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I Don’t Like Writing CPS Stories

1 hour 41 min ago

I don’t like writing CPS articles. For one they are depressing. The only time I considered quitting journalism was after doing a series of CPS stories. I thought of taking up a more decent vocation. Something like selling meth. The other thing is CPS stories don’t have “legs.” You’ve all seen it. The white van shows up. The cops. The caseworker coming out of the house, baby in arms. Woman screaming and crying, and the cops doing their best to referee this cluster screw. And what do you think? Does your heart go out to your neighbor? No! You wonder, “What did they do?” I mean, they must’ve done SOMETHING! Else, why would the state come, right?

The fact is that most people have never met a CPS worker. Most people don’t know the actual definition of “Foster Care,” Most people just raise their kids and go on with their lives. And, to be honest, most times when that caseworker takes a baby there IS a good reason.

CPS workers are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. Over the years I’ve read hundreds of complaints about them. They are equally divided. On one hand the Department acted heavy handed and destroyed a family, while on the other it’s “ Why didn’t they act sooner?”

The sad fact is the government shouldn’t be involved in parenting. Because there are no set rules for raising a child. What defines “abuse?” Of course molestation, but what about the LDS child who is punished for ducking seminary one morning? I grew up in 1950s Louisiana. Now honestly, my mom and dad rarely spanked me, but my grandma? She’d beat my butt when she discovered that I’d lived through the night and THEN drag me down the First Self Righteous Baptist Church on Sunday, pop me down in the amen pew so the preacher could scream at me that I was a-going to “hayell!” I was scared of Jesus until I was thirty years old!

Some kid, fresh out of the University of Texas with a sociology degree knows about as much about parenting as I know about flying a 747. But, she has training in what the state THINKS parenting is all about. And you know the problem with being a hammer. Right away you go looking for a nail. And for you number crunchers out there, there are always more nails than there are hammers.

During the recent hearings in Austin I was struck by one thing. Are the parents in Texas so bad that we have to convene a Senate Subcommittee just to address the issue? Or has the state been in over its head from day one? When children are made virtual mandatory reporters it smacks of the KGB, or Nazi Germany. We have gone from back in my day when daddy got drunk and rowdy the cops showed up, slapped him around, and he spent the night in jail to to the kids knowing that all they have to do to get out of their chores is dial 1-800-CRY-WOLF!

And the state continues to put more and more bandaids on a broken, unconstitutional system that even its own people don’t understand. After so many bandaids you don’t have healing, you just have a mummy! So, how do we fix this?

Well, we can fix this by changing one letter. Take CPS and make it DPS. That’s right. Dissolve the CPS, give its job to the Department of Public Safety and go by the rule of law WITH the power to arrest. Make the guiding underlying rule to be “Family First!” You won’t have to worry about reuniting a family that you don’t break up in the first place. Of course, if you walk into a house where mommy and daddy are a couple meth heads the kids got to go. But, if you are a State Trooper mommy and daddy gonna go too! To the calaboose! See? So simple. You don’t need parenting classes. All the parents need is a bail bondsman. Then you find out if there are grandparents, cousins, or anyone with the same DNA as the kids and ask them if they’re willing to step in. For NO money. No “aging out” no “family court” and NO reactive attachment disorder because you adopted a “cat” to a family of “dogs!”

There are some excellent CPS people. I personally know of two who are dear friends and actually have helped my family immensely! But there are some vermin in the department too. If you did assign child protection to the DPS all you’d have to do is bring over the good CPS people and hand the rest a Walmart job application. Going under the rule of law would greatly reduce the case load. Beating a kid with a belt to the point of bruising is assault! NOT Maria Sanchez swatting a smart-mouth kid on his behind with a flip flop.

So why aren’t we doing this? Money! Child trafficking is big money no matter who’s doing it be they the cartels, the CPS, or some cult on the far side of the Great Salt Lake. During Bill Clinton’s tenure, under Hillary’s guidance, the Concealed Pedophile Society came out of the closet and there became a two for one sale on little girls and boys. And both the children and the sincere CPS workers are the victims of a system that was doomed to failure even before the ink dried. Just about all that was discussed in Austin on Tuesday was money. I left, had lunch, and again stood at the foot of Alex Hill’s grave.

The Butcher Shop

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A View of Immigration

Thu, 03/21/2019 - 6:47pm

The Majority of The Citizens of The United States of America are Immigrants.

My grandparents, along with thousands of others entered the United States via Ellis Island, where our ancestors placed their names and the names of their children in the Log Book of Immigrants.

Today we have those who’s names are on record of entering the United States along with those of which no such record is found. Some are even here with names that were purchased.

When our ancestors arrived, one of the first items of business was to learn English to allow them to communicate with everyone. America is the only country to my knowledge with no standard language although English is the only required language in the schools.

Today we have a two-fold problem. First we have no idea who is in the United States legally or illegally. Second we cannot communicate with our own legal immigrants let alone the illegal ones. We do have a problem with border security and we need to secure our borders. Today we have elected officials that would like for us to have Open Borders. Open Borders, in my opinion, would serve only one purpose and that is to allow people to come and go as they please. Thousands of jobs would be lost due to elimination of positions, lines at the airports would become shorter due to the fact that anyone would be able to come and go as they please. Cities and States would lose Government Funding because there would be no way to prove legal residents.

Instead of securing our borders we have elected officials that would rather close down the Government than to discuss ways of securing our borders or balancing our budget. These are the same elected officials that want to remove all need for identification to vote. I have always had to supply a proof of citizenship to vote. I believe that it’s time for our elected officials to take responsibility for their actions and do their job or resign. Remember that they work for us and not for themselves or the special interest groups.

Bill Hickman

The Butcher Shop

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King Heroin

Thu, 03/21/2019 - 9:33am

From the Butcher: Normally we edit. Not this time. This is written in a father’s tears, and every word is precious.

My daughter was clean for just over a year from using heroin.
She kicked the dragon square in the balls and I didn’t think she was ever gonna look back for it.

She promised me that she’s NEVER going back to H
She said “Daddy, I don’t want to go back to that stuff ever again”.

I remind her what I told her at the Narcan meeting:
“If you can’t kick the dragon for good I will be the one to zip you up, but I will be with you every step of the way when you need me”.

I don’t know why she didn’t call me like she promised.
It hurts so bad that she didn’t call.

Now before you get all pissy with me for saying that I will zip her up, You have got to understand my daughter’s and my relationship.

It’s a loving relationship that shines.

I would ALWAYS be there to bail her out of whatever she got herself into, but now here I was, a father who was desperate for my daughter NEVER TO USE AGAIN and didn’t know how else to put it.

I thought the Love she had for me would keep her from going back to that drug ever again.

Well, that didn’t happen.
At 5:50 pm I got the call from the Det at Eastlake Police that my daughter was found dead in her bed from an overdose.

I immediately fell to my knees in the snow and began to cry like a baby.

I could not believe that my Tigger had done this.
I tell the Det that I am on my way and got there in record time.

STOP READING HERE cause it’s going to be very descriptive.
Just stop here and know I love her and kept my word to her.

… but on the other hand I need everyone to understand how very bad this shit is so you NEVER have to experience what we are right now.

I walked up the stairs to her room and there was Karisten sitting in her bed.

She had hit such an lethal dose that when she went into a hemorrhaging arrest that she sat up from her pillows she was propped on in her bed, had her arms straight out with a slight bend at the elbow, fists clenched, with her thumbs tucked under her fingers grasping so tight at what looked like she was trying to grab life back in her.

She was all blue faced,veins out, had a little blood from her nose and her teeth were so tight together that her mouth wouldn’t open.

I was told I couldn’t touch my daughter in case there was any lethal powder still on her.

I ask for gloves and glove up cause I’ll be damned if I’m not going to help my daughter One last time or hug her and let her know I Love her.

Well, I kept my word and spread the bag out and carefully placed her in it to say goodbye to her so they can find out what it was that she took.
I zipped her up in her body bag and helped them carefully place her on the cot.

