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Mitt Romney planning to run for Senate if Orrin Hatch retires

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 8:56pm

Sources tell that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is preparing to run for Senate in 2018 if Sen. Orrin Hatch decides to retire.

Sources close to Romney say the two-time presidential candidate will jump into the 2018 Utah Senate scrum if Hatch opts not to.

So far, Hatch has not made up his mind as to whether he’ll run for an eighth term in 2018. He has previously said he was planning on running as long as his and his wife’s health holds up.

Dave Hansen, a longtime political advisor to Hatch, told last month that he didn’t expect Hatch to decide on his political future until October. However, sources now tell that Hatch may not make up his mind until December.

Hatch’s reticence to make a definitive announcement is presenting other candidates from getting in the race, but Romney has the financial resources to mount a campaign no matter when Hatch decides.

Rep. Chris Stewart also has said he would like to jump into the race if Hatch decides against running for an eighth term next year.

A poll shows Romney would be in great shape to win a Senate race against Democrat Jenny Wilson. Romney pulls 64% of the vote to Wilson’s 26%. The poll shows Stewart would only be ahead of Wilson 34-30, but that’s likely due to Stewart being less familiar to Utah voters.

Earlier this year Hatch said he would be willing to step aside if an “outstanding person” like Mitt Romney were to run for the seat he currently holds.

Source:  Bryan Schott @

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DACA: Delayed Accountability for Contemptuous Aliens

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 7:59pm

Remember when candidate Donald Trump promised when he was president, “We’re going to win so much. You’re going to get tired of winning.”?

Evidently, the president pooped out before we did.

The latest issue where President Trump is too tired to win is DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival. This unconstitutional Obama fatwa ordered immigration authorities to give work permits, green cards, implied future citizenship and a stolen identity to illegal alien children brought here by their equally illegal parents.

The fact this particular subset of the illegal alien invasion is composed of children is supposed to make normally clear–thinking conservatives all dewy–eyed and sympathetic.

And I am sympathetic. I think it would be cruel to make these illegals fly back to their own country on Spirit Air, so taxpayers should be willing to spring for a ticket on United.

But there ends my sympathy.

Adhering to the rule of law is a difficult topic for leftists to grasp since race, class and ideology take priority and their law enforcement is subject to outside circumstance and political popularity. For those who think laws should apply equally to everyone, the concept of “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” is relevant here.

Cornell defines it as, “A doctrine that extends the exclusionary rule to make evidence inadmissible in court if it was derived from evidence that was illegally obtained. As the metaphor suggests, if the evidential “tree” is tainted, so is its “fruit.”

The same rule should apply to DACA. When the parents cross the border and break the law the children shouldn’t benefit from their crime.

The left’s response is always “they were children and didn’t know the law was being broken.” Fine, the kids didn’t know dad shoplifted the Xbox either, but they don’t get to continue playing Grand Theft Auto when the cops arrive.

So if those kids forfeit an Xbox worth under $500, why should illegals be allowed to keep benefits worth vastly more?

[Curious note: Both the shoplifter parent and the illegal parent claimed they broke the law because they “wanted to give their families a better life.”]

We owe nothing to DACA participants wrapped in Mexican flags and burning US flags, while demonstrating the aggressive dependency that characterizes much of the immigration controversy. Their beef is with lousy parents who took a gamble and lost.

The issue shouldn’t really be this difficult for Republicans to understand either. We had a referendum! Out of the 14 serious candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, nine were in favor of giving DACA participants US citizenship or some form of amnesty. And guess what? Not one of the nine gained the nomination or won the presidency.

The guy that won promised to end DACA on Day One.

Ending DACA won’t lose votes for President Trump. Ninty–nine percent of the DACA supporters who could legally vote, voted for Hillary.

Waffling on DACA is the vote loser because it betrays Trump’s base.

Republican appeasers are recycling the same arguments voters soundly rejected 2016. They fear applying the law equally will ruin Republicans with Hispaniards for generations. What else is new? Ethnic supremacy groups have been holding funerals for the GOP since the turn of this century and the corpse keeps leaping up from the grave.

When Republicans do cave in to illegal alien demands, the party realizes no benefit. Ronald Reagan signed the bill that granted citizenship to 3 million illegals and they rewarded him by voting Democrat.

In this week’s frenzy to cater to minor criminals two polls supposedly show overwhelming support, but the data, like GOP open border sellouts, can’t be trusted.

The questions are misleading. In the Politico poll, supposedly proving “overwhelming” support for DACA, there are no specific conditions listed, only “certain requirements,” which is polling fantasy.

That’s like asking if the Cleveland Browns will win the Super Bowl if the team “meets certain requirements.”

The NBC poll is equally doctored. DACA delinquents are termed “undocumented immigrants” instead of the understandable “illegal alien” in a sleazy attempt to boost support.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–Appeasement) claims the decision on DACA is a “defining moment” for Republicans. He’s right, but not in the way he thinks. Fact is these moochers had quite a run in the US. They attended schools they didn’t pay for, demanded green cards they didn’t merit and took welfare benefits they didn’t deserve. Now it’s time to say thanks go home.

Graham, and now Trump, appear to be embracing a DACA “fix” that keeps illegals in the US while causing a mass exodus of conservatives from the GOP. It’s a victory for the left, parasitic businesses and Republican swamp leeches.

There’s already a “fix” that keeps a Trump campaign promise and begins solving our immigration problem. That “fix” is ending DACA.

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The End of the World

Sun, 09/10/2017 - 8:29am

I shared a couple videos last night about this September 17th end of the world thing. I did that for a REASON! I turn 66 on September 11th, and I can’t count the number of these crackpot predictions I’ve seen. Global warming, earthquakes, wars to end all wars, asteroids, floods, and here come the hurricanes! I’m expecting another batch of religious nuts to swallow cyanid and lasso a comet!

People! To quote the Prophet, George Carlin, the planet’s fine. We’re messed up! Jesus is coming soon? I’m sure he is! Came to me in 1972. Another thing I watched last night was a documentary on the visions at Fatima in 1917. Three children claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary, who gave them three secrets, which they shared two with some, but kept one secret to themselves.

Two of the children died in the flu epidemic of 1918, but one, Lucia Santos, went on to become a nun, and when she fell ill in the 1940’s a local bishop convinced her to write the third secret down, which she did, and sealed it in an envelope.

Each Pope after that opened the envelope, read its content, and sealed it back up. Lucia, herself, said what she had written could not be revealed until after 1960, or after her death. Theories abounded as to what was in that envelope! Great firestorms destroying mankind, Armageddon, the end of the Catholic Church, the guesses were endless.

