he got walked to the door. Sit your butt down, Elephant Man. You got fired! Comey? There’s another one. These guys actually make the CIA look good. Shucks, they make Pablo Escobar look good. There have been reports of earth tremors in DC. That’s because J. Edgar Hoover is spinning in his grave.

Now, on a serious note. We need bomb control. I read that the bomber made the bombs from common household items. Now, I don’t know what common items these were, but I assume they were the kinds of things you can buy at HEB, the Texas version if Walmart times Kroger. Well, our course is set. There needs to be a list of items that are too dangerous for us to have access to. Stuff like Right Guard, charcoal, and Jimenez Jalapeño peppers, which can be turned into lethal gas.

You gotta laugh at this stuff folks, but the reality is this bomber was just as crazy as that idiot in Florida. What’s the common denominator? Stupid is as stupid does. Know what. Did y’all see that guy on YouTube cut his AR-15 up so it would never kill anyone? What do you think the odds are we can get him to cut up a bomb. I’d pay fifty cents to watch that.

The Butcher!

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On Deep State…An Essay in Truth

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 4:10pm

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”
– President Dwight D. Eisenhower alluding to Deep State in his 1961 Farewell Address

Deep State…a term, a concept, and a not so secret cabal engaged in not so subtle ‘cloak and dagger’ acts of subterfuge, innuendos, terror, and even murder. Deep State…a dark shadow hanging over our government for decades if not longer…a shadow that will never go away…but then again why would it as Deep State remains the reality of today’s political arena that few can nor should ignore. But know that Deep State sees not just Democrats as part of its cabal as it sadly encompassed and still might encompass Republicans too, for remember disgraced former Republican President Richard M. Nixon, the secret break-in and the tapes that got tied up in a neat little bundle called Watergate.

And let’s not forget the now infamous former F.B.I. Director James Comey, a once registered Republican who forged deep and oh so sinister ties to one Hillary Clinton whose sham of a husband, I believe, is a Deep State operative himself. And amongst numerous others there’s the anything but impartial Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed to investigate not Hillary Clinton’s criminal actions, the Democrat Party’s election tampering, or the mainstream media’s ‘fake news’ hatchet job on President Trump, but to investigate what turned out to be completely fabricated Trump/Russia collusion nonsense.

So while some will say that the globalists…that the New World Order sorts…lay at the bottom of Deep State, I say that while globalists surely play a part, a big part in Deep State, right now Deep State sees as some of its key players those nose deep in what President Trump so rightfully calls the D.C. “swamp” …a “swamp” full of previous and current elected officials as well as their appointees and those who pull all their strings. And all share the commonality of unity in working to overthrow the man who overthrew their sacred established political pecking order, and who both separately and together care only about bringing our beloved America to her knees…collapsing her via said rogue enemies within…and then rebuilding her in their vision of a socialist ‘supposed’ utopia where everyone is of equal status…third world status that is…while a carefully select few Deep State “swamp” dwellers not so secretly sit at the top ruling over us all.

And with Deep State…the morphing of what some say is nothing but the once known as “good old boy network”… being a dichotomy of sorts encompassing both invisibility and in-our-face subversion… becoming what some call a “government within our government”…as in a parallel yet secret “government working behind the facade of the constitutional U.S. government”…Deep State remains as it has always been, a unified entity operating outside all common moral and ethical parameters regardless of who or which party is in power…of who or which power currently holds “check” on the political chessboard.

Remaining as it has always been, a deeply embedded and entwined government cancer of sorts, today’s Deep State consists of those remaining ‘left-overs’ from the past administration who hide not so secretly under layers of ongoing political bureaucracy, the military-industrial complex, and the intelligence communities…no matter that at times Deep State is also an entity at war with itself even while being protected by their allies and cohorts in the media. But no matter for the ultimate goal of Deep State remains its quest to control the “mechanisms of power” in order to either manipulate or outright negate and then “reset” existing government policy. And they’re doing so while ignoring the will of ‘We the People’ and the few remaining honorable sorts we elected to do our bidding.

And by its ignoring the will of ‘We the People’ we now see Deep State “operatives” focusing not just on trying to destroy by any means possible the presidency, the agenda, and the campaign promises made by duly-elected Donald J. Trump, but we also see said “operatives” dedicated to making sure that the Constitution becomes but paper to wipe one’s feet on.

But how can these Deep State “operatives”…and I surely think “operatives” is a word that describes these secretive sorts well…how can they destroy a man who not only fights back but who has publicly stated that Deep State is an “entrenched bureaucracy”…how can they manipulate let alone control such a man when that very man cleverly uses something as simple as ‘tweets’ to expose their true agenda? Simply, they do it by controlling the Democrat party hierarchy which in turn brings with it the Democrat’s party line voting which works directly against the Trump agenda, as well as seeing it increase the number of Democrats who vote.

Remember, both their agendas are the same…as in the hoped for demise of the existing fabric of our American society…a society now to be replaced by an alternate “brown society”…a “melded society” where the few will continue to subvert the masses. And they’ll do so not just for personal gain but for what they as a united entity even now refer to as the “betterment” of society. And really, what is that better society as they see it but a socialist collective where Barack HUSSEIN Obama remains defacto president and where Hillary Clinton forever remains president-in-waiting…waiting to make even more traitorous deals like Uranium One…waiting for the New World Order to finally step in.

But with President Trump’s now exposing Deep State or at least bringing public attention to what some try to ignore or claim does not exist…coupled with Deep State having tried but failed to fix the 2016 presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton…Trump has gained the upper hand against them as he can now manipulate both their actions and inactions into forming a shield of sorts around both himself and his agenda, and doing so by his outwardly undermining and now publicly battling against the flawed and distorted values and ideals that Deep State thinks noble and wants us to believe they protect.

And really, what is Deep State but a pool of very bad actors… predominately Democrat very bad actors… performing in a very bad play, and in Donald Trump we see a stage director who is ready to bring the curtain down on that very said and oh so traitorous play.

So while the very name Deep State continues to reek of conspiracy sorts, know simply as fact that first, Deep State is a very real entity that does try to control, reshape, or outright negate the policies and agendas of any duly-elected official who does not march in lock-step with their preset agenda, while at the same time denying ‘We the People’ access to a constitutionally mandated ‘free press’ replete with its all important free-flow of and access to unfettered, uncensored, and unredacted information. And second, know that Deep State in action can easily be seen in how it orchestrates and then executes its plans to protect the actions of those whose time would best be spent in a little place called Gitmo.

But have any of us seen any indications at all that those persons…as in one Barack HUSSEIN Obama and one Hillary Clinton…will be brought up on any charges by anyone…hear that Jeff Sessions…no we have not nor will we as long as Deep State has their backs covered. And dare we forget we also will not as long as some claiming to be on our side are actually, I truly believe, Deep State “operatives” themselves…nefarious “operatives” of the kind that wander amongst us in plain site not bothering to hide their goal of usurping political power…not hiding the fact they are the denizens of the “swamp”…for what is the “swamp” really but Deep State ‘lite.’

And while others claim that the entire scenario of there even being a Deep State is nothing but an attempt to “delegitimize voices of disagreement,” nothing could be farther from the truth. And as proof of just how deep Deep State’s hand actually goes nowhere is that more evident than in the ongoing issue of gun control…translation: gun control cleverly crafted to be nothing but a front for the rescinding of our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms…rights they want and need taken away from ‘We the People.’

Remember, it’s the Second Amendment that helps ‘We the People’ defend not just our beloved homeland but our personal selves and our families as well…for it affords us a tangible way to stand up against America’s enemies… including the enemies buried within the Deep State itself.

