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How To Spot Fake News For Dummies

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 3:05pm
How Do You Spot Fake News?
  1. First you need to keep up with a story for month or two, to determine the key points that keep surfacing from both parties, and from independent sources. If you don’t have time to broadly understand the issue DON’T READ IT AT ALL, DON’T RE-POST IT.   This is not an endorsement of remaining uninformed, but if you’re not informed, don’t vote.  Democracy demands objective, unselfish, informed voters wary of politicians buying their votes.
  2. Look hardest for whistle-blowers risking their jobs and pensions.  Edward Assuange, and the recent spate of CIA agents exposing the fraud of Russian Collusion are good examples.
  3. If the reporter uses definitive descriptions of…
    1. Negative personal appearance
    2. or describes offensive manners of the person they are reporting on,
    3. or describes how everyone doesn’t like the person they are reporting on,
      ..these are hearsay and subjective references which “black flag” the report.  Don’t read it.
  4. Look for named witnesses, not hidden.  Hidden witnesses can be ok, but deserve far more scrutiny.
  5. Watch for the reports which assume a truth at the start, without explanation: Like assuming Donald Trump is widely unlikable or confused, after he was a darling of TV and the New York City social scene for decades; ran a huge, complicated businesses; and wrote a number of books. It’s obviously a political accusation, in such cases, easy to prove, just like saying Obama or Bush was a moron.  Reporters should not be discussing if someone is liked or if their idea is unpopular.  Journalism was a fact-based profession for years, but not now.
    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -Orwell
  6. Multiple, confirmed, detailed testimonies are powerful, even if some details appear in conflict. It is normal for eyewitness accounts to vary and have detailed observations.  They must lack in feelings and emotional words, except where appropriate.
  7. Consistency of testimony is valuable, but perfect correlation is a red light.
  8. If it is a theory or paper, check for “Sources of Error” style challenges at the end of the report. If they don’t exist – the paper should be considered a likely lie.  If the proponents of such theory don’t know the sources of error, they are deceivers – all theories are judged primarily on sources of error details and conflicts in the theory.
  9. Independent conclusions from different unconnected sources are VERY powerful evidence of truth, if each conclusion is derived from different data sources.
  10. Watch for “science” divided by party lines – these are fraud sciences: Economics and global temperature predictions are the most prominent, now.
  11. Avoid news sources who meet secretly with the DNC (proven in Wikileaks), or repeat the same stories as those sources report, like NPR.
  12. Look for news sources that tell both sides of the story. Liberals brazenly bury the fact that Fox News presents the liberal side of stories as well, but when I turn on leftist news – I ONLY get their leftist slant and view, and the reports are eerily similar, as if they were coordinated presentation, consistent with meeting to plan news, not independent reporting of salient facts of concern.
  13. Source reputation – even the New York Times prints the truth occasionally, like reporting early on about the Clinton Foundation raking in cash from Russia, while selling them Uranium!
  14. Collusion signs – look for all the news sources simultaneously amping-up a story like the Kavanaugh lies: No witness corroborated that story, and 2 denied it.  Yet it was reported as honest testimony in violation of a century of best practices journalism ethics:  Don’t report a story unless you have 2 corroborating reports from dependable sources.
  15. Check the math, if it’s a technical issue. Global warming FAILS numerous math challenges.  The promoters won’t discuss it – they are unable to argue with Socratic conflict-based analysis discussions.  It is a fraud.  If the person promotes Global Warming, all their advocacy should be highly questioned, because they are pushing at least one easily provable lie – and they appear to know it is lie, by how they answer questions with prevarication artifacts.
  16. Ask trusted experts you know. NONE OF THEM can be democrats or liberals, they lie about everything and pass on information ROUTINELY without fact checking. I know because I tried to talk policy with them for 20 years, and ALL of them routinely pass on information they know is a false rumor.  Republicans lie too, but mostly it is only about the nations’ borrowing being healthy when Reagan, Bush or Trump does it.  Conservative-leaning writers are much more likely to present source data which is confirmable, and will OFTEN discuss flaws in their information graciously, both are signs of honesty.
  17. Those whom you see discussing flaws in their position amicably, are most likely honest.  Those energetically avoiding flaws in their position, are deceivers.
  18. Check the data sources. But, even the government economic tables are tainted now, Obama began changing the old CBO records while he was in office.  “Revisions,” which always went in the left’s favor.   Challenge the provider of the table to questions about what supports the correlation in the graph, if they are using a correlation argument.  There must but solid causal arguments, along with correlation, to be plausible.   For insance: Both liberals and Republicans claim more debt grows the economy – it’s NOT TRUE – because the debt gets counted in the GDP.  Correlation is due to GDP equation manipulation, not success in growing the private sector.  Government spending is not private sector growth, that is government growth – the opposite of GDP.
  19. If you can ask questions, ask promoters of questionable news “Columbo questions,” which expose how false claims awareness in the material.  For instance, your Certified Financial Advisor should be able to comfortably discuss why health insurance is weighted only approximately 1% in the Consumer Price Index, when health care spending is 20% of economy.  If they don’t acknowledge the issue of such wide disparity of “consumer spending weight” and GDP percent, then they are simply hiding something bigger.  For deeper study:
  20. Economics is a political science now – the liberal “economists” are pushing an easily provable false premise: Government fabrication of “borrowed” money grows an economy.  Avoid all economics articles from liberal sources, they are full of lies.   Recent studies of Economics papers indicated 50% of them were not repeatable science.   For further study:

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The Unspoken Truth Behind Trump v. Pelosi

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 3:03pm

“I will do the Address when the Shutdown is over because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition, and importance of the House chamber.”
– President Trump on Nancy Pelosi denying him the national platform for delivering the State of the Union Address

He caved…or did he. She won this round…not really. “We the People” lost on both accounts… unfortunately true.

And so this media driven battle is publicly being fought over a wall…a much needed wall to keep our country safe from the illegal invaders Democrats invited in…while in actuality this battle is two-fold as it also encompasses the 700,000+ DACA recipients and garnering their votes. The last thing this battle is over is the partial government shutdown…media and Pelosi bloviations to the contrary.

So as Nancy Pelosi continues to spew out the lie that she and the Democrats care about the 800,000 nonessential government workers still on furlough, the truth is that their loyalties lie not with those workers who are into paycheck number two not being received, but with the 700,000+ DACA recipients residing in our country today…illegally residing that is albeit through no fault of their own. And it’s over those 700,000+ now of voting age young adults that has Pelosi denying President Trump the time honored tradition of giving the Constitutionally mandated State of the Union Address at the place it has been given since the days of Woodrow Wilson…in the halls of Congress before a joint session of Congress.

A ploy to save face perhaps, as Nancy Pelosi surely did not want to be seated behind President Trump when he exposed for all the nation…for all the world…to hear and see what a two-faced, manipulating, obstructionist she and her party have turned out to be.

Using the furloughed workers as but a diversion to deflect us away from the truth about the importance the DACA recipients are to her party, Pelosi has made it clear that illegals…especially those DACA illegals…do indeed take precedence over American citizens…at least for her party that is. Zeroing in on those brought to America as infants, young children or as teenagers by parents who knowingly and willingly crossed our borders illegally…the fact is that under the Obama initiated DACA program these children, now young adults, had every chance to take a “pathway to citizenship” upon reaching a certain age. And while some did indeed take the “pathway” offered by the DACA program, thus righting at least in part, for them, their parents wrong, most did not for it was and still is far more advantageous to keep sponging off our hard earned taxpayer dime by their continuing to take all the “free stuff”…college educations included…most illegals are afforded once on American soil.

Continuing the “gimmee-gimmee” mentality of their parents, the bulk of these so called “dreamers” love to publicly protest and demand rights they actually don’t have while they whine that this is the only country they know. And while for many that might be the case, what the majority of “dreamers” don’t realize is that they are but pawns being used by the Democrats…Democrats who could care less about them or their plight…but who care solely about those 700,000+ “dreamers” equating into 700,000+ most likely Democrat party votes…enough votes to turn almost any election in the Democrats favor…it simply all boils down to that.

Remember, as long as the “dreamers” remain in legal limbo per se…as long as the “dreamers” are the recipients of “free stuff”…the old adage that no one bites the hand that feeds them surely comes into play…the “dreamers” remain a valuable commodity that Nancy Pelosi and crew will continue to use as leverage against President Trump, and they will do so even knowing that Republicans are wise to their game. Wise yes, but sadly coupled with a bit of cowardliness for no Republican has dared to challenge the nightmare that is political correctness to say the bottom line truth that for Democrats it’s all about the “dreamers”…and of course the “illegals”…votes.

If only President Trump would publicly state this truth for only then would the ongoing battle be laid to rest as the Democrats and the media would collectively have a major meltdown for truth is something they are in no way prepared to handle…as they run head first into a brick wall…pun ever so intended.

And so it’s over the “dreamers” and the “illegals” to be a bit less of a degree…not the 800,000 furloughed workers…especially the “dreamers” and their potential 2020 election changing votes…that has Pelosi demanding that President Trump reopen the partial government shutdown before they will even consider inviting him to speak before Congress or allotting him even one bloody dime of funding for what would be the denying Democrats even more votes…wall.

A temporary fix to DACA is what Trump proposed and that is not acceptable as Democrats demand nothing less than a permanent solution…a solution that equates to amnesty for the “dreamers” thus garnering Democrats a major boost to their voting rolls. And the Democrats are willing to throw the 800,000 government workers now furloughed under the bus to get those coveted votes.

But first we must understand the legalities or lack thereof regarding both the “dreamers” and the “illegals” in general, and how both come into play in this standoff…in this now tit-for-tat political game.

Briefly, some legal scholars say that because the Constitution’s provisions apply to “personhood” and “jurisdiction” and use the term “people” or “person” instead of “citizen” that all its laws apply to every and anyone physically on U.S. soil, whether or not they are a U.S. citizen. And some of those same legal scholars go so far as to say that “illegals” are afforded the basic rights “We the People” have under the Bill of Rights, such as the freedom of religion and speech, the right to due process, and most importantly equal protection under the law.

However, contrary to what the Democrats and their legal eagles say, “undocumented immigrants”“illegals”…are truly not privy to all the rights held by we citizens, two key rights of which are the fact that “illegals” cannot vote in state or in national elections…even though we know well that in certain states they most assuredly do…and that they are subject to our immigration laws whether they or their Democrats enablers like it or not. In specific, while the Constitution does not provide an affirmative grant of the right to vote, a series of amendments…as in the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th amendments…all clearly list the qualifications for voting being for American “citizens” alone…with “citizens” being the operative word.

Also, as per other legal scholars, the executive branch…as in President Trump…does have “broad authority” to determine whether those we call “illegals” have a right to even be in our country. And until “illegals” have passed through immigration control and gone through “due process,” they are not technically nor legally on U.S. soil “thanks to a legal fiction or counterintuitive legal understanding that carves out an exception to the normal rule,” so says Jennifer Gordon, a professor of immigration law at Fordham University Law School.

And again whether the Democrats like it or not President Trump can legally close our southern border or any of America’s borders if need be, with his legal justification being found within Section 215 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)…an act which clearly states that the president can do whatever he must in order to “safeguard the nation and its citizenry.” And that is what President Trump is trying to do with his wanting to build the wall for he knows that while a wall will not keep everyone out who wants in, it surely will slow down the number of “illegals” who are coming here solely for their share of the Democrats promised “free stuff” in exchange for their votes.

Remember, nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the president cannot protect our nation’s borders with a wall for nowhere in the Constitution is a wall even mentioned let alone alluded to. This means that in the end Trump will get that wall built one legal way or another while the Democrats will continue using the plight of the “dreamers” and the government workers currently furloughed as their way to try and manipulate President Trump into reopening the 25% of the government currently shutdown while at the same time working behind closed doors to see that the much needed wall does not get built.

