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Freedom of Speech Podcast

Fri, 05/03/2019 - 1:54pm
The Butcher Shop

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No Mo’ Cussin!

Fri, 05/03/2019 - 11:54am

There is a serious attempt to stifle freedom of speech in this country. Free thought is on the table, too. I find it absolutely amazing that people who label themselves as “liberal” are not open in their consideration of ideas. And forget open forum. The political identity of the nation has been reduced to red baseball caps and memes.

I’m cool with that. Unbeknownst to most of the population, I am a disciple of Christopher Hitchens. What that boils down to is I can manipulate the English language. In fact, I’m quite clever. I just don’t show it much because when I do I find myself talking over the heads of the majority party in Congress.

So the Lord Of The Rings said they can’t be no mo’ cussin’. And, back in Nashville I made my bones cussin’. My country album, “Weird Wilbur Rides Again” was so nasty that even flies departed for cleaner air. But, we are in a new era. As social media redefines four letter words, erases vast parts of the constitution, and ignores all science and philosophy, as journalists we have to dodge the eggshells and sneak the truth in with cleverly designed prose, much like John in Patmos.

Oh, I can crawfish when it comes to mealy mouth journalism. I don’t like it, but I can double talk with the best of ‘em. Check this out.

Little Red Riding Republican

And if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black I ain’t a white boy from Austin. But, you know what the real problem is? Whenever you restrain freedom of speech, nothing gets said. It only goes to follow that if nothing gets said then nothing gets done. There will never be a solution to the border issue when even the word “wall” becomes targeted by social media algorithms as a four letter word.

The Butcher Shop

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Random Thoughts V

Thu, 05/02/2019 - 2:59pm

If Planned Parenthood was selling puppy body parts they would be shut down yesterday.

The thirties and forties are a blur with work and family.  The fifties start to slow down and in the sixties you start to get comfortable with yourself, or not.

Before Obama: We had no ISIS, no BLM, No ANTIFA, and no war on cops.

With Obama: We had a no-growth economy we were told was “The New Normal”

Sometimes wisdom is best said with silence.

You may have lost but you are not lost. You are His and no one; nothing can snatch you out of His hand. When there’s nowhere to stand…stand on your faith.

Clinton admitted to using marijuana.  Obama admitted to using cocaine.  Teddy Kennedy killed a girl in a car accident and covered it up.  But suddenly Kavanaugh’s drinking habits 30 years ago are reprehensible to Democrats.

Three democrat senators on the judiciary committee voted not to impeach president Clinton even though:  He committed perjury, obstructed justice, lied about having sex with a White House intern until DNA evidence proved he lied, Almost a dozen women accused him of rape and sexual assault.  But at least there was no political motivation for their political assault on Justice Kavanaugh.

One thing the Presidential alert test did….reveal all the cell phones illegally owned by inmates in prison.

People are poor because of rich people.  And slow cars are slow because of fast cars.

Why are American citizens who want to protect our sovereignty called Nazis and racists while illegal aliens are called Dreamers?

Everyone is the center of their own universe because that’s the only vantage point any of us have.” 

When we compartmentalize reality the little chunks seem to slip away like ice floats on a river.  They’re a big deal while they’re here but once they’re gone there’s another in its place to be a big deal for a while.  Maybe that’s why when something happens, even important things I figure, “That’s not such a big deal.”  Because the river is still flowing and I’m looking forward to the ocean.

You get what you get because that’s what you got.  Which is the possessive of Popeye’s philosophical high point, “I yam what I yam an’ tha’s all I yam,” which is the cartoon reflection of the Hippie truism, “It is what it is cause that what it is.”  Which is the modern reflection of Aristotle’s insight of the law of identity: ‘Whatever is, is.”  Which is the verbal expression for the math term: For all a: a = a. 

Most people read the headline and make-up the story.

All one can do is all one can do and if everyone would just do that imagine how much would get done.

The difference between junk and stuff: Junk is stuff you no longer want. Stuff is junk you want to keep.

When all is said and done it will all be done just as He said.

God saves us from things we think we need and blesses us with things we don’t know we need.

Irony is lost on the ignorant.

I used to remember that before I forgot it.

Graveyards are filled with indispensable people.

The melting pot has become the smelting pot.  Once we all wanted to become Americans.  Now Americans all want to become some kind of hyphenated – American.  Identity politics and the cult of victimization is Balkanizing America.

The Bible: Read it – Believe it – Live it and watch it change your life

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @  © 2019 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]   Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens or visit Dr. Owens Amazon Page / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

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Congress Should be Audited

Thu, 05/02/2019 - 2:56pm
Congress should be Audited

President Harry Truman once said, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”  Well there are a lot of crooks in congress.  Many of these crooks are politicians who have become millionaires pretending to serve “We the people”; but instead have only served themselves without any accountability.   Over half (382) of congress are millionaire, holding over twelve times the wealth than the average American.  They also voted themselves their own upscale health care and retirement plans while requiring the “little people” of America to live, save, or die through lower standards.  Their talk is of equality and demonizing the rich for their own political expedience without looking into their own mirror.

Senator Bernie Sanders preaches income inequality and thrive for socialism while being a multimillionaire and owning several luxury homes while never holding a private sector job.  Senator Diane Feinstein has become a multimillionaire through her husband’s transactions with China as she lays legislation for continued trading deals with certain Chinese enterprises and a Shanghai investment firm, which raised $150 million for investors, including Feinstein’s husband.  Last year, the FBI arrested Diane Feinstein’s limousine driver as a Chinese spy.  Vice President Joe Biden is another career politician who has made millions for himself and his family.  While in China, Biden struck a deal at the same time his son, who as an equity firm manager struck a deal with China’s state-owned bank to create a $1 billion joint investment fund, netting the younger Biden millions.  Senator Richard Blumenthal’s net worth was $62 million in 2016 and amassed $8 million more in one year to $70 million on a $174,000 salary while receiving $31,475 in a tax refund.  Even the new Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already been investigated for funneling one million into her Chief of Staff’s company.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earns $223,000 per year and yet has amassed wealth calculated to be worth $196 million while charging Americans 2.1 million in traveling expenses.  Her husband made millions investing in a solar firm weeks before expansion.  Is it only a coincidence that these servants of the people can use their position like workers of a casino, knowing which slot machine is about to strike it rich?

If the common American received insider trading on Wall Street, that person would be going to jail.  Yet, those in congress and their family accumulate massive wealth through connections and deals as they gain inside information to gain more political and financial power.  These politicians may talk about social inequality; but they make sure it does not apply to them since they are the elite. 

Now these congressional hypocrites want to see President Donald Trump’s tax returns as they proposed legislation (H.R. 1) requiring the president and vice president to release their tax returns.  How come this congressional bill would not include congress?   When a reporter asked if Nancy Pelosi, who is third in line for the presidency, would release her taxes, the answer was no.  Shouldn’t Nancy Pelosi reveal to America how she earned her staggering fortune?