And if truth be told our constitutional Founders and Framers specifically constructed the Second Amendment to protect ‘We the People’ from said enemies within…especially if that enemy is an overreaching, overinflated, and overextending federal government…a government who knows the truth that an “armed populace” was wisely put into place to be a constitutional system of checks and balances against themselves…against the federal government’s power grabs, corruption, and oh so unconstitutional tactics.

And it’s a fact that as much as Deep State “operatives” who pull the strings on the inside and Deep State “operatives” on the outside who work through the elected “swamp” try to flex their muscle, the fact remains that a constitutional amendment would be needed to take away our firearms, and for that two-thirds of Congress and two-thirds of the state governments must sign off on any new amendment that dares to try and take away our Second Amendment rights. And know that while the first scenario is highly unlikely, the second scenario is almost if not impossible thanks to our far-seeing and oh so wise Founders and Framers.

And Deep State “operatives” can also be seen as having infiltrated our judicial system where activists judges who instead of interpreting the law actually try to make the law. And dare we forget the Department of Justice itself rift with corruption; the Department of Defense only now starting to recover from the traitorous actions of the Obama administration; the Department of State and all illegal things Hillary Clinton; and the Department of Homeland Security, the C.I.A., and the F.B.I. now at the forefront of too many scandals.

But know above all else that today’s Deep State runs deeper than any of us can even begin to fathom for Deep State has had many years and many administrations in which to grow, to learn, and to entwine itself within the bowels of dirty politics that is the hallmark of Washington D.C. But then again maybe it will be Deep State’s target de jour, as in President Donald J. Trump, who in starting to pull the plug on the “swamp” will actually be draining Deep State…and that is something we can truly hope for.

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.



Today, Tuesday, March 20th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the reality that is Deep State; who and what is really to blame for mass shootings; and important news of the day.

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Survey Says: Politicized Sports, Entertainment Driving Viewers Away

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 3:41pm
ESPN isn’t just dying the death of a thousand chord cuts. Ratings for the Oscars aren’t down simply because the Academy keeps nominating movies nobody has seen.

And it wasn’t just a disappointing U.S. medal haul or NBC’s amateurish broadcast that drove Winter Olympics viewership down 24% compared to Sochi among viewers aged 18-49.
Sure, those all may be contributing factors in dismal ratings for once-thriving networks and broadcasts. But we have more evidence that the relentless politicization of entertainment media is alienating audiences.

According to new data from McLaughlin & Associates national poll of 1,000 likely voters:

75% agree with the statement, “When I watch live sports or entertainment shows on television I am trying to get away from politics and do not want to be bombarded with partisan political messages.”

So three out of four people might not be receptive if Bob Costas comes on at half-time to scold the Redskins about their team name, or talk down to Americans about their “gun culture.”

44% said they have been less likely to watch live sports and entertainment shows because they have become too political.

Would-be viewers are skipping ESPN’s “WokeCenter” or any awards show that might include a Streep attack or judges demanding a beauty queen denounce President Trump.

Among people who didn’t watch the Oscars this year, the top reason cited for not watching was that they were “tired of these shows being full of political statements.

So those folks missed Best Director presenter Emma Stone getting in trouble for whining that there was only one female director nominated while failing to acknowledge that two of the males were “of color.”

About half (47%) of the respondents who did NOT watch the Oscars this year said their reason for not watching the show was EITHER “I’m tired of these shows being full of political statements” or “I would have watched but knew some of the presenters and winners would use the time to share their political agenda.”

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Putin vs The Blonde

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 5:00pm

Putin and the Blonde! I was imagining beauty and the beast, the beast being Megyn Kelly. The fired and refired video journalist decided to take on Vladimir Putin in a one on one face off on how he directed American elections through a series of memes on Facebook recently.

I’m gonna tell you right off the investigation by Robert Mueller is a politically driven crock of crap. I’m I being too vague? I mean, what’s next? Checking Barron’s piggy bank? Maybe if Putin really did swing the election we should just let him run the country. Hillary couldn’t run it. She’s so stupid she couldn’t even win a rigged election.

But, back to the Putin interview. So here’s this lingerie model trying to match wits with a KGB colonel. She’s presenting all these sophomoric questions trying to bait Putin. Things like, “Why would you allow an attack like this on the United States?” That’s like asking, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Kelly has been on a slide ever since Trump accused her of PMSing during a debate. I have no idea why Putin allowed this unless he was trying to “one up” Trump’s little Stormy thing. Even the lead in to the show used phrases like “Attack on American democracy!” Look folks, it has been shown that Facebook was selling a boat load of promotions to Russians already. People who rely on Facebook for information are airheads. If Russians on Facebook hacked the election we’ve already lost!

Kelly, just like the core of the democrats, simply cannot believe Trump could out distance Hillary. Also, ask yourself, if Putin really wanted to influence an election, what would he launch on a campaign of Memes such as, “Hillary for Prison 2016” on Facebook? Does he think we’re that stupid? Wait! We ARE that stupid. Alex Jones’ soaring ratings prove that. The Russians were once blamed for AIDS. It was alleged they wanted to cause an epidemic that would cripple the population. They needed to find something we all do. They came up with shooting up dope, and anal sex. THAT’S what the Russians really think of us.

Ok, long story short. Sure, someone with a Russian accent probably threw a bunch of ads designed to influence the Snowflakes. Did the man who pulled Russia together again order or finance it? Probably not. Did he laugh his butt off at the wreck of the Hillary Clinton. You can bet your boots on it.

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Child Sex Crimes Jump 30% During London Mayor’s 1st Year

Mon, 03/19/2018 - 3:38pm
During the first full year of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s term in office, reports of child sex offenses jumped by over 30 percent, recently released figures revealed.

Those figures includes 1,200 incidents of sexual exploitation of a child in 2017 — an increase of 278, or 30.2 percent, over London’s 2016 total of 922.

Overall, approximately 3,200 reports of child exploitation or sexual abuse, including reports of children “feared to be at risk,” were made in London last year, according to the London Evening Standard.

The numbers came out even as Barnardo’s, the largest children’s charity in the U.K., launched a new program aimed at assisting child victims of rape and serious sexual assaults in two London boroughs, the Evening Standard reported.

Last year, we supported 7,600 children, young people and parents affected by sexual exploitation and abuse. This year, we’re determined to help even more. This is what you can do to help: #MondayMotivation

— Barnardo’s (@barnardos) March 12, 2018

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From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas

Mon, 03/19/2018 - 8:04am

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

Somewhere along the line, we as a nation have lost our way. Our nation was founded on Godly Principals. For the first time since Ancient Israel, A nation was born and recognized God was our creator, Our government was supposed to be limited in power by the people. God was our creator and endowed us with certain unalienable rights.

Read the Declaration of Independence. We recognized our rights came from God, not the government. The way our government was supposed to work was a trickle down effect. Our rights came from God, The Power of the Government came from the People, not the other way around. The government was supposed to be limited by the will of the people.

Every American needs to think about that, I mean think about it real hard. The Federal Government now controls the people, they have assumed power over the states, This isn’t the way we were founded, this isn’t the way it was intended. Our Constitution guaranteed this wouldn’t happen, if, We the People stayed true to it’s course.

Somewhere along the way we the people have forgotten how the Constitution was / Is supposed to work. Somewhere along the way the people have forgotten God and turned to the government as the supreme power and problem solver. This isn’t the way things were intended to operate.

The people need to wake up and remember it’s supposed to be God, Family, and then Country. In that order. Our rights come from the Creator, God given rights, think about that. We were given our rights from God, We the People, were supposed to be in control of our Government, The Government can’t give us our rights.

Remember, once you give the government permission to control our rights, you give them permission to revoke those same rights. Those rights were supposed to be protected as long as we lasted as a country. Hence the Bill of Rights. Those rights were there as long as we stayed the course and understood that our rights came from the creator. Think about that, Let it really sink in. We have allowed our government to take our God given rights and dole them out to us for fees, or submission to their archaic rules. We have gone from God as our commander to allowing our government to rule us.

