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Sat, 11/10/2018 - 8:59pm

Christ came to fulfill the Old Covenant.  He paid the price for Adam’s sin and made a way back into fellowship with God.  Sin was the problem and Jesus is the answer.

When he was offered up by the High Priest as a sinless sacrifice He fulfilled all that had ever been required in the Old Covenant.

When He breathed His last on the cross and cried out, “It is finished,” the curtain in the temple was ripped in half.  God left the Holy of Holies on earth signifying the end of the Old Covenant.   When Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven He poured out his blood on the eternal alter of God in the heavenly temple of God.  All the sacrifices of the Old Testament had been but a foreshadowing of this event.

When we confess Jesus as Lord and believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead as it says in Romans 10:9-10 we shall be saved.  It doesn’t say we might be saved.  It doesn’t say we will be saved by and by.  It says we shall be saved.  The moment we do that we’re born again, recreated, and translated from the old world of sin caused separation from God and death to the new world of fellowship with God and life.

Once we’re saved from the curse of sin we become the righteousness of God.  This means we can stand in the presence of God without any guilt, shame, or fear for we’ve become His children.  And as His children we have the right and the ability to come boldly into our Daddy’s throne room any time we want.

Think of it this way, if you or I walked up to the gate of Buckingham Palace and told the guard, “Let me in I want to see the queen” we wouldn’t even get a smile from one of those guys.  But if Prince Phillip walked up and said the same thing they would immediately usher him into the royal presence.

It’s the same with us and the heavenly Holy of Holies.  God is our Father.  We can enter His presence any time we want.  There’s no need to beg or plead.  It’s our right as His child because we are one with Christ.  He’s the head and we’re the body.  We’re the very living stones built up into His eternal temple.  We’re individually the tabernacles of His Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

Don’t accept less.  Be all that God re-created you to be.  We’re a new creation the old has passed away and behold all has become new.  We dwell this moment in God’s New Jerusalem and collectively we are His Holy Temple.  God the Father is on His throne.  Christ the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world and yet lives is seated to His right hand.  The Holy Spirit indwells the temple built of living stones.

There is nothing left to be done.  It is finished.  There is nothing we can add.  We have been given the authority to act in the Name of Christ.  We shouldn’t sit back waiting to get good enough.  We shouldn’t expect some hireling to do what God has called us to do.  We’ve been called to take the light of Christ into a world of darkness.

He never told us to build a lamp.  He never told us to pay a lighthouse tender.  He told us to take the light of His love to those sold under bondage to the king of this world.  And we must always remember greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

Jesus told us that if we have faith, even if it’s as small as the smallest seed, and we tell the mountain to jump it’ll jump.  So let’s quit waiting for some collective bulldozer to move the mountains and start living as what we are: children of the Most High God.

In the desert God told Moses to speak to the rock.  He has told us to speak to the mountains.    So now, all together on the count of three let’s say to the mountains in our life, “Jump!”

One, two, three.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @  © 2018 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]   Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens or visit Dr. Owens Amazon Page / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens


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#MeToo…A Misguided Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Sat, 11/10/2018 - 8:55pm

While some will not like what I am about to say others surely will…but say it I must and let the consequences fall where they may.

So let’s start by asking what exactly is a victim? As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary a victim is one that is “injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions” or “one that is subjected to oppression, hardship, or mistreatment.” And a survivor is one who “continues to function or prosper” despite having been a victim. But when one considers themselves a victim of unproven and made up allegations, I believe, one is neither a victim nor a survivor, but is a liar for one cannot be a victim of something that never happened.

And what is a liar but an individual who makes “untrue statements with intent to deceive” or one who takes actions in order “to create a false or misleading impression”…all of which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford willingly did when she accused now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her back in their high school days.

Also, remember that if Dr. Ford truly wanted her accusation to remain anonymous as she, the media, and her Senate protectors all claim, she would not have sent the now infamous letter to her congresswoman or to the newspapers…at least not without including definitive proof that the sexual assault by a then teenage Brett Kavanaugh actually took place. Dr. Ford took the risk of her allegation being proven false, which thankfully it was, for the learned doctor forgot that allegations are but words without substance and that truth in the end will usually prevail.

And in Dr. Ford’s wanting to hide behind anonymity means she either wanted to take the cowards way out…as in someone unwilling to stand by their accusation hoping that said accusation itself would do the intended damage…or she was using the calling card of someone with both a plan and an agenda in mind. And personally I believe that in Dr. Ford’s case it was a combination of the two, and I wouldn’t doubt if Dr. Ford leaked the letter herself to set in motion her cleverly orchestrated plan of revenge that she felt was languishing way too long on Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s desk.

Simply, Christine Blasey Ford lied about now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh trying to rape her 36 long years ago… after all no one could corroborate her story not even those she claimed were in the house when the assault supposedly occurred or those she claimed she told her story to. And contrary to what some think the only thing this woman is a victim of is getting caught in her own lies now coupled with the fact that she has allowed herself to be used by her fellow Democrats as the “face” of those who lie…but who demand you believe their lie…about sexual assaults that never happened.

In fact, what Christine Blasey Ford and her lie about Brett Kavanaugh did was make a mockery of those women who are true victims of rape or of sexual assault. And by the way, teenage boys trying to “cop a feel” in an effort to get to “first” or “second base” is not sexual assault nor is it rape…bad behavior perhaps but really just teenage boys being teenage boys…most especially when no intercourse or rape took place.

And I know from which I speak for this happened to me…with no rape or intercourse taking place (nor did it in Dr. Ford’s case)…no lasting mental harm was done to me…and the incident became as it should be…just one small memory from my early teenage years of a teenage boy being a teenage boy and nothing more. And unlike Dr. Ford, I remember the details…the who, what, where, why, when, and how…but it affected my life in no way at all which means no #MeToo movement for me. Am I stronger than most women…perhaps…but I knew even back then as much as I know now the difference between a boy “copping a feel” and something so much more serious…something called rape.

And really, many of the women now claiming that they were sexually assaulted or raped so many years ago were actually willing participants who probably had the reputation for being “loose” or being “fast” back in their high school days…girls who went to parties and who drank as much as the boys with “copping a feel” or worse being inevitable when one puts oneself in such a precarious position. But now they figure why not add their name to a movement doing, I believe, more harm than good, even though they’re doing it just for their 15 minutes of fame or possibly for some sort of misguided and twisted revenge against the boy who dumped them after “copping their feel” and maybe even more.

Now fast forward those very high school girls by a decade or two as they became “party girls” and bar hoppers in their twenties and thirties…young women whose actions and consequences only mattered to them when it became something they could use to their advantage or maybe they see it as a way to do self-penance of sorts for past actions taken now regretted.

And so enters the a fore mentioned #MeToo movement, the Hollywood propelled women’s movement initiated by supposedly victimized Hollywood actresses in the immediate aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal… the sex scandal that dominated the media for so many weeks. Drugging and raping or sexually assaulting a woman is indeed a serious crime and Harvey Weinstein should see serious jail time for each case of such that is proven…with proven being the operative word. But dressing like a whore and then going to his hotel room knowing well that to get a coveted movie role means having to “put out” and then willingly…no matter their now claims to the contrary…doing so…is not rape…it’s prostituting oneself in exchange for fame and fortune and nothing else.

Serious actions do have serious consequences after all, as does making what one knows at the time is a bad decision. But only bringing something forth years or decades after said self-perceived wrong occurred, is a wrong that is best kept to oneself for if something was grievous enough to cause mental anguish and harm in the immediate hours and days after said incident occurred, it was serious enough to have been told to someone or reported to the police in a timely matter.

And yet so many Hollywood supposed rape and sexual assault incidents both by Harvey Weinstrein and by others were never reported, they lay in waiting until politically needed. And so the Hollywood #MeToo movement was born…a movement started by left-wing Hollywood elite sorts whose public birth was perfectly timed as payback for Hillary’s losing the election. And once the movement was born it drew to it not only the fakers and liars, but sadly true victims of rape and sexual assault whose voices got drowned out when #MeToo entered the political arena where it became just a tool to try and take now President Donald Trump down.

And with thousands of women now identifying themselves as victims of rape, sexual assault, and the newest faux-pas known as workplace sexual harassment…a man dare not say a woman looks nice or her dress is pretty while at work…yet few of the woman joining the movement have had the courage to disclose the details or the name of the person responsible for doing them harm…just more accusations with no proof whatsoever to back-up their jumping on the #MeToo bandwagon.

And the nonsense now being spewed by Democrat politicians who are clamoring for votes and by so-called feminists who use in-your-face screaming as their method de-jour for shaming and trying to silence any and everyone who disagrees with their nonsense that any woman claiming to be a survivor must be believed…as in proof be damned…goes against one of our county’s most basic of legal principals…innocent until proven guilty. And without the presumption of innocence our beloved America is truly in trouble.

And the left’s claim that the reason why many victims and survivors of rape and sexual assault hesitate reporting said incidents to the police is that they are either too embarrassed to do so, that there’s too much exposure involved, that there may not have been enough proof that something happened, or that it could hurt the people they now love. But the most ludicrous reason I’ve heard to date for not coming forward in a timely manner is that some supposed victims simply feel it’s not worth the trouble to do so.

And to the true victims of rape and sexual assault who do not file a report with the police in a timely manner, and to those women who waited years or even decades to come forward…you must shoulder some of the blame as well. Obviously you are not to blame for being a victim of rape, but you are guilty of willingly allowing your fear via your silence to enable your rapist or assaulter to possibly assault or rape again.

Silence is not always golden especially in true cases of rape or sexual assault.

So while the #MeToo movement continues to grow in number via demonstrations, protests, and hashtags that have gone viral… the truth is that this movement is truly misguided as it’s being fueled on mostly by women who either were too cowardly or too scared to speak out or who just out-and-lied about being victims of rape. And because of this victims of another kind are now slowly emerging…victims known as our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, nephews and sons…all now being pre-determined by militant feminists to be sexual predators or deviants…males full of “toxic masculinity” they say…never to be believed simply because they are male…foolish female misplaced solidarity to the nth degree based not upon truth but solely based upon which genitalia one has.

Sad isn’t it. And with these same militant feminist sorts now trying to shame men into accepting guilt for things that never happened shows just how foolhardy the #MeToo movement really is.

And yet within the fabric of American society their are those who work hard to promote gender equality between the two…yes the two…sexes…most especially in the workplace. But know we cannot ever allow ones gender to be the sole factor in deciding who is guilty and who is not guilty of the crimes that are rape and sexual assault. And those men being accused of such must be deemed innocent until legally proven guilty for the right to “due process” must be protected at all costs. And not to do so will surely hurt collective womanhood in the long run for “justice must never be served through unjust means”…with the court of public opinion only helping to drive forward the so-called war between men and women…a war of the media’s doing.

And women who see their joining an internet movement as a badge of courage simply because they posting the words “Me Too” on certain social media sites are fooling themselves for women…like Christine Blasey Ford…who falsely claim rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment are doing a great disservice to the above stated true victims of rape and sexual assault. Considering themselves survivors of what amounts to trivial nonsense most of we women have gone through at sometime in our lives…these women actually relish in crying wolf thus allowing the real wolves to dress in sheep’s clothing to rape and assault others again and again.

Priorities and provable truths must become paramount if the #MeToo movement is ever to gain true and lasting credibility, and until it does so this movement is really doing more harm than good.

Now let the attacks on me begin…I’m a strong woman…I can take it.

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.


For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen’s blog The National Patriot to read his latest article The Liberal’s Double Standard for Justice .



Today, Friday, October 12th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss ‘#MeToo…A Misguided Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing;’ ‘The Liberal’s Double Standard for Justice’; and important news of the day.

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Woman Who Walks On Stones

Sat, 11/10/2018 - 12:13pm


Woman Who Walks On Stones
By Brother Theo

Part VII The Believer
Belief is never about what we can see; It’s about what we can’t see. This is an old saying passed on by Black Elk, a Sioux, but a red man nonetheless, and therefore wiser than most.