And Pellosi’s using the “dreamers” as one of her leveraging tools against both President Trump and his latest compromise proposal is not a wise idea for the Obama 2012 initiated DACA program is in and of itself illegal. How so…simply, Obama did not go through Congress to initiate the DACA program, something he most assuredly should have done. In fact, Obama himself has in the past stated that he did lack the authority to grant such a “broad carve-out from deportation,” yet he did it anyway. However, DACA went uncontested in the courts until last year, when Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton initiated a lawsuit arguing that DACA was illegal.

Judge Andrew S. Hanen, in his ruling, found that Obama did indeed exceed his Constitutional powers when he created a program that basically granted a “broad amnesty from deportation” to an entire class of people, in this case the so-called “dreamers.” Stating in his decision that he was bound by precedent in a 2015 case that struck down a similar but broader Obama-era amnesty program…as in DAPA…a program encompassing four million parents who crossed the border illegally but who have U.S. citizen or legal immigrant children, as well as expanding the DACA program itself. Stating there was little “practical difference” between DACA and DAPA, Judge Hanen found that if DAPA was illegal, then DACA was just as “likely illegal” as well.

And on appeal, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also ruled that DACA, with its “broad attempts to create immigration policy through deferred action” violated the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

And this ruling led the Democrats to once again play tit-for-tat by using the argument that several other courts ruled that Trump’s original wanting of a DACA phaseout is just as likely illegal. And when you add both musings together the takeaway becomes that while Obama’s granting what amounts to amnesty is indeed illegal so too, according to some, is Trump’s past efforts to phase said amnesty out. And this translates into something we have known all along…the solution to the “dreamers” issue must come from Congress, as per the Constitution, but with Nancy Pelosi blocking every solution President Trump proposes has allowed us to reach the point we find ourselves at today…and it’s a point where the Supreme Court might or might not take on the case of DACA.

So, as I write this article many Republicans are angry at President Trump for what they perceive as his caving to Nancy Pelosi regarding the State of the Union Address. But what these folks forget is that the battle our president is fighting with Pelosi is not over a venue or a date for his giving the Address, but is a battle for getting the funding for the much needed wall v. the Democrats garnering 700,000+ “dreamer” votes…enough votes to possibly turn all future elections in the Democrats favor. And that alone is why Nancy Pelosi is demanding a permanent solution to DACA along with them being granting an expedited “pathway” to become citizens as amendments to the Constitution clearly state that only citizens can vote.

Nancy Pelosi is using the current plight of the 800,000 temporarily furloughed government workers as but a ploy and a diversion to reach her intended goal, but I have a feeling that President Trump knows her plan well as well as he knows that even the State of the Union Address can wait…the wall cannot. So the naysayers on our side need to cut him some slack for Trump knows well what he’s doing…maybe even soon declaring a “national emergency” and appropriating the needed wall funds…Nancy Pelosi be damned.

Copyright @ 2019 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

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CigarBox – Of The Land

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 7:41am


Michael was nearing a turning point in his life. He had some big choices before him. He told his mother one day, “I don’t know if I want a four-wheel drive truck or to just get married!” Claudette just stood there in her dyslexic perception of the world and tried to take in that statement. How does one compute such a statement? How does one understand, except to say that this is the ultimate link between the child and the man? Michael had always been his mother’s pet. The other boys had taken a back seat to him. Buddy and Tommy, her stepsons had always been very close to their father, Claudette’s second husband, Bill. Michael’s younger brother George was too addicted to food to even worry about it. He stayed in his room and out of the way until dinner, when he would make a quick appearance, eat, and retreat back to his room again. The older sister, the adopted Angela had simply left for boarding school, and later went to college on the insurance money her father had left her to avoid the hassle of competing with Mike’s hold on his mother. While the family became more and more dysfunctional, Claudette just knew that Michael would be something if she just propped him up enough.

The inevitable consequence of this was the obvious fact that Michael was not very mature. He couldn’t put off personal pleasure for five minutes. He would regularly sneak into the kitchen of the big house and eat everything in sight. When all of the boys entered into puberty, he was the one most often in the bathroom with the door locked while the others complained to their parents about his behavior. Claudette’s husband grew tired of explaining, and simply ignored the boy. Buddy whipped on him at every opportunity, and Tommy, while more sympathetic than Buddy, knew that Michael was extremely hedonistic.

He’d been carrying on his affair with June for a number of months now. He was addicted to her body all the while thinking he was mastering this relationship, but it reality it was June, herself, who orchestrated it. The driving force behind this was to “be” married, and not much more. Somehow, if the marriage occurred then everything would be all right; everything would work out. This is the dream of the little Texas girls that drift through high school, that somehow a marriage will come along that will make everything else make sense, but in point of fact it almost never does. Babies are born, divorces happen, boys leave their “wives” to “find” their teenage years they somehow “missed” and the babies grow up to be little Texas girls who think that somehow a marriage would make it all work out!

Michael had another woman in his life, Claudette. He had grown accustomed to her picking him up even before he fell. Mentally he was too young to be thinking about being married, but he was thinking about it. It was on his mind, and his momma could buy him anything he wanted. Now he wanted either a truck, or June; either “toy” would be acceptable. Enter into the mix June’s mother, and stepfather, Ray. While her mother was not all that panicked by the advent of a wedding, Ray was a man who worked construction in the hot Texas sun every day, and would be more than happy to tear Michael’s heart out over his little “angel!” June was everything to Ray. She was everything pure and good to him. There are some things worth killing for and probably the only thing that saved Michael’s physical life was the fact that Ray stood in awe of Claudette all because she was in real estate and thus he perceived her as rich, which indeed she was. At his level anyone who did not collect a paycheck every Friday, and wasn’t on welfare somehow had to be “rich.” He was correct in assuming that Claudette could destroy his livelihood, which indeed she would have if her precious Michael were threatened!

Claudette, on the other hand had other ideas for him. She saw him finishing high school, and going on to college, perhaps in Austin. Destined to attend the University of Texas. After graduation, he would take the three real estate classes mandatory to sit for the state real estate exam, and then he’d move into the family real estate business where he would stay until he died. Of course, he’d marry some nice young lady from the Bend with equal education, and an equal interest in the family business.

Rays perception of Claudette’s wealth was justified because Claudette was rich! Looking at her son that day she remembered when she’d first come to the little desert community from Tennessee. She had a high school education and little more than that. She’d left everything back in Memphis after the death of her brother. She’d filed for divorce and made her life in the little desert town just off the main road. She’d never really known what had drawn her to the town, or Texas at all for that matter, but she’d felt a compulsion to come. A vision she’d never revealed that told her how to get there. All this was seventeen years ago, when Michael was two and his younger brother was six months old. In the nearby towns, malls were sprouting, and communities growing. She went to work for a builder named Bill as a sales representative. It was a new career. New! Ha! She’d had no career before that. She’d been a factory worker in Tennessee. She’d worked two jobs to make ends meet while her worthless, fat, red-faced husband ate everything in sight. Bill introduced her to a completely different world. She had her own two sons, and her brother’s daughter, Angie whom she’d adopted after her sister- in-law, the widow of her brother, had died of breast cancer. They lived in a mobile home out on the edge of town. Bill was divorced with two boys of his own, Buddy and Tommy. One thing led to another, and one day they went into the judge’s office and got married during lunch.

She moved into Bill’s old, dusty ranch-style home. Her husband was a builder, but he couldn’t sell penicillin in a V. D. clinic. Claudette had that knack. A lifetime of “making do” had made her a natural at convincing people to take what she had to offer. Still, she needed to get her real estate license. Her new husband had his broker’s license and as long as she sold only for this one builder, the laws of the state of Texas allowed her to do so, but to move into the areas that she wanted she had to have her license. This meant she had to pass the test for it, and that was the problem.

Claudette couldn’t read her own name! She was hopelessly dyslexic! She’d memorized her way thorough high school, actually returning again and again until she graduated at the tender age of twenty- one years. Her first husband had told her family that she was actually retarded because she couldn’t read and the fact that she stumbled over her words as she spoke. Her speech was an endless array of slang and half words. She’d confuse words and once referred to condominiums as condoms! Her new husband read all the real estate books into a cassette tape and she’d listen to them in her car every day. Bill, being a broker himself, was very familiar with the real estate books and in addition to that he understood Claudette’s way of thinking and more than that her understanding. He could explain the books as he read and this took her a long way toward eventually passing the real estate exam. Taking the three weekend courses were no big deal because a person who was comatose could probably pass them. For two days, they taught you the answers for the test on the third day. She had to take the state real estate test thirteen times in order to pass it. The letters danced across the page of the test document, and she eventually just took it so many times that she couldn’t make any more mistakes.

She began to sell homes in the little town and she and her husband developed a fine business with a good reputation. The years rolled by and they built the business up as far as it could be built in the little desert community. They would frequently slip away to a spot out at the edge of town where the river took a turn that looked like a horseshoe. Like all west Texas rivers it had a sandy bottom and there were sand bars all over the place. They’d lay a pallet down, eat their chicken or sandwiches, and enjoy each other’s company. The land belonged to an old rancher who no longer ranched it and had let it go considerably. The land had been in his family for generations, but he had lost interest since the death of his wife, and his housekeeper, June’s mother, Barbara had moved out and got married. As they enjoyed lunch there over and over again Claudette began to notice that the ranch was in need of upkeep. All the cows were long gone and the ranch house was in extreme disrepair.

Claudette was frankly amazed that anyone could still live in the house. She knew that old man Stillwell, the owner, could not be up on things as far as keeping up any financial obligations on the ranch if the physical condition of the house was this bad. One day Juan Sanchez came into the little real estate office and began asking questions about land in the area. During the conversation he asked if the Stillwell Ranch was for sale. Claudette checked around and told him that to her knowledge it was not for sale. Sanchez mentioned that he’d heard the taxes were stacking up on the place. The rancher didn’t want to pay the taxes, and in fact had prepared to move out of the dilapidated old shack he used to call a ranch house before his wife died, and into an apartment in town to live out his days on his social security. The wheels began to turn in Claudette’s head. In a flash of brilliance she realized that this was the reason she’d been drawn to the area in the first place! In a single moment of time the idea that was to become known of as the Bend formed itself in her mind. Sanchez had planted a seed that would blossom into a mighty oak.

She knew how large the ranch was. It had been passed down for generations, and this old man was the sole heir to it now, having no children by his wife. Claudette discussed buying the place from the old man, but Bill told her the idea was not feasible because the sheer size of the track would place it in the two hundred thousand dollar mark and they could never secure financing on a parcel that large. It is hard to sell land in Texas if the buyer doesn’t have ready capital, and though Bill and Claudette made a good living, they did not have that kind of money and besides, they weren’t sure if Stillwell would even consider selling the family acreage to them. Combine that with the fact that Claudette had a plan, and it wasn’t raising cattle and watching the grass grow. She was a Memphis girl, and try as she might that part of her wouldn’t die. She knew that there was a big world outside of this sandy nowhere, and that if people had the seclusion that the area offered, combined with comfortable living, there just might be a future in west Texas after all! Claudette had been in real estate for a little while now, and she had seen the small, flat homes that the locals built. She had a vision of something more. A community of mansions, all nestled by the only river in the area, all resting comfortably under the Texas sun. She could stand on the sand after eating her lunch and look out at the Stillwell ranch and imagine all the buildings that would be there someday. If old man Stillwell had an inkling of this he’d go to someone else and try to do it on his own. That would put him back into the prime of life for sure!

Stillwell had seen her at the catfish house, but knew her only as “the real estate lady,” and he, like everyone else in town, knew she was divorced! That stigma followed her down from Memphis. Being urban she hadn’t thought it was such a bad thing but when she found herself in this simmered down environment she quickly discovered that a divorced woman was a bit under the covers so to speak in a place where gossip is the main pastime. By the time she found this out it was too late because the story was out. At any rate, she’d not be able to do business with Stillwell because of this lack of respect, and it was one that Bill couldn’t get around. Bill and Claudette turned it over again, and again, and then the wheels in Claudette’s head began to turn. She came up with a way to buy the ranch and never have to worry about Stillwell, or her divorce again!