Government has been allowed to play the role of God. Government as been allowed to dictate how we live our everyday lives. This isn’t the way it was intended…Think real hard about just how far we have fallen. God, Family, Country….Not Government, but God. Government was supposed to be number three on the list, not number one replacing God as our creator and Savior. The Government can’t save you.

But then what do I know, Everyone knows, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

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If You Ain’t American You’re On The Menu

Sun, 03/18/2018 - 12:37pm


Bill Mahr roasted Democrats Friday Night in a blistering tirade against the jellyfish methods they employ when sucking up to voters. You need to remember that no one is one hundred percent liberal or conservative. The stereotype of the vagina hat wearing lesbian or AR-15 toting prepper is just that, a stereotype! The rest of us fall somewhere in between on a sliding scale.

The solid democrat who supports women’s freedom of choice might very well be against his daughter opting for an abortion, and the militia member may not want guns all over the house while his grandkids are crawling around on the floor. Life decisions are not cut in stone, they are molded in flesh, and flesh is viable.

Congress needs to realize that while there is currently no wall on the border, there is also no wall running down middle of the isle of congress forbidding conversation and cooperation between the parties. And this cooperation is not collusion, a word very much in the news these days, it’s called compromise. It’s doing something for the greater good of the majority. These little clubs in the statehouse need to soften up. If there is no preset mindset in congress then why do half stand and applaud the State of The Union speech while the other half sits in silence? If congress isn’t racially divided then why do all the blacks sit together?
Don’t argue, I saw it!

Branding and dividing us has become the bailiwick of the Illuminati. Now, I don’t really buy into the Alex Jones theory of a huge organized group of people trying to run the world, but I do understand a bunch of rich folks desiring to have it their way, and they ain’t talking about Whataburger! What do you think put Bill Clinton on that private jet to Ecstasy Island? Little girls, anyone?

The attitude of democrats or republicans counting the numbers at the polls, with the intention of blocking anything the opposing party tries to do shows that those inside the beltway have completely ignored the idea of serving the people with sound legislation. They are nowhere near compromise on any issue with one party wanting to build a wall while the other keeps talking about bridges. Standing beside their armed guards trying to sell us gun control.

What Mahr was talking about was the democrats are without substance especially right around election time. With the election far off they’ll try to impeach the president every afternoon, but right around that first Tuesday it’s “Polka-Dots and pink shoe laces,” as they try to blend into the wall. Most voters do not understand the difference between the democrat’s philosophy vs the republican.

All government these days is “hands on.” What that means is some measure of control at most levels. Democrats tend to go for social programs. More food stamps, Obamacare, and a free taco on every illegal plate. That’s how they garner votes. It’s not really socialism, but it’ll do until socialism comes along. We have a bit of socialism. That’s why they call it SOCIAL Security! In some ways we ARE our brother’s keeper, but we need to understand that our brothers don’t live in Mexico!

Now republicans will rob you blind, too, but they’re smart enough to know that they have to leave just a little opportunity for average Americans to believe that they have a chance to win at the game of Life. That’s the reason we have Microsoft, and Apple, and all the other companies that have improved our lives over the last forty or fifty years. That’s why I’m writing this article on an iPhone and not a typewriter.

This is why that “wall” running down the congressional isle needs to come down. In a purely republican country, everyone would work on commission with no retirement and just enough burial insurance to cremate us when we’re gone. In such a world, super-achievers would hole up in a garage, live on cardboard pizza, and invent the Macintosh. The downside is the rest of us couldn’t afford one because our credit would be screwed down so tight we wouldn’t be able to pay attention.

A democratic world would give us men doing push-ups in front of the food stamp office. Jobs would wane because no company with any sense would be willing to take a chance on expanding or even starting a venture in a country where people from other countries are streaming in yearning to be fed. How in the world can we even utter the phrase “foreign aid” when there is still one hungry child in Appalachia? Explain that to me, and I might not drink so much tonight. THOSE are the brothers, and sisters we need to “keep,” and not flag burning religious nuts from KanStupidStan who mutilate little girls! Swat them bees, swat them bees! As offensive as it may sound, I’d give steak to a welfare mama with eleven kids from eleven different men before I’d give a French fry to a Syrian “refugee!” Her American citizen ship has GOT to be worth SOMETHING!

American citizenship has been so degraded over the last few years that if you refer to an illegal alien as a Mexican you will be called a racist. If you jump the fence, and come here with no idea of citizenship, and you are from Mexico then you are a MEXICAN! My friend, George Rodriguez is not a MEXICAN. He is an AMERICAN. I’m not an Irishman. I, too, am an AMERICAN! So yes, to me, the welfare mama is much higher on the food chain by virtue of her very citizenship. Building Trump’s wall has one goal. Our membership in this country has got to be worth something!

All that having been said, you must have a balance. Yes, people should earn their way, and yes those young men doing those push ups down at the SNAP office need to miss a sandwich here and there, but people who have raised their families, paid their taxes, and lived their lives under the radar need to be able to take a breath in the Autumn of their lives. Families need to be encouraged , not punished should dad lose his job, and need a little help. Single parent homes are viewed with reverence by democrats, and “former porn star” seems to be a noble profession to them also. Little Texas common sense is called for here. “Former porn star!” We’ll, that would be a whore! Even is Trump did have a liaison with this Stormy chick, she TOOK the money! Let a cop see you hand a wad of cash to a woman through the passenger window of your car, and said woman gets IN your car, and see how that works out for you. You’ll go to jail, but SHE will TOO! Sheesh! Do I have to teach you people everything? I learned that in Boy’s Town!

Of the people, by the people, and for the people seems archaic now as the new bourgeoisie keeps us in the dark and feeds us fertilizer. They treat us like mushrooms. Both parties think they have a say on what we do, who we screw, and what we lose. We don’t need laws to tell us the town nut shouldn’t have a gun. We don’t need a Supreme Court decision to give a gay couple access to tax breaks afforded to all Americans, and we shouldn’t have to have the KIDS tell us to keep our schools safe WITHOUT going door to door destroying a simple one line amendment allowing us to protect ourselves.

Bill Mahr went off on the democrats, but the republicans are just as bad. You must remember, all these cats work for YOU, and YOU intimately call the shots. Local government should rise up. Town hall meetings that MEAN something should be held. Discuss school safety in them with real citizens, with real kids and real leverage, not just talking to some congressPERSON who’ll go back to Washington and do whatever ever the hell they want anyway. It took us two hundred and forty two years to screw the country up this bad. We don’t have that much time left to fix it! America first. If you ain’t American, you’re on the menu!

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Our America or theirs

Sun, 03/18/2018 - 5:53am

Lefties are in deep, deep denial.  They accuse Trump of the silliest stuff imaginable while exalting Barama and Hillary.  Comey and McCabe and Strzok are honorable men, and the Mueller investigation will put Trump in jail.  There’s no talking with them because they just insult and sneer.  I know; I’ve tried.

They have built their own universe outside the universe of the real, and they say we who oppose them live outside the universe of the real and have built our own universe.  It’s astonishing, and the longer it goes on, the more likely they are to lash out with violence when forced to face facts they don’t want to face.

We can’t let them get away with that anymore.

No lefty would ever do what Nixon did in 1960 when he found out that JFK “won” the election by voter fraud.  He didn’t think the nation could handle a stink of that nature and magnitude, so he let it go.  The national good took precedence over his personal ambition.