When the message was revealed the connection of all three secrets was so logical, at least to me. The first was the advent of World War 1. Mary said man was bringing it upon himself, and if we didn’t get it right, even though that war would end, another one would follow that would make the first look like a walk in the park. She warned that Russia was about to spread its lies all over the world, and many nations would fall until we prayed for the consecration of Russia, and it returned to God.

Well, those predictions were given to a ten year old little girl in 1917! They were quite clear, and Little Lucia knew nothing about politics, world events, or Wall Street! Yet, over the last century theologians, atheists, and more than a few TV evangelists have micro-analyzed the three predictions, especially the third, trying to squeeze Nostradamus in there somewhere.

Mary never told the children anything about the End of the World! She told them we needed to get it right or we’d have people like Hitler, Stalin, and yes Kim Un constantly rocking the boat. We bring these things upon ourselves! We slaughter the unborn, have unnatural relationships, worship money, make wars for a tank of gas, and when someone points that out, they are ridiculed, called a religious nut, or worse than that, some carnival barker comes out of nowhere screaming, “End of the World!” and laughs all the way to the bank! Happy September 17th everybody!

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Hurricane Harvey: Vet Group Deploys To Assist Relief Effort

Sat, 09/09/2017 - 3:52pm

HOUSTON, TX — In Houston right now, ravaged by Harvey, a group of 236 (and counting) volunteers is in deployment mode. Consisting of veterans, first responders, and “kickass civilians,” Team Rubicon specializes in helping people in areas stricken by disasters and when Harvey hit, they answered the call in military fashion: Operation Hard Hustle was born.

Team Rubicon volunteers are called “Greyshirts,” a simple moniker based on their T-shirts. One Greyshirt, Stephen Reid, came from New York, where he used to be a detective. “I travelled 1,800 miles to live on a cot for a week and to do this,” he said.

He recalled helping a hysterical small lady. “I gave her a hug,” he said. The woman’s father was sick and needed his medication, which was stuck inside their flooded house. “We look nothing alike. We’re from two separate worlds,” Reid said, knowing that years earlier, his own mother’s home was devastated by Sandy. He found the much-needed medication in the house, helping to keep the woman’s father healthy.

Jennie Haskamp is a Marine Corps veteran and is serving as the Public Information Officer for Operation Hard Hustle. She feels the same calling Reid does. “It’s the most satisfying thing I’ve ever been a part of,” she said.

In an interview with Patch, Haskamp said Team Rubicon is ready to dig in. They’ve been working in Houston since Aug. 28, and “We have plans… to be here for eight weeks. We know that we’ll be here in some form or another for months and months. We’ll be here long after the cameras are gone,” she said.

Much of what Team Rubicon does is clean up. They clear out water-damaged homes, cut downed trees, clear debris and do whatever else the people need. They’re expecting a total of 2,000 volunteers over their efforts to provide relief to Harvey survivors.

Veterans are especially capable of this work. “We follow orders well, we communicate effectively within a unit, and we’re already used to doing the s— work,” Haskamp said.

The way Team Rubicon works is very close to how the military works. They’ve got high standards. Volunteers must complete hours of training before becoming eligible to deploy. All of the work they do matches or surpasses standards of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. Tons of personal protective equipment, like hardhats, wading pants and masks, is required.

Haskamp is working at Team Rubicon’s command center in Houston. They also have five forward operating bases (FOBs), each the center of operations for a battalion. “Our plan is to have 20 battalions out there in the coming weeks,” she said, and hundreds more Greyshirts are flying in on donated flights.

Greyshirts live at the FOBs. Like on many military deployments, they sleep on cots and eat MREs for breakfast, or a hot breakfast if they’re lucky. Everybody is a member of a “strike team,” a 5-person unit that resembles a Marine Corps fire team. So every day, the strike team leader gets their orders and the team gets to work. They work all day at their mission and head back to the FOB to rest.

So far, they’ve completed almost 100 missions and have filed almost 2,000 damage assessments, all within a week or so.

The victims that Team Rubicon helps aren’t the only people to benefit from what they do. It can do wonders for the mental health of a veteran. “Helping is healing,” Haskamp said. “Vets don’t want a diagnosis or a title. We want a purpose.”

Any veteran knows that the strongest of bonds come from going through hardships with other people. “We appreciate the cohesion that comes from shared misery,” as Haskamp put it.

Haskamp recalled a Vietnam veteran saying “If we had something like this when I came home from Vietnam, it would have changed the trajectory of my life.”

After a grueling day of chopping trees and hauling water-damaged items, back on the FOB, the beer flag goes up, a sure way to boost morale. Each Greyshirt gets two beers if they want, but rules are strict. No driving until eight hours after having a drink, and lights are out at 10 p.m. nightly.

Team Rubicon began in 2010 after a devastating earthquake in Haiti. Two Marines gathered supplies and some help and flew down to the ravaged island to help in any way they could.

For more information on Team Rubicon, or to volunteer or donate, visit their website. They have 65 paid employees, but upwards of 54,000 unpaid volunteers.

Volunteers need not pay a dime: just bring work boots and work pants. Billeting, work equipment, food, travel and other expenses are paid for, and flights are donated

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The Kids are Alright

Sat, 09/09/2017 - 11:43am

The kids are alright. Education is the key. Right Yesterday I saw a video of two UT coeds trying to argue with the Infowars reporter yesterday. They were all about “black this” and “brown that,” and he asked, “What about the man who said that we should not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character? Do you remember who said that?” They looked confused and said, “No!”


COLLEGE girls from the University of Texas! Right behind that was a little girl around ten or so who articulately put the reporter in his place. HER’S is the generation who will change the world, not the two airheads from UT!


I would not know how to own a person. I couldn’t imagine relating to another human being on that level. I just can’t do it! Of course I see black, just like I see my granddaughter, Puck is a Jew. David Duke says she, and her people are what’s wrong with the world and should be eradicated. David is batshyt crazy!

When I was growing up I often stayed with my uncle in Shreveport who was quite wealthy. He had a housekeeper named Kathleen. I was embarrassed by her constantly serving my meals, cleaning my clothes and room so as much as I  could I took  care of myself. My uncle explained to me that there was us and then there was them! I could never take that in! I continued to do what I always did and I was 16. Kathleen even brought her daughter to meet me. This could never blossom in Louisiana because it was against the law!

Until my grandkids went to school they’d never heard the word “Nigger!”
Since Killeen is majority black the began to hear nigga all over the school yard. The little kids would run up, give my kids a big hug and call them “my nigga!” Now, my ex was all disturbed by this. People of our generation know what the word implies, but the kids DON’T! They have spun an entirely different meaning and WE are going to die off.

