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From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

Mon, 12/17/2018 - 9:54am

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas:
What you gonna do when they come for you?

So on another post, the question was asked, What are you going to do when they come for your guns?
That’s a good question, and there were lots of answers from tell them, No, to Shoot them. Seriously? While that’s seems like a good idea, let me tell you right now, Remove that idea from your head or your dead.

Let me explain how this will go down. There will be approximately eight highly trained officers coming to your door about 0500 hours or 5 in the morning for the non military. Now they will knock, however before you can get to the door, they will kick the door open, The first officer entering will have a blinding light and go low, the second officer will go high the third and fourth officer will initiate the same stance only in the opposite direction and from the opposite side of the door. You may fire a shot or two, but the other officer will return fire and your dead. Not only are you dead, but your wife may get killed as well.

There is no way to take on these people, by yourself. None period without getting killed and putting the rest of your family in harms way. This is the real world, and unless you have a real plan, it’s game over. Remember, they did confiscate the weapons from the citizens of New Orleans after Katrina, and many of those people were left defenseless when they needed their weapons the most. Many of those people never got their weapons back.

So let me say again, unless you have a good plan in place, your not going to be able to take these folks on by yourself without getting you and your family killed. Time is getting short, think about that real hard.

But what do I know, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

The Butcher Shop

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Sun, 12/16/2018 - 8:57am


From Gordy….


Nebraska: A state trooper pulled over a U.S. Postal truck that was weaving in traffic and discovered enough fentanyl to kill 25 million people. Fentanyl is 50 times more deadly than heroin. Most of it comes from China.

In spite of all the Trump bashing for 2 years, he sits at 48% while Barry was at 45% the same time in office. That from Rasmussen poll.

Trump cancels the Christmas party for the media. Good for him. No more phony photo ops with the President of the U.S., who they HATE and lie about daily.

The Inspector General just found 19,000 “lost” Stryzok/Page texts. All anti Trump. Yep, 2 FBI clowns. Now we find out that many of them have been wiped clean. Hmmm

Now they are investigating $157 million that was spent on the Trump inauguration. What’s next? There was no investigation of the millions spent on the o’s inauguration. Nothing new.

Democrats know they are on the wrong side of the border issue but makes for good talking points for the CLUELESS.

Barry, the abortion President just received a Human Rights award on Wed. How sick is that

Gun free London now has the highest murder rate in 10 years. That from the BBC.

The Dept of Defense CAN legally build the wall and T is now pushing that.

Just who are the CLUELESS, IGNORANT people who support the VIEW?

Trump and Ben Carson signed a BOLD plan for financially distressed and depressed areas. ZERO media coverage on it. However, shortly after that, the media was still calling him a major racist. He can’t win. The founder of the Black Entertainment organization PRAISED Trump beyond your normal praise of someone.

Unlike the O who talked about hope and delivered NONE. Trump is. The O and dems were all talk and no action. THE GREATEST FEAR OF THE LEFT AND THE MEDIA IS THAT THESE “ZONES” AS THEY ARE CALLED, WILL BE A HUGE SUCCESS FOR THE BLACKS. It might even help the district of Maxine Waters which is the armpit of California.

Judges now want to keep ICE out of courtroom. Whose side are they on?

Democrats are fighting for power, Trump is fighting for Americans.

$100 billion a year goes to illegals and dems are fighting a $5 billion border wall bill?

As of yesterday, there were bomb threats across the country. Were they fake threats? Designed to instill fear? Domestic terror?

Guess who investigated the Clinton Foundation: Comey, Mueller, Wiesmann, Rosenstein, all members of the Deep State corruption.

Many more democrat women ran for office. I guess the Republican women were too busy doing the most important job in the world—–Motherhood and family.

Will there ever be an end to the double standard? Not as long as we have progressive, left wing radical mainstream media. Destruction of conservative and character assassination is their norm agenda. It must stop.


The head of the border patrol has issued an invitation to Pelosi to come to the border and see what you have created.

The U.S. takes in 20% of all immigrants. Yes, we are a great nation but millions take advantage illegally.


Just by rewriting the trade deal, yes, Mexico IS paying for part of the wall.

Now know, General Flynn was railroaded. follow the details.

Why does Congress get away with a slush fund to pay off the MeToo scandals and keep it hush hush? Double standard anyone? Only Trump is attacked.

Oh well, have a great weekend folks.

PS: $3 million a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal immigrants WHO HAVE COMMITTED ACTUAL CRIMES.
30% of all Federal prison inmates are illegal immigrants. These are all verifiable facts.

The Butcher Shop

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CigarBox – Would You Mind If We Had A Talk?

Sat, 12/15/2018 - 2:26pm

Would you mind if we have a talk?

Sherman Road fed into a state highway with four lanes. At the point of intersection there was a curve in the highway so as to conceal any approaching vehicle as it rounded the bend until it was right upon the meeting point of the two roads. Lois gave a half glimpse to her right as she sped past the stop sign and drove right out into the four-lane highway. The passengers in the car could hear the sound of the tires go from the gravel road to the smooth sound of state asphalt. The cloud of red dust was left behind. An “S.U.V,” a Ford Bronco, came suddenly into Lois’s field of vision on her right as it rounded the curve. She saw the blur of motion in her peripheral vision and instinctively, her foot hit the brake causing the little car to skid to a stop. With the sudden stopping of the car the red cloud of dust that had been trailing behind it all the way down Sherman Road preceded and caught up with it, enveloping it as it sat idle in the highway. This was not the right thing to do because had she continued driving the whole incident would have simply been a near miss that they would talk about for days after, but by stopping Lois had set her small automobile up to be broad sided on June’s side by the much larger, and heavier vehicle. June looked right at the approaching Bronco and saw the vehicle bear down on her. She knew that at the speed it was traveling, the collision would be deadly. She was amazed that she felt no fear. The size and speed of the oncoming vehicle made it so final that there was little left to do, so she just sat there and waited for what seemed like an eternity. It seemed as if time slowed for her but in reality she didn’t have time to take a last breath before the bumper touched the side of the Mazda.

As June waited for the sound of crunching metal that she knew she would surely hear, the strangest thing happened. The Bronco stopped; it just stopped! Frozen in a moment in time! No screaming tires, no crunching metal, not anything! One second it was coming at her and in the very next second it was sitting there as if it were parked. June looked out of her window and could observe the bumper actually touching the door of the car, but not so much as to even move the red dust still clinging from the trip down Sherman Road. She looked up at the people in the Bronco. The driver’s eyes were wide, as were his wife’s, and she could see that they had two children in the back, without their seat belts on, peering between the seats. They looked like very realistic dolls. June considered very seriously that she was dead. Perfectly amazed, she turned to tell Crystal about it, but noticed that she was frozen also, as was Lois. Lois was looking straight ahead, but Crystal was staring wide- eyed at the Bronco. Every one in the car except June was frozen in the same way as the people in the Bronco! The fear in Crystal’s eyes was very clear, and June could see the reflection of the colliding vehicle in her eyes. She was beginning to “cross” herself, but had only made the very first motion of the sign of the cross. June leaned forward and looked directly into Lois’ eyes. As she moved her hand in front of them she could tell that the reflection was there, but that neither she, nor Crystal could see anything! Yet there were still alive. Their skin was pliable. They were warm. She touched them and they were not stiff, or
hard. It was as if time were a series of freeze frames of existence and that the world had been paused between two of these frames and all had just stopped. All but June! She looked down at little Mike. He was smiling and looking up at her. From his position, he could not see what was about to happen. She moved her hand in front of his eyes, and like her friends in the front seat, while she could see the reflection of it in his eyes she could tell that he could not actually see her at this time. Then, her eyes followed up to the driver’s side window. To her surprise there was a tall thin man standing beside the car peering in at her. He was wearing a white tuxedo. He was a rather pleasant looking fellow. He had dark hair, with a clean shave. His eyes twinkled and he was smiling.

“Hello, June,” he said. Would you mind if we have a talk?”

She felt a warm rush run the entire length and breadth of her body. This man was alive and moving, and could talk and see her. He didn’t seem to be alarmed at all that everyone was frozen. He acted like he was on his way to a ball or something.

She stared at him. She was rarely at a loss for words but this was one of the times that she couldn’t speak. “Hello,” he repeated. “I’ve been waiting a long time for you, June. You might say I’ve been waiting here for you all of your life. Is that little Mike?”

“Yes! What’s going on?” She forced the words out.

“A lot is going on. I’ve been put here at this intersection to do a job. How I do that job depends on you and I.”

She turned back and looked at the S.U.V. “Why did it stop?”

“Oh, it’ll start again, give it time. We only have a little time before it does. In my years here at this intersection I’ve figured out a few tricks, but I can’t sustain this one for very long. That’s why you and I have to talk. The impact will be terrible, and lots of people will die, but what happens, and who dies during that impact will depend on what you do.”

He opened the door, and reaching inside he helped June out of the car.

“Oh, wait, I have to get Mike!”

“No, he’ll be alright. He’ll come out of that car, but how he does it will depend on you. If some people have their way he’ll come out of that back seat dead! But I’ve been doing some thinking here at this old crossroads for the last twenty years. I think there is another option. He has to stay for now, but you have to come with me. We have a bit of traveling to do.” He leaned over to help her out and as he did his hand brushed the child, causing a rash of sparks which made him pull back. He reached in once more, this time being careful not to touch the boy.

“Why did that happen?” she asked.

“He is protected. I can’t touch him. The wreck was supposed to happen and I was here to witness it, and make sure everything went according to plan.”

“And that plan was?”

“We’ll get into that later. How much do you know about time and space?”

“I don’t know very much. I’m not very educated.”

“That doesn’t matter. You don’t have to understand it. I’ll explain what you need to know. For now just understand that there are some who can manipulate time and space, and will do it to achieve their purpose. But I have learned a bit, too, and I can manipulate a few things myself. For instance using your connection with the earthly to permit me to move freely around the spiritual.”

Just then, she noticed that her usual jeans and shirt had been changed and she was wearing a long white gown. Her hair had been restored to its original length before she cut it. It was as if she had a new body.

“Why am I dressed like this?”

“The same reason I’m dressed like this. You and I don’t make these choices. I was put here to wait for you a long time ago. I’ve been standing on this road for twenty years. I was standing here before you were born, and I was here before your son was born. There are plans and schemes in this world, and the people that plan and scheme want you, and your son dead. You and I are going to try to avoid that.”

“Why do they want us dead? Why do they want my son dead?”

“Because of whom he is. He’s not supposed to be, you know? He is a threat to someone very powerful, and very evil. He is afraid of your son. Your son is a dangerous young man. The circumstances of his birth hid him for a while, but in the time-space consortium he was revealed and now we have to move fast if he is to live and do what he is supposed to do. Moving back and forth in time and space has given the effects you have seen. Actually, you’ve been here before, if you understand these things, but you see it as only once. Why do you think you made that unusual statement you made just before the crash?”

“Which statement?”

“About teaching angels how to fly?”

“I don’t know, but I know I needed to say it. It was as if I were expecting the crash. I knew it was going to happen.”

“Indeed you did. That June knew, but you do not. When I am done with you then you will understand why you said that.”

June looked back at her son, still frozen in the car. “Why can’t I just take him out?”

The man looked at her, “June, the universe is a system of balance. It is a system of checks and balances. One of you will come out of that car, but not both. Someone very powerful, very skilled has placed us all here, and getting around what he has done is going to take a bit of planning. There must be a sacrifice today. You and I are going to work that out.”

The man walked around the small car and approached the Bronco. He looked at the man and the family inside.

“He’s a minister you know.” He said this as if June were somehow supposed to know it.