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On Guns, Due Process, and the Mentally Ill

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 2:26pm

“I don’t want mentally ill people to be having guns. Take the guns first, go through due process second.” – President Donald Trump

As we are now about a month out from the Parkland, Florida school shooting, the issue of mental illness in regards to mass murder and guns is still being debated instead of tangible solutions being put into place in a timely manner. And you would think that such a serious issue as this would have been addressed and steps taken quite some time ago as facts themselves have proven that every time someone with a mental illness is directly tied to an act of mass gun violence we always talk the good talk but nothing ever gets done.

So why won’t we address the mental health issue as bodies continue to pile up? Simply because mental illness still remains an issue that most feel would best be relegated to the dark recesses of the proverbial closet…unspoken of for fear of hurting the sensibilities and feelings of the mentally ill person’s family coupled with fears of legalities that might or might not come back to haunt. And also because every time there is a mass public shooting with innocent lives lost…especially when the lives lost are children…back we go to the usual ‘liberal speak’ of would have, could have, should put in place strict gun control laws that would do nothing but push forward their ultimate goal of doing away with our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

But gun control is not now nor has it ever been the solution to mass public shootings…the solution or as best a solution as we can get…is to keep all firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill or as the ‘pc’ crowd likes to say the mentally “challenged.” But whitewashing the issue by prettying up with words the mental state of those whose illness is never really cured…and I am not talking about those with mild depression or bouts of fleeting anxiety… not only doesn’t solve the problem it actually makes the problem worse.

How so…because the mindset of a mass murderer is quite different from the mindset of say someone committing a murder during a robbery, a rape, or in regards to domestic violence. Those murderers, for the most part, are not what’s deemed “clinically insane” as they usually target and focus on a single individual or two for a specific reason and with a specific retribution in mind…cause and affect if you will. They know well that what they’re doing is wrong and yet they chose to do it anyway with those killings being both justified and compartmentalized in their minds as being the right thing at the right moment to do.

However, the mass public shooter targets and kills three or more innocent individuals within a specifically chosen location and within a specific time frame that would allow them the ability to kill as many innocents as possible before they are either shot dead by the police, take the cowards way out by killing themselves, or are taken into custody. And the difference here is that they do not see what they’re doing as being wrong…they see it as righting a wrong…a self-perceived wrong envisioned in their sick minds alone.

And yet for a time these individuals do on the surface appear to function somewhat normally in society as they have mastered the game of ‘role playing’ in order to appear sane. Remember, those at the Dollar Store where Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz worked saw him as a hard working young man, and the family he was staying with at the time he willingly decided to kill children saw Cruz as being nothing more than “quirky” no matter that he had a documented mental health record dating back to when he was just three years old…a record that later on included his liking to torture small animals which he even posted pictures of on numerous social media sites. And that record of psychotic behavior only got added to as he went to and was expelled from almost every school he attended…expelled for “behavioral problems” the records show.

In fact, shortly before Cruz’s mother died around last Thanksgiving, she had taken him for yet another psych “evaluation”…an “evaluation” where it was determined that anti-psychotic drugs might be the only way to temper down his anger. And Cruz’s response was that he would not take drugs, but not because he feared possible side effects, but because he did not see himself as being seriously mentally ill. And of course he didn’t because the seriously psychotic individual never thinks they are ill…it’s always everyone else who is ill…it’s always everyone else who is insane.

And when the mentally ill person does loose their last grip on reality and decides that today is the day they will kill…and know that killing on a mass scale is not a snap decision but one carefully planned and plotted over time…the media, the politicians, and the bleeding heart liberals who care more about the perp than they do the innocent victims lost, all come crawling out of the woodwork to say ‘ooops, he slipped through the cracks.’ And while that may be true in a few cases it is not true in the case of Nikolas Cruz for his psychotic tendencies were well known, well documented, and simply not acted upon. That is not slipping through the cracks…that is outright malfeasance by those who turned their eyes away from the dangers this individual posed…person’s themselves who now have much to answer for regarding…to borrow a military term…dereliction of duty.

But no matter how incompetent others might be…no matter even the lawyers pleading said killer not guilty by reason of insanity…to place blame on others is truly misguided for the guilty party remains the shooter alone for no one put the gun in their hand except themselves.

And while in the Nikolas Cruz case there are others who must be called to task as they…including law enforcement who were called to his home numerous times…chose to ignore all the warning signs of Cruz’s impeding meltdown…a meltdown that could have been stopped in its tracks. And this is where it becomes critical that all mental health records become part of all background checks for any wishing to purchase a firearm, and the ‘so-called’ privacy issue be damned.

And why…because with current legalities denying those records be made public said system is actually denying we law abiding citizens our right not just to feel safe, but they are denying us our “unalienable rights” to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” as per the Declaration of Independence…rights given to us by our Creator, and which our government, as per our Founders and Framers, was created to protect.

So with the legal system being an intrinsic part of our government, the bottom line is that our government has failed us for they have put the ‘supposed’ rights of those with severe mental illness above the collective rights of ‘We the People,’ for those in power know well that there is a direct correlation between mental illness and mass public shootings. In fact, statistics show that mass public shooters are 20 times more likely to have a “severe” mental illness than those in the general population.

According to the highly regarded National Institute of Mental Health’s Center for Mental Health Services and Criminal Justice Research, in a paper written by Pennsylvania State University Professor Eric Silver titled, Understanding the Relationship Between Mental Disorder and Violence: The Need for a Criminological Perspective said correlation is clearly laid out starting with the fact that those deemed as having “major mental disorders”…such as schizophrenia, severe psychotic depression, psychotic bipolar illness, or personality disorders with a high level of impulsivity or lack of remorse such as antisocial personality disorder…are indeed more likely to commit violent acts than the general public, especially if they abuse drugs. And critical to this is that most of these folks have long standing medical documentation stating their illness…documentation kept from being part of one’s firearm buying background check.

And proof of this can easily be seen in the numbers cited relating to the 185 mass public shootings (defined in said report as being “any incident where four or more persons are killed with a gun within a 24-hour period at a public location minus military conflict, collective violence or other criminal activity, such as robberies, drug deals or gang turf wars”)…shootings that have taken place in our country between the years 1900 to 2017. And it starting in 1903, when mentally ill Gilbert Twigg opened fire on concert goers in Winfield, Kansas, killing nine.

And in these 185 cases, a “relatively high rate” of mental illness…as in 59% of said total…were carried out by people who had either been diagnosed with a mental disorder or demonstrated signs of serious mental illness prior to their attack.

In fact, as per a 2012 article by Mark Follman in Mother Jones, 61% of the 62 cases of mass public shootings in the year 2012 were committed by those with known serious mental health issues, yet 80% of these killers obtained their firearms legally. And why…because their mental health records were not allowed to be part of their background checks.

By the way, the above stated number reflects mass shootings that happened on Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s watch…a watch that saw at least 14 mass shootings including the November 2009 Ft. Hood shooting; the June 2011 Tucson congressional event shooting; the July 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting; the December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting; and others during his intervening years leading up to a staggering six mass shootings from June 2015 through June 2016 alone*…all committed by those already documented as mentally ill, again with most purchasing their firearms legally.

So what was Obama’s answer to these mass killings… simply phony crocodile tears for the cameras and nothing more for did anyone see his implementing even one change of substance to make mental health records part of the required background checks for purchasing a gun…the answer to that is a resounding…no. Remember, Obama loved to talk the Democrat’s talk of more gun control and more gun-free zones, but talk is cheap for all it did was help him glorify and then tell the media to temper down its reporting of the violence while allowing a divided Congress, replete with the usual partisan bickering, to push aside the fact that the mentally ill should never be allowed to purchase or be in possession of any type of firearm.

And the only way to do that is again being that all mental health records must be made open to those conducting background checks on those wishing to purchase any type of firearm.