When I arose from my bed in the mid afternoon of the next day, my head felt heavy, as it had when my father (my uncle?) had made me drink the clear To di hi, or black water, as my folk call it, liquor. Even though I had been in my bed for more than ten hours, my body felt lethargic, my brain was numb. My memories of childhood drunkenness had seemed like like snapshots in an incomplete album, while my memories of last night were clear, concise, and most of all coherent. I thought about how I felt. how did I feel?

I let my mind loosen itself from the bonds of my body and my thoughts, and felt tugged backward. Back down the rabbit hole. I remembered as if I were watching an old movie vignette my mother (still not right, but better than aunt) told me to make some pictures and had left some blank pages and some crayons on my little writing table. I remembered, as if for the first time, drawing pictures of the monsters on the mesa, snake, and the great cat. I remembered with a start the acid sarcasm from my mother, the beatings from her and my father, the long periods of imprisonment. Unwanted memories of a time, after my father began to do…things to me in the name of setting things right. I realized that the pictures must change.

I tried to draw a house, a family, a dog. Nothing seemed right though. Everything seemed false. finally I gave up. Hopelessness replaced hope, and time began to lose it’s meaning. But I clung to an idea that my Akei had taught me, that in hopeless, one can always find hope. One morning I awoke to find a blank piece of paper thumbtacked to my wall. I knew that I must have put it there myself as my body slept during the night. I stood before it and looked at it for a long time before I realized what it was. I could not see her, but I knew she was there, and that she was beautiful. Later, when my mother asked me what it was, I answered “It is an angel in a snowstorm.” I knew my mother did not see her, but this pleased my mother greatly, and it made her believe that I was on the path to the Mormon way, It was not THE Mormon way, but it was a way, for it led me out of the prison of my bedroom ultimately. Now I also remembered how it felt to look at it, vainly searching for the angel in a world that was the blind emptiness of a blizzard that I nonetheless knew to be there. It made me feel utterly alone, as lost as the angel must have been. That was exactly how I felt right then.

Turning my steps to the bathroom I looked down down at my feet. They were brown on top like the feet of all my people and whiter on the soles. I imagined that whiteness spreading up over the tops of my feet, my ankles and legs, covering my entire body in whiteness and I wondered what it must be like to be white. I wondered what it must be like to not being able to see what I saw last night or to speak to the spirits that live in the stars. Was that what praying to the creator was like? I didn’t think so. I had prayed to the creator many times in the Mormon church. I had been taught how to do so by the missionaries, then my mother. I had reached out to the creator, but the creator never reached out to me. I had always thought that I had never gotten it right. That I had missed something or that something had missed me. I had tried, tried with all my heart to believe, but I had failed in my belief.

Standing in my bathroom I turned on the light and leaned close to the mirror. I had never questioned the scar on my shoulder as being the results of falling from the Mesa. I had never questioned that the scar was the result of my own foolishness. Looking closely at the scar now I wondered how I had ever seen it for less that the thing it was. The teeth marks were clearly evident, and a vague, but discernible shadow of malignant cruelty festered over the scar binding the moment of the act to the evidence of violence. I knew somehow, that the next time I looked, I would see only the faded scar which was the result of a foolish child’s attempt at adventure. So I looked closely now. I took a long look at a bite mark that shifted and swelled, purpling bruised flesh. As I watched my vision blurred with tears. I suddenly realized that the reason I had never heard the Creator’s voice was because I had never believed. The thought swept through my mind, clearing all before it. I had not wanted to believe, because this was the price of belief. Truth, untouched by pity, or compassion. The facts of our existence without the comfort of denial. The deadness of life surrounded by other lost souls forever wandering a material wasteland. The vast wind of this realization caused memories of childhood to fly by like objects in a whirlwind. My people, the empty poverty of the reservation, the families huddled together against the constant onslaught of indifference from a rainbow of other peoples. It shone a great light as it arched over my people, illuminating the gray nothingness of our lives. Lives that had had the color sucked out of them by that rainbow. Lost in a maelstrom of emotions I felt myself being pulled toward that rainbow, forward, toward the mirror. I knew if I was pulled into it I could forget last night’s vision. I could stop seeng things that my mind told me simply could not be there. I could go back to believing that my aunt and uncle were my mother and father,and forget that Beaver was way to old to be real.

As my face touched the rainbow I saw that it was hollow, and allowing my face to penetrate it I saw something on the other side. The enormous coyote was standing thirty feet away, grinning at me. Surrounding him and spreading out in every direction as far as I could see was a desert landscape littered lavishly with the remains of plastic bags, empty boxes, broken furniture and every description of what remained of people’s lives when they were done with them. There was no color. the dark sky overhead contained stars, but not those of this world. The screams of tortured souls echoed among the jagged peaks that jutted up all around me like rotting teeth in a cannibal’s mouth. Before the monster could speak I placed my hands against the wall of my bathroom and pushed hard.

The coyote’s grin grew wider as he said “yes Stonewalker, fight it.” He licked out toward me. I pushed harder, but by now my head was entirely through, and I could feel the rest of me being drawn through.

The coyote stepped forward and he licked the scar. “You are lost girl, and all alone.”

This made me think of the angel in the snow storm, and in a voice distorted by panic and effort I managed to cry out “Please, I want to believe.” With a final effort I cried again “Please, don’t let me be lost! I I do not want to be alone!”

I felt a powerful force take control of every atom of my body and felt myself being pulled back. as by body began to move back I actually saw the inside wall of the rainbow; it was shiny and slick looking as the inside of a sausage casing might look. Color pulsed through the wall as I was drawn further outside of it. Seeing his quarry being drawn from his grasp, the huge beast lunged forward and taking my entire head into his mouth he snapped his jaws shut on me. I tensed for the sensation of being torn apart, but I may as well have been encased in glass for all his effort. The great coyote planted his feet and shook his head from side to side, but his teeth slid easily over my hair and skin. From the inside I could see that his dagger like canines were easily a foot long. It was both terrifying and fascinating to see the process of his effort to pull my head off from inside his mouth. after one last look at his tongue flattened against my face, the sight was replaced by my bathroom mirror; In it was a small diorama of my native village. Next to the village was a path which led to the top of the sacred mesa which had lines of many of my people walking as if in a dreamlike state up the path carrying gifts of the earth in their arms. Hovering over the mesa was a fat rainbow which pulsed with different colors as the people fed their gifts into it. Each returning figure looked grayer and more starved than those ascending. My eyes shifted focus, and I saw myself reflected in the mirror, wide eyed, my features a rictus of impending violent death. Behind myself I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, her face as composed as if it had been carved in marble, and her hands were on my back.

Moments, or years later I was standing on nothing, surrounded by white nothingness. I took a step, then two, and then froze. Where was I? How far was a step in this place? Had I moved two steps, or two hundred miles? My eyes ached with the strain as I tried to make out a landmark, a clue to how I had entered this place. I feared movement. What if I walked off the roof of a building? Or into a raging current? Taking a moment to gain control of what was rapidly becoming a rising panic, I decided to call out. “Hello?” My voice must have quavered, but the nothingness was far more than visual. It was as if my voice had encountered a wall of damp cloth, the words extinguished as quickly as they were spoken. If anything this was more terrifying than the whiteness which surrounded me. I knew that I would not, could not. scream, for to scream and hear nothing would push me into madness. As I fought for control of my sanity it occurred to me that I had become the angel in a snowstorm, and that no one would ever see me or hear me again, for who would believe in something they could not see? Hearing gasps and the sounds of struggle coming from inside the house, Beaver rushed up the steps of the porch and burst into the house, the big tomcat right behind him. a cry from the bedroom drew his attention, but he followed instead the movement of shadows in the bathroom. Standing before him was a beautiful young woman, clad in a white shift and some kind of flowing robe: she was balanced on the balls of her feet, and looked ready to leap at the sink and into the mirror.

The old man had just enough time to see something strange, something like a multicolored hot air balloon floating over a makeshift village of old homes, trailers and shacks reflected in the mirror. The angel, for what else could she ever be, glanced briefly at him; in her right hand she grasped some kind of double edged short sword pointed at the mirror. It looked very sharp. Both figures froze as the voice of the great cat, now the size of a great dane roared out “Stop! this is not for you diyin ya naal a i, if you make a move you shall answer to the ceator!”

Lowering her sword the angel spoke softly. “He must not be allowed to live.”

“His time is not now,” said the big cat sitting now. “I know she is under your protection, but if the stars are to be as they were when I left them, then she must needs be also at risk.”

“The fate of that one” he inclined his huge head toward the mirror, which was now merely that is written there.”

A Faithful Saying

A House Divided?


A Refresher Course On Fake News Before You Vote

A Faithful Saying

The Butcher Shop

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Trump Says “Adios” to Birthright Citizenship

Fri, 11/09/2018 - 4:21pm

Ending birthright citizenship, better known as dropping the anchor baby, is the most significant illegal immigration reform the President Trump has announced. With a single executive order, he unplugs a beacon that attracts scammers from the world over. He also attacks a visible manifestation of the Foreigners First mindset that has infected the State Department, and the rest of the federal bureaucracy, since the 60s.

Gary McCoy, Shiloh, IL

For those late to the discussion, birthright citizenship is the GPS theory of national allegiance. If your pregnant wife was sitting in the stands at Lambeau Field and she got so excited she gave birth, the resulting baby would not be entitled to season tickets for the rest of his life. But if your wife, Consuela, was an illegal alien in a sanctuary city, who gave birth in a sanctuary maternity ward, your new child would be a Yankee Doodle Dandy. An instant US citizen with all the welfare rights that come with the birth certificate.

Trump will end that.

As is customary in these situations the left and its propaganda arm the Opposition Media instantly sprang to the defense of this devaluing of US citizenship. Even worse, the OpMedia had no trouble recruiting reflexive anti–Trumpers like Paul Ryan (R–INO). Ryan evidently liberated by his banishment to private life, stabbed Trump in the back using his favorite tactic of preemptive surrender. He claims anchor babies aweigh will require an amendment to the Constitution.

The left’s defense of birthright citizenship relies much on sentiment and sad stories and is light on facts. The talking points read like Shotgun Joe Biden wrote the memo. Here are the main defenses of this nonsensical geography theory of national obligation:

  1. The plain language of the 14th Amendment guarantees birthright citizenship.
  2. Birthright citizenship has been a part of the US since the beginning.
  3. The Supreme Court has ruled illegals are entitled to birthright citizenship.
  4. Throwing anchor babies overboard required amending the Constitution.

Each point is factually incorrect. Here is the plain language of the 14th Amendment: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” The key phrase is “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” The author of the citizenship amendment, Sen. Jacob Howard, who ought to know what he meant, explained, “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of person.”

This was tested in the case of Elk v. Wilkins where an Indian sued, contending he had birthright citizenship. Elk lost. The court ruled, “No one can become a citizen of a nation without its consent.” It took passage of a law in 1924 to grant birthright citizenship to American Indians.

The Supreme Court has never addressed the question of birthright citizenship for illegals. The case defenders cite, Wong Kim Ark, concerned two Chinese diplomats who were in the country legally and had a child. In their wisdom, the judges used subjectship under English common law, which the Founders had specifically rejected in the Declaration of Independence, to arrive at a decision that would be overturned today. The case said nothing about aliens in the country illegally.

Mark Levin said, “Not until the 1960’s [was] the Constitution …interpreted to convey birthright citizenship on the children of illegal aliens. And not due to any congressional statute or court ruling, but decisions by various departments and agencies of the federal bureaucracy.”

The federal bureaucracy is controlled by Trump, intermittently at least, so he can tell the executive branch to close the border maternity ward. An amendment isn’t necessary.

Trump should make the order retroactive to the first day of the administration. Certainly, the left will file a lawsuit and fall into a trap of their own making. This is the defining case that can overturn Wong and restore the original intent to the 14th Amendment and not the Hallmark Card legal philosophy that the government has followed for over 50 years. That’s a victory that will last long after the Trump administration.

Finally, Paul Ryan’s back–stabbing response when asked about Trump’s most important policy reinforces my advice to conservatives. Go on strike when you vote in congressional races. Conservatives should vote for every Republican candidate except Representatives. On that line write “On Strike.” Without the conservative base, always taken for granted, Republicans can’t win. In 2020, after the country club conservatives who survive have learned their lesson, resume voting as normal.

Conservatives will never see change in Congress until they change who’s in Congress. Going on strike is the place to start.