President Trump is serving the people, donating his salary as president to charity, keeping only a dollar.  He has donated to the Department of Veteran Affairs to support their caregiver program for support for mental health and peer support programs, financial aid, educational training, and research.  Trump has donated to the National Parks Service to restore battlefields, the Department of Education for children’s camps and the Department of Health and Human Services for a public awareness campaign about the dangers of opioid addiction.  He has donated to combat alcoholism addiction.  He has donated to both Small Business Administration and Department of Transportation infrastructure projects.

While many in congress have used their position to gain personal wealth, President Trump has used his personal wealth to serve and give back to the people.

So what would the American people prefer to see, the tax returns of a billionaire who became a politician or the tax returns of politicians who became millionaires?  Honest Americans know the answer and now is the time for a Congressional Yearly Audit to hold these career congressional crooks accountable.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at [email protected]
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Type It Up In Braille

Thu, 05/02/2019 - 10:39am

Julian Assange is freedom of the press, typed in Braille, and stuck up the government (s) asses! Have you noticed that none of the government royal family ever goes to jail? I’ve been watching this. Hillary can kill boyfriends by the six pack. Trump can lie like a Persian rug. That Kraut over there running Germany can make every Muslim on the planet an honorary citizen. It almost makes Putin look like the straight guy, and HE poisons people in a pub in England!

But JULIAN? Oh my LIVING God! Catches them with their pants down, constructing a war in order to steal oil we don’t even need, and it’s Katie bar the door. He just got fifty weeks in jail for jumping bail, which is about what he’d have gotten for non-payment of child support in Texas, and the government here is sparing no expense trying to get him here. Sheesh! They didn’t spend this much money when they shot Kennedy!

Now Trump wants to start a state news agency to balance CNN. We already HAVE a state news agency. It’s called Fox! They are sodomizing the first amendment. What do you peckerwoods think is gonna happen when they get to the second? They CAN count to two, you know.

All is fair in love, war, and journalism. When a CPS officer accused me of liable, slander, and all those other things the illiterate throw out there when confronted by someone like me, I told her that I didn’t HAVE to have any facts. I’m an op/ed journalist. All I have to do is string about six hundred words of innuendo together, and feed them to the lions. If you don’t want me to insinuate that you’re screwing little girls perhaps you should stop SCREWING LITTLE GIRLS!

So, the stage is set. Julian is packing it in their kazoo. I’ll admit he didn’t look too cool getting dragged out of that embassy, but after a good night’s rest and a spot of tea it’s game on. Whatever happened to his cat? I digress. Anyway, don’t believe anything you read in the papers. Not even me! It’s all money, marbles and chalk. The only thing I have on Julian is the Hondurans said they evicted him because he was nasty. When the Mexicans pitch you in the street for being nasty that’s a loud statement. Yeah, yeah, yeah! I just said that. It’s called “journalism!”

The Butcher Shop

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The Trump Appointee Who Believed Trump

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 7:21pm

The suggestion that the Trump administration release illegal aliens in sanctuary cities was the inspiration of Deputy White House Policy Coordinator May Davis.

Broaching this idea indicates that Davis is either very courageous or never plans on eating an undisturbed restaurant meal in the DC area again.

Davis’ inspiration is a brilliantly creative example of political jujitsu. It takes what your opponent considers to be a strength — compassion for “undocumented immigrants” — and turns it into a negative when the beneficiaries of the bad idea land on unsuspecting resident’s doorsteps.

Even better, any complaint about receiving more of the illegals the politicians claim to love only exposes their moral exhibitionism.

Unfortunately, the reaction to Davis’ idea is additional proof of why conservatives and Republicans are going to be utterly defeated by the Open Borders left.

The left is focused on ends. The Democrat party wants to change the electorate through immigration regardless of whether the individual immigrant is legal or illegal.

In support of this long–term goal the left ignores hundreds of American citizens killed by illegal aliens. It ignores citizens raped by illegal aliens. It ignores citizens assaulted by illegals. It ignores identity theft, welfare abuse and the billions spent by taxpayers to support illegal aliens. 

The goal of a permanent leftist voting majority is too important to be delayed by sympathy for citizens whose luck ran out.

Republicans focus on staying in office while staying out of late night comedy sketches. They care more about avoiding a negative reaction by the leftist street (like the Arab street only without burning tires) than they do about achieving goals.

 Judging by the reaction of National Review writer David French you’d have thought the idea of giving sanctuary cities more of the diversity that makes us so strong came from some community college Deplorable with a BMI of 50, instead of a graduate of Harvard Law School and former president of the Federalist Society in Cambridge.

French contends using “human beings as pawns” is repugnant, cruel and in his opinion “politically disastrous.” He’s also worried about Opposition Media coverage of the “compassion” that will be displayed in San Francisco when the caravan of illegals arrives.

This petticoat–ruffling on French’s part is another form of surrender. Preserving the status quo on immigration equals defeat. Unless we work to change some of the variables in this equation the only unknown is when Republicans eventually disappear.

The “human beings” French is protecting with McAllen, TX’s tax dollars are volunteers here only to strip-mine American generosity. They continue to volunteer because there is no downside to being an illegal. If putting them on a bus is “cruel” then so be it. Let’s hope word gets back to Latin America.

French’s indirect support of the current catch–and–release policy means Trump is punishing the residents of states that voted for him, namely Arizona and Texas. What’s sensible about that? What is repugnant about giving voters that support sanctuary politicians more of the illegals they long to embrace?

French contends it will cause “chaos” there. Good. Better California and Massachusetts than Yuma, AZ which has just declared a state of emergency.

Reaction within the executive branch was no better. The fascists in the White House were routed by a red tape wielding defender of the administrative state. The New York Times reports Davis’ idea was presented to Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence who exercised the bureaucrat’s veto. He claimed ICE would be subject to “liability issues” during transport and had concerns about budget allocations.

And this character is supposed to be a “hard liner” on enforcement.

It’s not Albence’s job to approve or disapprove of the administration’s policy. His job to execute administration policy. 

Donald Trump was given a nationwide mandate by voters to carry out his campaign platform. Albence hasn’t been elected to anything. He doesn’t run an ‘independent agency.’ He’s part of the administration. If he can’t perform his duties he needs to resign.

And how does the man who pledged to drain the swamp respond when some random alligator burps? Instead of sending a message by firing Albence, Trump surrenders again.

If Trump can’t find the motivation to impose his will on his own administration there is no chance he can impose his will on the open borders left. Winning this fight is going to take a sustained effort and a willingness to be impervious to the Sad Story Industrial Complex run by the Opposition Media. I don’t think Trump or his appointees have what it takes.

Millions of voters across the nation who want their country back voted for Trump in 2016. It’s too bad he couldn’t convince any of them to join his administration.

