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Better Luck Next Time

Wed, 05/15/2019 - 6:52am

What will you give for your life? John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what. . .” What will you give? Don’t you care for your country? Your children? Your family? Where are your loyalties? To people trying to rush your borders, and taking everything that you’ve worked for, everything you’ve wanted to leave to your children, your grandchildren? Don’t you owe them more than the invaders now crowding our borders?

As you watch the videos of poor migrant children crying, picture this. Your children crying. As they struggle to live in the world that you bequeathed them. A world with no rule of law, a world where wages mean nothing, a world of disease, and violence . . . a world of bastards!

And this isn’t racism! Americans are Americans and foreigners are foreigners and that is that! There is no middle ground. You cannot be just a little bit pregnant. Sure, everyone wants to come to the United States. Sure they want steak, and cable, and a house on the hill. Then why didn’t they fix that back home. We fought, and fight for our liberty, why don’t they fight for theirs?

Because they are lazy. Much easier to impose on a benevolent nation with a confused congress than address an issue back home. What’s the end game? Everyone comes to America and leave one dictator and his sister in law in the old country? Then what will they do? Wave the flag of the country that they just fled. Bitch! You just LEFT there!

We are not our brothers’ keeper. We’re really not. Stop worrying about the hard times in San Salvador. Worry about your children. Worry about yourself. You will be feeding them, you know. With your social security check. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear about a reduction in social security, yet not a day goes by that I don’t hear something about the poor migrants longing for America. They can’t even spell the word.

History will show that we were a depraved nation with sexual deviants, child sacrifice, and a loss of national identity. History will show that while we counted beans that we were overcome by a foreign entity. History will show that we’re no better than the rest. Better luck next time.

The Butcher Shop

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Left and Right

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 3:56am

Every day we read or hear the words Left or Right. We learn about them in school, in the news, at work and just in daily life.

The problem with Left is that it always is a negative. It started with me when I being left-handed broke my left arm in first grade. I went to school and my teacher tried to change me to right-handed. If you are left-handed you know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you are right-handed try to imagine that you can’t use your right hand. The first thing that you notice is that everything that you do is the opposite. The majority of power tools are made for use by right-handed people. Almost everything that we use in life is designed for right-handed people. Scissors, cups, measuring cups and yes even pencils and pens (yes even pens and pencils). The list goes on.

In Politics Republican is Right and Democrat is Left. Think about it people. Left-handed people adjust daily to adapt to the ways of the right everything that they do and use from scissors, to power tools to writing(yes I said writing) imagine reading and writing from right to left, which would be the most comfortable way for those that are left-handed.

Today we are faced with decisions that are made by our elected officials and instead of adjusting for the betterment of the people that elected them. First of all we have to balance the budget. Most of us who work and support a family know that we can only spend as much as we make and no more. We also know that we need to make enough to pay the bills. If we spend more than we make we either need to make more money or cut back on our spending. I wish that our elected officials could understand that even though they don’t see the money, a budget should be their top priority. How can we remain a powerful nation if we remain prisoner to those that we borrowed money from, just like we the people are prisoners to our debt collectors until the debts are paid. Right vs Left again.

The next hi-priority problem that we face in our great country today is immigration. Our immigration program is broken and it needs to be fixed, we need to stop illegal immigration. I’m all for legal immigration. Our country was built by immigrants. To stop this we either need to build a wall or both the left and right need to communicate and work together to find a remedy to this problem instead of acting like sheep. In a herd of sheep the shepherd places a bell on the sheep that is the leader and the others follow. To keep the Lead Sheep on track the shepherd uses dogs to help control the sheep. Right now we have the bells on numerous leaders but we have no dogs to keep them in line, which as we can see has evolved into Sanctuary Cities and millions of immigrants living in the shadows, afraid to go places or do anything in fear of being caught and deported (which to me is like moving into a prison in the name of freedom). Right vs Left.

Third let’s talk about the taxes paid by legal immigrants and citizens of the United States. We pay our taxes to allow our elected officials to pay the bills accumulated by the government to support our Great Country.
First off I don’t think that the tax laws are fair. I have been doing math since elementary school and I have never been able to understand the equation $0 + $0 = REFUND. I’m for a straight tax system where businesses and residents of the United States pay the same percent of their income in tax. I’m talking everyone pays taxes. Businesses, welfare recipients, everyone that receives income in the United States. Forget the write-offs taken by the businesses and the affluent (they make the rules because they have deep pockets). I’m sure that some of the big bucks we pay to our elected officials could be used to calculate the benefits to the public if they weren’t in the Deep Pockets of the Affluent (It’s a proven fact that elected officials in Washington D.C. Leave with more than when they were elected). Again Right vs Left

I know that I have bounced around today but think. If you don’t have a remedy for a problem or at least try something you are just one of the Sheep being herded by the Affluent. Think about it. We make Right and Left work for us everyday. Most all of us use both of our hands everyday to do most everything from washing our face to driving our car. We use both our right and left legs and feet to walk. If we are unable to do things on our own without using right and left together, how can we expect our elected officials to get anything accomplished without using Left And Right,

The Butcher Shop

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Trump Is No “Money Dummy”, He Never Has Been, He Never Will Be

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 12:21pm

IF Donald Trump were simply going to “mortgage the farm” to massively rebuild our infrastructure to the tune of TWO TRILLION DOLLARS, well, that WOULDN’T make a lot of “economic sense”, to economists or regular Americans alike. But WHAT IF Trump had already been working a genius PLAN, a plan to STICK IT TO the BIGGEST CRIMINAL CABAL OF ALL (for all Americans), in essence FORCING THE CRIMINALS to pay for all of it. Read on.

It is just a plain, simple FACT that most Americans DO NOT KNOW everything Trump knows, what he’s thinking about secretly or planning to do, quietly. But anyone COULD have known, at least the most interesting and amazing PART of the Trump team’s “grand plan”, had they been cluing in via Q’s posts since November of 2017, like SOME of us have been doing. Why? Because Trump thinks outside the box, like really smart people DO. The man has actually been sharing a LOT OF INFORMATION with those of us willing to be open-minded (until we were thoroughly convinced) that the Q posts were legit, and directly tied to Trump himself and his team.

THE SHORT VERSION OF TRUMP’S/THE DIA’S MASSIVE “STING” PLAN: The Fed is unconstitutional (since day ONE), it’s illegal and it’s privately owned and controlled by greedy bankers who cheat us and steal from ALL American taxpayers and workers (since day ONE). The Fed was GOING TO raise interest rates and CRASH our economy (which also would have crashed Trump’s biggest insurance policy of being re-elected). Those who run/own the Fed, they’re part of the global elite who’ve been aiming to take down and then take over America…they WANT their New World Global Order. But Trump snuck up on the ENTIRE establishment swamp…the politicians, the bureaucrats, the manipulative billionaires AND the Fed. They did NOT see him as a serious threat or really see him coming until it was too late. Since taking office, Trump has used EVERY TOOL and EVERY TACTIC available to him (he KNEW all the games and manipulations used BY the Fed to move an economy UP, or DOWN) to crazy-fast boost our economy (including calling in favors from and recruiting Wall Street BIG-WIGS to HELP). It worked, and it’s still working. The Fed wanted to raise interest rates ANYWAY, so Trump went public, bigly and he kept asking, “WHY does the Fed want to raise or mess with interest rates when the American economy is BOOMING?! We’re not seeing high inflation so we don’t NEED to raise interest rates.” Trump going so public, so often worked; they backed off almost immediately. Why? They’re SCARED that Trump will EXPOSE everything they’ve done (breaking rules and laws for years) by pushing for an AUDIT of their books. So, they’ve simply shut up about increasing interest rates, and Trump is in main control of the U.S. economy, for the first time a President has been in control of our economy in a LONG TIME and NOT the privately held, used-to-being-in-control Federal Reserve Bank.

So what’s really going on and why? Why would Trump mess with the Fed, send them a strong message, shut them down and shut them up WHILE going all hog-wild ROGUE by PUSHING hard for a MASSIVE SPENDING infrastructure boost and revamping? It’s as SIMPLE as pie, folks. The Dems WILL work with Trump on this, they’ll gladly SPEND and BUILD and try to take CREDIT for all the new shiny better stuff come election time. Are you still with me? Now, ALL of that money will have to be appropriated (approved) by votes in the House and the Senate. It will have to be BORROWED by our government, FROM the Federal Reserve Bank…TRILLIONS of dollars! So IF the House and Senate (the R’s control it and enough MIGHT not vote for spending THAT MUCH stinkin’ $$$$) pass the bill, Trump is going to rebuild everything he CAN! But here’s the CATCH you’ve been waiting for…later on, Trump is going to PUSH FOR and DEMAND an audit of the Fed’s books, saying they’re “crooked” and “no good”. When he does and it happens, they’ll be found to be as crooked as a dog’s hind LEG…having been manipulating our economy, laundering money and stealing from all American workers and taxpayers FOR DECADES! Then the Fed will be SHUT DOWN…and…THEY aren’t going to get A DIME of their ill-gotten money BACK from the government (US) either! We’ll have a BRAND NEW INFRASTRUCTURE FOR AMERICA, courtesy of the greedy, manipulative, been-ripping-us-all-off-forever, fat-cat BANKERS! That’s a FACT, Jack, (and Jill).

Now, instead of laughing, poo-pooing, snickering, IMMEDIATELY DOUBTING or otherwise DISMISSING this idea, this plan, this explanation of what IS PLANNED and WHY, entertain it, gel on it awhile, give it a chance, keep an open mind. Would it help you if I mentioned that study after study has shown, beyond any doubt, that people who ARE open to “conspiracy sounding” theories and ideas are MUCH SMARTER people than the average public? It is absolutely TRUE. And Donald J. Trump is way above average intelligence himself. They never saw him coming, they never IMAGINED Trump and the DIA would hatch such a brilliant military plan that was so adaptable, flexible, and covered all the bases and contingencies…for TAKING DOWN the Deep State bureaucrats, the crooked politicians and the MONEY MACHINE central bank that has been driving, bribing, corrupting and, in essence, controlling our government FAR TOO MUCH!

Trump promised us in the first 7 minutes of his Inaugural Address that a NEW ERA was beginning, right then, and that POWER OVER our government would be TAKEN FROM the ruling class elite and RESTORED TO We the People. Go watch him talking about it (as serious as a heart attack he was) on YouTube. Has ANY President EVER talked like that in ANY inaugural speech? NO! (Do some research.) So what exactly do YOU think Trump meant when he said all of that, smart patriot who is open-minded? IF you really want to KNOW, check out the Q posts, it’s that simple. There are several YouTube channels that cover them very well; I particularly like and respect the “X22Report” channel. Give it a shot, SEE FOR YOURSELF if the guy doesn’t make A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE explaining what’s going on in our government, and what Trump & Co. are up to behind the scenes.