Claudette had a friend, Chip, who worked as the county tax assessor collector and he had confirmed that the entire amount owed on the land was only thirteen hundred dollars. If the land were auctioned at the courthouse for taxes she could pick it up for that amount. There was no lien on the track, so the back taxes and county fees were all that she would have to pay. She was fully aware that the owner had two years after the fact to purchase his land back for that amount if he so chose to do so, but that didn’t matter. She’d work around that. So long as she had that Sheriff’s deed in her hand she could go with that. That would just give her two years to do the planning for the little project she had in mind. During this two years she just had to keep the entire project low key so that the old man didn’t realize that his dilapidated old ranch was worth a bit more than he’d supposed.

A phone call was made. “Chip?”


“Listen, are you sure the Stillwell ranch is in arrears?”

“Yeah, but nobody wants it. I mean, old man Stillwell is just counting the days, if you know what I mean.”

“Maybe I want it, Chip. What do I have to do?”

“Why don’t you buy it?”

“I don’t have the money right now, but I do have the tax money.”

“Well you need to get with the lawyer. We hire a lawyer to do these things. It’s gonna need notification, and a few things to protect you, you know?”

“Such as?”

“Well, we only give you a sheriff’s deed. Now that’s not a warranty deed in any sense of the word. You have to pay to make sure there are no problems with the land. Then Mr. Stillwell has two full years to come back and pay you the taxes, interest, and fees associated with the land, and just take it back. You understand, Claudette?”

“I know real estate law, Chip. Can you just get the thing auctioned?”

“Sure, no problem. I’ll get right on it. But what are you going to do if old man Stillwell shows up and pays his taxes? He can just walk up to the courthouse steps and pay me, and your plan goes down the crapper.”

“Chip, I’m counting on you to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Now Claudette, I can’t do anything illegal. You know that.”

“I’m not asking you to do anything illegal. Just don’t shout it from the rooftops, ok.”

“Well, I gotta mail him a notice.”

“So mail it.”

“Isn’t he living in town in an apartment?”

“Yeah, but mail it to his last known residence.”

“That shack?”

“His ranch house.”

“They’ll just forward it.”

“Put do not forward on the envelope! God! Do I have to tell you everything?”

“Now the big question; why should I do this?”

“Chip, do you still live in that little two bedroom house over on First and Hackberry?”

“You know I do.”

“Well, if I pull off what I want you’ll have a nice big home down on the river. Do you like the sound of that?”

“Claudette, I have never done anything like this.”

“Chip, when you retire from working with the county, they’re gonna give you a gold plated watch and you are going to go home to a two bedroom place that is only getting older, just like you! I can help you to a better way. Now, if you don’t help me I’ll just find another way and you’ll be in that place forever. Chip, let’s be friends.”

“Claudette, I’m not mad, just a little scared.”

“Relax. That old man won’t pay those taxes. He’ll rock along and lose that place. If this ever comes to light you can cover your tracks easy enough. Just show that you mailed the letter and gave the old man a fair shake.”

“I still don’t see why you don’t just ask him.”

“I don’t have that kind of money. Do I have to keep saying that? He’ll want tons of money. If I thought I could just buy it I would. That old man’s crazy. You know that. He still carries that old Colt Walker forty-four. C’mon. We’re talking about old man Stillwell here! About the only thing he ever did that made sense was shacking up with Barbara that time.”

“Ok, ok, but this really has to stay between us.”

“Hey, no problem.”

On the first Tuesday of the following month, on the north porch of the courthouse Chip came out and called out the conditions of the tax lien on the land. As usual, only a few people were there that day, and particularly on this day because a “norther” had ripped through and the temperature was dropping to the teens with a nice wind to boot. Claudette wondered just why the sale had to be conducted on the north porch. When Chip had read his customary spiel, he asked if the owner was there, which of course he wasn’t, and then he asked if anyone wanted to pay the taxes and receive title to the land. Claudette nodded and the deal was done right there. Claudette would buy the land that would become the coveted “Bend” for what she would later refer to as “milk money.”

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas – What If . . .

I Believe In America!

Woman Who Walks on Stones – Zina

Happy Martin Luther King Day

Saving the Tea Party

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

Ten Bears and the Battle at Lincoln Memorial

Here’s Some Real Colluding

The Butcher Shop

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Why Term Limits Lost and Ranked Choice Voting Will Succeed

Fri, 01/25/2019 - 10:57am

There have been two major attempts to change the calculus of elections and officeholders since the ‘90s. One is a top down ‘reform’ that’s currently being imposed on voters a jurisdiction at a time. The other was a bottom–up effort imposed on the politicians. The fate of the two is very instructive.

Bill Schorr, San Clemente, CA

The top down innovation is ranked–choice voting and the midterm congressional elections in Maine were the first federal contests to be decided by ranked choice.

Ranked choice works this way. In every race with more than two candidates, voters rank the contestants in order of preference like judges at a wet t–shirt contest.

In a multi–candidate field, if no one receives a majority, then all last–place finisher ballots are thrown out and those voter’s second choice becomes their new vote. If no one gets a majority then, the last place finisher’s votes continue to be tossed and second choices used until someone gets a majority or Trump declares martial law.

Boosters of ranked choice voting promote the change with feel–good promises that are mostly immune to verification. As the League of Women Voters demonstrates. According to that hen party ranked choice “promotes majority support…discourages negative campaigning…provides more choice…minimizes strategic voting…[and] saves money”.

What they don’t tell you is many elections are going to be decided by voters who are the worst at judging candidates and the issues that make them electable. The second–place votes of people whose candidate finished dead last are going to be used to determine a winner. That alone will put a spring in the step of Lyndon LaRouche and Deez Nuts voters.

What should disqualify ranked–choice voting from being used is not relying upon the whims of the incompetent to choose the winner. The big problem with the system is it’s unconstitutional.

By comparison term limits was a bottom–up movement that swept the nation. Twenty–three states imposed term limits on politicians by 1995, compared to ranked choice voting’s tiny foothold in Maine and a handful of cities.

As long as opponents of an entrenched professional political class confined themselves to limiting officeholders in state and local jurisdictions they were initially successful. It was only when voters applied term limits to federal candidates that problems began.

Barnacle–like congressional incumbents knew they could never persuade voters to repeal term limits, so they enlisted the help of our politicians in black robes who really rule the country.

In U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton the leftist majority on the Supreme Court ruled term limits unconstitutional because they allegedly violated Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution by adding additional qualifications to who was eligible to run. Term limits did no such thing. Legislation that limits duration of service does not change the qualifications for service.

The Constitution is silent as to how many times a congressional candidate may run and how long he can hold office. In his Thornton decision dissent Justice Clarence Thomas wrote, “Nothing in the Constitution deprives the people of each State of the power to prescribe eligibility requirements for the candidates who seek to represent them in Congress. The Constitution is simply silent on this question. And where the Constitution is silent, it raises no bar to action by the States or the people.”

The 10th Amendment also supports Justice Thomas: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Which exactly describes a statewide referendum limiting terms in office.

Compare the court’s opinion of term limits with the obvious unconstitutionality of ranked choice voting. In Reynolds v. Sims, decided in 1964, the Supremes established the principle of one man, one vote.

Ranked choice voting violates this principle because the voters who supported the losing candidate have their votes counted twice. First for the loser and then for their second choice. The voters who had enough sense to vote for a viable candidate in the first place only have their votes counted once. It’s electoral affirmative action for the politically impaired.

The loser of the Maine race intends to challenge the result in court, but I’m not optimistic. For some reason, his lawyers ignore the obvious one man, one vote problem and instead focus on irrelevancies.

It will be interesting to see if the Supreme Court accepts the case and if it does, how the court will decide. Ranked choice is supported by all the best people and the Opposition Media. Plus, it’s used in foreign countries! Term limits had the disadvantage of only being supported by majorities of average voters in their respective states and we know how that turned out.

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Here’s Some Real Colluding

Thu, 01/24/2019 - 1:14pm

As if to show the apparent collusion between the liberal Mainstream Media and leftist activists, NBC’s Today interviewed Nathan Phillips, the Native American elder seen beating his drum in an encounter with Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann, and he said HE FORGIVES the students! While video of Phillips and other leftist minority groups has surfaced that clearly shows he provoked the confrontation, Phillips said he BELIEVES the teen has been insincere in his public response, and NBC did not challenge him on that point with the facts.

Such is the state of the liberal/leftist media in their alliance with the left-wing activists. The media promotes the leftist narrative and version of events, even when it is not true.

Many people have sarcastically said that “liberals are mentally ill,” but here is a clear example of a major media interview where the facts were ignored, while a false narrative (a lie) left unchallenged. When people cannot distinguish between fact from fiction, between right and wrong, they are “delusional.” The liberals and the liberal media are suffering from mass psychosis.

Furthermore, the liberals don’t seem to tolerate the media even when it tries to consider “both sides” of a story. NBC “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie was condemned on Wednesday, Jan. 23, by liberals when she interviewed Sandmann on the “Today” show.

Savannah’s critics were upset because they said she gave Sandmann a “platform” to tell his side. For leftists, there is only their point of view, or as dictators would say, “the official story.”

The cooperation between the liberal Media and leftist activists and politicians couldn’t be more apparent than with this story. However, this bias reporting happens quietly on a daily basis. Unsuspecting and uninformed citizens read and hear the liberal/leftist official story daily, and even the liberal entertainment industry helps promote it.

The liberal media is pushing American society to the point where the politically correct narrative is more important than the facts or truth. This nation is reaching a dangerous tipping point regarding political reality and reality in general.

For the truth to make us free, we must hear it and not fear it.

George H Rodriguez

The Butcher Shop

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From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

Thu, 01/24/2019 - 8:14am

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas

The Cabal

Somethings going on, some of us think it, some of us feel it, it’s time to expand your thinking. For a very long time, our world has been under the influence of a criminal mafia, we didn’t know it because they talked and acted just like you and me. We thought we could recognize a true criminal by their words and actions. We were deceived by their speech, education, wealth and power. Through a system of threats, blackmail, bribery, and deceit, they were able to come to power and occupy the highest levels of our government, education and our corporations. You may know them as the Deep State or the Cabal.

Interesting enough, they were able to gain total control over our media and use that against us and farther divide us. They used it as a primary source to control our way of life and our way of thinking. They used that to convince us that we were a threat to each other. They were able to convince us that we are the problem. They used race, gender, and religion against us to farther divide us and keep us from prospering as a people. They funded both sides of the wars and rewrote history to validate their claims to keep the world from knowing we represented peace and hope to the rest of the world. Now with a firm grasp on the media, we drank in their entertainment and lies, allowing them to begin their final phase. The Take Down of America. We were the last remaining beacon of hope in the world. They knew if they could take down America, the rest of the world would follow.

We allowed the Central Bankers control over the finances of the world. Things took a really bad turn when they started putting power and money into the vast civilian intelligence agencies of the world. Agencies that we thought were there to guide and protect us, Instead, these agencies were weaponized and used against us. They had the power to change the direction of governments, they assassinated Presidents, financed drugs and cartels, and human trafficking. They used their influence to undermine our military and overthrow those who would not get in line with the Central Banking Agencies.

Now you might think that these people would have been content to stay in the shadows, but they knew as long as there was freedom, and we were allowed to think, there was always a chance the people would catch on and destroy everything they had worked on for so long, They knew the answer was bringing everybody under one Centralized Government,. A One World Government with no national identity, no police force to stop them, better known as globalism. By using our emotions, and instincts of compassion, they found a way to destroy our cultures and borders. If we resisted, they called us bigots or racist intolerant and shamed us into complying. By 2008 we were on the verge of total economic collapse.

By 2008 we were on the verge of financial collapse, many people were losing their jobs and we were on the verge of financial collapse. They used wars to cause a mass migration of refugees to destabilize borders and countries. When we didn’t accept this, they called us intolerant and shamed us into silence.

Now here’s where things get interesting. By now the Cabal had brought another sphere of influence under their control. The Muslim Brotherhood. the Radical influence of Islam. They realized that fighting each other would be devastating and came to a mutual alliance. Now a hostile form of government would be able to inject an enemy into our government.