The two college girls were poorly informed. The answer is EDUCATION, and part of that education is those statues, but like the Alamo, in their proper place with complete transparency of what they remind us of.

Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and the KKK don’t change anything but headlines for the Main Stream Media. The Kids Are Alright, and the Kids ages seven to twelve will change things. We will take our experiences, hates, and prejudices to the grave, and the kids will cover it all up and go on. The Kids Are Alright!

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When Johnny Came Marching Home Again

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 8:13pm

When Johnny
Came Marching Home Again

On April 12th 1861, The bankers, the money people, got their way, and Johnny Reb marched north amid hurrahs toward a war that would ultimately ultimately kill 240,000 southern soldiers and support personnel. A quarter million husbands, brothers, fathers, uncles and cousins, to say nothing of best friends and community leaders; all dead. It is safe to say that more than the flower of southern youth died in that pitiless war. The glue that bound southern society together was undone. The financial foundation of the south died on those bloody battlefields too, as did any vision of a future that that held southern towns, counties, states, and regional authorities on a rational course, for the past had been stolen by destruction too utter to comprehend, and without a past, the future has no father to guide it.


Southern hospitals were decimated, as were the schools. Hell came to the south, and, on May 9th, 1865, when Johnny finally came marching home, home turned out to be a word without meaning. Setting aside those few families who were lucky enough to see the return of a loved one, there were no hurrahs: only the weeping of the inconsolable. The devastation of the south was complete. Agriculture, gone. Livestock, gone. Property, destroyed. Roads, torn and unusable. Railroads, useless due to sabotage. It beggars the imagination doesn’t it? But that is the way of war, and that is what the surviving remnants of the southern army came home to.


And more desolation was on it’s way thanks to the final performance of James Wilkes Booth on that cursed day of April 14th 1865, for that act ensured that the fate of the south would lie in the hands of Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s Vice President, a petty, vengeful martinet who would make 150 years of third world status a certainty for the south. But more of that in the next article in this series, ”A Laudable Intent”.

Now, thanks to westward expansion, and the opportunities that existed everywhere, but the south, Johnny’s descendants live among us, in every state in the union; but the descendants of his widows still dwell in the south, as do the progeny of his orphans, and the truth is, the south is still a separate state. Southern customs, culture, and identity abound, and they differ widely from the rest of the country. No matter how many Walmarts, or McDonalds, or malls the money people put in the south, it will always see outsiders when people from other parts of the union come to their land, trying to assimilate them into the growing wasteland of corporate commercialism that has taken root in America. So, the next time you see a confederate monument pulled down, you think this: that’s not a statue of Saddam that got pulled down, that’s a piece of American history. And, pulling down Saddams statue didn’t weaken Iraqi resolve in the least, why should we believe it will birth anything but resentment and a stronger resolve to remain separate in southern folk? Shouldn’t the present allow the future a glimpse of the past? Shouldn’t American children be allowed to know that Johnny went off to war, and what it was When Johnny Came Marching Home Again?

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NRA threatens legal action over Virgin Islands firearm confiscation order

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 4:53pm

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is threatening legal action to stop a seizure of guns and ammunition by U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp (I) ahead of Hurricane Irma, the group said Tuesday.

“People need the ability to protect themselves during times of natural disaster,” said Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’S Institute for Legislative Action. “This dangerous order violates the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens and puts their lives at risk.”

In an order on Monday, Mapp activated the National Guard to “restore public order, and to guarantee the safety of life and property” in anticipation of the hurricane, the Daily Caller first reported.

The order authorizes and instructs the islands’ adjutant general to seize “arms, ammunition, explosives, incendiary material, and any other property that may be required by the military forces for the performance of this emergency mission,” as approved by the territory’s Department of Justice.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin signed a similar order in 2005 amid the destruction from Hurricane Katrina allowing the seizure of private weapons, which the NRA opposed in a federal court. Congress later passed a bill, supported by the NRA and signed by President George W. Bush, banning future seizures of weapons during emergencies.

“When 911 is nonexistent and law enforcement personnel are overwhelmed with search-and-rescue missions and other emergency duties, law-abiding American citizens must be able to protect their families and loved ones,” Cox said. “The NRA is prepared to pursue legal action to halt Gov. Mapp’s dangerous and unconstitutional order.”

Irma is now classified as a Category 5 storm, higher than Hurricane Harvey’s rating of Category 4, which brought devastation to the greater Houston area last week.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello have both declared states of emergencies ahead of the storm, which is currently making its way westward across the Atlantic.

Source: JOSH [email protected]

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Chinese teenagers sentenced to hard labour for bullying

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 3:32pm

Teenage bullies – most of us know one, but is hard labour an appropriate punishment for offenders? Some social media users in China think so.

Young people in Beijing convicted of bullying can now be given sentences involving hard labour, in a move that has raised eyebrows on popular microblog Sina Weibo.

Fourteen girls aged 15 to 17 are currently involved in the five-to-seven day trial programme which began on Monday, and is run by the Tongzhou District People’s Court with local schools, according to local paper The Mirror. One student was given a sentence of one year and 10 months.

Image copyrightTHE MIRRORImage captionThe Tongzhou District People’s Court in Beijing launched the scheme on Monday

During the programme, young offenders take part in a gruelling course involving military training, after which schools assess whether they are fit to return to their studies or they should be expelled.

Over 5,000 social media users have commented about the scheme.

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Many applauded it as a way to tackle bullying, which one said has become “a social cancer”.

“This sentence is too light,” said ‘qianyuqianxun520’, an opinion that was widely echoed by others.

Another user added, “It is not enough to make them learn their lesson.”

‘DuiWoShi ParkChangJi’ said: “It is not as good as Yang Yongxin’s electro-convulsive therapy,” referring to one controversial Chinese psychiatrist’s methods used to treat antisocial behaviour in teenagers.

Image copyrightSINA WEIBOImage captionThe move to sentence bullies to hard labour was a popular topic of conversation on Chinese microblog Weibo

But one user insisted that the authorities are “doing a good job. These bullies are not being educated by their families and don’t have a good home education.”

The training is conducted under the supervision of the teenager’s parents, and offenders also take part in other activities, “such as listening to lectures and receiving psychological support,” Wei Dan from the Tongzhou District People’s Court told The Mirror.

“We arrange for them to undergo special military training on the first day, so that in future, they will be able to consciously abide by the school rules.” she added.

Some Weibo users warned that being forced to undergo military training might simply cause offenders to bully more.