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Bubbles In My Beer

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 8:36am

I had an epiphany last night. Brother Theo and I were talking about the origins of the universe, time, life, death, GOD, you know, beer talk, and I made an observation. Before me I had this tall glass of beer. As I watched as the bubbles rose from the bottom of the glass, growing larger, going faster as they approached the top, something dawned on me! Since galaxies are basically in the same configuration as atoms, in fact there seems to be a pattern in creation from top to bottom, as defined by the “6.18” theory, what if those bubbles in the beer were actually parallel universes? Universes going through time and space, side by side, evolving, changing, headed steadily toward to top of the glass where they explode into eternity only to be replaced by other newer universes coming up from the bottom!

Then I considered time. While it took but a brief moment for the bubbles to rise to the top of the glass in my beer universe, could it be that it took billions of bubble years to complete the trip? And during that passage, within each bubble, galaxies are born and die, solar systems condense around their “sun,” planets cool, life evolves again and again, and man appears. And man looks up at the stars, contemplating his existence. Wondering where it all began, where it’s all going, as his universe rises to the top of the glass ever faster.

We never realize how fruitless it is to try to understand the mind of God. As it is said, there are more things in heaven and on earth than you can possibly imagine. As we theorize, “prophesize”, and hypothesize our bubble continues to head for the top of the glass at an ever increasing rate to eventually burst free . . . to what? DAMN! That was a good glass of beer!

The Butcher Shop

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A Ford and a Chevy to Last Ten Years

Sun, 05/12/2019 - 10:25am

I rarely worked where someone measured my hours and told me how much my life was worth. About the only reason I did was to get health insurance. That was before ObamaCare when health insurance was beyond the reach of middle America.

I am a capitalist. I would work on a project for years with little or no return in the hope that something would grow and the desert would bloom. Sometimes it did, sometimes I packed sand.

If you listen to Bernie Sanders, capitalism is the most evil design in the world. And sometimes it is. Although I cringe at wealth distribution, I draw back even more at businessmen who approach capitalism solely for achieving wealth. What they are producing has no other purpose other than lining their pockets. Employees’ health, the customer’s satisfaction, the very product itself never comes into play in the boardroom as they plot their next big thing.

The enthusiasm of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is long gone as the likes of Mark Zuckerberg fill the void and give us absolutely nothing while demanding that we buy into everything they have to offer. Alas, even Apple, the Pirate of Silicon Valley has fallen to the tangled maze of corruption. And it fell when the first iPhone came out of China.

My friend, Roger, has put together a little article and found a documentary on this, and I think you should watch it. Look, we all love America, but don’t you think we could make a Ford and a Chevy to last ten years like they should!

The Butcher Shop

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Constitutional Carry

Sat, 05/11/2019 - 6:29pm

Let’s consider constitutional carry. First, let’s examine the phrase “constitutional carry.” Simply put that means the constitution says citizens can carry protection. It doesn’t say, “Mother May I,” it doesn’t say pay for the privilege, it doesn’t say not here, only there, it says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!

It is an oxymoron that a government claiming to be trying to protect its citizens can bless something such as Planned Parenthood via Roe v Wade and kill fifty-six million babies. It is an abomination that a home owner should even have to even consider the legal ramifications of defending him (or her) self from a crazed drug addict kicking in the door.

The constitution is the law of the land. In several places in the document it references “the people.” I’m a people, and I’m sure most of you are, too. I’m a member of several writing groups, I’m a Catholic, and sometimes I’m a husband, though I am rather spotty in keeping vows. But, at the core I’m a people. So in essence the constitution says my right to own and carry a gun is not to be meddled with by anyone such as Dennis Bonnen.

If I were to walk into the Senate chamber with a .38 special in one hand, and a copy of the constitution in the other I would be shot. Basically that would be treason. To be shot by people sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the very document clutched in my dead, bloody hand is treason.

“But,” you may say, “such an act would be outrageous!” With all the mass shootings that we have people have become hyper-sensitive to such things. But, I say if more people carried, if that were the norm, how many mass shootings would we have then?

Charles Whitman’s head was not kept down by police alone, but by Texans with old fashioned, bolt action deer rifles, and he was damn lucky one of them didn’t tag him. They hit deer all the time! The church shooter in south Texas was not stopped by a police officer, but by an armed citizen. . An armed society is a polite society. Yippee Kia Yay, Cow Paddie!

People like Bonnen make “constitutional” seem like a four letter word. Like something we have to bow and scrape for. It’s not! It’s the law of the land and shouldn’t even be called into question. God gave us that right. Just like He gave antelope horns, snakes fangs, and wolves cunning.

Man by his intelligence has made all men and women equal with a simple device that cancels out size, or speed, or sociopathy. Any small frame girl can stop a Dallas Cowboy linebacker in his tracks.

When you are hiding under a table as some maniac shoots every pretty girl in the head you won’t be worried about some comma, or what the definition of “people” is. You’ll be worried about your ass!

The Butcher Shop

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CigarBox – Talk of Vegas

Sat, 05/11/2019 - 5:41am

Later that evening Mike came in and went to the porch with June.

“I’m sorry about today. I never meant to hit or hurt you.”

She sat in a wicker chair and stared at him. “You should be as aggressive in other areas, Mike. Beating me up won’t get you through your real estate classes, or make you a better man.”

Mike hung his head and looked at his feet for the longest time. “How can I make it up?”

June unfolded her arms and said, “Just do what I asked. I want to meet my father. I want to at least touch him before he dies. Tell your mom you need us to have a week off so that we can just go and see him. C’mon Mike, he works in Vegas for God’s sake! You’ll enjoy it. God knows you have the money. We can drive out there; it’s not too far from here, and we can have a great time. He’ll show us the sights, and we’ll have a better time than regular tourists.”

Mike leaned back in his chair and actually began to take in the idea. It wasn’t all that bad after all. A trip to Vegas, with a relative actually there to get you in to all the best shows, the best places was not the worse situation that could be had. His little wife may actually be onto something here.

“I’ll talk to mom about it.”

“No, don’t talk to mom about it. You tell her you want to go. It’ll be a week or less, and she can let you go. You tell her, Mike!”

The thought of telling Claudette anything shriveled Mike inside, but he was looking right at his new bride, and facing the challenge of the ages. He had to at least try to please his wife. Mike was beginning to understand that there was more to this marriage thing than just the bedroom.

“Ok, I’ll tell her I want to take you out there.”

Claudette sat her tea on the lawn table that evening, “I’m totally against it.”

“Why,” June asked?

“You’ll be disappointed, that’s why. You’ve got this scenario in your head, and I guarantee you young lady, this man will not be what you expect him to be!”

“He is my father!” She tried to be bold, and strong, but the old broker’s glare reduced her.

“He is not your father, any more than that ex- husband of mine is Mike’s father!”

“How can you say that?”

“Anyone can make a baby. When you are young it is incredibly easy to end up with a baby. It takes a certain type of person to be a father. Mike’s ‘biological’ father, God, I hate that word; anyway, Mike’s ‘real da da’ is a born-again looser! He is the biggest waste of oxygen that I know of. All these years, not one penny support, not one card, not one phone call, and now that I have a little something that fool thinks he has some kind of parental ‘right’ to barge into our lives and act like nothing ever happened. Well nothing ever did happen, and that ‘nothing’ was Mike’s ‘real da da!”

June drew herself up to her full height, short as she was and said, “My father is different! You’ll see!”

Claudette shook her head, and smiled, “Poor little fool. I suppose you need to learn this lesson for yourself. I’m not going to stand in your way. Go! Go see your Real Daddy, and learn real lessons. I’ll be waiting for you when you get back.”

Claudette asked that June finish the week out at the office. Inwardly she didn’t think the girl would be gone more than four days, so confident that she was that June’s father would so disappoint her she would come scampering back to the Bend with her tail between her legs. Claudette could remember the man coming to the little west Texas village years ago. Barbara was happily spending her days at old Stillwell’s ranch when she met the man at a dance hall one night. The affair was fast and hot, and gave lots of fuel to the gossip factories in town, but then he was gone just as quickly. Stillwell was mad, but saw Barbara again. Once a dog jumps a fence they’ll jump again, and the next time she jumped she could not come back. The old rancher spent his days, and nights alone, and Barbara finally married Ray. Claudette surmised that Ray was a sight better than that worthless womanizing gambler, but she knew she could never make June understand that.

June worked through the week. Friday afternoon when the office was empty about four o’clock the little bell on the door rang and Ray came into the office. He reached up instinctively and took his old floppy cowboy hat from his balding head.


She came from the rear of the building and said, “Ray?”

“Yeah, just coming by to wish you a good trip.”

“Gee, thanks.” It suddenly dawned on her that Ray was wishing her luck in the venture of going to see her real father, and she was slightly embarrassed by it. “Hey, it don’t mean I don’t love you Ray.”

He grinned, and sat in one of the expensive leather chairs. “I know that.” He looked around the office at all the furnishings. This was not a new building such as one would expect from an agency that had developed an area such as the Bend. It was expensive inside, but the outside was simply a “store front.” He asked, “Hey, are we alone?”


“Good. I don’t want ol’ Claw-dette to be hearing me talking to you.” He grinned. She smiled back. He took in a deep breath. “You are the best thing that ever happened to me, June.”

She stammered, “Ray, don’t.”

He raised his hand, “No, no, I want to say this, ‘cause it needs a-sayin’. I spent some time in Huntsville, but you know that. That prison is as hard as any there is. Texas makes darn sure you don’t wanna come back for a return visit. There ain’t no air conditioning, no food, no nothing. When I got out I was a beat man. I wasn’t tough.” He looked into her sky blue eyes; “I’m a little man, June, both inside, and out. They hurt little men down there, and them boys took all the dignity I had in the world.” His fingers worked the brim of his hat nervously. “Then, when I got out, I met your ma. Now your ma was pretty, just like you, June. She took me in and we started living together. You know she was pregnant with you when I met her? I saw you born. Anyway, I just want to tell you that everything they took away from me in Huntsville, you gave me back.” She reached and took his hand. He went on, “You are the special part of my life. That boy over to the Bend marrying you at sixteen, well that ain’t right, but that’s the best you’ll ever do in this little town, and I wanted it for you. I wanted you to be a fine lady, and if marrying that kid gets you there, then that’s what I want.”