Enter President Obama, many of us know that President Obama’s records were sealed, He was Virtually an unknown who climbed to power quickly. What we didn’t know was Prince Alwaleed bin Talal paid for Obama’s education. The Muslims were finally getting what they wanted, they were able to inject a Muslim into our government. Now before you say this couldn’t happen, think! We know Obama started dismantling our military and got rid of most the top-ranking officers. Then many of us noticed the number of Muslim’s that were being appointed to high-level positions within our government. This was all part of the plan to dismantle the United States as we know it. President Obama even told us he was doing it but, No one listened. He started importing and promoting the mass migration of immigrants including Muslims into the country. It was all designed to destroy our economy and bankrupt us. After all, he did manage to take us from 10 trillion dollars in debt to almost 21 trillion before he left office.

Now we are facing two enemies on the home front. While the Middle Eastern enemy is a physically sick enemy, the Western Cabal is an even sicker enemy. The Cabal is a dark and sinister death cult, an enemy that relies on Symbolism and Numerology with levels of cruelty unimaginable by the sane and thinking people. If they are ever exposed it would send shockwaves into around the world if they were publicly exposed.

Are you ready to hear what they had planned? They infiltrated their people into our government, opened backdoors and exposed highly secret military plans and programs, cut our militaries, and weakened the commanding strength of our military Generals, they gave us irrational rules of engagement as they worked to destroy our military. The worked to dismantle NASA to end our Supremacy in space. They infiltrated and exposed sensitive defense military programs, they worked to reduce our ability to detect foreign and domestic threats, they used our trusted agencies to target their political opponents. They relaxed our borders and allowed entry to illegals and illegal gangs. They moved money to fund global terrorism, which resulted in groups like ISIS moving across vast territories to create chaos around the world.
In 2016 they had everything in place to finish the job when their candidate lost. Now, these people are running scared.

To be continued . . .

The Butcher Shop

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Ten Bears and the Battle at Lincoln Memorial

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 11:43am

One thing I can say about the Main Stream Media is they can sure spin a story! And I thought I was a good liar. I give you Ten Bears, I mean Nathan Phillips, Native American, social activist, darling of the left, and the biggest showman since P. T. Barnum.

He took it upon himself to beat on a drum in front of the Lincoln Memorial and sing his death song the other day, which prodded a bunch of Catholic kids to don red MAGA caps and look at him. No fooling folks. This is big news. Back in my day we had to shoot a president to get this kind of coverage.

Now, I understand that we’re all supposed to fall down and pray every time the Indians say or do anything because we kinda stole a whole country from them and gave it to the Mexicans, but frankly I’m getting old and I can kiss only so many asses!

So Ten Bears claims he’s a ”Vietnam Era” vet. A ”Recon Ranger!” That conjures up images of those Navajos back in WWII perplexing the Germans with radio messages. Only problem is ol’ Ten Bears was ”reconning” refrigerators in Topeka, Kansas! Hey! I’m a Vietnam era vet! I mean I lived in Killeen back then, and I ran a strip joint for soldiers. I still have PTSD, or STD or something. Now, where was I?

Anyway, the Left is on this like Charlie Sheen on a pile of hookers! And you can’t channel surf without seeing Ten Bears talking about his harrowing experience with that CCD class that stared him down. Thank God they weren’t Mormons! One kid even bellowed out, ”It’s not rape if you enjoy it!” There was this one particular girl in the group who smiled and flared her eyes when that was said. Ten to one she’s the most popular girl down at Covington Catholic.

This incident was so covered that it took the spotlight away from the border wall. Even Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA got jealous. And, I’d like to note that the Lincoln Memorial WAS open! What I’m wondering is where Ten Bears got that goatee. When I was traveling through the Navajo reservation I didn’t see a lot of that. Maybe “White Eyes” slipped in there somewhere. Yep. I think Nathan speaks with forked tongue!

The Butcher Shop

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From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 7:58am

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas:
There’s a Storm Cloud Rising.

Well it’s safe to say, we have a serious problem in the United States. When our Congress is holding Americans hostage over illegal immigrants, with another caravan moving through Mexico, refusing to secure our borders, then it’s time to seriously consider removing these folks from Washington.

Where are our Constitutional Sheriff’s? I mean this is turning into a major crisis. When we have people telling us there is no crisis at the border, yet drugs, prostitution, and sexual predators are moving into our country, piling in everyday, with yet another caravan coming through Mexico, it should be plain as day what their plans are.

These people are globalist that want to bankrupt our country. We are 22 Trillion dollars in debt and these people are adding more and more debt to our country. They want to reduce us to the same level as these other 3rd world countries. Look around people, more and more people, everyday, are losing everything and living in the streets. Yet we keep bringing these 3rd world immigrants into our country. Why? We can’t take care of the people we have already. Have we lost our minds? Apparently we have.

This country turned it’s back on God, and now look at us. Look at our leaders, godless, soulless, people who want the rest of us to be their servants. They think they are our masters and we must bow down and do as they say. They don’t care what we elected this President to do, they are the rightful rulers, in their minds, and we will do as they say. Why else do you think they have our government shut down? They don’t care.

I’m not sure what it’s going to take to get you folks off your arse and get you to do something about it, but, what we’re doing right now isn’t working. We elected a man who is trying to do what he said he would do and he’s been fighting to do just that. He needs help. Hell the liberals in Congress were already saying no deal, before the President was half way through his speech today. Think about that.

They’ve literally told We the people of the United States, the ones who elected President Donald J. Trump, to go screw ourselves. They don’t care. They are literally telling us to kiss their arse, they will not budge and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Well hell, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas, why should I care anyways? Maybe it’s getting close to Bug Out Time… Or is it? There’s a Storm Cloud Rising.

The Butcher Shop

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That Long Winter at Valley Shutdown

Tue, 01/22/2019 - 10:16am

The long winter at Valley Shutdown is evidently growing more dire for federal employees. They have now missed their FIRST paycheck. Repercussions from this disaster extend all the way into Latin America. My son was browsing the Facebook page for the Swamp suburb where we live. He came across a female federal employee who was distraught because the furlough had forced her to lay off the housekeeper.

Gary McCoy, Shiloh, IL

Other page members were discussing whether to organize a donation drive to supply homebound feds with gift cards for gas and groceries. It was certainly a touching message thread. It resembled an effort by restaurant kitchen staff to take up a collection for the health inspector.

Before you donate your tax refund to the Shutdown Privation Fund, I’d like to inject a note of reality. Homes in the neighborhood where the maid–less woman currently cries bitter tears have an average price of $345,000, according to Redfin. And those dwellings aren’t located on the water.

The average federal salary, according to OPM, is $81,578 while the median wage is $76,131. Neither numbers include federal benefits totaling upwards of $41,791 per civilian worker. The CBO found that regardless of education, federal wages and benefits far exceed those of the private sector where wages average $44,000 and benefits average $10,589.

Never was so much paid to so few by so many.

The local WoePost, excuse me, Washington Post has been extensively covering suffering in Valley Shutdown. On January 10th, there were so many federal sob–stories the topic almost pushed cloyingly coverage of illegal aliens off the front page. I counted a total of nine in section A alone.

My favorite was a front–page story of Dickensonian hardship headlined: “Government shutdown creates a January slowdown for businesses trying to adapt.” At Swann House “a cozy bed-and-breakfast in a fin de siècle mansion a few blocks from Dupont Circle, …impeccably decorated rooms are languishing in shutdown mode.”

No one to light the in–room fireplaces or tickle the ivories in the sitting room. Tugging at our heartstrings the reporter adds, “businesses are suffering as pieces of those paychecks stop trickling down to them.”

I hate to be the one who rains on Little Nell’s parade, but my question is what the heck are government employees doing staying at Swann House in the first place? Rooms there range from a low of $299 in the “Parisienne Suite” to $319 for the “Regent.” And that’s before DC’s gouge–the–tourist hotel and sales tax. When you add that the per night rate is $343 to $366.

Compare those rates with a hotel about a block away where rooms are $169 before tax. And lest you think well ‘who wants to dodge dookie and derelicts on the way in the lobby’, US News & World Report rates the Kimpton Carlyle the “Best Hotel in Washington DC.”

This hand–wringing coverage of employees who make more than the people who pay them and stay at tony hotels taxpayers can’t afford only proves how out–of–touch the Opposition Media and government ‘Resistance’ workers really are.

I’m waiting to read of the belt–tightening at Dean & DeLuca as truffle sales wither.

Reporters are so eager to cast blame on President Trump that industries formerly regarded as pariahs are now objects of sympathy. For example: “Government shutdown starting to burn aerospace and defense firms.”

Another amusing account was headlined: “Trump is right. Unpaid federal workers are making ‘adjustments’ — soliciting money from strangers and taking out loans.” People solicit money from strangers all the time in DC, usually at gunpoint. The idea that a total stranger could approach you and say, “I’m from the government and I need your help” is almost too rich.

Other coverage itemizes additional Shutdown havoc. The NTSB is forced to prioritize investigations, which sounds to me like a positive development. Since the weather isn’t stopping the Weather Service is still issuing forecasts, only now they worry federal workers won’t have enough money to clear grocery aisles of milk and toilet paper when warned of an impending snowflake.

The WoePost has also been trying to convince readers that food banks are full of GS–13s stocking up on pinto beans, but I’m not buying it.

Left out is the fact that when the feds return to what is generously called ‘work’ they’ll get back every last dime of the paychecks they missed. Ask a construction worker or union member who is laid off if that happens in their industry.

There’s a lesson in this for taxpayers. Not being able to survive missing a single paycheck — on a salary far better than that earned by taxpayers paying their wages — explains all you need to know about the people in charge of federal government financial planning.

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Saving the Tea Party

Mon, 01/21/2019 - 6:22pm

Saving The Tea Party

We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the scriptures and is as clear as the American Constitution.The heart of the question is whether all Americans are to be afforded equal rights and equal opportunities, whether we are going to treat our fellow Americans as we want to be treated. If an American, because his skin is dark, cannot eat lunch in a restaurant open to the public, if he cannot send his children to the best public school available, if he cannot vote for the public officials who represent him, if, in short, he cannot enjoy the full and free life which all of us want, then who among us would be content to have the color of his skin changed and stand in his place? Who among us would then be content with the counsels of patience and delay? – John F Kennedy

If we are to rescue the Tea Party from the mire that has become American Politics, then we must go back to when our mission was less confusing, and our citizens less divided. For four bloody years, from April of 1861 to May of 1865 American citizens warred against each other over whether or not America would be the United States of America, or a collection of territories calling themselves states. Since the majority of those who fought on the side of federalism were against slavery, and the majority of those in favor of a loose coalition of independent states were in favor of slavery, the issue of slavery has long been considered to be the cause of the murderous mayhem called the civil war. The rationale for this erroneous conclusion is yet another misapprehension; the flimsy notion that, at stake was the murky issue of states rights. The truth is, that since the confederacy was just that, Jefferson Davis was unable to compel the individual armies of each confederate state to coordinate their efforts, and the war was lost due to the very cause for which the flower of southern youth died. The lesson that history has taught humans from the dawn of time had been forgotten, and a divided army was conquered by one united by the principle of federalism.

It is truly inevitable that those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it. At the end of the war seven hundred thousand Americans lay dead, and what may have been never was. Truthfully, less than ten percent of the Americans who fought for the mistaken reason of states rights even owned slaves. So why did so many people die in a fight in which they had no dog? The answer, is so plain that I am embarrassed to repeat it; it was capitalistic corporations that cared just as much for human life as they do today. The less obvious reason is less obvious because it is insidious. In order to create a fighting force large enough to destroy the United States of America the corporations had to create both a reason for the ordinary southerner, who owned no slaves at all to take up arms, and the perception that those they would be killing were deserving of death. Evil were those who conspired to destroy our constitution and our union, and foolish were those who followed the piper to their deaths.

It is a history America is on the brink of repeating again. Multinational corporatism has once again taken aim at our nation. Our citizens are once again divided over the issues of so called states rights, and slavery, although most Americans would deny it. How it is that Americans can deny this charge is beyond comprehension.