One suggested offenders’ “bodies will be better” after the course, while another remarked, “after military training, they will only bully more.”

Image copyrightBTIME/TENCENT TVImage captionFootage circulating on social media in 2016 and 2017 caused concern in China about a rise in bullying

But some feel the new scheme is too harsh.

“Speaking as a student, I think military training will be a really painful thing,” said one, while another commented, “How do kids nowadays see this? I feel sorry for them.”

A number of highly publicised incidents in China in recent years have contributed to a growing dissatisfaction about how it is tackled.

Social behaviour website What’s On Weibo noted a trend of extreme bullying videos appearing on social media in March 2016. One showed a number of students beating up people with steel pipes.

Source: Kerry Allen & Georgina Rannard

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Largest Tea Party Facebook group to host YUGE Trump rally on Sept 9

Mon, 09/04/2017 - 4:56pm

The oldest and largest Tea Party group on Facebook is proud to team up with Tea Party 40, the powerhouse Miami Tea Party group led by Rosa Pena, in order to hold a giant America First pro-Trump rally in Miami’s Tropical Park on Saturday, September 9.

Barbara Grant, a highly-regarded grassroots leader, and the event organizer had this to say about the rally: “There are so many of us that love President Trump and the job he is doing, but the lying mainstream media wants you to think otherwise. We are asking all Patriots to please turn out in force Saturday, to show everybody that we stand with our great president!”

The rally is being held from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and there is expected to be a tremendous turnout. Please annoy a liberal by sharing this with all your friends!

A Facebook event page has been set up and can be seen here.

Address: Tropical Park 7900 Bird Road, Miami, Florida 33155. The park is located just southwest of the intersection of the Palmetto Expressway (SR 826) and Bird Road, just west of South Miami.

(Editor’s note: Mike is the National Tea Party Director for Citizens For Trump and he also helps run several large political sites, including the oldest and largest Tea Party group on Facebook)


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Fake News

Mon, 09/04/2017 - 2:49pm

Fake News. You’ve all heard it. There are even Fake News filters you can download, and tutorials on YouTube to help discern between the real, and the not so real. But, what is Fake News? Where did it come from? How long have the news services been compromised? Can we believe anything delivered to us through the Main Stream Media, or any other source for that matter, and what is the agenda behind the news services who follow this script?

Wikipedia defines Fake News as: Fake news is a type of journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media.[1] Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention.

There has always been Fake News. The newspaper giants of the mid to late 1800’s worked overnight to out lie one another in order to provide the “Newsies” in the morning with the fodder to sell more papers. Often wittingly or unwittingly these publications provided public support for government where situations required a fired up, and poorly informed public. From the bombing of the Maine, and all the way to the Tonkin Gulf, news stories fanned flames where only a whiff of smoke existed.

About 1917 a small group of industrialists, that’s right, industrialists, got together and understood the power of the press, but more than that they understood the power of CONTROLLING the press. They figured that if the information systems could be made to sing from the same sheet of music that it would lend legitimacy to the news coming out, and greatly benefit their plans for a more unified world especially if that music were THEIR music!

With a small amount of reasoning it came down to controlling just twenty-five national publications which while giving the illusion of competition, were actually under the command of the same eighteen editors who reported to J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller, and associates. The former literary dog fight became the renowned, and trusted Main Stream Media which eventually bled over to radio, TV, and even movie plots, all dancing together like the Radio City Rockettes. The image was one of integrity and gave the public the comfort of knowing the freedom of the press would KEEP America great, and Walter Cronkite most certainly edited the Ten Commandments for Moses. Gotta be true! We saw Moses at the movies.


This system flourished in full force from WWI all the way to around 1967 when the kids in the street began to point out we had no business in Vietnam no matter WHAT Cronkite said, and the ricochets all over Dealy Plaza were blowing bigger holes in the Warren Report than the one in Kennedy’s head!


Fake News can be tricky. There are many variations. Remember the early days of the National Enquirer? We all knew it was a rag, but when there was a picture of a dead monkey with a cigarette in his mouth under a banner headline reading, GOVERNMENT ADMITS DEAD ALIEN FOUND AT ROCKWELL! you’d buy the paper! I know I did. The human trait of reading the absurd makes you want to read stuff you know to be false the same way you’d pay for a ticket to see Clint Eastwood shoot a thug in San Francisco. I know I did that, too!

Now take the Watergate story. Be honest, was Nixon any more crooked than Clinton or Obama? What did he really do. Tried to get some dirt on a Democrat. In the Clinton White House there was dirt. It was on Monica’s knees. The Washington Post, one of those twenty-five newspapers, assigned two reporters to track the story down, expand it, and spoon feed it to the other MSM outlets from sea to shining sea and Nixon got a free ride home! While the story was based in reality the amplification made Nixon’s sin the crime of the century.

Slowly the lines blurred between sources such as the Enquirer and the New York Times that they became indistinguishable. The paradox was that the alternative media began to see the MSM for what it was. They couldn’t compete with the budget of the Times, The Post, or the TV networks so they devised a new plan. The TRUTH! By the turn of the century the MSM had gone so far afield that telling the truth became a novelty, and people like Alex Jones, Crystal Lee Laramore, and Doc Greene saw an opportunity. One other factor began to filter in that changed the playing field. The advent of the internet. Once the satellites were up and spinning any thirteen year old girl could challenge Barbara Walters. For a while the MSM held sway, but after a while it began to take to the net, spinning the same old yarns. It was losing the war!

We as Americans take some things for granted. Politicians work for the bosses, prices will always rise and the Main Stream Media is one hundred percent, certified Fake News! So why do we keep watching it? We do that for the same reason we bought the paper with the monkey on the front page. MSM eroded slowly. At first I, like many others, scanned the headlines believing that even though I knew it was slanted at least the core would be a few facts, and if I took in ABC, CBS, CNN, and the New York Times, and I formed a weighted average I could arrive at the real story. That’s like having seven layers of icing on a crap cake. Bon Appetit! My final exit was after it became common knowledge that President Trump held some responsibility for Hurricane Harvey.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Let me ask you. Let’s have a show of hands. How many of you have ever SEEN an ANTIFA member in person? How about some Black Lives Mattering down at your local police department? When was the last time a member of your local police department shot a twelve year old black kid for waving a stick? I don’t believe I’ll have to take my shoes off to count the hands.