I’m not looking for pity or trolling for comments.
I just want ALL of you to know that no matter who you are or what you do or how perfect you think someone is, that this Heroin shit can come into anybody’s life and destroy it.

Do not be blind to this.

Please, please, please, wrap your arms around your loved ones and let them know how much you care and love them, because tomorrow is never guaranteed and I urge you all to share this post.
Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help another family.

Rest easy Karisten Lyn Shermann.
I miss you so much, my heart is broken, and I LOVE YOU so very very much.”

Credit: Tim Sherman

The Butcher Shop

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Section 22.041

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 11:11am
The librarian who had Doc Greene arrested

Child Endangerment as defined by the Texas Penal Code 22.041. (c) A person commits an offense if he intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence, by act or omission, engages in conduct that places a child younger than 15 years in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment.

On January 26, 2019 my friend James (Doc) Greene was arrested for trespassing at the Montrose Public Library in Houston, Texas at the behest of the librarian therein. Doc was there as a member of the press, complete with a White House Press badge to report on Drag Queen StoryTime, an event embraced by the American Library Association, The LBGTQ, and the Mayor as a suitable method of teaching three year olds “diversity!”

Unfortunately, while the po po was pitching Doc into the rear seat of a waiting squad car, where he had a quite proper heart event I might add, at least one Queen Dragging around inside the library was a convicted child molester picking out his next date. . The librarian had not even conducted a simple internet search on her guests to see if maybe, just maybe, some of them might be a degenerate. Oh, they did do a check on Doc by the way. And although a Houston newspaper referred to him as a gun waving “monster” he is duly licensed by the State of Texas to wave a machine gun should he so choose!

Doc is a Christian man. He doesn’t believe in revenge, hate, or a little “even up.” Unfortunately for the librarian those are my calling cards. That’s why I’m called “Bill the Butcher.” Cause I ain’t got no sense! So, I have a list of demands.

Since the librarian who tossed that trespass warning at Doc’s feet was the instigator of his arrest, one can only assume that she (if she IS a she, because down at Montrose who knows) is the one who arranged for “StoryTime” and placed the children within arm’s reach of a convicted child rapist, and should be arrested pursuant to section 22.041 of the Texas Penal Code cited above.

The entire staff of the Montrose Library be fired, and the library be closed until such time as it can be made safe for children.

That the Texas Rangers conduct an investigation of any and all persons involved in this event with particular attention to their possible knowledge of the criminal history of the perpetrator involved bringing them, too, under the purification of section 22.041.

And finally, that the Child Protective Services be called in to conduct an investigation of any parent stupid enough to subject their child to this travesty of child safety!

THERE Montrose! Now you’ve tasted my mutton. How do you like it, huh?

The Butcher Shop

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Chappy v Chip

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 11:41pm

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas:
So Chip Darby has made it his mission to tell me I pander to an audience and I’m Wrong about the President and his National Emergency.

He says, Ok Chappy Gypsy how about you stop challenging my intellect, Otherwise your verbose responses are only to play to your cheerleaders.

My response to him:

Well Chip Darby, I wasn’t trying to challenge your intellect, I was however trying to get you to see the bigger picture. Let’s look at the facts.

The President has inherent executive powers from Article II, as well as delegated authority from Congress under existing law, to stop taking in immigrants at the border or through visas for as much time as he deems necessary. While Congress controls immigration once immigrants are legally admitted to our country and can also exclude anyone from admission, the president shares concurrent jurisdiction on exclusions. He can’t deport anyone he wants to without an authorizing statue, but he can exclude anyone up front. As the Supreme Court said in a landmark 1950 case, “The exclusion of aliens is a fundamental act of sovereignty. The right to do so stems not alone from legislative power but is inherent in the executive power to control the foreign affairs of the nation.” This is why for the first 100 years of our country, immigration was entirely controlled by diplomatic correspondence through the State Department. Delegated authority from Congress
INA 212(f) allows the president, whenever he finds that “the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States,” to “suspend” all forms of immigration “for such period as he shall deem necessary.”

INA 215(a)(1) grants the president an almost equal level of authority to subject entry of all aliens entering or departing to “such reasonable rules, regulations, and orders, and subject to such limitations and exceptions as the President may prescribe.” If demanding that all immigrants enter legally or apply for asylum in a safe and controlled environment at a consulate rather than at a border controlled by some of the most dangerous people in the world is not a “reasonable rule,” I’m not sure what is.

In addition, given that this is not an ordinary case of immigration or a trickle of asylum seekers, but rather a mass influx, the attorney general can use 8 U.S.C. § 1103(a)(10) to deputize local law enforcement bodies at the border that wish to participate to engage in the police powers of federal immigration officers. This section of the law states that when there’s an “imminent mass influx of aliens arriving off the coast of the United States, or near a land border,” the attorney general may “authorize any State or local law enforcement officer” to perform such duties. This will help with the manpower and the national security component of the issue. As I said Chip Darby, your’re smarter than that. Everything the President is doing, he is doing under current law, the same law that Congress voted on and gave their permissions to allow Presidents past authority. Just because it’s Trump doesn’t negate the fact that he has Presidential Authority under current law. If Congress doesn’t like the very laws most of them created in the past, then they need to work on changing the laws of this nation.

I back my writings up with facts, using the Laws that Congress enacted, you say I’m pandering to my cheerleaders. Not true sir, however I can say you in-fact do pander to your audience. Never ever tell me I’m pandering to my cheerleaders. Everything I write is for informational purposes and I don’t pander to any audience. I write the truth and don’t really give a rats ass about who does or doesn’t agree with me, when I write. I write in hopes people will wake up and understand what’s happening to our Nation. Something you use to do as well. Understand something, I don’t write to influence and win friends. Never have. But I do back my writings up with facts. Chip Darby, you have yet to show me where I’m wrong, but to tell me I pandering to my cheerleaders? Wow, you don’t know me at all. We all have our part to play, and I will do what I can. Whether it’s in Austin, or I’m at the Border, running for Precinct Chair, or District Chair, or I’m sitting in my living room writing about the things I’ve learned from talking to the people over the short 58 years I’ve been on this planet. You see, I;m out there when most of the other people are not! I stand behind my convictions.

But what do I know? I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin Texas.

The Butcher Shop

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And They Had Machine Guns

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 8:14am

“First they came for the machine guns, and I did not speak out—because they said gangsters killed FBI men with machine guns.

Then they came for the short-barreled shotguns, and I did not speak out—because they said bootleggers killed IRS agents with short-barreled shotguns.

Then they came for the imported guns with “no sporting purpose”, and I did not speak out—because they said Oswald killed JFK with one of those.

Then they came for the silencers, and I did not speak out—because they said only criminals used silencers.

Then they came for the assault-style weapons, and I did not speak out—because they said only potential school shooters wanted assault-style weapons.

Then they came for the high-capacity magazines, and I did not speak out—because they said only mass murderers had any need for a high-capacity magazine.

Then they came for the 3D-printed guns, and I did not speak out—because they said only right-wing nutjobs would 3D-print a gun.

Then they came for the ammunition, and I did not speak out—because they said only paranoid preppers would want more than a box or two of ammo.

Then they came for me—and they had machine guns.

The Butcher Shop

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Drag THIS!

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 6:47pm

One of the greatest fears of parents and opponents of the neo-morality movement has become a reality in Houston, Texas.
A convicted child sex offender, Albert Alfonso Garza a.k.a. Nikki Salazar a.k.a. Tatiana Mala-Niña, 32 years old from Houston, has been identified as a featured performer at Houston Public Library’s monthly Drag Queen Storytime (DQST) for children.

Garza was convicted in Texas in 2009 of aggravated sexual assault of a child. The victim was an eight-year-old boy. The Texas Public Sex Offender Registry records that the sentence was five years of probation and community supervision. He must remain in the registry for his lifetime.

Garza has performed for DQST at the Houston Public Library on September 30, 2017, June 30, 2018, and September 29, 2018. was first informed of the facts of the story on Thursday, March 14, 2019 when RERcontributor Tracy Shannon briefed Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani, RER’s CEO. Apostle Claver broke the story during his video and audio streaming program at 12 p.m. that day.

