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Why Electing Leftists Is Bad for the Birth Rate

Thu, 02/07/2019 - 9:49am

Virginia’s unborn are discovering what can happen when leftists take over state government. Although Democrat’s ‘compassion’ for illegals and murderers knows no bounds, the defenseless unborn take it on the chin.

This wouldn’t have happened if Trump had lost to Hillary. After the president threatened to drain their habitat, Swamp creatures in the Old Dominion united to elect leftists. If bears responded to the potential loss of habitat like Swampists did, park rangers would be forced to issue AR–15s to Yellowstone visitors.

Seventy–one percent of Hillary’s voters turned out in Virginia’s 2017 off–year election. Republicans in the House of Delegates lost an unprecedented 14 seats and 11 were incumbents. All but one of the flipped seats were either in the suburbs of Washington, DC; the government installation–heavy Norfolk area, government–centric Richmond and isolated Communist cells in the university towns of Lynchburg, Roanoke and Blacksburg.

It was a winning combination of Big Government and Big Dependency. Swampists didn’t so much vote their pocketbooks as they voted to keep draining yours. But that’s not all Democrats are siphoning. Turns out leftists also want to drain amniotic fluid.

Del. Kathy Tran, one of Virginia’s newly emboldened Swamp legislators, is a fanatic regarding Democrats’ bedrock issues: Amnesty, Abortion and Alternate Lifestyles. She introduced an abortion bill that would allow the unborn to be executed right up until the moment of birth. And Tran isn’t about to go all Talmudic concerning reasons either. Abortion–up–until–birth would be legal to save the life of the mother or the lifestyle of the mother.

Tran would also dispense with bothersome second and third opinions on baby termination. Currently Virginia requires three doctors to certify the need for a third–trimester abortion. Tran cuts it down to one.

The doctor currently occupying the governor’s seat, Ralph Northam — another Swamp wave–rider — has an interpretation of Tran’s bill that virtually guarantees him a lucrative post–political career as the doctor to call when a woman chooses death.

Northam claims Tran’s bill would allow pesky babies, who somehow escape the abortionist and make it into the delivery room, to be killed AFTER birth.

During a radio interview on WTOP Reassuring Ralph explained, “…if a mother is in labor, …the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

From his perch atop Mt. Morality, Northam was taken aback by the reaction to the “if” in his statement. He asserted criticism of his view was “shameful and disgusting” and “really blown out of proportion.”

He has a point. Northam was merely suggesting everyone in the delivery room — with the exception of the infant — would form a mini–Death Panel to decide the child’s fate. It’s not like Northam was telling the abortionist to stab the baby with a pair of scissors. The governor is advocating a process — which makes the fatal outcome all nice and tidy.

When that failed to pacify dangerous advocates of letting the unborn live, Northam fell back on abortion mill clichés: “[men] shouldn’t be telling a woman what she should or shouldn’t be doing with her body.” What this talking–point spouting fool can’t seem to grasp is pro–life supporters don’t care what the woman does with her body — life advocates care about what she wants to do with baby’s body.

Back in the legislature, the storm caused by the bill produced much hunkering down. Tran erased her Facebook and Twitter accounts making her online presence as empty as her moral judgment. discovered the co–sponsor of the bill, Del. Dawn Adams, another Swamp winner, sent a contrite statement to her constituents saying she hadn’t read the bill before agreeing to sponsor it.

That begs the issue. The real question is what kind of person sees an abortion bill favoring the mindset of convenience and death and thinks “where do I sign up for that!”?

The Great Unifier once said elections have consequences and for the unborn the consequences can be fatal. Tran’s unborn execution bill was killed by the legislature for this session, but Republican control of the legislative branch is hanging by an umbilical cord.

Apologists for abortion mills contend Republicans are no different from the left. When the GOP wins its legislators do what Republicans want just like Democrats do what the left wants. Still I’m hopeful this November when the choice is between a party that can’t help cutting taxes and a party that can’t help cutting the cord of life, independent voters will opt to take the tax cut.

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The Price Is Right

Thu, 02/07/2019 - 6:41am

So the president gave the State of the Union speech and even before he got back to the White House the Democrats had a response. Now they didn’t have a response. They trotted out some woman who looked like she just barreled down the aisle on ”The Price Is Right!”

And the conspiracy theory being floated? Oh, that speech was so good he couldn’t have written it!” The State of the Union is simple. The Union needs an enema. Just when you think it can’t get any crazier, remember . . . day ain’t over yet.

I think the main point here is will the Democrats cooperate at ALL? Or will they fall in line behind Nancy Pelosi and turn the US into California? She fixed California so good you can’t take a stroll on pier 37 without stepping in poop. That is if some illegal doesn’t shoot your daughter first!

If the houses of Congress could agree on one thing that would be a start. Perhaps feed the bears in Yellowstone. That would be good. Just a ”pickanic” basket for Yogi and Boo. Remember, while Congress was withholding paychecks from Air Traffic Controllers they didn’t forget to pay themselves.

Last week the governor of New York said it was perfectly fine to snip a baby’s spinal cord during its birth and the women there danced with their vagina caps on. Perhaps they should have MAGA printed on those hats. My Ass Gets Around. Not to be outdone the Redneck Governor of the Moonshine State thinks abortion up to the first day of school might be a good idea. And then everybody stood back in snake amazement when he popped up in a picture wearing his Sunday sheet! Cracker PLEASE!

Of course the president has speech writers. Flash! Clint Eastwood never shot anybody either. Maybe he’s learned to listen to staff. Imagine the meeting where the president say’s, ”This is what I want to say,” and someone says, ”This is how you say it.” If you will note he said ”wall” just fine! Historically speaking the most memorable line to come out if New York to date is, ”I’m walkin’ heah!”

This division must stop. We aren’t getting anything done! We argue about red baseball caps. We are in two camps and everyone is worried about another Civil War. There’s not going to be any Civil War. We’re too lazy and entitled. And who’s gonna fund it? We can’t fund a barb wire fence to keep the wetbacks out! And you honestly think we can suit up and fight a war?

If this Congress can get one thing done, I mean even order lunch, I’ll be a blue nose gopher and Ted says I can butter his butt and call him a biscuit!

The Butcher Shop

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Left Wing Lunacy for January

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 12:37pm

January started out with the Democrats refusing to fund security barriers along portions of the U.S. – Mexico border where 97 percent of illegal aliens are known to use.  The Democrats demanded President Trump to reopen the government with a promise to negotiate; but after President Trump reopened the government, the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, went back on their word.  Both Nancy and Chuck have been in office since the 1980’s and despite past statements of the need for border security, all of a sudden, they feel it is not necessary and racist.  The State of the Union was delayed with Nancy citing “security” reasons; but does not seem to be concern about the security of thousands of Americans who lost their loved ones to those coming here illegally each year.  Instead Nancy vacationed in Hawaii and the Democrats vacation in Puerto Rico during the shutdown.  In the meantime, a veteran’s health care bill and a proposal to pay our Coast Guard and other federal workers during the government shutdown was blocked by Democrats.

As Democrats were sworn into office, many refused to provide their oath to God on a Bible and the Democrats then nearly removed the oath “so help me God.”  Democrat Rashida Tlaib, who not only refused to take an oath to God, stated, “We are going to impeach that ‘Mother F—ker’” in reference to President Trump.  This same Democrat also refuses to recognize Israel as a nation calling for it to be taken over by Palestine.  The Democrat darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for a seventy percent tax on wealthy Americans to support Socialism.  They seem bent on destroying the Constitution and eliminating the Electoral College as the means for electing presidents.  The Democrats then shut down the Terrorism Committee to create a Trump Investigation Panel.

In New York, Bill de Blasio guaranteed free health care to illegal aliens and in California, Governor Gavin Newson’s first Executive Order was to expand health care to illegal aliens and provide “sanctuary to all who seeks it”.  It seems they will need it, as the numbers of cases of tuberculosis and flu cases have soared from those coming here illegally, including a flesh eating bacteria.  To pay for this, Representative Aguiar-Curry introduced a bill to create new property and sales taxes and Newsom has moved to tax the drinking water.  SB 239 was signed into law making it no longer a felony to knowingly expose someone else to the HIV virus.  After California forced parents to vaccinate all children through SB277, the Democrats have now pushed to pass SB792 to force all adults to receive mandatory government vaccinations.  California Democrats also nearly passed AB-3042, which would have replaced the recognition of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday with the Communist International Worker’s Day as a holiday.  That bill was defeated 27-22.  The California State Senate Committee has also banned the words, “he” and “she” during hearings and California will also mandate teachers to teach Kindergarteners that there are 15 different genders using the book, “Who are you?”  Just because Democrats are confused about who is male and female, they should not be confusing the children.

While Democrats claim to be concern of children, they have passed laws allowing abortions even to, and through the child’s birth.  Virginia Governor Northam even suggested that if the baby is born, there would be a “discussion” of what to do with it, suggesting that the baby would be left to die.  This is the same governor who was caught wearing a black face next to a KKK member in his yearbook.  Not surprisingly, Fake News CNN referred to the governor as a Republican, knowing he is a Democrat.

There have been several cases of Voter Fraud in Texas with 95,000 illegal aliens registered to vote and 58,000 discovered to have already voted.  There were also 11,000 illegal aliens registered to vote in Pennsylvania.  There were also 1.5 million inactive voters revealed in Los Angeles County alone that were removed after Judicial Watch won a lawsuit forcing officials to comply with requirements under the National Voter Registration Act.

This is just a bit of the left-wing lunacy from Democrats in January.  The Democrat party has clearly put Abortion over life, illegal aliens over citizens and veterans, and can’t even recognize the difference between a male and a female.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republican and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at [email protected]

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Hate Speech

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 7:20am

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas:

Chappy is a regular contributor to the Butcher Shop. He gets his nickname from the fact that he is in fact a minister, a Chaplin. After the recent arrest of Doc Greene at the Montrose Library in Houston he addressed the practice of exposing children to deviates disguised as “StoryTime.” He could do no less.

This “Dumb Ole Biker” put on the armor of God and waded into the foray armed only with the Word. Well, Facebook reacted immediately. Every time he even used the letters “LBTQ” they stuck his post and threatened him with Facebook Jail. Chappy just told them that they’d just have to crucify him upside down, picked up his cross, and continued to march.

Folks, there is a concerted effort to pervert your children via our public library system. The American Library Association (ALA) has thrown its entire support behind the OTH ( Other Than Heterosexual.) There are even links on their site to secure government funding to support this effort. The library! The one place you’d think our children would be safe! The place The Beach Boys sang about the girl avoiding when she wanted to have “Fun Fun Fun!”

With New York killing babies during birth, and Virginia aborting them before their first day of school God will not put up with us much longer. I am not a babe in the woods. From Austin to Nashville to L.A., there is no human condition I have not seen. As these perverts watch nine year old girls do burlesque while putting dollar bills into their panties I’ll just be over here with Chappy in my sackcloth pouring these ashes over my head.

Bill the Butcher

Chappy Speaks!

In the last year on Facebook,

If you talk about illegal aliens,
It’s hate speech.

If you talk about ending illegal migration in our country,
It’s hate Speech.

If you talk about the LGBT and the immoral behavior they exhibit around our children,
It’s hate speech.

If you talk about remembering 9/11 and what the Muslims did to our country,
It’s hate speech.

If you talk about these liberal snowflakes,
It’s offensive hate speech.