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Liar Of The House

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 4:40pm

Friends and neighbors of District 25,

Many of you have personally called me to express your concerns about the fringe RINO politician who was selected as speaker who has been knocking on doors in your neighborhood every two years with empty promises and lies. Kim, the boys and Dennis are doing just fine handling their dishonesty, and they appreciate your checking in to ensure their consciences aren’t eating them alive. This individual — who has been lying to his district for years — is making a continuous effort to manufacture excuses the kill legislation that would allow law abiding citizens — not criminals — to carry a gun without a license and proper safety training. You know, like claiming that an unarmed activist was brandishing his gun. While he is well within his rights to drop hypocritical flyers and knock on doors begging for money and votes, I realize that it can be bothersome, and I apologize for the concerns it has created.

The campaign that is dispatching his supporters to your doorsteps has a lengthy track record of using lies and manipulation to push his anti-gun agenda in our Capitol, and since that hasn’t worked, he’s attempting to turn up the pressure by targeting your friends and neighbors. When he was selected by his colleagues to become Speaker, not once did he envision this level of targeted accountability — including exposing his lying to his constituents — would happen as a result. These sort of tactics by dishonest politicians are not healthy for our democracy — they only discourage good people from getting involved in their government — which is why he got elected (all the good ones were scared off and he was a last ditch resort).

The politician knocking on your doors is associated with a number of fringe political parties, currently claiming to be a republican, including one that made constitutional carry the number one Legislative priority.

As evidenced by his bogus A-rating with the NRA, he has always fought to trick you into thinking he will strengthen the 2nd Amendment rights of Texans. He is pushing the lie that constitutional carry legislation threatens the safety of your communities and makes it near impossible for law enforcement to distinguish between law abiding gun owners and criminals, despite law enforcement having no problem with unlicensed carry in 36 states, 16 of which have the same laws gun rights activists are fighting for. Even the author of this bill withdrew his request to move it forward after Bonnen threatened to kill his other bills that were moving through the legislature and not one Senator was willing to file it in the upper chamber because the Senate is just as spineless as Bonnen. Never mind Bonnen forced that legislator to issue that statement under threat of retribution, though he pushed for a much stronger one than Stickland provided. His lieutenant, Poncho Nevarez even demanded that gun rights activists had to literally crawl on their hands and knees begging for forgiveness to get a hearing. Bonnen is making it clearer than ever that his A-rating is bogus by calling constitutional carry “bad policy” publicly.

His party under his leadership is slowly chipping away at our strong 2nd Amendment protections and he won’t stop until Texans have to beg government to even buy bullets or get special permission to buy a gun.

While he doubles down on setting back the entire 2nd Amendment movement for the future, he will continue to fight the kill legislation that PROTECTS your community and STRENGTHENS the 2nd Amendment rights of Texans in a productive and positive way.

I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend.

CJ Grisham

The Butcher Shop

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The Joe Biden You THOUGHT You Knew

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 10:17am

How quickly America forgets, but let me remind you of what CREEPY JOE did several years ago:
When Creepy Joe Biden was Vice President, he REVEALED the NAMES and the UNIT {Seal Team 6} that killed Bin Laden, which resulted in their deaths:

On May 3 2011, at a national event in Washington, Vice President Jo Biden did the unthinkable – He publicly revealed the identity of the special-operations unit responsible for Bin Laden’s killing, just to show that he “is in the know”.
His reckless action put at risk the lives of every member of Seal Team 6. The Taliban and other jihadists eager to avenge Bin Laden now knew which unit to target. Stunned and shocked, Seal Team 6 members immediately realized they were going to be hunted by al Qaeda sympathizers.
Soon after Biden’s reckless idiotic speech, an American CH47 Chinook was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade in the Tangi Valley, Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan, all 38 aboard were killed including most, if not all, of Seal Team Six.

This incident became known as Extortion 17. After Biden had let the identification out and before the Chinook was shot down, the members of Seal Team 6 had called their families. They them to wipe out all connection to them, including social media & to disassociate themselves as far away from them as possible because they too would be in grave danger as the Taliban would attempt to find them in retaliation.

Biden, well, he didn’t even drop a sweat over any of it, and was just too stupid to realize what he had done.”

I disagree ~ Jo plays the Village Idiot, but I think he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he released the names of SEAL TEAM 6 ~ JMO

BTW: That chopper filled with Team 6 members was VAPORIZED, which means that there was NO BODY PARTS TO BURY for the surviving families of these BRAVE MEN.

The Butcher Shop

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America FIRST

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 12:22pm

In my opinion, this is what online groups are all about. Open, civilized discussion of hot button topics. But, I taught my publishing group, The Butcher Shop, a valuable lesson about political discussion. When I was shown to be in error on the Uranium One transaction, I conceded. I didn’t become angry. I didn’t insult the young lady who called me out. I didn’t change the subject, or insult President Obama. I just said, “Touché!”

She made an excellent point and cleared up a bit of propaganda that was perpetuated by people with agendas. And they all have agendas! If you will note, I published a piece last night concerning the President’s remarks in Wisconsin.

2020 Vision

Brother Theo and I were actually having a tele-conference at the time this hit the wire. I remarked, “That’s f#%king stupid!”

To which he said, “Oh my! Did you just call your hero stupid?”

Well, yes! Singling out the governor of Wisconsin, making him look like some kind of child murderer was either a lie, or a perverse twist of language. It is already homicide in that state to kill a human being ie a viable person born and breathing air. We can discuss conception later, let’s just keep it to what we all agree on right now. Babies are people, Grandma is people. The governor was going to veto, kill that bill because it was redundant. Like Luka Brasi’s lame brained recitation to The Godfather, “I am honored to be invited to your daughter’s wedding on the day of your daughter’s wedding.” They didn’t NEED a new law. Doctors are already charged to preserve life! That was a Republican publicity stunt.

Our information systems have long ago been reduced to the sound bite, the video clip, and God forbid, the Facebook post. People don’t think, read past the headlines, or reason anymore. We have an entire generation, the Millennials, who didn’t take civics in high school. I did. I went to high school in the ‘60s. In Texas! We were all proud liberal Democrats, standing firm with Lyndon Johnson. Imagine that!

Politics have become a dog and pony show. Actually it always has been, but lately the ponies have been charging in to the crowd, and the dogs bite! It’s not supposed to be that way. We are supposed to have two vibrant sides of the isle. It has never been equally divided. One party or the other has always held the advantage. Only we expected our representatives to listen, think, and THEN vote. They were SUPPOSED to find solutions. They were SUPPOSED to compromise. They were SUPPOSED to come up with answers for the greater good of all, and that’s not socialism, it’s called a republic! We are not a true democracy. A democracy is where two wolves and a sheep decide what’s for dinner. We have a representative form of government, but we are not represented when our representatives are charging at windmills all day, or our President is being “f#%king stupid!”

We are not addressing major issues right now. Oh, we’re complaining about them, but we’re not addressing them! Health Care, Education, Employment; things that matter to the man (or woman) on the street. We’re bogged down debating the childish ramblings of a freshman congresswoman who thinks she can save the world one martini at a time, or some group down on the border that thinks it’s perfectly fine to run around waving guns at everyone darker than them! Or convoluted statements designed to rile up a crowd in Wisconsin.