“No, I didn’t know. I don’t know the man.” She was still looking around, amazed at the world ground to a halt around her. In the distance she could see another approaching car, it too, frozen on the highway. Above her were birds, frozen in flight. Even a small bug on the ground was sitting there, not scurrying away from her but just staring out at the world through frozen bug eyes.

The man continued to talk, “He’s going to die, and see that little girl in back; she’s going to die, too.”

“Why?” June asked.

The man grinned, “God’s will. It’s their time. He’s been heading for this intersection all his life.

Everything he has ever done is focused on this intersection. See, this thing we call life is a very complicated affair. We are all tangled up with each other in it. You’ve been heading for this crossroads, he’s been heading here, and I’ve been waiting here for the whole bunch of you.”

“What about his family. I mean, what about the lady, and the child that lives?”

“She’ll marry again; move on. She brings her drinking problem out into the open after he dies and she’ll blame it on this wreck, but actually it’s been there all along. You see she’s been living a lie.” He crossed his arms across his chest when he said this and looked at June. The look in his eye told her that his last statement was intended especially for her.

June looked away from his gaze as he continued, “Just like a lot of people do.”

This stung a bit. “You mean me, don’t you?” she asked.

“I could be. But you are special.”


He began to walk back around to the driver’s side of the car that June had come from, “I don’t know. I just know you are. We all have an essence about us, some more profound than others. Your essence is very profound.” He leaned over and looked into the car at the little boy. “He’s special. There are people who want this little boy to grow up very much. And there are people who don’t want him to grow up.

Like I said, what do you know about time and space?”

“And like I told you, I know nothing about that stuff.”

“Well, let me give you a heads up. On this side, the eternal side, things are ‘as one,’ if you can understand that. If someone makes a plan and the situation changes that same someone can undo the plan, or alter it as if it were the same all the time. I was placed here because it was found after my death that someone pivotal would come along. The person was supposed to be a certain person, but due to an accident of conception it turned out completely different. So, instead of going on like a good ghost, I was put here to wait for that person to come down this road on this day, and make sure that the person did not survive this intersection. My death was a normal car crash at first, but due to this information the person placed me here for the time it took for you to come along with little Mike in the car.”

“He placed you back here? Why?”

“Because some land was sold a very long time ago. Because the man that sold the land is a sort of Witch Doctor, who is very old, and if there is ever a male heir born in his direct line then he has to progress; move on; die. All these years he’s made very sure that that didn’t happen, but now little Mike has put a stone in his plans. Did you think you were born at Rio Casa by some accident?”

“Rio Casa?”

“Yes, the place you know as the Bend. That’s the land that we’re talking about. After my wreck, my sister went to that area and started that subdivision, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Just understand that I want you and your son to win this fight. If I gave you a certain choice right now you’d make the wrong one. I have to ‘school’ you a bit. Within you, June, there is a great spirit, but it’s never been allowed to grow. I’m going to try to help you grow that spirit, but we don’t have much time. Soon the shaman will come, and he’s not going to be very pleased when he finds us gone! He never thought that would happen. He will try to find us, but before he does I have to show you some things, and you have to tell me some things, and then we will come back to this intersection and continue.”

“Am I dead?”

“No, you are not dead. Actually, you’re more alive now than you’ve ever been in your entire life. Your very life force is the reason I can take you from here even if it’s just for a little while. You’ve come down to this point you are at right now, but there is a bit more than just you at stake here now, though you are pivotal to this situation.” The man looked back at the baby. In his eyes, June could see a great deal of love. Then he reached out and put his thumbs over her eyes. He pressed hard, hurting her, but when he took them away, and the blur dissipated she began to see a scene before her similar to a holographic image. It was as real as she was, and three- dimensional. Turning and glancing behind her, she saw that the Memphis scene was still there, and that this new image was a projection of a reality from another location. She saw Claudette pulling her car out into an intersection just outside of the Bend in Texas. Mike, and his older stepbrother, wife, and their baby girl were in the car with them. June knew that they must have been heading home from the store to finish Christmas dinner. Claudette was forever forgetting something at the store on Christmas, or any other holiday for that matter and having to rush off to pick something up. The image was alive and moving. She noted that they still had full motion, unlike the scene in Memphis, and she could even hear their conversation as if there were a great, cosmic set of speakers installed somewhere in the sky.

“Did you talk long with her before she left,” Claudette asked.

“A little. The Doc is real mad about her even coming here. Dad called and said that the Doc had dumped all her things on his porch when he found out I was down here. She’s gonna be hard put to find a bed to sleep in tonight.”

The older woman looked with disgust at her son. “The Catter will find a place to sleep, rest assured!”

“I think she wants to come back to the Bend. She even talked with me about it the night before she left. I can’t see her ever coming back here.”

Claudette was fully aware of the conversation that she herself had had with June during her visit, irrespective of any “agreements” that had passed between June and Mike in the bedroom. The agreement between her and her daughter in law had been understood, and that was the only one that mattered! There was really no other reason to renew the real estate license unless she planned to use it and she couldn’t very well use a Texas real estate license in Tennessee. June knew what she was going to do and the two had agreed upon this course of action. The broker decided to educate her son. “Mike,” she said, “you heard what she said at breakfast. You know the deal. She wants to come home, and if you’d checked you’d have seen that June’s clothes are still in the closet of the room you two slept in. Didn’t you check?”

He turned and looked surprised. “You’d let her live in your house? I thought you were just being nice. You’d let that slut come into your house after all she’s done?”

His mother turned and told him, “She made one mistake Mike. And if you’d been a man she’d not have made that mistake. Of all of us here June is probably the only person who deserves to be in the Bend!”

“I won’t come back mother! I’ll stay in Tennessee. I can’t live here if she’s here. You know that.”

She laughed. “You’ll come back. Five minutes after June the Cat hits town you’ll be here. Don’t even try to be cool! I’ll cut you off without a cent. Let your ‘Real Da Da’ support you for a while! You’ll be back.” She looked in her rear view mirror, “Buddy, you ok with that?”

The young man sitting in the rear seat next to the lovely Mexican girl said, “Yeah, mom, whatever you want. I just want this mess to clear up and let’s go on.” He patted his wife’s hand and she smiled at him.

The car pulled through a green light at the intersection of the freeway and the access road. At that moment the daughter in law screamed, “Oh, my God!”

Claudette looked up to see a car rushing off the freeway coming directly toward the car. Then, she was frozen in time. The whole scene stopped. All the occupants of the car froze. Time froze. All eyes in the car were staring at the oncoming car, knowing the crash was unavoidable. Now the scene was just like the one on Memphis. There were two crashes, two identical sets of circumstances occurring at precisely the same time!

June winced and turned her face away from the scene before her, and the man in the tux put his arms around her shoulders and began to walk her away back toward the Mazda. She looked behind her for one last peek, but the image was now gone and then, in a moment of time, she was in an area she could only describe as “nothingness.” Blue above her; blue below her; blue all around her. The scene from Memphis was beginning to fade. She felt slightly numbed. It was almost as if she were not in her body, yet she was. Then the area around her began to glow, and become white.

“Are they going to die?” June asked, glancing back at the fading Memphis scene.


“On what?”

“On what you decide.”

She shook her head and stared blankly, “I really don’t understand.”

“You will, in time. You see, they won’t live if you live. I see it in your eyes, June. Right now that’s a simple choice because you are a survivor. My job is to take that instinct out of you. To do that we have to take a journey. There are a few rules on the trip we are about to take. One, you are not the same as your physical body. You have left that body. We exist on different planes. You share the same soul as your body, but it is more as if it is the same essence. You, June, are not the same as that June in the car, but you are one, and I can use that connection to do what we need to do. I’m leaving her in that car for the time being in case our friend comes along. He’s going to be very upset when he finds you alive, but I need to buy time to make you understand what’s at stake here, and understand what you need to do.” She turned and for a moment she saw the Mazda still suspended in time and for the first time saw that in fact “June” was still sitting in the rear seat staring at the impending crash.

“Hey, this is really weird, ok,” she said. “Is that me, or is this me?”

“You are you. Don’t try to understand it. Let’s do it this way. We’ll give you a different name here. You’ll be Veronica, ok?”


“Yes, Veronica. Whenever we discuss here,” he pointed to June in the car, “we’ll call her June, but between you and I, you will be Veronica.”



“Any particular reason for that name, or is it just an idea of yours?”

“I have my reasons. You’ll come to know them in time.”

“So I’m Veronica.”

“Yes, and that over there,” he pointed to the Mazda, “is June.”

“Ok, I’m Veronica.”

“Yes. Now, are you ready for a trip? I want you to tell me your story, and I will show you just why your son must survive this crash. You ready?”

“Sure, you first.”

He extended his arm to her, “Care to go dancing?” As she watched in amazement, the “nothingness” began to form a scene around her. Then she was back to a few years before, in another place, another time. She had been transformed in the spirit back to her youth. She and her spirit guide walked into the dance hall unseen by anyone. She could see herself sitting at a table across the hall.

Sharon – The Smell Of Roses


The Dinner

Where Are The Pastors?

There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang

The Butcher Shop

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There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang

Fri, 12/14/2018 - 10:03am

I was thinking about a line from a Johnny Cash song this morning. With the latest from The Muller rumor mill, “Chain Gang” came to mind. Mueller has put conservative America in a chain gang. What we have here is failure to communicate!

I don’t get writer’s block, but around this time of year I get a lazy streak. Yesterday was my feast day. Catholics do that. Pick a day and it’s the day you have a big meal and celebrate some momentous event in your life. Yesterday was the day my first ex-wife left me back in ’73.

Also, the left is leveling so many charges against the president I’m thinking that somehow Robert Mueller is shacking up with Amy Charron. Who’s Amy Charron you ask? She’s that batcrap crazy “B” word running around Houston telling everyone that I’m in the Mafia, and the FBI has a hit on her. I just hope that money Brother Theo paid her to hide our affair doesn’t come out. But, I never had sex with that woman!

Anyway, this morning a new investigation emerged. This time it’s the Arabs. It seems like some King of the sand fleas over there wanted to get a favor from the president elect, so he paid for the punch at the inaugural ball. I Crappith thee NOT! Now, the democrats can’t approve money to keep Pancho Villa on his side of the fence, but spending good money after spiked punch is fine. I cant wait for the ”Z” generation to grow up!

I told Brother Theo last night that I no longer believe in America. Oh, I believe in what USED to be America, but this thing we have now is not that place. Any time something like Nancy Pelosi can present itself as a reputable person we’ve lost something, somehow along the way. I wonder if her mother had any children that lived?

So, with the Inaugural Ball Investigation, soon to be known as the ”IBI” looming on the horizon we know what the next two years of the Trump administration will be all about. If nothing else the last two years have exposed some key factors. A citizen can no longer become president. That’s reserved for the elite. There is no “America.” That left us years ago when the democrats began to count commas in the constitution. There ain’t no good in an evil hearted woman. And there ain’t no good chain gang!

The Butcher Shop

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The Dinner

Wed, 12/12/2018 - 2:05pm

Went to the dinner last night. The dinner is that one at the end of the year around Christmas where for one reason or another old reptile baits such as myself get together in a last ditch effort to show that we’re relevant. There were about seven hundred there. At this particular dinner students were serving. The guys from the football team, and several girls. The kids were great. The food was not.

Having been to many Realtor dinners I have accustomed myself to such things. A Realtor can easily drink unsweetened tea because at many open houses there is no sugar. At least they did have sugar last night. As we ate I looked at the crowd. It occurred to me that ours is the last generation that read newspapers. The last to go all the way to Barnes and Noble and buy a book. The last to understand a book.