If you talk about supporting President Donald J. Trump,
it’s racist, bigoted hate speech.

If you talk about being white,
It’s racial, offensive, hate speech.

If you talk about preserving our christian values,
It’s outdated, offensive hate speech.

If you mention GOD,
It’s offensive, outdated, bigoted, racial hate speech.

These are just a few of the things I can personally list, that have had me in trouble with the so called Facebook Community, in which they claim I violated their community standards.

Well it appears that Facebook is the one who’s violating our community standards by listing anything we adults wish to talk about as Offensive hate speech…Just saying…

But everyone knows, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. What would I know about hate, I write and publish the truth and it’s got to the point where Truth is now the new Hate Speech.

The Butcher Shop

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Buzz Buzz

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 5:34am

1 Timothy 3:2
A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality . . .

The United States had drifted into total moral decay by the time Donald Trump took the oath of office. The illusion of the separation of church and state has deluded the people since George Washington took that oath. Oh, it works pretty good until the majority decides what is right, what is wrong, decent, indecent, and then that majority bows to the will of a very vocal minority. This having been said, the effort to be an inclusive society has led us down a crazy trail chasing pink rabbits.

Gay relationships are that minority. Now, I’m not judging, only stating a fact. I’m also not saying that gay, Trans, bi, or whatever flavor someone is should be the business of government, other than taxation of the family unit in whatever form it may exist. All I am saying is that out of every one hundred people, three or four are something other than heterosexual. OTH! What perplexes me is how can a government permit same sex marriage, Drag Queen StoryTime, acknowledge forty-five genders, or no gender at all, and have squat to say about Brother Jeremiah up in Brigham City having three cute wives. Yeah, I’m going there. You may begin to swat them bees. They bee a buzzin’!

If you will note, I began this article with a little Bible thumping. I don’t thump often, but I’ve always been fascinated with this passage. What did Paul mean by “one wife?” Did he mean that the Bishop could not be a divorcee? Or perhaps a widower, or never having been married at all? Or, in a Mediterranean, Middle East setting filled with multiple wives, concubines, legal prostitution, and some out right fornication, did he mean that if someone was going to direct the church at the Bishop’s level he needed to have a one wife situation at home so as to afford him time for his holy duties?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints condemns polygamy, and has ever since the United States dangled statehood before it like a carrot in 1896. Officially they will deny the practice and excommunicate practitioners thereof. Unfortunately there are around thirty to fifty thousand “thereofs” scattered all over Utah, quietly, and sometimes not so quietly living the plural life. And Utah presents a perfect dichotomy of condemning Jerimiah as a lesbian mayor takes office in Salt Lake City, and THAT is the political schizophrenia America has slipped into!

Women don’t warm up to polygamy, men take to it quite naturally (imagine that!) Women are as beautiful flowers, and men are as bees. Misogynistic enough for ya! Well, I’ve got a red MAGA hat, and a Confederate flag around here somewhere, deal with it! But, let me ask you this. Which is more in tune with the cosmos? A man with three wives, raising fifteen kids who say, “Yes sir” and “no ma’am” or a ten year old boy who’s two daddies want to neuter him, tell him that he’s a girl, and cart him off to the public library to sit on the lap of a pedophile? Buzz buzz!

If the other than hetero contingent would confine their activities to adults there would be no problem, but they don’t do that. From libraries to little girls’s restrooms they just have to get involved with little kids. The Catholics seem to have this problem, also, but let’s settle this issue for right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Warren JEFFS, I hear you. Uh, you do know that after he went to jail the kids were brought home. Do you think those Fundamental Mormons ran their excess old ladies off, because if you do have I got a temple for you, and it’s on SALE!

So, if America is such a “Christian” nation where did all this LBGT and sometimes Q come from? And if we’re supposed to be an open, inclusive society now what we gonna do about Jerimiah? Shouldn’t he be taxed out the butt along with the rest of us? I think we should stop worrying about some redneck governor from the moonshine state appearing in blackface back when REAGAN was president, and examine the complete breakdown of our society at the expense of families! Buzz buzz!

The Butcher Shop

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By Any Means Necessary

Sun, 02/03/2019 - 11:14pm

By Any Means Necessary

By Charlie Brown

What is it about the antiquated notion of a scapegoat that it manages to not only survive, but thrive, despite the evolution of the human species? How is it possible that the spectacularly wrong idea that we can bundle all our collective sins onto the back of some wretched creature, sending it thereafter into the wilderness to die, will somehow absolve the rest of us from our own wrongdoing? It must be similar to the wearing of animal hides on our feet throughout the ages. It is the easy thing to do.

In a recent article by the New York Times, the high priests of the Democratic Party demonstrate the Bronze Age practice scapegoating, and juxtapose it with journalistic high jingo. Although readers of the Times may think they are reading a story about the aspirations of the Democratic Party, and how the forcible removal of a democratically elected governor is key to attaining those precipitous heights, the fact is that the story is a graphic look into the practice of making one carry the burden of many. One can almost see the black goat being led to the altar. Almost audible are the ritualistic chants lifting the sins of the faithful, and transferring the smut and broken promises onto the poor creatures back before it is loosed into the wilds. And, like the scapegoat, Governor Northam’s responses are given the same consideration as the bleating cries of a woefully wronged beast.

In the article, penned by William Blinder, the fact that 140 legislative seats will be up for grabs in 2020 is ensconced in a paragraph citing bipartisan concerns regarding the effects Governor Northam will have upon the credibility of both the state of Virginia, and the viability of other Democrat candidates in 2020. It goes beyond the pale. In the first place, Virginia is, and always has been a great state. In the second, the aspirations of the Democrat Party are NOT Governor Northam’s first concern. So far, it has not been demonstrated that the smoking gun here, a picture of the governor in a racially charged picture, lends the least bit of difficulty to his ability to meet his fiduciary responsibilities to what is h is first concern, the people of the state of Virginia
Prove it! Alas, the Times does not. Their job, after all, is to report the news; how they do it is up to them.
Although it is laughable to compare the efforts of bloggers such as myself to the great Brahmins whose writing comes from the dizzying heights of publications like The New York Times, we do enjoy access to the notions and beliefs of the little people in America, and our commentary often reflects the thoughts and concerns of those Americans who make up the entire reason for our great nation’s institutions. Reporting the news, and offering commentary on events is done a little differently down here in the ruck. For one thing, we don’t concern ourselves with political correctness. As wonderful as it would be to have my words amplified in the way that William Blinder’s are by publication in a megaphone like the Times, there is no way on earth he could have let on that A. Donald McEachin, a source quoted by Mr. Blinder as certifying governor Northam’s lack of viability as a leader, is a black man, nor might Mr. Blinder have dared in his wildest dreams to name governor Northam’s replacement, Justin Fairfax as black. To do so would correctly be interpreted as inferring that representative McEachin and Lt. Governor Fairfax might share a common agenda separate from governor Northam’s ability to lead, or the state of Virginia’s reputation. Writing that way would be like being a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs where everyone seated knows you’re there, but nobody is talking about tail. Yep, Mr. Blinder would find himself toppled forever, and the Times would find itself under attack from every neo-liberal in the country for so much as breathing that bit of news; and it is news.

Why, it would look as if there were a conspiracy to unseat governor Northam to support a power shift in Virginia, and within the party itself. While I see nothing wrong with more black power in Virginia, or anywhere else for that matter, I have never supported the rationale of “by any means necessary”. Oddly it was our president, also quoted in Mr. Blinder’s piece who made the inference when he tweeted that governor Northam’s opponent in the race for governor Ed Gillespie, missed a big bet when his campaign overlooked the offending photograph. Yeah…how did that happen anyway?

Could it be that the photograph was known by only by certain Democrats all along, and that they withheld it deliberately, knowing that Northam could beat Gillespie, and then use it to put Justin Fairfax in the catbird seat? Hmmm. Well, you can’t prove a negative; too bad no one thought to say that when the photograph emerged with zero provenance. Sorry if you don’t like it, but, that’s the way we roll outside the beltway. Hopefully the governor will hold on and outlast this siege, because if the people who engineered this coup d’etat get away with it, they will have transformed democracy, and the return of McCarthyism will be inevitable.

The Butcher Shop

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From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker

Sun, 02/03/2019 - 6:24pm

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin Texas:

A Message to the LGBT and what ever other idiotic symbols you have behind that acronym. ( the list keeps growing)

Here’s the deal, We tried to mind our own business, but then that wasn’t good enough, you had to force your business on the rest of us. You don’t want equal rights, you want special rights. You were free to do as you  wished, but that wasn’t good enough. Now you want to shove you idea’s down our throats. You even say we suffer from a mental illness because, we don’t see it your way.

In reality, A full grown man, who wishes to dress up as a woman and present himself as a woman, is the one mentally disturbed. A man, who likes to sodomize, other men, is the one who has a mental problem. A man who thinks he’s a woman is the one who has a mental problem.

We said live and let live, but then you decided that wasn’t good enough, you decided that, your going to shove your immoral beliefs down our throat one way or another, but then you went after our children! With Drag Queen StoryTime in the public library, sanctioned and supported by the Amer Library Association, so YES, you ARE the mentally deranged people.

In your parades, you parade around with your junk hanging out in front of kids and even have kids out there with you. Some of you have even decided you don’t like the sex of your own children, so you at the ages of 4 and 5 years old, have decided to change their sexual orientation. Any other time in history, that would have been considered, Indecency with a child or endangering the life of a child. Now you want us to consider that normal. You tell me whose deranged, and who has a mental problem.

But hey, everyone knows I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

There is nothing normal about another man kissing a mans pickle or having sex through the back door with another man.

The Butcher Shop

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Cast The Next Stone

Sun, 02/03/2019 - 10:21am

Cast The Next Stone
By Charlie Brown

Perhaps the best meme for the Ralph Northam story is one with no photograph at all. While Democrats scramble to prove which is the most politically correct member of the herd by expressions of fury and outrage that a newly elected governor turns up in a politically incorrect photograph for his medical school yearbook, the real irony of the picture is outside the frame. When I searched for an image to compare the rabble who want to disenfranchise the voters of the state of Virginia over a relatively harmless faux pas that took place over thirty five years ago, I learned that virtually no images of lynch mobs exist that do not concern themselves with the lynching of black men or women.

While I quite understand the desire to create a space inside which the only holocaust took place during WWII, and the only lynchings that ever took place involved black victims, must cry horse manure. I had a relative who was lynched near Little Rock mistakenly in 1901. There have been innumerable lynchings in this country of Chinese, whites, and Mexicans, but the internet won’t say it. I get it too, that the Democrats want to lean heavily on the race issue in 2020. But seriously, party purity?

So, as with so many cases where the media causes a rush to judgement, we now have an infotainment circus that isn’t going to benefit anyone but the same folks who want you to believe that only white people can be racists.

Upon being outed, because you know that’s what this is, Governor Northam made a cardinal error that reveals his nature to be that of a fairly honest, and compassionate man. The governor’s heartfelt apology went unheard among the cries of “hang him!” One of the reasons given for lynching my relative in Arkansas was that he ran from the mob; most people in my family think that seeing the rope influenced his decision to run. I know I would.

But Governor Northam’s first instinct was not to run by denying, but rather to attempt a reconciliation, something the black men and women in this nation heartily deserve, and have, as of the date of this writing, have been denied. To think that the Democrats might have actually gotten something right by allowing this to play out, aiming at reconciliation rather than a cover up…well, it’s sheer incompetence.