The evidence lays in plain sight for even the slow of wit to see. Federalism is now a dirty word to roughly half our nation. Racism is frankly out of control, and considered harmless, normal, or justifiable to the same people. Once again, most of the products used by Americans are manufactured by slaves. Hyperbole hardly serves up an adequate description for the chaos that reigns in Washington, and once again Americans are gradually marginalizing each other, pushing this process to the verge of violence.

This chart shows us that the two political parties are hopelessly divided over the issue of race at both the level of political representation, and the level of ordinary citizenry. As far as the other charges go, it’s a lot like looking out your window to see what the weather is like; it’s that obvious. At the Butcher Shop, we have become convinced that the reconstruction of a constitutional government depends entirely upon the Tea Party principle of assigning the right to tax as a privilege that is given solely by the people.

In the last cycle of it’s political relevance the Tea Party was co-opted by the Republican Party by means of cash donations to the party by representatives of the Republican Party to such an extent that the term Tea Partier was synonymous with Republican. I feel that if you are a republican or a democrat, then be a member of your party.

Our analysis of the political reality is that the Tea Party will lack the strength to put forward meaningful candidates in the 2020 elections with the exception of those whose presence might help or harm a candidate of either of the major parties, thus serving as a tool for either the republicans or the democrats; an awkward, if not unacceptable role for a party that might serve the interests of America so much more productively.

Closer examination of this dilemma, however reveals a surprise. As is the case in warfare of any kind, our weakness is our strength. An organized and strong Tea Party with a clear vision of what constitutes the values and the vision of it’s constituency could, in sufficient numbers defeat candidates from either party. Without candidates to fight against, the Tea party would be a formidable foe. We could strike, but not be struck.

At the Butcher Shop we do many things, but our most visible efforts are in what we write. We have taken many steps forward in the last two years, and we feel ready to make another change now. In remembrance of another war fought on American soil, we propose a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

We would like to welcome Charlie Brown to the Butcher Shop. You can follow Charlie at the Butcher Shop, the PeckerWood Press, and right here on the Tea Party Tribune.

The Butcher Shop

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Happy Martin Luther King Day

Mon, 01/21/2019 - 5:01am

We at the Butcher Shop have made a compact. We are NOT going to write about this silly-ass government shutdown . I mean, look at all the money we’re saving! Not to mention not getting groped at the airport for the duration. Now, with that having been said, happy Martin Luther King day! I mean, as a former Baptist, now an American, I celebrate this day above all others. Christmas is over-rated. King day is king!

There was a man. Came to us in Berry Creek, I think it was to buy investment property. As he signed contracts on our porch he gazed out at the Arnold Palmer golf course and told me, “I’ve always wanted to play this course, but I could never get a tee time.” I asked him when he’d like to play. He looked at me amazed, “Saturday.” No problem! I was a gold club member.

So, Saturday rolled around and he showed up with his entourage. I mean he was decked out. Dressed up in Scottish clad, complete with striped socks, he was ready to play golf! First, we went and bought Berry Creek balls, only the best. Coffee, of course, and then on to the links.

He was very impressed by the houses peppering the course, and joked about my expertise on the tenth green, which was where my house was situated. It was a lovely afternoon. You see, the Berry Creek course was shaded by many trees, and the brutal Texas heat abated somewhat. As we played, joggers and walkers passed by, and of course there was cold beer in the coolers at every green. Hollywood! Jackie even played caddie.

We wound up at the “nineteenth” hole, i.e. The club bar. Drinks were on me. As a gold member I had to spend a certain amount each month. If I didn’t get drunk enough, well, they just charged me anyway. So, I developed a right proper martini habit that Jackie assisted with. So, we settled down with martinis and prime rib.

We passed the afternoon talking about this and that. He was interested in investment opportunities, and I was interested in him buying as many properties as possible. Of course I didn’t mention that Berry Creek was not actually a creek, but the Balconies fault line that rocked and rolled with amazing regularity. At one point I approached the bar for more drinks. As the bartender shook the martinis he inquired as to exactly who my guest was. You see, my friend was black. And we were in a decidedly “cracker” environment.

“Oh, him?” I said. “Yeah, that’s the deputy commander of Fort Hood. I think he’s a general. And, by the way, I have a bad leg and I’d appreciate if you’d make sure that our glasses don’t run dry. I’m tired of carting drinks. And a smile would be nice. You might wanna have one of them towels over your arm while you serve.” We never did quite fit into into Berry Creek. I don’t know why. Yeah, I really like Martin Luther King day. Cheers!


The Butcher Shop

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Woman Who Walks on Stones – Zina

Sun, 01/20/2019 - 12:21pm

Part IX The Gathering 

Mosi’s command had been supernaturally loud, and it spread from the tiny bathroom, through the house and into the neighborhood in shimmering concentric rings that rattled the walls and shook dust from the ceiling. The angel froze and car alarms sounded over the ringing in Beaver’s ears. In quick succession there was a loud thump accompanied by a yelp of pain from Mandi’s room followed by a crash on the porch. Beaver and Mosi, now just a big tomcat again, made for Mandi’s room and the angel, after a last burning look into the mirror, spun on her heel and strode toward the front porch.


Have you ever been shot from a cannon? Neither have I. I heard about a little girl being fired from a cannon over in England somewhere the year before I died, but I don’t think it was much like what happened to me when Ms. Woodward sent me flying a hundred and fifty years into the future and seven hundred and fifty miles west. The queer thing about it is, it only seems to have taken a minute. A hell of a minute though. I landed hard against a wooden wall after crashing through some flimsy railing and knocking over a couple of chairs hard enough to bounce me back over the side of the porch and into the yard fronting the house I had just hit. All around me I heard some kind of rhythmic chiming, and a quick look up and down a mighty strange looking road showed even stranger looking people in outlandish clothes stepping onto their porches and into their yards, and they were all looking at me. I hoped that my new career wasn’t going to involve a lot of that kind of travel.


The squall of a screen door turned me around and standing in the doorway of the house I had crashed into was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen; and she was. practically naked! The feelings that I was having alarmed me, and shame swept through me. Before I could avert my face I took in a wealth of silver blonde hair framing a face like none I had ever seen, and a wicked looking sword hanging from the belt of the only garment she wore, which was an indecently short shift of some kind that I noticed ended well above her perfect knees. “Orrin Rockwell I presume?” She asked in dulcet tones. “I’m your partner Zina”I knew of course, that I would get a partner. Every guardian angel gets a partner after all. It really was too bad that Joseph Smith was killed so young, because Brigham Young had been the right man to lead the saints west, but he was deaf and blind to magic, which meant that Moroni could not visit him to finish out the path to the creator. This meant that, like the Israelites, the children of Joseph would enter their promised land with no map to heaven. It meant that faith would have to suffice, and by the time Joseph died, the people of earth had entered a time of unbelieving just as Joseph had prophesied. Since man had replaced magic with something called science, faith was in short supply. If man cannot touch it with his senses it does not exist for him.

Moroni, an angel with a sense of humor, calls it evil with benefits. Since the pathway to the celestial universe is incomplete, the saints must complete a partnership that is really an internship so that they may finish their journey; Moroni calls it the Mormon Purgatory. The shade who stood before me was, however, not one I expected to ever see. Red faced, looking at the tops of his boots, and practically enveloped in a long duster was Orrin Porter Rockwell, a man who was practically made of faith.

“Uh, ma’am” he began; “Zina, Please.” “Porter for me please” he said still gazing fixedly at his feet. His hair was long, as was his beard. Having been advised that bullet nor blade made by man might harm him as long as he did not cut either, he had been faithful in cutting neither his hair or his beard. Handsome in the way that strong men are, he looked like a school boy caught at looking at a particularly well turned ankle. The sound of car alarms, and the distant sounds of sirens drew me into the present. “Look, Porter, we have a lot to do, and practically no time to get it done, so could we just go inside now and get to it?” I’ll say one thing for the faithful, they don’t dither. Still gazing with fearful intensity at his feet Porter came up the steps as I hastily hid the damaged porch rail and straitened the porch as best as possible. We made it inside before the first police cars arrived.


Standing in nothing, surrounded by nothing, I felt defined by the nothingness. I felt a surreal kind of despair that I knew I could not be feeling, because despair is something, and I was nothing. Was this what death felt like? With no point of reference I had lost my sense of time, my sense of place, so why didn’t I lose my sense of person? Slowly it dawned on me that the reason for my awareness was that I wasn’t nothing. Someone out there believed in me, and knew I was here. That was when I discovered calm. Growing up through the soles of my
feet like a beautiful flower through my body the calm changed me profoundly. It was not the kind of calm you feel in a hot tub, alone in the house, or the kind you feel when you are taking a nap, but the kind of calm you might imagine a

Brother Theo

mountain could feel as the millennia pass by as every other thing God has made comes and goes, and the cycle of life repeats over and over throughout time itself. The moment the calm had filled me to overflowing, a wall of sound shook and the shattered the nothingness around me and I was falling.


When Mandi had was given her adult name at the Jump Dance during her naming trail, she received the name Asdza joogaal kingoo, or woman that walks on stones; at least that is as close as you can get to it in the white way of speaking. This is because she always chose the hardest path. It is true that Mandi walks the most difficult of paths, but as wisdom teaches us, that is the least likely place to find an enemy in waiting. I knew that my granddaughter had made a terrible enemy in the naaldlooshii, and I was terrified when I heard the disturbance in the house. I had barely taken in the scene in the bathroom when I heard Mandi cry out in pain, and heard a sound like someone falling onto the floor and landing badly. Entering her room cautiously; and a quick look around showed Mandi sprawled on the floor with some redness on her knees and elbows that would without a doubt bruise shortly. The girl looked dazed, but appeared otherwise unhurt. Mosi came bounding past my legs, sniffing the air loudly after a swift, catlike examination of Mandi, he sat before her gazing solemnly at the scorched rectangle of wallboard where Mandi’s Angel in a snowstorm had been. When Mandi’s eyes focused she found herself looking into Mosi’s eyes. “The time draws near.” He said. Rising to her feet and gathering her robe around her Mandi shivered. “The time for what?” She asked.

The screen door emitted it’s signal that we had company followed by the sound of the front door closing, and I decided to rethink my notion of oiling the spring; the darned thing made a pretty good alarm. The thought drew my attention to the car alarms and the sound of more sirens in the distance. It may have been mentioned that Mandi’s house is pretty small, so a couple of quick steps brought us into the living room, where the beautiful woman was leading an honest to God old time gunslinger type into the house. He was a short man, wearing a long duster with boots, and his hair and beard looked as if they had never been cut. But it wasn’t his garb or his hair that announced his true nature, but rather the way he carried himself with supernatural grace, and his washed out blue eyes that saw constantly roved, seeming to see at and through everything at the same time that announced him as a man of violence. You didn’t have to see the gun he carried under his duster to know it was there, and that it was as familiar to him as the hand that used it. As his eyes alighted on Mandi, they immediately went to the ceiling, his face turning pink. “Heavenly Father! Don’t any women in these parts wear clothes?” Mandi looked confused. Mosi looked…well, like a cat; bored and patronizing at the same time. The woman with the sword wore an expression of impatience, and I don’t know what my own face looked like, but I’m pretty sure it was just hanging there.

Mosi broke the awkward silence that followed,during which I noticed that the sirens had stopped, as had most of the car alarms. “We have a couple of minutes here, so let’s not waste them.” Said the cat. This brought Porters eyes down from the ceiling and caused them to protrude in a way I would have bet my medicine bag they never had before. Before he could get his mouth working Mosi said, “Beaver, Mandi, meet Zina and Porter. Zina is your guardian angel, and Porter is…well let’s say for now that he’s extra muscle. Mandi, get dressed. Now. Then come out on the porch. Porter, you and Beaver go out to the porch and look around like the neighbors are. Look confused and curious. Zina, make yourself scarce.” Porter turned toward the front door in a daze. As he did I saw Zina shimmer out of existence. I had one brief moment to wonder where she went when loud steps sounded on the porch and then there was a loud pounding on the front door.

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I Believe In America!