While MAGA is now a four letter word, America is not! When Congress convenes job one on both sides of the isle should be to secure the safety and prosperity of America FIRST! We can save the world later. If one child in Harlem or Appalachia goes to bed hungry tonight we have failed as a nation, and I don’t care which side of the isle you sit on. We CAN find solutions.

Health Care. Doctors are always looking for tax breaks. Set up clinics for all. You can use them, or not, your choice. You won’t be forced to. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. But, any doctor at any time can donate his or her services to the clinic and will be allowed a tax deduction comparable to the amount they would receive at the hospital. Doctor gets a tax break, Aunt Edna gets her pacemaker. How do you manage it? Use the Medicare software. If you were to make Medicare available to all, the ones who took advantage of it would be upper middle aged to the elderly (who are probably already there) and frankly, twenty year olds don’t run to the clinic for a cold, old folks do!

Education. Simple. Get some educated teachers and start teaching school again. Back in the day, in that civics class I told you about, my teacher, Mr. Cole, taught us both theories of government, Democrat and Republican. Then he let us draw our own conclusions. If you will note Texas in our generation swung Republican. Mr. Cole was a very liberal Democrat, but more than that, he was a teacher. He molded our minds, he didn’t chicken fry them!

Employment. There is no reason every able-bodied person in the United States who wants to better their life cannot find work should they so choose. I know, I know, those lazy bums on welfare. Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.” There will always be unmotivated people among your ranks, but we can’t just starve ‘em out. My boyhood hero, Lyndon Johnson, created what he called, The Great Society!” Now, we’re converging on the third generation of that society. And Detroit is in shambles. For the greatest automotive center the world had ever known to be reduced to that is an abomination, and don’t tell me that given the choice of a comfortable life or welfare a young man or woman will choose the projects because I grew up in the projects, but I didn’t STAY there!

But, we won’t solve these problems by attacking, demeaning, and disrespecting each other. We will solve them by intelligent debate, compromise, and a firm vision of where we ALL want to be. When Aunt Edna walks into that clinic, when little Sissy can freely say she likes the President, when that young man or woman in Detroit brings home that first paycheck, America WILL be great, not “Again” because GREAT has always been there. We could have seen it if we’d only looked, and we’ll all be a lot better off for it!

The Butcher Shop

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Live Feed

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 1:40am
The Butcher Shop

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It’s Called The Tea Party

Mon, 04/29/2019 - 8:42am

I use literary barbs to spark debate, but I honestly don’t hate anyone. I expect feminists to clean my plow when I go all misogynistic, but, although it will anger them, I will still hold the door for them.

I hold conservative views, but am open to new ideas. Who you screw or what you stew makes no difference to me. And yes, I made a Texas slur on Mexicans the other day. One gentleman who took me to task pointed out a simple fact that I subscribe to. Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans are all NORTH Americans. We ARE our brothers’ keeper and if our noses weren’t so big the cartels wouldn’t be so rich.

We don’t need to respect our borders as much as we need to respect each other’s sovereignty. There is no reason Maria Lopez cannot commute from Nuevo Laredo to Laredo and work in a Walmart there. Everyone acts like it’s news that people slip across the border all the time to find work. PEOPLE! That’s not news! If it were then why does every convenience store in Texas have services to send money BACK to Mexico? That’s because that’s where Mamasita and the bambinos are and THAT’S why he’s up here working in the first place!

Fact is, if you don’t a feather in your hair you either are or are descended from immigrants! You can’t have a third world country butted up against a superpower separated by a barb wire fence. And walls? Give me a break. Now, I’m from Texas, ok? Build the wall! Ok, build it. And then stand back in snake amazement when the first twelve year old Mexican girl goes right over the top!

As long as the political royalty keeps us at each other’s throat there will never be medical care, tax relief, or constitutional ANYTHING! Trump gets away with bloody murder. So does Hillary, and God knows Ted Kennedy! It’s good to be the king!

We have oh, about one school shooting a month. No representative on either side of the isle has proposed a solution for that. It’s being shown that marijuana has properties that relieve many conditions, yet it is still against federal law. Rental assistance is still pulled if the woman has a man living in the house. I could go on and on, and on but concerning these situations most of us would agree that the government has failed us.

If we all were to stand up you would see mass suicide in Washington. If we were to all stand behind real progress the government would declare martial law because the powers that be world lose their power. And then We The People would sit in Congress and your children and grandchildren might just have a future!

(It’s called The Tea Party!)

The Butcher Shop

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When You Are Homeless

Sun, 04/28/2019 - 12:13pm

James 2:14-26
What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?

Since they won’t post this in the Talk of Alvin, Let me put it here.Shame on half of you people in Alvin, Texas! I was reading your comments about the Tent City here in Alvin. Seriously? I hope none of you ever have to experience the pain that goes along with becoming homeless, I hope none of you ever experience the after math of things like Harvey, I hope and pray none of you have to ever wonder where the money will come from for your medications. I hope none of you ever have to wonder where the next meal for your kids are coming from.

Most of you are one paycheck away from being homeless and I’m ashamed of you. Your answer is to put them out in the streets and back under the overpasses. If that happens, you better hope your house stays locked and you leave nothing in your cars.

The Tent City keeps these folks off the street, it offers them hope, but most of you can’t do anything but criticize while offering no help of any kind. Shame on you. These people didn’t ask to be on the street. Life took an unexpected turn. It could happen to any one of us at any time, especially this day and age. You people have grown cold and calloused and I’m ashamed of my community for the first time in a very long time.

I hope and pray it never happens to you. Jill Craddock Rea, has done a damn good job trying to help the people in this community and trust me when I tell you the alternative is not what you want in Alvin, Texas. I remember a time in Alvin when the community came together. I have personally over the years given many of you money out of my pocket and never asked for it back. I have worked countless benefits for many of you and never asked for a dime, after donating my time as an auctioneer. Shame on you, we are better than this! This is Alvin, Texas By God Act Like It! Burying your head in the sand and pretending a problem doesn’t exist doesn’t help fix the problem. Trying to throw these people out doesn’t solve the problem!

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C’mon People Now, Smile On Your Brother

Sun, 04/28/2019 - 9:47am

It’s been a rollicking four years. People often ask me how I come up with ideas for articles every day. I ask them how do they not? How can you not relate to the universe in a clear and vocal way.

Each year I scan past works to find five of the most interesting, not necessarily the most read pieces. I string ‘em in a compilation, much like my Saturday article, and put it out there. I switched one this year. I removed “America Lost” because we now have President Trump, and I think he’s gonna buy us a few more years.

Another reason for replacing it with “The Unanswered Door” was that I noticed the other four articles had a common thread. They addressed the human condition. Don’t kill babies, a little boy trying to walk back to Texas, a little girl struggling with diabetes, an old soldier feeding his little dog chicken wings on his death bed, a little boy knocking on a door that’ll never be answered. Things that even the most liberal or conservative can agree on.

And we need to start agreeing, folks. This country has been divided for far two long. At each other’s throats while the mainstream media stokes the fire, doubting our abilities, our individuality, our very lives, as charlatans run for office, sexually confused people act like pillars of the community and instead of serving and protecting us our police shoot everything darker than them.