Thankfully Governor Northam is now denying that he is in the picture. This is a good move for two reasons: one, is this will force the previously anonymous source to come forward to give provenance to an image that otherwise lacks legitimacy. It’s not as if you can make Ralph Northam out in the photograph. Don’t the people of Virginia have at the very least the right to know who is attacking him, and why? I for one believe that those willing to cast the first stone should stand front and center where we can get a good look at them.

The second reason it is a good idea to fight this is that Governor Northam provides an alternative to the “cut and run” style of politics that seems to be so engraved in the Democratic party’s response to allegations. It’s like the slow clap; one person calls indignantly for resignation, and like a summer cloudburst the demands fall faster and faster until there is nothing but a cacophony that everyone just wants to go away. Some may recall an article I wrote about Republican representative Steve King last month urging him to remain steadfast against calls for his resignation.

The issue was much the same. Some nameless source popped up with the convoluted notion that praise for our European heritage in America, and the notion that our culture owes something of itself to that heritage, was twisted into a justification for describing representative King as a racist. Soon there came the same unruly mob, made up of Republicans this time.

My opinion is that purging white men from office for behaviors which, at best fall into a gray area of what is appropriate and what is not, will not satisfy the thirst of the oppressed in this country. What about just not shooting a black man this week? Why can’t the same nincompoops chasing down the politically incorrect put that same energy into providing black men some assurance that they can leave home without being killed for driving while black? While they are about it, how about some wage equality, and an end to suppression of the black vote?

I will leave you with this thought: if there are those in this glass house who insist on throwing stones, can’t we just make a rule that they must first stand at the mast and be examined first? By all means, cast the next stone, first, let us just look back forty or so years into your life. Don’t you want to see what a lovingly thorough cavity search might turn up?

The Butcher Shop

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New York’s Descent Into Hell

Sat, 02/02/2019 - 3:12pm

“With the signing of this bill, we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body.”

– New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on his signing the bill that legalized abortion for any reason up to birth

It’s murder…cold-blooded and oh so calculated murder…there is no other way to say it. And it’s murder of the most unspeakable kind for mothers are not supposed to kill their children. We women are supposed to be our children’s nurturers as much as our men are supposed to be their protectors, and yet somehow the laws of both God and nature have been upended to be used against the most helpless amongst us…babies…babies in-utero who have no chance to fight back…full-term babies now being denied their chance at life.

And so it seems that abortion has morphed into the outright slaughter of “the unborn” with New York State leading the way by now allowing a mother to legally end the life of the child she is carrying up until the very day…up until the very minute…that child is to be born. Unimaginable and unspeakable in its horrors, the mere thought of a woman…any woman…even entertaining such an idea makes me sick to my stomach.

So whether the pro-abortion crowd likes it or not this newest abomination…this new law…reeks of the horrors of Nazi Germany when babies and children were thrown into the ovens…some while still alive.

And serious questions must now be raised…questions such as have we as a country…as a society…really sunk so low as to allow third trimester, full-term, viable babies to be so easily disposed of as if they were but pieces of trash? Have we become so morally bankrupt that an act of pure evil has women…and some men…cheering this evil on as yet another supposed win for womanhood and reproductive rights?

The answer to both those questions in New York State is sadly yes, and it became so with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent signing into law a new abortion bill called the “Reproductive Health Act”…a law which allows women to terminate a pregnancy of a ready-to-be born baby because said baby is now not deemed a “person” or a “human being” until it has been born alive. Remember this critical definition as I will get back to it in a bit for this definition can hold the key to repealing this murderous law.

So as it now stands, said full-term baby can be be legally injected in-utero with poison so that when the mother does deliver she will knowingly be delivering a dead child, and it’s this new law that has allowed her…and of course her doctor/abortionist…to commit murder.

And so New York State, the very state that already aborts babies at twice the national average…has just crossed over into becoming our country’s gateway to hell.

So exactly what does New York’s new law…the “Reproductive Health Act”…state as compared to New York’s previous abortion law? Basically, this new law goes beyond “Roe v. Wade” as it allows “unborn” babies to be aborted even when the U.S. Supreme Court has said states may restrict abortions. Late-term abortions…abortions that were illegal in New York…would now be allowed, and even those who are not licensed medical doctors would be allowed to perform them. And then there’s this most horrific little detail…if a baby somehow survives the attempts to murder it…and many do…and is then born alive, the previous section of New York’s now former abortion law where it stated that efforts must be made to care for the child have been removed, leaving the baby to die on its own or by the abortionist severing its spinal cord while still alive.

Abortion on demand…murder most proud…with no holds barred exceptions it seems.

And so this writer…one who still believes that abortion in four key circumstances alone must remain as law… circumstances such as rape, incest, when a baby has zero chance of survival once born, and when the life of the mother is in immediate jeopardy…now finds myself unequivocally siding with those who take to the streets to protest the “killing fields” known as abortion. And I do so because I know that what Andrew Cuomo just signed into law is morally, ethically, and legally wrong.

From the day I heard my first baby’s heartbeat; from the day I felt that first kick…a flutter actually…and from the day I saw the first sonogram pictures of the life growing inside of me, I knew this life would forever be part of my heart…a life I would protect with every fiber of my being for to even think of ending my baby’s life would surely be the death of me. And I would hope that any mother would feel the same way.

Sadly, however, we now find ourselves living in times when right is wrong and wrong is right…when a human life can be easily discarded at whim for selfish, self-serving reasons alone. For that reason and of course for political expediency as this new law is nothing but the left’s dangling the ability to commit murder in the hopes in garners Democrats more women’s votes. Pandering of the worst kind is what Cuomo and his ilk are doing, but most unsettling is that they’re getting those votes what with the lefts numbers and actions always seeming to silence our pro-life voices, after all they have the media aiding their endeavors.

And America’s “unborn” children literally cannot fight back while they silently scream in agony as they die by the inhumane hands of those charged to “do no harm.” And while those once mothers become heroes in the eyes of the left we on the right must shoulder a bit of the blame for those babies deaths for we have become enablers of sorts because we are not trying hard enough to save these innocent children’s lives. How so…because we allow outwardly pro-abortion sorts to be elected time and time again as our pro-life message gets drowned out not just by those on the left but by those who while championing life make this battle solely about God and morality instead of about the law.

Those on our side need to understand that fighting to overturn “Roe v. Wade” is not now nor will it ever be an attainable realty for precedence has been set. And even though the Supreme Court now leans decidedly to the right, these “originalist” justices will not overturn a law where precedence has been set. However, they might be willing to amend “Roe v. Wade” somewhat while at the same time throwing the issue of abortion back to the states where it always belonged, and where it should have stayed.

So back to New York State it goes where the legalities or lack thereof of the “Reproductive Health Act” can be the very way and means by which to get this most vile of laws rescinded.

And how can that be accomplished…by pulling apart the very words of the law itself… throwing back at the pro-abortion lawmakers the illegalities and contradictions buried within this new law. One example can be seen at the very beginning of this article where I quoted Governor Cuomo’s words that thanks to this new law women will now have a right to “fundamentally control their own bodies.”

However, there is a major flaw in that statement for once a woman is pregnant with a viable baby her body is not hers alone but is the “host” of someone else’s body as well. Technically, while our bodies do belong to ourselves the life growing inside a woman’s body is not hers, but is a life she invited to live within her by the simple act of her having sex. And while that life cannot live independently of hers until a certain point in its parasitic relationship with its mother “host,” it is still a life separate from hers and a life worthy of being lived.

One can look at this in a more direct no holds barred way as well…if a woman is going to murder her “unborn” child so late in a pregnancy as the “Reproductive Health Act” would allow, why not give birth to the child and give it up for adoption and make a few bucks for being that child’s “host.” That would be a win-win all the way around as the baby would get a loving home while the mother would get dollars to spend on who knows what…selfish person that she is for I cannot imagine anything but selfishness being the driving force behind murdering your child so late in the game…while at the same time denying her place of abortion the ability to sell her baby’s body parts and keep all the profits.

In a perverted way this does make a bit of sense and would allow the clause regarding third trimester abortion to be amended where everyone is happy…especially the baby…or even possibly to be rescinded. Well maybe not everyone would be happy as the murdering abortionist loses a client and bucks in his or her pocket…a big plus I’d say.

And here’s another example of the “Reproductive Health Act” being awash in double-speak. While this new law appears on the surface to restrict late-term abortions, the law actually contradicts itself with its adding of a “mental health exception” for abortions after 24 weeks. This exception actually gives women permission to abort their “unborn” babies up to nine months of pregnancy…as in a full-term, deliverable, and viable child…for any reason the mother deems appropriate, including her age, economic and social status, and emotional factors with no specificity required. Simply, this new law gives a mother the right to murder her unwanted child no matter that its existence poses absolutely no physical risk to her maternal health at all.

So why is this exception even a part of the “Reproductive Health Act”…simply to allow New York’s killing of babies to go on…murder and the selling of baby parts rakes in big bucks after all.

But herein, I believe, lies the legal key to repealing this abomination of a law. Remember back to when I said this new law changes the legal definition of what defines a “person”…of what defines a “human being”…as to mean one who is born alive…well with that being the case if an aborted baby still somehow manages to be born alive…as many do…with medical treatment now legally allowed to be withheld and with the abortionist now being able to legally severe the spinal cord of any aborted baby thus immediately killing that born alive “person”…then that baby’s death whether it be by state sanctioned neglect or by a violent life ending action by one who swore to “do no harm”…than that baby’s death is indeed premeditated murder in the first degree.

And why…because that baby was sentenced to death before it was born alive by its very own mother with sentence now being carried out by a willing accomplice. Therefore, that baby’s death becomes a crime deemed punishable in the eyes of the law…thus rendering the law illegal.

But the bottom line is this, New York’s “Reproductive Health Act” is not only pure evil but it poses serious dangers to the very women who are heralding this bill as a step forward for womanhood, which it is not. Oblivious to the fact that this bill now removes protections from illegal abortions, thus allowing cheap back alley abortions with the high risk of maternal death to again become the norm.

Also, these women seem to ignore the fact that now allowed is a woman’s abusive partner, parents, and others the right not to face charges for illegally killing an unborn baby even if that baby is but one day or less away from being born…even if the mother wants to keep the very child they force her to abort.

And while this bill amounts to both moral and legally sanctioned depravity at its worst, that depravity continued on with New Yorkers taking to the streets to celebrate the now totally sanctioned killing of the “unborn.” And sort of like with the Biblical golden calf, Governor Andrew Cuomo and crew staged one final act of overt in-your-face depravity as he had the 400-foot spire of One World Trade Center lit up in pink to honor the women of New York’s right to kill their “unborn” children. And so the very ground upon which 3,000 Americans were murdered on a sunny day back in September of 2001, now has the distinction of being used to herald the murder of the most innocent amongst us.

Sad isn’t it, but then what can you expect from the very state that will not allow convicted killers to be put to death, but will allow babies to be aborted up until the day of their birth. I truly hope Governor Andrew Cuomo can sleep at night what with the thousands of baby’s deaths that will now directly lie on his head alone. He could have refused to sign this bill, but he didn’t. Instead he rejoiced in it and did so for political gain…may God in His mercy forgive him…I know I never will.

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Got Hope?