June slid her seat over and rested her head on Ray’s shoulder. “Oh, daddy. I’m not leaving you. I just gotta see my roots.”

“Hell, I know that! You got spunk! Why, I wouldn’t think much of you if’n you didn’t go out there and at least look at this guy. But you know what?”


“I don’t fault him for not coming around. I’m glad.”

“You are?”

“Yeah! Hey, what better gift could he give me? He gave me you. A man has three relationships in his life, his mother, his wife, and his daughter. Now, his mother tells him what to do all the time, and he looks to her to take up for him. The day comes when he has to break that relationship and get a wife. Now, his wife is supposed to be equal, but believe me little girl, one or t’other in a marriage is always ‘equaler,’ but I suppose you’re finding that out right about now, huh?” She nodded and smiled. “Then there’s the daughter. A man actually leaves his wife in some ways and makes this final relationship with her. That’s the best one. She is his equal. In her eyes he can be all things, but mostly he can just be himself, ‘cause that’s all she expects. That’s the best one.”

“Hey, I seen the Alamo.”

“You did? I seen it once, too. I’ll never forget it. Them guys were great. They don’t make men like that anymore. People who would give their lives for a friend. That’s what’s wrong with this country.”

“You’re like them.”

“Naw, princess, I ain’t. I don’t know if I could just sit there and let all them mad Mexicans run right over me.” He laughed. She laughed.

“I think you could.”

He got up and put on his hat. “Well, just wanted to wish you good luck. I won’t be here when you get back. I contracted a job in a place called Killeen. I’m gonna rebuild an apartment complex over there for a company out in California. I got me a crew put together now, and all the equipment I need to do it. I figure it’ll take a month or six weeks, but when I get back we’ll go out to catfish and talk about all the things we seen, ok?”

“Yeah, we sure will.”

As he turned and walked for the door June noticed for the first time that Ray walked with a stoop. She’d never seen that before. She wondered had he always had it? Suddenly she was impelled to run to him and hug him. He was surprised, “Hey, now don’t be like this! You gotta do this thing, princess!” He looked directly into her eyes and said, “It’s who you are! You just take care of yourself and come home safe to us, ok.”

“You take care of yourself, too.”

He laughed, “Now what in the world can happen to an old reptile-bait like me on a rebuild job?” He kissed her on the cheek, touched the brim of his hat and turned and left.

Sharon Burrs and Triggers That Is Where The Cowboys Ride Away Asylum This Is Where The Cowboy Walks Away Shockingly Wrongheaded The Butcher Shop On The Liberty Beacon TV Sanctuary Cities The Butcher Shop

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Sanctuary Cities

Fri, 05/10/2019 - 9:35am

Life in the United States has its ups and downs. Today I read a newspaper article about Florida becoming a Sanctuary City Free State. Sanctuary cities have there place I guess, but where is the Sanctuary for the young students at school to protect them from the bullies. Bill the Butcher made a comment to me today. What he said was that anyone using a false identification or Social Security Card are breakers of the law. Guess what people. Crossing the U.S. Border without a passport or permission is also breaking the law. America is a country of Laws and breaking the law is not good. The United States has more than its share of lawbreakers, but do we really need to add to the numbers by allowing undocumented illegal immigrants to roam free in certain cities in the United States.

Sanctuary Cities

In the United States, we have a law that in a nutshell tells us that if you are associated with a crime or harboring a criminal you are guilty of association which means that you can be tried for the same crime as criminals. I’m sure that Sanctuary Cities have had their lawyers type up documents to keep the Elected Officials out of the limelight.

If the elected officials turn a blind eye to the documentation of their residents, do they also turn a blind eye to where tax dollars get used? If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t that make almost everyone in the community an accessory to the crime?

I have a thought. Why don’t we use the tax dollars collected by these sanctuary cities build walls around the Sanctuary Cities and keep all of the residents inside. Not only would we be able to control the undocumented immigrants, we would also be able to control those trying to keep them here.

The Butcher Shop

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The Butcher Shop On Liberty Beacon TV

Thu, 05/09/2019 - 2:36pm
The Butcher Shop

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Shockingly Wrongheaded

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 9:00pm

Thanks to CJ Grisham and Richard Briscoe for their testimony against anti-gun Rep. Rafael Anchia’s HB 1168 that would create a useless Texas law to copy an unconstitutional, counterproductive, and useless federal law against carrying firearms in an aircraft operating area.

HB 1168 has now passed the House with only 8 heroic votes against and is being heard in the Senate State Affairs hearing tomorrow morning (May 9) that starts at 9 am.

I plan to testify against this unconstitutional, counterproductive, and ridiculous bill. Here is what I plan to say:

Testimony Against HB 1168
State Prohibition and Criminalization of Firearms in Airport Operation Areas
by Tom Glass and Texas Constitutional Enforcement

This bill is shockingly wrongheaded and useless for three reasons:

1) It will have no impact on the likely perpetrators and denies the background-checked workers on the front line the ability to respond to the threat. It is completely ineffective against the very insider threat it purports to try to solve.
2) It violates both the Texas and U.S. Constitutions
3) It puts Texas in the position of following the feds in wrongheaded practices, rather than enabling Texans to run Texas with effective, real security solutions.

First, why is it completely wrongheaded practically? – Because of several principles we should have learned over these last 18 years:

Criminals and especially terrorists and crazies do not follow laws against carrying weapons in an area – A law merely criminalizing the carry of arms in a particular place does NOTHING to stop criminals and terrorists. Without effective screening (which it appears we do not have in the area in question – otherwise, why is a small group of law enforcement asking for this bill?), the bad guys will not obey this law and it will have NO effect.

A decentralized threat requires a decentralized response – the Airport Operation Area is a chaotic, large, area, with multiple vehicles entering it. There is no 100% effective search being done of all potential ways that weapons can enter the area. Even if there were, we know that flagged weapons in baggage can be quickly accessed by bad actors with the right tools. There is no way to effectively insure weapons cannot be brought in and accessed in the area in question. The solution that works is to allow the background-checked workers who are on the front lines in this area to carry. Another way of stating the principle is:
More guns in the hands of distributed good guys stops the damage that committed bad guys can do.

Gun free zones do NOT protect against insider threats – Insider threat is the very threat being used to justify this ridiculous proposal. Ask the 30 people wounded at Fort Hood by Major Hasan and the families of the 13 people he killed whether a gun free zone protects against insider threats.

Second, neither the Texas Constitution nor the U.S. Constitutional protections of the natural right to bear arms have an exception that allows this bill. The background-checked workers who are on the front lines have a natural and constitutional right to protect themselves and airline passengers and employees who are at risk. This Texas bill piles on in the federal violation of that right.

The attitude of the proponents of this bill is that if there is a practical reason for violating the Constitution, we should. Forget Ben Franklin’s warning about not putting security above liberty if you wish. The beautiful thing about the natural right to bear arms is that it IS practical. There is no tradeoff between liberty and security here. Instead, protecting liberty protects security!

Finally, Texas, as a sovereign state which is the master of the feds, should be deciding how we provide security in Texas. And Texas certainly should not be following the feds when the have implemented wrong-headed and unconstitutional laws. We should be leading the way in practical and constitutional solutions.

Please REJECT HB 1168 and its dangerous, wrongheaded, and unconstitutional approach.

The Butcher Shop

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Sen. Mike Braun’s Backwards Healthcare Reform

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 7:59pm

Two years too late a senator has finally taken a tentative step toward increasing competition in the healthcare market, lowering insurance costs and removing the dead hand of Obamacare from the nation’s throat. It’s partial implementation of a plan I’ve advocated, but it repeats my mistake and unfortunately adds a new one.

It’s unfair to blame Sen. Mike Braun (R–IN) for being late since he wasn’t in the Senate when Republicans frittered away Obamacare repeal. The problem is his bill attacks cost from the wrong end.

Braun’s plan is called the True Price Act. As he told, his plan “would require insurers to disclose the negotiated price for each medical service covered by a person’s insurance plan and any cost-sharing amounts (co-pays or deductibles)…The bill would require the prices to be posted on the insurer’s website and in paper form.”

That’s backwards because the insurance companies can’t predict what hospitals charge for a procedure because charges vary according to the rapacity of the facility. Braun says he wants to reverse concentration in the health insurance market by “by making it transparent and competitive, letting the best providers survive.”

His bill would only encourage concentration and limit consumer choice because the only way an insurance company can be certain of a procedure’s cost is if the insurer limits coverage to hospitals it controls or with which it has negotiated an agreement.

The People’s Republic of Maryland proves my point. The Maryland Health Care Commission has a limited program that compares turnkey prices for common procedures affecting patients who are either women, old or both. It found Sinai Hospital charges $32,500 for a knee replacement, while UMD Medical Center at Easton charges over one–third less at $22,700, with fewer readmissions from complications. 

Braun would accomplish more by requiring hospitals that accept federal money to post turnkey charges and forget the insurance companies.

Then Braun repeats my initial mistake and ignores consumer motivation. Most medical shoppers, like whiskey drinkers, tend to associate high cost with high quality, when that isn’t the case. For a patient with a $3,000 deductible it makes both economic and status sense to choose the more expensive hospital. Ten percent co–pay on the costlier procedure wipes out his deductible and the rest of his health care that year is ‘free’!

A better solution is for the feds to encourage insurance companies to give the patient an incentive to be a comparison shopper by sharing the savings when he chooses a less expensive option. Instead of pocketing the $9,800 saved by paying for the knee replacement at UMD Easton, the insurance company could share by applying ten percent of the savings to the patient’s deductible for that year.

The patient would pay ten percent of the procedure ($2,270) and the insurance company would apply ten percent of the savings ($980) and his deductible for the year would be satisfied. 

To ensure this wasn’t a one–time–only cost–conscious decision by the patient, the insurer could continue to apply 10 percent of procedure savings for the rest of the year to the patient’s deductible in outlying years. 

This is good for the company because it reduces customer churn by giving the patient a reason not to change policies and the customer saves money on future annual deductibles.

Braun is right that cost transparency will encourage competition, but the place to start isn’t with the middlemen. It’s with the hospitals that generate the cost. Currently the consumer has severely limited options when buying insurance. It’s either the price set by the socialized premium mavens at Obamacare. Convert to Christianity and join a cost–sharing plan. Or join millions of uninsured illegals crowding the emergency room.