How can you tell Fake News? In a word, it’s ALL fake! The MSM filters all its news stories through the same cookie cutter mold that goes all the way from innuendo to outright lies! Then, they saturate the alternative media with preposterous claims in an effort to discredit that sector with the hope of luring the buying public back home. Well, it’s not going to work. People read. They think, and we have a president who calls them out on social media every day. We ASSUME they’re liars, and it doesn’t matter if George Soros is behind it or the Mickey Mouse Fan Club, the store brand is beating the national brand hands down!

Just look at this week alone. National Polls (Oh, that’s another MSM trick) says Trump’s approval rating is down to thirty percent. He fills up a venue in Phoenix. They grudgingly admit he rushed to Houston, but some bag lady posing as a journalist in New York said the First Lady was wearing the wrong shoes. Trump’s eleven year old son wore the wrong shirt a week before. Then they pitch in the story that Michelle Obama is a man, making it look like its source was Alex Jones in yet another effort to discredit him, and by that the entire alternative movement. Bottom line: Trump is the real president, we’re making real strides, and we’re reading REAL news. Where’s that monkey with the cigarette now?


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Bitcoin Tumbles as PBOC Declares Initial Coin Offerings Illegal

Mon, 09/04/2017 - 11:58am

Bitcoin tumbled the most since July after China’s central bank said initial coin offerings are illegal and asked all related fundraising activity to be halted immediately, issuing the strongest regulatory challenge so far to the burgeoning market for digital token sales.

The People’s Bank of China said on its website Monday that it had completed investigations into ICOs, and will strictly punish offerings in the future while penalizing legal violations in ones already completed. The regulator said that those who have already raised money must provide refunds, though it didn’t specify how the money would be paid back to investors.

It also said digital token financing and trading platforms are prohibited from doing conversions of coins with fiat currencies. Digital tokens can’t be used as currency on the market and banks are forbidden from offering services to initial coin offerings.

“This is somewhat in step with, maybe not to the same extent, what we’re starting to see in other jurisdictions — the short story is we all know regulations are coming,” said Jehan Chu, managing partner at Kenetic Capital Ltd. in Hong Kong, which invests in and advises on token sales. “China, due to its size and as one of the most speculative IPO markets, needed to take a firmer action.”

Bitcoin tumbled as much as 11.4 percent, the most since July, to $4,326.75. The ethereum cryptocurrency was down more than 16 percent Monday, according to data from Coindesk.

ICOs are digital token sales that have seen unchecked growth over the past year, raising $1.6 billion. They have been deemed a threat to China’s financial market stability as authorities struggle to tame financing channels that sprawl beyond the traditional banking system. Widely seen as a way to sidestep venture capital funds and investment banks, they have also increasingly captured the attention of central banks that see in the fledgling trend a threat to their reign.

The central bank’s Monday directive made no mention of cryptocurrencies such as ether or bitcoin.

There were 43 ICO platforms in China as of July 18, according to a report by the National Committee of Experts on the Internet Financial Security Technology. Sixty-five ICO projects had been completed, the committee said, raising 2.6 billion yuan ($398 million).

“This is a positive move given the rapid proliferation of low quality and possibly fraudulent coin sales promising the moon,” said Emad Mostaque, London-based co-chief investment officer at Capricorn Fund Managers Ltd. “There is tremendous value in the model but we need to see more separation of high quality, ethical offerings versus those seeking to circumvent securities law for a quick buck.”

A cross between crowd funding and an initial public offering, ICOs involve the sale of virtual coins mostly based on the ethereum blockchain, similar to the technology that underpins bitcoin. But unlike a traditional IPO in which buyers get shares, getting behind a startup’s ICO nets virtual tokens — like mini-cryptocurrencies — unique to the issuing company or its network. That means they grow in value only if the startup’s business or network proves viable, attracting more people and boosting liquidity.

Greater Scrutiny

That’s a big if, and the profusion of untested concepts has spurred talk of a bubble. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission signaled greater scrutiny of the sector when it warned that ICOs may be considered securities, though it stopped short of suggesting a broader clampdown. The regulator reaffirmed its focus on protecting investors, however, and said issuers must register the deals with the government unless they have a valid excuse.

The vast amount of money amassed in a short span of time has also attracted cyber criminals, with an estimated 10 percent of money intended for ICOs looted away by scams such as phishing this year, according to Chainalysis, a New York-based firm that analyzes transactions and provides anti-money laundering software.

Chu of Kenetic Capital said he believes China will likely eventually allow token sales, but only on approved platforms, and may even vet projects individually.

“I think they will allow the sale of tokens in a format which they deem safe and more measured,” he said.


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Conn. police dog gets final salute before being euthanized

Sun, 09/03/2017 - 8:19pm

Members of a Connecticut police department stood in line to salute a terminally ill four-legged partner on its last trip to a veterinary hospital.

K9 Hunter, a German shepherd, served with the Middletown Police Department at the side of its handler, Officer Michael D’Aresta. The dog was diagnosed with an aggressive form of liver cancer just recently.

Officers bid farewell to Hunter Friday as D’Aresta cradled the canine in his arms on the final trip to the vet, where the dog was euthanized.

“Officer Michael D’Aresta unfortunately has to make the toughest decision any K9 handler dreads making this evening at Pieper Olson in Middletown at 1830 hours,” Sgt. Doug Clark, Middletown K9 supervisor, wrote in a post on Facebook on Friday. “K9 Hunter has been ill for that past several days and when tests were conducted they revealed that K9 Hunter has a very aggressive form of Liver cancer. They unfortunately recommended that he be euthanized.”

“Officer D’Aresta and Hunter have been an exceptional team serving the City of Middletown in a high caliber since 2007,” Clark said. “So as you can imagine, this is extremely difficult for Mike and his family.”

Hunter’s value to the department was well-documented.

In July, the canine helped officers in a drug bust, the Middletown Patch reported.

Two years ago Hunter helped locate an elderly woman with dementia who wandered away from her home at night, the Hartford Courant reported.

“Hunter and Officer D’Aresta have been such a huge part of our department the past 10 years,” Clark wrote. “Such a dedicated K-9 team. It will never be the same. Rest in Peace Hunter you’ve done well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Michael D’Aresta and his family.”


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The Unmoved Mover

Sun, 09/03/2017 - 3:05pm

The origin of morality, the universe, the species, and just about everything else sparks debates that have no answers, and no end. The unmoved mover, which in its Ancient Greek origins reads κινούμενος κινεῖ, is a perfectly logical assumption that the universe, and all that we know simply had to be put into motion by some force not subject to the laws of said universe which simply must obey the laws of physics put upon it by the mover. This evolved from reason, and indeed not a trivial amount of common sense.