And President Trump in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting, unlike his predecessor, does understand the importance of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. And that was shown during the February 28th bipartisan meeting at the White House where he stated that he thought ‘due process’ for mentally ill people was not as important as making sure that they do not have guns…which I agree with one hundred percent.

But the issue of ‘due process’ seems to have brought the releasing of mental health records to the forefront of this public discourse especially since some on our side keep referencing Benjamin Franklin’s words that, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Sadly not understanding the true meaning of Franklin’s 1775 words written in a letter to Pennsylvania’s then colonial governor…these were not words written in regards to a power struggle between said governor and the Assembly over funding for security on the frontier during the French and Indian War as most falsely believe nor were they words of a subject being asked to cede his liberty to government. Actually these were words relating to Benjamin Franklin the legislator asking the governor to renounce his power to tax lands “notionally” under his jurisdiction.

In fact, as per Benjamin Wittes the editor-in-chief of Lawfare and a Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, the “essential liberty” to which Benjamin Franklin was referring was not what we would think of today as civil liberties, but were words regarding the right of self-governance of a legislature in the interests of their collective security…a huge difference from equating Franklin’s words to what we now consider ‘due process’ as it applies to keeping firearms out of the hands of those medically documented as suffering from serious mental illness…illness medically noted as being serious enough as to be a risk to themselves and/or others.

“No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” – the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

So how does ‘due process’ fit into the equation of keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill?

First, know that ‘due process’ as laid down in the Constitution and applied to all states by the 14th Amendment, is simply a “fundamental principle of fairness” in all legal matters, both civil and criminal, private and public, especially in the courts, with a notice of rights that must be followed for each individual so that no prejudicial or unequal treatment will result. And second, how can ‘due process’ itself be fair when the mental health records of those documented as being a threat to the public are kept from the very people trying to keep the public safe from just these said persons.

Simply, ‘due process’ as I and others see it in regards to the mentally ill is anything but fair for the prejudice now shown is not against the mentally ill but against the public at large, because the mentally ill already received their ‘due process’ when they were evaluated by professionals who formally deemed and documented them as seriously mentally ill.

Also forgotten in this discourse…and this is critical…is that possession of a firearm by the mentally ill is already regulated by both state and federal laws, meaning those who should be enforcing the law are either not doing their job; not being allowed to do their job; or are ignorant of the law…and ignorance of the law is the most grievous excuse of all.

Federal law 18 U.S.C. § 922(d), states it is unlawful for any person to “sell” or otherwise “dispose of” any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person “has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution”…in other words…previously evaluated as being mentally ill or as per the law “mentally deranged.”

But how can they know when a person is deemed to be “mentally deranged” as critical records are still being kept from them.

And on the state level, all 50 states have their own similar laws regarding keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill (in my state of Florida it’s Fla. Stat. Ann.§§ 790.065). But again, with mental health records not being a mandatory part of firearm buying background checks it means that federal and state laws already in place are basically useless, because if one cannot see said records because of privacy laws coupled with most not understanding what ‘due process’ means, public safety truly is and will remain compromised.

And while we have a Constitutional right to privacy that right in regards to those legally deemed “mentally derranged” should never be allowed to supersede the rights of the public to be kept safe …that’s just simple common sense.

But common sense seems to be lacking in regards to our lawmakers and guns. And even with mental health records being included as part of firearm background checks know even that will never stop all public mass shootings, but it will add another critical “layer of protection,” after all our government via the 1974 Tarasoff case, does in a way have an abstract “duty to protect” ‘We the People’ from violence and harm committed by those documented as being mentally ill…especially if the laws already in place have mental health records included in background checks as an additional tool to do just that.

So President Trump is right…mental health records…records already having had their ‘due process’ must be included in background checks for all wishing to purchase a firearm…no more ifs, ands, or buts.


* the Orlando nightclub shooting; the Kalamazoo uber driver shooting; the San Bernadino community center shooting; the Roseburg community college shooting; the Chattanooga recruiting center shooting; and the Charleston church shooting

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.



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Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 2:10pm
Science fiction has predicted many of today’s realities from cell phones to tablets.  Many things that are today part of History like walking on the moon, organ transplants, and space stations were once flights of fancy.

Futurists build current events on a foundation of History to provide a launching pad for visions of what is to come.  One of the most widely recognized Futurists is Alvin Toffler whose seminal works include Future Shock and The Third Wave.  He is also the one who told us, “Change is not merely necessary to life – it is life.”

Have you ever heard of Ray Kurzweil?

If you haven’t you are about to.

The Wall Street Journal has described Kurzweil as “the restless genius.”  Forbes calls him “the ultimate thinking machine.”  He has been ranked by Inc. Magazine as #8 among entrepreneurs in the United States  He has also been called “the rightful heir to Thomas Edison,” while according to PBS he is one of 16 “revolutionaries who made America.”

His inventions are breathtaking and they impact our lives on a daily basis.  These inventions include the first CCD flat-bed scanner, the first omni-font optical character recognition, the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind, the first text-to-speech synthesizer, the first music synthesizer capable of recreating the grand piano and other orchestral instruments, and the first commercially marketed large-vocabulary speech recognition.

Here is my question for today “Is Ray Kurzweil a futurist?”

Today, many websites attribute Mr. Kurzweil with accurate predictions about where the world will be tomorrow.  In his latest book, The Singularity is Near he describes the singularity as, a reference to the theoretical limitlessness of exponential expansion) that will see the merging of our biology with the staggering achievements of “GNR” (genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics) to create a species of unrecognizably high intelligence, durability, comprehension, memory and so on.  This is a bold prediction; however, bold predictions do not a Futurist make.

There is a fundamental difference between someone who is a professional writer and observer of humanity such as Toffler and someone who is a technological genius with almost unlimited resources who is actively working to make his predictions reality.  Toffler reads studies and interviews on his way to predictions of where society and technologies will go next.  Kurzweil traded in his massive private business built upon his inventions to become Google’s Director of Engineering whose sole job is to make the company’s computers smarter than humans.  He is working every day to improve artificial intelligence and then wed that to cutting edge robotics and human interface to produce the very singularity he is predicting.

Reaching back to the science fiction genre which I referenced earlier we are looking at the rise of the machines, the coming of the cylons, skynet, and the matrix.  These of course are all fiction; however, the reality we face brings this question to my mind, “Once we design and build machines that are smarter than we are and they design and build machines that are smarter than they are what do they need us for?”

The projected development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) foresees a time when machines not only rival but surpass human capabilities.  Once this happens will we know when these super intelligent machines cross the threshold from hyper abilities to self-awareness?  These scenarios are troubling, even terrifying yet most people would dismiss them as the science fiction they mirror.  There is another aspect of this technological revolution that is not quite as far-fetched and not quite as unbelievable: automation.

We have lived with automation all of our lives.  People have been displaced by innovation since the Sumerian water wheel took the place of people with buckets bringing water from rivers into their fields.  I can remember people telling me in the 1970s, “I’m a keypunch operator, I’ll always have a job.”  Today machinists, tool and dye makers, auto workers, and many people have been replaced by machines.  Tomorrow white collar workers will face the same fate as so many of their blue collar brethren.  Why do we need accountants when machines can fill in the same programs they use today to figure taxes and current accounts?  Who needs teachers when lectures can be delivered by speech technology, questions answered by Watson type question answers, and tests grade themselves?

Look to Futurists like Toffler who are predicting where we are headed and look to inventors like Kurzweil who are telegraphing where they are headed and a collage of futures points to the tomorrow today will become.

It is my contention that we as a people, as a society, and as a civilization need to address this soon approaching brave new world.  When I speak to people about these coming changes the almost universal reaction is, “Not in my lifetime.”  I believe this is a combination of wishful thinking, hiding our heads in the sand, and having no idea what is going on around us.