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Dodging The FaceBullet

Thu, 11/08/2018 - 11:15am

Got a bit of a scare this morning, and decided to dodge the FaceBullet before I got Alex Jonesed. While distributing my latest article, after twenty or so postings, suddenly the next posting was refused with a message that it had failed to go through. Shortly after that Facebook told me I had to log in again. Now, if you understand Facebook procedure that is the preliminary to going to Facebook Jail. Amazingly, I was able to log back in, and posted the word “Test” which showed I was able to post to my main page.

When you publish as much as I do, you cannot be held hostage by a social media platform that goes on the whims of any person out there who thinks they are offended. I am an op/ed journalist so it’s almost guaranteed that I will offend somebody. You cannot state an opinion without encountering a counter opinion. It is very important to neo-liberals to shut people like me up! They do it with Facebook Jail, and if you develop a “criminal” record they execute your account with a FaceBullet.

I have a “paper route” on Messenger of loyal followers. These are people who have followed me over the years, and look forward to reading my articles over morning coffee. On Facebook there are pages I post to, some liberal, and therein lies the problem. If one member of one group or page gets their shorts in a knot it could mean disaster for distribution. Therefore, I’m stopping postings to Facebook pages, and groups as of now. As I write this I’m having to sign in again, and again as FaceBullet execution squads fire continuously.

During Facebook’s last run at me I began to set up, and rely on general Internet. My readership has grown. I have a strict schedule of publication that I adhere to. When people get used to the same thing every day it makes it easy to find you. I cannot chance relying on a medium that is so fickle, such as Facebook. I’ll include links here so you can read my articles. As long as possible I will continue the paper route, but frankly, the writing is on the wall, and I will not be another Alex Jones! I’m publishing this on The Tea Party Tribune and my main blog.

Freedom of speech has been so restrained in our current time that it has become necessary to resort to methods such as these. While such as myself attempt to inform and entertain, people such as Jim Acosta scream at, and interrupt the president. His Facebook account is safe! I’m not going away. I’m not ceasing my daily publications. I’m dodging a FaceBullet I know will surely come. I’m not even sure if I can post the link to this article, as Facebook algorithms prowl looking for a bad word among my works. I will respond to anyone who PMs me as long as I can, but will not post publicly on Facebook after this article. Below are links to my work. Please pass this link to anyone you think may be interested.


@secondwilbur and @wiiiilbur on Twitter

The Butcher Shop on

Wilbur Witt on LinkedIn

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Trump Accosts Acosta

Thu, 11/08/2018 - 9:39am

Trump accosts Acosta! I just watched an altercation at a press conference between President Trump and Jim Acosta of CNN. I drew several things from this. In my recent article about fake news I laid out the ins and outs of the fake news profession. Where it came from, why it’s there, and how you can spot it. I even included a video from a liberal democrat who agreed with me, and went to greater depth to try to explain it. Here I’m going to show you a prime example of how this works in practice.

The CNN reporter rose to ask his question. He continually interrupted the president, challenging his authority. He centered on the “caravan,” the left’s current child in need. Then, now watch this, he referred to the members Therein as “refugees.” He proceeded to expound breaking the law for the greater good while the President continued to try to correct him. Then some other jug head in the press corp rose to defend this rude bastard while some poor girl tried to pry the microphone from his cold, dead hands. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. I saw it on TV.

When foreign invaders are referred to as refugees the general public accepts that. That is FAKE NEWS! When a reporter, and I use that term loosely, challenges the president, that is an effort to qualify the fake news. The reporter wasn’t smart enough to word his question intelligently, he was grandstanding for his bosses, and the gullible public.

When someone continually interrupts someone as they try to answer a question that tells you that their question was moot, and they were reinforcing it with showmanship. It has become fashionable to interrupt, talk down to, and disrespect the President. It’s cool, it gets views, it tears down the country as a whole.

I’m not saying you have to agree on everything that Donald Trump says, but I am saying if you’re in the White House Press Corp you should be intelligent enough to ask a question with dignity for both him, and yourself, and respect for the American people.

Freedom of the press is there for just that. To ask questions, and report answers to the people. Then, if you have an opinion, THAT’S for the editorial page, not the FRONT page. From washed up pole dancers, to truck loads of wetbacks, main stream media has tried it all, and it has all fallen short. Lies, and the lying liars that tell them!

I think Donald trump is a prophet. How else could he step into the lion’s den, and walk away unscathed? And I wonder what kind of training, or education these “reporters” have. I could have tripped this guy up a dozen times, and I’m just a guitar player from Austin. And it’s not that I disagree with the reporter, which I do. It’s just common decency. Respect. Presenting one’s self as a professional. The sad part is that a lot of the public will dig no deeper than the look on the President’s face as this fool foamed at the mouth. Press Corp my ass!


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A House Divided?

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 9:04am

A House Divided? A divided house is not necessarily a bad thing. Single party rule never comes out good. So the Democrats have the house, so what? They’re gonna impeach Trump! No they’re not. They may indict, but then it goes to the senate, which means it goes nowhere. And as far as passing crazy laws? The Supreme Court. Good luck with that. Trump has to change his stripes a bit as he faces a BALANCED House.

You must understand that the two political parties we have didn’t even exist when the constitution came to be. But the signers of it knew politicians. Politicians are dedicated to serving the people without having to resort to work. If you don’t believe that, just look at them now that the campaigning is over. They’ve had to travel, speak, meet people, listen, and respond, every day, several hours, just like the rest of us, and it damn near killed ‘em! The best thing to come out of this election cycle was Obama losing his voice.

You may never actually meet your senator, but you could bump into your congressman (or woman) at the grocery story during Christmas break. People can vote for someone they know with little regard to party affiliation. I know I have. Trump won through a victory in the Electoral College. Hillary won the popular vote, but ignored the advice to work the electoral strong points. Obama understood it. So did her husband. Everyone was talking about blue waves and red tsunamis, and completely overlooked the man in the street, democratic streets, voting exactly like they, and their parents always had! Amazing, isn’t it?

You must look past the rhetoric. Pelosi is not a communist. Beto is not a convicted felon. He’s also not a senator, just saying, and Trump IS the president of the United States! Presidents have always had to contend with opposition in the House. Lincoln sweated blood gathering votes to pass the thirteenth amendment. Now, you’d think, with the south on its knees, and victory literally on the horizon, that bill would have flown through Congress. I mean the Civil War was all about freeing the slaves, right? And all the Democrats were hiding out somewhere down in Georgia. The fact remains that while the Republicans were going on and on about ending slavery, when it came right down to it they balked. It squeaked by. And by the way, it didn’t actually end slaves. Read it carefully. No person could be indentured or held in slavery UNLESS they were sent to prison, which basically makes them . . . SLAVES! Knowing that makes the ratio of black to white in prison so uneven, but that’s none of my business.

So what will a balanced House give us? I know, I know, you’re worried about that wall. Yes, Congress can now put restraints on a building project like that, but remember, Donald J. Trump is still the Commander in Chief! Did you notice all those troops on the border recently? I couldn’t even talk on the phone from all the gunships flying over my house. The Army has unique ways of solving problems in the field. That’s why they call them “Field Problems.” They arrived and immediately began to string Constantino wire along the border. You’ve seen that stuff. Along the tops of prisons and some schools in Detroit. Wire interlaced with razor blades. Climb THAT bit! And it’s so cost effective. We already HAVE the wire!

Of course, for a while, we’ll have a “Night of the Long Pens” where the Democrats will bow up and exact revenge across the isle, but, unless I’m wrong, you will begin to see bi-partisan legislation creep by. Shouts of “Absolutely NOT” will slowly give way to, “Well, let’s look at that.” We don’t send people to Congress to quote talking points and eat fancy dinners. We send them there to govern! We all agree that we need health care, so give us some. They’re already robbing us blind, put some of that money towards aspirin. Nobody LIKES the situation along the border, so FIX it! Just KEEP the army down there on a rotation basis. We do that’s all over the world anyway. If they weren’t there they’d be picking up cigarette butts at Fort Hood. I guarantee you a soldier would rather be “soldiering” than policing the grounds. That’s not what they signed up to dol. Hey! Legalize marijuana. Canada did. But the New Democratic majority needs to be aware that if they don’t PRODUCE something other than hate Trump speech that Blue Tide that came in last night can go right back out again in 2020!


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Tue, 11/06/2018 - 8:02am

In the struggle to make Child Protective Services more “Protective” there are those within the CPS who need to be weeded out, but there are those so called “champions” who discredit, stalk, and even attack people who have real axes to grind, and real things to offer. Over the years I have been involved with CPS. We have evolved into a cooperative relationship, some of our interaction has even improved the department. We need children to be protected. I agree. But someone wrestling with a situation where their kids are involved can become desperate, and act like a terminal cancer patient running to Mexico for some “cure” they can’t get in America. There are those who prey on these people. They are a blight. They undermine such organizations as Angel Eyes Over Texas. Jim Black constantly monitors changes in laws and procedures, and educates the public, all while working with the CPS for improvement. He also alerts his members to blights. Amy Charron is just one such blight on the effort.

Before I begin this tirade a disclaimer is needed. Amy, if indeed that is her real name because Brother Theo has uncovered at least five aliases she sports, fancies herself as a champion of childless mothers everywhere. Her web of lies, and half truths is so extensive that writing about her can lead you down so many rabbit trails you’ll invariably quote something that you believed to be true, but winds up being some spin she generated that got included in some report that while appearing to be investigative journalism ends up being just another “Amyism.” What I will try to do here is present the facts, dispel the lies, and give you my honest opinion from my personal experiences with this person.

My name is Wilbur Witt, Jr. As many of you know my pen name is Bill the Butcher, and I am a member of a bunch of merry men and women in something we call the Butcher Shop. I am a straight, conservative, retired, cigarette smoking, martini drinking Texan. The reason I’m telling you this is because I, too, have been stalked, and attacked by Amy Charron.

Amy’s story line is the usual victim. Big bad CPS took her little girl, Markel, from a hospital while she sat in the waiting room, crying and begging Jesus for a miracle. The child was there for a rash on her butt. Amy claims that the Po Po wrestled her down, locked her in some room, under the pretense of changing the little girls’s diaper, but in reality spirited little Markel away to the waiting arms of her Stepfather, the evil Doctor McDonald!

Now what follows are some murky facts, and my take. Amy had a history of symptoms of Munchausen by proxie. That wasn’t little Markel’s first visit to the ER. There was a history here. One of our sources told us that when Amy was informed that the child would be in the ER for about two hours, she took it upon herself to go on a dinner date with her latest “bodyguard.” The waters become even more murky here, but the end result was little Markel ended up with the McDonalds, and Amy ended up doing one of her multiple stays in a Texas nut house! This particular event is the only evidence we’ve found that Markel even exists, but more about that later.

It was then that Miss Don Quioté began her assault on CPS windmills. Allegedly her Father was the late Mark Charron. I haven’t verified this, but I’ll give her a pass. You have to be careful with Amy because you can’t really prove she’s a woman. You gotta do a Crocodile Dundee. Just saying. But, she used this tale of linage to portray herself as the deprived princess of a hit songwriter, attempting to elevate her image to that of a singing star. Being famous is very important to Amy. She has left messages on my phone about talking to a “very famous” judge and a “very famous” lawyer, and telling me charges were being filed on me for stealing “thousands of dollars” in jewels, and her “evidence” proving her case. More about that later, too.

Amy began a Facebook presence. She supposedly was making a documentary out in Hollywood. That’s another Amyism. She always says she’s connected with “very famous” entertainers, and she’s “going public” to expose her current enemy of choice. I myself have had that honor, and Mr. Robert Baty currently holds that position.

While Amy claims to have filed several “Very Famous Federal Cases,” there is no real evidence of them, and most certainly Markel is not back with “Mommy Dearest!” While she claims to be filing charges with police on myself and others, each time she walks into a police station they show her the door. To explain this she claims the Houston PD has put hit men after her, indeed have even killed one of her “bodyguards,” because she has the goods of former Governor Rick Perry. No doubt if there’s a buck in it somewhere, Amy will claim to be the founder of the #METOO movement. The only “METOO” here is all the homeless men she’s picked up, gone into a relationship with, and dubbed them the new bodyguard!