Like I said, the kids were wonderful, but they are a different species. When I was in California my granddaughter, Kylie, was a member of a cheerleading squad. I do not have to say they were beautiful. First off, they were California

girls. Then, of course, they were in shape. During the dinner a group of elderly ladies did a line dance waving feather dusters. The group appropriately called “The Dusters.” As the “Golden Girls” did their bit, I remembered Kylie and her group. Then I added fifty years or so, and realized life comes for us all. Long after I’m gone, Kylie, Brooke, and Little Ollie will be waving those dusters.

Christmas is a time of reflection. A new year is upon us, the old one fading fast, and we begin to realize that we’re one step closer to becoming history. What will we leave? I’ll leave a wealth of writing, but those who read them will be buried right beside me. We will leave a generation that won’t even know the date of 9/11. A generation that thinks Sodom and Gomorrah were married. A generation that’s thinks Martin Luther King freed the slaves. And one day, they too will be sitting at the dinner.

The Butcher Shop

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Tue, 12/11/2018 - 9:15pm
Biblically Based Nationalism Versus New World Order Globalism


In this age of globalism ideology pressed forward by the wealthy elitist class which seeks to exploit world transnational labor markets and to develop employee loyalty and fealty to the global corporation, rather than a nation-state and the international socialist, which seeks a boundaryless worldwide socialist state an examination of the Judeo-Christian worldview of nationalism is in order and otherwise appropriate.

In contrast to the globalist movement which has as an aim the eventual consolidation of power into a one-world government, the Judeo-Christian worldview embraces the nation-state as God’s way to provide a local community designed to reaffirm the worth of the individual and significance of the family emerged in the ethnic, national, customs, traditions and racial heritage of the nation-state.  From a Judeo-Christian viewpoint can this model ever go wrong? The answer is yes, but more often nationalism provides the best opportunity for the State to enhance and promote the individual and familial welfare, health, defense, education and prosperity of the individual and family.

Biblical affirmations of nationalism are well-entrenched in scriptural verse. For example, our Lord has said the following regarding Israelite nationalism. “I will fix your boundary from the Red Sea to the sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness to the river Euphrates; for I will deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hand and you will drive them out before you. (see Exodus 23:31) At this point, it should be noted, that the previous indigenous inhabitants of the land set aside for ancient Israel had become dark in their aberrations of sacrifice of their children to their Gods Moloch and similar idols.  In fact, later the Romans believe it was their Manifest Destiny to destroy Carthage, because the Carthaginians were deeply involved in the practice of sacrificing infants and children to their God Moloch. The Carthaginians were a colony of the Phoenicians. (

The horrifying “accounts of child sacrifice in the Hebrew Bible have been compared with similar accounts from Greek and Latin sources speaking of the offering of children by fire as sacrifices in the city of Carthage” (a colony of the Phoenicians) Plutarch (c46-120 CE, Tertullian, Cleitarchus, Diodorus Siculus and other ancient historians mention the practice of child sacrifice. (see

In terms of this article both the ancient twelve tribes of Israel and the early Roman Republic references the early concept of “divine providence” and “manifest destiny” to conquer and expand into existing Canaanite territory, based on the eradication of the ancient Canaanite practice of infant and child sacrifice as the reason for the expansion. For a graphic account read the account of Diodorus at (

The biblical concept of Nationalism constituted and ordained through the “divine providence” and “manifest destiny” of God was further elucidated and illuminated through Judeo-Christian scriptural authority as follows, “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance. When he separated the sons of man, he set the boundaries of the peoples…” (see Deuteronomy 32:8)

According to Judeo-Christian references and traditions the people, kindreds, tongues, races, ethnic groups were through the concept of “divine providence” separated into their national boundaries by the vehicle of “manifest destiny”.  This is exactly what the reference in Deuteronomy 32:8 exclaims as the will and divine appointment of God. It should be pointed out that immigration was also an important part of the Judeo-Christian reference point, but immigration was expected to be based upon the immigrant accepting the laws, traditions, customs and heritage of the immigrant’s new nation-state. Mass migrations were considered invasions.

For instance, the Hebrew story of Ruth, a philistine, is a good example, eventually, Ruth was accepted as an immigrant Israelite, because she repudiated her old philistine traditions and customs and accepted the customs of Israel. These acts of repudiation of her old nation-state and acceptance of the laws, customs and heritage of Israel set her as an example of humility and loyalty. Ruth’s example has been set as an illustration of a true immigrant in the finest traditions of the Judeo-Christian worldview. (see Book of Ruth

Ruth was expected to obey Israel’s laws, customs and traditions, in order, to have her immigration status accepted, because the Elders and Judges of Israel believed and accepted the concepts of “divine providence” and “manifest destiny”.  Israel “manifest destiny” was to hold land and build a nation-state, separate, unique and set apart from the country of the Phoenicians and philistines. To be Hebrew was separate and distinct from being Philistine or Phoenician. This was the “manifest destiny” of Israel! Divine providence orchestrated by God would insure the manifest destiny of Israel.

The divine handbook of Nationalism was illustrated by the prophets in Nehemiah and by Moses in Deuteronomy, when the authority of the Lord to set national boundaries was proclaimed.

            “You also gave them Kingdoms and peoples, and allotted them as a boundary.” (see Nehemiah 9:22) You shall not move your neighbor’s boundary mark, which the ancestors have set, in your inheritance, which you will inherit in the land that the Lord your God gives you to possess. (Deuteronomy 19:14)

The Judeo-Christian concept of divine deity initiating powerful forces to unleash “divine providence” within the context of the struggles of mankind to ultimately accomplish God’s “manifest destiny” is well considered within the context of Western Civilization and literature. A few examples often cited as examples of divine providence are as follows. 1) Charles Martel’s victory over Muslim forces at the battle of Tours, thus preventing Islam from overrunning Europe see; 2) Washington’s escape under cover of fog from Brooklyn thus saving the Continental army from utter destruction (see ); 3) Santa Anna capture and surrender to General Sam Houston at San Jacinto (

The aforementioned incidents and many others are examples of the Judeo-Christian concept of divine providence moving forward to assist in accomplishing the manifest destiny of the nation-state embodied and infused with the Spirit of Nationalism. Who put the most skeptical or the most anti-western would argue against the creation and maintenance of the Jewish State of Israel? Divine providence has set in motion the hand of God to create the manifest destiny of modern Israel.

However, just as a nation-state rises by the power of manifest destiny, if she turns from the reasonable and faithful practice of biblically inspired precepts and become like the ancient Canaanites the Lord can also overthrow the greatness of the nation and set aside her national boundaries by giving the land or inheritance to another. (see Proverbs 15:25, Exodus 34:24)

Although, the Globalists faction, scoffs, ridicules and scorns at the biblical authority on nationalism our American President Donald Trump has accepted and championed these ancient doctrines on Nationalism. American Nationalism is unique, in that, it is not based on race, national identity, ethnic identity, but rather on compatibility, loyalty and fealty to American concepts like the American Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers and other profound documents of Western Civilization.  In accordance, with American Nationalism, there is no place in America for those who would undermine the American Constitution, Bill of Rights, and constituted laws of the American Union. Questions should continue to be asked about membership in certain subversive groups, like Islamic jihadists organizations, gang affiliations, or belief systems incompatible with the United States Constitution. The Spirit of American Nationalism endorsed and supported by President Trump was also supported and endorsed by President Andrew Jackson, who enthusiastically supported General Sam Houston in Texas struggles for independence from Santa Anna.

American Nationalism supported by the concepts of “divine providence” and “manifest destiny” are the constructs which hold the diversified ethnic groups of the American Republic unified. Once these concepts are diluted and undermined the faith and belief in America will be subterfuge and chaos will reign. Many of these subversive groups will call for the United Nations to intervene. Why? Because these subversive voices believed they have outgrown nationalism and embrace globalism. Nonetheless, God has determined that the destiny of nations should be decided by nationalism and not a one world government political order.


CNN’s Jim Accoster Elbows Trump Out of the Way

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 2:11pm

Evidently in the Trump administration, Kryptonite is spelled ‘injunction.’

President Trump, our Hitler–in–Waiting, proposes to exercise his superhuman powers by beginning a new program. Before the sweat–shops can begin producing the first black uniform the entire enterprise is brought to a screeching halt by some no–name district judge brandishing a piece of paper called an injuction.

This judge, specializing in improv law, guarantees himself a lucrative spot on the law school speaking tour circuit by ordering the president to stop whatever constitutionally authorized action he has taken that angers the left.

President Trump complains about this constantly. Their nuisance–rulings are designed solely to delay implementation of policies the voters ratified in the last presidential election. The lawyers and the judges doing know the legal reasoning is fantastical, but it doesn’t matter. Fantastic or not, Trump is tied up in lawsuits.

That’s why it’s so frustrating when Trump is given the perfect case to strike back at these pettifogging leftist jurists. He could prove to the public how out–of–control the judiciary is. Instead his administration craters.

The headline in the Daily Mail summed up his ignominious defeat: “White House backs down in CNN fight.”

I’m sure you know the story. CNN propagandist and egomaniac Jim Acosta had his press pass to the White House pulled after his latest egregious display of contempt and disrespect for the President of the United States.

Removing his press pass didn’t mean Acosta could no longer report on Trump, it just meant he couldn’t do it from inside the White House.

CNN (the Creating the News Network) went to court claiming that barring Accoster infringed on his 1st and 5th Amendment rights. District Court Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump appointee, issued a temporary injunction ordering the return of Accoster’s pass.

This proves Trump isn’t batting 1,000 on his judicial appointees. Kelly’s ruling is a case of hysterical, ludicrous overreach. He contends once the administration opened the White House to reporters a here–to–fore unknown geography clause was invoked and Acosta has property rights.

The judge then said the revocation was a violation of the 5th Amendment because no one could tell the judge “who made the decision.”

Instead of fighting, the White House gave up.

This bogus lawsuit is the perfect separation–of–powers test case. The judicial branch is ordering the executive branch to conduct its affairs according to the preferences of judiciary, a power it does not possess under the Constitution.

This petty judicial bureaucrat doesn’t have the authority to determine who’s admitted to the White House, just as he doesn’t have the authority to determine seating arrangements at state dinners or the guest list for the White House Christmas party. Admittance is a strictly internal affair at the sole discretion of the president. Banning Accoster for being a jerk does not limit his ability to continue slandering the president, it only limits his proximity.

If this property–right–by–admission exists in the White House, Judge Kelly should check the courthouse. I’ve been in courtrooms where the audience isn’t allowed to read, much less disrupt the proceedings. A reporter demonstrating disrespect for a judge would be escorted forcibly from the courtroom by a bailiff and possibly jailed for contempt of court.

If no press pass violates the 1st Amendment, then banning courtroom TV cameras is equally a violation.

As for the “due process” violation of the 5th Amendment, it’s not the judge’s business how the White House arrives at internal decisions. The Executive Branch is co–equal branch to the Judicial. It doesn’t answer to their internal procedural demands. The Trump administration agreeing to do so sets a dangerous precedent.

The correct response to this pathetic injunction would be a news conference where Trump played a video of Accoster’s greatest hits. Afterward the president would explain entrance to the White House is a privilege and that behavior is intolerable. Next, Trump would explain the Constitution’s separation of powers and how the Executive Branch is not at the beck and call of every ego in black robes.

The President has sole discretion as to who enters the White House and how the decision is arrived at is an internal matter not subject to judicial review. That’s why the press pass won’t be reissued.

The fact the Trump administration did not exploit this obvious example of judicial overreach indicates to me that the president listens to too many lawyers whose thinking is hidebound by bureaucracy and process.

It also indicates the Chinese aren’t as smart as we thought. Instead of fighting a trade war with Trump, they could have stopped his trade policy in its tracks had they only gone to court.

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Sit at America’s Door

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 1:01pm

Let’s start with some brutal honesty…the on-going invasion at our southern border coupled with the fact that the border is still not sealed let alone indefinitely closed does indeed present both serious national security and public safety threats…including health threats…to our country. And sadly those who think otherwise are but paramount to fools.