This is a social dislocation approaching at speeds unforeseen.  I don’t believe these changes are decades away.  I believe within a decade they will be upon us.  Large percentages of blue and white collar workers will be displaced.  Machines will take the place of humans in many areas and humans will not be able to compete with them.  If we allow this to come upon us with no preparation we will be swamped by the rising tide of change and drowned in the tsunami of innovation.

Change is accelerating as the interconnectedness of communication accelerates the cross-polarization of ideas.  After tens of thousands of years the use of the wheel had not spread all the way around the world.  Today something is invented in America this morning, improved in India this afternoon, and spawning new ideas tomorrow in China.  We cannot contain the explosion of technology because someone somewhere will always seek to move beyond the known to the unknown.   No matter what glories we have beheld yesterday tomorrow is coming whether today is ready or not.

Long ago Toffler told us, “Future shock is the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time.”  He also predicted and predated Kurzweil’s Singularity when he said, “The next major explosion is going to be when genetics and computers come together. I’m talking about an organic computer – about biological substances that can function like a semiconductor.”

How long will it before our cars drive themselves, 3-D printers create human organs, and the government has the ability to monitor everyone at once?  How long will it be before you cannot tell the difference between speaking to a computer on the phone and speaking to a human?

Failure to plan is planning to fail.  If we as a society do not stop living in yesterday and face up to the challenges of today we will sacrifice our future.

And always remember, it’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2018 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

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Trading Cops for Counseling…a Policy that Cost 17 More Lives

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 2:00pm
Short and to the point…while it must never be forgotten that in the case of any mass shooting the blame must always lie directly with the shooter alone, in some cases, however, the issue of complicity cannot be ignored.

Such is the case with the recent Parkland FL school shooting. And why…because it seems that the Broward county school district Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School is in had “adopted” what more than 50 other major school districts across our country had “adopted”…as in a policy that allowed thousands of “troubled, often violent, students to commit crimes without legal consequence.”

And the goal of this policy was to supposedly slow down the so-called “school-to-prison pipeline”…a system some claimed that saw “troubled youths” going directly from high school to prison.

But where did this dangerous policy originate from…how about directly from a 2011 Barack HUSSEIN Obama administration policy initiated to keep students in school and improve “racial outcomes,” …translation: to rein in his self-perceived “excesses” and “racial disparities” related to then in place rightful  “zero tolerance” discipline policies.

And Broward county school Superintendent Robert W. Runcie…a personal friend of Obama…when he became the county’s superintendent immediately signed an agreement with the Broward county sheriff’s department and with other local police departments to “trade cops for counseling,” a ridiculous still in effect policy that deliberately put and continues to put innocent lives in danger as it puts but a band-aid…as in no punishment…on out of control and dangerous behavior.

Sheriff Scott Israel and Superintendent Runcie must be removed from their positions immediately and they and Obama…YES Obama for initiating such an inane policy…I believe…have blood on their hands.

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

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NeverTrumps: Please Rally behind America

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 1:33pm

As y’all know, my wife Mary and I have been on the road with Conservative Campaign Committee working to elect Rick Saccone for Congress in Pennsylvania. In response to our final Facebook push to get out the vote, some conservatives/Republicans said they hoped Saccone would lose because they still hate Trump.

I pray that God will open these patriot’s eyes to see the big picture. Our country as founded was teetering on the edge of destruction. God in His mercy stopped us from falling over the cliff into socialist/progressive Hell by allowing Trump to miraculously win the presidency. 1 Corinthians 1:27 says, “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise;”

I caught video clips of Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania for Rick Saccone. Folks, I chuckled listening to President Trump speak to the massive crowd as if he were speaking with family and friends in his living room. Trump’s down-to-earth language and demeanor has political consultants and elites pulling their hair out, yelling, “This is not how a president should speak and behave!” And yet, this is the Trump millions fell in love with on the campaign trail.

A gentleman sent me an email with an attitude I believe is widely shared. He wrote, “Trump can be a butt-head sometimes, but I don’t care!” In other words, this gentleman is elated by all the great things Trump is doing for our country.

My wife Mary and I traveled the country passionately campaigning for Ted Cruz for president. After Cruz dropped out, we hopped aboard the Trump train only because wicked crooked Hillary would have been disastrous for America. I think brother Ted would be awesome on the Supreme Court.

I have come to realize that God in His divine wisdom, anointed Trump for such a time as this. Folks, Trump has moved our Conservative agenda light-years beyond what any other Republican could have done in only one year; 81 major Trump achievements –11 Obama tyrannies repealed.

My focus is on being grateful to God for bringing our country back from the edge of destruction rather than focusing on the flaws of His chosen vessel. Moses was a murderer. David sent a man to his death in order to steal his wife. Paul got his start persecuting Christians. Surprisingly, Trump has a more Conservative track record than Ronald Reagan in his first year.

Trump’s election and swift reversals of Obama’s transforming us into an anti-Christian socialist/progressive nation has panicked and infuriated Leftists. Trump’s fearless fighting for America has forced Leftists to take off their deceitful masks, exposing them as the America-hating-zealots they truly are.

No longer is Leftist fake news media attempting any pretense of fair and balanced coverage of the Trump Administration. From mock beheading Trump to shooting Trump in the head in a music video to threatening to blow up the White House, Leftists are clearly sending their fellow Trump and America hating minions the message that nothing is off the table in their quest to get rid of Trump — preventing Trump from prospering America, halting Obama’s transformation and restoring freedoms hijacked by Obama.

These same Leftists boldly generating violence against Trump demonized the dignified, patriotic and peaceful grandparents and families with children who attended Tea Parties; branding them racist haters threatening our democracy.

Despite Trump’s remarkable progress, we still have a very long way to go in restoring traditional Godly principles and values, which have made America great. Trump has only just begun.

For decades, Democrats’ socialist-progressive parasitic tapeworms have been allowed to embed themselves into the bowels of America — consuming all nutrients, only leaving foul-smelling cultural and economic excrement.

These people on the left are insane with hatred for our country. They will never give up or surrender, fighting with their last breath to bring down America. I cannot understand anyone who claims to love America not rallying behind our only present hope of restoring our Founding Father’s vision of America. Let’s please come together for our country.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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The Monster

Thu, 03/15/2018 - 4:03pm

Gonna teach you about The Monster today!Instead of my usual review of the week, I’m going to put up for your reading pleasure, five of my articles you may, or may not have seen from the five hundred sum odd pieces the Tea Party Tribune has been kind enough to publish for me over the last three years.

When you write an article you tend to think it’s a masterpiece. I bury “Easter Eggs” in every one. A good example of that is in “New Baby and The Trip To Bountiful,” where in one line I substituted “The Principle” for the words “The Principal” alluding to polygamy. It got by a lot of people but the principal who let my grandson go skipping across Main Street in Brigham City got my point, and he’s been mad ever since. Sorry for Party rocking Dude! I also include at least one mistake for liberals who search my stuff to challenge my literacy. An it’s for its or a comma for a period.

For every fifty to one hundred articles that are penned, one will be the “monster!” While on a typical run an article will struggle for reads, these certain works will take off a bit faster. Then you’ll notice a comment later on that article, but not from the Trib. It’ll come from USA Today, or some other publication where part or all of the article was used or cited. That’s when you go back and check the numbers and said article will move into the “DAYUM” section. These five are those types of works.

I didn’t learn journalism in any college. I learned to spin a yarn in Nashville. The same methods that make a song “cook” will chicken fry an article. Methods like make a point and return to it toward the end to reinforce the theme. Don’t keep repeating “ands” and “buts.” Write like you speak. I don’t have a big problem with spelling because I’m ignorant and don’t use a whole lot of big words. I try not to lie much, but I’ll use innuendo to worm around a subject or person (such as that principal) to make my point. FYI: The reason my five year old grand baby got out in the street unsupervised was he was too infatuated with a certain teacher. Little light hearted jab an an embarrassing era of Mormon history, add a dash of innuendo and voila! Principal soup! But you know I’m bad.