Sat, 02/02/2019 - 2:54pm

Marching out of Yorktown to surrender the British Army played the song “The World Turned Upside Down.”  As I drive to Mega Lo Mart to make my latest deposit of monopoly money in a Chinese savings account all I can do is mumble the final tag-line of the Wicked Witch of the West, “What a world! What a world!”

There is a massive unspoken problem in America today floating like the iceberg in front of the Titanic waiting to sink the unsinkable ship.   Founded by revolutionaries crying “No taxation without representation!” the Republic these revolutionaries devised has devolved into a society where 44% of the people  pay no Federal Income Tax and the number of people receiving government benefits is even higher.  What incentive would these non-paying receivers have to reign in an overbearing and intrusive government?  This unseen and unspoken problem is a cancer in the body politic.

Self-serving professional politicians buy votes by exempting non-productive people from personal financial responsibility while providing ever-expanding benefits at the expense of the productive.  This is not the right versus left, conservative versus liberal, democrat versus republican he-said-she-said endless debate that devours the chatocracy of cable’s wall-to-wall talking-heads.  This is not an academic exercise that pointy-headed political science and history majors with dueling pocket protectors debate for hours in their mother’s basement as they post their latest scoop on their samizdat blogs. If it is not any of these things what is it?  It’s a dagger pointing directly at the heart of our civilization.

Western Civilization awoke from the slumber of the Dark Ages enlightened and empowered by a belief that humanity has an innate right to be free and a natural right to excel.  Rights and freedoms given by God not bestowed at the whim of some Legend-in-his-own-mind Leader.  This civilization gathered steam in Europe exploding upon the world stage through an energetic period of exploration.

In America after a revolution fought by farmers and merchants against the greatest empire of the day the Founders dared to declare, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” After centuries of government thugs standing on the windpipe of everyday people these self-sacrificing giants observed that in a civilized world government was not imposed by the strong upon the weak it was instead built upon a social contract between the governed and those entrusted with the privilege to govern when they said, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Today this bold and unique experiment in freedom is being devoured from within and challenged from without.  Those who believe the collective should reign over the individual, those who believe in the suffocating sameness of socialism over the rough-and-tumble of capitalism have worked for generations building a culture of dependency. This has tempered the steel will of the pioneers into the sloppy demands of the couch-potato slacker waiting for someone to find their remote as they guzzle some refreshments and wait for the game as bread and circuses take the place of innovation and accomplishment.  Schools teaching 2+2 might = 5, trophies for everyone, politically correct new-speak and affirmative action promotions have sapped the vitality from the citizens of our Republic.  Politicians and their fellow-travelers use a system of cronies and sweet-heart deals to reward each other for siphoning trillions from the public treasury promising the dumbed-down descendants of revolutionaries that they just might win the lotto before they have to declare bankruptcy so they might as well re-elect the same old grafters once again.

There comes a time when those who are raising the sails and paddling the boat have to admit to themselves the ballast down in steerage weighs more than the cargo.  There comes a time when even the most non-confrontational and loyal among us begin to ask, “Who is John Galt” as Atlas tires of his thankless job and shrugs the burden of dead-weight into the dustbin of history.  As the perpetually-reelected and the propaganda spewing Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media trumpet the inevitability of government rationed health-care, cap-n-trade industrial suicide, comprehensive import-a-voter immigration reform and the surrender of sovereignty through treaties supposedly designed to deal with  mythical global warming  there shines a light in a bell tower, one if by land and two if by sea.

America finally elects a president who directly runs on promises to deal with these life threatening problems and the disloyal opposition and the kangaroo courts do everything in their power to make sure no one applies the breaks as we careen towards the cliff on insolvency. Every trick in their playbook is employed to make sure the president elected to drain the swamp is neutered.  Investigations run by politicized lawyers and G-men keep revealing things that point at Hillary as the only person who tried to fix an election by stealing the primary from Bernie.  Hillary whose campaign colluded with the Russians through Fusion GPS and their KGB connected British Spy Christopher Steele.  It turns out that the Trump campaign received 0 dollars from the Russians while the Clinton Foundation money laundromat received millions over a period of years while Bill earned 500,000 for a short speech to the Russians seeking to corner America’s uranium market, a sale that his wife help guide through the process.  And the conclusion drawn by the witch hunters …wait for it … Trump is a Russian agent.

If Chicken Little hasn’t told you lately, “The sky is falling.”  Can anyone say, impeachment?

That is the sorry state of the American political world today.  There is one almost humorous aside as we slide towards that dustbin historians love to reference.  All the geriatric radicals and revolutionaries still dreaming of their glory years in the 60s and 70s aided by the screen-addicted beneficiaries of government public school programming lined up behind the swampy establishment to fight the first truly revolutionary leader we’ve elected since 1980.  “What a world! What a world!”

But praise God we have somewhere else to look for hope for without hope we’re hopeless and I refuse to allow the despicable but predictable changes currently assaulting our economy and our political system to bring about my own personal Great Depression.  Those who believe in the Devil believe he comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  I believe if he can’t steal your joy he can’t keep your stuff and weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

And I believe that Jesus Christ has come to set us free.  And if He sets us free we are free indeed.  So take courage.  Don’t lose hope.  Instead be hope-filled. All you have to do is confess Jesus as the lord, the leader of your life and believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and you will enter into a world of joy unspeakable and full of glory.  If you haven’t done that before I’m going to believe you just did, and that fills me with hope.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @  © 2019 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]   Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens or visit Dr. Owens Amazon Page / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens




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CigarBox – The Bend

Sat, 02/02/2019 - 10:52am

Her next step was a planning and waiting game. To her amazement Stillwell never contacted her proving that he’d never gone back to the old broken down ranch house and read his letter. She didn’t make any waves and she was very quiet about what she planned lest she tip off the retired rancher spending his days at his apartment. She, and her husband drew up plans for streets in their own drafting room of their office downtown, but never let on just what their full intentions were. Indeed, they let the very fact that they had purchased it slip into antiquity. The sheriff’s deed was logged in but no one noticed or even cared. The two years passed, and Claudette began her planning in earnest. She had been in west Texas about nine years now and had grown as patient as the lizards that crawled on the rocks down by the river. She commissioned a company in Houston to fly out and begin the project. The streets were designed to be wide, far more than was required, in anticipation of the private planes that would move about and leave from the private landing strip she designed. The quality of the streets was far better than what was in the little desert town. They needed to get the streets paved, and this was a considerable sum of money to be spent. Claudette met with the mayor and key members of the council and for the first time, behind closed doors, over bar-b-qued brisket and scotch, she let them in on what she proposed to do. She was designing a subdivision that would cater to retirees and quality buyers from all over the state, indeed from the entire country! But even the word “subdivision” didn’t tell the enormity of the project. The Bend would dwarf the town it sprang from. The homes could be no smaller than three thousand square feet, and no home could be anything like any other home in the Bend. The lots would start at one acre, but she would entertain any idea as to size of a lot for a proposed home. The marketing would be statewide in the beginning, and then nationwide if need be. The landing strip would make it accessible to all areas of the nation, via the airport in El Paso. This “Bend” would be a hub of activity. The residents of the area would be true citizens of the world, free to fly and work and retreat back to the relative seclusion of west Texas.

The scotch was poured and the discussion began. “How large will the area be Claudette?”

“We have proposed the entire Stillwell ranch to be used for this development. As you gentlemen know, it consists of over twenty-two hundred acres, mostly level, with the river flowing right through it and if the project fly’s, we will of course, attempt to obtain other adjacent lands.”

“How many homes,” one of the councilmen asked?

“At least one hundred, no more than one fifty, I’m sure. Some buyers will go for the acre lot, but I’m after the home owner who wants five, or even seven acres, if need be to assure the space, and privacy this area can afford.”

The mayor looked into his glass of scotch and then looked at Claudette, “And what will bring all these people to our fair city?”

She smiled at him. They knew there must be a card she wasn’t showing. She didn’t invite them for a meeting, and buy all this scotch for nothing. “That eighteen hole world class golf course you fine people are going to put running right through the middle of the neighborhood!”

More than one glass sat down quietly on the oak tables of the council chamber. “Now, Claudette, just why would we want to go and do something like that?”

“Because I’m going to give you the land to put it on. You are going to pay me in asphalt, not to mention the taxes on my homes will be through the roof with people rich enough to pay them!”

“City water? City sewer?”

“But, of course.”

“And the layout of the streets?”

“The streets are to be forty feet wide”

They looked at each other. “Why so wide. I can see a little more, but forty feet?”

“To accommodate private planes.”

“Private planes.”

“Yes, some of my clients will have private planes, and the streets need to be wide enough to accommodate the trip to a little landing strip we’ll have built at the edge of the subdivision.”

“Do we need this?”


“Where are we going to get the kind of money to develop that course? Look at us. We’re a small town in west Texas! We don’t even have oil here! Even the fuckin’ Injuns got oil!” The members of the council laughed.

“But you’ll have the Bend!”

“The ‘Bend?”

“That’s the name of the subdivision. It’ll be called the Bend, after the bend in the river where my husband and I have our lunch.”

The men all milled a moment. Then the mayor said, “Claudette, you need to attract some interest in your little subdivision. You do that, and then come back, and we’ll have this little chat again!”

She went out and began a statewide advertising campaign to sell “choice” lots at the Bend. The area was nice, the river adding more color than the surrounding semi desert area, but it was still just a dilapidated old ranch with a “gate” at the front six months later. Try as she might, Claudette simply could not generate interest in the land in any large circles. She was not interested in selling land to any of the local farmers and she was very aware that Stillwell was sitting back counting his days. She wondered if he understood just what had transpired. He had surprisingly taken the loss of the ranch well, and perhaps was more than slightly amused hat Claudette and Bill couldn’t do any more with the land than he had done when he had it. Then, one afternoon a phone call came to her office from L. A.

A certain well-known retired talk-show host called her

“Hello, did my agent tell you I’d be calling?”

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“Well, someone in my organization saw one of your ads when he was in Houston last week, and I would be interested it exploring the idea of putting a home in your ‘Bend.”

“Well, of course we’d be interested in accommodating you, Mr…

“Don’t say my name over the phone. One of the main reasons I want to go there is for my privacy. I want to have at least one home that I can rest in without the press, or fans, or anyone bothering me. That, and I like golf, and I want to have a home near enough to a world class course that will allow me to play undisturbed.”

“Ok, I think we can do that. Can I fly out to L..A. and talk with you more?”


Claudette seized on an idea. She flew out to L. A. and shot him a proposal that Don Corleone would have been proud of. She would be happy to build him his home. He looked at her proposed floor plans and said, “I want one of my people here in L. A. to help in design. I like the California style, I just don’t like California right now.”

She agreed and the architect was pulled into the mix and began drawing. Claudette was so impressed by the man’s work that she invited him to submit several proposed floor plans to her and her husband to put forward to future homeowners in the Bend. This gave the area a decidedly different look from the usual west Texas fare. The Spanish tile type of roof and the stucco that graced so many California homes captivated Claudette’s imagination. Then Claudette began to discuss with the star her problems with the city and her golf course. One of the problems she had was the design of the course. Saying you were going to have an eighteen-hole course was one thing, but designing it was altogether a different thing. She knew that it would take about two hundred acres to complete it, and she actually toyed with the idea of a thirty-six- hole course, but ruled it out for the more comfortable one.

“I think I can help you with that. I have a friend who, like me, is looking for a home away from the crowd. Let me call him and see if he can help you with those little logistics.”