Sun, 01/20/2019 - 6:51am

Democrats! Pull your heads out of “Mr Ass” and listen to YOUR president’s preposal. He compromised, he offered real solutions, and even offered to open

The Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Va., can be seen prior to the Sunset Parade June 4, 2013. Sunset Parades are held every Tuesday during the summer months. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Adrian R. Rowan/Released)

up the government, not that we’ve missed it. For the first time since George Washington the country is running smoothly. There’s a message there!

Our country is being invaded by Mexico. They just let another “caravan” in through THEIR southern border bound for sunny California. Nancy Pelosi will welcome them with flowers. This is insane. I support OUR president in this matter. I do NOT support that idiot Mueller spending my money searching for Russian dressing in the White House kitchen!

MAGA is NOT a four letter word. The very idea that wanting to make America great again being forbidden in public schools is something we should all address. In grammar school I pledged allegiance to the flag every morning, right before prayer. Now only people whose names sound like they’re coughing up their lunch are allowed to pray!

When I went to New York, years ago, Mulberry Street, on an Italian holiday, American flags EVERYWHERE! Proud to be here. Where did that go? The very first words in ”The Godfather,” ”I believe in America!” It’s time we start believing again. England doesn’t believe in America. Russia doesn’t believe in America. And Mexico damn sure doesn’t believe in America! But I do! And if you love your families you’d better too!

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From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas – What If . . .

Sat, 01/19/2019 - 4:46pm

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas…

What if:

Many of you haven’t heard, but a Muslim Extremist was picked up by the FBI in Georgia this week. His plans were to bomb the White House. Now, what if the Democrats knew this? Ask yourself this, Why was Nancy Pelosi going to meet with NATO on this trip?

She has no business meeting with NATO. By Nancy Pelosi’s own words, she was going to meet with our NATO allies to assure them we still have their backs.

Now think a minute. Just think. President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have been at the White House through most of this shutdown. If the terror plot had of been successful, Trump and Pence would have been killed leaving Pelosi to take over as President.
Consider the following

1. Terror Plot
2. Travel to meet NATO allies same week as the Plot (All her Democratic allies were on that bus)
3. Next inline to assume the Presidency.
4. Would not even be in the country when the attempt was tried.
5. Put America back on track for this One World Globalist Government.

Keep in mind, these people haven’t even been back in Session for two weeks and they’ve already introduced Gun legislation to confiscate your weapons without due process…The only thing standing in their way is we are still armed.

These Globalist are pissed, Trump has derailed their plans for the time being and the last President to speak out against these globalist was killed in Dallas. Reagan even tried to warn us what was going on, and they shot him, they didn’t kill him, but they shut him up.

People, I really feel these globalist will not stop until President Trump is out of the way. They’ve been working on their Globalist agenda for way to long to have a Nationalist like Trump to come in and mess with their plans. Most of you never Trumper’s and all you liberals have no idea what’s really at stake here and what’s taking place.

This really is a battle between good and evil. The Global government isn’t a conspiracy theory, they’ve told you what they’re doing. .They’ve even said, the only thing standing in the way of this Global Government is:

1. American Nationalism
2. American Guns…They have to disarm us…
Think people, use your heads. Things are fixing to heat up. May God have mercy on our country.

So yesterday I wrote this article. But this morning I seriously have to ask, Why has there been no coverage by any network on the Terrorist plot to bomb the White House? A radicalized Muslim intended to bomb the White House and not one major network carried the story. Why? What are they not telling us? Under any other President, this would have been front page news, any other time this would have been breaking news and everyone would have known about this terror plot. By the way, that attack was planned for the same day the Democrats were trying to leave the country. While my article yesterday was written as a “What if” scenario , the lack of coverage by any network is astounding. Below and in the comments are the local news networks from Atlanta that did carry the story.

But hey, what do I know, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas… But what if?

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Sat, 01/19/2019 - 7:48am

The next day she walked over to his house about two miles away. She always followed the runway of the airstrip. She enjoyed looking at the private planes and imagined that one day she would fly in one of them all around the country just like Claudette, Mike’s mother, making big deals and having dinner in far away exotic places. The cool fall air was a refreshing break from the oven-hot heat of summer. It put a spring in everyone’s step and June was no exception. The cedar trees didn’t turn colors like any tree that had good sense, but it was fall just the same. Her stepfather, Ray would hesitate before entering the Bend without an invitation, but June felt no such social constraints. To her the area was just the big houses “out there.” Her mother had told her that the Bend was the old Stillwell Ranch, but she couldn’t see any sign of the ranch now. If there had ever been cattle out there they were long gone now! Michael was still sleeping. She let herself in. Everyone in Michael’s family knew June, and to look up and see her coming in, or even see her suddenly appear at the breakfast table was not an unusual occurrence at all. Michael’s stepfather, Bill, was just making coffee when she came in.


“Oh, hi June. Mike’s still asleep.”

She got her cup down and put chocolate syrup in it while waiting for the coffee to drip. She dropped by so often that the maid had even assigned her a coffee cup. “Yeah, I know. He had a hard time last night at Fat Eddie’s.”

“Lot of catfish?”

“Yeah, then we walked and talked for about an hour. I knew he’d be wrung out today.”

The older man got his cup down and the pot began to “grumble” as the last bit of coffee fell through the basket. June got up and poured her coffee and then his. Sitting back down she asked, “How do you know when you are in love?”

He looked into the sky blue eyes for a moment. “Are you in love?”

She grinned and sipped the coffee, “Yah, recon that I am.”

“That’s how. You just know.”

“Nah, I mean, how will I know when Michael is in love?”

Something told Michael’s dad that there was more to the “walk” she’d mentioned than a stroll around City Park. “You and Mike getting close? Well, I guess you can tell that Michael is in love if he stops eating.”

She looked at him for a moment. June’s eyes could never lie. She just nodded and sipped her coffee. “I wanna marry him.”

He knew that she was only sixteen, but he also knew that this was the last thing he wanted to hear. It appeared that June was very passionately in love with Michael, or at least the idea of Michael, and she had “set her sights” for him more or less. The older man knew that this little lady was dead serious. This was a Texas girl who would get what she wanted. He laughed a bit to himself that Mike was caught and didn’t even know it. June was in control of this situation; full control. She had roped Mike in the night before and never missed a beat. No remorse, no regret. It was just a thing that needed doing, and she did it. Young men were caught in Texas in this way all the time. Now to the little lady with her Social Services degree down at the county office building this would be horrible, but June understood life as it really was, and this was the way things were done! Yes, Michael was as hooked as he could be. He was a married man already and he didn’t even know it.

“What about school?”

“Oh, I’ll finish, some day. This is just more important. This is something I gotta do. You know what I mean? I’ll just go into real estate like ya’ll here. You don’t gotta know anything to be in real estate.”

He sipped the coffee, “Yeah, June, I know what you mean. Or you could be a lawyer. Now they really don’t need to know anything to be in business.”

She finished the cup and went over and picked up an apple from the window basket full of fruit. Turning she smiled and eased back to Michael’s room. Slipping in, she didn’t wake him, but just stood there for the longest time looking at him. For a moment she seemed to drift off into fog in her mind. She felt a presence in the room besides herself and Michael, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Then her mouth opened and she began to speak; like speaking in tongues in church. To her great surprise the words just formed and came out of her mouth.

“Oh, my love. I have known you since before hereafter. I am this land, and this land is I. I will know you long after we are apart. My soul is your soul, and my heart is your heart. Where ever you may go, what ever you may be…I will follow thee.”

She was frankly startled that she’d said such a thing. She didn’t believe such nonsense, but she’d said it anyway. She’d said it in such a whisper that only the angels had heard, and even they weren’t quite sure she’d said it. Then the second part of the ritual was upon her. She reached over and placed the apple by his head on the pillow.

In the same room, beyond the veil, Veronica asked, “How did I do that?”

“You stepped into her form.”

“I would have never said anything like that; why did I say it?”

Her spirit guide looked away, and then at her, “You spoke while in bilocation.”

She looked back at the scene, at her form still standing there, and then faced the man again, “What is that?”

“You are existing in two dimensions, on two planes. Your ‘other self,’ the girl you see in the image is actually you. Remember, back in the car when I told you that your spirit name would be ‘Veronica?’ You have but one soul, though that soul may have many manifestations. That soul is, was, and will be. She can feel you are here, though she can’t see you. Your thoughts are her thoughts. It’s kind of like when a person is confirmed in the Catholic Church. They take on a confirmation name, a spirit name. That Spiritual side of them is as real as the flesh. This is not just a movie you are watching, Veronica this is life. In addition to that, God creates billions of realities, or time lines. We actually have the freedom to choose the time line best suited for us. That young lady there with that apple is just as alive as you are. She is not “locked” into anything. Now, add to that you are a highly developed soul, one with special dispensation. That is why I’m here. Your soul speaks at it knows to speak. When June spoke to Michael, it was actually Veronica that was speaking. Do you remember saying the words to your future husband?”

She looked down, and moved away a bit, “Yes. I remember. I just don’t know why. It was like you said. It was almost like I felt me watching me.”

His eyes filled with compassion, “Because you know your destiny Veronica. You and only you know both sides of the coin. You made a promise that you will fulfill.”

“Could there be other ‘Junes’ watching us now, from yet another dimension?”

“Could be. Only God knows that. He sits above the whole show and watches us all. He watches us choose the time line we want. Choose wisely, Veronica. There are many watching, and depending upon you.”

A great sadness filled her heart, and she looked back at the bedroom. Mike was still sleeping with the apple by his head. The man continued, “He’ll never have that depth of soul. He’ll never appreciate these truths, even after he’s dead ten thousand years, but you, you have known these things from the beginning of your existence.”


“Because much is demanded of you, because much has been given to you. There are many things that you will make right if you choose the right path. Through you one will come which will right wrongs of centuries past. When you said you were of this land you spoke the truth. It’s time for your first time and space lesson. While you were on earth you thought of time as one second after another. It was one time following another, endlessly, on and on. On this side time doesn’t work that way. We are in the eternal now. You can’t even imagine the eternal now. The man that’s looking for us can, though. He travels through time and in between the spirit world and the earthly world with ease. He discovered your son’s linage and came back through time to arrange my death and the position of my soul so that I could wait for you at that intersection. He left me in that Purgatory of a place, thinking that I’d agree with his little plan, but he never considered that I had a mind of my own. That’s your first lesson in time and space. We have to stay on course. You have a choice to make, and before you can make that choice, I have to make you understand a lot of things.”

She walked into the room and looked at herself. June was young and fresh, with a look of expectation in her eyes. She was amazed at this. She remembered her eyes that morning, before leaving Doc’s apartment and how the age had shown through them, but this girl was happy, and yet there was an aura of destiny to her. It amused her at how she could see it so clearly from this perspective, and had never seen in from the other. That plane had always been there it seems, and she could have seen it had she only looked. She turned, and walked back through the door that only she and her spirit guide could see, and once again, she was with him.

“I loved him”

“Loved. Now after all that has happened?”

“After all that has happened.”

“You said Ray was the only man you ever loved.”

“Different love, different man.”

“Now it’s my turn to ask ‘why?”

She stepped away, “It’s a story that you won’t understand. It’s a story of a mistake, a very big mistake, and if I could take it back, I would, but I can’t. Now let me tell you something, Mr. Angel, or what ever you are; there are some doors that once you walk through you can’t never walk back out again. There are some choices you should never make. There are some timelines God shouldn’t have created. There are some mistakes that you make that leave a mark on you, and folks can’t see it, but the mark is there all the same, and everyone knows it, even though they can’t see it. And it don’t matter how old you are when you make the mistake, or why you made it, you just make it all the same, and the mark is there; and the mark don’t wash off. Not in the shower, not in the baptizin’, not ever!”

“Tell me.”

She looked down, “I’m a whore.”

He reached and took her hand, “Veronica, the entire universe knows the mistake. Only you have a problem working it out. That’s why I’m here.” He raised her eyes to his and looked directly into the sky blue irises, “You must get through this. God demands it of you!”

She began to sob, “God demands it? God demands it? All my life God has demanded things of me! He sits on my shoulder like that angel you see in cartoons, just waiting for me to make a mistake so He can tell me I’m wrong. Well, I’m not wrong. I have a life. I HAVE a life!”