While I’m on that subject, I want to explain why I pick on Mormons so often. Even though I’m an old “Reptile Bait” I’ve been covered UP with Latter Day Saints for over thirty years. My wife’s and for that matter my daughter in law’s family are Temple Worthy all the way back to Joseph Smith. I did write some very nice articles about the Mormon culture, and I’m fascinated with their history, but if I ever stepped into a Temple my hair would catch on fire. I use the same method when addressing race baiters, Political Correctness, and people who are confused by common sense.

I read my stuff out loud. That’s an old songwriter’s trick. If it won’t roll smoothly off your tongue it will irritate or confuse the reader. Finding subjects to write about is not hard. I can actually write about things I know very little about. When I began to write for Raging Elephants Radio on Doc Greene’s show I actually knew very little about the Texas movements of secession and nullification. In time I learned, but for about six months it was mostly style, style, style.

I do research. Usually on YouTube. I will sometimes spend up to a week familiarizing myself with a subject before I write anything about it. One subject I never could really cope with was the Flat Earth Society. I tried, but I simply couldn’t drink enough whiskey to make any sense out of it. I try not to rag on the Cartels or Muslims too much because I don’t want to get bombed or shot.

That all having been said, I think you will enjoy these pieces. Like a hit song I could feel them coming off my pen, so to speak. Each one directly addresses some facet of the human experience. Each one promoted itself to the “DAYUM” status. I don’t buy into inspiration but I will say these five came out of nowhere, so I guess there is someone out there looking out for us. It has been my honor and my joy to share with you guys and gals.

The Butcher


The Best Is Yet To Come

America Lost

The Pink Dragon

New Baby and the Trip to Bountiful

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From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

Thu, 03/15/2018 - 2:16pm

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas: Do You Not Understand The Game?

So, I’m sitting here watching the news this morning as I do every morning while I’m drinking my coffee, and as I sit here I hear about another shooting in a not so safe part of town. Now, I have to ask, why aren’t our liberal minded politicians, and the so called Black Caucus up in arms about these everyday shootings taking place in these gang infested neighborhoods? Where are the Quannel X’s and the AL Sharpton’s or any of the other activist?
Where are the Gun Control fanatics when it comes to these murders. Let’s look at the number children killed in these gang infested areas in 2015 alone, areas coincidentally, which have some of the strictest gun control laws.
D.C. 88 Detroit 386 New Orleans 193
Baltimore 217, Memphis 157, Oakland 131, New York 414, Chicago 532, San Antonio 230, Dallas 170, and Houston 294.

As I look at these statistics, l have to wonder, these are all areas in states with the strictest gun control laws on the books. Most people in these crime infested neighborhoods are connected to gangs, drugs, and prostitution can’t even get concealed handgun permits, much less buy a weapon legally. Most have criminal records So where is the outrage when it comes to these gang related murders? More people killed a night in some cases then any one of these school shootings.

Is it because most of these kids are black? I mean we never hear a word about all these killings in these neighborhoods, but when white kids start getting shot it remains in the news for days, weeks and months. Where is the outrage from the liberals and the Black Caucus when it’s hundreds of Black kids a year? Where is the outrage in the Black Communities? The Truth will piss some of you off.

The truth is, drugs and guns are already illegal for these gang members, but they profit on both, but no one mentions that. The truth is, it’s about genocide of a certain segment of our population, Blacks killing blacks isn’t important because as long as they’re killing each other, it keeps them in check it fits the elites agenda. Same reason most abortion clinics, under the guise of Planned Parenthood, are located in these same areas. The sad part is thatmany in the Black Community can’t see what’s really going on. Somehow the very party that has done this to them, has convinced them they are working for them. Please tell me how that happens?

When you start seeing it for what it is, then you have to realize, it’s not about Gun Control, It’s People Control. It’s never been about guns, it’s always been about People Control. Blacks killing Blacks is just another form of Control. Taking guns from the White population is about control. We don’t kill each other off fast enough so they have to figure out how to disarm us and make the Elites job easier. They’ve finally figured out how to do that, Our kids are the pawns in their game. If it were truly about Gun Control, the Black Community would be safe because these gang members wouldn’t have access to guns. But it’s not about gun control at all. It’s people control.

They’ve already divided us, they already have us fighting each other, They’ve already turned it into whites vs. black, vs Illegal immigrants vs Democrats vs Republicans vs Women vs Man, and now Parents vs our children. They eliminated God out of the equation completely. So now it’s the non believer vs Christians as well!

Do you not understand the game? Do you not see what’s really taking place?

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Islamist Teen, Then Monday He Killed a Child, Stabbed 2 Others

Wed, 03/14/2018 - 5:05pm

A self-proclaimed ISIS sympathizer accused of stabbing three people, one fatally, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was already being investigated by the FBI and local police before his attack. According to the Palm Beach Post, the FBI was in the process of “discussing pending federal criminal charges” against him one week before the stabbing.

Corey Johnson, 17, was arrested Monday for stabbing three people during a birthday party sleepover. He killed 13-year-old Jovanni Sierra and seriously wounded Elaine Simon, 43, and her 13-year-old son, Dane Bancroft.

Jovanni Sierra’s funeral will be held at noon Friday at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens. The public is invited to attend.

Jovanni was stabbed to death Monday morning in PBG. He turned 13 that day. @WPTV

— Andrew Lofholm (@AndrewLofholm) March 14, 201

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Mitt Romney Style

Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:35pm

Mitt Romney Style. Mitt Romney is a homogenized Mormon, or more over, Mormon Lite. He’s choosing to run for office in Utah because they vote in herds up there. I’ve already explained how even though the LDS voting block is thirty percent, if you can control a mere ten percent you can pretty much call the shots on any election.

Now I’m not going to go off with a bunch of one liners about Mitt’s underwear any more than I would Ben Shapiro’s funny little hat, ok? If a grown man wants to believe his BVDs are bullet proof who am I. I’m reasonably sure Romney doesn’t have any porn stars lurking in his closet. I do like how his family looks. Little too Caucasian for Democratic tastes, but after the Trump presidency perhaps we, as a nation, will be a little less racist toward the crackers.

I actually know very little about Mitt’s politics. I know he came up with a health care program while governor which morphed into ObamaCare, and he’s a rich republican. I think he has ten or twelve great grandmothers, but oh well. No, what bothers me is while Donald Trump is a dynamic game changer, Mitt Romney is, well, NOT!

If Trump were a New York Strip steak, Romney would be a side order of French fries. We just got over eight years of a do nothing President that Putin made his “little girl.” My concern is if Trump is re-elected, and the Trump Train pulls into the station with only half a load, America will be back on track, and the liberal democrats will be chomping at the bit to undo everything.

How do I know Romney will try to run for President again? Why do you think he’s trying to become a junior senator from Utah? He’s keeping his “chops” up. That, and President Trump has shown how a non-political billionaire CAN win an election when running against a consummate politician with years of experience under her belt.

Winning Utah will be a shoe in for Romney. If he doesn’t win the election they just need to bulldoze the Temple in Salt Lake City down and put a super Walmart there. The entire LDS community will fall in behind Romney. I don’t know why they’re even going through the motions of having an election at all. Mitt picked Utah for a REASON!

Now being the old hypocrite that I am, I will admit I voted for Mitt Romney when he ran against Obama. I really thought he could win, but when the votes were counted we learned two things. We knew exactly how many liberal democrats there were in the country, and exactly how many Mormons there are, not counting dead voters because Mormons don’t let dead people vote, unlike democrats.