Sen. Braun would do better to allow insurance companies to offer coverage options and sell across state lines without crony capitalist interference from the various legislatures. 

Combine that with price transparency for hospitals and incentives for procedure shopping on the part of patients and healthcare prices will finally start to go down.

The next step will be selling freedom of choice to the public and talking panicked Republicans off the ledge. But that’s another column entirely.

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This Is Where The Cowboy Walks Away

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 8:06am

This movie clarified a lot of things in my mind. My writing style has been studied for a full minute, and when asked for clarification on how I do what I do, frankly, I was clueless. I wasn’t liberal, but I wasn’t exactly conservative either. So where do I draw my ideas! Texas! West Texas to be exact.

It is said that Texas is a state of mind. There are certain constants. Texas is the largest state. I know, I know, Alaska, but just wait until global warming kicks in real good and the ice melts. Texans are known for audacity. Well, I got that. That’s why I throw racism, misogyny, and political correctness on the table just like a call in a poker game. And, most times when I “call” the liberals say “they’re out!” Usually after a charge of racism. That always seems to be the wild card.

But, the more I watched as Bush Jr. developed out in Midland, the more I saw of myself in Killeen. He grew up wealthy and I grew up quite, well, not so wealthy, but the strangest thing was that our basic philosophy remained the same. Our ideas in core values were similar.

We both believe in America. Now, by saying that, we don’t actually believe totally in America, we believe in America as it used to be, but more than that we believe in Texas in the vain hope that the states will take notice and follow our lead. But, we’re easy to make fun of. And we earned it. I’ll give you that. George drank too much, and rammed his garage. I just got a DUI. He tends to shoot from the hip. I know of no other way to shoot. He’s highly educated and me, well, I have a high school education from Killeen High School, and that’s about as ignorant as you can be, and they still let you drive a car!

George took hits as he “cowboyed” his way through two administrations. He invaded Iraq as he was criticized by his own cabinet about the lack of any proof of weapons of mass destruction. I saw it. It was plain as the nose on your face. Straight from Judge Roy Bean. We invaded Iraq because they were bad men, and the whores weren’t ladies! I cowboyed through real estate and bought three mansions in Berry Creek. But, the cowboy by his very nature rides alone. Every time I made a decision practically everyone in the room disagreed, be it the music business, real estate, or now journalism. And in practically every case I was right!

That’s TEXAN! Davy Crockett said, “Make sure you’re right, and then go ahead!” That’s why Texan’s rub people the wrong way. We took a chunk of Mexico and called it a republic. Kidnapped their president and threatened to hang him if he didn’t sign the agreement.

And now, as yankee financiers enable cartels to form “caravans” we are called again to stand up. While Pelosi declares sanctuary cities we form militias. While Omar rattles on about her headdress, we still open doors for ladies. While bartenders from the Bronx run for Congress, we still just tip ‘em down at the Chill and Grill. Why?

Because somebody has to remind you how it’s done! Somebody has to tell you that a border is a border, a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and eight year old children have no business in that debate. Somebody has to read YOUR constitution as it is. And, just as before, we will fix this. We’ll give you your “America” back. Then, as usual, that is where the cowboys ride away. Until the next time.

The Butcher Shop

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Pulling the Knife Out of Israel’s Back

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 4:53pm

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“Our prayers are with our friends in Israel as they carry out an incredible way of life in the face of great terror…the United States recognizes Israel’s absolute right to defend itself. The despicable attack this morning demonstrates the security challenges that Israel faces every single day.” – President Donald Trump on the Gaza rocket attack on Mishmeret, Israel, that seriously injured seven Israelis

The sounds of war grow louder by the day…sounds so loud that one can feel its vibrations within their very bones. And while Israelis can hear the sounds of rockets passing overhead even as I write this, these are not the sounds of which I speak for the sounds I speak of are the sounds of failed diplomacy finally and ever so rightfully coming to an end. The battle lines have been drawn and the sides have now been taken, for the battle of all battles will be fought upon that which most deem holy ground, and while for some the winner has already been preordained, for those who deem themselves realists much blood will be shed.

And while some might not like to admit it, it is in part a religious battle but at the same time it’s a battle that goes way beyond the mysticism of religion for above all else it is a tangible here and now battle of simple good vs. evil…cowboys vs. Indians…cops vs. robbers…take your pick they all fit to one degree or another. But it’s best summed up by saying that the battle soon to be fought is indeed one of islam vs. the West, and the Jewish State of Israel will lead the charge with the United States under President Trump standing strong and fighting close by her side.

So it has now come to this, the timing for war is right, the countdown clock has been set, and those once deemed Israel’s enemies are no longer so for the stakes are too high to let the old hatreds simmer while the common enemy of all grows stronger by the day. Actions do speak louder than words and the common enemy Iran, combined with her puppets actions have now tipped the scales in favor of war.

And so it began roughly two weeks ago when Hamas… Iranian backed and funded Hamas who sees all of Israel as a target…fired rockets from inside Gaza towards Tel Aviv. The Israeli military immediately retaliated, as they had every right to do, and it seemed a major battle would soon take place. But when Hamas’ leaders claimed that the rocket was “accidentally fired,” it did briefly temper down the situation. However, with Israel having already fought three wars with Hamas since 2007, and with smaller altercations “flaring-up” since their last major war was fought back in 2014, things are a bit different this time as many in Gaza are tired of fighting what amounts to always losing wars with Israel. And the Israeli-Egyptian blockade, sanctions by the rival Palestinian Authority, coupled with indisputable mismanagement by the Hamas government itself have all taken a serious economic toll on Gaza, thus, not boding well for yet another losing war with Israel.

Now remember I said “briefly tempered down” for it all came to a head when last Monday at 5:22am Israeli time, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington for a later in the day meeting with President Trump, a missile launched from the Gaza Strip hit a private home in moshav Mishmeret in the Sharon area, an area just outside Tel Aviv…a suburb if you will. Seven members of one family were injured…mostly shrapnel and burn wounds…including a toddler and an infant…and their four dogs were killed as a result of the attack which completely destroyed the family’s home.

Was this yet another “accidental” rocket launch…I surely think not…thus leading Netanyahu to vow that Israel will “respond forcefully” to said attack. And forcibly they did with Israeli forces striking key targets including the offices of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh…to which Hamas’ huge mistake of a response was to lob ten more rockets into Israel. And while, thankfully, this time no one was hurt, the stage for war is now being set.

After being updated by telephone regarding the situation, Netanyahu stated that, “Several minutes ago I concluded a telephone update and consultation with the Chief-of-Staff, the head of the ISA Director and the head of the NSC. There has been a criminal attack on the State of Israel and we will respond forcefully. In light of the security events I have decided to cut short my visit to the US. In a few hours I will meet with President Trump; I will return to Israel immediately afterwards in order to manage our actions from close at hand.”

And meet with President Trump he did coming soon after Trump tweeted out that, “After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!” A major move on Trump’s part for the friendship and solidarity between Israel and the United States is now permanently forged undoing the backstabbing damage done during the Obama years.

Watch video of President Trump’s and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks here:

Last year our president recognized Jerusalem as the sole and undivided capital of the Jewish State and now our president has officially recognized what should have been recognized immediately after the ’67 Six Day War…to the victor goes the spoils…for no other nation but Israel has been forced to give back land rightfully taken in war.

Remember, Israel captured the strategically important Golan Heights from Syria during said war, and when under Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Israel’s Knesset passed a law that officially annexed the Golan Heights after Begin cited serious security threats from Syria included missile attacks…true to form and as expected, the U.N. Security Council immediately passed resolution 497 condemning Begin’s move while at the same time saying that “the Israeli decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights is null and void and without international legal effect.” But now with Iran’s ever growing military presence and influence in Syria, President Trump clearly saw…and the U.N. be damned…that the Syrian side of the Golan Heights has indeed become an ever increasing security threat to Israel due to both Tehran’s ongoing threats to annihilate the Jewish State, and the fact that it’s Iran who is supplying Hamas with the rockets they fire into Israel.

“Your recognition is a twofold act of historic justice. Israel won the Golan Heights in a just war of self-defense, and the Jewish people’s roots in the Golan go back thousands of years,” Netanyahu said.

So with his breaking decades of international consensus by now issuing a Proclamation on Recognizing the Golan Heights as Part of the State …, what President Trump has become is sort of a modern day King Cyrus (Isaiah: 45), the pagan king who returned Jerusalem to the Jewish people. But in this case not only is President Trump helping to keep Israel safe, but he is helping to restore to Israel one small piece of land at a time, the land God Himself gave to His chosen people.

But before his actually putting pen to paper, President Trump along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a joint statement regarding the latest round of rocket attacks. Saying that “any possible future Middle East deal must account for Israel’s right to self-defense,” Trump made specific reference to the above stated attacks as well as issuing his condolences to the Israeli people for the “horrific” Hamas attack on civilians. “Israel will not accept this, I will not accept this,” Trump also stated to which Benjamin Netanyahu replied, and did so from his heart that, “Israel never had a better friend than you.”

Watch video of President Trump signing the Golan Heights proclamation here:

Leaving immediately after this meeting with President Trump as Netanyahu said he would, and as more rocket fire from Gaza began yet again…President Trump held a special news conference to announce, “Today, it was my great honor to welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel back to the White House where I signed a Presidential Proclamation recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights,” and that “Netanyahu did return to Israel thus missing the 2019 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) where he was scheduled to speak.”

And Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon also issued a statement of his own saying that, “We are at the beginning of a historic moment for the State of Israel. President Trump once again proves the strength of the alliance between the US and Israel. The time has come for the world to recognize that the Golan Heights is an inseparable part of the State of Israel.”

And so with that alliance firmly in place, Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel as he said he would for this great man is also embroiled in opposition nonsense of his own via Israel’s version of Deep State. In fact, the ‘New Right’ faction of Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked released a statement claiming that the latest round of rocket attacks on Israel proves that Prime Minister Netanyahu “has failed against Hamas.” And Netanyahu’s main opposition in the upcoming election, one Benny Gantz, prior to his speaking at AIPAC, called for Netanyahu to now immediately return home to “deal with the crisis.”

