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Build the Wall Build the Wall Build the Wall

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 2:43am

President Trump’s speech before the UN was interesting in many ways.

He put the multinational globalists on official notice that he has their number and as far as he’s concerned their number is up.  He let the UN bureaucrats know that their red tape parades have got to be reined in.  He called socialism what it is, a failure.  He held up capitalism as the means for raising people out of poverty and ignorance.  He made the case for sovereignty both national, personal, and individual freedom.  He pointed out that the US carries a disproportionate load for the support of the UN and that this has got to change or they might be looking for spare change if America cuts its funding for what has become an anti-American debating society.  In other words, he let the world know that as far as his administration is concerned from now on it’s going to be America First.

He laid out some markers in foreign affairs for North Korea, Syria, Iran and Venezuela.  He avoided platitudes and spoke bluntly of his thoughts about some of the disastrous deals made by previous administrations that empowered and inspired our enemies just as they discouraged our allies.  He let everyone know he felt free to abort or amend these deals with American interests in mind this time.

The first speech at the UN is a right-of-passage for all new presidents.  President Trump speaking to a room full of collectivist socialists pointed out such realities as the problem in Venezuela isn’t that socialism hasn’t been properly implemented the problem is that it’s been implemented at all.  He was forthright and presented a good argument that freedom and capitalism is a superior system to coercion and socialism.  For all this we should celebrate and give thanks that President Trump won in November 2016.

In the last election we had the choice between the last nail in our coffin and a chance.  We now have a chance.  America’s place on the world stage is being clarified by President Trump.  But we need to keep things in perspective.

We need to keep our eye on the prize.  What good will it do to gain the world if we lose the homeland?  It was mainly domestic issues that drove everyone to the polls to prevent Hillary’s coronation.  We want America back not the globalist collective the Progressives have been shoving down our throat.

Stop the migration invasion.  Secure the border.  No amnesty.  Bring our troops home from around the world and let them make us secure.  Build the wall, build the wall, build the wall.

Those who say we cannot build a wall need to take a look at the border between North and South Korea.  It may not be a smaller version of the Great Wall but it’s effective.  Or look at the wall Israel built on their border with the Palestinian Authority.  If these secure borders can be built, guarded, and maintained why can’t we do the same thing on our Southern border?

Bring our troops home from Korea.  Why should they be there as a trip wire?  Their deaths are meant to do nothing else but guarantee that we’ll be involved in the next war.  Let South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan deal with the suicidal Rocket Man.  Their populations and economies are much larger than the gulag which is North Korea.

Bring our troops home from Germany.  Lately the Germans and French seem friendlier to Russia than they do to us so who are we protecting them from?  Themselves?

Why should we spend billions each year to maintain these garrison troops left over from wars fought more than a half century ago.  Instead of spending that money overseas post the troops to our southern border and spend that money in our own country.

DACA is a Trojan horse.  Give amnesty to anyone and you’ll end up giving it to everyone.  The minute it becomes law the ACLU, CAIR, LA Raza and all the other America Last front groups will file challenges to the law’s supposedly iron-clad limitations.  These inevitable law suits will give liberal activist judges the opportunity to prop the door open.  They’ll argue, “Why is it fair that some get citizenship and others don’t?”  If the Trump Administration dares to stand against these attempts to stretch a limited amnesty into a come-one-come-all free-for-all the Ninth Circuit will get the opportunity to slap them down and knock the door off its hinges.

President Trump, for standing up to the globalists in their lair you are to be commended.  Out here in fly-over country most are proud to hear you speak for us bravely and forthrightly to these representatives of demagogues and dictators.

But please, keep your eye on the prize.  If you reform the Obamacare health insurance debacle, reform taxes, and cut regulations you’ll go down as one of the greatest presidents in our history.  However, when a patient is hemorrhaging the first thing to do is stop the bleeding.  So first of all as our Commander-in-Chief, the one charged with protecting the nation, build the wall build the wall, build the wall.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2017 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

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EU — funded exhibit ‘Islam, It’s Also Our History!’ opening delayed by radical Islamic massacres

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 5:16pm

“We want to make clear to Europeans that Islam is part of European civilisation and that it isn’t a recent import but has roots going back 13 centuries.”

Indeed, but Islam’s presence in Europe was always about invasion and conquest. It was never an integral part of European civilization, and this new Muslim migrant influx is…about invasion and conquest. How bitterly ironic that “after the Paris attacks in November 2015 and the Brussels bombings in March 2016, authorities and organisers were forced to postpone the arrival of the touring exhibition in the city.” But they didn’t wake up.