Amy dropped out of weight sometime around 2012. My bad. Freudian slip. I meant sight, not weight. She didn’t drop any weight. I don’t know where she went. Prison, Austin State Hospital, or just roaming the country in a schizophrenic haze, take your pick. She finally surfaced a couple years ago, complete with a new bodyguard, and called me. She told me the Houston Police Department had killed her former bodyguard and she had to leave Houston to hide until the US Army could get her out of the country for her safety. She asked if she could stay with me for a couple weeks. I was a bit put off by her story, but having been in country music for forty years I thought, “What the hell? Might be fun!” Well, she pulled up about five in the morning with a huge UHaul truck with her jee-jaws in it, accompanied by said bodyguard, who turned out to be a really nice guy, and one hell of a cook. She commenced to traverse Central Texas trying to sell this and that out of the truck, and when she finally got an offer of $250 for the whole shooting match she asked if she could store the stuff in one of my sheds. I had a friend take her to one of our houses and she unloaded everything into a workshed. They turned the truck in, and suddenly, she had to return to Houston to present evidence in a “very famous” court case. Guess the Houston hit man took a day off, huh? Only one itty bitty problem. They didn’t have no money. So, for the investment of forty dollars I put the “Very Famous” Amy Charron on a bus back home. Hey, that rhymes. I need to remember that.

I truly thought that I’d seen the last of her. Still her stuff was in the shed. Surprisingly, I never, until much later, looked at it. The man I sent to unload it told me that outside of some big clock it was mainly a bunch of crap. It wasn’t costing me anything so I just let it sit there in case Amy ever came for it. Then the attack began.

While my friend and I were cleaning soiled panties, condoms and drug paraphernalia out of the spare bedroom in my main house, bodyguard called me and left a message to call QUICK! Apparently “Very Famous” Amy Charron was in a “Very Famous” pickle down at the courthouse, or maybe the hit man had showed up, I don’t know. I didn’t call back. When nailed in her stalking, threats, and lies, Amy has a convenient dodge. She just checks into the local laughing academy, and the charges are dismissed. Brother Theo uncovered an extensive history of charges being leveled against her, subsequently all being dropped. In Texas you get a get out of jail free card if you’re a licensed nut. Shucks, even my daughter in law iJackie even used that one. It works!

The calls began! She accused me of being a lying, drunken homosexual who had stolen “thousands” of dollars in jewels and other valuable items from her, and I needed to turn myself in before a “very famous” sheriff came to arrest me. Well, being a good dobee, I arranged bail and proceeded to the Po Po. Between all the laughter, and slapping of the knees, I quickly understood that Amy’s phone calls had been just one big bi-polar delusion.

She attacked me for the better part of six months. During this time she skipped around the country. She went to Michigan where she stayed with, and left MORE stuff with a lady there, who called me and told me all about it. Then she raced out of there when she thought those police had put a hit on her. Oh, FYI, I’ve SEEN the real Amy Charron! Nobody is hitting on her, if you know what I mean. She got on some talk show in California (allegedly) where she called me everything but a white man, and ended up, you guessed it, back in Houston claiming to now be a victim of Hurricane Harvey. This got her thrown out of a Starbucks, and if y’all will note you did NOT see that on CNN. They opted for the two black guys instead. When I was told she was slandering me on the air in SoCal I finally went and took a look at the Queen’s Jewels stored in my shed. CRAP! Just like my friend had said. Old clock, a few dishes, moth rated clothes, but one box of very interesting documents. Her so-called “evidence!” All showing a criminal, liar, former mental patient who had wove a web of deceit for years. I paid a crew to put it all on the curb and the big claw came around and picked it all up!

I forgot about Amy Charron until about three days ago. A woman I know in Cali sent me a note to call her, and a link to an article, complete with a debate between Amy and one Mr. Baty. The usual. She was telling him how “Very Famous” she was, how “Very Famous” he was not, and going on about her newest bodyguard. He simply asked her to produce her “evidence” which of course she couldn’t because it’s in the city dump. Her website and movie are in the dump too. The person who produced them, whom she didn’t pay, sold me the rights to that years ago. After communicating with Mr. Baty, we decided to go public with this and put her con in the street where her junk had been.

The work with the CPS is arduous. The ranks are filled with mothers who, for one reason or another, have lost their children, and are trying to reunite their families. There is no easy fix. If a mother is innocent, it’s bad, but even those who have made mistakes, but have towed the line, and may get their kids home again, it’s worse. These people are broken, hurt, and afraid. They are perfect victims for people like Amy Charron! While sinking in an ocean of pain they will grasp for anything. Amy is not a life preserver, she’s a shark. One of her scams is to set up funding operations for various causes. The money disappears, and then SHE disappears, often turning on the very people who’d sought her help. She will stalk, threaten, bully, and intimidate. They will pay her to get away. She will no doubt attack me again for this article. I want her to do that. This has to be finished, because someone has to put an end to the shenanigans of the “Very Famous” Amy Charron!

To this day we have not located, nor can we prove that there was ever a daughter, other than the last fateful visit to the ER. Markel has been disappeared. My theory is that the family got together and after many such episodes decided that something must be done. Doctor, and Mrs. McDonald, in their old age, took on a child to raise, and protect. And they erased all traces that would lead Amy into the child’s life again. Kudos to you, Dr. and Mrs. McDonald! The world needs more of you!

The Butcher Shop

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A Refresher Course On Fake News Before You Vote

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 6:05am

With the midterms upon us I figured it was time for a refresher course on Fake News, and the lying liars that deliver it. I saw a very informative video last night which you can see above. Read this article and watch the video and remember what you learned when the Democrats start saying you are heartless because you won’t throw your arms open to seven thousand shinny new WetBacks!

Fake News. You’ve all heard it. There are even Fake News filters you can download, and tutorials on YouTube to help discern between the real, and the not so real. But, what is Fake News? Where did it come from? How long have the news services been compromised? Can we believe anything delivered to us through the Main Stream Media, or any other source for that matter, and what is the agenda behind the news services who follow this script?

Wikipedia defines Fake News as: …a type of journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media.[1] Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention.

There has always been Fake News. The newspaper giants of the mid to late 1800’s worked overnight to out lie one another in order to provide the “Newsies” in the morning with the fodder to sell more papers. Often wittingly or unwittingly these publications provided public support for government where situations required a fired up, and poorly informed public. From the bombing of the Maine, and all the way to the Tonkin Gulf, news stories fanned flames where only a whiff of smoke existed.

About 1917 a small group of industrialists, that’s right, industrialists, got together and understood the power of the press, but more than that understood the power of controlling the press. They figured that if the information systems could be made to sing from the same sheet of music that it would lend legitimacy to the news coming out, and greatly benefit their plans for a more unified world especially if that music were THEIR music!

With a small amount of reasoning it came down to controlling just twenty-five national publications which while giving the illusion of competition, were actually under the command of the same eighteen editors who reported to J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller, and associates. The former literary dog fight became the renowned, and trusted Main Stream Media which eventually bled over to radio, TV, and even movie plots, all dancing together like the Radio City Rockettes. The image was one of integrity and gave the public the comfort of knowing the freedom of the press would KEEP America great, and Walter Cronkite most certainly edited the Ten Commandments for Moses. Gotta be true! We saw Moses at the movies.

This system flourished in full force from WWI all the way to around 1967 when the kids in the street began to point out we had no business in Vietnam no matter WHAT Cronkite said, and the ricochets all over Dealy Plaza were blowing bigger holes in the Warren Report than the one in Kennedy’s head! Fake News can be tricky. There are many variations. Remember the early days of the National Enquirer? We all knew it was a rag, but when there was a picture of a dead monkey with a cigarette in his mouth under a banner headline reading, GOVERNMENT ADMITS DEAD ALIEN FOUND AT ROCKWELL! you’d buy the paper! I know I did. The human trait of reading the absurd makes you want to read stuff you know to be false the same way you’d pay for a ticket to see Clint Eastwood shoot a thug in San Francisco. I know I did that, too!

Now take the Watergate story. Be honest, was Nixon any more crooked than Clinton or Obama? What did he really do. Tried to get some dirt on a Democrat. In the Clinton White House there was dirt. It was on Monica’s knees. The Washington Post, one of those twenty-five newspapers, assigned two reporters to track the story down, expand it, and spoon feed it to the other MSM outlets from sea to shining sea and Nixon got a free ride home! While the story was based in reality the amplification made Nixon’s sin the crime of the century.

Slowly the lines blurred between sources such as the Enquirer and the New York Times that they became indistinguishable. The paradox was that the alternative media began to see the MSM for what it was. They couldn’t compete with the budget of the Times, The Post, or the TV networks so they devised a new plan. The TRUTH! By the turn of the century the MSM had gone so far afield that telling the truth became a novelty, and people like Alex Jones, Crystal Lee Laramore, and Doc Greene saw an opportunity. One other factor began to filter in that changed the playing field. The advent of the internet. Once the satellites were up and spinning any thirteen year old girl could challenge Barbara Walters. For a while the MSM held sway, but after a while it began to take to the net, spinning the same old yarns. It was losing the war!

We as Americans take some things for granted. Politicians work for the bosses, prices will always rise and the Main Stream Media is one hundred percent, certified Fake News! Infotainment! So why do we keep watching it? We do that for the same reason we bought the paper with the monkey on the front page. MSM eroded slowly. At first I, like many others, scanned the headlines believing that even though I knew it was slanted at least the core would be a few facts, and if I took in ABC, CBS, CNN, and the New York Times, that by forming a weighted average I could arrive at the real story. That’s like having seven layers of icing on a crap cake. Bon Appetit! My final exit was after it became common knowledge that President Trump held some responsibility for Hurricane Harvey. And, of course, he’s wrongfully attacking those poor little darlings running up here to kick down our border fence. Imagine the gall, deploying soldiers to OUR border for Thanksgiving! Obama threw that out in Florida just last night.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Let me ask you. Let’s have a show of hands. How many of you have ever SEEN an ANTIFA member in person? How about some Black Lives Mattering down at your local police department? When was the last time a member of your local police department shot a twelve year old black kid for waving a stick? I don’t believe I’ll have to take my shoes off to count the hands. How can you tell Fake News? In a word, it’s ALL fake! If you see it on cable TV it’s fake, contrived, opinionated stories geared to get you to hear, believe, and above all VOTE! The MSM filters all its news stories through the same cookie cutter mold that goes all the way from innuendo to outright lies! Then, they saturate the alternative media with preposterous claims in an effort to discredit that sector with the hope of luring the buying public back home. Well, it’s not going to work. People read. They think, and we have a president who calls them out on social media every day. We ASSUME they’re liars, and it doesn’t matter if George Soros is behind it or the Mickey Mouse Fan Club, the store brand is beating the national brand hands down!

Just look at this week alone. National Polls (Oh, that’s another MSM trick) says Trump’s approval rating is down to thirty percent. Largest rally EVER in Houston recently. After Harvey last year, they grudgingly admitted that he rushed to Houston, but some bag lady posing as a journalist in New York said the First Lady was wearing the wrong shoes. Trump’s eleven year old son wore the wrong shirt a week before. Then they pitch in the story that Michelle Obama is a man, making it look like its source was Alex Jones in yet another effort to discredit him, and by that the entire alternative movement. Then they taped up Alex’s mouth and set their sights on skewing the midterms ranting about some “blue wave!” Bottom line: Trump is the real president, we’re gaining real ground Making America Great Again, and you’re reading REAL news here at the Tea Party Tribune! Where’s that monkey with the cigarette in his mouth?

The Butcher Shop

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A Faithful Saying

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 5:20am

“It is a faithful saying.” – 2 Timothy 2:11.

PAUL has four of these “faithful sayings.” The first occurs in 1 Timothy 1:15, “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.”

The next is in 1 Timothy 4:6, “Godliness is profitable unto all things, having the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation.”

The third is in 2 Timothy 2:12, “It is a faithful saying – If we suffer with Him we shall also reign with Him.”

And the fourth is in Titus 3:3, “This is a faithful saying, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works.”