Scientists and physicists call it the Big Bang, religious call it God, but you simply must agree that at some point the universe was not here, and now it is. That is the simple part. The difficult part is trying to imply that a bunch of naked apes, such as we are, can have the audacity to propose that we can understand this entity, write authoritative books on the subject, and then enforce our ideas on the other members of society because we, and only we have the “Truth!”

The same logic that applies to the understanding of what we can reason must have happened “In The Beginning” applies equally with what we know simply cannot occur if you take it logically. I know that the universe came to be simply because I’m sitting in it right now drinking a cup of coffee, and smoking a very politically incorrect cigarette. Likewise, my experience and common sense tells me that no teenage boy found approximately eighty-eight pounds of gold in the form of a book, took them and deciphered them from some ancient language by peering through a peep stone or crushing his face into a hat, which ever version you subscribe to, it matters very little. Such an event defies logic. I will be told that these things are beyond logic and we can never understand them, but I ask you, why would an omnipotent creative force go through all the trouble to create a universe, set up the physics by which it operates, wait eons, and then proceed to scrap those principles willy nilly like an out of control child who changes, or ignores the rules of a basketball game simply because the results of the game no longer please him?

This Gnostic inclination that flows throughout the religious world enforces the same logic I cited above when it tells me that a merchant in the Middle East saw an angel when common sense requires nothing more in that cave except bats, yet there again the arrogance of the race comes into play and tells him he must remove parts of little girls’ anatomy lest they should indulge in exactly what those parts were designed for at some later date, excluding a rape perpetrated by some insightful religious leader who was told to partake of the goods of the body by the Unmoved Mover!

This understanding, or misunderstanding of the forces defining the Unmoved Mover run through all religion. The Mover created man, man created religion, and religion is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable. There will never be a consensus. It’s all bipartisan with absolutely nothing to do with observable facts. Only one factor enters into the fray that throws itself like a cosmic monkey wrench into the well oiled gears of the denominations plying for world domination, and that one thing is Jesus!

Jesus brought everything down to a level that while not explaining how it all fits together does tell us why. Treat others as you’d like to be treated. By judging others you judge yourself because the laws put into place by the Unmoved Mover apply to all equally no matter how many golden plates or bats you may find. When you give forgiveness it configures you to accept forgiveness, and no matter how hard you work at it you will never be able to do it all right because you are under the impulse of the original creation, good and bad! Jesus’ words were effective, simple, and direct. It was a good simple hamburger. Now we have MacDonalds with Whataburger right across the street. They all contain perhaps a pickle from Unmover In The Box

Where there is organized religion there is money, and money buys power. The Imams buy oil futures, and Mormon prophets buy stock in Coke. They both get around to deep concerns about little girls’ attire. The unmoved mover is very concerned about that, in fact it’s job one. We all look up at the same sky, ask the same questions and end up in the same place, and the world soon forgets us for indeed, we forget ourselves.


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Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group

Sat, 09/02/2017 - 6:39pm


Public school teachers are behind a leading far-left militant group that is part of the Antifa network that federal officials say is committing “domestic terrorist violence.”

By Any Means Necessary, which has played a key role in riots in Berkeley, Sacramento and elsewhere, has dozens of public school teachers among its members, including among its most prominent leaders.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security began paying closer attention to Antifa groups in general after BAMN and other extremists started a riot and attacked marchers at a white nationalist rally in Sacramento last July, Politico reported on Friday. The Sacramento violence left at least 10 people hospitalized, several of whom had knife wounds.

One of BAMN’s most prominent organizers is Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle school teacher and pro-violence militant. Felarca currently faces charges of inciting a riot for her role in the Sacramento violence.

After BAMN and other antifa groups staged violent protests in Berkeley to keep right-wing author Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking, Felarca defended her group’s acts of violence. BAMN was able to cancel another event, this time an April speech by pro-Trump author Ann Coulter, by promising a repeat performance of the Milo riots. (RELATED: ‘INFERNO’ — Milo Speech Cancelled After Rioters Set Campus Ablaze [VIDEO])

The FBI and DHS say Antifa groups like BAMN are engaging in “domestic terrorist violence,” according to the Politico report.

Just last weekend, Felarca helped organize BAMN’s mass demonstrations that “shut down” an anti-Marxism rally in Berkeley. As with BAMN’s other organized actions, left-wing actors at Saturday demonstrations violently attacked peaceful protesters. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi condemned the Antifa violence in Berkeley, while Felarca called BAMN’s actions a “resounding success.”

Yvette Felarca, from By Any Means Necessary, yells during the voting portion of a University of California Regents meeting, on a vote to raise tuition, at the University of California, San Francisco November 19, 2014. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

BAMN’s members appear to be mixing their far-left activism with their roles as teachers.

BAMN organizer and high school teacher Nicole Conaway organized a “sickout” at her school in 2015, leading other teachers in calling in sick to protest the policies of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder. The sickout forced six Detroit-area schools to cancel classes, affecting nearly 4,000 students.

One month later, Conaway led students in a school walkout protesting poor building conditions. She was one of three BAMN organizers arrested in connection with the protest. Other BAMN members have led similar protests at the schools where they teach.

In Berkeley, Felarca and other BA

MN members repeatedly abused their positions of influence over students in service of their own radical goals, Berkeley’s public school district charged in court filings obtained by local news organization Berkeleyside.

Despite repeated warnings, the district said Felarca continued to try to recruit students into her radical organization, including during work hours. The leftist teacher frequently tried to bring students on school-sponsored trips to BAMN-related activities, the district said, describing the trips as attempts to “indoctrinate” the students.

The school district accused Felarca and other BAMN members of weaponizing students to derail disciplinary hearings for Felarca, after student protesters repeatedly swarmed into the disciplinary hearings. The school district claimed that Felarca and other BAMN members “were actively trying to brainwash and manipulate” students to serve her “own selfish interests,” calling her conduct

“particularly reprehensible.” Felarca continues teaching today.

Oakland Technical High School teacher and BAMN member Tania Kappner worked with Felarca this past January to organize students and teachers in a walkout in protesting Trump. Kappner was identified in the media as a BAMN member as early as 2011.

BAMN is active within both the National Education Association — the nation’s largest teacher’s union — as well as with local and regional teacher’s unions in Michigan and California.

Last year, 17 different BAMN members ran for elected positions on the Detroit Federation of Teachers, according to a newsletter sent out by the DFT. BAMN also ran five candidates for different national leadership positions with the NEA in 2017.

When the Berkeley school district suspended Felarca for her violent activism in 2016 (for which she was charged with inciting a riot), the local teacher’s union sued the school on Felarca’s behalf.