So as the Democrats continue spewing out lies that we on the right are insensitive sorts who are totally against all immigration, let me set the record straight by saying that the only immigration we are against is illegal immigration but that we are totally in favor of legal immigration…as in follow our laws in coming here and you will be welcomed with open and outstretched arms.

And herein lies the difference between we on the right and the Democrats, for we true Republican and conservative patriots want a country’s best knocking on America’s door…those truly wanting to become American citizens and wanting to be part of the fabric of this our American society…we do not want to become the world’s dumping ground for those with their hands out and whose palms the Democrats “grease” in exchange for their votes. That’s not immigration…that’s a payoff…I cannot say it any more directly than that.

And only when those playing the political immigration game see that as truth will any true headway be made in stopping the many wolves now at America’s southern door.

But if truth be told…as it always must be…we on the right freely admit that we are totally disgusted with how much these invaders…for that’s what these illegals are…cost we taxpayers…with that cost increasing every year. And when you add in how much more it would cost if this newest round of illegals…as in those who are part of what’s called the “caravans”…were let into our country…disgust at those numbers turns into bold-faced anger for a majority of us and very rightfully so.

And let’s look at some of those numbers…Judicial Watch reports that an in-depth study done by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) shows that illegal immigration…using a low-ball figure of 12.5 million illegals currently living here…costs we American taxpayers nearly $135 billion every year, with state and local taxpayers now footing $116 billion of that amount. Breaking it down even further you discover that every single illegal living in America today costs each of we taxpayers about $8,075 per year. And for those who claim illegals contribute to our economy by paying taxes, the latest government figures show that they only paid $19 billion of the total $135 billion number…a very small amount indeed.

And if the current approximated 3.25 million young people who are still being protected from deportation by the Obama-initiated infamous DACA program were added into that numbers mix, we taxpayers would face paying an additional $25.9 billion over the next 10 years if those who are called “Dreamers” were ever to be granted amnesty or citizenship.

And all of the above quoted hard earned taxpayer dollars are being spent on those who have absolutely no legal right to be here while America’s homeless veterans still remain homeless and too many American citizens go to bed hungry each night. Something is so wrong here folks and it must stop and stop right now.

Now let’s break those above stated numbers down a bit further especially in one key area where we taxpayers are truly getting raped…the medical care aspect relating to these illegals. Fact: right now taxpayer-funded Medicaid benefits are being given to illegals no matter that certain Medicaid requirements actually disqualifies them from receiving such benefits, and it currently costs we taxpayers an estimated $18.5 billion a year…up from $11.22 billion in 2016…to subsidize the care of those having no legal right to be here let alone receive medical care.

And as the number of illegals keeps increasing so do the dollars we pay out for their care. And know it’s our federal taxes that both directly and indirectly fund health care for illegals via Community Health Centers, tax exemptions for non-profit hospitals and other health facilities, employer tax exclusion, as well as through Medicaid and Medicare subsidies.

In fact, The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) recently released findings stating that the combined percentage of both illegals and legals on Medicaid together grew from six percent in 2007 to 17 percent in 2017 (the 2018 numbers are not in yet)…an increase of 11 percentage points while the percentage of American citizens on Medicaid increased during that same time period by just nine percent. In other words, non-American citizens…illegals…are being better taken care of than we American citizens are medically wise that is, and if that doesn’t get you angry I don’t know what will.

And know that those coming to our country legally but who are not yet citizens are eligible for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace (and they may also be eligible for lower costs on monthly premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs based on income), and also through Medicaid and through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) if they meet their state’s income and residency rules. However, while federal law generally disallows illegals from being covered by Medicaid, a little-known part of each states federal health insurance program for the poor does allow illegals coverage, and that coverage pays out well over $2 billion a year for said illegals ‘supposed’ emergency treatment if administered in an emergency room.

Deemed “Emergency Medicaid” by the federal government…the folks flooding into emergency rooms…folks who really do not have true emergencies…are according to participating hospitals mostly illegals…illegals who know that said hospitals cannot and will not turn them away.

And whose fault is this…in a word…Congress…as it was Congress who approved this “Emergency Medicaid” insurance program after lawmakers required hospitals to screen and stabilize all emergency room patients regardless of their insurance or citizenship status…in other words hospitals cannot ask patients whether they’re here legally or not. And with federal law mandating that state Medicaid programs make what’s called “Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments” to hospitals that care for large numbers of Medicaid and uninsured folks, these hospitals are then not restricted from using their uncompensated care funds on illegals as the DSH Medicare and Medicaid payments they receive indirectly fund cumulative uncompensated care losses they incur from treated said illegals.

And for those who were still not angry before are you finally angry now?

You should be, for those dollars spent on illegals would once again be so much better spent on our veterans and wounded warriors…especially on taking care of those forced to navigate a broken V.A. health care system for their medical needs while illegals move to the head of the line.

Also, know that while illegals are technically not eligible for direct welfare assistance they do circumnavigate that issue as well for while U.S. immigration law states that persons likely to become a “public charge”…in other words those deemed likely to be dependent on public assistance forever…are ineligible for an immigrant visa, however, there is a major caveat in that law. And said caveat is that those deemed refugees, asylum seekers, or amnestied-in illegals are exempt from the “public charge” requirement.

And so the “free stuff” via our taxpayer dollars continues to flow into their greedy hands. And flow it does with 63 percent of “non-citizens”…both legal and illegal…comprising 4.6 million households…being on some form of welfare, with that number growing to 70 percent for those living here 10 years or more. So much for “public charge.” And these figures are courtesy of the last U.S. census.

Amazing isn’t it, but what is even more amazing is that Congress alone decided who is to be deemed what. And Congress also decided that it’s “We the People” who will be serving as the illegals sponsors, and thus allow them to keep their hands in our collective taxpayer pockets.

Never mind angry, you should be borderline if not outright fuming by now.

But even if we remove the monetary drain from the illegal mix ask yourself this…what does America have to gain by letting in the uneducated unskilled leeches known as illegals…not a damn thing I would say. The truth is we only gain by keeping them out and making it easier for those coming to our country legally to do so…people who have something of value to contribute to American society (not those forcing us to “press one for English”) and who honor and respect our laws.

And the only way to do that is to build the wall, lock it down, and say “no more.” And with that, now let’s add into this mix none other than Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi who most likely will become the new Speaker of the House…as in the House that controls our nation’s purse strings.

So as the Senate is working on the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill…a bill that includes the border wall funding…a bill in which Republican senators are proposing to fully fund the wall by taking monies away from illegals that they currently get from welfare and such…Ms. Pelosi emphatically stated “NO!” when asked this question by a Fox News reporter, “Would you be willing to support some degree of wall funding if you got a permanent bona fide solution on DACA?”

And so with that the infamous Nancy Pelosi promised that come January when the Democrats take back control of the House, the House will vote to give amnesty to millions of illegals…especially those garnering DACA status…currently living within our borders. And the rape of our taxpayer dollars by those illegals will continue on as their hands push even deeper into our taxpayer pockets…pockets held open by vile Democrat sorts who are selling America out for votes. And even if President Trump uses the power of the veto…which I’m sure he will…the damage will have been done for the wall will remain in limbo and even more will cross the border illegally and run to the open-arm safety of both sanctuary cites and states.

Get ready my friends as you know what I’ve said is true…are you finally angry if not finally fuming…God I surely hope so for those moving in next door to you could soon be illegals of the very worst kind…and they’ll be able to do so courtesy of the Democrats and your taxpayer dime.

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Third Temple Revealed

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 12:41pm

Do you think we’re living in the End Times?

If you spend much time with Evangelical Christians you’re bound to be asked this question.  Perhaps, more times than you’ll be able to remember.  I know I have.

Those who believe that the Revelation of John found in the New Testament foretells future events are constantly looking for signs that the End Times have begun.  They’re always on the lookout for the birth of the Red Heifer, the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, and the building of the Third Temple.

News flashes from around the world:

  1. The writer of the Book of Hebrews in the New Testament tells us that the end times were already upon us back in the first century when he said, “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son…”
  2. The Temple Institute in Jerusalem announced in September of 2018 that the first red heifer born in Israel in 2,000 years “was certified by a board of rabbis as fulfilling all the Biblical requirements.”
  3. According to the the Ark of the Covenant may not have been lost at all. “Through the centuries, Ethiopian Christians have claimed that the ark rests in a chapel in the small town of Aksum, in their country’s northern highlands. It arrived nearly 3,000 years ago, they say, and has been guarded by a succession of virgin monks who, once anointed, are forbidden to set foot outside the chapel grounds until they die.”

And there are scholars who agree with the Ethiopian Christians. “While the idea that the Ark was taken to Ethiopia is not new there has been renewed interest after evidence was unearthed by the Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration Institute (BASE).  In a blog post on the organization’s website it said: “As unusual as this may sound, the BASE team has uncovered compelling evidence that the Ark may well have been spirited up the Nile River to an eventual resting place in the remote highlands of ancient Kush–modern-day Ethiopia.

According to their research the Ark was taken out of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the reign of Manasseh where it was first taken to a Jewish colony on Elephantine Island in Egypt.

After that it is thought it was taken down the Nile to Lake Tana in Ethiopia and in particular Tana Kirkos Island, which is considered to be a holy island only populated by Christian monks.”

  1. And in this article I will reveal the location of the Third Temple.

Let me digress:

When I gave my life to Christ and was born-again into a new life I was an alcoholic drug addict.

I’d never thought that was a bad or unusual thing, either before I was born-again or immediately afterward.  Let me explain.  You see I thought everyone was an alcoholic drug addict except of course for those bland bobble-heads I called squares or citizens and they meant no more to me than the gravel under my feet.  Everyone who was anyone in my life was someone who either helped me get alcohol and drugs or enjoyed them with me.

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with using and abusing alcohol and drugs because where I came from everyone did.  At least everyone I knew or interacted with.  The local priest had his own stool at a local bar and was famous for his capacity to drink people under the table.  The pastor of the church my parents attempted to make me attend was a notorious drunk.  I knew police officers who got high and arrested people just to seize their drugs.  I sat in police cars drinking with on duty officers.  My best connection for weed was a Chicago police captain.  In my neighborhood teachers, judges, doctors, everyone self-medicated.

I figured the only reason drugs were illegal was because the government had to throw a bone to the mob when they made alcohol legal.  And besides in my mind the government made more money running people through the system then they would if they just taxed drug sales.  I figured the presidents and others running the country got high they just had the real good stuff.

After I was born-again I was consumed with reading the Bible.  As much as possible that was all I did.  I would walk around my house reading the Bible drinking whiskey while chain-smoking cigarettes and joints.  I just figured I was getting a spiritual high to augment my self-medicated continuous life buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It was beautiful.

Then I ran headfirst into I Corinthians 3:16-17, “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.”

This brought me up short.  “I’m the temple of God!” I thought.  Looking at the eight ounce tumbler of whiskey in one hand and the cigarette in the other I thought, “What am I doing?”

Right there and right then I set down that glass of whiskey, put out that cigarette looked at the bag of weed lying next to my hands on the desk and gave them up.  That was it.  No withdrawals.  No regrets.  God did all the heavy lifting and He made me clean.

Since that day I’ve never been drawn off course by anyone wondering about when the Third Temple was going to be built because God makes it clear that we are the temple of God.  In I Corinthians 3:16-17 He says it straight out, “you are the temple of God.”   And if that wasn’t enough there are other references to this fact in the Bible as well.  Such as I Peter 2:4-5, “Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

What is the Temple besides God’s house?  What is it for?  It is where the priests offered sacrifices.  In the new world, the New Earth we inhabit when we become a new creation the sacrifices are spiritual and they are offered up in God’s house, His Holy Temple, which temple we are.