Just then, she realized he was looking even deeper into her soul. She straightened up, stunned, “I had a life. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it? Why didn’t the truck hit?”

“It will, give it time. You must grow a little bit before it does. Now, let me tell you something. I wasn’t supposed to be able to leave that intersection when I did. I wasn’t supposed to be able to freeze time like I did, but in twenty years even I can learn something. I learned that when you entered that intersection I could attach myself to you and leave. The shaman’s plan is not going according to plan right now. I’ve taken you to teach you. You have a choice to make, and if I’d have let you make it right away, as it had been planned, the outcome would have been exactly as he had predicted it would be, but I came up with a better idea.”

Then he reached and pulled her head to his chest, “You still have your life, but you need to understand what you must do with it. Your life is very valuable. You are the center of this whole thing, and I think you’re going to surprise some people. You have a life, and that life is beautiful!”

“No. No, Mr. Angel, I don’t have a life. I haven’t had a life since I made that mistake. You really don’t understand, do you? Don’t they give you ‘angel’ classes before they send you down here, or do you just not understand human nature? You never felt the fire.”

He left his hand around her shoulder and said, “I understand human nature a lot more than you imagine, Veronica. I wasn’t sent down here, I was stuck down here. I can’t leave until I get this one thing right. I have been sealed here until I…” His voice trailed off.

“Until you what? What do you have to do?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Oh, c’mon. Bullshit! You have something on your mind, now what is it?”

His face betrayed his feelings. “I was put at the intersection to make sure your son died.”

“What? You want to kill my son?”

“Not kill! I could never do that. I was a witness, that’s all. If he’d been strapped securely I was to make sure the seat belt was a little too loose. I was there to see this thing through, and if I did I would be set free of the Purgatory I’d been sealed to for all these years. All I had to do was just make sure that that car crash takes its natural course. Your father in law didn’t loose the boy’s car seat. It was taken. That was to make sure that he was not protected and that he would fly through the windshield.”


“Like I told you. So I could ascend.”

“By murder?”

“Not murder. Just making sure the right timeline is used.”

“But why?”

“Like I’ve told you. He’s the heir. If he lives this shaman fellow looses his power and his life.”

“Well, why didn’t you just do it? What happened?”

“It took me twenty years to figure out just how to do this thing. I froze the scene and got you out of the car because I have a solution, but I need your help.”

“Well, tell me.”

“That’s the part I can’t tell you; yet. I have to let you see some things because when I tell you what I have to tell you the choice will be the hardest one you’ve ever had to make, but if you make it right it will benefit all of us. It will help all of us but the shaman. He’s not going to like it one bit.”

“And he’s looking for us?”

“Yes, and you really have to understand the psychology of this thing. I can’t let June make this decision. Veronica has to make this particular choice.”

“Oh, it’s ‘Doctor Angel,’ now?”

“No, just someone stuck in the middle with you.”

“And I have to be the ‘purified soul’ to do this thing. This holy creature.”

“In a manner of speaking, yes. I tend to call it an evolved state.”

“And when I’ve evolved enough, we go back to Memphis, I climb back in that car and the show goes on.”

“Yes, and hopefully you’ll make the right choice. At least that’s the way I’ve got it figured.”

She pulled back from him. “Well figure this out; I committed adultery! I’m a little whore! Do you know what that is? So if you’re waiting for some salvation from me you’re just shit out of luck!”

She folded her arms in front of her chest and stared at him.

“Want to talk about it?”

She turned quickly away, “No. No, no!” Shaking her head, she just walked a few paces and turned back around. “It’ll be a while before I can talk about it. I can’t believe I did what I did. I picked the very worse thing a woman can do and I destroyed two families with it. That’s what I live with. That’s what I did! I can’t bring many things back. Lots of people I can’t bring back.” She wiped the tears away. “Ray!” June had this way of biting her lower lip and looking at a person indignantly when she was caught in a mistake as if to actually challenge them to say anything about her error. The man was amazed that he was actually disarmed by her look. He could see how this face could really launch a thousand ships, or make a boy do man things.

She took a breath and said, “We planned to get married, but they took Mike away from me. I got him back, but I really had to work at it.”

“This is a good beginning, and I think you’re on the right track. When you tell me your story then I’ll be able to tell you what we need to do. I need to know your story, from your side of things. You have to relive some of these things. As you tell me the story, and we watch it, you’ll evolve. Tell me about it,” her spirit guide said.

“Come Doctor Angel,” she said, as she led him to the golf course. “You know so much. Let me tell you about the Bend.”

Woman Who Walks on Stones – The Avenging Angel

The Not So Silent Majority

We Cannot Sleep

Judge Roy Bean’s Ruling on the Jake Patterson Case

The Broker’s Table

Saving Karrie

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Dividing Men and Women: Innocuous Antagonism

Fri, 01/18/2019 - 8:13pm
Innocuous Antagonism – What Is It?

Consider “Innocuous Antagonism.”  It took me 8 years to clearly realize how widespread this is now, and how it works to rapidly remove truth from any important discussion.  This behavior is always an unhealthy idea for serious matters.  Take a look at how “innocuous” and “antagonism” are conjoined into a highly manipulative discussion-steering behavior in this video:

@ 17:42 in the video link below, notice the liberal woman asks Jordan Peterson, “What’s so terrifying with gender equality?”
Video of interview:

The Pathology of The Tactic

That was a typical liberal discussion disruption with “innocuous antagonism.”  It is extremely popular in social media and in policy discussions whenever powerful, conservative-leaning, persuasive talking points are introduced by a conservative voice:  In one sentence,

  • You and you’re idea are falsely labeled as angry, fearful, racist, or insulting.
  • …While the narrative is simultaneously pushed into a feelings, belief, or opinion contest.

Jordan Peterson is not terrified, nor has he suggested such.  The woman is provoking him with an accusation he appears terrified, when all he had done was explain methodically how the ideas she pushes are pushing men and women apart, dividing society along sexual lines.

She has characterized his gracious, measured, logical, reasonable discussion as appearing terrified!! She has to be lying, because JP has zero exhibits of being terrorized, quite the opposite.  She had to fabricate the accusation with no evidence.  A lie.

Step By Step

Let’s examine the step-by-step process of the insulting and truth-burying tactic:

  1. The host asks for proof of gender divergence.
  2. JP answers by providing clear references to decisive studies of CONCERNING correlation, very calmly.  Correlation does not prove causality, but the RED flag remains:  Anything POSSIBLY causal needs to be questioned, not ignored.  That’s mandatory  best practice in problem solving science.
  3. The woman employs “innocuous antagonism” – suggests JP is “terrified” – a false accusation. It’s also a full 90 degree topic change away from the question asked and answered.  Then she begins to promote “gender equality,” again, TOTALLY uncaring if the policy is correlating with dividing men and women  – just as legal racial preferences always INCREASE division among races.

I see women giving their men a hard time EVERYWHERE I look.  I only know 2 women whom I think are really flat liners who respect their husband enough to always talk nice to them.   Almost all liberal men use this tactic frequently in policy discussion, as well.


In a respectful, business or counseling discussion, the idea of tainting the opponent as terrified, and changing the topic, would not be allowed, it’s disrespectful.  And it is counter to established problem solving dialogue and practices.

Respect is not a part time virtue, it has to be full time.  Part time disrespect in maintaining dialogue always creates NEGATIVE results.  If a tiny part of a larger discussion employs deliberate misreading of the opponent to gain emotional advantage, the ENTIRE discussion has been a waste of time.

We MUST mandate business decorum and make antagonism contraband, to have productive human policy discourse.

What Are These Tactics Becoming Popular?

Why is this happening?   Much of this is Saul Alinski’s teaching, he taught to polarize quickly.  But it’s worse: Read some articles on how genders are dividing under current equality laws, a well know outcome of institutionalized legal bias.

Gender Paradox – more equality programs correlates with less women in STEM, the opposite of the goal.   (STEM=Science, Tech, Engineering, Math).

A collection of articles on how men and women are being driven apart by gender preferential policies.

Pushing personalities apart:

Psychologists determine men are toxic:

Manhood is “toxic” – poison – now.

Gillette deplores manly behaviors:

When asked about the anti-Semitic representatives at the women’s march, Ocasio-Cortez used innocuous antagonism:  Insult plus topic change.

“I think that concerns of anti-Semitism with the current administration in the White House are absolutely valid and we need to make sure that we are protecting the Jewish community and all those that feel vulnerable in this moment,” Ocasio-Cortez said.”

Read this 5 star book from the Author:  Atlas Shouts

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Hospitals Guard Prices Like the CIA Guards Secrets

Fri, 01/18/2019 - 3:16pm

Way back in 2017, before we were on the Road to Nuremberg With Donald Trump, the Washington Post was outraged that hospitals were trying to make a profit. Like most stories involving reporters, economics and healthcare it was both wildly inaccurate and agenda–driven.

Adam Zyglis The Buffalo News NY

The story’s one useful service was it introduced the public to the slightly ominous term “Chargemaster.” At first glance, the term “Chargemaster” might be mistaken for the cause of the so–called epidemic of “mass incarceration.” A fiendish device district attorneys use to jail minorities captured during the government’s regular sweeps in low–income areas.

Even for those who haven’t been to jail, the term has unsavory associations bringing to mind arrogant, price–gouging, monopolies who look upon customers as rubes to be exploited. (Ticketmaster, come on down!)

In reality, the “Chargemaster” has more to do with pricing than policing. Theoretically, it’s a complete listing of all the services and procedures a hospital provides patients, followed by the cost for each item.

What the consumer doesn’t know is the price listed after any procedure is as hyperbolic as an entree description on a Trump restaurant menu. The cost paid by Medicare or a health insurance company often bears little relation to what’s listed on the Chargemaster. Just as the window sticker on a new car is only a starting place in the negotiation.

The US healthcare market is currently designed to guarantee high prices, encourage waste and discourage price shopping. That’s because consumers can get a binding estimate on building a house, but they can’t get any kind of estimate on removing a gall bladder. Requiring hospitals to post the Chargemaster on the web is supposed to give consumers this vital information, but in truth all it will give most of them is a headache.

I predict it will be easier to read the privacy agreement for Facebook victims than it is to comprehend the Chargemaster. If it were up to hospital administrators consumers wouldn’t even be able to find out what it cost to park until they tried to exit the lot. Instead of a simple procedure equals cost equation, the consumer will no doubt have to assemble the procedure himself, which is just how the hospitals want to keep it.

Maryland made a tentative effort to lift the cost veil. The Maryland Health Care Commission has a website with the inane name of “Wear the Cost,” which sounds like the surgery bill will be tattooed on your backside. Instead, it compares turnkey prices for common procedures affecting patients who are either women, old or both.

Consumers who fit within that medical straightjacket can finally see what hip replacement, knee replacement, hysterectomy and vaginal delivery prices are at 21 different hospitals. Unfortunately, hospital patients, like whiskey drinkers, tend to associate high cost with high quality. That’s not necessarily true as the medical complication and readmission rates for the procedures at various hospitals demonstrates.

Patients can have high–quality care for lower cost if they will only do their research among these limited options.

The feds need to build on the Chargemaster unveiling by demanding all hospitals that accept federal money post binding prices on the web for the 25 most common surgical procedures; the 25 most common outpatient procedures and the 25 most common tests. The listed, turnkey charges must also match the best price offered insurance companies.

That’s half the battle. The other half is getting the consumer to act on the information. In Maryland Sinai Hospital charges $32,500 for a knee replacement, while UMD Medical Center at Easton charges over one–third less at $22,700, with fewer readmissions. If the patient has a $3,000 deductible and the co–pay is 10 percent, many would still choose the more expensive Sinai because it wipes out their deductible and all the rest that year’s healthcare is ‘free’!

Smart insurance companies would give the patient an incentive to be a smart shopper by sharing the savings. Instead of pocketing the $9,800 saved by paying for the knee replacement at UMD Easton, the insurance company could share by applying ten percent of the savings to the patient’s deductible for that year.