Right after that a certain well-known golf pro called Claudette and actually flew down to the little town to meet with her. They went out to the proposed subdivision and paced off all eighteen holes. The man was brilliant! He showed her how to conform the future course to accent the imaginary neighborhood that would build up around it. Choice lots could actually tee off from the back yard. He put in little things that he’d always wanted to have on a course. This course would be like no other course in the world, and one day it would host great golf tournaments with players from all over the country.

She went back to the city fathers and explained to them the caliber of buyer she was accruing in the Bend. They were impressed, but they still couldn’t sell enough cows to build the golf course she envisioned. She flew back to L. A. Once there, she arranged a meeting with the talk show host, and the golf pro, and put a venture to them. She offered to build their homes at cost, if they would front the money needed by the city to develop the course.

“What do we get in return?”

“I will go to them and work out a plan that will be equitable for you.”

She met with the city fathers one last time and explained the situation to them.

“I now have the money needed to build the course.”

They all looked at her in amazement. “How?”

“I have arranged for a loan for the city to develop all eighteen holes.”

“How much?”

She began to walk among them and lay documents on the table before them explaining the amount of money it would take to build a world class, eighteen hole golf course. They viewed the documents but no man in the room could put meaning to the words until the mayor asked, “How do we pay it back?”

Claudette sat. “The Bend will be the premier gated subdivision from San Angelo to Phoenix. People will covet it. People will come from far away to view it, and desire to live there. You men will be sitting on Camelot!”

“How do we pay the money back?” The mayor leaned back, crossed his arms and looked her right in the eye.

She drew in a breath, “On these two men,” she shoved two new home contracts across the table to the mayor, “you will never charge any taxes of any kind, either now, or ever. These two homes are to be forever tax exempt!”

“Even state taxes?”

“The city will pick up the tab for so long as members of these men’s families shall live within the walls of these two homes.”

“What if they sell?”

“So long as it’s family, taxes paid!”

One of the other council members spoke up, “But what if we only have these two homes? I mean, these two guys can build their big houses and then just be two guys with two big houses and a private golf course. This entire thing is based on other people buying into this and coming here to spend their money.”

The mayor took that under consideration and looked toward Claudette, “What do you say to that?”

She thought for a moment, “Mr. Mayor, we have nothing in this area. No real agriculture, no oil, nothing! About the only thing we have to offer is a good climate. We, I think, are standing on the brink of a situation similar to the people in Branson, Missouri when they decided to become a little Nashville. Now they are the premier live entertainment center of the country.”

The mayor thought again for a moment, “Claudette, you’re from Memphis. I grew up here in this ‘nowhere’ as you call it. Can you give me some kind of assurance that you can do this thing?”

“Yes! I will sell this land!” Something about her demeanor put a form of electricity in the room.

The mayor leaned back and smiled, “I think it will work.”

The rest of the council quickly agreed and scotch flowed, and the golf course at the Bend became a reality!

The logistics of the construction was left to Claudette’s husband. He made the foundations happen. Using a floor plan from the L. A. architect, Bill constructed a large, well-endowed country club to compliment the course. He made the golf course become a reality, but Claudette was the power! She was the intellect that made the money flow from L. A. to west Texas, and her power of persuasion was what made the Bend happen!

June’s stepfather hired on to the building project and was the hands on man in most of the construction. Bill had the “builder know how” but Ray actually made the nails fly and the walls rise. During the entire phase of construction Ray was there. When the project wound down he went back to light plumbing and working around west Texas as if he’d never been to the Bend at all.

One buyer didn’t make a big deal of his purchase, however. Juan Sanchez came back and met with Claudette in her little Real Estate office downtown one evening and paid her the first of four payments securing a lot near the river. He had a crop harvesting business and looked forward to building a house large enough to accommodate his entire family during the off-season. He didn’t listen to his friend, Ray. He wasn’t really impressed by the golf course, thinking it to be a nice view only. Still, Juan had other goals in mind. His main interest was in the land itself. His lot must be the one nearest the river. His front door must face east, toward the rising sun. His daughter worked in a local pub, but she was the daughter of his old age and he was more a grandfather to her than a father. No one really knew where Juan had come from, or who he really was. Some suspected he was a “wetback” that just hung around until the law got tired of deporting him and simply let him stay. He was surrounded by a tribe of Mexican people who looked at him with a combination of fear and respect.

Juan was a leader of his people. He was the spiritual father of his family. He had been so long that no one could really remember how long it had been. In hushed circles, only at night, they spoke of his power. Juan could leave his body and go to places far away. Juan could walk through walls. He would take the holy smoke into his lungs and sit transfixed for the longest time, returning with a start, and he would never tell anyone where he went, or what he had done. He had no sons. There were rumors that he’d had some, but that they had all been still born, leaving him only Sabrina, a daughter, as his heir. He confided in few, if any people. Ray was about the closest thing he had to being a friend.

But Claudette wasn’t worried about all this because she now had another selling point. She used the remote location with its privacy option and the course with the country club and her “rock bottom” prices, which were roughly one third those in L. A. or Phoenix, or even Houston. Soon, she was getting calls from everyone from country music people to retiring postmasters about how they could purchase a track at the Bend. And, while no country music stars had moved into the Bend, Claudette came up with yet one more idea that was novel. She paid for and assisted the city in putting in a state of the art recording studio in the rear rooms of the country club, with a two- bedroom apartment, complete with kitchenette. When she made her frequent trips to Nashville she’d spread around the offer that any star who wished to develop a record, or album could book time and do so for free in the little recording studio at the Bend provided they would give one free Saturday night show at the country club in payment for said time. The idea brought name acts to the little desert town. The houses went up; the streets went in, and Claudette and Bill were on their way to becoming multi millionaires!

Then, about a year into the project the retired rancher came into her office one day. He knew that Claudette had purchased the land for back taxes, but he knew the statute dealing with the buy back of the property, and he was waiting for the land to be well developed until he made his move. Mr. Stillwell was crazy, but he was also an opportunist. He’d seen Claudette around town, and while he’d not pushed hard on her husband Bill, he thought he might just have an edge on this tall Tennessee woman.

“Claudette, you’re doing a good bit of construction on my place.”

She knew he’d be around. He was too tired to do anything with the land when he had it, and now that someone was doing something, he wanted his “share.”

“My place?’ Seems to me that the deed has transferred to me and my husband, doesn’t it?”

“Well, I been doing some checking, and I found out that I can buy back my land for the thirteen hundred dollars you paid in the back taxes. Now, I don’t want to do that. I just want me a house out here with the rest of the fine folks you’re roping in. You give me that and I’ll end my days right here, and make no trouble for nobody.”

She felt her anger rise, but she kept her temper. Claudette was respectful even when she was angry. She understood that this man thought that he had some kind of rights to the land, and in his heart he really thought he was being more than fair to her letting her off with just building him a house on the land that he had formally owned. But this was her land now! He gave up rights to it when he didn’t pay his taxes, and the State of Texas was nice enough to give him two more years to raise the money to get it back. It wasn’t her fault he didn’t read the papers! If he hadn’t been chasing teenage catfish girls down at Fat Eddie’s he’d have paid more attention to business. Besides that, had he gone to Chip and paid the money, they would have deeded the land back to him, and Claudette and her husband would have just had to find another project to peddle. He didn’t do that. He sat in his little apartment and watched Jeopardy until he smelled the asphalt being laid in the Bend, and now here he was with his hand out for his daily bread!

“Well, Mr. Stillwell, first of all the period of grace is two years. I believe it has been two and a half years since the land was auctioned. You have no claim.” She shrugged and smiled, “Sorry.”

He stared at her coolly from across the desk, “You mean to tell me you are developing a million dollar project on my land and I’m not even gonna get a brick?”

“Oh, no, you can have a brick. In fact, you can have a lot of bricks. Just go out and borrow the money and buy a lot from me and I’ll build you a home here.”

They both knew this was out of the question. He could not even raise the thirteen hundred dollars for the taxes, either then or now. He scraped by month after month on his Social Security check and ate on his food stamps.

“You robbed me!”

She leaned back, “Don’t get dramatic! As the song says, ‘This ain’t Dallas!’ You didn’t do anything for the land, to the land or on the land. You let it go. How long did you have to go to rack up thirteen hundred dollars in back taxes on that ranch? And you didn’t have the idea we had anyway. If you had you’d have approached me, or someone like me, and you would have been a full partner right now. No, you got what you deserve. Now go back to your little apartment. I think ‘All My Children’ is coming on!”

He stood up suddenly and slamming his fists down on the heavy desk, tried to intimidate Claudette by towering over her and reducing her with his stare, but she just said, “Go home, old man.” He turned and walked out of the office.

About a week later, he went to the bend of the river where Claudette and her husband had eaten their lunches so many times. He too, had picnicked there with his wife in his younger days. After his wife died, he’d brought another young lady to this spot, also. He had swum in the river with her back then. His father had left him the land. His grandfather had taken it from the Comanche, but he hadn’t been like them. He’d been too ignorant, and lazy to work the land, and his wife had died, and the young lady who had stayed in the house with him had gone to a younger man. He did indeed spend his hours watching TV, and on Friday nights he’d go to catfish. When he’d owned the land he was at least “somebody,” but a tall woman from Tennessee with a friend at the courthouse had taken his soul. Tears filled his eyes as he took out his old Colt Walker black powder “forty-four” from its case. Slowly, meticulously he took the powder flask and poured just the right amount of powder into one of the chambers. Then, adding a bit more. He put the conical shaped lead into the chamber. Pulling the leaver beneath the barrel, he pressed the bullet down onto the powder. Because of the extra powder, he had to take his pocketknife and trim the nose of the lead in order to make the cylinder turn freely. He didn’t put the grease in the chamber because he only needed one shot and there would be no fear of back flash. Then, taking one last look at the bend in the river and the mansions rising up behind it, he put the Colt into his mouth and rode into his final sunset.

Because You’re a Nigger

Doc Greene Arrested!

We’re GONNA Be Friends

The Broken Contract

Prostitution StoryTime

Saving Karrie – Stellar

Americans and the Work Ethic

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Saving Karrie – Stellar

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 9:09am

The sun was just creeping over the Wasatch Mountains as Karrie slipped her tracker off her wrist and climbed out of her second story bedroom window. She smiled to herself as the saw the device still flashing blue, blue, blue. No evidence that she ever left the house that morning. Landing catlike on the deck, she quickly sprinted across the yard, dropped into the irrigation ditch that allowed her to go under the fence, not over.

She’d made this trip many times, and it was easy to lay low, unseen by passing cars. She found herself in the park, watching for lights in Tesla’s house. None came on. It was a Sunday, and the family, not being one of the faithful, didn’t rise early after Saturday night. Karrie counted on that. She’d been there many times, and knew that even Tesla, herself, would be comatose right now. But, she wasn’t in a hurry. She had to do this right.

As she watched she recalled the nights Tesla ordered her to the park, to the rest room, and they took her money, and her childhood. Then came the court case. Then the treatment center, and that center got whatever Tesla and her group missed.

When she was sure that no one was awake she eased across the street. Looking all around she slipped her hand beneath the garage door. She knew it wouldn’t be locked. It never was. This was Tesla’s way in and out. Slowly, quietly, she eased the door up just enough to allow her to roll under. Then, even slower, she let the door down. There wasn’t anyone in the garage. If caught, she would say that she’d run away again, and the family’s would just chase her out. She knew right where the little electric heater was. It was on, but she turned it off to let it cool a bit. Then, shoving it against some blankets hanging over a bed frame, she retrieved a little bottle of nail polish remover from her pocket. Taking the lid off, she placed it inside the guard of the heater right near the element. She turned on the little heater just past the point where it would come on. Quickly going back to the garage door, she again eased it up, rolled under, and ran across the street to the park, waiting on a swing set.