Secret revealed:

Where is the Third Temple?  It is right here right now … it is the body of Christ made up of all believers collectively and individually.

So don’t be drawn off base looking for that which has been revealed.  Our Father God calls every Christian to be Christ to the world around us.  To see with His eyes, hear with His ears, touch with His hands, and love with His heart.  He told us that we will do the same kind of works He did while He walked among us only greater.  So let’s not waste our time navel gazing into a reflecting glass of superimposed meanings when Revelation tells us clearly; Jesus is God, God wins in the end, and no matter how bad it gets we should pray, “Even so come Lord Jesus.”

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @  © 2018 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]   Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens or visit Dr. Owens Amazon Page / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens



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A Point of Light Shines Bright

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 12:33pm

Shortly before midnight on November 30th former President George W. Bush issued the following statement:

“Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Doro, and I are saddened to announce that after 94 remarkable years, our dear Dad has died. George H.W. Bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. The entire Bush family is deeply grateful for 41’s life and love, for the compassion of those who have cared and prayed for Dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens.”

And with those words a good man has passed…a decent and humble man forever united with his beloved Barbara, his wife of 73 years. And as a family mourns their father and grandfather “Poppy,” we as a nation mourn a lifelong dedicated public servant…America’s 41st president George H.W. Bush…the last of the World War II “greatest generation” to hold the position of President of the United States.

George H.W. Bush, the patriarch of an American political dynasty, was a true gentleman who embraced traditional American family values and was a man who deeply loved this country. George Herbert Walker Bush was born on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts, the son of Dorothy Walker Bush and Prescott Bush, an investment banker who became a 10-year Republican senator from Connecticut. After graduating from Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., then 18-year old George Bush enlisted in the U.S. Navy becoming a naval aviator. Shot down in the Pacific on September 2, 1944 after having flown 58 combat missions off the carrier USS San Jacinto as a torpedo bomber pilot, George H.W. Bush was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery and three Air Medals as well as the Presidential Unit Citation…one of WWII’s true war heroes.

George H.W. Bush married Barbara Pierce in 1945 and together they moved to Texas where he worked in the oil business and was elected to two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (1966 and 1968). In 1970, Mr. Bush lost to Lloyd Bentsen in his bid to become a senator from Texas, but was then appointed to several key high-level political positions including Ambassador to the United Nations by President Richard M. Nixon (1971 to 1973); Chairman of the Republican National Committee (1973-1974); United States Envoy to China (1974-1975); Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (1976-1977) both by President Gerald Ford; then becoming Ronald Reagan’s vice presidential running mate in 1980 and 1984, and then becoming the Republican presidential candidate in 1988…the first sitting vice president to win the White House since Martin Van Buren did so in 1836. And no vice president after Bush to date has managed to succeed his president in office.

“There is no higher honor than to serve free men and women, no greater privilege than to labor in government beneath the great seal of the United States and the American flag.” George H.W. Bush’s words to senior staffers days after taking office.

And even with his having such a truly qualifying resume, George H.W. Bush was still considered by many to be a “transitional figure” when becoming president as he promised both continuity with the Reagan years and no radical changes. And while unable to put into affect any major domestic programs due to his being constrained by a large budget deficit, limited federal revenue to fund key programs, and a Democratic-controlled Congress, what many forget is his achievements, first and foremost of which is the fact that it was he who played a major role in helping Reagan end the Cold War along with its threat of nuclear war with Russia. And he did so via his strong, steady, yet dignified low key approach with what came to be known as “telephone diplomacy”… as the collapse of the Soviet Union unfolded and the liberation of Eastern Europe began. And it was Mr. Bush’s focused approach alone that allowed for the peaceful breakup of the Soviet Union.

So while Ronald Reagan did end the Cold War in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall…George H.W. Bush, a true pragmatic, attended to its “clean-up phase” if you will.

“I already miss the greatest human being that I will ever know. Love you Dad!” Jeb Bush on Twitter the day after “Poppy’s” passing.

But no matter his successes on the international stage, including in 1989 when he sent American troops to Panama to depose Gen. Manuel Noriega who in turn was returned to the U.S. to stand trial as a drug trafficker, and when he assembled a 30-nation coalition (which included Arab nations) to liberate Kuwait from an Iraqi invasion in January 1991’s Persian Gulf War (dubbed Operation Desert Storm), with success coming in just a mere 100 hours after the ground operations began…coupled with some limited success on the domestic front including the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Clean Air Act Amendments… “Bush 41”…as he has come to be known…was unfortunately destined to become a one-term president.

“Your success now is our country’s success I am rooting hard for you.” Part of George H.W. Bush’s letter to incoming President Bill Clinton.

And that destiny came to fruition when during the late 1980’s economic recession…a recession that was primarily the result of restrictive monetary policies enacted by the Federal Reserve…he uttered six little words at the 1988 GOP convention that sealed his fate…“Read my lips, no new taxes”…six little words he could not recover from…six little words that directly ushered in the nightmare that is Bill and Hillary Clinton…a nightmare that continues to this day.

Six little words…now also remember that George H.W. Bush actually ran against Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Republican primary and it was here where he publicly called Reagan’s “supply-side faith” that government could slash tax rates without losing revenue a “voodoo economic policy.” And while history did prove his words to be true…as Reagan had to reverse some of his tax cuts in the face of ever mounting deficits…Bush’s promise that he would not raise taxes was probably his biggest regret and his biggest mistake. During the 1990 budget negotiations with Democratic congressional leaders, Mr. Bush, like Reagan before him, cut a deficit reduction deal and simply did so because he truly felt it would help the country. But that help came at a high price as it directly led to higher taxes and Republicans losing the 1990 midterm elections.

And while the tax hike did reduce the deficit and produce surpluses unseen in decades, it sadly cost Mr. Bush his Republican and conservative base, a base who sadly felt they could no longer trust him to be a man of his word. And then there’s the fact that he was being perceived as being “detached” from the working class’s everyday lives…after all Bush came from a well-to-do family…a perception the even back then liberal media helped to perpetrate in an election whose focus was now shifted back to the economy.

And with George H.W. Bush’s loss to William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton a generational shift in American leadership began as the heroes of World War II truly became relegated to the pages of history as far as the presidency was concerned. And this shift, whether it be good or bad, changed American politics forever as it gave rise to a younger generation of leaders…leaders who did not know first hand the true horrors of war and so made mistakes when going to war.

“Melania and I join with a grieving Nation to mourn the loss of former President George H.W. Bush, who passed away last night.” President Donald Trump on hearing of the former president’s passing while at the G-20 Summit in Argentina.

So that which will become “Bush 41’s” true legacy and place in history must still await the passage of time for the ever ongoing partisan divide coupled with major misconceptions on our side’s part and now with the added in shameful “media missteps” in covering Mr. Bush’s death…have more than seen to that.

And nowhere are those misconception more erroneous than in those who claim George H.W. Bush was a globalist…a New World Order sort hellbent on seeing our nation come crashing to the ground. But this is far from the truth for while Mr. Bush did indeed make statements relating to a “New World Order” it was not…I repeat not…the sort of an evil totalitarian one world government that today’s globalists and their liberals cohorts refer to, but of a world “freer from the threat of terrorism”…a world moving towards peace, prosperity, and economic stability for all with individual sovereign nations working together via “the rule of law not the rule of the jungle” in a proper and constructive way…sort of what a functional and honorable U.N. would do as opposed to the U.N. of today.

And if you don’t believe me watch the video below in full, listen to Mr. Bush’s words carefully and learn the truth…for what he said almost two decades ago is really but the hope and dreams of all civilized men today.

And while those spreading misconceptions do not seek nor want truth as it does not fit their political agendas…and here I speak of those on both sides of the aisle…in the end history tends to be the sole purveyor of truth. And as accolades come in from both past and present world leaders, I believe that history will judge George H.W. Bush well not just as America’s 41st president but as a good and decent man dedicated to the country he loved, the country he was so proud to serve.

“This is America…a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.” President George H.W. Bush in his convention acceptance speech.

And now the heavens shine bright with yet another point of light. God’s speed Mr. President..Rest in Everlasting Peace…you served and honored your country well.

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.
Full Ceremony: George H.W. Bush lies in State…

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Why do Democrats hate Christians and Christmas?

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 12:28pm

Karl Marx was a “socialist” who became known as the “Father of Communism”.  By 1847, he outlined, “The Communist Manifesto”.  His philosophy spread throughout Europe with one obstacle – “God”.  In order for people to rely on socialism or communism, the people needed to give up their authority and trust in the government to supply their needs.  However, Christians did not rely on government.  Christians relied on Christ.  Marx called religion “the opiate of the people” and not only hated Christians but also the Jewish religion.

While Russia had celebrated Christmas through 1917, the Bolsheviks of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, through Vladimir Lenin, came into power banning Christmas nationwide.  The Cathedral of Christ was destroyed with all Christmas symbols and bibles being banned.  Religious gatherings were illegal with only a few willing to risk their jobs, freedoms, or even their lives.   It wasn’t until 1991, when Christmas became an official holiday once again

In 1949, the Communist Party took over China.  For ten years, Mao Zedong banned religion until his death in 1976 calling religion “a hindrance to economic growth.”  Bibles and Churches were destroyed and Christians were humiliated.  The government began persecuting, arresting, torturing, and executing Christians for their faith through 1993.  While Christmas can be seen commercially in China today, there is a crackdown to eliminate Christmas from the schools and universities.

During the 1920’s, socialist and communist organizational leaders within America created their own manifesto to take over the Democrat party adopting the Soviet slogan, “Let us drive out the capitalists from Earth and God from Heaven”.  Roger Baldwin, an admitted communist, started the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1920 to “suppress” Christianity through a godless revolution outlined in his book, “Liberty Under the Soviets”.  By the 1960’s, socialist and communists captured leadership roles within the Democrat party with the beginning of a transformation toward socialism within America.  Legislative and judicial rulings began to limit Christianity and God in America as judges like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was General Council for the ACLU, were elevated to our courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

Subtlety, through the phase “separation of church and state”, which is nowhere to be found in the U.S. Constitution, began to be implied as law to slowly drive out God and religious freedoms from America as Socialist Norman Thomas predicted in 1944, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until, one day, America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

In 1971, Saul Alinsky, a self described Marxist, wrote the Democrats modern day playbook, “Rules for Radicals”, which outlines what Democrats must do to manipulate the American people to accept socialism/communism.  He states to tell people what they want to hear (lies) in order to gain power.  He then dedicates his book to Lucifer, the satanic father of lies who achieved his own kingdom (Hell).

It is no wonder why in 2012; Democrats booed God and demanded the removal of God from the party platform during their national convention.  In December 2018, Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez bashed Christianity as a Republican organizing tool, which makes it clear how the Democrats hate Christianity.

Now what will the Democrats do about Christmas?  Like in Communist China, commercially, Christmas is important; but there must be a way to eliminate the religious influence on America; but how?  The Democrats’ answer is to eliminate the meaning of Christmas in school and keep it out of sight in society.  No more will people be allowed to say, “Merry Christmas” but we must be inclusive, tolerant, and politically correct to say, “Happy Holidays”.  Democrat U.S. Senator Patty Murray was the first to refer a Christmas tree as a “Holiday tree” in 2006.  In Ramsey County, Minnesota, the courthouse banned red poinsettias because someone deemed them a “Christian symbol.”  Nativity scenes are being removed due to legal organization from the ACLU.  No longer will students have “Christmas vacation” but now it will be called, “Winter recess”.  Christmas songs about Jesus have been eliminated from some schools.  A principal in Nebraska banned candy canes because the shape was a “J” symbolically standing for Jesus.  “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was banned from some school due to the reference to Jesus.  Children were disciplined for giving pencils that said, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

However, while communist have tried to drive out Christianity and Christmas, thankfully, the Federal Court of Appeals ruled school have been violating the rights of individual and “students’ rights since private religious speech on public property is protected by the First Amendment”

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, stated, “The First Amendment does not require the elimination of Christmas.”