Tracy Shannon, a founding member of MassResistance – an activist group dedicated to opposing the neo-morality movement in Houston – appeared on Apostle Claver’s program on Friday, March 15, 2019, to reveal and discuss all the evidence that MassResistance was able to uncover during their investigation of the participants in DQST and its facilitators. Shannon, MassResistance, and RER have been covering the story since September of 2018 when DQST announced the celebration of the one-year anniversary.

The investigation of MassResistance was primarily the exercise of following a twisted thread of leads available through social media postings. The first step was to do simple searches for the performing drag queens by their stage names. Two huge hits came up on the advertised DQST performers, Blackberri and Tatiana Mala-Niña (Tatiana Bad-Girl).

Reporting on DQST, stated, “The inaugural reading starred the city’s favorite bearded lady, Blackberri, and beloved glamour queen, Tatiana Mala-Niña, who delighted the crowd with their interactive, fun approach to engaging kids.”

More on Blackberri later in this article…

The convicted pedophile, Albert Alfonso Garza, has several social media pages with his various aliases. MassResistance found Tatiana Mala-Niña’s Facebook page, first. Garza, as Tatiana Mala-Niña, posted a birthday wish to his mother and “tagged” her on the post. “Mother” Garza became the key that unlocked the mystery.

Tatiana Mala-Nina posted this pic wishing Tatiana’s mom a happy birthday. A look at the mom’s profile reveals Nikki Salazar is Tatiana.

MassResistance visited “Mother” Garza’s page and found some very interesting photos. She has a habit of “tagging” her photos with those that are appearing in the photos. She tagged photos and posts with the name Nikki Salazar, but the Nikki is a male that looks identical to the photo posted on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Sex Offender Registry for Albert Alfonso Garza.

The mom tagged her son as Nikki in this picture.

Nikki Salazar is tagged in pics as the son of “Mother” Garza
The next obvious step was to click on the link to Nikki Salazar’s Facebook page. As the spelling would indicate, along with the photos posted, it appeared that Nikki is a female. Along with the page under the name Tatiana Mala-Niña, that made two separate Facebook profiles for Garza.

Albert Alfonso Garza’s a.k.a. Nikki Salazar Facebook Profile Page

“Mother” Garza ultimately provided the concrete evidence that Albert is Nikki is Tatitiana. She made a Facebook photo post on June 15, 2014 in which she referred to the male in the picture as “Albert”. That provided MassResistance with a male first name to go along with “Mother’s” last name.

“Mother” Garza identified the male in the picture as “Albert”.
Using such markers as date of birth, and address, MassResistance did a general search of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s data base, and Garza’s name got a hit.
With the name Albert Garza now known to them, MassResistance was then able to discover other photos of Garza prior to becoming a transgender.

On the Nikki Salazar Facebook page, Garza describes himself as a transgender female that has been transitioning since May, 2017, a showgirl, and YouTube personality. Apparently, Garza is, or has, engaged facial feminizing surgery, and hormone therapy to change his appearance.

Garza lays out the facts…
Perhaps the most convincing evidence that Garza, Salazar, and “Bad Girl” are one-in-the-same, a featured Facebook photo of Nikki Salazar is the exact same photo being displayed on the Instagram profile of Tatiana Mala-Niña.

This Facebook feature photo of Garza under the name Nikki Salazar…

…is the same photo that can found on the
Tatiana Mala-Niña Instagram profile.
How did MassResistance find the Instagram account of Garza? A musical duo known as the Space Kiddettes is connected with DQST. In an Instagram post announcing the celebration of one-year anniversary of DQST and featured performers, “Bad Girls” Instagram handle was listed right next to Blackberri’s.

Space Kiddettes promoting Drag Queen Story Time

In a video from MassResistance, Blackberri is the face and voice of DQST as part of an approving report from Houston television station KHOU Channel 11, the CBS affiliate. The KHOU reporter ends the package by saying, “You have to start them young, right?”

Blackberri is featured in this report from local Houston television.

The faces of the attending children and parents can clearly be seen. Most disturbing is the footage of Blackberri gyrating his buttocks in the faces of the children and asking them to join him. While the performers of DQST would like to present a front of being caring advocates for children, a screening of their social media posts shows an unfortunate, very predictable lifestyle for super star drag queens.

Blackberri performing at Drag Queen Story Time at the Houston Public Library’s Freed-Montrose Branch

Blackberri’s night life.

Tatiana “Bad Girl”, on a girls’ night out.
Copyright©2019 Raging Elephants Radio LLC

The Butcher Shop

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Family Law Explained

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 10:31am

The Butcher Shop

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New Zealand

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 9:00am

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

Just watched CAIR give their speech on the shootings. These people have lost their minds. Seriously, they are blaming our immigration problem and President Trump for the mass shooting in New Zealand. They are blaming the Trump supporters for the mass shooting. They are demanding Congress enact laws to protect them from hate speech, they are demanding Congress enact laws to protect them from the American people.

This happened in New Zealand and they are blaming us. Unbelievable…They want an end to the first amendment and free speech, they want tougher laws and prison sentences for anyone who talks bad about them and their faith. What does that tell you folks? You better start paying attention, As I said before, I strongly condemn violence such as this, but, blaming us is doing nothing but creating more division.

Using their logic, we should condemn every Muslim country and every Muslim for the acts committed against Christians in their own countries. The say they want peace and to live a loving peaceful life here, but they condemn the United States for something that happened in New Zealand. If we used the same mindset, there would be no Muslims left in this country. If we used the same rules they want to apply to us, on them, then there would be no safe place for any of them. That’s crazy.

They have lost their minds. How come they come here, to flee desperation and starvation, but condemn the very people who offer them safety? They come here, then condemn our way of life, Does that make any sense to anyone?

Someone somewhere knew this was going to happen. Let me explain, I mean seriously, they scrubbed his social media account which is standard practice, but and here’s the big BUT! They ban me if I say the word Homo on here, if I say the word queer, or gay on here. You going to try and convince me, no one knew what this so called hate organization was up to? IF I mention the word Muslim negatively, Merely mentioning the subject or word gets me banned, Yeah someone knew what was going to happen. These people had their speeches all laid out and immediately started blaming Trump and our border wall as the reason these Muslim’s got attacked in another country…Blaming America because they got attacked in another country. Sorry, but, someone knew and choose to let it happen. Convince me I’m wrong…There is a much bigger agenda at play here. Consider this, all of this happens within a week from the Feds admitting that there are 22 terrorist camps within the United States.

Well heck, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. What do I know?

The Butcher Shop

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Enter The Dragon

Sun, 03/17/2019 - 10:06am

What makes the Butcher Shop “cut meat” is diversity. Among our members are conservatives, liberals, all political parties, and beliefs. The one thing we all agree on is taking hot button issues on head on.

Brother Theo is a psychologist in the mold of Dr. Phil. He has filled many roles in his life including consultant to the Child Protective Services. He stood with me in Utah. Recently he became involved in another case. That case generated a string of articles, this being one.

When I first became involved with the CPS it was like the battle of the Alamo. I was on the wall and everybody else was a Mexican. After nearly ten years of frontal assaults one man emerged from the CPS ranks and put all the fires out. We became friends. I can never tell you his name, but I will tell you that he is highly placed.

This puts me in a precarious position. I agree with Jim Black on changing policy in Austin slowly, methodically, but I see Theo’s points while at the same time understanding my friend in the department trying to drain a swamp as he fights alligators off.

That having been said, we will never fix this if we don’t haul it out into the sun. Beware of “advocates!” Those people who claim to champion family rights but due to their ignorance or personal guilt damage as many families as CPS. The cure for this is simple. The Constitution.

The Butcher


The Return Of The Dragon!

When I was a child, still full of wonder, I lived in a world of discovery and optimism. I had no knowledge of drugs, or even alcohol abuse. There was no need for drugs in my young world, nor would there have been a place for them; drugs would have displaced other needed, and more interesting things. All that changed when I graduated from High School.