We may trace a connection between these faithful sayings. The first one lays the foundation of our eternal salvation in the free grace of God, as shown to us in the mission of the great Redeemer. The next affirms the double blessedness which we obtain through this salvation – the blessings of the upper and nether springs – of time and of eternity. The third shows one of the duties to which the chosen people are called; we are ordained to suffer for Christ with the promise that “if we suffer, we shall also reign with Him.” The last sets forth the active form of Christian service, bidding us diligently to maintain good works.

Thus we have the root of salvation in free grace; next, the privileges of that salvation in the life which now is, and in that which is to come; and we have also the two great branches of suffering with Christ and serving with Christ, loaded with the fruits of the Spirit.

Treasure up these faithful sayings. Let them be the guides of our life, our comfort, and our instruction. The apostle of the Gentiles proved them to be faithful, they are faithful still, not one word shall fall to the ground; they are worthy of all acceptation, let us accept them now, and prove their faithfulness. Let these four faithful sayings be written on the four corners of My house.

Jim Greene
The Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop

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Birthright citizenship – How many children of illegals born here become automatic citizens?

Sat, 11/03/2018 - 10:36pm
Well, a new report has been released which explains just how many children of illegal immigrants receive birthright citizenship. The Pew Research Center says the number of children born to illegal immigrant parents has dropped to its lowest since 2000.

Currently, there are about 250,000 children were born in the U.S. to undocumented parents in 2016. That is about 6% of all children born in the US that year. In 2007, that number peaked to 390,000. But still, 250,000 is still too many. That number should be down to zero.

The question about who deserves, or is entitled to birthright citizenship is tied to perceptions of how much it drives illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America. Birthright citizenship is an irritant to President Trump, who vows to do away with the problem.

But the report explains even further that about 70% of birthright citizens were born to parents who had been in the U.S. for at least five year, and another 20% to parents who had been in the country for more than 20 years, meaning a very small percentage of illegal immigrants are engaging in illegal “birth tourism.” This also leads to chain migration, where other family members of these kids are allowed in, and taxpayers support them for the rest of their lives.

No matter, this bleeds our benefits system dry, which was originally designed to take care of our own citizens, not immigrants.

Trump said he plans to sign an executive order to end birthright citizenship, and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has said he will introduce legislation with the same purpose, as the legality of such an executive order is disputed. I say good, let this go all the way to the US Supreme Court, and get this settled, once and for all.

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The Arms Dealer Joey

Sat, 11/03/2018 - 9:02am

The Arms Dealer
Part II

I remember a time when I would have been ashamed of the things I’ve done. Back when America was this place where a guy really could be anything he wanted to be, I would have been afraid of becoming me. Back then, there was a…like a contract between the powers that be, meaning the government and its various representatives, and the people. In those days, the days of my youth, the powers that be only got in your way if you were a threat to the balance. In return, citizens did their best to obey the laws, uphold American customs, and reach the status of good enough at minimum.

But now, well, if you’re not old enough to remember it, just think of living in a time where you could make your own movie about you, and that was your life. Pretty cool huh? Nowadays I’m just fine with who I am. I got a therapist who not only cleared up my angst about doing some pretty awful things, but also turned me on to some of the biggest scores of my life. In fact, he’s the one who talked me into telling the world (well, the teensy number of people who read those two crazy bloggers in Texas that write for the Butcher Shop) about the day that changed the rest of my life.

My therapist made me see that, nowadays, the powers that be only concern themselves with people who get in the way of chaos! Life’s a funny old possum, as doctor Phil would say. So allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Joey. I’ve always wanted to say that. I want to tell you that my therapist told me that all I really need to do is do a kind of penance; you know, some Our Fathers, or Hail Mary’s after a kind of confession. I have to admit that, as a not so great Catholic, I never could see the logic of confession. After all, God is omnipotent. I mean, he sees you rubbing one out while your thinking something you believe only you’re sick enough to think of while playing serious pocket pool, so what’s the point in telling a third party, a priest for God’s sake, when he already knows? Plus, you sure aren’t going to go into detail about the specific thoughts you were having when the term “impure” thoughts covers the deal, right? But this guy, he talks me into telling the story about one of the most important days in my life to complete strangers; the day I lost my virginity, so to speak.

Let me tell you, it was great! I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Not only that, but there was no down side! A little checking with some friends of friends, if you will, showed me that only like ten people read my story! I could have confessed to being the revived ghost of Hitler, the Kennedy assassination, and nine-eleven if I wanted. Who knew? So, I had some drinks with my old friend from the wars, Munroe, who had turned me on to this therapist in the first place. Turns out we were both suffering from what our therapist calls post give a damn disorder. Munroe, he tells those peckerwoods about the day that changed his life. That time there were eleven people who read it, because I read it too. I’m was actually touched too. When you find out a guy like Munroe, who killed more guys than cancer has a heart; well, it proves what my mentor Devon once said when we were spiking some munitions we were selling to some known terrorists: Even bad men can love their country. Oh, and for you other nine readers, here’s a little inside baseball: the other guy that wrote about the day that changed his life? He’s our therapist! I’m not joking.

It’s like those two idiots in Texas say on one of their many middle of nowhere sites, we’re the news you don’t want to hear. I’d tell you who the guy is, but there’s some kind of doctor patient privilege thing, and as you will see, I’m a truly ethical guy. So, let me say, forgive me my readers, for I have sinned, and it has been a very long time since my last confession.

I feel as though I’ve already said a lot, but Munroe and…we’ll call him the therapist thinks we should tell our story, or at least the part that changed America and two other countries in ways that cannot be undone. But, I’ll let them confess in their own ways. After all, a confession can contain only so much truth. Especially when you are confessing to someone who already knows all there is to know. So, you nine guys can be the priest, and you can hear our confession. We already know Frick and Frack down in Texas will publish it. What else are they going to write about, politics?

Let me begin by saying that I first met Munroe in the late seventies in a meeting that would involve a not so official flight from Virginia to Paraguay. Now, Paraguay elicited about the same kind of interest in America as bottled water in the seventies, but it was a very hot topic where my employer, a certain senator whose name shall go unmentioned (I mean, what if one of you guys actually looked this stuff up? The odds are pretty low I’ll admit, but if you did, you might ask questions, then you’d get asked questions, then…who knows?).

The reason for the trip was that in seventy seven a solid PLR senator in the Paraguayan government decided he wasn’t happy with his everyday take home, or the way things were going; or in this case, not going in his country. To be fair, Laino was the founder of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party. This kind of stuff happens all the time in south american quasi-dictatorships, but in some cases, like this one for instance, the senator, Domingo Laino had a pretty good reputation as a patriot and a good egg, and he was making a pretty big stink about narcotics, human trafficking, and some pretty fancy highway robbery by Alfredo Stroessner, the president of Paraguay from 1954 to 1989, which ought to tell you something about the guy. There was also the question of some pretty serious human rights violations.

Now, Paraguay is a landlocked country stuck between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, so I can tell you right off the bat, Joe lunchbox could not have cared less about it, but my guy? He cared. He cared about seven million dollars a years worth. Mr. lunchbox would have been surprised to know that Paraguay’s GDP was about ten thousand dollars per capita. Not bad for a country whose base income was derived from agriculture in the waning years of the nineteen seventies. The average Paraguayan also earned about thirty seven hundred dollars per year. Not a very big piece of the pie. All this is how I came to meet Munroe. I met Munroe because he was taking the the same flight as I was, because some other politicians in America had clients of their own with interests in Paraguay, and Munroe, as a consultant to the company, the one in Langley, had brought a small team in to assess the situation. I was there to protect the narcotics deal and remind Stroessner of the arrangement regarding vigorish tied to a treaty between Brazil and Paraguay; The same treaty being trimmed by Stroessner. I was pretty sure Munroe was there for the human rights thing. The two things to remember here are these: This Laino guy was, for the time and place a pretty straight up guy; Latin America had a few of those in those days too. but he was swimming with way bigger fish than he was. This fits nicely into the second thing to remember. Like our friend Domingo, most Americans don’t know squat about politics, so here’s an impromptu lesson in civics. America is not a democracy, it’s a republic. Whereas politicians are thought to be elected officials whose business it is to see to the welfare of their constituents, they are in reality, people swept into office by money big enough to keep the machine well oiled, and whose business is to see to it that the interests of those people upon whose wallets they rode into office on stay happy.

Now, we can’t have the kiddies seeing the details of that reality, so while guys like me and Munroe did a little globetrotting in the interest of keeping the lights on in the Hamptons, the American media, books, T.V., magazines, Hollywood, billboards and comedians kept Jack Schitt and his wife Mary busy bickering with each other over race, religion, guns and who was free to do what. In other words, everything that was supposed to have been settled by the constitution. But, every supreme court justice has to have something to do, right? I’d like to tell you about how Munroe and I got closer, and the action we saw in Paraguay,but He already got dibs on that, which is only right since he got us into most of the trouble, so I’ll let him tell it his way.

But, for now, this is my part to tell, so I’ll tell it my way. It was early September nineteen seventy seven when I met Munroe. Waiting in the outer room of one of the deputy directors at the company I saw a tall man, easily six seven dressed in a type of light gray BDU’s that I had never seen before. Light gray with a complicated design of lighter and darker colors that made my head hurt to look at. Although I was sure that the man went two hundred and thirty pounds, He had a raw boned look about him, and hands that might easily have been those of an even larger man. They were long fingered, and looked able to grasp with sudden speed. My instincts told me he was capable of inhuman strength and speed. Also, the man’s face looked about sixty years out of place. His hair was right, mostly blonde worn high and tight, the way Dolph Lundgren would eventually wear his hair, but the eyes were slightly sunken, giving him a cadaverous look, and the expression was that of a man who had spent most of his life, if not all of it on the brink of starvation and want. His eyes, always moving never seemed to touch upon me, and yet I had the impression that I had been dissected and reassembled more thoroughly than any post op shrink I’d had ever talked to. When his eyes did touch mine it was when a secretary twitched into the room through a door that suddenly appeared in an otherwise ordinary looking wall and announced that the deputy director would see us now.

In that moment the man I would come to know as Munroe riveted his eyes onto mine in a gaze that was as unbreakable as an arm lock. Those eyes now looked truly to be those of a corpse. A really angry corpse. I suddenly prickled with fear as the thought flitted through my mind that something I had done had created that look of starved privation, and now I was going to be held to account. I felt some slight irritation as well, because sexetary would have been a better term for the woman who now guided us through the door. I mean she was finer than frog hair. She had that whole Veronica Lake thing going on, long straight hair falling over one eye, body by God and maintained by an expensive trainer. I’d bet she didn’t hesitate to take dictation. The part of me that normally ran the show wanted to take a few seconds to do a closer inventory of the woman with her hair worn demurely over one eye, but both of my eyes were being held in a visual straight jacket by a pissed off depression era Frankenstein wearing stealth BDU’s.

Then, just like that, the girl was gone, the door was shut and we were looking at the back of one of the company’s deputy directors. I took the moment to toss my erstwhile companion a look of reproach which was returned with a flat look. Turning to us the deputy director, a man whose name became a household word for a little piece of time, said “Gentlemen, if you will be seated.” He gestured to a small table behind us. “In a few moments we should be joined by the others.” looking sideways at the big man I saw no evidence that the fact we were going to be joined by others affected him in any way. It was news to me though. The senator had sent me here to brief the D.D. on my mission, not the other way around, and although I wanted to tread carefully (after all I might need the goodwill of this man in the future, as I definitely planned to have a job, and a secretary like his someday) I nonetheless wanted to clarify the purpose of the meeting, if for no other reason to assure myself that I had not wound up in the wrong joke. “Uh, sir, my instructions are to brief you on my intended mission and go over my itinerary, sir” the D.D., who looked like all of their kind looked, like a high end attorney who had gotten to the high end the easy way, which is to say through the birth canal, rather than having been dragged there through a keyhole backwards, which is how most high end attorneys get to the high end, showed me the trick. The trick, which apparently can only be learned while being suffocated with caviar, and drowned in champagne, works this way. First, a bland and amiable face freezes for two or three seconds, then, slowly, and I mean very slowly the face goes through a series of expressions beginning with mild surprise and working its way meticulously through various degrees of unpleasantness, pausing momentarily at each stage, finally settling on hostility. It’s a politicians trick, so only politicians can do it. Believe me, I’ve practiced the trick for hours in front of a mirror, and never even come close to being able to carry it off. I’d usually break up laughing at myself before I made it to the look that you might get when you realize you may have a booger on the tip of your nose, but you’re on T.V. or something and can’t check.