For Democrats, Christianity and Christmas are obstacles that must stifled in order to fulfill their goal of socialism/communism in America.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at [email protected]

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Where Are The Pastors?

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 8:33am

From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas:
Where Are The Pastors?

  • Political Correctness. What does it really mean? Have you given it any thought? Political Correctness is just a nice way of saying censorship, By labeling things as hate speech, they are quite literally censoring what you can and can’t say. And adding an “Ism” behind it or a phobic behind it, and calling it hate speech is really nothing more than censorship. Your right to free speech is gone.

By making words offensive and labeling those words as racist or homophobic, they have limited yours and my freedom of expression. Sadly they claim their rights to free speech, but they limit yours and mine. They are actually making laws and have been for a long time now, to censor your words and thoughts. These people aren’t even aware of what they’re doing. But they are literally gutting the so called First Amendment.

By imposing their will on us, and forcing their life styles on us, they are gutting the First Amendment, Religion, and Free Speech. Think about what I’m telling you. By us being complacent and allowing their hatred to dictate what we can and can’t say in public, what we can and can’t do in public, they have gained the upper hand. Simply calling it Hate Speech and we are silently sitting by and allowing it. We can’t even talk about God outside the church without offending someone. We limited God to the church building.

Sadly, our Pastors, stood by silently. Where the heck were our Pastors in all of this? Pastors preaching the feel good message and they let this slip upon us. Where is the Church? Even our Churches are now being taken over, allowing gay marriages, gay pastors, Lesbian pastors? Seriously? What happened to the Church? What happened to Gods Word? Gods Word, not my what you think it means Word, or what it should have been’s Word. What happened to God’s Holy Word? Where were the Pastors? They stood by silently and allowed this feel good, do what ever you please mentality slip upon us. The Pastors, not wanting to offend anyone, allowed this.

Think about it, think real hard. Look at our children and think about what we have allowed. God doesn’t change, He’s the same today as He was yesterday, and the same as he will be tomorrow. Remember, a thousand years is like a day in God’s dimension. God doesn’t change. Human’s get more and more evil everyday. Now look at us.

Again, where were the Pastors? Oh yeah, they were afraid to offend anyone…

Political Correctness will be the death of this Once Great Nation…. We have literally turned into Sodom and Gomorrah…God Bless, and maybe it’s time we turned back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I mean seriously, What have we got to lose?

But what do I know, I’m just an Ole Biker from Alvin, Texas.

The Butcher Shop

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Mon, 12/10/2018 - 11:57am

With the banning of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by numerous radio stations we are exposed, yet again, to the whacked out #METOO movement! Everyone’s afraid to address this directly because no one wants to be labeled misogynistic. Since I’m too old and ugly to get a date the job has fallen to me to throw my two cents in, so here we go.

Back in the day rape was when you snatched a girl into the bushes and forced yourself upon her. Snatched? Bad choice of words. Sorry. Anyway, where was I? It was a class “A” felony, and the punishment was a class “A” rope, and a class “B” tree. And you’d just better hope it was the sheriff who hung you with a proper long drop,mand not the girl’s family.

Then capital punishment was removed from the recipe and rape morphed into sexual assault, molestation, sexual harassment, with all the various sub-categories therein. The victim could be questioned more aggressively than the perpetrator. The age of consent blended in where one minute before midnight the act of intercourse could land you twenty years, and one minute after midnight it was just a date.

  • The Free Love generation came of age in the sixties, and girls started burning up their bras and smoking cigarettes in public, but they completely forgot they WERE girls and that there were guys out there who would take advantage of them if they did drugs or drank too much. Then came #METOO! 

What started as a small movement on a college campus to address the alarming number of sexual crimes got traction, and spread across the country. Women who had held a secret in for years came forward, some with legitimate cause, but more than a few like Professor Ford, reached deep within the well and accused men of “assaults” that were just the carryings on of a bunch of high school kids at a beer party. But by this time #METOO was so galvanized with political correctness nobody with good sense dared challenge it.

During all of this evolution of social consciousness the understanding of what real rape is was buried. The act of forcing a crying woman to submit to non consensual sex is dehumanizing, painful, and awful! Men who do that need to be sent to prison where they will learn what rape is all about. There are no “Fifty Shades of Grey” there. There are only three. Red, blue, and clear. Blood, bruises, and mental!

That’s not saying that women who end up having sex after a party that while the didn’t absolutely consent to aren’t traumatized. They know they didn’t say “Yes” but that they didn’t absolutely say, “No” either. The explanation of their having been drunk puts the full blame on the man, but what if here were drunk, too? His and hers #METOOs? The personal dealings between two people alone in a room are hard to examine. The simple difference between, “Don’t! Stop!” and “Don’t stop!” shows the slippery slope the courts stand on.

Then there’s the case in Waco, Texas of fraternity president Jacob Anderson. Mr. Anderson spikes the punch of a co-ed, takes her literally “behind the barn” and rapes her continually until he’s just plumb tired of her. She stumbles to a friend, who takes her to Scott White Baylor hospital, where she is examined, and a right proper rape kit is obtained. She didn’t wait twenty years, she did make a police report, he was arrested, tried, and convicted. And he got three years probation with no registration as a sex offender! Boys will be boys.

I’m amazed that this happened in Texas! We’re supposed to be rednecks. A lynching was in order. Where’s Bubba? This kind of thing should be reserved for California. The #METOO movement has clouded real rape and assault with so much innuendo that men are afraid to even look at a girl in the supermarket. I know I am. I can remember when you could see a girl with her “501” jeans, and a nice pair of Justin Roper boots, and she’d just give you that little grin, knowing you appreciated her beauty. Now, you just stare at the floor as she walks by.

Girls should look pretty. Men should be attracted. If all goes well she’ll be the one you take home to mama. If the chemistry isn’t there, you pay for the dinner, and take her home. HER home, not YOURS Ted Bundy! It’s called “decency.” Girls are equipped by evolution to filter the candidates down to a prime choice to be the father of their children. The lyrics of a song isn’t the problem. Our society is the problem. The undercurrent of disrespect for women being referred to as “hos” and the over compensation of #Metoo reaching all the way to a Supreme Court nomination has produced a generation that can’t even spell “chaperone” much less knows what it means!

I have an idea. How about meet a girl. Go meet her parents. Take her on dates. Always bring her home on time. Do this for a while. Get to know her. Become engaged. Then discover the best birth control device the world has ever known. Wedding cake!

The Butcher Shop

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Sharon – The Smell Of Roses

Sun, 12/09/2018 - 8:45am

The little girl knelt in front of the statue of Mary and prayed. She prayed the beginning of her Rosary, and then stopped for a few minutes, overcome with emotion. Then, slowly, she began again. Her emotions were so wild that she could hear her heart in her chest. She began to pray in rhythm with the beating of her heart. Reality faded, and she was in a small room.

Very little furniture was in the room. The door was barred shut. The room was full of men, all frightened, all anxiously watching the door. Then, the roughest looking of the group rose and said something to them that she could not understand. Almost on cue, they all went to their knees, and began to pray. She noticed that the youngest of the men looked like the man she’d seen in the garden. He was angry, and would not pray. The other men tried to speak to him, but he was too angry to respond.

There was a middle aged woman in the room with the men. She was praying, too, only not in conjunction with the men, but rather, on her own. Slowly, the room filled with an unearthly light. The men stopped praying, and became very alarmed. The woman ceased praying, too, but was not upset. As the girl watched the scene, the men began to ask each other questions, waving their arms about, and pointing to the little glimmers of light all around the room. As they spoke the girl began to understand what they were saying.

Suddenly, all of them were filled with joy. It was a joy as she’d never seen before. Even the young man in the corner, the one who wouldn’t pray, was overjoyed. They all got up from where they were, and rushed out into the street, leaving just the girl, and the woman in the room alone.

The woman looked at her from across the room. The girl was very aware that they were in the same time, the same space. Then she remembered that this was the same old woman who’d held the door open for her at the church only a few days ago, and yet it was eons ago. Then the woman spoke to her.

“Do you see their joy?”

“Yes. It is indescribable.”

“They just lost their Rabbi. They are all marked men. They have no money, they have no property. Yet, they are joyous. Do you understand?”

“No. I don’t. How can you lose so much. Hurt so much, and just come back, again, and again?”

“Because they believe! They have the faith! They have the mustard seed. Not a scholar among them, save the boy, and the boy’s learning will do him no good. He must learn it all over again. Just as the man in the garden must learn all over again. Man will have to learn all over again, and again, and again, until man truly believes! When man truly believes, and has no more doubt in his heart, my Son will return. Satan’s century is almost over. In those days he and his Father will make their dwelling place among men. And He will be their God, and they will be his people. Do you believe?”

“Oh, yes, yes, very much I believe.”

“Take care of my preacher. He needs you now. He will watch over his flock, and you will watch over him. And pray! Never stop praying. You very nearly didn’t come to pray today. It takes no effort to pray, and with it you can move mountains. If you only knew how many people go to hell, simply because no one will pray.”

The woman then rose from her chair. She was suddenly all in white. Her face became that of a young girl. She brought her hands together in prayer with her gold and pearl Rosary over them. Then the girl saw a bearded man appear to her right, holding a little boy. The little boy’s right hand was raised in a blessing over her. To the left of the woman the image of Guadalupe appeared, only the woman in the image was alive and moving, praying. The girl looked into the lady’s eyes. The Virgin smiled at her, and the smile reassured her. Her eyes grew brighter, and brighter, until the entire room was filled with the light, and the girl was unable to see anything at all. Then the light faded, ever so slowly, until the girl was once again praying before the statue in church. She prayed quietly there amid the smell of roses.

The Butcher Shop

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Teach The Angels How To Fly

Sat, 12/08/2018 - 9:36am

Looking around briefly to make sure there was no part of her left here, she turned and left the apartment. It wasn’t even a major decision to make; nothing at all like leaving the Bend. She could still remember that night. Grabbing the suitcases and sneaking out of town like a criminal. No, leaving this two-bit apartment wasn’t anything like that. She didn’t have any clothes here, so there was really nothing left to pack. There were no memories to pack either, just a sterile apartment where she once slept. With the eviction of her clothes, the apartment was the Doc’s once again. It was totally his. Even the idea of June Montgomery was gone now. She’d have to stay with her friends for a few days, and then go through with her plans to go back to west Texas where she had always belonged.

The Doc was her supervisor at work so she knew that her job wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans now, and she’d be unemployed anyway, but then she wasn’t really unemployed because she’d taken the “fast class” that Claudette had lined up for her, and renewed her real estate license in Texas during her trip. She’d gotten her real estate license the very moment she turned eighteen. Her renewal should have been at the end of the month of June because her birthday had been on June 21st, but she’d not done it and let her license lapse. She had to have Claudette arrange for her to take the necessary class and file the paperwork to renew the license. That had been the main order of business, and a principle reason for her trip to Texas. She could exist, just not here, that’s all. Mike would swallow his tongue but no matter, Claudette would side with her because of the baby and the fact that Mike could never pass the state test and even get a real estate license! Walking down the steps in front of the apartment with her baby on her hip and the cigar box under her right arm June saw that Lois was driving the car with Crystal sitting in the front passenger’s seat.

She walked up to the car and asked Crystal, “Did you get all my stuff from Fat Daddy last night?”

“All but a few things. He kept a pair of jeans, and a pair of red boots. He put them back in his room. He said that Mike called from Texas and wanted to talk to you when he got back from there.”