My parents were old school parents. After expending a tremendous amount of energy time, and yes, money during the first eighteen years of my life, they had given me a first class upbringing. It was time to launch. The problem was something that would take me the rest of my life to unravel.

Before Prohibition a dragon lay across the length and the breadth of this land, and the dragon was called addiction. It has been my experience that all humans are susceptible to addiction. The time of our weakness seems to coincide with times of intolerable conditions under which we must live, at an intersection of availability of that to which we become addicted. Of course Prohibition did not actually make alcohol unavailable, and the economic conditions combined with a dismal political climate made most Americans, even those positively affected by our upside down economy yearned for distraction, while the times called for action. By the time the Volstead act was dead, so was our nation’s belief in itself, and we found ourselves drinking more than ever.
Drugs too had taken root in our land long before the 18th amendment, and after its passage they became the kudzu of noxious elements. Opioids had become a critical problem largely due to the publication of a book titled Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. Men and women alike discovered the power of opioids to control depression, anxiety, and a condition that would later be called Anome, or facelessness. As time passed, our nation became aware that, while some of our citizens were doing just fine, most were not. The way forward became unnavigable for most Americans, and the roadblocks were put in their way by institutions.

For a time, common sense took root at the highest levels of government. The Republican hero, our forgotten hero, Theodore Roosevelt, passed a series of anti trust laws and others designed to decrease the power of corporate institutions, and help pave the way forward for ordinary public citizens. America moved forward, Alcohol and drug use declined. Roosevelt passed from office leaving in his wake all but a guarantee of Republican ascendency. A series of Republican presidents followed, each more corrupt than the last, each disconnected from the common man, and Americans slid into what might have been the greatest orgy of addiction ever to be known on our shores.

In time Theodores cousin, Franklin Roosevelt was elected to the presidency. Fascism was on the rise, and the party bosses were in love with it. Corporate profits insured that Germany, a destitute nation burdened with debt that all but assured its subjugation for the foreseeable future, would be equipped with the finest war machine known to all mankind. American involvement in the war was assured when Japan, an axis power, bombed our navy at Pearl Harbor. America took the road to prosperity and never looked back.
While the war raged, a raft of populist legislation was passed, made possible by the incredible flow of cash deluging America’s coffers. Addiction all but disappeared from the American landscape. The American Constitution became a template used by George Marshal abroad, and as he built a series of Utopias across Europe, addiction went into a decline abroad as well. For thirty five years America, and most of the world enjoyed a Pax Americana that ensured equal access to the masses, and a rule of law so thorough, that even billionaires were held accountable.

!In nineteen seventy one, the year that my parents launched their eldest project into the future, just one little problem stood in the way of success; I had been prepared to live in a world that existed in nineteen fifty one. America had grown weak in the interim. Vietnam, a war thought by the American people to have been a war of patriotism against the dark forces of communism, was really just a pipeline for the CIA to move what was in demand in America again, into the nation. Half of the country saw through the war that had been approved by five American presidents, representing both parties, to be a sham; The other half thought it to be a duty to be shouldered by their sons and daughters. Both sides hated the other, and Americas thirst for addictive substances began to grow. !Inside America’s borders, the way forward became more difficult by means of our corporate institutions co-opting our governmental institutions. Laws were passed that shifted power from families toward government, instead of allowing communities to have a say.

Things became so bad that Ronald Reagan became our fortieth president, swept into office largely on the concept that government was the enemy of the people, and not friendly to American families. It was true, and, it grew large under his administrations eye, but for the fact that whilst barriers to success were removed to an appreciable degree for corporate entities, it was ratcheted upwards on the common man and his family. America’s predilection for addiction swelled. Prison populations swelled, even as government tried to forestall the crisis by doing more of what didn’t work.

Amphetamine was first concocted by the Germans in eighteen eighty seven. In nineteen nineteen a stronger, more easily form of the drug was invented in Japan. Although much is made of it’s military use, practically no mention of methamphetamine is made of it’s use as a means of controlling citizens as well as military and government officials through shared addiction. Make no mistake, the war begun by the axis powers is not over. Our nation stands before the demon Meth with its head bowed. While the phrase “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help” has become a laughable trope, it is as true as it was at the end of Jimmie Carter’s presidency.

Enter The Dragon

Enter the Department of Child Protective Services. During what was a person of lawlessness brought on by a need to go forward on a path that had been converted to a highway for the rich only, children suffered terribly. Children have always borne the burden of incompetent, or indifferent government disproportionately. When CPS tried to tackle the problem with insufficient knowledge, or resources, they found themselves hamstrung by the Constitution.

Since the mission of government was to shrink government, CPS was reluctantly given the means by which to conduct the business of removing children from harm by any means necessary. Eventually, the CPS was given plenipotentiary and unconstitutional powers that made them nearly invincible. Within a short time, CPS was acknowledged as the authority in charge of the American family, thereby placing the futures of millions of children firmly in the hands of the children themselves. The terms child abuser, or pedophile became instant convictions for anyone labeled so by CPS based on “reason to believe”. Inductive reasoning became “evidence”, and children placed in a system of foster care that was broken before it ever began became the launch pad for failure, and the ranks of the addicted swelled. Methamphetamine became our nation’s drug of choice, and the dragon returned!

Meth addiction is going to win in the long run. Our government treats opioids and benzodiazepines as the real enemy, leaving Chinese, Mexican, and home grown drug terrorists what amounts to a free hand in the destruction of our nation. Perhaps worst of all, a condition previously known mostly in soviet bloc nations has emerged to present America with it’s most difficult challenge of all. this condition, known as Reactive Attachment Disorder is a lifelong sentence of misery the occurs only in children between the ages of birth to two years of age. RAD, as it is known in close knit psychiatric communities now affects approximately one in thirty six children. It is caused by indifference to a child’s cries for help, nourishment or comfort. Parents addicted to meth put a higher priority on the drug than on the needs of their children. Sex with children is often exchanged for drugs. Between heroin and meth, fully one third of generation “Z” will be at our gates in less than ten years. CPS has designated RAD as a rehabilitatable illness. Big mistake, but CPS is insular as well as wrong. If we are to survive this problem, we must begin at the root. CPS must be held accountable to constitutional standards. By making one of the largest institutions in America behave like the rest of America and contained. America the cause and scope of America’s looming threat can be known and contained. Americans must rise up as one against the dragon which has indeed returned

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An American Tragedy

Sat, 03/16/2019 - 5:41pm

An American Tragedy!

by Brother Theo

The American notion that history is a rising road has made great contributions to the American cause. The American Dream is founded on the idea that our destiny is one of greatness, and that no power shall have the legitimate force to steal our individual rights as they are defined by the constitution of the United States. This social contract upholds the vital requisite of parents to raise their children along the rising path toward the future, in a lawful fashion. !If any institution, public or private should appropriate to themselves this right, given to us by our founding fathers, and countenanced by every major religion of the world, then they should be held accountable for crimes against all Americans; for if this should be allowed to happen, then how shall America determine it’s own course? If parents must raise their children according to values and traditions different from those they choose to believe in, then why have parents in the first place? A rot has taken root in our communities, I have seen this rot firsthand, and I can tell you it is a worm growing in the breast of this great nation. It seeks to steal from us our futures, and to deprive our children of their pasts. It seeks to alienate us from our families, and to drive a wedge between ordinary citizens and their countrymen. I hardly need name this so called “frenemy”, It goes by different acronyms in different states, but it is known in every state by the fearful name of the CPS. These three ordinary letters of the English alphabet combined with one another represent the deepest fears of millions of Americans. Never has any person or institution been named with less aptitude.