Tweeting that, “The reality in which Hamas turned Israel into a hostage is unprecedented and unfathomable, Netanyahu has to pack up now and return to Israel to handle this serious escalation,” what the man who wants to be prime minister…what the man who did stay to give a speech…what that very man and the others of the ‘New Right’ faction fail to understand is that unilaterally going into Gaza and wiping out Hamas is not something Israel can or should do without strong backup…backup to be feared that is. And why…because to do so would see Iran, who already is positioned along parts of Israel’s border, attacking Israel not just with rockets but with manpower as well. Israel needs allies to “cover her back” if you will, and President Trump’s proclamation signed and words spoken declare to Iran that the U.S. will do just that.

So while we know that diplomacy takes time, true statesmanship takes even longer, but many times it’s statesmanship that wins out in the end, and none of these opposition folks are statesman or even close. Instead of fighting Netanyahu these people need to understand that only through statesmanship can true allies be forged…strong allies who are not afraid of a fight…strong allies who share a common denominator…and right now that denominator is Iran along with their proxy terrorist puppets.

And that is exactly what Benjamin Netanyahu is doing…building allies through statesmanship. And statesmanship has proven to work as more and more countries are moving their embassies to Jerusalem, while at the same time Israel is seeing new alliances being forged with both Arab and African nations…even with China to some degree. In fact, Netanyahu’s Israel is helping Egypt’s President el-Sisi deal with their problems with terrorist groups who have taken up positions in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. And in return, el-Sisi recently stated that Jews are welcome to return to Egypt…he even said he will build new synagogues for them to worship in. And while Russia is not exactly happy about Trump’s proclamation per se, they are not saber-rattling in protest for Netanyahu and Putin have formed a friendship of sorts with economic deals between the two countries already in place. And not to forgotten is how badly Putin needs the port at Tartus, something not guaranteed him from Iran.

And so the bottom line is this…the time is now right for Israel to take Hamas down because they know our president has their back covered. The always…and I repeat always…Hamas initiated altercations have gone on for way too many years with most of the western media continuing to chastise Israel for daring to fight back…for daring to defend themselves against islamic terrorism.

Well, I wonder what the media will say now that Israel, who remains on high alert…schools near the border remain closed with residents told to stay near bomb shelters…is rightfully amassing troops and weapons after the tentative truce reached on Tuesday was broken soon afterwards by Hamas who continue to send rockets into Israel. The media best start changing their tune and start reporting the truth, for now thanks to President Trump, Israel no longer stands alone…the media now knows it…the world now knows it…and the islamists that comprise Hamas now know it…and I guarantee you it will not end well for those both in Hamas and in Iran who wish the Jewish State of Israel to be wiped from the face of the map.

Copyright @ 2019 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.


For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen’s blog The National Patriot to read his latest article Quantum Shift Rising – Democrats On the Edge of the Abyss.



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A Coup Wrapped in a Hoax Inside a Vendetta

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 4:52pm

After 675 days of investigation, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 warrants, and 500 witness interviews here are a few things that never happened in the time-consuming, money-wasting, slanderous attempt to erase the results of the 2016 election known as the Mueller investigation: 

1. After endless speculation and daily smears Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and other people whose supposed legal jeopardy was the subject of around-the-clock media speculation in the last year were not indicted. 

2. No one in the Trump campaign or his inner circle was implicated or charged with conspiring with Russia to fix the 2016 election, as the media authoritatively claimed day-after-day throughout the last two years. 

3. The president was not subpoenaed though the almost hysterical pundits of the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party known as the drive-by media assured us he would be. 

4. Though endless hours of speculation centered on the President’s imminent firing of Mueller it never happened 

5. The ceaseless attacks against President Trump disguised as news constantly told us the President obstructed justice by interfering with the Mueller investigation.  However, in a letter to Congress, Attorney General Barr after mentioning he was required to notify lawmakers if any top Justice Department officials ever interfered with the Mueller investigation stated, “There were no such instances.” 

Completing an investigation initiated by the CABAL in the Justice Department dedicated to reversing the outcome of the 2016 election, an investigation which did not meet the Justice Department’s own standard for appointing a Special Prosecutor; the presence of an underlying crime, Mueller is finally finished.  Not long after the news broke, Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts said, “The feeling at the White House right now is that this is finally over.”  

Unfortunately for those of us who want to get about the business of making America great again this will probably be a yes and a no.   Mueller’s report not recommending any additional indictments doesn’t mean that the Democrats have given up on their eternal Trump-Russia investigation.  Since those who knew there was nothing to this in the first place anticipated this possibility.  This is why the House Democrats jump started new Trump-Russia investigations to ensure it will never be over.  Does anyone doubt such investigations will continue, at least until the 2020 elections?  In reality this has been and is government funded media fueled opposition research and Democrat campaigning for whichever socialist they eventually nominate. 

During one of their relentless wall-to-wall bash Trump panels even the dying CNN, nest of the most outspoken of the so-called journalists suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, had to admit this was a “Huge Victory for the President,” and that Trump was “Vindicated.” 

Here are few samplings from their less than enthusiastic announcement of their long sought dream: the end of the Mueller investigation. 

Their Commander Wolf Blitzer said, “President Trump has won a huge victory.” 

Evan Pérez commented, “He’s been vindicated by them.”  

The rabidly anti-Trump Gloria Borger agreed, “And then he’s now vindicated, exactly.”  She added, “You know–how do you manage that politically? I mean, we obviously can’t jump the gun here. We have to see what comes out from Barr, and what’s in the report. But if I’m at Mar-A-Lago with the president, as Pamela has been reporting, the lawyers are … that I would be very happy.” 

Another of CNN’s trained talking heads Shimon Prokupecz said, “A couple of victories here.  The president did not have to sit down for an interview. They were so concerned about that, because he’d get caught up in lies–and there’d be perjury traps. Okay, so that’s now over. No more people being indicted. Sealed, unsealed–no more indictments. Mueller is done. Huge victory for the president.” 

The uncompromising off the rails nature of these investigations is exemplified in their incessant demands for President Trump’s tax returns.  He’s been audited by the IRS every year for more than a dozen years.  Does anyone believe if the highly politicized Obama IRS of Commissioner Douglas Shulman and Lois Lerner had found any irregularities in Trump’s returns they wouldn’t have been leaked?  Does anyone in the Democrat echo chamber media ever mention that Nancy Pelosi refuses to make her tax returns public? 

So one chapter may be ending but never fear the sequels are here.  It is all about damaging President Trump enough so that he will lose his bid for re-election.  Add the votes of the low-information and indoctrinated by the nightly news sheep to the illegals, the felons, the socialists, and the America Last crowd and the Democrats hope to deliver us to Bernie, Beto, and their Green New Deal brand of Venezuelan worker’s paradise. 

Let’s hope there’re enough people who’ve swallowed the red pill, had the scales wiped from their eyes, and realize the entire Trump – Russia side show was designed to front for a silent coup and to cover up the only real colluding that took place in the 2016 election.  Hillary colluding with DNC to rig the nomination process against Bernie.  And Hillary’s campaign colluding with Fusion GPS who hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a “dossier” filled with fake news and garbage that was all dressed up by the FBI, taken to the FISA Court, and presented as a legitimate intelligence document.   Let’s hope. 

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @  © 2019 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]   Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens or visit Dr. Owens Amazon Page / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

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In Fear of Retribution

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 4:25pm

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Censorship: “the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.”

With that being the actual dictionary definition of censorship there is a two part question that must be answered…as in who exactly appointed whom as the arbiter of what is to be and not be censored and why exactly is that whatever being censored? And censorship, while it seems to never go away to one degree or another in regards to “political-speak,” reached a new crescendo about twelve days ago when a lone gunman decided to play vigilante in one of the countries “down under.”

A crescendo for sure for by now we all know that one Brenton Tarrant slaughtered 50 worshipers at two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques. Also, we know that Tarrant helmet-cammed himself in real time and live-streamed it on social media giant Facebook. Viewed as it was happening fewer than 200 times, no one reported it to Facebook’s moderators…as in Facebook’s handpicked and ever so liberal indoctrinated censors…until 12 minutes after said video ended, by which time it had been viewed about 4,000 times in total before being removed. But no matter Facebook’s “frantic efforts” to take the video down, footage of the massacre continued circulating even hours after the shooting.

And in the 29 minutes (17 for the video plus the 12) before Facebook was alerted to the video, a Facebook user on 8chan…a user whose accounts have since been permanently removed from Facebook… posted a link to a copy of the video on a file-sharing site forcing Facebook to have to remove 1.5 million videos of said attack globally within the first 24 hours after it was originally live streamed. Saying that 1.2 million videos “were blocked at upload”…meaning they never made it to posting…translates into 300,000 of said video actually having made it to posting and thus having to be removed.

And with the video’s removal Facebook “hash tagged” the video so that other shares that were “visually similar” to that particular video were then detected and automatically removed as well. But with the video’s across the board removal on the grounds that it violated Facebook’s Community Standards against violence, down also came Facebook users emoji reactions and comments thus silencing its users voices, both opposing and condoning voices, in one fell swoop in regards to the video and the actual incident itself.

Then after issuing a formal statement saying that “this incident highlights the importance of industry cooperation regarding the range of terrorists and violent extremists operating online,” Facebook took it upon themselves to “identify abusive content on other social media sites in order to assess whether or how that content might migrate to one of our platforms,” thus basically forcing Twitter, Reddit, Google-owned YouTube, and others to also start deleting said video from their sites. In fact not only did YouTube remove the video…a video which went up in “unprecedented numbers and speed”…but they also “terminated hundreds of accounts created to promote or glorify the shooter,” as per a statement issued by a YouTube spokesperson.

And so a company with two billion users…a company that is trying to monopolize news reporting…please do not for a minute think that Facebook is solely about what one had for dinner, cute kitty and puppies photos, who’s hitting on who, or people asking for prayers for this, that, or the other thing…that company is indeed trying to be the arbiter of not only what is the news but what specific news its users will be allowed to see. Remember, last year Facebook announced that they will be deleting what they alone deem to be “fake news” based upon input from the liberal likes of Snopes (George Soros’ partly owned company), CNN (Clinton News Network), and other assorted uber left sites

Simply, Facebook and the other a fore mentioned sites appointed themselves as the judge, jury, and remover of what should have been a free flow of information by it’s users…meaning the ability to post or view the video of the mosque shooting. Remember that the ability to present and freely exchange information…whether or not a given individual or company agrees with said information…is the very foundation upon which freedom itself is built, and without that freedom we are but slaves held captive by those who control what we are allowed to see, listen to, read, or even think. ‘Big Brother’ to the nth degree.