June bristled. In her conversation with Mike the night before she’d flown back to Memphis, he had considered her return to Texas, but then he turned and had rejected the idea. But, in typical “Mike” fashion he couldn’t make a decision and hold to it, and now was holding her clothes ransom just so he could talk to her. Why? Mike had always been like that. In June’s mind, she thought that he was trying to make sure he had a date over on Commerce Street back in her hometown, and if that date didn’t work out then he’d take her back, at least temporarily. In the part of her mind that was still young and romantic she’d thought that she and Mike had began reconciliation that final night in Texas but now, with the kidnapping of her two favorite items of clothing, it was apparent that Mike had just slept with her because she was there, and no other reason! It began to occur to her that there were now two men who could apparently do without her. Was she slipping? Back in west Texas not long ago men and boys fell over themselves to gain her attention. To add insult to injury he’d kept the exact items that her sister in law, Angie had given her as a wedding gift. He had kept her pair of “501’s” and red Justin boots. Angie had given her these so she’d look good on the River Walk in San Antonio during her honeymoon.

Memories of San Antonio flooded her mind. Somehow Ray was there! She felt that if she could go there again, back to the Alamo she’d find her stepfather’s spirit. Somehow he would still be there. She recalled the night she and her husband had been there. The walk from the River Walk up to the Alamo wasn’t that far. The building had an orange glow to it, almost surreal, that made it stand out among the more modern buildings in the downtown district. Sometimes the moonlight would make the Alamo seem to bleed, and turn red. Mike hadn’t understood a single thing she’d said that night. He just wanted to get her back to the hotel and get her clothes off.

Shaking these memories off, she opened the rear door of Lois’s car. The car was small, with not much room inside. Far different from the cars and large trucks she’d become accustomed to in the Bend. She put Little Mike over against the driver’s side of the rear seat. Looking at Lois she asked, “Didn’t you bring the car seat?”

“No, we’re just going a little ways and I couldn’t find it. I think they lost it or something. I didn’t see it last night. Forget it. Those things are such a pain. He’s over two, isn’t he?”

June looked back at the apartment, “But it was there the other day. I know it was. I saw it in the living room. Are you sure you didn’t see it at Fat Daddy’s place?”

“No. And that thing is so big! If it had been there I’d have seen it. Are you sure that the Doc didn’t just
throw it away? He’d do that to hurt you now, you know?”

“Yeah, forget it.” She scratched at a bump on her neck, “God, I hate mosquitoes!”

“Get eat up last night?” Crystal asked, laughing.

“Yeah. I found out the big mosquitoes don’t come and bite you. The big mosquitoes send the little mosquitoes to get you and bring you back to them. Memphis is one big mosquito nest! Elvis was an idiot for staying here!”

June couldn’t hide her concern. She was very strict about the car seat. It was still on her mind. Had the Doc really dumped that too? It worried her. She’d have to buy a new one. It hadn’t been in the apartment, but Mike’s father hadn’t given it to the girls either. Fat Daddy was an asshole, but he wouldn’t have kept the car seat. He wouldn’t hurt little Mike. There seemed to be something very wrong with the car seat being gone like this. Details like this troubled June. Actually, what really troubled her was the fact that it would be so easy to lose something at Mike’s father’s house. Maybe he hadn’t noticed it. Entire sofas had been lost there! What chance did little Mike’s car seat have? And her two friends just blowing off the whole thing really irritated her. These girls didn’t have a baby so they didn’t understand the gravity of the situation, but she was just too stressed and tired to worry, and besides, it was only a few blocks, and it was Christmas morning and she had enough problems to consider already. She slid Little Mike back to the middle and belted him in. The belt in the center fit better than the straps on either side of the rear seat, but no matter how much she tried to “snug” him the belts remained loose. Finally, she just shoved him as tightly as she could up against the rear of the seat.



She slid in and put her own belt on, sitting in the passenger’s side of the rear seat. Closing the door and taking one last look at Doc’s place, she placed her cigar box on the seat beside Little Mike. As the car pulled off, her eyes turned away and saw Crystal looking at her. “Mad?”

“Hell yeah, I’m mad. He dumps me like a whore just because I went home for Christmas. Throws my things on the porch, and loses my baby’s car seat. Yeah, I’m mad. I’m really glad to be free of him.”

Crystal casually watched the driveway go by and said, “Hey, he was a twerp anyway. Always talking about how much his family in Little Rock had. He thinks he’s better than everybody else He is always looking down his nose at everybody else. You’d think that he doesn’t know that he’s working at Wal-Mart too!. I’m gonna quit soon. I can’t stand working for him.”

“I never liked him, June,” Lois, who was driving now, joined in. “He just didn’t strike me as your type.”

The two girls were actually trying to make June feel better. Even though she had hoped for some measure of security from him, the Doc never could quite measure up to what she’d left in Texas. Not her marriage. Heavens no! At least the Doc was a man. Her husband, Mike was jealous of her relationship with the Doc but he was too cowardly to do anything about it. Still, she remembered the last night in Texas before flying back here. Mike seemed to be the old “Mike” she’d known years ago at Fat Eddie’s catfish house. She considered that if Mike could just stay like that, her life would have been, would still be perfect! She was preparing to mend fences with Mike but then he “flip-flopped” on her and she realized that Mike was still Mike and Fat Daddy was still Fat Daddy.

Still, all was not lost! She had an ace in the hole. She had a ready ally in her mother in law, Claudette. Claudette was not about to let go of her grandson, little Mike, and with that hold, June knew she would soon be a member of the Bend once again. Lois and Crystal had never known the status that June had enjoyed and in reality they never would! They had never seen the power wielded by Claudette. They had never been to a wedding reception where a drunken judge convened court right there in the living room. Her two friends in the car had never seen that world. They were just two Memphis hillbillies trying to make her feel better about her break up with her boyfriend.

All three of these girls had worked the same shift. The two Memphis natives had the opportunity to date the Doc but he’d never taken an interest in either of them. However, when June came on the scene there was something about the little west Texas girl that caught his eye. She had beauty, and she had a form of “class,” though it was a type the Doc had never seen before. It was a dry and sandy type of culture that made her know the right fork to use and then turn and drink whiskey from a Mason jar. She normally spoke with a California clip, but she had a soft Texas drawl that she turned on at will and would melt a heart with, and she had the passion of a true west Texas firecracker, and when that fire was blazing she’d keep it on high until the very last bit of it burned out, throwing all caution to the wind.

This diversity of culture was one of the problems between June and her boyfriend. The Doc did come from a good family, but they were nowhere near the wealth that was wielded by Claudette back in west Texas. Claudette had taken a patch of Texas sand near the only river for miles around and turned it into an exclusive resort for the rich and famous. Then, when that was done she took off to the Middle East and rebuilt entire nations from the ground up! She’d made even the hard-nosed Muslims bow and scrape, and June held the only grandson! The heir! The apple of the power broker’s eye! Yes, she was beginning to realize that the problem between her and the Doc was just as much on her side as his! Even as weak as Mike was he was still richer than the Doc, and June knew that to get the grandson back in Texas Claudette would rope and tie Mike.

Crystal and June had been friends for almost two years now. They’d met at work and had even gotten matching rose tattoos on their ankles. June was going to have to stay with Crystal and her parents for a few days until she went home to Texas. Crystal’s little sister looked after the baby for her when she worked. It wasn’t bad there, but it would only be a stopping place for her on her way home. June knew with the way Crystal’s father had looked at her she could stay as long as she liked. She’d seen that look before. She knew how to play him for a place to stay. She’d stay a bit, but the move back to the Bend was inevitable. It wasn’t like a defeat. She had nothing to fear in Texas, and besides that, at least she would be around people she grew up with. Her own lawyer had stressed the futility of fighting her husband for divorce and custody of her child. Her Mother in law would allow the money that she deemed necessary to assure the outcome of any custody suit. June knew the old broker would win, but what the hell? She could win! All that would do is bring June back to west Texas, and the Bend. It would bring her home! She could try and fight, and go up against Claudette, but she’d just get crushed, and Mike would marry some prom queen, leaving her out of the loop. Just like her mother, fat, stupid and broke in a few years with everybody whispering behind her back. And to avoid that all she had to do was give in and go back to the Bend. Deep within her heart she knew that Claudette would take her back in to be near little Mike and that her husband would have to just “eat it,” one spoonful at a time! June was a licensed Real Estate Agent, even at this young age. Part of the reason for the trip back to Texas was to take a class to renew that license. She knew that sitting in the little office in west Texas was far better than stocking shelves at a Wal-Mart in Memphis!

While these thoughts were racing through her mind, the car eased down the dirt driveway approaching Sherman Road. Little Mike squirmed in his loose-fitting seat belt, and June reached to settle him. The dirt of the driveway turned into the gravel of Sherman Road. The car left a cloud of red dust behind it as it rushed down the hill toward the highway.

“How’d Fat Daddy act last night?”

“Fat Daddy” was Mike’s father. His “biological father.” “Real Daddy!” This had been a big issue with her and her husband when they were dating. Both came from split families and to find “Real Daddy,” had been very important to the both of them. Both had been led to disappointment, and June was beginning to understand why “Real Daddies” should remain the material of myth and memory. She couldn’t have foreseen this on that day, long ago, when she and Mike had talked beside the cow pond back in Texas. “Real Daddies” seemed to hold all the mystery, and romance that the current husbands and stepfathers failed to provide.

Fat Daddy, Mikes Father, lived in a shack on the outskirts of town. The grass was never mowed. In fact, there was an old bathtub hidden out in the back yard. Talk was that a jealous husband had killed some woman there and that the previous owner of the house had thrown it out in the yard. In true southern white trash tradition, Fat Daddy had never moved it or taken it away. He just let the grass grow up and it sat there, hidden in the yard like a macabre grotto to the poor dead woman.

Fat Daddy’s shack was a maze of old pizza boxes and candy wrappers. There was actually a room that no one could ever get into again, it being so full of trash. A large “Lazy Boy,” recliner, that he called his ‘cliner, was situated directly in front of the only new and well-kept item in the shack; his television set. The large chair was surrounded by the remnants of meals he’d known in the past. Pizza bits and chicken bones lay on the floor and Fat Daddy, oblivious to the smell, would sit there each night and fall asleep eating because he had become too fat to lie down and sleep anymore!

He would rise from the dead each morning and after turning off the television (which stayed on all night) he’d scurry down to work and not return until dusk where he would commence the same ritual again. Fat Daddy saw no reason to change. His world was intact and complete!

“Oh, he was ok. He really kinda enjoyed keeping some of your clothes. Like he knew it would tick you off.”

“Just like him! He’d do that…keep my clothes! He did just what he knew would hurt me the most! He’s hated me ever since I came to Tennessee! Guess I’m lucky he didn’t keep my panties.”

All three girls laughed about that one. Fat Daddy had a reputation of ogling the young girls. Everyone in the area knew it. He never molested any girls, but he was a sneak. When she’d stayed with him for a while she’d become accustomed to his “accidental” intrusions into the bathroom while she was there.

“Yeah, but I still think there’s more to it than that,” Crystal added as the car came near the intersection of Sherman Road and the highway leading into town, “he didn’t want to let me take them because, like I said, I think Mike called and told him that he wanted to talk to you again. What did you two talk about down in Texas?”

“How great his momma is!” June stared out through the window. “That, and what a whore I am. I thought that men who sucked up to their mommas were supposed to be such good husbands. Wonder what happened to him.” The other two girls laughed again.

Lois pressed the gas pedal and moved the speed up to about forty-five miles an hour. June watched the trees begin to rush by. Through the pines in the distance, she could just barely make out the Wal-Mart where she worked. Just then, a thought crossed her mind and she reached up and poked Lois with her finger, “Hey, run by Fat Daddy’s, ok? He’s not there right now, and I can get my clothes.”