Brother Theo

Child Protective Services is the embodiment of everything which has become a blight on America. As an institution it is everything it says it is not, and nothing it says that it is. For every wrong it rights, there are five destroyed families, a hundred devastated lives, as well as dead and missing children. These are not results that I have heard about, or believe to be true by means of inductive reasoning, but rather, I have reason to believe that they are rotten because I have seen these things with my own eyes. The wreckage left behind by this deformed monster is heartbreaking to behold. Should all Americans see it, clearly, as I have, I have no doubt that the population would rise up against this mistake as one and put an end to it! While it goes without saying that there is sometimes a need to protect children from their own families, it is not an excuse for this thing whose name should be anathema. In point of fact, it makes their crimes worse for the fact that they, the destroyers of family should wear the symbol of savior. !If the fact that we, the little people, must band together to bring about legislative change in order to stop them, if the fact that they are in the statehouse to defend their privilege of abusing our state’s constitution as well as that of our august nation, then you tell me what is needed to gain your support against them? The answer is all too clear, and all too tragic. This is America’s great tragedy. Having been given, by the blood of men and women who gave their lives for the freedoms that we do have, we look the other way.

We pontificate, and dither, and tell ourselves that good will eventually win out; but there are many dead, and many missing children who will not live to see this unrealized victory, because too many of us have not the guts to fight! Perhaps when the CPS slithers up to your door and tells your children that you have no control over them, when they tell your spouse that you must go your separate ways, then you might fight. The heartbreaking truth is, that when you look at those targeted by the CPS you will find among them are our most vulnerable families. Most families that the CPS preys upon are those people who are too strapped by the cost of supporting their families to be able to afford good legal defense. While the CPS makes free use of our courts, attorneys general, and our police, those attacked must make do with what is at hand to defend themselves. It is shameful that it must be so, and therefore I urge you to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Americans, despite race, color or creed to chop back this noxious weed that has crept into our homes. The CPS must be made to abandon their principle of the end justifies the means, and conduct the business protecting our nations most precious resource in a manner befitting the servants of a constitutional people.

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Drag Queen Gets Dragged To Jail!

Sat, 03/16/2019 - 8:19am

Well, Well, Well! Lookee here! While that librarian at the Montrose Library in Houston was rolling in Doc Greene’s arrest like a dog in a dead armadillo she had a baby raper, dressed like a woman, reading the Karma Sutra to the little boys and girls inside! This is my surprised face!

The librarian who had Doc Greene arrested

Are you people in Houston being politically correct enough? I can’t imagine any danger in putting a Sodomite, convicted of raping an eight year old boy within reach of, wait for it, EIGHT YEAR OLD BOYS! And the Houston mayor, a Sodomite himself, sitting up there in the council chambers, lavishing love on his contemporaries as they paraded before him explaining how queer they truly were, can now ask the same cops who handcuffed the Amazing Doc Greene to arrest the registered sex offender, and I might add, the librarian who set the whole thing up in the first place!

She didn’t even go on the net and do a simple check on the people she was exposing your kids to people! A grown man, dressed as a woman, who was convicted of raping a little boy reading to kids in a public library. What could possibly go wrong?

Several things need to happen here. First off, the librarian needs to be arrested, charged, and registered as a sex offender for enabling this mess. The ”Drag Queen” has already been arrested, I believe, so he’s most likely getting his ass whipped down at the Harris County Jail. Next, children should not be allowed in that library ever again. The American Library Association needs to scrub all the support for this nonsense from its website, or better yet, just disband the ALA and let some other organization take over. Some group of retired school ma’arms who like kids to read books, or something like that. And finally, a little compensation might be in order to sooth Doc’s hurt feelings. I think about two mil may work. And, oh yeah, I suppose the librarian has kids, grandkids, etc. Since she’s so fond of sexual deviates perhaps a little visit from the CPS and let a super pissed off caseworker drag her through a key hole backwards might get her mind right. Yeah. That’ll do.

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CigarBox – Real Daddies

Sat, 03/16/2019 - 7:16am

“Ok, Pa,” she said, and took Mike’s hand to lead him away. They walked over the rise and she took him to a little man made pond surrounded by an embankment. She sat and pulled him down to the ground with her. He started to kiss her, but she pecked his cheek and said, “No, not here. Pa’ll be coming over that hill and see us. He’ll beat your butt good you messin’ with me out here. You like the joint?”

“I didn’t know you did dope.”

“Well, I don’t ‘do dope,’ I just smoke a little grass. How’d it make you feel?”

“He did ok.”

“Wow, like, two beers. I feel, real good.”
She laughed, “You ain’t a good liar, Mike. You didn’t smoke enough to make you feel much. Next time you’ll do better. How’d Pa treat you before I got here?”

“Thought he was gonna kick your ass, huh?”

“No, I wasn’t worried.”

“Liar! Everyone in town’s scared of my Pa. He’s
been in prison.”

“Well, ok, maybe I was a little. But I love you, and
it’s worth the risk.”

She smiled and leaned back on the Johnson grass
on the embankment. “My real Pa’s in Las Vegas.”

“Really? You ever meet him?”

“Nah. He left before I was born. They never got
married. She told me he came to town and was runnin’ card games all over the county. He was so good he decided to go to Vegas. He’s rich there, I bet! Ray’s my mom’s first husband. Boyfriends don’t’ count. Your mom’s divorced, ain’t she?”

“Yeah. My Real Daddy lives in Tennessee. You know that. I just got back from there!”

“I know, but your mom’s divorced. Ray says that’s like drinking a beer every day and then they shut down the brewery. The Bible says that if a man marries a divorced man he lies down in adultery. My mom’s always telling me that no matter how bad we seem at least we ain’t divorced.”

Mike’s face turned red, but he tried not to show it. His mom’s divorce was an embarrassment in the little town. He didn’t like to talk about it, and June was dragging it all out in the open, even if it was just around a bunch of cows and goats.

“Some day I’m gonna go and see him in Vegas, though. I know he loves me, and he’ll take care of me. I don’t like it here.”

“Why don’t you live out here instead of the shacks behind Fat Eddie’s?”

“Grandma don’t like mom. Says she’s a whore. She really don’t like her to come out here at all, but she lets her come out on Saturdays because Ray wants to see his mom. She needs him out here to keep this rat trap of a farm fixed up.”

“Fat Eddie is talking about tearing down the shacks so he can have a bigger parking lot for catfish night. Did you know that?”

“We heard. Guess we’ll have to move out here then. But one day I’ll be married, and I’ll leave here, and the shacks, and go to Vegas where I belong!” She was lying. She planned to go no farther than the Bend. She wanted to meet the man her mother had told her about, but she had no intention of living in Vegas.

“How’s Buddy doing?” she suddenly asked.

“Oh, he’s fine. He’s sleeping it off on the couch this morning. He ended up at Sabrina’s bar last night and drug in late.”

“He and Sabrina getting’ it on?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Anyway, she’s a Mexican girl. You know how that goes.”

“What does her being a Mexican have to do with anything?”

Mike was in a corner. In his arrogance of being a member of the Bend he’d started to insinuate that the little Mexican Bar-hop was somehow less chaste than an Anglo girl, but then he realized that it was a very small distance from the trailer park where Sabrina lived to the shacks behind Fat Eddie’s.

“Oh, I don’t know. Buddy say’s she’s Catholic, and I think that’s real important to him. You know, him and Tommy are Catholic.”

June eyed him, “Oh, yeah, that’s probably it. Catholics don’t get divorces you know. Did you ever stop to think that Buddy and Tommy don’t really think your mom is married to their dad? That means that you ain’t really any kind of brother; I mean like real brothers. Like for instance, if you and I should break up, and I was to date Buddy it wouldn’t be all that bad. That kind of thing.”

Mike was a little shook, but it was true. It wasn’t like they were real brothers. Still he’d never considered the possibility of little June dating Buddy. That seemed very remote and distant right now. Yet it seemed as if a seed had been planted.

“You ever think of Buddy in that way,” he asked?

June looked at Mike. She had him! Nothing makes a fish bite like taking the bait away a little bit. She could almost hear the pleading in his voice.

“No. Not really. I never think of him like that,” she said and let the subject pass.

They passed the rest of the afternoon walking around the tank and talking about life and family, and “getting out.” Then they heard Ray’s mother call them all in for supper. The little family gathered around the old woman’s table to eat brisket, beans, and corn bread. She’d marinated the meat and smoked it the night before, finishing with it in a broiler she had set up in the Florida room. She had cut it long ways to divide the “two briskets” that it contained. One was fat and coarse, and the other was leaner, and the grain of the meat ran across the top piece. There was very little conversation at the table. As soon as the meal was over, they loaded up and took Mike back to town.