But these five articles don’t address any of that. They reach down into the pit of your being and pull out a tear. They remind you of simple truths we all hold to. And if we can just agree on those things then Sgt Tarajos’s last words will come to pass. The Best Is Yet To Come!

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The post C’mon People Now, Smile On Your Brother appeared first on Tea Party Tribune.


Sat, 04/27/2019 - 9:17am

The newlyweds sped towards San Antonio all during the night, and neared the old town about eleven o’clock the next day. They came down Interstate 10 and entered the city from the western side. Taking the Broadway Street exit, Mike piloted his truck to the Marriott on the River Walk. This hotel positioned itself on the walkway in the center of downtown with a commanding view of both the walk, and the city. It was literally a stone’s throw from the Alamo, and even had helicopter service to the San Antonio airport.

This was June’s very first trip to any city of size. She’d seen El Paso once, but only to pass through it for gasoline with Ray, on their way back from one of his repair jobs that he’d contracted in New Mexico. This was the first time she had actually set foot into a metropolis. The hotel overwhelmed her and in her darling accent she gasped and looked at the lobby and exclaimed, “Oh, Mike, My Ah’s just can’t behold it all!”

If June was beautiful as a girl, she was enchanting as a wife. She seemed to have relaxed a bit, even gaining a little height as she walked, holding herself up proudly because now she was a citizen of the Bend, with all of its rank and privilege. She really didn’t understand credit cards, but Mike gave her money, which she stuffed into the pocket of her jeans. Angie had given her the jeans. They were “501’s.” To compliment them Angie had given her a pair of red Justin boots. June had never owned a pair of “501’s,” and had only seen Justin’s in store windows, and now she owned a pair of each! When she took the boots from the box in her room at the hotel she put the leather up to her face and just inhaled for the longest time. Then, she slipped them onto her tiny feet. Angie had gotten it just right! She’d fitted June’s clothes and boots as if she’d been shopping for herself! It totally amazed June how she’d done that.

She and Mike stayed in the room until about six in the evening, and then ventured out to see the “Walk.” The River Walk in San Antonio is truly a romantic spot. It’s old world flavor, combined with the big city rush above produced an effect equaled nowhere in the world. Mike took her down to the Casa Rio, where he had eaten many times before; where his mother had eaten with his stepfather, and his stepfather’s mother had eaten in 1939 to commemorate her high school graduation. They sat out on the river at a table. No one who is anyone eats inside the café. As they ate their chips and dip the ever-present pigeons came and bummed chips from them, and they fed the birds in spite of the warning of signs around the café about feeding the birds.

The meal consisted of the usual Mexican fare. Actually, the food at the Casa Rio is standard Mexican, with no surprises, but the atmosphere of the River Walk makes it special. June knew her Mexican food, and devoured all the enchiladas, tortillas, and tamales with zest, gulping her iced tea like a field hand while Mike watched in mild amusement. Then two mariachis came to the table.

“Would you like to hear something?”

June looked up in surprise, “You mean you play in right here, on those fat guitars?”

The old Mexican laughed at the little country girl, and replied, “Si, Senorita. We play for you. Whatever you want to hear.”

“I don’t know any Mexican songs, but I just got married, so could you play a newlywed song?”
The old man looked in amazement, “You are a senora? Si, Si, we’ll play a nice wedding song for you.”

They played a romantic ballad, all in Spanish for the pair as June glowed. When the song was finished, Mike whispered into her ear, “Pay them.”

She turned, “Pay them?”

“Pay them. Give them some money. This is what they do for a living.”

“Oh, ok.” She reached into her jean pocket and pulled out a five-dollar bill and handed it to the oldest man.

“Gracias,” he said and then, tipping his hat to the lady he turned and left, going to find another table audience to perform for.

June watched as they moved away from her table. “Mike, I never thought life could be this nice. I must be dreaming.”

She looked surprised, “You really love me!” It was not a question, but a statement of something she’d only just discovered

Mike took her hand, “No, June, I’m the one who’s dreaming. I’m with an angel, and I never want to wake up.”

Mike looked at her in utter amazement, “Of course I love you. What made you think I didn’t love you?”

“Mike, no one’s ever loved me. I’ve always felt that no one cared. When I married you, I did it because I loved you, but I really didn’t expect you to really love me back.”

Mike was just discovering the complexity of his new bride. June hid behind a wall of insecurity, and it all stemmed from a myth she called “Real Daddy,” who drifted in and out of memory. He was a man, larger than life, faceless and mysterious. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Ray, but she looked nothing like him, and he was more like a friend than a father. He was a good friend, but a friend nonetheless. Her real father, on the other hand, had acquired the stuff that legends are made of. She knew he worked in Las Vegas, so that made him a character of myth, more than a man. Her mother had told her the story hundreds of times about how he’d come to town, playing poker with the ranchers, and cleaning them all out until he had to leave town in the middle of the night, but not before becoming June’s father. Barbara had told her the story countless times, each time adding more and more details as the myth grew in both their minds. Knowing he worked in Vegas she imagined he had to be dashing, and well dressed, not bent, tired, and sweaty, wearing that silly floppy hat that Ray wore every day of his life. Real Daddy was a hero. Real Daddy was a “man’s man” with a Derringer hidden in his boot, and an Ace up his sleeve, and Real Daddy never called, never wrote, and never sent a check! He was too cool. She vowed that one day she would go to Vegas and find Real Daddy. He would be proud of her now that she was of the Bend. She’d made up for the mistake her mother had obviously made to loose such a man as Real Daddy!

“Well, I do love you. I love you more every minute. I’ll never be apart from you.” As Mike spoke, he noticed that June’s thoughts seemed to be somewhere else, but no matter, her body was here, and it was beautiful! Under the multi-colored lights of the River Walk, she was positively stunning. Mike could not help but notice the admiring looks given by men as they passed the table, some even looking back for a second time! In all of his life, ever since he could remember, Buddy had bested him in every way imaginable. He could never best him here! June was something Buddy didn’t have, and she was all Mike’s!

They finished their food and went walking around the river. The multi-colored lights enhanced the mood, and the moist tropical air intoxicated her as they moved along through the crowds. They moved back toward the hotel, and then went past it to the other Marriott that was situated just across Commerce Street from the one that had their room. There was a mall here and she went in, fascinated by the stores. Going into the large department store at one end of the mall, she came around a corner and confronted the escalator.

“Mike, I’ve never seen one of these.”

He laughed, “You never seen an escalator? C’mon. You have seen one before.”

She looked at him angrily, “How many two story buildings we got back home?”

He realized she was right. There were no two- story buildings in their town save the homes at the Bend, and they didn’t have escalators. She gingerly stepped forward and put her tiny foot on it, but then quickly withdrew it and giggled.

“Will it grab me?”

“No, here watch.” Mike stepped forward in confidence and stood on the moving stairs as they took him to the second floor of the store. “Now you.”