I wasn’t laughing now though, this man had taken note of me. This was the facial equivalent of a no trespassing sign accompanied by the sound of a slide being racked. Not good. When he spoke again the director’s voice lacked the midwestern overlay that usually took the nasal edge off the northeastern accent that all men who rise high in the intelligence community have when they are at home with their feet up. Without taking his eyes from mine he said “What about you colonel? Do you have any…instructions that may run contrary to the use to which I might choose to put to your time?”

My eyes twitched over to the big man. “No sir, I’m happy to meet anyone you want me to meet sir.”

“Aren’t you out of uniform colonel?” The slight high pitch in my tone betrayed my tension.

“Aren’t you colonel?” he asked leaning across the table doing his own trick of giving me a brief but genuine broad grin that faded slowly into a look of consternation as he took in my suit and tie.

Damn! Everybody had a trick but me. A buzzer sounded abruptly, ending the moment. The director put his hand beneath the edge of the table and the hidden door opened in the wall again. Three hispanic men entered the room, led by the secretary, who I was at least able to ogle surreptitiously. The tallest of the three was someone I recognized immediately, because I had met him almost exactly one year ago when someone you’ll meet later killed a chilean exile named Orlando Letelier with a car bomb on account of him saying such bad things about Pinochet and the terrible things happening to hundreds of thousands of Chilean citizens. This murder then caused the U.S. to pass a resolution cutting off arms sales to Chile, making a couple of other senators very happy when I sold his government several soviet MIG’s and some French Mirages. General Gustavo Leigh, was wearing a tailored suit with benchmade English shoes that cost as much as a steelworker made in three months. Behind him, and very much appreciating the view from behind of where my attention had been focused were two lithe, quick looking young men wearing polo shirts and chinos.

After introductions were made during which nods were substituted for handshakes we got down to business. It turns out that, as usual there was more to the plot than the title inferred; which, looking back at things, could be the title of a book on Latin American history in the twentieth century. Before I can explain what happened at the table, I have to go back in time a bit. First, in 1973, before I was even a colonel some guys like me and Munroe were stirring up a ruckus in Chile. The reason for this dust up that some senators and some constituents of other politicians were up to pretty much the same business everybody sitting at this conference table were about to get up to. At the root of it was the simple fact that the president of Chile, Salvador Allende, decided to nationalize the copper mining industry. Now, plain and simple when a nation nationalizes an industry, it means that they are changing a deal made with investors outside the borders of their sovereign nation. When Allende got elected he decided that the companies buying their copper from the companies who made the deal and dug the mines were buying it too cheap. So he changed the deal; either bring the price of Chilean copper up to something resembling the international average, or he’d take over the mines and do it himself. When he did that, AT&T, Anaconda Electric and many other U.S. corporations did the math, they decided a working wage in Chile was downright un american.

Why, it was communism is what it was, and they called, you know, their congressman. Unlike when you call your congressman, they got more than a letter thanking them for their interest. They got guys like the ones sitting at the table my seat was warming a chair in front of right now. In fact, one of the guys at my table was at those tables. Good old General Leigh, soon to be part of the ruling Junta under soon to be dictator Augusto Pinochet. General Leigh would become the top politician in the Chilean air force, and a key player in an agreement with, among other south american governments as Paraguay known as Operation Condor, a regional operation to deal with communism, or as Americans like to think of it when they do it, protesting for higher wages, which is how I came to meet the General last year. And I’ll bet all you thought that nineteen seventy six and seven were all about queers getting the right to be queer.

I must say that was the topic I saw everywhere I looked, what with Anita Bryant spewing all that hate out of that pretty mouth of hers, the congressional hearings, and Harvey Milk getting shot for coming out of the closet by another member of the city council no less! Hey, it beat watching the northbound end of a southbound mule, right?

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, right down to business. So, we already know what the guy paying my rent at the end of the day wanted me to A. reassure president Stroessner that all would remain well in his kingdom, and that their deal was solid, and B., I was to reinforce Laino’s belief that his actions would lead to a repeat of what happened in Chile if he did not tone down his rhetoric, and more importantly he might well be arrested, a thing he was pretty familiar with. What the company had in mind was a little more complicated. It turned out that operation condor had some whiz bang economists up at the university of Chicago who were actually running the show, and in cooperation with their political science department had issued some dire news to the principals in operation condor. South America was about to experience a massive communist revolution. Politicians in every government were speaking out against U.S. policy, i.e. shooting up the countryside indiscriminately where ever protests for higher wages were heard, or demands for clean water, education or, of all things free medical care were spoken of. You know, communist stuff.

Now my mission included collusion with Munroe and the two hispanic kids who, it turns out had graduated the school of the Americas program down in Panama, and were doing time up in Langley learning advanced weapons training. Now, instead of a nice trip to Asuncion, having some nice wine and maybe getting laid, I’m supposed to cooperate with a giant version of G.I. Joe and his murder buddies up to and including maybe having to do this senator Laino myself! I might have to go live in the jungle for an unspecified time, and help train recruits for ‘military asset readiness’. Did I tell you I’d already been to Vietnam? If you’ve been, then you’ll recognize the worst part of all this; the extraction plan, in the event of any of these changes to my end of the mission was to be planned later in accordance with developments. In plain english that means “We don’t really know how we’re going to get your sorry asses out of there yet, but we’ll figure something out.”

I left the outer room last in the hopes of striking up a conversation with the secretary, but struck out in one swing. Man, the rules for that kind of baseball are harsh! Walking down the sidewalk toward the parking lot I saw the large figure of Munroe walking into the tree line maybe a hundred yards away with his back to me. I watched him for a moment wondering where the hell he was going. At the last second he turned looking straight at me, and waved. Startled I looked around to see what might have alerted him to my presence. Finally seeing nothing, I waved back; but he was already gone and I found myself waving at a bunch of trees.

Sharon – The Garden

Liberal/Conservative Podcast

Racism Is A Thing Of The Past

The Old Grey Nag

Why Is It Raining Hate On Happy Cows

The 5200


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Fri, 11/02/2018 - 8:42am

I never met Rose, who was laid to rest in Pittsburg yesterday. I know nothing about her except she was a Jew, a great grandmother in her late nineties, who went to services at temple the last morning of her life while I was doing good to find the coffee pot and remember who’s children I was. One statement on her obituary I heard on Fox News struck me. She adored her family.

My family can be a bunch of contentious pricks. We can’t get along at Christmas, God help us at a funeral. With the DNA of Silas Witt, and Orin Porter Rockwell, we make good Master Chiefs, and very poor librarians. With all the finger pointing, scandals and accusations it’s little wonder we all live vast distances from each other, mainly in desert regions. We are the typical American family.

So, when I hear of a great grandmother who adored her family it gives me pause. I’ve heard that the shooter believed that the members of the temple supported children being brought over the border. He decided to save America by shooting Rose as she sat in worship that morning. As the prophet, Hank Williams Jr. once said, “I’d love to spit some BeechNut in that dude’s eyes, and shoot him with my ol’ forty-five!” But Rose wouldn’t have. She’d seen his kind before. She just loved children.

It’s almost a given that Rose and I would have been politically opposed as to immigration. As a Jew of her age she would have qualified her stand by memories of boatloads of refugees being refused entry to the US, and sent back to Germany. That was in her lifetime, not something she read in some book. Babies at the border are tar babies, and I wouldn’t have argued with her. Wouldn’t have done me any good. No matter what you think about Texans, we got “Yes ma’am” all figured out!” She was a national treasure. I would have just had tea with her and listened to a voice that wouldn’t have been with us much longer at any count.

As the troops head for the Rio Bravo to stem the flow of what some claim to be an invasion, we need to take a moment, reflect, and remember Rose. We need to remember the family that laid her to rest, the family she adored. Shalom Rose.

The Butcher Shop

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The 5200

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 8:26am

And now comes the 5200! President Trump’s immigration policy can be summed up in two words. Walls and balls. He began his run for the presidency by announcing that thugs, drug dealers, and rapists were pouring over our southern border at an astonishing rate. And he was right! If you think any different please don’t Bogart that joint, my friend.

With the so-called “Caravan” careening toward Texas we have a new wrinkle in the blanket. 5200 wrinkles actually. With guns, and tanks, and attitude. As Patton said, “Now comes the American Army!” This is not necessarily a bad thing. Let me tell you why.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, with all the hoopla about the wall, everyone’s gonna stand back in snake amazement when the first fourteen year old girl pops over the top of it. Because that’s what illegals do. Jump borders.

The Amazing Doc Greene had a border plan that surpassed any simple wall. Towers with fifty cal machine guns every quarter mile or so. If that wouldn’t get attention I’m not a white boy from Austin. Well, between no wall, and super wall we’re just about half way there.

Soldiers aren’t cops or border patrol. They don’t shout, “SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!” They say, “Pick UP those hands and bag ‘em!” The cost? Nada! Those troops are paid anyway. If they weren’t on the border, they’d be picking up cigarette butts on Fort Hood. And it’s an easy deployment.

While the American soldier would go to to Iraq and serve, it makes a whole lot more sense patrolling our border and stopping an invading force. And it IS an invading force. You done with that joint? The caravan rushed the Mexican border, waving their flag, pushed the fence over, and began stomping toward Texas with every left wing reporter in tow. That’s an invasion.

It’s not going to work out for them. They’re gonna die. Now for the good news. We’re like roaches. Once we show up we almost never pull out. Ask Germany how that worked out for them. In two years, before the next election, if there was still no wall, but not even a jack rabbit had crossed the border, what would you call that? It’s called “border security.” Delivered by Donald J. Trump just like he SAID!

With 5200 combat soldiers down there you could secure the border with a barbed wire fence. The Mexican government is strapped. It’s time we lend an assist to it and together put an end to this lunacy. The Mexican people are not bad people.

It’s time to be good neighbors. We have a new trade agreement, they have a new government, time for a new era. What would be wrong with rotating the 5200 permanently, providing security for both nations. Maybe even see the day when a mother and daughter can cross the bridge at Laredo to just shop at Walmart and go back home. Wow! Think about it.

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The Real Conspiracy Against the Working Man

Wed, 10/31/2018 - 12:01pm

I’ve been resisting the temptation to write about the latest ‘Walk for the Cash’ — the slow–motion invasion that’s gradually approaching our border from Latin America. Illegals have already taken over large swaths of our country, instituted Central America’s wage scale in construction, eliminated high school kids as a viable lawn–mowing alternative, flooded our schools, made hit–and–run a popular pastime and annexed California.

So I was darned if I would allow them to dominate my column, too.

Adam Zyglis: The Buffalo News, NY

But maintaining my willpower is a constant struggle. Particularly when it looks like there are blue–state attorney’s general ready to defend the illegals’ right to take jobs from citizens — regardless of whether the job is with Chipotle or MS–13.

It’s a shame both Democrats and Republicans aren’t as eager to defend citizens who have jobs.

Jay Shambaugh and Ryan Nunn, writing in The Hill, explain that although the economy is booming and unemployment is down, “real wage growth has drifted toward zero. …it has been just 0.4 percent in 2017–18.”

Two of the reasons for the lack of wage growth are systemic and a product of the vast imbalance in power between the job seeker and employer. Regular readers know I’m a conservative and resist government interference in the market. That doesn’t mean I believe individual workers should be at the mercy of soulless Human Resources drones hiding behind the hiring dictates of the executive floor. Currently employers have a de facto union that protects them from employees.

Government at the state level can play an important role in returning competition to the hiring process, which will increase wages as employers are forced to bid for workers. Unfortunately, to date all blue states have done is force nonsensical “ban the box” measures on employers, while red states sleep in the bosom of their corporate donors.

Leftists pushing “Ban the box” want to prohibit employers from asking applicants if they have ever been convicted of a crime. This is a sideshow affecting a small portion of the population.

The question Republicans and Democrats should be banning is the one asking the salary of the applicant’s previous job. This invasion of privacy question gives the employer an insurmountable advantage during salary negotiations. The question immediately sets a ceiling on the salary offer and leaves the applicant has no recourse.