This will all play out over the next seven years. If I’m still around we’ll all see if my predictions are true. Just remember, when Trump was debating nine other republican contenders for the nomination, I wrote an article predicting he would be the next president! Jus’ sayin’ Homies!

The Butcher


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2nd Becomes the ‘It Depends’ Amendment

Wed, 03/14/2018 - 11:29am

Dick’s and Dunkleberger’s have decided the 2nd Amendment contains a hitherto unknown age restriction on the sale of rifles. In the future only customers over the age of 21 will be able to buy a scary–looking long gun in those stores.

Walmart, L.L. Bean and Florida also are banking on age discrimination as a civil rights violation understanding judges will be happy to overlook. Or should turning a biased eye meet with too much pushback, our robed rulers will quickly discover a provision hidden between the lines of the Constitution that legalizes a 2nd Amendment age qualification.

Rick McKee, Augusta Chronicle

I’m opposed to knee–jerk ageism as currently proposed, but with just a few tweaks to the regime, I could become an enthusiastic supporter. And I don’t mean by limiting the age restriction. Indeed, I want to expand it.

If lawmakers and commercial interests think America would be safer if citizens under age 21 aren’t covered by the 2nd Amendment, I can think of many ways the country would benefit from expanding this philosophy to other portions of the Constitution.

Let’s start with the 1st Amendment. Think how much more mature and less profane culture would be if free speech rights were denied teens and pre–adults. Not being forced to listen to or read about Parkland media darling David Hogg is enough to convince me.

If that overly–opinionated and under–matured agitator for gun confiscation had to wait four years before free speech rights were conferred, it might give him time to cool off and grow up. Emphasis on the ‘might.’

Making free speech privileges a right–of–passage, like one’s first sip of Jack Daniel’s, would immediately eliminate lawsuits regarding obscene t–shirts in schools; along with obscene caps, dress codes, offensive posters, offensive chants, cleavage, yoga pants, thongs, saggy pants, baggy ideology — in other words, the whole works!

Parents and infants who identify as adults will be quick to point out you can’t shut a teenager up. 1st Amendment or no. True, but if under 21s aren’t covered by the 1st Amendment, then they also aren’t protected by case law regarding libel and slander. Add a provision specifying media outlets giving a platform to under–21s are liable for any slanderous or libelous statements and bingo, you’ve got a blackout!

I can’t think of any discussion of a major issue in our past where under–21s have brought new light to the debate. Mucho heat, yes, innovative thinking, no.

Besides spouting off, what other limitations do I want as a price for my support? Voting for one. Raising the voting age to 21 will eliminate all the tired, recycled, thumb–sucking news coverage of ‘the youth vote.’ People start voting regularly when they reach the age of 35. Before that time only a lunatic with a handout — Bernie comes to mind — will motivate youth to put their game controller down long enough to go to the polls.

With any luck a 21–year–old minimum voting age will also end that perpetual money–raising, results lacking racket: “Rock the Vote”.

The 4th Amendment could also use an age limitation. The majority of American teenagers would benefit from a few random locker searches. The same goes for their cell phones and computers. Maintaining privacy at that age is usually a cover for activities parents forbid or discourage. Letting the sunshine in and completely eliminating this misplaced concern for Junior’s privacy, replacing it with a mild sense of paranoia, would go a long way toward reestablishing cultural and moral standards parents and other authority figures have allowed to degrade.

The left won’t agree to my proposal because to a large extent it has already silenced conservatives who are under 21. For that beleaguered class the 2nd isn’t the only ‘it depends’ amendment. Young conservatives have discovered their 1st Amendment rights are conditional, too.

Before his death Andrew Breitbart observed, “Politics is downstream of culture.” Conservatives are living in that fetid marsh today. The left runs higher and lower education. It controls Hollywood, cable TV and broadcast TV. It controls all the legacy networks with the exception of Fox. (There its control is confined to the entertainment side, while the news side skews conservative — for now.)

Music — country, rock and rap — is controlled by Cultural Marxists. Social media is another preserve of the left.

Conservatives are limited to radio, a handful of websites, even fewer publications and Trump’s twitter feed.

Gun ownership is witnessing the same kind of squeeze. During the Obama administration they tried to put an age ceiling on guns by using the Social Security Administration. This year’s goal is an age floor. If they continue to narrow the window, soon the ‘Productive Years’ and the ‘Golden Years’ will be joined by the ‘Gun–owning Years’ as brief periods during an individual’s life.

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Nothing To See Here

Wed, 03/14/2018 - 9:45am

After Russian Spy Poisoning, Britain Tells Public to Wash Clothes and Use Baby Wipes – The New York Times

Governments are supposed to protect us without unduly alarming us at the same time. The obsession with secrecy isn’t an American invention by a long shot. God knows Putin covers his butt masterfully. He’s also a shape shifter. How else can an ex KGB spy sell himself to Russian teens as a rock star.

That having been said there’s an old joke about the animals in a shelter holding an election to see which one will be the leader. It came down to one dog and a cat. I believe the dog was a liberal Democrat. Anyway, the dog and cat hold a debate. Things go tit for tat and the two are mostly equal. At that point the cat picks up a stick and waves it in the air, whereupon the dog begins to leap about with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. The cat then throws the stick away and the dog chases it, bringing it back. As the dog drops the stick it dawns on him what the cat had done. He gathers his composure, turns to the other animals and says, “Are you going to make your choice in this election based on my one minor character flaw?”

Putin is the dog! There was this turncoat spy. He worked for the Russians and against the Russians. For all of Putin’s clever words, and slick suits he sends some goons to England and poisons the guy and his daughter. He didn’t just poison them, he poisoned the crap out of them. Found them on a park bench with their tongues hanging out of THEIR mouths.

Now this is where government secrecy comes in. So the cops come along and put the ambulance that transported the spy and his daughter in plastic wrap. They then seal off the bar where the unlucky couple had a pint or two, and put police barricades all around it. They sent in one hundred and eighty soldiers to set up a parameter around said bar and threw two rabbits inside to see if they’d die. Then all the residents who’d been in the bar that night were advised to wash or burn their clothes and wash their glasses. As you would guess the populace of the sleepy little hamlet became suitably alarmed, but when questioned about all of this the official response was a very British tight lipped, “Nothing to see here, just move along.”

And I thought our government was silly. I mean trying to tell us the Branch Davidians got burned up because David Koresh was a fire bug. Guess that’s why he put the women and children in what he thought was a safe room when the Feds parked a tank in his living room, huh?

The problem is, like my grandma used to say, to tell a lie when the truth would be better. That’s why you hear the phrase “Preparing a statement” every time there is an event the government has to respond to. Excellent example recently was that Sheriff in Florida who took several days to launder his explanation of why practically his entire day shift hid behind their cars while some nut was inside a school popping off kids for six minutes. Deputies from another jurisdiction had to drive over and catch the guy. His answer? The NRA did it. And the liberals leaped about wagging their tongues just like that stick fetching dog.

If the public can’t handle the truth how is it to be assumed that it has the intelligence to vote? Come to think of it there may be a connection there when you see what California elects, but I digress. It’s gotten so bad that when the police or for that matter, any government official makes a statement for the press we KNOW it’s lies, the only question being how many, and who’s butt is being covered. Alex Jones doesn’t have to invent conspiracy theories. He just has to read the congressional record out loud.

They just don’t want the public to panic. So what if we panic? What if the weatherman soft sold an approaching tornado? And it all depends upon which side of the isle you’re lying from. If you’re a Republican the US is being invaded by the Mexican army while the Democrats try to tell us it’s just harmless taco stands for tourists. But they don’t want a panicked public. Don’t you wanna know why? It’s because if they ever tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth there would be a national panic . . . all the way to the polls. Then the GOVERNMENT would panic.

The Butcher!

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