In January 2015, BAMN organizer Steve Conn was elected president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. The DFT’s executive board charged Conn with misconduct later that year and removed him from office.

Conn and his wife, former teacher Heather Miller, were fired back in 2007 after leading a student protest that resulted in students being pepper sprayed. The couple sued and got their jobs back, in addition to a $300,000 settlement. Conn continues teaching today at Western High School.

BAMN was founded by the Revolutionary Workers League, an openly Marxist organization, in 1995.

As TheDC first reported in April, internal documents from the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) tie BAMN to NAMBLA., reveal the RWL — BAMN’s parent organization — worked with NAMBLA in the years just before the communist group founded BAMN.

One of BAMN’s founding members is on record identifying as a NAMBLA member, calling the pro-pedophilia group the victim of a “witch-hunt.”

Source: Peter Hasson

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Republican Establishment Endorses the Communist Party

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 4:59pm

A shocking event took place after the University of Virginia Charlottesville protests.  Establishment Republicans including Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Gary Cohn, Fox C.E.O. James Murdoch,  and many other Republicans endorsed Antifa, the radical paramilitary wing of the Hitler-era Communist Party.

It all began with President Trump correctly saying “I think there is blame on both sides. You look at both sides.  I think there is blame on both sides,” …. “You also had some very fine people on both sides”. President Trump understands that the main players in the recent spate of protests are Leftists and Anarchists — a fact also noticed by observant writer Dave Urbanski.

Antifa aggressively calls for “pre-emptive violence”, including gun violence, property seizures, and “all out revolution”.  Antifa appears to be the unofficial “jackboots” of the Communist Party U.S.A  (but liberals refuse to admit it yet).   The CPUSA party platform boldly endorses violence to achieve party goals.  There is some evidence that Antifa may also be a multipurpose ACLU tool to paint immigration enforcement as fascist.  Antifa is the Alt-Left, not the Alt-Right, as falsely alleged by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So who were the “very fine people” on both sides?   I attended Knox College with John Podesta in the radical days of the early 1970’s.  Our campus was occasionally lively due to Saul Alinsky community-organizing military exercises (seizing and “liberating” a large Freshman women’s dormitory was one of them).  Whenever something happened, a lot of us normal college kids not caught up in “Revolution for the Hell of It” went to see what was going on.  My friends were mostly unimpressed and though the ruckus to be rather idiotic.

Who are the Leftists raising “Cain” all over the country?  They range from socialist, Marxist, Communist, to Fascist.   They are all headed for Hell, but fight about the best way to get there.

White supremacist leader Jason Kessler, a leader of the Occupy movement and leftist organizer, ran a chat server and was aware of the plan to run over Charlottesville protesters.  Leftist street gangs such as Identity Europa, Traditionalist Worker Party, & Vanguard America were instructed to take orders from Kessler.

Richard Spencer presides over groups of white nationalists at these events with folks waving Confederate or “Kek” flags (an imaginary Egyptian throwback based on the Nazi flag).  Confederates are leftist, but these “confederates” are also hard-core Marxist.

The radicals at these staged university protests have four things in common.  They are leftists, mostly men, mostly white, and often feminist.  They are powerless liberal males scrambling for power in a Democrat party that has been controlled by radical feminists for decades.  But where are the women?   Campus feminists are the organizers.  Feminists also organized Occupy, Black Lives Matters, gay marriage, lesbian rights, transgender, Ferguson, Baltimore, and hundreds of other viral power memes since the early 1960’s.   Feminists control every piece of the campus pie via the campus “Students Against Sexism” office, a funded conglomerate of all things Leftist on campus.

With the rise of Donald Trump, feminists have seen a string of recent failures.   Illegal immigration went down in flames.  Black Lives Matter, the U.V.A./Rolling Stone fake rape power grab, and transgender hijacking  of administrative policy backfired badly.   Campus feminists (especially at U.V.A) are  rattling cages to ensure continuing chokehold control of academics.

Marxists have been steadily goose-stepping across the United States since the 1930’s, and now have control of our major institutions.  Race, sex, gender, and economic disparity are their lightsabers – all of which have been swung full-force since Donald Trump entered the Presidential arena.   The powerful feminist grip on politics, academics, law, psychology, government, military, and most notably “the swamp” (which revolves around feminist policy) is threatened by President Trump.   That makes our quivering claque of politically-correct feminist Republicans very nervous.

The rise of multi-issue Marxist/Communist/Fascist/”Anti-fascist” protests has been very effective keeping the President and Republicans disoriented, distracted, divided, and conquered.   We must strictly and quietly enforce federal protest laws, ignore the hysterics, and they will go home.

House and Senate Republicans are making a fatal mistake opposing President Trump.  The “swamp” is run by liberals who will never vote Republican no matter how much money we throw at them.  Trump is a wizard dealing with political correctness.   Liberals threw the book and him and lost. Republicans should trust the President and stay out of these necessary battles with the “alt-swamp”.

The Republican base is very unhappy with Congress.  Republicans will be facing an angry and vindictive voter base in 2018 and 2020 if they continue sandbagging the President.  Republicans are repeating history – they foolishly lost the House and Senate in 2006 and gave Obama a truculent victory in 2008 because they achieved nothing impressive with the 1994 Republican landslide.   Republicans are in far worse shape today because the only people they are making happy are Democrats.

Removing disruptive illegal immigrants is a minor problem compared to extensive internal damage to society, government, and law wrought by revolutionary radical feminists in government and law.  In “The New Politics of Sex”, Dr. Stephen Baskerville proves that “The potential of sexual politics therefore is not the extremists, but the steady erosion of family integrity, personal privacy, critical thought, and civic freedom, through the relentless politicization of private life by an ideology to which we are now so acculturated that we are largely immune from realizing its effects”.

I urge President Trump and Congress to de-fund and dismantle feminist control over academics and law schools.  Women’s studies, women’s interdisciplinary studies, women’s jurisprudence sections, racial studies, psychology, and media are implicitly discriminatory sexist institutions causing widespread anomie.  This Machinery is how Marxists seized control of everything from our universities to the  Supreme Court.   They are the radical Leftists who replaced marriage with big government  — the primary factor killing the American family — driving uncontrolled deficit spending and high taxes The Fascist Feminist Revolution must be “deported” to Make America Great Again.

David R. Usher is President of the Center for Marriage Policy

© 2017

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America’s Monumental Mistake

Tue, 08/29/2017 - 10:28am

America’s Monumental Mistake

In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt established America’s first national monument, The Devils Tower Located in Wyoming. National monuments are not to be confused with statues, or monuments erected by townships, or governments other than the government of the United States. National monuments are usually designated by presidents, but congress is empowered to create or designate them as well, Fort McHenry in Maryland being an excellent example. When one considers the subject of monuments, it soon begs the question, why do we designate, or erect monuments. The answer is simple.