If he refuses to answer the salary question he may as well have put “murder” as his answer in the banned box, because neither he, nor a real murderer, will be offered a job.

This collusion has a major impact on worker’s economic lives and helps to reduce wages. And that’s only one of the ways employers conspire together at the expense of job seekers and job holders.

Another way employers limit competition and keep wages artificially low are industry–wide, no poaching agreements where employers informally agree to avoid hiring workers from competitors in the same industry. No poaching edicts bar an employee from seeking a job with another employer in the same industry where he already has all the relevant experience and expertise and is the most valuable.

It’s as if the industry is running its own NFL, where employees are pledged to a single company, only without cheerleaders and kneeling during company functions.

A great employee, working for a lousy widget manufacturer, is stuck without any hope of moving to better working conditions, because none of the competing widget makers will hire someone from within the industry. Changing jobs forces them to look outside the industry where their experience is discounted. The situation has all the disadvantages for the employee, of an H1–B visa without the airplane trip.

The best part is instead of torturing the law to help gangs cross the border, leftist AGs can use existing statues to prevent employers from ganging up on employees and Republicans can demonstrate their “bi–partisanship” by joining the movement.

The best avenue for leveling the employment playing field is the legal concept of ‘tortious interference.’ Wikipedia defines this as “when one person intentionally damages someone else’s contractual or business relationships with a third party causing economic harm.” That’s a perfect description of a no poaching agreement that prevents an employee (the third party) from changing jobs within an industry and improving his salary and job conditions.

Eliminating the salary question is harder. At the state level, government could expand the definition of privacy to include salary. That would solve one problem, but I fear mission creep in the future.

Results for employees would begin to be felt after the first subpoenas arrived in Human Resources. How about it attorneys general? Why not stop chasing headlines and start chasing employee equality?

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Why Is It Raining Hate On Happy Cows

Wed, 10/31/2018 - 6:32am

Why It’s Raining Hate on Happy Cows? I’ll make this simple. I’ll make this brief. I will make everybody angry. As nearly any fool can see, America is a country with a constitution that has been hijacked. Everything we are bickering about, guns, religion, race, and who is free to do what got settled in plain language in the constitution. Almost any fool can see that the supreme courts throughout history have twisted the plan for governing a nation of free men into a pretzel in order to serve the narrow interests of a tiny percentage of Americans. These “justices” did not act on conviction, a desire to see a better society, or political ideology. They acted purely out of self interest and prejudice.

We could fix this, but like cattle, we go where we are prodded, and that tiny minority controls our media as well as our Supreme Court. Simply put, the media is everything you see or hear that is produced in a way to entertain or influence you. The net effect of this is that throughout your entire day, the process of critical thinking that should be concerned with gathering and interpreting data, is taken over smoothly by a process of media joined to end thought processes. In other words, we are being told what is happening, and what we think about it.

We must fight this, and we must fight this to the death. Take this and reason it out. President Trump threw out a ton of hate speech from the beginning. Look it up, it’s true. We all know that there are crazy folks among us. Look it up. It’s true. We all know that many of these crazy people exercise their second amendment rights and have guns. We all know that incomprehensibly these armed nuts get more excited one day than another and just start shooting. Those armed nuts are driven to this by the constant wash of fear and criticism that our various group thinks generate on a twenty four seven basis.

Now I know that makes you right wing cows mad, but wait! Hold up you left wing cows! What alternative are you left, wing nuts leaving the right wing nuts? Why aren’t you loudly proposing an alternative to passive invasions by groups of illegal immigrants? When President Trump was hating in a very public way, why didn’t you use some of that energy you spent criticizing the guy agreeing with him about the presence of a threat and proposing an answer? Any answer? I thought not, because cows can’t talk, they can only listen. Oh yeah, and hate!

Brother Theo

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It’s an Invasion Not a Caravan

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 10:56am

We’ve always known an October surprise would be coming…a surprise orchestrated by the Democrats who are desperate for something…for anything…to turn the midterms expected “Red Tide” blue. And now lo and behold a walking mass of humanity suddenly appears out of nowhere all in an attempt to force President Trump into a corner…a corner they hope he cannot escape from unscathed…damned forever by the media for whatever he does or does not do.

And that October surprise was an “invasion”…a caravan the media calls it…a caravan that is anything but. Started in Honduras and being joined by mostly young men from El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and now being reported a scattering of Middle Eastern young men too, know that all those walking to our border are anything but refugees. And why…because a “refugee” is defined as, “a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster,” and an “asylum seeker” is someone defined as, “a person who has left their home country as a political refugee and is seeking asylum in another.”

Liberals would have us believe that those who make up the caravan currently heading for the U.S. border are a collection of “refugees” and “asylum seekers,” but that is far from the truth. What is heading our way by the thousands…and with a second wave now being formed… is an “invasion”…and there are ways to tell the difference.

First, nobody has forced any of these people to “flee” “asylum seekers” and “refugees” do not march more than 1,700 miles towards a new home based upon the idea of a new life with more opportunities while carrying the flags of the countries from which they are supposedly fleeing or from which they seek asylum.

Certainly socialism, with its built-in oppression and economic disasters would drive people away, but were that the case with the caravan why come to a country in which the only political party rolling out the welcome mat is championing socialist candidates? Wouldn’t that be the political equivalent of leaping from the fire into the proverbial frying pan knowing all the while that the party of welcome will force you to jump back into the fire?

Second, “asylum seekers” and “refugees” do not march more than 1,700 miles towards a new home based upon the idea of a new life with more opportunities while carrying the flags of the countries from which they are supposedly fleeing or from which they seek asylum.

Furthermore, while on your journey to the land of promise and opportunity neither a “refugee” nor the “seekers of asylum” would exhibit such decided disrespect toward the country of their destination as burning the flag of that country…the very country in which they supposedly hope will welcome them with open arms.

Invaders, however, would do all of those things and would further not care an iota about the destination country’s laws.

True “asylum seekers” and “refugees” also do not amass in groups of 10,000 or more and embark on a 1,700 mile trek with camera and media crews lined up to document the event nor do they embark without any way or means of sustaining themselves while on their long trek…but that is exactly what this supposed caravan has done. Real “refugees” and real “asylum seekers” do respect the laws of the country of their destination and they seek permission to stay, hoping to be granted such an opportunity.

Invaders, on the other hand, demand entrance, have no respect for the laws of their destination country, and rely on intimidation through numbers to force their way into a country.

In fact, by liberal definition, Genghis Khan was a “refugee” or an “asylum seeker,” who immigrated to one country after another.

The difference between Genghis Kahn’s mongrel forces and this caravan are simple…Khan stole whatever he needed along the way to finance his “invasion,” while this caravan is being financed by outside entities. Somebody or some entity is funding the caravan and providing those in it with food, water, and in some cases transportation, and we suggest they’re paying the families of those in the caravan for the services of their husbands and sons.

“For the services of their fathers and sons”…true words that can be seen by the very makeup of the caravan itself…an “invasion” actually for there is not a camel in sight. And also not in sight is women and children save for a few well placed for photo-ops within the invading masses of healthy and strong mostly young men. And with many an angry fist raised in the air demanding what they say is their right to enter our country, these folks most assuredly are anything but “refugees.” Lured here by the Democrats promise of lots of “free stuff” they now march 7000+ strong with flags of their home countries held high with pride, as they stop along the way to set fire to our beloved stars and stripes…the very symbol of freedom true refugees claim they want. Yet more times than not their violent actions prove all they want is the aforementioned Democrats promised “free stuff,” and all they have to do in return is give the Democrats their vote.

So with our border drawing ever near the question that remains paramount above all else is exactly who is not only feeding but funding this mass “invasion” of the uneducated and angry all with their hands out.

“In Honduras, the government wants to minimize why people are leaving — they know they are going to leave and they want to say they are doing so because of lies and the opposition, not the conditions that they created.” So said ex-Honduran congressional lawmaker and radio host Bartolo Fuentes…the very man who is ground zero of this current “invasion”…the very man who coordinated logistics back in September with small groups of folks seeking to make the risky trek north. Claiming the initial group was comprised of just 200 people but that after a television report on HCH (the Honduran news channel) it “inspired others” to form “caravans” of their own…including one of about about 1,000 people…and then to join up and merge together with others making the dangerous trip north.

And while Fuentes claims that “No one expected this human avalanche,” he is denying claims made by a reporter that it was he who promised to pay what he called “migrants” food and transportation costs. And while his words hold some truth…he might have helped fund or helped to secure funds…for the original group of 200, but in no way did this one man fund an “invasion” of the scope it is now…an “invasion” just about 1,000 miles away from our southern border.

So if not Bartolo Fuentes than who could fund such a mass of humanity now threatening to breech what should be our sovereign southern border?

Only one name comes to mind…George Soros…the very man who is spending billions of dollars to shift the world’s population to “brown” as he works to spread his ever so vile agenda across the globe. Nazi eugenics of sorts, but minus the overt butchery and savagery of course.

And know that while George Soros is not directly funneling money…as in he’s not writing a personal check…to keep this current “invasion” moving ever forward, he certainly is doing so through a backdoor if you will for we know that Soros is directly connected to big time leftist immigration sorts. And it’s believed he has already funded past caravans, in fact according to a May report in WND (World News Daily) regarding a previous caravan…“the caravan was organized by a group called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, [b]ut the effort is supported by the coalition CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project.” And what is CARA…it’s a uniting of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN), the American Immigration Council (AIC), the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services (RICELS) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)…all now joined together under the acronym CARA.

And guess who directly funded then and still funds now these specific groups and their banner coalition CARA… George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF)…a foundation with an estimated 19.59 billion endowment used to fund “civil society” groups and who states on their web page that their goal is to create, “vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens”…in other words they want to create “mob rule.” And that goes hand-in-hand with Pueblo Sin Fronteras’ Initiative to give preferential treatment to migrants over that of a county’s citizens. And with Soros’ OSF funding CARA, it’s CARA who is now believed to be funding this current 7000+ “invasion,” which actually makes perfect sense for supporting an “invasion” of this magnitude requires big money…and Soros’ OSF surely has big money…big money not only needed to feed this mass of humanity but big money to pay them to keep going forward if they waiver and want to return home.

And while in a recent interview with the Washington Post, Vice President Mike Pence not only defended President Trump’s belief that Middle Eastern men are part of this newest caravan, but stated that Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández told him that the caravan was being financed by the Venezuelan government. But this counters what reporters traveling with the caravan are saying for they see no signs of Venezuelan involvement nor of Middle Eastern men. And while that might or might not turn out to be true, we still believe it’s George Soros’ feet as to where the blame and the funding lies.

But no matter the source of funding or the Democrat’s shadow lurking over the caravan, the fact remains from violence they came, with violence they march, as these invaders have threatened violence if we don’t let them in. And this is why President Trump has rightfully called this caravan an “assault on the United States.”

And to that affect, last week President Trump, via the Pentagon, ordered 800 members of the U.S. military to our southern border…a move many pundits and certainly liberals view as unconstitutional. They are right, but only in a narrow scope of things.

The 1878 Posse Comitatus Act bans the use of the military as domestic law enforcement, and in that narrow scope the military could not be sent by the president to the border…but what we’re dealing with in this case is far from “domestic law enforcement.” What we’re dealing with is an “invasion” by international entities, but there is a much bigger problem for President Trump’s critics where the Posse Comitatus Act is concerned…

It doesn’t exist.

That’s correct…there is no such thing as the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act. What we have is a Posse Comitatus Policy, which was in fact a simple statement within an 1878 army appropriations bill. And it may well come as a surprise to some that the policy was actually initiated by Democrats and meant to end funding for the U.S. army with regard to keeping the peace and maintaining open and fair elections in our former confederate states.

In that light, it is no wonder that today’s liberals are citing Posse Comitatus as a way to help ensure the prospect of future illegal aliens voting for Democrats.

That said, President Trump or for that matter any president, does have the authority to send our troops to the border, especially in a time of a national emergency of which a foreign “invasion” most clearly constitutes.

To be clear, back in the late 1870’s Republicans managed to include language into the Posse Comitatus policy that allowed the military to be deployed as law enforcement when “expressly authorized by the Constitution or act of Congress.” This also is being cited by liberals and pundits as a reason why President Trump cannot send our troops to the border…they claim it must be authorized by Congress.