Retrieving a sandwich bag filled with chicken nuggets, she began to pop them into her mouth, one by one. The sun was rising and shining into her face, obstructing her view, so she put on her mirror sunglasses. As the glow began to show through the garage windows, and the flames appeared, reflected on the mirrors before her eyes, Karrie popped another nugget into her mouth, grinned, and said, “Stellar!”

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How to Spot Fake News – For Dummies

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 6:17am
How Do You Spot Fake News?

First lets examine a prioritized checklist of fact checking “best practices.”

  1. First of all, you need to keep up with a story for month or two, to determine the key points that keep surfacing from news, the party officials, and from independent sources. If you don’t have time to broadly understand the issue, DON’T READ IT AT ALL, DON’T RE-POST IT.   This is not an endorsement of remaining uninformed, but if you’re not informed, don’t post, and don’t vote, because almost every story has either lies or misleading omissions in it now.  That is not an exaggeration.  We are in the days of “universal deceit,” as Orwell predicted. Democracy demands objective, unselfish, informed voters wary of politicians buying their votes.  Study, or stay home and keep quiet.  Learn.
  2. Look hardest for whistle-blowers risking their jobs and pensions.  Edward Assange, and the recent spate of CIA agents exposing the fraud of Russian Collusion are good examples.  Notice Assange was not scorned until he exposed DNC emails.  Before that, the Democrats considered Assange a hero, right?  The soldier Bradley Manning was commuted…Now Assange is colluding with Russia?  Really? That’s principle inversion based on evidence exposure, a sign of truth-hiding on a grand scale.
  3. If the reporter uses definitive descriptions of…
    1. Negative personal appearance
    2. or describes offensive manners of the person they are reporting on,
    3. or describes how everyone doesn’t like the person they are reporting on,
      ..these are hearsay and subjective references which “black flag” the report.  Don’t read it.
  4. Look for named witnesses, not hidden.  Hidden witnesses can be ok, but deserve far more scrutiny.
  5. Watch for the reports which assume a truth at the start, without explanation: Like assuming global warming has been proven, as in this report:
    Another outlandish assumption seen frequently is that Donald Trump is widely unlikable or confused, after he was a darling of TV and the New York City social scene for decades; ran huge, complicated businesses; and wrote a number of books.  These are truly diverse and socially skillful accomplishments, so the unlikable claims are obviously a political accusation, in such cases. These are easy to prove false, just like saying Obama or Bush was a moron.  Remember, Reagan was a cowboy, daddy Bush a banker’s toady, W a moron, and now they slander Trump as well. The pattern is clear when Obama and Clinton had no bad reputations at all, in the media.  “Teflon Bill” came from now-obvious leftist press adulation, not skill at promotion.  Reporters should not be discussing if someone is liked or if their idea is unpopular.  Journalism was a fact-based profession for years, but not now.“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -Orwell
  6. Multiple, confirmed, detailed testimonies are powerful, even if some details appear in conflict. It is normal for eyewitness accounts to vary and have detailed observations.  They must lack in feelings and emotional words, except where appropriate.
  7. Consistency of testimony is valuable, but perfect correlation is a red light.
  8. If it is a theory or paper, check for “Sources of Error” style challenges at the end of the report. If they don’t exist – the paper should be considered a likely lie.  If the proponents of such theory don’t know the sources of error, they are deceivers – all theories are judged primarily on sources of error details and conflicts in the theory.
  9. Independent conclusions from different unconnected sources are VERY powerful evidence of truth, if each conclusion is derived from different data sources.
  10. Watch for “science” divided by party lines – these are fraud sciences: Economics and global temperature predictions are the most prominent, now.
  11. Avoid news sources who meet secretly with the DNC (proven in Wikileaks), or repeat the same stories as those sources report, like NPR.  The exposed political apparatchiks include CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, Bloomberg, Daily Beast, Huff-Po, GPG, NY Times, New Yorker, People, Politico, and Vice.
  12. Look for news sources that tell both sides of the story. Liberals brazenly bury the fact that Fox News presents the liberal side of stories as well, but when I turn on leftist news – I ONLY get their leftist slant and view, and the reports are eerily similar, as if they were coordinated presentation, consistent with meeting to plan news, not independent reporting of salient facts of concern.
  13. Source reputation is paramount, rarely accept a story from a left-leaning news outlets, or any outlet that only give the left’s view and slant.  But, even the New York Times prints the truth occasionally, like reporting early on about the Clinton Foundation raking in cash from Russia, while selling them Uranium!  Often you can find the facts in early reports from the left leaning outlets, before it become politicized.  For some reason, the NYT stopped reporting on this lead:
  14. Collusion signs – look for all the news sources simultaneously amping-up a story like the Kavanaugh lies: No witness corroborated that story, and 2 denied it.  Yet it was reported as honest testimony in violation of a century of best practices journalism ethics:  Don’t report a story unless you have 2 corroborating reports from dependable sources.
After Reading The News….

Check the math, if it’s a technical issue. For instance, global warming FAILS numerous math and thermodynamic challenges.  Whistleblowers exist.  Data manipulation proof exists. Huge paycheck-yielding financial incentives for “proof” exist. The promoters won’t amicably discuss the conflicts in the claims – they are unable to argue with Socratic conflict-based analysis discussions.  They often use the word “believe,” which is a faith-based investment, a sign of “a”-scientific thought.  It is a fraud.  If the person promotes Global Warming, all their advocacy should be highly questioned, because they are pushing at least one easily provable lie – and they appear to know it is lie, by how they answered thousands of cross-exam questions I asked hundred of proponents: They spoke with prevarication artifacts, just like a guilty Columbo suspect trying to hide their awareness of a crime.

Ask trusted experts you know. NONE OF THEM can be democrats or liberals, they lie about everything and pass on information ROUTINELY without fact checking. I know because I tried to talk policy with them for 20 years, and ALL of them routinely pass on information they know is classified as “false rumor”: They can’t talk through the source checking amicably, and they refuse to discuss the flaws in the theory amicably.  They become catty and evasive.

Republicans lie too, but mostly it is only about the nations’ borrowing being healthy when Reagan, Bush or Trump does it.  Conservative-leaning writers are much more likely to present source data which is confirmable, and will OFTEN discuss flaws in their information graciously, both are signs of honesty.

Those whom you see discussing flaws in their position amicably, are most likely honest.  Those energetically avoiding flaws in their position, are deceivers.

Check the data sources. But, even the government economic tables are tainted now, Obama began changing the old CBO records while he was in office.  “Revisions,” which always went in the left’s favor.   Challenge the provider of the table to questions about what supports the correlation in the graph, if they are using a correlation argument.  There must but solid causal arguments, along with correlation, to be plausible.   For instance: Both liberals and Republicans claim more debt grows the economy – it’s NOT TRUE – because the debt gets counted in the GDP.  Correlation is due to GDP equation manipulation, not success in growing the private sector.  Government spending is not private sector growth, that is government growth – the opposite of GDP.

If you can ask questions, ask promoters of questionable news “Columbo questions,” which expose how false claims awareness in the material.  For instance, your Certified Financial Advisor should be able to comfortably discuss why health insurance is weighted only approximately 1% in the Consumer Price Index, when health care spending is 20% of economy.  If they don’t acknowledge the issue of such wide disparity of “consumer spending weight” and GDP percent, then they are simply hiding something bigger.  For deeper study:

Economics is a political science now – the liberal “economists” are pushing an easily provable false premise: Government fabrication of “borrowed” money grows an economy.  Avoid all economics articles from liberal sources, they are full of lies.   Recent studies of Economics papers indicated 50% of them were not repeatable science.   For further study:

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Americans and the Work Ethic

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 11:39am

Americans And The Work Ethic

When I was just a boy I learned about work. I’m a ‘52 model, white and male, so that gives you some idea of my cultural bias. I wanted to be a success, like my father and grandfather, so I paid close attention to how they did things. I found out that a successful man treats everyone fairly, and gives them respect until reason exists not to, and then to rise above and pass them on without further notice. I learned that successful men comported themselves with dignity, even in their own homes; I never saw my father without his shirt buttoned, and we wore acceptable clothing at all times. We used polite and acceptable language, with good diction, if you please. I learned that successful men were punctual in their timing, and in their manners. And I learned that successful men treated all that they depended on, and all that depended on him with regular care and maintenance. But the two most important things I learned about successful men was that they possessed an impeccable work ethic, and a word that would be as good when it was needed as it was when spoken.

Those two aspects were my father’s legacy to me, and they were the legacy of every American boy as well. Everywhere you looked, from the president of the country to the pharmacist behind the counter, men were unfailingly polite, helpful and, when needed, brave. Of course most every community had bad actors. The police were helpful in maintaining communities in those days, and not a little individual action was taken of an occasion to remind the less punctilious of the boundaries we insisted on as individuals protected by our community.

But one of the most effective tools we had in those days were community action groups, so called because when it was needed, they took action. No red tape, no lawyers arguing about relativity, just get straight, or get gone from our community. Now I won’t say that such groups did not make mistakes. Heck, I won’t even say that some of them weren’t snake mean and downright abusive. Some of them were.

That having been said, I remember groups that reached out to people on the fringes, and did what needed to be done to help folks below the waterline rise; some of them to find prominence in the next generation. No, what Aristotle said of war, that it was evil for it removes more good men than it makes, that’s true. But war is a necessary evil, or it would not exist. The same might be said of community action groups.

Such groups put power in the hands of the few, and that power has been shown to be a sword that cuts both ways. But, we need a sword. It’s necessary. What I would like to propose is this: let’s us form up the first online community action group. Not anything like MAGA, or March For America. Those kinds of clubs are ok, but I mean a group with real decision making powers that can be made to affect conditions where you live. A group of people whose word is better than money, and whose work ethic could be used to make their community great again.

I think it has to be this way because the task of making America great again is far too large for any one group to accomplish. So what do you say Americans? Is your word good? Have you got the gumption to go out and start shoveling the rubbish? If you do, you’ll see me right beside you, sleeves rolled up, and a big grin on my face. I will next publish a platform that represents the values and goals of such a group. Should this group become a reality, we, together will outline just how this group both in and out of committee. Meeting adjourned!

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The Broken Contract

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 6:43am

The Trajectory Of The Busted Social Contract
By Charlie Brown

I recently re-read Rousseau’s great work The Social Contract, not because I didn’t get it at first; Rousseau simply argued that the right to govern and rule was not a legacy to be passed from one family member to another. No, I understood and agreed immediately with his notion that the people are sovereign, and that no king is divinely entitled to rule.

I have ancestors who shed blood for that right, and every right thinking Americans heart is captivated by the phrase “we the people”. So I went back and read his book again. You know, to remind myself that we once believed in the right of the people to legislate and enforce the laws that they deemed fit and proper. Not like now, in other words. Once the notion that the only legitimate source of power is the power of the people takes the driver seat it is sort of obvious that might does not make right. Just because “they” can force us to do something does not make us rightfully obliged to submit. This is black and white to me. No shades of gray.