She looked at the steps all-moving and in one brave moment, she leaped upon them, grasping the rail and began to ride, teetering, all the way to the top. She sighted the stepping off point precisely, and at the opportune moment, she sprung form the steps into the waiting arms of her husband. She laughed, and said, “Wanna do it again!” At that, she went to the down escalator and rode down and then back up. This she did about five times before she figured she’d mastered “escalator-riding,” and was ready to move on to her next project.

They went from there to an ice cream shop and bought cones, even though they’d just eaten. Then they walked the short distance to the Alamo, which was situated just a little off the walk but within a city block of it. She’d only seen the Alamo in books, and a John Wayne Movie, but this building impressed her. It was closed now, but the tourists were still milling about. The old mission was lit with lights from all angles and it cast a romantic mood over the entire area.

It was hard to imagine that anyone had ever actually died there. To June it seemed that the history of Texas had ended at the Alamo. Nothing more happened that was really worth noting since then.

She went up and put her hand on the ancient stone. “Wow. This place looks more beat up than the kitchen floor back at Fat Eddie’s.”

“It’s older than Fat Eddie’s, June.”

“I know that. You think I’m ignorant. I know all about it. I know the date of the battle and everything. Ray loves this place. He told me all about it. He said they don’t make men like these guys anymore. Nobody would get killed for anyone anymore. We’re all too modern now. We’re all too smart. Ray said it was a ‘sucker’ move, but that they were all heroes to do it.”

Mike tried to show his sophistication, “Well, June, you gotta admit, this was one darn fool thing to do. Sit here and let five thousand Mexicans run over you?”

She turned away from the stone, “They weren’t fools, Michael. They were here because they knew they needed to be here. These guys didn’t have any ‘angle.’ They just knew they had to hold Santa Anna off long enough to let Houston get his army together.”

“Yeah, but do you really think they’d have stayed if they knew how bad it was gonna be?”

“Yeah. I think they did. Did you know that there were thirty-two men from Gonzales who got into the Alamo just before the battle just to tell them that there would be no help? They stayed because they wanted to.” She looked up at the rounded top of the building, “I think Ray would have stayed.”

“Even if it were a ‘sucker’ move?”

“Yah, even then. Ray would stay for the fight. He’d be right up on the walls.”

She walked over to the sitting area in the little plaza in front of the Alamo and sat on a bench. The air was nice. She watched as the insects flew into the streetlights. To her left was the monument to the fallen of the Alamo. She just sat there and soaked it in. The building had an orange glow to it. It was surreal, almost unworldly. This building was so famous that it appeared to be a movie set. She was amazed that there hadn’t been a spare stone on the ground, or a rock, or anything to take as a souvenir of the visit. She’d rubbed her hands across the face of the old mission trying to collect just one rock of any kind that she could take home and have a piece of the Alamo, but it simply wasn’t to be had. Mike came over and sat beside her on the bench.

“Right over there,” she pointed beyond the locked gates leading into the courtyard, “Travis drew the line. All the men but one crossed it and made the choice to stay. Ray would have crossed the line, Mike. Ray lives a long time ago. He don’t play by the rules we play by. He lives back when the Alamo happened.”

Mike looked in the direction she was pointing and said, “You know, recent research tells us that Travis never drew that line. That was a story that was made up by journalists to sell a story.”

June smiled, “He drew the line, Mike. He drew the line in our hearts. It don’t matter if he drew the line in the sand or not. Every man there knew the score, and that line was drawn when they first walked into the mission. Ray told me that every time someone does something that is good, and decent, they cross Travis’s line.”

“Would your Real Daddy in Vegas have stayed?”

She turned and looked sly, “Heck no! He’d have been over that wall on his way to New Orleans to deal Black Jack on some river boat!”

“Then the Alamo was the ‘sucker move?”

She thought long and hard, “No, it was their move, Mike. They had to do it. Some seed fall here, some seed fall there. You sure are dense for a rich boy!”

Just then, an empty carriage rolled up. Mike hailed the driver and went over and gave him a twenty. June came over and Mike helped her into the carriage. “Could you take us back to the Marriott?”

The driver nodded and the couple held each other all the way back to the hotel. Once in the room Mike turned on the T. V. to HBO and began to watch. June came in wearing her panties and a “T” shirt and sat on the bed behind him. She put her foot over across the bed and began to rub his back with her big toe.

Unseen in the corner of the room Veronica and her companion watched.

“You seem happy here.”

“I was happy,” Veronica said as she watched June play with her husband’s back.

“Did you love him now?”

“Oh yeah. Mike was wonderful in San Antone. He was like another man.” She looked at the man, “His mom wasn’t here.”

“Ah! So there’s a little problem.”

“No problem, Dr. Angel. Some gotta be sheep, and some gotta be goats.” She turned and walked through the wall, then in a moment she came back and grabbed him by his arm, “Hey, don’t tell me you’re a ‘perv’ Dr. Angel. C’mon, let’s do the Walk!”

The spirit couple went down and began to walk leisurely about the cafes and shops of the River Walk. “How come I can’t see any other ghosts here?” Veronica asked.
“Because they’ve all gone on. They are only on this plane for a while, and then they are processed.”


“Some go to a reward, some to something else.”


“Of their own free choice, and design.”

They sat on a bench and her spirit guide sat beside her. “We ‘design’ hell?”

“You design where ever you will go. Good or bad. Remember what Jesus said? ‘Forgive, and you shall be forgiven.’ The kingdom is within you, Veronica. A little piece of God, right here,” he touched near her heart.

“Wonder what kind of ‘kingdom’ I’m working on.”

“That’s what we’re here to find out, Veronica, but there’s more at stake than just your kingdom. There are injustices and events that occurred long before you and I ever came along. That’s part of the reason I was waiting for you at that intersection back on Sherman Road, but someone else is in the mix. You and I have to fix things a bit.”

“Please excuse me for saying so, but this is all a bit deep for me.”

“Not so,” he smiled. “God picked you for just this particular job. He doesn’t make mistakes. I have faith in you, also.”

“I’m a terrible sinner. You don’t know the half of it.”

“You are a vibrant young woman, Veronica. You don’t hurt people. You just try to survive. At least you are beginning to admit you are a sinner. Look at all these people passing by. Each one creating their own ‘kingdom’ right now, and not caring, and when they die they go to that place they themselves have prepared all of their lives and are so surprised.”

“I thought all you had to do was be saved. Doesn’t Jesus count for anything in your grand plan?”

“Yes. What do you think we’re doing here right now?”

Veronica rose and walked beneath an arch at such an angle that she could see the Marriott on the walk. Counting the floors with her eyes she found the floor that June and Mike were on and stood there beneath the arch staring for a long time. Her guide came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulders.

“What are you thinking?”

“Just wondering why I couldn’t have just let it be. Why couldn’t I just let things go as they were?”

“You were just trying to have it all.”