A free flow of information…to be unrestricted in its ability to present all points of view on any given topic or event…deems it imperative for censorship to be held to a bare minimum, meaning censorship should only be applied to that which would directly incite violence. And by this I do not mean censor reporting on violence that has already happened…as in past tense…but violence that might immediately ensue because of a story published, a news report given, or a video posted…and surely not because of a single mosque shooting.

Now here again we must focus directly on Facebook and not because Brenton Tarrant video-cammed his actions onto the social media site per se, but because they led the charge in having the video being removed from all internet venues after being “nudged to do so” by the powers that be.

So then why did I say surely not because of a single mosque shooting…because in the case of Facebook…whose Community Standards are seriously skewed in favor of muslims and islam…videos and photos of Christians being beheaded by ISIS; Nigerian Christians locked in churches that were then set on fire; the Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS being burned alive while locked in a cage, the massacre at the Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh; the Foot Hood Massacre; overt desecration of Christian symbols and monuments; the vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries, and ground zero of it all…911…all these were and still are being left up.

And know that list is but a small sample of what was and is still not deemed in violation of Facebook’s Community Standards. Also not including is Facebook’s taking down of Christian pages and pro-Israel groups while leaving up anything muslim and islam related including sites that were in reality ISIS recruiting sites. And by the way, after the massacre at the synagogue in Philadelphia, I put up a simple picture of a memorial candle with a Bible verse to honor those killed, and Facebook took it down as being insensitive to others (as in the shooter), and threw me yet again into Facebook jail for another 30 days

So what Facebook and the others have done by taking the mosque massacre video down is actually hamper our efforts in learning how to protect ourselves, our loved ones and most especially our houses of worship against any future attacks. And those attacks will surely come… and probably will come fairly soon…in the guise of revenge attacks by islamists against both churches and synagogues for the concept of “an eye for an eye” is not solely found in the Holy Bible but in the (un)holy qur’an as well. 

In fact, the qur’an itself dictates revenge on those that do islam harm. For example, qur’an5:45 states, “And We ordained therein for them: Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth and wounds equal for equal…” and as per qur’an 16:126, “And if you punish, then punish them with the like of that with which you were afflicted.

And herein lies the truth that few if any in positions of power will say…the main and maybe the only reason why the mosque massacre video has been removed from the internet, newspapers, and TV…basically from the entire public venue…is because these folks are afraid, actually terrified, of islamist retribution for their 50 dead.
Sadly, the world has ever so unwisely chosen to show a complacency for islam and even for islamists. In fact, many of their attacks on the West in general as well as on Christians, Jews, and shi’ia muslims in specific (most islamists are sunni) have gone basically unpunished out of fear of retribution, of even more blood being spilled.

We allow ourselves in the name of diversity to cower and hide from the truth…a simple truth that islam itself is the enemy. And we must acknowledge that in full…for only by saying “islam is the enemy” can we, our loved ones, and our churches and synagogues be while maybe not completely safe per se, but be equipped with enough knowledge as to how to prepare ourselves to successfully fight back in defense of our way of life

And even though the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS)…their spying agency…confirmed that it had not received any relevant information or intelligence ahead of the mosque shootings, it does not change the fact that 50 muslims lay dead at the hand of a single misguided white extremist who thinks himself to be a crusader…please refer to my article Misplaced Tears, Misplaced Sorrowbut know that the retribution for those 50 will most likely be 50 times 10…or more. Remember, islamists go for the big kill, 50 will not be enough to satisfy their blood lust.

But unless things change the media…social media most especially included…will both indirectly and directly aid them in their task via both their fear of reporting the truth…in this case the truth that the Masjid Al Noor mosque had, back in 2014, been linked to the U.S. drone killing of New Zealand al-Qaeda suspects Daryl Jones and Christopher Havard who were both radicalized at said mosque…coupled with the media’s fear of reprisals against their personal selves and/or their loved ones.

So while New Zealand’s truly misguided Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern donned a hajib and ordered a national broadcast of the islamic call to prayer, she also enacted laws banning certain types of assault weapons within her country, as if that will solve their problems or issues revolving around the lone mosque shooter or even aid in preventing a copy-cat killing. Simply, it will not and why…because the fact is that New Zealand, just like the rest of the civilized world, will continue having a “muslim problem” whether they believe they have one or not…that is as long as they allow seemingly unfettered muslim immigration into their country while throwing aside the mother of all problems in the name of diversity. The call for diversity must be replacing with assimilation…as in assimilate or back you go to the country you came from…and by the way, we should do the same thing here.

So as some in the media do not want us to speak Brenton Tarrant’s name for fear of giving him notoriety for the killing of 50 muslims, and while others continue to blame President Trump for the shooting, I say why should Tarrant’s name be relegated to obscurity for killing 50 muslims when the likes of Ghengis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, and so may others killed hundreds of millions of people with their names forever enmeshed within the pages of history. The answer is simply to placate the muslims yet again…and that will be the death of us all.

Copyright @ 2019 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.
For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen’s blog The National Patriot to read his latest article An Apology to John…A Legend in His Own Mind.



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Deafening Silence of the Jewish Kind

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 4:17pm

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

Seventy-four years ago on May 7, 1945, Germany surrendered and World War II in Europe was finally over. All told between 70 to 85 million people lay dead, six million of them Jews. Around two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population was systematically murdered between 1941 to 1945, but to say the world didn’t know is not true for the 1930’s saw the lead-up to what was to come as Dachau, which started it’s killing operations in 1933, was known about by many.

And only with the end of the war did the number of Jews killed and the atrocities committed upon their person really begin to sink in…and yet even those numbers and the horrors inflicted did not stop the cancer that is anti-Semitism from spreading into our country. In fact, many Jewish Americans fail to see let alone accept the new reality that today’s Jew-hatred coming from islamists and white supremacists has been both coupled and amplified by the Jew-hatred emanating from some newly elected and long standing Democrat members of Congress. And it’s these folks who continue to make sure that what they perceive as “rightfully deserved” hatred of Jews is back as item number one on their silent “to do” anti-Semitic agenda.

But even sadder is that America’s Jewish and Christian populations…see my article Deafening Silence of the Christian Kind…both seemengulfed within a cocoon of deafening silence and blinding delusions that the many atrocities ongoing in the world today will not happen here. Christians, for the most part, keep collectively silent as churches are vandalized and defiled both here within our own country and around the world…sometimes with many killed…and Jews don’t want to hear how Iran keeps wanting Israel wiped off the face of the map with those in the Diaspora thrown in for good measure. And in the case of the Jews this is all being done while overt acts of anti-Semitism seem to be met with the same nonchalant Christian attitude of forgiveness and pardon…why else is it that outwardly anti-Semitic lhan Omar has yet to be legally expelled from Congress.

Turn the other cheek” seems to be just as erroneously revered by Jews as it is by Christians as followers of both faiths seem to think that forgiveness is the sole duty of the victims. Forgetting that those who unjustly kill in the name of hate need not be forgiven by mere mortal men but by God alone…if He so chooses to forgive that is… otherwise why would there be a Hell to send sinners to. And while the Talmud itself says that even those who unjustly kill must be given the chance to repent before their Judgment Day, thus being allowed to reconcile with God if you will, that does not mean that the murderers of six million Jews, for example, must be forgiven by any of those of the Jewish faith alive today.

And the majority of American Jews seem to remain both locked in deafening silence as well as being blind to the fact that it’s not just islamists that they need to fear…islamists who are undoubtedly the biggest perpetrators of hate, bloodshed and death against both Christians and Jews…but it’s also the anti-Semitic, Nazi condoning, far right fringe of sorts coupled with those within the progressive far left of the Democrat party itself

“Never Again” is indeed happening again, this time via the very political party too many Jews support.

The Democrat party basically remained silent, except for a few cursory remarks, when one of their own targeted and slaughtered 11 Jews worshiping in a synagogue in Pittsburgh just six short months ago, and did the same on the last day of Passover just past when another Chabad synagogue was attacked, this time in Poway CA, leaving one dead and 4 others injured including an eight year old child. Now as the Democrat party sees itself being slowly exposed as the true the enemy of both American Jews and the Jewish State of Israel, it’s way past time that Jews hear that truth before it’s too late…and know that particular doomsday clock is already ticking down ready to explode here at home.

The Democrat party…the party Jews overwhelmingly and ever so foolishly continue to support…sees hatred of them going way beyond just the likes of vile muslimas Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Thalib, as some of that hate…albeit to a far lesser degree…also surfaces from the Republican side of the aisle.

Resonating within the very halls of Congress itself…a Congress that can no longer hide behind what was once veiled yet accepted tropes against Jews…still sees the majority of American Jews continuing to support both liberal causes and candidates, as well as the party that actually hates them. And they do so while attacks against synagogues and destruction of Jewish cemeteries increases not just here at home but also in Europe, while at the same time rockets are lobbed into Israel almost on a daily basis.

And yet few Jews are crying out in anger as the deafening silence that breeds Jew-hatred continues on as it festers and grows even stronger with each passing day. Deafening silence for like with the Christians who remain silent to the slaughter of their brethren half a world away coupled with the defaming of the tenets of their faith, so too do the Jews remain eerily silent to attacks on those of their faith. Sure the rabbis will speak out in the immediate aftermath of any such attack as do the priests, ministers, and pastors when those of their faith are attacked, but none of their words spoken ever seem to be backed up with even so much as a basic plan regarding much needed tangible actions or should I say reactions.

Payback should be a bitch after all….as it’s the only thing cowardly anti-Semites, 7th century savages and those who make heroes of them both, respect let alone fear.

And when you add in the media who not only remain, for the most part, silent in their reporting of acts of violence committed against Jews or who affords such acts mere token words at best, and you couple that with the media actually helping to perpetrate Jew-hatred…as can be seen in this recent New York Times cartoon…the reality is that only Israel truly understands the gravity of the now worldwide situation for only Israel fights back against those doing them and their citizens harm.

“Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, “Are you for us or for our enemies?” – Joshua 5:13

Simply, only Israel seeks and initiates much needed “revenge” when Jews are killed or property of Jews is either destroyed or damaged by those who wish them all dead, and it’s time that “revenge” here in our country is not treated as a four-letter word. An “eye for an eye” does have a place in today’s world and it’s time American Jews seek “revenge” against the party that is helping to perpetrate and spread all the anti-Semitic hate.