You, dear reader may disagree; that is your right. I remember plenty of people who ridiculed John Lennon for singing about power to the people. I also remember folks protesting the teaching of foreign language in public schools based on the argument that, if the English language was good enough for our lord Jesus Christ, well it was good enough for our children. And who can forget the powerful statement “keep your government hands off of my Medicare”? That one nearly got me to agree, I can tell you.

Now, these people are entitled, not only to their opinions, but to the expression of those opinions; not the least because there is probably some kernel of right in them. But they should not be entitled to govern my actions based on the way they feel. So that’s about it. Don’t trade freedom for slavery. And, oh yeah, property rights should be safeguarded, and legitimate possession of property should be proven by means and proportion of labor. There’s more, but you really should read it yourself. And this ain’t a book report. Sounds good for small groups of people, and in fact, this is how things still work in some small towns. But, what about a federal society?

Well Rousseau deals neatly with that by separating sovereign from government. Self interest would naturally get in the way of the application of laws, so government is separated from sovereign. Listen to this crazy jive: under this plan, Vice Presidents would not be allowed to start foreign wars with resource rich countries and then award their companies no bid contracts to supply the military effort. Whaaaat? Crazy! Oh, and dig this nugget, presidents wouldn’t be able to own companies that profited from trade agreements they arranged with other countries! Now that’s just plain insane! Why, who would bother running in the first place? We’d be stuck with feeble minded idiots like Eisenhower, or Lincoln, the schmuck that ended slavery (long may he rot for his crime).

Alright, so there are a few minor glitches in the expression of the sovereign power of the people, you’ll give me that much I suppose. WTO’s edict that only China may manufacture computers and internet equipment due to their exclusive rights to “rare earth”, an absolutely essential element in making internet compatible chips. I guess you could make a big fuss about a presidential election giving us Tom and Jerry as our only two choices (who doesn’t like Tom and Jerry anyway), a media lamestream and otherwise owned by corporate interests only, my personal favorite, the conversion of the American dream to a terrifying spook house ride where you get off the gondola and head straight to your seventieth birthday wearing a cool Disney costume where you get to dance all day spinning a sign in front of a car dealership; but that’s just nit picky right? Doesn’t that actually sound like a cool way to turn seventy? And, think of the exercise; you can give up your gym membership! That’s why your grandchildren don’t have anything to do with you by the way.

If you don’t like the idea of the social contract, that’s ok. The city of Geneva, Rousseau’s home city burned it after all. Voltaire made a living making fun of the social contract, but then, he was an apologist for monarchism. If you don’t like it, then you cannot really like the constitution though. And, if you don’t like the constitution, why, that’s ok too. Your right to not like it is actually guaranteed by that pesky rag.

Like it or not though, it has been broken. Flying along pretty high due to the social contract, Americans have enjoyed an extraordinary century during which wealth was redistributed from billionaires to the less wealthy, mainly through unions and minimum wage laws, workplace safety rules, crap like that, giving ordinary people incentives to invent and work hard, all the while taking care of our aging parents and the disabled among us, giving us more time and money to build our own dreams. This in turn brought out loyalty in workers, and incentives to gain more competence and standing.

Just when it got broken is unclear. My own belief is that after the west was cleared of troublesome things like outlaws, buffalo, and Indians, wild or otherwise, and the eastern banks had cached most of the gold and silver, it was time to get off the gold standard and base the value of money on raw materials and debt. There had been little need for a strong social contract before that point due to the fact that most of the nation had been living in nature, and each family worked hard simply to stay alive, taking care of their own. Nobody got very old then, and the disabled didn’t last long either.

About this time WWI struck, and fascism, a form of government where corporate monarchs legislated and enforced entirely without regard for the opinion of the people became quite popular. Great men like J. Gould, Henry (never complain, never explain) Ford, Randolph Hearst and the like pressured the stinking socialist unions with righteous violence, maiming and killing those who dared to question their right to rule. Heck, a young MacArthur even led a saber charge into a group of veterans who had the unmitigated gall to march on the White House asking for their separation pay. Not to mention the heroic bombing of striking miners who thought that they should be paid at all. The nerve of those guys!

So I suppose it was when the depression struck, and it looked like America could go under that the billionaires lost a round. Encouraged by his cousin Teddy’s success in creating anti monopoly laws that essentially separated what little money the people had from that belonging to banks and corporate investors, the American people used their constitutional right to vote FDR into the catbird seat. Enraged by this, those heroes of fascism (see above, plus Prescott Bush and some other guys who didn’t have enough money) attempted an actual military coup on the White House. Turns out that general Butler found the task not to his liking, and wound up supporting Roosevelt in the next election.

So I’m thinking that 1933 began a period during which a faltering, but swiftly strengthened social contract began. The truth is, most of us would not be here without it. This is because Rousseau was right; the sovereign cannot apply the law even handedly, resulting in unstable economies with mostly young populations that have very short life expectancies. I recall during George W. Bush’s second term, Rush Limbaugh gloating that FDR was thankfully, dead, and that soon all of his policies would be too. Dittos Rush! It would seem he was right, because now there are very few unions, actual retirement plans for working men and women are practically nonexistent, medical care and insurance are a huge joke unless you are, you know, rich, education is in the crapper, and the banks now use your money to gamble with again! Yeah, we crap canned Glass Steagall!

BooYah! In any case, combined studies show that since Citizens United got dropped on us, zero, that’s right, zero legislation has passed without support from billionaires. The result of this is that our high flying social contract is broken, and we little folk are enjoying what I like to think of as a rapid descent that will fall somewhat short of the runway.

That’s my case. We had a social contract; it can be read pretty much as the bill of rights. It’s outlined nicely in the constitution. We must have hated it, because we have allowed every president since Reagan to attack it. We have loved Limbaugh and the lesser gods of fascism like they were our saviors. Heck, we even let them redefine what it means to be a conservative or a liberal. That bastion of steadfast loyalty Newt the Poot was right; we are useful idiots, and we did hunt liberals with dogs. To extinction. I guess if you made it to the end of this, you might be tough enough for part two. Those of you who read me know I like to do series. So stay tuned for part two. The Social Contract Sabotaged.

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Prostitution StoryTime

Tue, 01/29/2019 - 9:12am

We all should embrace inclusiveness in our society. With the diverse nature of America the different cultures, languages, and sexualities must learn to live together in harmony. The recent news about Drag Queen Storytime is a good example of this. Showing children as young as three that there is nothing to fear from a man in a dress opens new worlds to them, and allows them to explore lifestyles previously denied them. In this spirit we must push forward to connect and support segments of our society that have been marginalized by that society.

I give you Prostitution StoryTime! Since the dawn of time the world’s oldest profession has been forced into the shadows while generating income and good will. Children have been told that these people were the very scum of the earth while “daddy” regularly employed them for the stress relief “mommy” could not deliver. This must end.

The Chief Administrator Of The Montrose Library, Ima Slut, told news services that when this idea was brought up it was received with open arms and she hasn’t heard of any negative oral since.

Prostitution Storytime will have two prostitutes come to the library on the last Saturday of the month. They will wear traditional garb, and have a liberal splash of “whore wash” to hand out to the kiddos attending. The little girls will be encouraged to wear the colorful clothing with net stockings should they wish. The event will begin with the reading of two books written by local celebrity prostitute, “Big MaMa” Washington, “I’m Just Too Slutty For School,” and “Do You Wanna See My Rosebuds?”

After that will be a nursery rhyme reading including the classic “Jack and Jill.”

Jack and Jill went up the hill
They each had a buck and a quarter,
When they came down
Jack lost his frown
And Jill had two bucks fifty

From there the children will be instructed about health concerns. With details such as personal hygiene and even a game called “Put The Condom On The Donkey.” All the while the children will be reminded that prostitution is but one way to make a living and that they live in the community and know, and respect the children’s families, especially their daddies.

The day will end with “Dance Time” with the two prostitutes dancing with the little boys. Showing the children everything from the “Twist” to “Twerking,” the prostitutes will share the rich history of the American club culture. Of course the little girls will not be left out. They will be taught how to employ a tried and tested device known well by many young men, while chanting the old Carlos Mencia classic:

If you don’t like to study
And school is not your goal
Then change your name to “Candy”
And learn to work a pole

by Bill The Butcher with a tip of the hat to Charlie Brown


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We’re GONNA Be Friends

Mon, 01/28/2019 - 8:24am

We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the scriptures and as clear as the American Constitution.The heart of the question is whether all Americans are to be afforded equal rights and equal opportunities, whether we are going to treat our fellow Americans as we want to be treated. If an American, because his skin is dark, cannot eat lunch in a restaurant open to the public, if he cannot send his children to the best public school available, if he cannot vote for the public officials who represent him, if, in short, he cannot enjoy the full and free life which all of us want, then who among us would be content to have the color of his skin changed and stand in his place? Who among us would then be content with the counsels of patience and delay?( John F Kennedy)

What gave American talk show host James “Doc” Greene the right to protest a monthly transgender reading program to children in a Houston Public Library? And, what gave the librarian the right to have Mr. Greene arrested while doing so? The short answer is that it is the same right that gives those inclined to do so the right to protest Colin Kaepernick’s open protests of police violence.

Despite the comparison however, these two cases, are quite different. Ironically, the those laws granting Mr. Kaepernick the right to kneel publicly, are the same laws which allow public protest which voice a view which dissents. Thanks to our constitution and the wisdom of courts long gone by, it is only in underdeveloped banana republics, communist countries and dictatorships, that a person’s right to freely express their views is denied. Well, that and the city of Houston.

This is a story of how a tiny minority of fundamentalists with a questionable agenda used resources paid for by all of us to carry on an activity aimed exclusively at their interests. This is the improbable tale of how a public library of all places became an open window into the high jingo that is the how of why the narrow interests of a few become the burden which must be carried by the many. Making a long story short is done by removing the details; useful at times, but not often, because as we all know, the devil is in the details.

Detail one: A program was adopted in the Montrose branch of the Houston Public Library best described by its title, ‘Drag Queen Story Time’. A byline Ken Byrd wrote, “As the title suggests, it involves drag queens reading stories and participating in activities with a group of children and their caretakers.”(The Houston Press 08/25/2017.) The story from the Houston Press goes on to quote the Library’s youth services manager, Kallie Benes as to the goal of program, which was to instill a sense of love and acceptance in our children, encouraging them to be true to themselves. (Instructing them to what being true to themselves means?) There has not been such a similarly tragic failure of the imagination since Vietnam. How could it possibility have eluded the imagination of Ms. Benes and other persons upstream of this decision that there might be a dissenting voice? Ms. Benes is further quoted in the Press article as having said, “At this point I haven’t received any criticism, I have heard only positive things by word of mouth”. So your call, Nixon or Rumsfeld? I think we just caught us a devil by the tail! But wait there’s more! Ms. Benes goes on to describe the first story time event as Mala-Niña and something that calls itself “Blackberri,” both celebrities in the Montrose gay community reading “Chrysanthemum”, and “I’m absolutely too small for school.” Followed by a sing along with the song “We’re gonna be friends,” which sounds more like an order as opposed to a suggestion. Mr. Byrd enthusiastically describes the event to be one where “Expectedly the readers will look bright and colorful, and attendees are encouraged to come dressed up for the occasion if they so choose.”