Were America to go forward, tearing down its objective landmarks, nothing of the past would remain, and America would simply reinvent itself every time a strip mall or a fast food restaurant were to become more profitable than a historic landmark. After all, the number one law of real estate is, location, location, location, right? Before another word is written we must examine the difference between monuments that exist due to nature, or to the exigencies experienced by those humans involved in making history, such as Fort McHenry, and those designed and erected to commemorate a historical event.


The difference, of course, is null. I simply refuse to argue that there is any difference in a statue of Robert E. Lee, and Mount Rushmore. Except of course that a bronze statue of Lee is something like a lost bookend compared with the obvious awesome production of Rushmore. But consider this, The song “I Gotcha!” By Joe Tex is like tuneless whistling next to, say, “Freebird”; but they are both songs, and therefore should be considered as having something deeply obvious in common. If we were debating which songs to delete from history based on their merits, Freebird would prevail; but why would we have such a debate? Because “I Gotcha!” sounds like a rap tune could it be said that only music that appeals to the “higher tastes” should be allowed a place in music history? Horse hockey!  Both songs exist because they give meaning to an emotion in a listener, and therefore they are QED. I believe that is important to remember.


You don’t see Jews tearing down what is left of Auschwitz, or Treblinka in Germany do you? Of course not. Those are reminders of what happened, left in place in the hopes that such a thing may never happen again. But somehow, the confederate monuments of the south escape this explanation.


One good reason that confederate monuments were erected ex post facto is the there wasn’t anything left to preserve in the south once the union kicked Johnnie Reb”s ass all the way back home. Most everything had been destroyed and burned once the remnants of the southern army literally limped back to what had been their homes. Another reason had to do with reconstruction law, and lastly, the south was practically too poor to feed itself, much less erect statues. The simple fact is, that a couple of months ago a black child might well have looked at a monument to Jefferson Davis, and been able to ask its father, “who is that man?” And the answer would have led to many questions some asked, some unasked that would have led that child to become an adult that understood its heritage far better than today. It’s too bad that, like the union of reconstruction, we must allow this ideological division between north and south to continue.


We continue to display our utter lack of leadership, and to pass on the message that we may as well not try to find answers to our problems because we don’t possess the capacity to find answers to our problems. One thing’s for sure though, it’ll take a lot more than a rope and a pickup truck to pull down “The Devil’s Tower”.

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“Draining the Swamp” Isn’t a Part–Time Job

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 11:27am

When the leftists at the Washington Post start offering relationship advice a Republican knows he could be on the cusp of something big. A recent WaPost headline warned, “Trump’s baffling attacks on McConnell could be costly to the president.”

“Cost” here is mainly a function of how often Trump is hoping to eat in the Senate’s invitation–only dining room. Otherwise what’s “baffling” is how long it took the notoriously impatient Trump to sound off.

Trump’s marriage of convenience with “legislative mastermind” Mitch McConnell — Curator of the Senate — has produced less than his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

After six months McConnell has failed to repeal Obamacare, failed to fund the wall, failed to reform the tax code, refused to return the Senate to pre–1970 filibuster rules and dismissed out of hand debating the one change that would do more to correct what’s wrong with Congress than any other: Term Limits.

The real risk to Trump and any hope he has for accomplishments in his first term is the status quo.

Currently Trump has achieved the unthinkable: Bi–partisan cooperation in Congress. Republicans are blocking what Trump wants to do and Democrats are blocking what Trump wants to do.

Something tells me the man who built Trump Tower didn’t win the presidency so he could be Mitch McConnell’s autopen.

Naturally there is division over how to persuade Congress to support Trump. I’m sure the General Staff, or at least the generals, advocate doubling down on the “hearts and minds” strategy to win over recalcitrant Congressional leadership.

Just schedule a few more summits, golf games, White House lunches and Twitter tutorials. Soon Trump will be able to emulate the success our high command has produced in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And continuing this strategy will produce results very similar to Afghanistan. McConnell will continue to be passive–aggressive and the Taliban aggressive–aggressive. Mitch, author of the unread tome “The Long Game,” and the Taliban both plan to outwait their opponents. Their intention is to be around after Trump and the Army are long gone.

The alternative to the appeaser’s long, slow defeat strategy is letting Trump be Trump.

The outsider who said during his inauguration, “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.” The outsider who promised to drain the swamp, not stock the White House with reptiles.

The principle obstacle here is Trump. He is our first ADHD president. Moving an inert mass like McConnell’s Senate requires persistence and focus. So far Trump lacks both.

For example:

On July 27th Trump criticizes McConnell for failure to repeal Obamacare.

On August 8th Trump reverses course and endorses McConnell’s candidate, Luther Strange, in the Alabama special election.

On August 10th Trump lurches back into drive and says McConnell should resign from Senate leadership.

On August 15th Trump repeats his strange endorsement of Strange.

A tortoise like McConnell is immune to whiplash from this back–and–forth, but it only serves to reinforce what the WaPost says, “For some time, it has been apparent that members of Congress do not fear the president.”

That must change. Trump needs to play his “long game” and make opponents pay a price. Trump is holding a rally in Arizona next week, the home of craven media hound Jeff Flake who is conveniently up for re–election in 2018.

That’s the perfect time for Trump to announce he’s personally donating $50 million to the Make America Great Again PAC that will be supporting primary opponents of senators who are blocking the platform on which he won the presidency.

He can consider adding Utah’s Orrin Hatch and Tennessee’s Bob Corker to the list. It’s important that Trump doesn’t make the effort based on these lizard’s opposition to him personally, but rather their opposition to making America great again.

The primary opponents Trump supports don’t even have to win. They just have to make targeted incumbent’s life a living hell and an example of the consequences resulting from betraying the base.

Could it happen? Yes. Will it happen? Probably not.

The Strange endorsement proves Trump’s White House political operation is either second–rate or angling for jobs with the establishment GOP after Trump leaves.

Trump is also notoriously cheap, as his reneging on his pledge to fund his own campaign proved, so funding a PAC to support primary challengers is unlikely.

Finally, Trump has the attention span of a short circuit.

I’m afraid instead of reforming a political system run solely for the benefit of the elites; Trump will wind up being George Bush with an angry Twitter account. Forced to accept whatever crumbs and statist legislation McConnell and Speaker Paul Rino, excuse me, Ryan send him.

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