He stayed off to himself most of that night, not talking with his brothers or mother, but Sunday morning he cornered his mother in the kitchen. “Why did you divorce my Real Daddy?”

She was surprised by the words “Real Daddy,” but asked back, “Why do you want to know?”

“Well, he is my Real Daddy, and I just wanted to know why you divorced him. June’s mom isn’t divorced.”

The woman could feel the hair rise on the back of her neck. This was the ever-present threat in the town. Divorced women still had a mark on them. “Your so called ‘Real Daddy’ was too stupid to make a living and too lazy to do anything about it.”

“June’s Real Daddy lives in Las Vegas.”

“Well that’s no big recommendation. He wasn’t no ‘count here, and he’s probably no ‘count there. What’s he do, deal cards there?” Claudette feigned disinterest. She knew all about the gambler and the story that Barbara wove around him to hide her history with old man Stillwell.

Mike got defensive and raised his voice, “I don’t want you talking about her family like that. He works at a job, that’s what he does. Anyway, he’s her Real Daddy, just like my Real Daddy.”

She glared at the boy, “Do you know how much child support your ‘Real Daddy’ owes you? Over forty thousand dollars!”

“It’s not his job to pay that when you got remarried.”

“Oh, he don’t have any obligation to his own kids? I never pushed it ‘cause he’s so worthless, but he still owes it. How many Christmas cards have you seen from him?”

“He didn’t know where we lived.”

“Wrong! My Grandma never moved! She lived right there with the same address and the same phone all the time we’ve been here in Texas. He found that house when we were married and he wanted to eat! Then, when she got down, and we moved her out here, he still knew how to contact her relatives in Tennessee, and I’m only the biggest Realtor in west Texas. HELLO! He can’t find the phone number to send a card, or a dollar?”

Mike began to look down and to the right. She slapped him. “Don’t you pull that stuff on me! You look at me when I’m talking to you. So that’s what you been doing out there on that farm. You and June talking about your ‘real daddies? Well, I hope the both of you get to live with your ‘real daddies!”

“It would be better than here,” he said rubbing his face, “Up there in Tennessee I get to do what I want.”

“Seems like you’re doing what you want down here, young man. You seem to get over to City Park often enough! Up there you’d be in jail!”

Mike’s eyes flared, but he backed off as his stepfather walked into the room. “What’s going on here,” he asked, as he got a Coke out of the refrigerator?

“Mike’s worried about his ‘Real Daddy,” his wife answered, and crossed her arms, staring at Mike.
The man looked at Mike as he opened the Coke. Taking a large gulp from it, he reached up in the cabinet and took out a bottle of whiskey with an auto- jigger on top. Holding it up he let the device dispense a shot of whiskey into the coke bottle. Placing the bottle back in its spot, he turned to the issue at hand. This had not really been a problem until Mike’s recent trip to Tennessee, but now “Real Daddy” was showing himself to be a “real pain.” The man sat on a stool at the island in the kitchen. He really didn’t know much about “Real Daddy,” nor did he “really” want to, but this was a problem that he felt must be addressed.

“Why don’t you just count all that child support he’s sent over the years?”

“Money don’t buy everything!”

“True, but I don’t see you selling off your weight set, or your golf clubs, now do I?”

“All I’m saying is that he is my Real Daddy, and I’d like to know why mom had to divorce him.”

The stepfather actually became angry, but didn’t let Mike know it. He knew that “Real Daddy” was an irresponsible boob, but he couldn’t just come out and say that. He had to prove “Real Daddy” wrong. What he didn’t know was that another agenda was at work here. Mike didn’t want this issue resolved because he needed the “Real Daddy” argument to escalate so that he could put it before June because she also had a “Real Daddy.”

“You both don’t understand!” And with that, Mike left through the front door, slamming it behind him as he went.

“Now what do you suppose brought that on?” the man asked.

“I don’t know, but I think it began out there at June’s grandmother’s farm. He came back all weird. I have no intention of showing any respect to his so called ‘Real Daddy!”

Bill smiled and went back into the study to watch TV for the rest of the day.

The days turned into weeks, and Mike and June continued their “cow tank” discussions, always picking up where the last one left off. The little chats seemed to always center on “real daddies,” and such. They never noticed the two entities listening in on every one of their meetings. Graduation day came and went, and Claudette got her one small victory in that he did get to walk across the stage at the football stadium and receive his diploma. June was there, with them in the stands that night, and then they all went out to eat catfish. Fat Eddie gave her the night off that one time because she was Mike’s guest, and she got to be served. She didn’t eat the catfish though, opting for the baby back ribs instead.

Veronica and her spirit guide talked one afternoon.

“Why did you want to see your biological father so badly?”

She sat on the grass watching Mike and June talking. “It wasn’t so much him as it was just wanting to leave this place.”

“You just wanted to leave?”

She lay back on the grass, and took a piece of it, put it into her mouth and chewed on it. “Not like for always, just for now, ya know? There’s a big exciting world out there, and I wanted to see at least something outside the county. You know I used to get so excited about going down to Austin, like that was a big deal. When I went on my honeymoon in San Antone, I took my very first escalator ride in a department store. Can you imagine such a little hayseed as that? Never even seen an escalator!”

“Did you love Mike?”

She looked sideways at him. He could tell that even now, in eternity, she was a fetching woman. Veronica studied his eyes determining just what kind of answer to give him. Then she simply said, “Ya, at first. Not like Ray.”

“Not now?”

She sat up and looked at the couple sitting across the pond. “You see that little girl over there, Doctor Angel? Now look at me. She isn’t anywhere near what I am now. She has no mileage. That girl over there would be happy if he took her over to the county fair for sausage on a stick and a beer.” She looked him in the eye, “But I’m not!”

She got up and walked around the pond to where the couple was sitting. She knelt down and looked June right in the face. “Look at all that baby fat! You see that. This kid’s been eating nothing but Bubba burgers and fries her whole life. Her heart’s going to give out.”

She caught a glance of the man’s eyes as he looked down. “She’s not going to make it that long, is she?”

“I don’t know Veronica. That’s all up to you.”

“I wanted to find my real father so I would know who I really was! Is that so hard to understand?”

“Well, do you know who you really are?”

“I do now. I’m a bastard!”