Where to begin? Let us begin with that last bit. When did you ever hear of an invitation to an affair that defined itself as Black Tie, or informal, your choice? It is absurd to expect anyone reading the story to come to the affair out of costume without expecting some form of ostracism by the group. As to the use of tambourines and cowbells during the sing alongs alluded to earlier in the piece, allegedly used to teach children about rhythm, I can only say, children dressed in drag beating primitive instruments in a dance with adults dressed in drag, well, what could possibly go wrong?

If you were fighting a CPS case against an accusation of sexual impropriety with a child, do you think a disclosure that you and the child were dancing

The librarian who had Doc Greene arrested

together in drag singing songs about how you guys are going to redefine your boundaries is going to help? As Billy would say, ‘swat them bees.’

Detail two: How on God’s green earth did this ever happen? It surpasses the imagination that branch librarians can implement any kind of event in the library absent the consent of someone in that librarians chain of command who is an elected official. Certainly no such program could find it’s way into a public school without being scrutinized by the school board, and likely many other people who would have had the final say. I searched high and low for legislation that prohibits the library from using truth induction as a means of establishing sexual orientation in minors. The news for those parents who wish to bring their children up in a world free of special interests influence the news is mixed. The good news is, no school or public library may exhibit any material whatsoever of a political nature on their grounds, much less have storytelling, sing alongs, and costumed meetings. See section 255.003 of the Texas Ethics Commission’s guide to the use of school districts resources. The bad news is that such proselytizing is actually protected for those who would lure your kids into a sexual lifestyle by the lawmakers you helped to elect. See “libraries respond: Drag Queen Story Hour”. It’s on google. Totally easy to find.

In this delightful journey you will discover that while you have been asleep, the American Library Association has been colluding with such authors as Michelle Tea. If your parenting style is to expose your pre-teen to queer culture, feminism (not to be confused with women’s rights), race, class and prostitution, then send the ALA a donation! But hey, if that isn’t enough to bring out the old checkbook, there’s more.

The truly dismal fact is that the ALA anticipated “pushback” from communities and responded by building and organizing “resources” and encouraging those who know about them, and I’m betting that does not include you, to use them. In other words, I don’t think it at all unlikely that Doc Greene, an ordinary citizen who just wanted to make his side of the issue known, walked into a deliberately set trap. Can you hear the devil yet? Well, how about this? There is not one single provision in the Children’s Internet Protection Act, CIPA, which offers any protection to children from proselytizing influences from alternative lifestyle organizations like NAMBA say. Is you been baptized? No? Ok, one last detail then.

Detail three: It turns out that the rules set forth by the library protect Doc’s first amendment rights. Yet another tragic fact is that, while the very thing Doc Greene wishes to protest takes place in a public building, the library’s rules of conduct prohibit any behavior which might result in Doc’s being allowed to express himself. Therein dear readers lies the final hiding place for the devil, and a tourists guide to how we got to be owned by the one percent.

Members of the LBGQTGTV community have one and only one thing in common, that being that they are all alternative lifestyles. But for all of that diversity within their community, they cooperate with each other where their common interests lie. It’s like dogs, mice, cats, bunnies and carrots all learned to work together to support animal rights and put an end to genetically modified organisms. Think of what the rest of us could do with that….sorry, now I’m talking to a wall. Anyway, the real controversy over the arrest of Doc Greene is best answered with a question; Since the notion of having a transvestite party and inviting the local children to attend at the public park would have failed public approval by an avalanche, even in a place like the Montrose area of Houston, how did the public library come to circumvent the wishes of so many parents with so little trouble? The answer lies on the dark side of the moon, where evidently all legislation now exists.

Doc was the only person protesting the event who was arrested; that is because Doc was the organizational focus of the protest. The cops were at the library in force waiting for him. The “resources” provided by the ALA managed to conspire with one another to spy on, target, and then arrest Doc Greene. The Houston Police served as a defacto private police force in the service of those “resources.”

Should there be reconciliation for all oppressed minorities in America? Well, if you Believe in the Preamble to our Constitution, then yes! Should we protect our children, and their right to select and participate in whatever sexual lifestyle they will engage in as adults? Again, yes! But we should NOT be allowed to use either the oppressed nor our children to be used as footballs in the process of working out how this is going to become, and we should certainly not allow what has become aptly known as the Deep State to make those decisions for us!

The Butcher Shop

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Because You’re a Nigger

Sun, 01/27/2019 - 5:18am

Back when I was in the sixth grade there was gonna be a party. It was 1962, and integration had just hit Texas. Now, for the grown ups this was a very big deal, but for us kids it didn’t amount to much. First off, in Killeen we didn’t have enough schools to segregate much anyway, unless you counted half days. Half days was where half the kids would go to school in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon. I guess that counted as segregation, though they really didn’t separate us along racial lines, with only about twenty or so black kids being all we had.

But, there was this party. I don’t remember what the party was all about. It wasn’t gonna be at school. Hell, I was too poor white trash so I wasn’t going anyway. School lunch was the high point of my day, and this was long before Michelle Obama came along and screwed it up. Why we’d have chicken fried steak on Thursday, and SECONDS!

So, I was coming down the hall when I heard a teacher talking to another student around the corner. The teacher was talking in a muffled tone, the little girl repeating, “Yes ma’am, yes ma’am.” This was old time Texas when kids said things like, “Yes ma’am.” They were discussing the upcoming party, and I couldn’t make most of the conversation out, but one part came through loud and clear. “So, you understand you can’t come because you’re a nigger.”

“Yes ma’am.”

That kinda stuck in my mind . . . for the last fifty-five years. You see, we were kids. Me and the little girl were roughly about the same age and height. She liked chicken fried steak, too, and her name was Becky. This was back before black folk started naming their kids all them African names. And she was cute. But, the teacher had made it clear that even though Becky could eat in the lunch room there were still social lines drawn when it came to certain functions.

There was this librarian. Down in Houston. Now Houston is a little like putting L. A. in a sewer if you wanna know the truth. God knows why anybody would want to live down there, but folks do, and it’s a free country. Well, as things would have it this here librarian takes it upon herself to have a party. Transgender reading time. She

The librarian who had Doc Greene arrested

set up a special room. Then she put out word that on a certain Saturday a sexually confused person would come and sit in that room to read to kids that weren’t quite sure if they should stand or squat when they pee. I guess they’d read Jack and Jill, but with special attention to the fact that the guest reader was a hairy legged man in a dress. Guess he/she would be reading Jack and Jack.

Setting this apart from the rest of the library would segregate, and protect the little kids who had leanings they didn’t understand, and protect them from other little kids who didn’t understand either. You really have to get into the eight year old mind set. I was ten before I realized that Donald Duck didn’t wear any pants, and most likely was shacking up with Daisy Duck. I WAS strangely attracted to Tinker Bell, though I really couldn’t understand why. One thing I didn’t need was a man dressed as a woman reading to me and telling me this was an alternative lifestyle I could embrace should I choose. And I didn’t need to be put off in a special room because I was different from all the other kids. I couldn’t be with them in the main part of the library because in my own way I was a nigger!

The Butcher Shop

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Doc Greene Arrested!

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 5:22pm

Doc Greene, host of ”The Right Side of The Mic” was arrested this afternoon while protesting Transexual Children’s Day at a public library.

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Death to America through Southern Border

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 3:10pm

According to the United Nations, 97 percent of illegal aliens come to America across the 2,000-mile Mexico-U.S. border; but only 20 percent of those who cross the border illegally are caught.  Of that 20 percent, 30 percent already have a criminal record in America.  While some come for a better life, the Mexican drug cartels control the Mexican border aligning themselves with an estimated 70,000 MS-13 gang members in America according to FBI records.  According to the National Gang Intelligence Center, “Federal, state, and local law enforcement officials are observing a growing nexus between the Mexican drug cartels, illegal alien smuggling rings, and US-based gangs.  It is estimated that criminals earn billions of dollars each year by smuggling aliens through Mexico into the United States.”  According to Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, “The Mexican drug cartels have almost toppled the Mexican Government and they are crossing into Arizona at will.”  “Their drug trade is a forty billion dollar a year industry.”  He continues that “Mexican warlords” are the “cause of mass murders, execution-style slayings, sexual assaults, kidnappings, shootings, armed robberies, burglaries – all tied to illegal immigration” in America.

According to the Heritage Foundation, 2,800 lbs of fentanyl was seized by Border Patrol in 2018, enough to kill the entire population of the United States.  However 91 deaths per day in America are related to illegal fentanyl, which 90 percent comes across into America through the southern border.  This does not take into account so many other illegal drugs coming into America.  Sheriff Babeu stated that deputies “are apprehending guns and high tech communication equipment from cartel operatives.”

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a fire fight against illegal aliens carrying AK-47 assault rifles.  He is one of 127 Border Patrol Agents killed by illegal aliens.  Estimates of Americans murdered by illegal aliens annually range from 4,380 based on data collected from prisons, news reports, and independent research to 15 per day  or 5,475 annually  according to the Government Accountability Office (GOA).  The GOA statistics suggest that illegal aliens are responsible for 22 to 37 percent of all murder in America while only being “3.52 to 8.25 percent of the population.  This does not take into consideration of unsolved or unreported murders considering the advanced drug cartels and sophisticated MS-13 gangs. There is also an estimated 13 Americans killed per day by drunk illegal alien drivers.  While there are an estimated 42,636 road deaths per year, a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study found 20 percent of fatal accidents involve a driver without a valid driver’s license, with a large percentage being illegal aliens.

The GOA also states there are 9 Kidnappings per day (3,285 annually) and 43 sexual offenses (15,695 annually) in America.  Deborah Schurman-Kauflin of the Violent Crimes Institute estimates there are about 240,000 illegal immigrants sex offenders in the America who have had an average of four victims each.  Seventy percent of women from Central America have been raped while others have been forced into sex-trafficking by drug cartels and MS-13.  Santana Batiz Aceves was charged with 47 counts of rape based on DNA evidence despite being deported twice in California.  He also faces current charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, sexual abuse of a minor, giving police false information, providing false documents, and trespassing.

Of the most wanted criminals in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque, 75 percent are illegal aliens.  Rolando Mota-Campos stated after his 11th arrest – for crimes ranging from abduction, assault, four DUI’s, vehicular assault, robbery, and domestic violence stated,  “United States is stupid….I come back every time.”  Mota-Campos has been deported three times and vowed to return again.

Even the liberal Huffinton Post writer Chris Kirkham recently noted, “more than 60 percent of all federal criminal convictions have been for immigration-related crimes, federal data show.”

The House Judiciary Committee and Department of Homeland Security show 276,412 reported criminal charges against illegal aliens for a variety of crimes.  Yet, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats state there is no crisis on the border.  They have also flipped flopped since they voted for “barriers” in 2006 and 2014 and Nancy Pelosi even called it “a basis principle” in 2013.  So why has there been a change of heart?

During the trial of drug lord El Chapo, the Los Angeles Times reported it was revealed that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto took a $100 million dollar bribe from El Chapo.  While the Mexican government is corrupt, Nancy Pelosi met with President Nieto on May 3, 2016 along with Congressmen Beto O’Rourke and Henry Cuellar.  However, Nancy Pelosi refused to meet with Angel Parents, whose children were murdered by illegal aliens.

The drug cartels have control of many areas in Mexico.  So could the drug cartels and MS-13 also be aligned with the Democrat party and Pelosi and therefore controlling many areas in America?  The Democrat party now controls all of the congressional districts along the southern border, which could be the reason for their call for “no border crisis”; but statistics of the death coming to America through the southern border shows otherwise.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at [email protected]

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