But said “revenge” in the case of the Jews is surely quite different than it is with the Christians needing an actual Crusade of sorts to rescue Christianity, for in the case of America’s Jews the best revenge comes in the guise of changing the actual mindset of why they continue to vote Democratic. Voting Republican should and must be the end game for even while American Jews truly want to “do good in the world”…a concept deeply rooted within the Torah itself…they foolishly continue to buy into the Democrat tenet of “social responsibility.” And what is “social responsibility” but a politically over-hyped misnomer on par with the “it takes a village” nonsense of the Hillary Clinton days. Missing the mark that it’s “personal responsibility” that must and should take precedence over any and everything “socially” related, only when Jews start taking seriously that the Democrat party is not their friend will some progress in stopping the anti-Semitic hate be made.

And while Democrats and especially the progressive far left faction of the party abhor Christians for their deep faith in the very God they as Democrats relish in “booing,” Democrats abhor Jews, I believe, more out of simple jealousy of their collective economic and professional successes than they do of their religious tenets. Yet Democrats work hard to garner both the Jewish vote as well as their campaign contributions for as much as they dislike the Jews they do realize they can capitalize on the Jews shared acceptance of variations in “societal norms”…variations in “societal norms” that help to make up a great part of the Democrat party agenda and platform.

But until American Jews accept as fact that it’s that very acceptance Democrats are using to help push forward what is actually a hateful agenda…an agenda that does allow anti-Semitic rhetoric and hate to flower and grow… and until Jews realize that with their having the highest percentage of voter turnout of any American ethnic group (Jews make up just 2–2.5% of the U.S. population but 94% of that population lives in the 13 most key electoral college states which combined have enough electors to elect the next president)…it’s now time for the roughly 65% of American Jews who call themselves Democrats, to stop being silent and vocally leave the Democrat party.

And that exodus has thankfully started as a result of both Republican and President Trump’s rightful stances on Israel. And if that’s not enough incentive to leave what is the true party of hate, then maybe America’s Jews should consider these facts…in the 2018 election four muslims were elected to federal office; 13 were elected to state office; eight were elected to county office; 19 were elected to municipal office; six were elected to the judiciary (very significant wins when you consider how judges don’t seem to be concerned about the Constitution anymore and look to foreign law and “precedent” in many of their rulings); with these numbers not including those muslims elected to school board positions, state attorney general positions, or other numerous important positions. 

And dare I forget that those muslims all ran as Democrats…more haters of Jews now in the very halls of our government.

So muslims and their unapologetic slaughterer of both Christians and Jews…muslims who have no problem promoting their wanting to “change” our culture and society into theirs replete with sharia law being placed above the Constitution…those very muslims and their Democrat supporters are the ones Jews need to be most fearful of for nothing changes the fact that muslims as a collective whole want to see Jews…and Christians…dead. It’s in their (un)holy qur’an after all.

And while Jewish voices quiver as to the scope of the true nightmare they face, it’s now time to follow Israel’s example and fight back against those wishing them harm, for if they don’t just like with the Christians possibly having no church to come home to in the end, the same can be said of the Jews having no synagogues at which to worship.

So the Jews and the Christians must unite together as one…unite together to fight not only all the hate coming most especially from one side of the political aisle, but to fight together against the savages lurking at both Judaism’s and Christianity’s proverbial door. And if they don’t, just like it is now with their Christian brothers, it will be the Jews deafening silence that is Judaism’s death knell as well. I truly wonder how God our Father…how Yahweh… will feel about that.

Copyright @ 2019 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen’s blog The National Patriot to read his latest article, Hidden From History…Patton’s Greatest Achievement.



Tuesday, May 7th, from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss ‘Deafening Silence of the Jewish Kind’; ‘Hidden From History…Patton’s Greatest Achievement’; and important news of the day.

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Tue, 05/07/2019 - 5:34am


I’m curious about the cases of immigrants seeking Asylum in the United States.

I was just reading 8 U.S. Code 1158 Asylum and I have come to the conclusion that Lawyers and Congressmen should take a course in How To Write A Short Story.

I read through the document twice and I still don’t understand what is being said. In the first sentence it states that anyone who is physically present in the United States whether or not they came into the U.S. at a legal Port of Entry or was interdicted(arrested or picked up in U.S. Waters) can apply for Asylum.

The only reason that I can see for the wording of this sentence is to allow aliens to enter our Great Country wherever and whenever they want, but they have to file for asylum within one year. Most of them could care less about asylum unless they get caught.

Why the long length of time and why not specify a Port Of Entry? If those that wrote this could or would think about what they are saying, or maybe they did. I don’t think that we would have as large of a problem as we have at the border. We could catch and put them on the next bus to Mexico. No courts would need to be involved, which would save time and Taxpayer Dollars.

In conclusion Those responsible for writing the laws are the ones responsible for many of our problems because the laws are written so that most people can’t understand what they are reading.

The Butcher Shop

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Burrs and Triggers

Mon, 05/06/2019 - 6:54am

There are several burrs under my saddle this morning. Little things that people see and hear all the time, and take for granted. There are two kinds of triggers. Those that make you mad, and those that make you accept. Both require a certain amount of mental preparation, but the mainstream media takes care of that. As the daily dose of propaganda meditates you, you begin to think of certain positions as true. Your mindset is already in place when these triggers are pulled. Well it’s all fertilizer, and people are like flies, congregating near their odor of choice.

The first is polls! Do not believe any poll you see. We tend to think that the pollsters hang out on a street corner just outside of Radio City Music Hall asking questions of anyone who will answer. Au Contrairé! If it’s CNN they poll students at the University of Texas. You know that place. Where students believe Martin Luther King, Jr. freed the slaves! Yeah, THOSE kids. If it’s Fox News, aw shucks, they just poll the president’s family. This was displayed wonderfully in 2016 when the polls were more skewed than a bullfrog race in Okalla, Texas. If the Russians hadn’t taken over that night we’d STILL not know the outcome.

Then statements like, “According to the experts” or “Most scholars agree.” From which bar? Most scholars agree that Jesus was born in Jerusalem, rather than the usual Bethlehem site, while according to the experts He wasn’t born at all. This is a lot like polls. It all depends on which drunks are involved. Experts agree that a comet killed off the dinosaurs while biblical scholars think that Noah just didn’t let them on the ark. The penguins swimming up from Antartica took up too much room. And now let’s take a closer look at experts and scholars.

Professor giving class at the blackboard

If you watch National Geographic or The Smithsonian Channel concerning archaeology you will invariably run across what I call the archaeological hottie. This is no accident. They pay her for this folks. While most real archaeologists look a bit like Mother Theresa, there will be a kid who looks like she should be on Bay Watch, only she’s in jeans, with her top button on her blouse conveniently loose, and she is always squatting, squatting mind you, with this little tack hammer in her hand examining some rock that she claims came from Mars! Verily, verily I say unto you that this chick don’t exist. She’s an attention getter. Hey, she gets MY attention every time. And she’s one of scholars who “mostly agree.” So there!

Any statement made after any state of the Union address by any news service. If the president, ANY president were to go up there and just say, “It’s all good,” and went right back to the White House all the mainstream media would count the letters and micro-analyze that statement for hours. And of course there would have to be an investigation to see just how the speech was written, what exactly did “good” really mean? Good for one party or the other, and of course a supporting poll to verify the opinions of whichever cackle babble head in the box is expounding said opinion at the time. See rule number one up there.

“This might be disturbing for some viewers.” We’ve all heard it. Loosely translated that means WATCH! And it’s almost always some cop shooting some idiot who won’t show his hands. Hey! I have an Idea. Why don’t we train cops to shoot people in the hands? After watching the Twin Towers fall, the Zapruder film and all those terrible abortion ultra-sounds do they really think we can be “disturbed?” The American conscience is so disturbed that it can’t be disturbed! We’re the sickest pricks on the planet. Please replace that phrase with, “Hold my beer and watch this!”

The View! This ripoff of “The Golden Girls” irritates me to no end. As they dance around the issues, not settling on anything, I find myself channel surfing, looking for an archeological hottie. There are no hotties on The View. The VIEW? Nothing to “view” here folks. Just move along. If you take The View, warn the viewers that something that might be disturbing, substantiate it with a couple of polls delivered by that cute archeologists with a button loose and a necklace made from a mummy’s teeth, then you will very quickly understand why the Russians didn’t HAVE to hack our elections.

The Butcher Shop

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Sun, 05/05/2019 - 5:44am

She rubbed his head. Looking into the distance she spoke, “John, if you were in a battle with one of your creatures, and you were God, how would you defeat the creature. I mean, if the creature took everything from you?”

“If I were God, how could everything be taken from me?”

“Remember the story I told the children yesterday? Well, suppose you were God, and you and the Angel of Light were having a debate, Ok? Now, the Angel of Light was very beautiful, and very smart, and he was really beginning to suppose that he was almost as great as the Creator, if not his equal. Now, you’re God. You know to judge any debate you must have a third party. Says that in the Bible.”

“Yes, two or more witnesses. Yes, I suppose it does.”

“All right. So you create man. Man, and woman are the two witnesses. Now, you’re God, so you know that your creation will give you a fair shake. Only it doesn’t go that way. The woman chooses for the Angel of Light. So he goes up to God, and he says, ‘See! The man, and woman choose me! You loose God! And do you know what God did?”

John sat up, and turned to see her eyes. “What did he do, Sharon?”

“He said, ‘Ok, you take the man. You take the woman. You take my beautiful world. They are yours. You have won them. And do you know why he did that, John?”


“Because he’s just! God won’t break his word, even when it hurts. And it hurt God for man to side with his adversary. So anyway, you want to win this debate. Now, you’re God, and you could, if you wanted to, just slap that angel and tell him to shut up, only that wouldn’t prove a thing, would it? The angel would just say, ‘Hey! You’re God. So you’re bigger than me, and you just beat me up.

So, instead you pick a nation. A chosen people. And you begin to purify it. You work for years, and you bring it down from a nation to one tribe, to one village, family, down to one little girl. One very pure, very special little girl. You sanctify her by coming into the world through her body. She is as perfect as the first woman you created, only she does the job right! She stays pure! What better match for the adversary that another one of your creatures? The perfect challenger. A sinless, humble little girl, carrying redemption in her womb. She had to be sinless, John. She had a job to do. And she’s doing it today. She was sent to crush the head of the serpent.”

“But the Bible says that all have sinned.”

“It has taken man almost two thousand years to realize who Mary is, and still man is a little short of the mark. He tries to understand God, but first he needs to understand this one very special little girl who gave you God made flesh!

The Butcher Shop

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CigarBox – Real Daddy

Sat, 05/04/2019 - 9:47am

Honeymoon over the couple found their way back at the Bend, and in Claudette’s office the following Monday morning.