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The War Has Started

Fri, 04/26/2019 - 1:29pm

The War Has Started

With President Trump’s announcement to send all of the immigrants applying for Asylum to the Sanctuary Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco it seems that some people like Cher are changing their tune. Where is all of the funding coming from to support the influx of the new asylum seekers? California can’t even take care of it’s own legal citizens, how are they going to take care of the incoming illness and welfare?

Orange fruit isolated on white

I for one would not like to see my taxes increased to support the undocumented. I prefer a Wall to increase my taxes. I don’t understand how these so-called Sanctuary Cities can get funding by population from the Federal Government for their undocumented and illegal population. Records have shown that the legal residents of California are leaving to start over in Utah, Texas, Colorado and numerous other states. Sounds kind of peculiar to me.

What happened to the talk of California becoming it’s own country? How is it that anyone is welcome through the southern border of California, but whenever someone try to enter from another state they are stopped and sometimes searched for bringing in fruits and vegetables. When was the last time that you was waved through the checkpoint at the California/Arizona border?

Just some thoughts to think about.

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Oh No! It’s Mr. Bill!

Fri, 04/26/2019 - 10:55am

Every now and again a democrat gets to say something sane; these days, that ain’t very often. Mostly, we just have to stick to funny, because, well, somebody has to have a sense of humor, right? Except on days like today, when the giant candidate-for- President-candidate anus re-dropped Joe Biden onto the assembly line. Now, folks, that’s just lazy.

I know there must be no end to little presidential wanna be turds just giving that cosmic anus fits of peristalsis right now. Why, there’s the guy who couldn’t beat a booger eater in Texas, the smart girl who needs to be a cabinet member, and not the president, Corrupt Corey, and another guy whose only claim to being different is that he is gay. Of course, we already have a candidate who can win, Bernie Sanders, but no; no, we have to wipe twice for uncle Joe.

It’s like when the last little bit of a really hard bit of crap to get rid of finally decides to drop after you’ve washed your hands, and returned to the table. You ask your date if she wouldn’t mind your returning to the bathroom, and you get that sympathetic look. Sheesh! Bad enough you have to walk like there is a piece of rebar in your pants, but then you hear the sympathetic whispers, and yes, a few titters too; crazy uncle Joe is back. What?

The same Joe Biden who got less than one percent of the votes in Iowa in 2008? Yep. Listen, I could go on, but, like Sarah Palin, this guy’s a quitter. I don’t want to talk about his perversions any more than I want to talk about how our current president handles lady parts; instead, I want to talk about the why of this…and carp a little too.

It’s like it must be for most republicans when Newt G. throws his hat into the ring every campaign season. America just got itself into the worst civil war its been in since, well, the Civil War. Republicans and Democrats carry out vicious attacks on one another on social media. Every site you visit is hateful. Hateful people, not contentious, not mired down in disagreement, not even partisan. Spite ridden, mean, ugly, dangerously hateful. New words like retardican, dumborat, libr’al and conservatard are now terms grace our first amendment lexicon. Great stuff for a conversation where, HELLO, both sides of the political spectrum are going to have to work together to get-r-done!

And just how did this happen? Well, the folks who ARE getting her done set us against each other by pitting literally, and I mean literally, the two most hated people in America against each other in the last election. Yeah, hard as it may be for you to believe if you are a Trumpet, the other half hates him as much as you hate Hillary. I know, right? Now, as that one percent in Iowa proves, Joe is only slightly more likable than Hitler, or his kid sister, HillRy. Not by much though. You see, I’d really like to vote this time around, if they’ll let me, they threw out my last vote because I signed with the wrong color ink, and so would lots of us Dems. We were unable to for the last ten years, because we figured that if we couldn’t get a real democrat, then we ought to get the guy who would almost certainly pull down most of what Hillary had accomplished under Obama. Boy were we right too! That guy has made such a mess that we will HAVE to elect a grown up; which uncle Joe ain’t.

Here’s a clue, he sits at the kid’s table every holiday. Not enough, ok, how about this, he’s already been Vice President, and he sucked at that!

If Joe Biden were elected President, it would only be by the same mechanism that gave us Donald Trump. Republicans will stay home. Not the Trumpets of course, but I’m not stupid enough to believe every republican is a Trumpet; heck I know a lot of republicans hate the guy…but they don’t trust the dems either. Nothing I can do about that folks, by and large, neither do I. I do, however trust Bernie Sanders to be Bernie Sanders, in much the same way we all expect Trump to be Trump.

I know Bernie will at least try to fix health care, not for just we the democrats, but for republicans and independents too. I know Bernie will at least try to raise American education in the world ranks again. I know that if Bernie were president, I would not be reading stories about how Social Security and Medicare are being trimmed almost every week, like I am now, but Joe…IF uncle Joe gets in; well that’s another four years of what we’ve been getting ever since Reagan started asking “How much better off are you than you were four years ago?”

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It’s Good To Be The King!

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 11:31am

A battle for the soul of the nation? We sure as hell are! Queers, steers, and everything in between. We’re gonna have to be nuked just to disinfect this place! And we kill more babies than Mcdonalds kills cows! Wanna substantiate atheism? AMERICA! We had a black Muslim President, almost a lesbian President, and now, oh no it’s Mr. Bill, I mean Joe Biden!

If I fondled as many little girls as PaPa Joe I’d STILL be getting my ass whipped in Huntsville Prison. There are more #METOO little girls with Biden’s DNA on their little butts than there are singers in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

And did you see all their faces when Joe makes a grab? Their little eyes bug out and they try to run. Old Joe just grabs ‘em by the pony tail and reins ‘em right back in for another photo op! God, but it’s good to be the king! Oh wait, he’s not a king. He’s just a Democrat.

When when I was twenty-one, and I took it upon myself to marry a seventeen year old, I had to jump an international border and change my citizenship. Even then, to come back to Texas I had to plea bargain. The DA told me that he would see to it that my grave would not be desecrated when I returned. Oh, and I did marry a GIRL by the way. We dragged folks behind pickups back then.

The battle for the soul of this nation began the first Tuesday in November of 2016. That’s the only reason God didn’t incinerate us right then! And it’s ongoing. Do you realize when Doc Greene was arrested for trying to do a news story at the Montrose Library’s Drag Queen Story Time, a homosexual was inside sizing up a little boy RIGHT THEN? The Apostle Claver caught him! Yep, Joe Biden’s their man! I’d like to make this article longer, but I need to trip on over to Nolan Junior High and pick out my next sister wife. Peace out!

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See You At The Ball

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 9:52am

You know what gets me? All the Democrats screaming “Impeach!” Ok, there is a group called Political Reality, run by a friend of mine so let me give you some political reality. No president has ever been removed from office. Nixon quit, don’t even go there. The Speaker of the House is staunchly against impeachment. And if articles of impeachment survived the house they would die in the senate.

Yet, the watchword for Democrats is impeachment. While all of this is going on a whole tribe of contenders is vying for the nomination. And THEY too are hollering impeachment. One is not. He pushes free collage, Medicare for all, and reinforcing Social Security. Bernie Sanders! As of this morning the lead in the race.