“‘Islam, It’s Also Our History!’: EU Funded Exhibition, Featuring Fake Bomb, Opens After Terror Delay,” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, September 21, 2017:

A European Union (EU) funded exhibition, called ‘Islam, It’s also our history!’, has opened in Brussels after months of delays caused by Islamic terror attacks and security concerns.

The project tracks the impact of Islam in Europe throughout history, focusing on positive achievements in medicine, philosophy, architecture, and food, as well as the migrant crisis and recent terror attacks.

The exhibition includes items of historical interest, as well as “artistic” installations showing the full-face veil and fake terrorist bombs.

The project, in the EU’s capital, has cost the European taxpayer €2,500,000 according to the website of the European Commission, the unelected executive branch of the EU. A statement claims:

“The historical evidence displayed by the exhibition – the reality of an old-age Muslim presence in Europe and the complex interplay of two civilisations that fought against each other but also interpenetrated each other – underpins an educational and political endeavour: helping European Muslims and non Muslims alike to better grasp their common cultural roots and cultivate their shared citizenship.”

Isabelle Benoit, a historian with Tempora, the organisation that designed the exhibition, told AP: “We want to make clear to Europeans that Islam is part of European civilisation and that it isn’t a recent import but has roots going back 13 centuries.”

However, after the Paris attacks in November 2015 and the Brussels bombings in March 2016, authorities and organisers were forced to postpone the arrival of the touring exhibition in the city. Organisers also struggled to find a venue as many were concerned that the event would attract controversy.

The exhibition finally opened on the 15th of September at the Vanderborght Building, which is owned by the Brussels city authorities.

“Should we cancel it or at least postpone it until happier circumstances? Definitely not, we believe,” the website insists. “It is precisely because the timing is tragic that it is important to show our contemporaries the extraordinary richness of this history, which has helped to make us what we are.”

In fact, the event’s website claims that the timing of the event, during a wave of Islamic immigration and terror, is significant and some installation references the migrant crisis and Islamist attacks.

An installation by Danish artist Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen commemorates migrants who have drowned attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea, and an installation by a U.S. artist, Gregory Green, shows a Louis Vuitton case with a fake bomb inside.

The website says: “It turns out that our exhibition comes at a very relevant time in history when the meeting between Europe and Islam is witnessed by citizens from the continent in all its tragic manifestations – massive and chaotic waves of immigration, senseless terrorist violence, feelings of alienation, incomprehension and hostility.”

The opening of the exhibition comes as the EU releases a report claiming Muslims are discriminated against in the labour and housing markets in Europe due to their names and the way they dress….

Source: Robert Spencer

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EU’s Margrethe Vestager, the Dane Who Is Google’s Bane

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 5:07pm

If the critics of Silicon Valley needed a leader, many would turn to Denmark’s Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s top antitrust regulator.

Around the world, authorities and governments now look to the elegant Dane who in June slapped Google with a record 2.4-billion-euro fine for illegally favouring its shopping service in search results.

Google hit back on Monday, filing an appeal at EU court, embittering ties between Europe and Silicon Valley even further.

The decision was the biggest blow ever inflicted on the US tech juggernaut and came less than a year after Vestager shocked the world with an order that iPhone manufacturer Apple repay EUR 13 billion in back taxes in Ireland.

But despite her thunderbolt decisions, Vestager, who took office as EU competition commissioner in late 2014, is also known for infusing one of the EU’s most feared positions with a welcome dose of humanity.

Across the EU institutions, Vestager is considered one of the most popular of the commission’s 28 commissioners.

“She’s loved by her team, and hugely respected,” said a high-level Brussels official familiar with the often austere corridors of EU power.

Vestager’s vast, bright office in the commission’s Berlaymont headquarters is unlike most others.

The walls are cribbed with personal photographs – including of her three daughters – pinned alongside spirited, colourful pieces by Danish artist Kristina Gordon.

Her small desk faces out to the Brussels skyline suggesting more contemplative work than that of an official feared by highly paid lawyers and boardroom executives.

‘I really liked it’
In an interview with AFP, Vestager spoke of her anti-trust portfolio matter-of-factly, but sparked to talk of the promise of Europe that she said had grown stronger from the drama of the debt crisis and Brexit.

“It’s as if everyone has lifted up their gaze and said OK they want to leave, we’ll find the best way to enable that, but for the rest of us: ahead!” she said.

Vestager, who inspired her country’s hit television political drama Borgen, developed a taste for Europe’s potential when the EU was at its miserable worst, caught in the throes of the eurozone debt crisis.