“You’re not going to break in, are you?” Lois asked.

“Hey, the wind doesn’t have to break into that place, why should I?”

Crystal looked straight ahead and said, “I don’t think that’s what we need to be doing right now, June. Maybe you need to talk to Mike about this. I think there are some unresolved issues here. He was holding on to a little bit of you when he kept the boots and jeans. He was really using the clothes just to get you to come back over.”

“Then why didn’t he say that in Texas? I’m not going to meet him in that shack.”

Lois half turned, and continued to drive down the road, but she noticed that something was wrong in the back seat now. The baby was not fastened into his seatbelt anymore and June was just looking at her with a slight smile on her face.

“Where’s the baby?” Lois asked, taking her attention away from the road. From her vantage point as driver, she could tell that the child was nowhere in the back seat, or even in the floorboard. “Where’s the baby, June?” she raised her voice a bit more.

With the smile still on her face, June simply said, “We’re gonna teach the angels how to fly.”


Sharon -The Face of a Dying Child

The Woman Who Walks on Stones

The Great Man George Bush

The Populist Movement

The Psychology Of Expectation

The Butcher Shop

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The Psychology Of Expectation

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 11:38am

The psychology of expectation affects practically everything you observe in the material, religious, political, and economic world in which we live. Oh, my bad. Good morning! What that statement means is we, as highly developed primates will see, understand, and predict what we expect to rather than what is.

This is a highly developed survival instinct. The rustling in the grass could be the wind, or a tiger. You can sit there and wait to gather more data while the tiger pounces. Evolution has programmed the human brain to opt for “tiger” and study the full information base from a safe distance. This trait is paramount throughout all human reactions to various situations.

Penn and Teller’s “quarter trick” is a perfect example. The act of seeing quarters drop into a cup where no quarters can possibly exist demonstrate the brain’s ability to fill in the blanks even when there are no blanks. The audience has already been pre-programmed by the Salvation Army to know all about dropping change into a tin cup. Teller reinforces this by “dropping” change that he supposedly snatches from thin air into a similar cup. Now, the people know this is impossible, however, they give a pass, knowing that Teller is an illusionist, and most likely has “something up his sleeve” accepting that the quarters are real, no matter where they come from, and they most certainly hear real said quarters hit the bottom of the cup. After enough of this, Teller reaches and retrieves the glasses from a member or the crowd, shakes them over the cup, and the audience sees, and hears two quarters rattle to the bottom of the little tin cup. This is clearly impossible. Yet, with all their brains in full auto mode the people hear the rattle, and even at a distance will testify that the denominations are indeed quarters rather than tokens from the casino.

You can transfer this method to the courtroom. When the prosecution gives his opening statement he will traditionally say, “The state will show you. . .” This is a simple carnival trick. From that moment on the jury is under the psychology of expectation, and waits eagerly to see the trick. The quarters hit the cup, and Bonzo goes to jail with the proof that he was in church at the time of the crime shoved securely up his bum!

Combine this with the psychology of justification. This is where it really gets tricky. Every husband, caught with his girlfriend tries the old, “Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?” It works like this. You accept a premise. Your two year old can recite the Gettysburg Address. From that moment on every drooling, babbling sound that comes out of the child sounds a bit like, “Four score and seven years ago.” While the family laughs and winks, you begin to justify the whole thing by pointing out various sounds, syllables and pauses in the child’s ramblings. Hopefully, you’ll end up on Dr. Phil and get a book deal. The wife, discovering the cheating husband, remembering her wedding vows and early love simply cannot accept what she sees, but justifies it by accepting his cover story that the woman was having chest pains, and what’s why he was pressing up and down on her breasts.

This works in politics, also. Everyone knows that conservatives want to end Social Security and throw grandmaw in the street. All liberals want a dead baby in every pot. All blacks pick cotton, and all,whites WANT them to pick cotton. We enter the political arena with all the suppositions. We assume political “truths” with the psychology of expectation, and reinforce them with the psychology of justification. That’s not a tiger, it’s the wind. There couldn’t be one shooter, there must have been so many bullets flying in Dealy Plaza that day it’s a wonder anyone got out of there alive! Hillary is the salvation of Western Civilization, and Donald Trump is the grandson of Al Capone! Numbers don’t lie. Just read the writings of Mr. Ponzi.

Almost no one approaches any given situation by accessing facts first and then forming a conclusion. We always put the horse before the cart unless of course, Teller tells us it’s a jackass. We assume what we are told, or have been programmed to assume. And it happens all the time, every day, and is insidious. Look here, don’t look there. Simply accept. Don’t be a fool. Think you can’t be taken in! You just accepted that a drunken guitar player from Austin is an op/Ed journalist for the Tea Party Tribune!

The Butcher Shop

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Thu, 12/06/2018 - 9:52am

Speaking of having to learn , I guess I have to teach you how the stock market works. In order for capitalists to make money it has to go up and down and the more violent the moves , the more money the hedge funds and Wall Streeters make!

Wall Street is simply a big version of the old “ Pump and Dump” scheme. The day before the market went up 500 points (that’s the pump to attract the dumb money in to buy buy buy), and when the buying seems to slow down , then comes the Dump at the top by the big money boys. So, they drive it down, and the pigeons get their feathers plucked.

So have no worries , it will be pumped back up as soon as they sense that the pigeons are ready to put money in to recoup their losses and the pump up starts again. If there is no volatility there is no money being made. So, you have to decide if you want to be the plucker or the pluckee.

Nations are also part of the equation. The US has been plucking the Euro countries for years, and they keep going back to the Wall Street well of money to get plucked each time. I thought you boys were smart! Bottom line? The MotherPluckers always win!

The Butcher Shop

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The Woman Who Walks on Stones

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 6:25am

Gonna go with entertainment today with a recap of Brother Theo’s series, ”Woman Who Walks on Stones.”
Our hope in publishing such articles is to promote real literature in the internet age of iBooks, iPads, and shallow thinking.

You have to take a break now and then from politics and let your mind wander. If you keep your nose to the grindstone 24/7 you just end up with a flat nose. This story, first told to Brother Theo by a little Navajo boy in Arizona is rich in fable, Navajo legend, and color. That’s the entertainment part. But there’s a subtle through line. When a little boy and his grandfather are begging for change at a desert truck stop it should give you pause. It should make you consider the plight of the Native Americans, symbolized by Stones Woman as she struggles to reconcile her grandfather’s teachings with the realities of the white man’s world.

So yes, there’s some politics here, as old as the Trail of Tears, and as current as today’s headlines. The Butcher Shop is sneaky. As you listen to the news about the ”refugees” clamoring at the border, don’t look forward into Mexico. Look behind you at Mandi, the Woman Who Walks on Stones. And watch out for her cat!

Woman Who Walks On Stones Pt 1

Woman Who Walks On Stones

Woman Who Walks on Stones

Woman Who Walks on Stones – The Stones

Woman Who Walks On Stones – The Porch

Woman Who Walks On Stones

The Butcher Shop

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The Great Man George Bush

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 11:39am

What makes a great man? When someone like George H. W. Bush dies various appraisals of his life come to the fore. It’s impossible to live such a public life of service and there be no difference of opinion. President Bush was intimately involved in American history during a period when that history was being made. The JFK assassination, Vietnam, the Cold War, Iran Contra, he was there for it all. There at the top level. CIA, Vice President, and finally, president. This was before political protest was eating a Tide Pod. This was the Watts riots. This was the REAL brink of WWIII!

He invaded Iraq, brought Saddam to his knees, and then he backed off. In the words from Godfather II, Bush worked with the Saudis, Bush helped the Saudis, but he never trusted the Saudis. He needed the Iraqi leader there to remind them that he, and America kept them safe. Donald Trump hasn’t figured the Saudis out yet. George Bush had them tied up in a pretty pink turban.

His loss to Clinton did not tarnish his service to the country. As he was reduced to wheelchair status, his family gathered around him. The Bushes kept family business family. Barbara Bush was the matriarch. No scandals such as “Monica” came to light. His son presided over the country during the worse event in our history, and he KILLED Saddam! Hey, that’s the Texas thing to do.

So, whatever you may think, this week we lay to rest a fine public servant. A man who navigated the treacherous waters of international politics, and America is still here. Like the video says, you can call him good, you can call him crazy, but you have to admit he made it count, and this week the cowboy rides away.

The Butcher Shop

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Democrats Left-Wing Lunacy for November

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 9:52am

Democrats Left-Wing Lunacy for November:

November provided many topics including a caravan of people attempting to enter America illegally. While the trip would have been shorter toward Texas, they chose the longer California route due to California’s Sanctuary State policies. President Trump warned there were criminals amongst the caravan and he was proven correct as MS-13 gang members and an individual wanted for murder were apprehended by border patrol as the few amongst 500 criminals estimated by Department of Homeland Security. Yet, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra was seeking a way to charge Border Patrol officers with a crime for using authorized reaction of pepper spray against those who rushed the border. Never mind that border patrol agents were assaulted including one agent with a severe eye injury from flying rocks thrown at them. Governor elect Gavin Newsom has already put out an order to remove the California National Guard from the border to make the border less secure.

Question for Democrats, “If you think capitalism is evil and prefer socialism, why was the caravan trying to come to America and not to Venezuela? It is less than half the distance.
With the election, Californians will be paying more in taxes for the Democrat’s socialist agenda. Democrats were also successful in flipping Republican Congressional House seats through what appears to be several forms of voter fraud. While this is a topic I will write further about later, can the Democrats explain how an individual named “Raul” from Modesto, CA, born in 1900, which would make him nearly 119 years old has voted in recent elections? Strange since the oldest known living American is 112 years old. And while you’re at it with your claim of no voter fraud, can you explain then why Governor Jerry Brown pardoned former state senator Roderick Wright, who was convicted of voter fraud and perjury in 2014? Maybe also you can explain why 250 counties across America have more people registered in vote that are actually living in those counties? And isn’t it ironic that Democrats state they are against foreign interference; but are willing to allow illegal immigrants to voter? In Florida, Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes was able to find 46,000 votes in a trunk of a car; but lost 2,000 votes in her office? I am sure one of those votes not lost was the Parkland High School mass killer, who sadly was allowed to vote while his victims will never have their voice heard or vote counted.
Speaking of fraud, it is outrageous that Brown blamed global warming on the disastrous wildfires in Paradise, CA. This is after Brown’s lack of leadership on the water supply in California that nearly caused a dam to break a year ago. And speaking of global warming, someone forgot to mention we are actually in a 2 ½ year cooling trend. According to Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center, “We see a cooling trend.” He continued, “If current trends continue, it could set a Space Age record for cold.” “It could happen in a matter of months.” No wonder Democrats no longer use the term “global warming” and instead use the term, “climate change.” Global warming just wasn’t working for them after all. And these are the same people who cannot tell the difference between a boy and a girl, forcing everyone to just be whatever you feel you are at that moment

Speaking of political correctness, the Democrats have now accused Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving as being “racist” since it shows Franklin, a black character, sitting on one side of the table during the Thanksgiving meal. Democrats have also attacked the Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer because his Rudolph’s father was berating him and the other reindeers bullied Rudolph. You just can’t make this stuff up! Good thing they weren’t playing ball tag! Speaking of Christmas, it is wonderful that we have a president who is not politically correct and says, “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays” since Christmas is about Jesus being the Reason for the Season. However, in Virginia, a school has decided to eliminate all Christmas songs referencing Jesus so not to offend anyone. Well, to me it is offensive since Jesus is the reason for Christmas. The Democrats would love to remove Christmas and have made every effort to slowly remove Christmas each year.
With weeks until Christmas, more will be forthcoming.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”. He can be reached at [email protected]

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