“So you want to work here,” Claudette asked?

“Yeah,” June replied, “I want to be a real estate person, like you.

The old broker looked at the sixteen year old. “You don’t have high school. You are not eighteen yet, and you need to be eighteen to test for the license, and you don’t know anything about our business.”

“I hate school. I know how to type, and I learned to ride my first bicycle on your streets!”

“Then you aren’t going back to school?”

“No. If you won’t let me work here then I’ll just work at Fat Eddie’s and Mike and I will live in an apartment.”

Claudette looked at Mike. “When are you taking your courses to test?”

“Thought you wanted me to go to college?”

“Not anymore! You got a family now! You take the real estate core and test! You need to work, not study, Socrates! You’re to god damn stupid for college!”

Inwardly Claudette admired June’s grit. She had more grit than Mike would ever have. She wished she could convince the girl to finish high school, but being from the old school, she knew that when June was eighteen she’d have enough “under her belt” to breeze through the courses and test for the real estate license and that would be as good as a west Texas high school diploma.

“Tell you what, you work here for a while, just to see how you do. Mike, you start the weekend classes. June, I really want you in school, but I’d rather have you here than in Fat Eddie’s slinging catfish.”

Mike went out to the golf course and June went right to work that very day. Her duties started simple enough. She answered the phone, kept messages, and that freed up Claudette a bit to get around town a little more than she could before. She was pleasantly surprised at June’s abilities. She really could type, and fast! She quickly learned that the girl was quite a scholar at school, and hadn’t quit school because she could not make passing grades, but because she was simply too bright to sit there. She loved the world of west Texas real estate more. She learned all about real estate by just being in the office. One afternoon a rancher came in and was very disturbed about his closing not happening on time. The man had wanted to sell his ranch and move out to L. A. and a discrepancy in the survey kept the closing from happening.

“What is the problem, Claudette?”

“Well, it’s simple. Your original deed says the land is fourteen hundred and fifty and eighteen one- hundredths acres.”


“The new survey says it’s fourteen hundred and fifty and eight one-hundredths acres. You’ve lost some land somewhere!”

The rancher rolled his eyes, “Well get it straight! I gotta get out to L. A.! My old lady’s out there on Rodeo drive and she’ll bankrupt me before I get there if you don’t get this straightened out!”

He stormed out of the office and left them sitting there. Claudette told June, “Get Chip on the line for me.” June called the county taxman and gave the phone to Claudette.

“Chip, I got me a problem. There is a tenth of an acre difference in a survey on a ranch I’m selling and I can’t close until I find that dirt!”

“How old is the original survey?”

“Hell, I don’t know,” she rummaged through the closing documents, “about the time of the Alamo, how do I know? Here, about nineteen sixty-nine. How’s that?”

“Ok, here’s the problem. Back then; they used the old chain survey method. You remember. The boy would run along with a long chain like a football first down chain. Now, they use lasers, and satellites. Now combine that with one may be done on a wet day, and the other on a dry day.”

“Ok, ok, so what. What do I do to close?”

“Put in the contract on page one under ‘lot description’ this; ‘such and such amount of land plus or minus,’ and that should take care of it for Marge over at the Exchange.”

Claudette was correcting the contract even as the man spoke over the phone. “Never heard of that one, Chip, but I’m gonna try it. Thanks.”

The next day the closing went ahead as planned with the revision on the contract. Little things like this stuck in June’s mind. The dealings with land had dignity to her. The logic of it all made her feel as if everything was right in the universe.

Claudette impressed her. More than anything she knew that the old broker had risen above a lot of obstacles to make her angels fly. She also was made very aware in private that the broker had a severe reading problem. Soon, June was reading all documents to her, and was actually becoming adept at understanding the subtle “in’s and out’s” of real estate and she hadn’t darkened the doors of one class yet!

Mike did go to the classes, however. The preliminary classes were three ten hour days of “study” in which the candidate would pass a “test” and be awarded thirty hours of credit. Actually, what it consisted of was two days of memorizing the answers to the test and the last day of testing. The questions, and answers were given in the exact order and verbiage on the test. In fact, if you could memorize numbers the math part was totally easy in that one could simply remember a few numerical answers and zip through the math part of the test. However, Mike was never very studious, even with the deck so stacked and after the first three-day class there was an explosion in the little real estate office.

“You failed?”

“Only by about five points, momma.”

“You failed a fast class?”

“I’ll do better next time.”

“Mike, they give you the answers. That’s all they
do for two days is give you the answers and then they ask you the same blasted questions back and you fill in the blanks! People on LSD can pass these stupid classes! I passed those classes, and I can’t READ!”

He stormed out of the office and ran out to the golf course to play a round and get his nerves under control. June was learning that Mike was not the most intellectual of the brothers in the controlling family of the Bend. Tommy was brighter, but now that she was in the family she was becoming aware that he was more than a little fond of not only smoking the smoke that June smoked with Ray, but having access to money such as he did, he also did something June had never seen; cocaine! She caught him doing a line in the rest room at the mansion one evening when he thought everyone was in bed.

“What are you doing?”

He looked up surprised, “Just a little coke, that’s all. Don’t tell mom.”

She walked over and looked at the line on the mirror. “Never did that stuff.”

Tommy saw a chance to make sure that his new sister in law kept the secret and raised the mirror to her nose. She drew back slightly, “I don’t know how.”

“Just sniff. It’ll go in. Don’t be afraid. I know you smoke grass.”

“Yeah, but grass ain’t this stuff.” She bent down and very slightly sniffed a little bit into her nose. A small feeling of exhilaration overcame her. Composing herself, she leaned down and sniffed a bit more, and then all of it.

“Hey! Greedy ain’t we,” Tommy joked.

“No, you offered.” She rolled her eyes. “Man! I could get used to this stuff!”

“We all do.”

“Not your mom.”

Tommy laughed. He watched as she let the drug
take control. “How do you feel?”

“Different. Not really high. Yeah, I guess.

Tommy became aware that he was becoming
excited by the fact that June was getting high and “loosening up” before his eyes. She looked directly into his eyes and his heart leaped. He saw that she was very beautiful indeed. Perhaps it was the drug, or the moment, but he could feel her taking control of him. After a long lapse of time, he broke her stare.

“Hey, maybe you better go back to bed,” he finally said.

“This stay’s between us, right?”

“Hey, right here in the crapper. No one will ever know.”

She looked into his eyes for a full minute. Tommy was helpless; then, she pulled back and let him go. For June there were other fish to catch, and this minnow simply would not do.

She smiled and said, “Yeah,” and walked back down the long hall to her bedroom.

Mike continued to struggle with the classes but lost interest rapidly. Inwardly, he was very aware that even if he didn’t pass any class his mother would support him. Claudette became aware that her son would never be an agent. Each week delivered the same result, and with each week in the office June shined a bit more. The awful truth dawned and Mike finally went to work with his stepfather in construction and tried his hand at roofing. He was not a boss in any way. He wasn’t much of a roofer either. He drifted through each day trying to get out of as much work as possible.
One afternoon, when June found herself alone in the office she put a CD into the computer and looked at phone listings. She clicked “state,” and selected “Nevada.”

Then she selected “Las Vegas.” She really didn’t think it would work but she put in her father’s last name, and about twenty people with that last name came up. Slowly her big blue eyes drifted down the alphabetized list of first names until she saw his name, or at least someone with that same name. She looked out the glass windows in the front of the real estate office and almost trembling her forefinger clicked the mouse on “dial.”

“Hello,” came the man’s voice on the line.

Her heart raced. She’s never heard his voice before. She didn’t know what to say, so she just said, “Daddy?”

“Who is this? Do I know you?”

“This is June. I live in Texas. You knew my mom,” and she stopped.

There was a long silence on the phone, and then, “June? Is that you?”


“Yes, where are you?”

“I’m still in Texas. I live at the Bend now.”

“The Bend. You live in the Bend?”

“Yes, I’m married.”

“Girl you can’t be fifteen years old.”

“I’m almost seventeen. Oh daddy, it’s so good to
hear your voice!”

The conversation went on and on, and she didn’t
care who knew she’d made the call. When Mike came in from work she told him right away that she’d called her Real Daddy.

“What did he say?”

“He wants to see us. He wants us to come up and see him.”

“I’ll have to tell momma.”

She looked disgusted, “Why do you have to tell your momma. You have to tell your momma everything. I’ll bet you tell her what we do in our bedroom.”

He got very angry and slapped her. Then he grabbed her by the hair and shook her head and started saying, “Don’t you ever say that. Don’t you ever say that!”

About that time, Tommy came in and ran over to grab Mike. “Hey, man, cool it. What’s wrong with you?”

“She’s being a bitch, that’s all.”

Tommy slung Mike back into the file cabinets and said,” Don’t hit her, ok? Don’t you ever hit June!”
Mike would have swung, but Tommy had been a golden glove for two years before the cocaine took over his life. He was still a fighter, and Mike knew he was no match. He just gave that down stare he always gave at times like this. Just then, Claudette came in from the street. Studying the two boys, and knowing their ways, she asked,

“What’s going on?”

“Mike slapped June,” Tommy said.

Claudette walked slowly over to June and looked at her face. The left side was a bit red, and the tears in the girl’s eyes told the truth. She went back over to Mike, still leaning on the file cabinets. Before he could move she slapped him so hard it sounded like a rifle shot.

“Don’t you ever let me catch you hitting another woman, you hear me? If you ever hit her again I’ll beat you to death. You understand me?”

“Yes, momma.” He rubbed his cheek and shifted his gaze to Tommy, and then back to Claudette, and then to June.

“Why’d you slap her?”

“She’s been calling her Real Daddy.” In his childish world, he thought that this accusation would clear him of the slapping.

Claudette turned to June, “Well, how is he?”

The girl was rubbing her face now, “Oh, he’s ok. He wants me to come and see him.”

“Be careful that you are not disappointed when you do. Where’s he been all these years?”

“He deals blackjack in Vegas. He works all the time.”

“Well, just don’t bet on him, that’s all. He come breezing through this town and was lucky he didn’t get himself shot.” She turned and pointed her finger at Mike and walked out of the room.
As Mike turned to leave, he tripped over something and fell flat on his face. June and Tommy laughed, and Mike got up off the floor, dusted himself off as best he could, and left the room.

“How’d you do that,” the spirit guide asked?

“Wouldn’t you like to know, Dr. Angel,” Veronica answered. “I’ve always been pissed off that he slapped me that day. I finally got a chance to even up the score, that’s all.”

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