That alone would be enough for the president to authorize sending our military to the border at this time, but for those who still claim it is unconstitutional, allow us to provide the Constitutional basis for presidential authorization.

It is found in Section IV, Article IV of the U.S. Constitution which promised protection against “invasion” or domestic insurrection and thus justifies the use of the military as domestic law enforcement. And if that’s not clear enough, consider 8 U.S.C. § 1182 which is far too long to be reproduced here and yet contains several parts that deal with exactly what’s happening right now, including this specific language:

(7) Documentation requirements
(A) Immigrants
(i) In general Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, any immigrant at the time of application for admission—
who is not in possession of a valid unexpired immigrant visa, reentry permit, border crossing identification card, or other valid entry document required by this chapter, and a valid unexpired passport, or other suitable travel document, or document of identity and nationality if such document is required under the regulations issued by the Attorney General under section 1181(a) of this title, or
whose visa has been issued without compliance with the provisions of section 1153 of this title, is inadmissible.

Also included in 8 U.S.C. § 1182 is this: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period a she shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

While we are calling this caravan as we see it…an “invasion”…it would be incumbent upon President Trump to identify it as such for the sake of legal authorization to use the military to repel it, which begs the question…how is “invasion” defined?

The very definition of “invasion” is as follows: “An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity,” or as “An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.”

As the United States is indeed the domain of U.S. citizens and this caravan constitutes a planned “incursion by a large number of people,” it seems to clearly fit the definition of “invasion.” And as we previously stated, illegal aliens do not come here to add to our society either culturally or economically…in fact they are bleeding our nation dry. The cost to our taxpayers is staggering as it is, with U.S. taxpayers funding illegal aliens to the tune of some $116 billion dollars every year…that’s what’s in it for members of the caravan. And that’s money down the drain not going to American citizens…not going to our veterans.

For liberals, the expense of funding this caravan is worth it in votes, as those getting “free stuff” will always vote for the party that vows to maintain their “free stuff.”

The fact is that 66% of the bill for illegal aliens, such as those traveling in this so-called caravan, is borne by local and state economies. And as their coffers strain to the breaking point and their citizen residents rise up against increasing property, sales, and excise taxes, liberals will be right there to promise a bailout, thus making those states as beholding to liberals as are to the illegal aliens themselves.

Americans, whether by local, state, or federal taxes, are being economically raped by illegal aliens as it is, and liberals want to add more of them into the mix. To say it is unsustainable would be a gross understatement, and it would be criminal to not protect our citizens, our state, local and federal economies or our southern border with military force if need be.

If need be…for these are folks too cowardly to stay home and fight to set their home countries free choosing instead to invade ours with violence if need be. But then maybe their threat of violence does need to be met with physical force…as in armed American troops stationed at the border…as cutting off foreign-aid funding to their said countries is not enough…for no “invasion” has ever been stopped by diplomacy alone or by a cutting off of funds… after all…where there’s a will there’s always a way. And we all know what needs to be done whether we outwardly say it or not for these folks have no right to be here…we are not now nor should we ever be the world’s dumping ground for folks who knowingly and willingly make a mockery of our judicial system and laws.

These folks are laughing at us as they relish in abusing what they think is their “right to asylum,” and the world is laughing along with them as we are really doing nothing of substance to stop this “invasion,” and it’s all because we are not standing united as one.

Make no mistake, if actions are not taken now to stop this “invasion”…and remember the Democrats are also using family separations and Trump’s rightfully harsh anti-illegal immigration stance in general as a prime ploy to get out the Democrat vote…we could very will see a “Blue Wave” in November as President Trump will unfortunately be perceived as weak.

These invaders have openly admitted their intention to cross into the U.S. illegally and with us having any idea who these people really are, we are facing a serious national security threat. Now more than ever we need President Trump to take matters into his own hands and lock our southern border down until we either fix our currently…thanks of course to the Democrats…broken immigration system or at the very least enforce the laws already on the books.

We cannot say it any plainer than that.

Copyright © 2018 Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots / All rights reserved.



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The Old Grey Nag

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 10:32am

There was this old grey nag. It obviously could never win a race, but it’s handlers put it in the races twice anyway. In the races it came in dead last, which was no big surprise to anyone except the idiots who, lured in by the fifty to one odds, bet on it anyway. What’s two dollars, right?

Well, after being beaten by a horse that had never raced in its life, the old grey nag retired, and everyone thought that was the end of the story. Au Contrairé! The talking horse, still in the company of jackasses, went public yesterday and hinting that she might be up for another race.

This is the product of a political party that has renamed itself “the blue wave!” You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Hillary Clinton actually insinuated her desire to be president yesterday, and the democrats had a collective orgasm. I knew democrats were stupid, but frankly, this is my surprised face.

And her offspring was babbling the same thing. Now her kid does have a nice butt, BUT butts don’t make presidents. Now let’s be honest here. We need two parties with opposing views to make democracy work, but wouldn’t you think the democrats could do better than this? It’s become the Old Grey Nag Party. They need to fire the donkey and put in a dilapidated old glue factory horse.

Look at their leaders. Pelosi, Waters, Sanders. Come to think of it, the jackass is appropriate. If one young, white, male were to emerge from the crowd and not even whisper the word “impeach” they might make a run of it. Yeah, I really just said that. It’s homophobic, misogynistic, and racist. Isn’t it amazing that I can touch all three bases with one swing of the bat? Political reality, folks! Democrats! Unless you pull your heads out of Mr. Ass no one with gasoline enough to drive to the polls is going to vote for you.

The closest thing to a contender is Beto in Texas. He kisses lots of babies, combs his hair like Robert Kennedy, and shows up consistently with his sleeves rolled up like he just got off work. Only problem is he’s a freaking communist, but he’s head and shoulders above the old grey nag!

In my opinion there is going to be a blue swirl, not wave because the democrats are too stupid to see the pedigree of a winning horse. SOMEday they’ll hit upon a candidate that republican voters won’t laugh at, maybe even vote for, but until then it’s the old grey nag and not even a place or show. A horse is a horse, of course of course . . .

The Butcher Shop

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Racism Is A Thing Of The Past

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 11:27am

Racism is a thing of the past. Let me explain. I don’t mean that we don’t have racism in America, what I’m saying is it belongs in the days of black and white television. It doesn’t fit in a black and white twenty first century society.

I had something happen to me about a year ago that profoundly moved me. We have a supermarket here in Killeen, HEB, that rivals Walmart. In fact, it’s better than Walmart in many ways. I go there practically every day. Well, on one particular trip I was walking across the parking lot and three black teens approached me from behind. Two of them took hold of my arms while the third rushed into the store, coming out with a motorized cart. I have a limp.


What I thought was an attack turned out to be an assist for a disabled older man. Once inside, I was looking for dog food for my dog. The small package was on the top shelf, and as I began to get out of the cart a young, pretty black girl got in front of me, retrieved the package, and put it into my basket. I thanked her and went to the meat section.

Chicken quarters were on sale, and I was about to put some in my basket when another young black girl stopped me. She asked me to follow her, and took me to the regular chicken display. She explained that the price here was lower than the so-called “sale” price that was set up to sell off older chicken.

At that point I told her about the two other incidents. She smiled and told me that there was a group of young black kids at their school who regularly help elderly white people whenever they can. She said that young men walking up behind you in a crowded parking lot in broad daylight should not be a cause for alarm, and their good deeds were an effort to disspell this mindset, which, in itself was racism. She was right.

The city where I live is very cosmopolitan. With Fort Hood, and the jobs that it generates, native Texans are in the minority. People here get along. Oh, we have drugs, and street gangs, but the police here are NOT out of control. In at least two encounters with them I have taken my gun, and placed it on a table or hood of a car, and the cops didn’t even flinch. In fact one asked how much one gun cost me, and did I think there were any more.

Courtesy, polite conversation, and respect are the order of the day. Since most residents are Army, or a dependent of the Army the education level is high, not to mention the travel experience that broadens horizons. Neighbors are all colors. Killeen shows that when people HAVE to get along they WILL get along.

We have one Mosque, a Catholic Church, and a slew of Baptist Churches that regularly get together for civic causes, or fairs. Nobody is shooting up any places of worship in Killeen, Texas. Killeenites have “been there, done that.” We lived through Luby’s and the Fort Hood massacre. But, those events did not divide us. They made us closer.

The last ten days have been a trial for America. As the people of the nation reel from mass shootings, and bomb scares, the people of Killeen know what hate speech does, and where it goes. And it’s all racism! When you hate on any group it becomes a race style attack. The American Congress has become hate filled. No longer working together to build America up, they’d sit across the isle from each other and proudly proclaim, that they will NEVER cooperate with the other party, going back to their constituents bragging about the legislation they stalled simply because someone in the other party submitted it.

And they all do it. Maxine Waters spews hate speech in the street. President Trump shouts, “Throw the bum out” at a rally, and a grown man in San Antonio thinks that makes it perfectly fine to grab a MAGA cap off a kid’s head, and throw his Coke in his face. Another man mails bombs to people who don’t agree with “his” president, and yet another kills eleven people at a religious service because he imagines the Jews are committing genocide in America.

This kind of thinking belongs in 1950s Arkansas. We don’t need gun control as much as we need hare control. From the way I began this article you probably thought I was going to try to tell you Killeen was Shingra La. No! Killeen began as a small settlement on the prairie. John and Jane Riggs were killed and burned by Comanche Indians in 1858, and their tombstone still rests in the city cemetery on Rancier Avenue. The town became a rail head for cattle drives, and was named after a railroad employee. From there came practically everything you’d expect from a cow town. I worked for men in the 1970s who ran girly shows, and sold bootleg whiskey. There were shooting galleries in the alleys downtown and the pimps would routinely use their own guns rather than the .22 rifles provided. Then came the two active shootings.

In all of this Killeen learned. We know where hate speech will end up. We’ve seen racism. We’ve counted the bodies. Our message to America is stop hating on each other. Campaign for your candidate, and if you win, congratulations. If you lose, better luck next time, because in the end it makes no difference at all. Next week I’ll just be going back to HEB and the election won’t affect the price of chicken one bit!

The Butcher Shop

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Liberal/Conservative Podcast

Sun, 10/28/2018 - 7:44am

My partner, Brother Theo, is a liberal democrat. Not in the way of the neo-liberals so prevalent today, but more like the JFK liberals of days gone by. I am a conservative republican. We combine our ideas on various issues, and you have been reading the results thereof.

We have extensive conversations each day, mostly over the phone and came upon the idea of somehow recording those talks and publishing them. Then Theo came upon the idea of a podcast platform. So he came over yesterday and we set up in my office. I made a video of the process, and he made an audio to put up later on the podcast.

What you’re going to see is raw, and unscripted, just like our phone conversations. We did try to watch our language a bit, but you’re going to hear some Texas slang here and there. While we did have an idea for the talk we very quickly departed that and launched into very uncharted territory.

Bear in mind that he IS a liberal and I AM a conservative. That having been said we are NOT mailing each other pipe bombs or shooting g up synagogues. That is the whole purpose of these podcasts. We are widely read, and people who meet us are amazed that we get along. We’ve gotten along for forty-five years. Brother Theo has known every one of my six ex-wives.

We, as a nation must come together in unity. Not agreement, unity. Conservatives and liberals must stand shoulder to shoulder on issues that affect us, and our children. We must reject the manipulation of dinosaurs in both the republican and democrat parties striving to divide us. After the recording we had cocktails and redesigned the Child Protective Services, came up with a method to fix the border and fixed Rowe v Wade. It was a very good bottle of vodka. That’s the way America is supposed to work. That’s what made America great, and will make it great again. MAGA is not a four letter word. Brother Theo doesn’t like President Trump’s methods, but he agrees that we need him to end the division of the Clinton/Bush dynasty.

Watch the video. There’s going to be more. Notice that we agree on practically every point as we reach for answers. We know there are differences. We know that our solutions may vary, but we also know that the world is watching us, and they hate us. They are jealous. They can’t be America, and we are a constant embarrassment to what they are NOT!

The Butcher Shop

The post Liberal/Conservative Podcast appeared first on Tea Party Tribune.


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