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The Secret Police

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 9:15am
America’s secret police Subject:
  1. The CPS organizations in all states operate with the presumed mandate of keeping families together, and strengthening the community by means of strengthening families. They are also tasked with protecting America’s children! .
  2. The intake and investigative processes for CPS cases are as follows: A. Intake – All allegations and claims must be followed up with an investigation. No further criteria are relevant, thus making CPS a surprisingly malleable tool for obtaining revenge or perpetuating private conflicts.B. Investigations - Using an investigative timeline which, combined with the secrecy CPS is allowed to conduct operations creates conditions that make it all but impossible for persons named in an allegation to provide input or feedback to the process until they have been deemed guilty by an administrative process which, like the investigation, is conducted in house without any significant attempt to notify the accused, or to allow them to participate in reaching a determination of guilt</code></pre></li>There need be, and frequently is no tangible evidence found, or used in determining the guilt of the accused. This process of determining guilt, which relies entirely upon testimony, can only be conducted using inductive reasoning. Without access to actual evidence, the use of deductive reasoning is denied to the inquiry, forfeiting the benefit of checks and balances that are essential to reaching a correct determination.!
    1. The results of an allegation itself, let alone the consequences of having family members and friends interrogated, has the constantly proven result of significant damage to the lives of those being investigated. A determination of reason to believe can be catastrophic to the lives of the accused.
    2. Frequently the CPS will come back after a determination of resin to believe on one caregiver in the home and open a case against the other caregiver for neglect and child abuse for making the children in the home vulnerable to the person they have convicted in their administrative court.
    3. The CPS service plan will more than likely result in one of the caregivers had to move out of the house during the investigation. If there is a finding of reason to believe, that caregiver must remain absent from the home indefinitely. Since CPS almost never attacks people of means or access to political violence, this means that persons already struggling with financial issues will find themselves one step closer to poverty.!
    4. While persons under attack from CPS must field their own legal expenses, as well as hope that the legal representation they have chosen is knowledgeable and/or competent, the CPS is has a defacto investigative arm in the police, a legal department, which is, in reality the local prosecutor’s office, and a small army of caseworkers that they often use to harass, or otherwise impede progress on the part of the family. All courtesy of taxpayers, who lack any representation in the determination of the administrative model, or the processes that model engages in.
    5. The States, Texas included, are adopting a model of special courts that have special prosecutors, special judges, and special procedures with regard to evidence and procedure. The state of Texas recently created such courts and announced that despite the fact that these courts will not operate under constitutional rule of law, the courts’ outcomes will be held to have the same effect as those of a municipal court, which is obligated to proceed constitutionally.
    Children who are the alleged victims of child abuse, and who go through the process of a CPS investigation and determination are often false accusers. Nevertheless, they are almost universally empowered and encouraged to self emancipate while they are still just children. CPS investigators are generally fulsome in their descriptions of a new parent in town and advise children to call in an allegation at the least sign that they feel unsafe, or that their caregivers are exceeding the bounds of parental rights. Stripping parents of their authority are universally viewed as the dissolution of the family. The evidence garnered in multiple case studies and their nomothetic counterparts overwhelmingly support the conclusion that children who are either removed from their homes and placed in foster care, or suffer prolonged and/or repetitive interventions by the CPS, will endure an adult life characterized by poverty, drugs, and a generational contribution to the CPS caseload. CPS argues that it is impossible to say which came first, the chicken, or the egg.

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Onward Through The Fog

Thu, 03/14/2019 - 9:39am
The Amazing Doc Greene

We have a little problem with distribution of The Amazing Doc Green. It seems that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms have seen fit to censor Doc because of his Christian stance on homosexuality. So Doc has joined the ranks of the legendary Alex Jones.

There’s a reason we are called “alternative” media. We are the alternative choice when you get tired of being lied to by all the cackle babble heads in the Main Stream Media box. Entities such as Facebook and YouTube tout their right to operate their business as they see fit while they suppress the right of other people to express their opinions.

There is simply no way a true Christian can support a homosexual lifestyle. The same as an adulterous lifestyle, or alcoholic, lying, stealing, or murderous. There are certain “rules of the road” that the true believer must follow in order to follow Christ. Having an affair with another man’s wife is just as offensive to Doc as Drag Queen Story Time.

Because of the permissive nature of our society, America has become a whore house. That’s why when you find yourself somewhere such as Brigham City, Utah you feel so out of place. To be among people actually living their faith makes you ill at ease because you KNOW Houston isn’t! An openly gay mayor, men dressed as women reading to three year olds in a library situated in a section of town dedicated to a deviate lifestyle and Christians arrested for objecting to it? This has been tried before and we’re STILL trying to find the exact location of Sodom and Gomorrah! If you will note, hurricanes seem to find Houston quite frequently. Just saying.

Neither I, nor anyone I know would go out of the way to harm a homosexual. We would not impose our lifestyle on them either. We simply ask that they respect our right to live our beliefs and please do not try to indoctrinate our children. When you try to influence the mind of a child with sexually oriented dress, speech, and ideas that are outside the main stream it’s just pedophilia, and that’s the long and short of it. It’s the same as a man my age reading the Karma Sutra to a team of high school Cheerleaders and trying to pass it off as a study of the classics.

So, we’re going to have to shift gears. Since Facebook and others have made Doc such a hot button topic we have to explore other options for distribution. Currently he broadcasts each weekday on American Voice Radio from 1:00 to 3:00 Texas time. You can find that here.

Facebook was so thorough in its inquisition that when I tried to post that simple link it was blocked by a brand new algorithm. Imagine that! They still don’t have a “thumbs down” option on the comments, but they wrote a “Doc Down” algorithm in less than three days. So, being the devious old bastard that I am, I just buried the link in this article and published it in the National Tea Party Tribune. You can find Doc there. We will distribute. I’ve been doing this before Mark Zuckerberg was born and always got through. I distributed “Weird Wilbur Rides Again” right Under Roy Acuff’s pius nose, and you can find that on iTunes, thank you very much! There are phone numbers on that site and tons of good CHRISTIAN information that you will be proud to let your children see and hear. So, like we say in Austin, onward through the fog!

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The Right To Vote

Thu, 03/14/2019 - 8:18am
George Rodriguez

Voting rights for illegal aliens? – The Left pushes and pulls America further and further left by proposing and advocating for extreme and outrageous ideas, and those ideas eventually become acceptable to average people. The latest example came on Friday, March 8, when Democrats in House voted to oppose a measure condemning voting in U.S. elections by illegal immigrants which would have been part of a comprehensive elections reform bill.

Republicans in the House proposed adding language to the bill stating that “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.” The GOP motion referenced how San Francisco is allowing non-citizens, including illegal aliens, to register to vote in school board elections.

However, the Democrats, who are in controlled of the House of Representatives, voted to defend local governments that choose to allow illegal aliens to vote in their elections. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) said, “It sounds like I’m making it up. What kind of government would cancel the vote of its own citizens, and replace it with noncitizens?”

What’s the point of being a lawful, legal citizen if noncitizens and illegal aliens are allowed to vote and participate in government? Why should noncitizens and illegal aliens receive the same benefits, rights, and privileges as citizens?

When the vote is given to everyone and anyone, it becomes meaningless to the citizens.

The Butcher Shop

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Why Voters Like Trump in Spite of His Failures

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 11:37am

Donald Trump is remarkably cheerful for a man sitting in the smoking ruins of his presidency. He promised to get tough with China and end our trade imbalance. This week the Department of Commerce reports our trade deficit is $621 billion, much higher than the level that existed during the Obama administration.

Trump’s second summit with North Korean nuclear maven Kim Jong–un was less successful than the first inconclusive gab–fest.

Worst of all, after frittering away two years when Republicans controlled the Senate and the House, Trump’s promise to build a wall and end illegal immigration is in shambles. Illegals currently pour across the border at a rate that will more than triple that of the Obama regime. Trump’s call for a “Deportation Force” may have vanished beneath the swamp, but he’s building a “Space Force” that will apprehend any illegals who achieve low earth orbit.

The budget bill he signed after shutting down the government is worse than the bill be refused to sign before the shutdown. Trump’s ‘victory’ bill has a tiny $1.3 billion dollars for his wall and that pittance is limited to constructing 55 miles of “bollard fencing”. That will make it harder for gas–guzzling SUVs to cross the border, but won’t stop any of the zapato traffic.

Trump hasn’t even managed to scrounge up a ballpoint pen to sign the executive order banning anchor babies he promised way back in November of 2018.

Administration apologists claim Trump’s judicial appointments, the tax cut and regulatory reform are more than enough reason to re–elect him, but that’s like praising a super hero for simply owning a cape. 

Any of the 2016 GOP presidential aspirants would have done the same and that includes chronic fatigue sufferer Jeb Bush.

What separated Trump from the rest was his hardline stance on illegal immigration. One might make a case that the tipping point for immigration occurred when businesses began ordering callers to “Press 1 for English”, but Trump promised to reverse the tide.

His repeated immigration failures will make it very hard for this ‘Deplorable’ to vote for him in 2020, but I may prove to be the exception. 

Trump may win in spite of his repeated failures.

A politician who doesn’t have a genuine personal connection with his voting base lives or dies politically according to his performance in office. Bush the Elder and Nixon before him are prime examples. Trump has that invaluable personal connection and it supersedes his lack of accomplishment on his signature issue.

The iconic image of his recent speech at CPAC proves my point. After a brief introduction Trump enters from stage right and before he walks to the podium he turns and embraces the Stars and Stripes. 

The picture went worldwide in an instant. It will be the mental image most voters retain from his endless two plus hours speech. You look at him holding Old Glory and you know and he knows that he’s mugging. But it’s inspired, patriotic mugging. 