The patient would pay ten percent of the procedure ($2,270) and the insurance company would apply ten percent of the savings ($980) and their deductible for the year would be satisfied. To ensure this wasn’t a one–time–only cost–conscious decision by the consumer, the insurer could continue to apply ten percent of procedure savings to future deductibles. This is good for the company because it reduces customer churn by giving the patient a reason not to change policies and the customer saves money on future deductibles.

That’s an ideal situation. What we have is Confusionmaster and that’s probably where the feds will call it quits.

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Saving Karrie

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 9:18pm

Who really knows where the line is between madness and genius? How can you tell the difference between creativity and the tangled web of a confused mind. There is a parallel universe that is situated beside ours. For every ying there is a yang, for every plus there is a minus, and for every madness there is genius. As we sped through the Escalanté her short life came back to me.

The only difference between the two states of mind is perception. Art is not art on the canvas, but becomes art as it passes through the eye and resides in the mind. There was a girl. She had a hard life. As she stumbled through her videos they rarely came together. Many hours spent trying to convey what she saw in the Never Never. She could never describe it.

One day she had a breakdown. For the better part of a week she neither ate nor slept. When that week was over she sat before thee camera again, only this time her message was clear. As clear as a mountain lake. Her poise was one of confidence. Her voice was that of a young girl, with a woman’s heart, telling other young girls what she had learned on the streets of Nashville and Detroit, and in that other universe some refer to as the Never Never. She brought that back with her, but she’d left something too. There was a light in her eyes now. And, for a little while, the light shone.

There was a Little Girl. She started life on one leg. Struggling with diabetes. She developed mental problems, and lost Her conscience in something called “RAD.” She tried, too, to make videos, and write, but to no avail. It all came out childish, or crazy, until one day, She too, had a breakdown. For several days, no sleep, no food, and mad thoughts of angels and demons, until one day She came back. And there was a light in her eyes too. As if she’d found something someone had left for her on the other side. Something waiting just for her in the Never Never.

She sat down and wrote, “ Every day I feel like my life is a dream but it really is not. Every time I wake up in the morning it feels like a new day. Every time I see my dog and it makes me feel happy, excited, cool, and refreshing. Every time I get what I want it doesn’t help at all. But if i get what I need I’ll be better off.

Every time I go to school I always mess up. When I cook I always eat everything . My grammar is always wrong. But I’m working on it. When I listen to music I dance. Whenever I get mail from Sharon I light up. Every time I take new medicine I do better than ever. When it’s a new year it’s a new me.

When I get get a drink of water it refreshes me. When I read I just love it. When I read a board game I learn. When I go to my room I feel lonely, bored, & frustrated. When i open my mail I feel cool.”

Where had the woman and the little girl gone? What had they seen that seemed madness, yet somehow profound. A place very real, where the woman left something for the girl the last time she was there. The inner light of the Never Never.

The Butcher Shop

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The Broker’s Table

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 7:37am

The Broker’s Table is familiar to me. I’ve sat there many times. In Real Estate there are methods designed to bring those on the other side of the table to your way of thinking. Some are real, some are bluffs, all are greed.

When you sit at the Broker’s Table during a closing nothing is locked in stone. Even though there is a specific line in the contracts stating that all agreements are in writing, that’s only there to avoid lawsuits by clients. The fact is that there are always verbal agreements, uttered in private that gives clients a sense of “something more.”

The contracts, and closing documents are just an outline. If it were not so there would be but one document, and two signatures. In a closing each page must be read, explained, and the participants asked if they agree. Then, “Sign here,” next page.

There is a technique called the take away. That’s where one side or the other makes a demand, and if there is no resolution at the table one broker will get up, and walk out of the room. It is bequeathed to the other broker to capitulate, or stand firm. Therein is where the rubber meets the road. One broker leaves, the other broker sits there with their face hanging out.

Right now Nancy Pelosi is sitting there with her face hanging out. The broker has left the room with his demands on the table, and she has to come to terms with that, or there is no deal! Nancy Pelosi does not understand this. Donald Trump does not understand that Nancy Pelosi does not understand. The clients, the American people understand. That’s their money on the table.

There’s this young woman, I’ll call her Summer. She has a one-year old. Yesterday she went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for her baby, “Tater Tot.” She is a member of the WIC Program providing basic needs such as milk, eggs, and oat meal for babies and totters. The cashier checked her items, Summer swiped her WIC Card, and it was declined. The items ran twenty dollars! Tater Tot ain’t getting no tater tots!

There’s an old song, “Little bee sucks the flowers awhile, big bee gets the honey. Black men pick the cotton, white folk take the money.” While Trump and Pelosi trade barbs the American people pay the ante. Trump simply does not understand that Pelosi can’t get the art of the deal. Pelosi does not understand that when it all comes down to it, if she loses her seat in congress it’s a deal changer. If Trump loses his office it just one more path another way. He is in the power broker seat. She is a broken old woman.

One of two things will happen. Pelosi will capitulate. This involves her need to do the math and understand that five billion means nothing when considered in a trillion dollar budget. Heck, they STEAL more than that! If she is a true democrat she’ll figure an end around and Tater Tot will get his oatmeal.

Or Trump will find some end around and find a way to get his wall anyway. Redirect some of the military budget. Put less powder in the bullets, something like that. He gets his wall, Pelosi can say she held the line for “The People!” Everyone shakes hands, and walks away from the Broker’s Table together.

The Butcher Shop

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We Cannot Sleep

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 8:34am


We Cannot Sleep

It was common enough in the used to be to hear folks say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” But then, like so many of us from the used to be I have become irrelevant. I know I am irrelevant because my right to vote was cancelled for the November election because I voted for a democrat. But don’t go thinking that you have relevance as a republican, because it ain’t so, and I can prove it.

Rather than parse this out like a lawyer I’ll just go to the smoking guns, because, as we all know, if the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit! Smoking gun number one is Robert Moses. Now, most of you don’t know who Robert Moses is, but you should, because he was the sharp end of the spear in the desolation of America. Ryan Holliday said of Robert Moses that “ His achievements are on the level not of any Roman Emperor, but of Rome, and not so much as any generation but of entire civilizations.”

This is no exaggeration; Robert Moses transformed the American landscape from the Eden that stretched from sea to shining sea into the wasteland of plastic tumbleweeds, cracked cement and crumbling tenements that it is today. If not for Robert Moses, we

Brother Theo

would not have witnessed the removal of the majestic tops of our purple mountains. Robert Moses is the progenitor of our befouled air, and our rivers and lakes that are no longer fit to boat on, much less swim in, or drink from. He’s also the guy responsible for the Dodgers moving to Los Angeles. I know, not a big deal to most of you, but it sure was to a majority of New Yorkers when it happened, and Moses ran over that majority like a semi through a flock of pigeons.

The result was that New York City became the greatest power structure in the world. The Chinese recently performed this trick in their own country in a much shorter period of time, bulldozing entire cities without warning, and replacing them with colorless housing for workers who would now have to work miles away from their new homes, traveling on the most important result of this, roads. What Robert Moses did was he created an insatiable thirst for oil that would eventually rip our country asunder. I will just mention in passing something Mr. Holliday left out, which is, The enormous power needed to tear down an existing society and reshape it’s economy cannot come from a single man. After all Robert Moses was not a god.

Smoking gun number two: The 1928 Red Line Agreement. After WWI it was obvious that another world war was around the corner. Driven by insecurities stemming from our inability to satisfy both military and domestic oil needs with the amount of oil that our nascent oil industry could produce, we looked for oil elsewhere. Every industrialized nation on earth had become dependent on oil to fuel it’s war machines, and everybody wanted to control oil production and distribution. During the period following WWI the British and the French were attempting to shut American oil companies out of their colonies in the Middle East. The U.S. was demanding an open door policy allowing our companies access to the oil rich fields in those areas. As the failure of this idea became apparent an agreement was reached in which seven different oil companies were given financial interest in The Iraq Oil Company which controlled oil production in Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The companies who were party to the 1928 Red Line Agreement colluded so as to not act independently of one another to produce or distribute oil. The natural result of forming this cartel was that the oil companies built an oil production system that focused itself on importing foreign oil into America while systematically marginalizing American oil production. The product was a twofold catastrophe. The first was that this policy strangled U.S. oil production in its crib. The second was that it deeply influenced American political strategies for foreign and domestic policies in ways that cost our citizens both at the pump and with the tax man by way of manipulating the cost of oil, and by embroiling us in wars between Arab potentates and their own citizens.Nothing so clearly defines the evolution of the meaning of American interests.

As the term swerved away from the inclusion of the average american toward a tiny portion of Americans exclusively, it stole America’s future from those who labor with their hands. Although we did not know it yet, the the idea of a coin value for being an American citizen was being choked slowly to death.

Smoking gun number three,The great migration: While America built more and more automobiles and roads, importing most of its oil from the Middle East, we also built Caliphates and Sultans and Arabic Kingdoms. Operating halfway around the world, The oppression of the average Middle Eastern family reached improbable heights as political leaders whose governments were no more democracies than are Russia or China ground their own people into the sand. Religion replaced the state in all affairs, and Islam became the de facto government of the common citizen. As a matter of necessity in the matter of controlling an ever more restive society Islam became more fundamentalist, and soon people were thrown into prison or executed for minor infractions. The people pushed back, as the people will. But the people had muskets and slings, while the governments had attack helicopters and trained troops courtesy of America, France and Germany. Eventually the people did the only thing they could do; secret societies sprang up, while the soviets, ever the opportunists, sold the secret societies more and more modern guns and explosives. Whenever the violence became too organized, America would send in troops to kill the radicals. It has always been my belief that, left to our own devices the average American citizen would not have interfered with another country’s revolution; we are after all, a nation forged in the fire of a revolution that greatly resembles the struggles that Latin American and Middle Eastern countries tried to fight.

But our politicians are undeniably bought and paid for by the same corporate interests that create the oppression which leads to the revolution, which leads in turn to our military being sent to kill the revolutionaries. The upshot of our muddling through this entire process was migration from the Middle East. The history of the human race is a history of people fleeing drought, famine and war. And, given no alternative to death they ran. They ran to Europe and have nearly overrun some of Europe’s oldest civilizations.

Somewhere down the line our government got the bright idea of importing hundreds of thousands of the very same people whose countries we devastated through corruption and war to America! We don’t know exactly who did it, but you can bet it was at the behest of that teensy weensy percentage of Americans who have profited from importing oil rather than producing it at home.

Smoking gun number four, Steve King and the naked attack on American values: Not many of you will recognize the name of Iowa congressman Steve King, which is a shame. Not because he’s a good congressman, heck, he’s a politician and a republican to boot. But congressman King was overheard speaking out against unregulated immigration. The problem that congressman King has with this giant pile of crap being dumped on American soil, is that it will eventually lead to the downfall of American society, and our precious values. I for one spoke the pledge of allegiance five days a week for ten years. I for one still feel the sting of tears when I join my fellow citizens in singing America The Beautiful, or the Star Spangled Banner. I, for one, sat in civics classes for three years of my school life,and I still revere the U.S. Constitution as being the most important document ever written, second only to the New Testament. So, Steve, I feel you man.

Steve King now faces censure in the congress, not from the democrats, but from the republicans! That’s right folks, every wannabe demigod in the Republican Party from Mitch McConnell to Paul Ryan wants to publicly crucify congressman King for having bespoken the obvious. We cannot plant our American civilization in the babies of immigrants! Who can’t see that? Which of us denies that Immigrants are not just resistant to assimilation, but adamantly pushing back against it, often with the help of American institutions? Hell a Muslim woman wearing a burka has more 14th and 15th amendment protection than I do. You don’t have to be Malthus, or even have read him to know that America is going to suffer demographic shifts that will lead to the end of our culture; this isn’t speculation, it’s simple math. These nincompoops in the Republican Party have inadvertently advertised their roles as Judas goats leading America into the new world order. So Steve, if holding my American values so dear means that I will speak out against that which so clearly means their destruction, I guess I’m a racist too.

So there they are, the smoking guns with which we have been well and truly shot. I just think we should be clear about who did this to us. Sleep well.

The Butcher Shop

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