Yet Democrats still believe that impeachment is the way to go. In a little over fourteen months America will go to the polls again. If the Democrats pull their heads out of Mr. Ass a strong candidate such as Sanders will give Donald Trump a run for his money. If they rally behind people such as Beatoff O’Rourke or Booker (excuse me, I have to spit) then Trump will be dancing with his wife at his SECOND inaugural ball. And the Democrats will be bitching about the cost, still screaming IMPEACHMENT!

The senate will never remove a president from office. Don’t you wanna know why? Because if they ever did it would show that impeachment is a real possibility. THEIR jobs would be quickly on the line. Right now you couldn’t even impeach that silly girl with a rag on her head no matter WHAT she says about the Jews. But once the door is open the wrong dogs will come home.

Caligula, “Little Boots” was assassinated by his own Praetorian Guard. Once it was realized that this was a viable option the Romans killed emperors by the six pack! The senate exists in a well insulated cocoon. That’s why they don’t listen to you. That’s why your health care is all jacked up. And that’s why they can’t hear the word “impeachment” through those thick oak doors.

But, Democrats, keep on keeping on. Sabotage your front runner. Have some silly wench screaming, “NOOOOOOO!” at the next inauguration. Join hands down at the border and try to catch all them Mexicans as Trump catapults them back over to Tijuana. See you at the ball!

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You Win Again

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 5:30am

The relationship between Hank Williams Sr. and his wife, Audrey is the stuff of legend. I know only parts, some word of mouth, family gossip having been involved with his second wife, Billie Jean, but something came up today that brought all of this to mind.

I’m not going to cast allusions upon anyone, especially Miss Audrey because for one I’m really just a face in the crowd and for another Hank Jr. is a big old boy and will whip my ass, so let’s just say Hank Sr. and Audrey could’ve done with a little marriage counseling, ok?

Going forward, a close friend of mine went through an experience recently. The Good Book says that a man should leave his parents and cleave unto his wife. Well, the wife leaves her parents, too, and takes her cleavage over to her husband. Now “honor thy father and mother notwithstanding, this means turning away from the home wherein they grew up. This means breaking bonds.

That’s why people cry at weddings. Something died. Daddy’s little girl is not daddy’s little girl anymore. Son is not a son, he’s a husband. And even if they all give lip service to this extended family crap that’s what it really is; crap!

When sons and daughters start cleaving they leave the past behind. Technically mom and dad are still there. Technically. But in point of fact the bonds of matrimony erase the bonds of parenthood. And ne’er the two will meet. The sudden realization of this can be devastating. I’ve been there, done that. I’ve had a wonderful family. That’s why I’m sitting here alone on Easter with a one eyed cat and a glass of Black Velvet. Because I’m so loved!

The kids don’t have to do much. In fact, nothing at all works quite well. When you’re not even worth an insult that indicates pretty much where you stand on the food chain. And it will hurt! You can lose a pet, a friend, even a wife, hell, I’ve lost six, but when your kids walk away they take a piece of you. And when they cross you out of your life it can be inconsolable.

My friend felt this. I gave him the only advice I had. I told him , “Write!” “Write?” you may ask. What in the hell kind of advice is that? In my life I’ve written several books, thousands of articles, short stories and songs, and you wanna know why? Pain! If I could just put it down on paper then perhaps I could understand it. Perhaps move on.

When I lost Mary Ellen in ’81 I got in my truck and drove way out into the desert. I got out of the truck, and walked until I was exhausted. And I sat down to die. As I sat there some words came to me.

Rodgers taught me train songs
And Williams taught me blues
Don Curry taught me how to sing
The pain out of my soul

But someone had to put it there
So I left that to you
Now singing out the pain’s
About the best thing that I do

I pondered for a moment. The words took the pain. I got up, and walked back to my truck, and I’ve been writing ever since. The story has it that Old Hank had a hurt back. Audrey wanted to go out, but he was bedridden. An argument ensued, and she left. Hank was left alone, and in pain, both mental and physical. Apparently he, too, had discovered the remedy. So, he began to write . . .

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What Has Trump Done Lately?

Tue, 04/23/2019 - 7:39am

by Doc Greene

What has President Donald J Trump done so far??? Here are just a few of the over 200 items

He put in Tariffs and they are a GREAT idea, This country ran on Tariffs only for over 100 years. Tariffs are making it harder for China to buy sticks to beat us with.

The N0K0 war has been on for over 70 years, Only now do we have a president that is doing something to change that.

We would never have known about the deep state were it not for Trump.

Tax Cuts are helping America.

The lowest unemployment numbers for blacks and Hispanics EVER.

The lowest number of food stamp recipients in 40 years, even though the population is nearly double.

He is getting the pipeline built and America is on the verge of being the #1 energy producer.

He killed NAFTA and renogiated deals with both Mexico and Canada that improve lives of Americans and eliminate the potential loss of USA soverienty in this hemisphere.

He got us out of TPP which was horrible for America and Americans,

He has cut 21 regulations for every new one added.

Barring U.S. government funding to international non-governmental agencies that promote or perform abortions.

He nominated Neil Gorsuch and a good globalist RINO Cavanaugh to the supreme court. (No harm done…status quo maintained)

Got us out from under funding Iran’s war on Israel.

Finally fulfilled the law passed more than 20 years ago and moved our embassy to Jerusalem which has been the capital of Israel for more than 4000 years.

He is building the wall, (just not fast enough)

The economy is ROARING… Obama (or what ever his real name is) and Mitch “Chinese Money) McConnel and Paul D (the D is for democrat) Ryan said it couldn’t be done.

He has cancelled the Obama (or what ever his real name is) Care penalty that was hurting Americans.

He has Nullified Obama-era gun control order that required the Social Security Administration to share records of individuals who get Disability Insurance benefits

Placed a lifetime ban on White House officials and executive branch appointees lobbying for foreign governments.

Heard from ISIS lately ??? me neither

Eliminated a Dodd-Frank rule that mandated oil companies publicly disclose taxes and fees paid to other governments, saving energy companies $385 million a year

Deportation of criminal aliens and gang members were up 38 percent over the final year of Obama’s term, with roughly 6,000 members of the ultra-violent MS-13 gang arrested so far

American beef imports returned to China for the first time in 14 years

Struck a deal to export pork to Argentina, the first time in 15 years that’s been allowed

Trump managed to get “companies such as Ford, Chrysler and Carrier Air Conditioners to manufacture and build plants in the United States,” as well as getting companies like Corning and Foxconn to make significant investments in the United States

President Trump issued an order that stopped an Obama-era order to allow transgender individuals in the military

Trump “signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act in August, which provides educational benefits to veterans, service members and their family members, including tuition, fees, books, housing and other additional costs”

Ended Operation Choke Point, an Obama initiative that discouraged banks from dealing with gun dealers.

Commerce Department slapped a 219 percent tarriff on jets from Canada’s Bombardier in favor of Boeing, arguing that Canada and the U.K. are subsidizing the planes in violation of trade agreements

I got more but I’m tired and you’ve likely never seen a list like this one. #AmazingDocGreeneShow

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