No media consultant or speech preparation expert suggested he do it. The gesture was a spur–of–the–moment impulse that instantly connected with every member of his base and resonated with anyone who still loves the USA.

Can you imagine any Democrat doing likewise? That party has an almost biblical view of the flag. As the hymn ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ says in another context, the left views our flag as “the emblem of suffering and shame.”

Hillary might have grabbed a flagpole to keep from falling down, but not out of any affection for the flag or what it represents.

Trumps gesture bonds with the average patriotic American. Beato, the Texas flavor of the month, thinks being quirky equals a personal connection with the electorate. Skateboarding into an appearance or livestreaming your colonoscopy may appeal to immature trend surfers in the media, but it’s not presidential. And it’s not lasting.

Spontaneous patriotic symbolism is not something one associates with the humorless apparatchiks that compose the Democrat presidential field.

Trump is impulsive, funny and he loves our country. The combination may be enough to earn him four more years.

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In My Place

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 4:09am

People called him crazy
Said he was probably insane
But, he sat out there on the edge of town
And didn’t bother anything

He kept some girls out in the garden
And he’d get way out there in space
And when he did I’d realize
He was the man who took my place

Back in 1969
He fought the war in Vietnam
And by the time that he come home again
He was a very different man

I married his ex wife
And raised his boy just like my own
And as I lived my life with his wife and son
He lived the memories alone

When the Post Traumatic took its toll
And he shoved that gun into his face
Some folks called him crazy
But he’s the man who took my place

In my place he walked patrol
As I held his wife he held the landing zone
In my place he went to hell
And Lord, he never should have gone

If you grew up in the sixties
There’s a feeling in you time will not erase
For all of us who didn’t go
There was someone there who took our place

I relived my adolescence this week watching a Netflix documentary series about the war in Vietnam. For the record, I had no love for Vietnam. I disliked everyone in it, and I blasphemed their gods. Vietnam loomed over me all the way through high school like a death sentence. If you made it through high school, and frankly most poor white trash like me didn’t, your senior trip was Vietnam. But, when it was over, and the refugees began to arrive at Fort Hood my view mellowed as I saw a people subjected to the same lies I had been subjected to. They were my brothers, and frankly, they weren’t very heavy. Fact is, they wore out water buffaloes to assimilate, unlike those of the wetbackery persuasion. I saw in the documentary one old man who brought his family to America, and they grew up here. His desire was to die, and be buried in his village back in Vietnam, but he didn’t make a big deal out of it because his family was American now, and they wouldn’t understand.

The war in Vietnam made absolutely no difference in the world. All it did was scar families on both sides of the world. The so-called “Domino” effect never happened, the Soviet Union collapsed any way, and the Chinese didn’t have to take anything from us. We GAVE it to them! The corrupt government of South Vietnam played America like a fiddle, and the day that Saigon fell, and the politicians scrambled for that embassy roof I laughed my country butt off! I’ve never wavered and the Netflix series only re-enforced my animosity toward leaders on both sides lying and stealing. But one thing became abundantly clear to me.

I believed in America. I waved that flag, sang the National Anthem and believed every word that proceeded from Lyndon Johnson’s lying mouth, just like I did with Nixon, and did with Trump. Well, Johnson lied his ass off to us, but he only THOUGHT he could lie until Nixon came along, and now I’m even looking at Trump with a jaundiced eye.

It has become fashionable to think of the American people as children who can’t handle the truth. Johnson did order after order, hiding practically everything behind a wall of lies. Nixon tried to strike a deal with South Vietnam to stall off peace talks until after the elections, completely unconcerned about American lives being lost every day.

And it’s never changed, people! Right now, Robert Mueller is striking his famous report, but he will only let us see what he thinks we can handle. We PAY this fool! This has become Government 101. Ain’t it funny that the more things change, the more they stay the same? And the so-called committees sit up there and causally discuss how dumbed down we’re all going to be! And we sit by like sheep thinking this is perfectly fine. We The People need to remind THESE people that We ARE The People!

George Washington would have hanged Robert Mueller. And I’d watch and eat buttered popcorn. That’s what you do at a good hanging. Popcorn, piss warm beer, and fried chicken. And everyone applauds as he hits the end of the rope.

And now we face Venezuela. Sounds like they need a little ”freedom” down there. When will we ever learn? Refer to my previous statement. Venezuela will make about as much difference in history as Vietnam did. If an earthquake destroyed ninety percent of it that would account for about two minutes on the nightly news. That is IF some homosexual TV Star doesn’t hire someone to whip his ass as a race baiting stunt. Hey Joe! You watching from up there? Tell Jesus there’s a bunch of us coming soon!

The Butcher Shop

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The Politics of Hate

Tue, 03/12/2019 - 7:30am

The unbridled hate of the Left is why I basically abandoned Facebook about a month ago. After my granddaughter had to sell all of her principles to get a job, I gave up on trying to reach the illiterate, foaming at the mouth, stupid, baby killing perverts that grace the Democrat Party.

I did it sneaky-like. First, I solidified pages that I controlled. Pages like PeckerWood Press, The Butcher Shop, and Clevenger & Witt. I included Doc Greene and Raging Elephants because Doc and the Apostle are literate. I had to tear myself away from some old friends. As you can see from the pictures their posts are hateful, ignorant, and way out there in left field.

I had believed that by being respectful, articulate, and maybe a little funny, that perhaps we could build a bridge of understanding between the two Americas. I was mistaken. There is no understanding in the Left. Only hate. We, as productive Americans endured the reigns of King George I, Clinton, George II, and while they had to groom Hillary for majesty they just let the butler run the show until it was time.

What Happened? That was the title of Hillary’s lack luster book. AMERICA happened! America was so fed up that her Highness couldn’t even win a rigged election. THAT’S what happened! The Liberals can’t stand it, and Facebook can’t stand it. And it shows! You cannot safely enter into a random discussion on that platform without being attacked by illiterate people who can’t even tell you how many senators or states we have. The Big Mac generation is so entitled that if Hitler were to come back today we’d all be goose-stepping and Speaking German. They have evolved past frontal lobes. America happened, but it was our last hurrah.

The American Tribe is singing it’s death song. In the next ten years Vietnam Vets will be mostly gone. Their grandchildren, then approaching middle age may remember what grandpa said, but they won’t believe it because the foundation of Leftist beliefs will be so entrenched that to challenge them would put you in a Residential Treatment Center for “Re-education,”

And then “they” will come. The Chinese, The Russians, The Latinos, who’s vision is not clouded by the noble thoughts of our Forefathers. The Great experiment will be over. The results will be recorded and children will read of it in generations to come, but they will not believe or understand it. Perhaps in a thousand years, some archaeologist will find a scroll in some dig, and decipher the ancient English, “We The People,” scratch his head and will never understand what the the words meant.

The Butcher Shop

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Border Patrol

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 9:21am

The Border Patrol is Overwhelmed – Border Patrol says there their resources are strained to the breaking point with the high number of people crossing into the U.S. illegally. The majority of the illegal aliens being apprehended are “families” including women and children.

Border Patrol Chief of Operations Brian Hastings says, in the past, those numbers consisted of men from Mexico, but now Central American “families.” These families claim asylum, and they cannot be immediately deported because they must have hearings.

Because there are so many of these “families,” the detention centers are overcrowded. Furthermore, activist liberal judges have determined that these families, particularly the minors, cannot be held in crowded detention centers because it is considered “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Thus these illegal aliens are given a hearing date for their asylum case and released. However, data shows that the vast majority of these illegal aliens never show up for their hearings. They just disappear into American society.

The higher the number of illegal alien families claiming asylum, the higher number being detained and released.

The best solution would be the immediate deportation of all illegal aliens, including families. Illegal aliens are being “rewarded” by requesting asylum and being assigned a hearing date, which then becomes an opportunity to stay in the U.S. indefinitely.

The American taxpayer cannot continue to be abused by foreigners who willfully violate immigration laws.

The Butcher Shop

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