“One of the reasons I got enthusiastic about this was when I was minister of economics in Denmark,” Vestager said.

“We got the EU presidency so I was head of the Ecofin (the monthly meetings of EU ministers) only three months after I was minister: you set the agenda, you lead the meetings… and I really liked it,” Vestager said.

The year was 2012 and Europe, including non-euro member Denmark, was caught in the fires of the debt crisis, with unemployment very high and economic growth worryingly low.

Vestager said she ended up chairing 33 meetings as she and the other EU ministers painstakingly built the first pillars of a still unfinished banking union.

“We have a well working democracy even though we are so different… That is not seen very often,” Vestager said as she reminisced of the urgency of that moment.

‘Not a lawyer’
It is hard to exaggerate how much of a change Vestager has brought to the insular world of anti-trust competition law.

Instead of bible-length opinions and mind-numbing jargon, Vestager insists on an everyman approach to anti-trust.

“I think its a good thing that I’m not a lawyer… because I’m never tempted to be a better lawyer than the lawyers,” said Vestager, who studied economics at Copenhagen University before embarking on a political career.

It is crucial “to bring that perspective every time we make a decision. Of course it should be legally waterproof but it is also important to see the broader perspective every time because otherwise the risk is that you get stuck in the detail,” she said.

It is this desire to always think of the voter and headlines that bothers her critics who see Vestager as too political for the antitrust portfolio.

Sometimes nicknamed back home as “Margrethe III,” an allusion to Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II, she became her country’s first female minister, at the age of 29, when she was named in 1998 to the education and ecclesiastical affairs portfolio.

But observers in Denmark say her options back home are limited, having already won all the top jobs — including deputy prime minister – that are available to her small social liberal party.

Unsurprisingly, Vestager hinted that she would like to stay on in Europe.

“My philosophy is that if you try to do your best in the job you have, then the next job will also be a good job,” Vestager told AFP.

“Then probably or hopefully I will also be busy on the other side maybe of… the next mandate,” she said, with her eye obviously to the future.


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Citizens for Trump endorses Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate as Trump says Strange endorsement a ‘mistake’

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 4:29pm

Late last week, the grassroots organization “Citizens for Trump” announced that it is endorsing Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race against incumbent Luther Strange, who was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he was named Attorney General.

The statement by Tim Selaty Sr., Executive Director of Citizens for Trump, reads:

Citizens for Trump is proud to endorse former Alabama State Supreme Court Chief Justice, Judge Roy Moore for U.S Senate. Judge Moore is an avid and loyal supporter of President Trump’s. The Judge has proven to be a great man of principle and integrity by his conduct.

We’re honored to support Judge Moore and believe he’s the clear choice to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate and the only candidate who’ll work closely with President Trump to Make America Great again for all its citizenry.
We urge all of our fellow Alabama Trump supporters to vote for Judge Roy Moore on Tuesday, September 26.

Jan Morgan, National Spokeswoman for the organization, gave the following statement:

President Trump, however, has endorsed “swamp creature” Luther Strange, but on Friday said that endorsement may have been a mistake.

“We have to be loyal in life,” he said. “There is something called loyalty, and I might have made a mistake and I’ll be honest, I might have made a mistake.”

According to Breitbart:

Trump appeared in Alabama for a campaign rally for Strange, despite polling showing him still lagging behind his primary challenger conservative Judge Roy Moore.

Trump predicted that if Strange lost, his political opponents and the media would cite it as a big loss for Trump, but that he wanted to repay the appointed senator for his loyal support in the Senate.

“Both are good men,” Trump said, referring to Strange and Moore.

He specified that his decision was about loyalty and picking a candidate that could win in a general election.

“Luther will definitely win … Roy has a very good chance of not winning in the general election,” Trump said.

Trump continued to assert that Strange doesn’t know Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., despite the $8 million the McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund Super PAC has spent on his behalf.

The president also claimed that Strange is a newcomer to Washington, D.C., despite the fact that Strange has spent eight years as a D.C. lobbyist for an Alabama-based gas utility company. said:

He began working at Sonat in 1980 and was promoted to head of the company’s Washington office in 1985, representing Sonat in Congress until 1994, according to

He also used to rent an apartment from Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) in D.C. in the 1980s, according to USA Today, and he and his wife own an apartment in Washington, according to

And it seems that Strange is beginning to feel a certain amount of desperation.  In the final days of the campaign, he released what was described as a “Willie Horton” type of attack in a context-less ad that implied Moore shielded a child molester from justice and downplayed the seriousness of child sex abuse as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Breitbart reported:

According to Strange’s ad, a “liberal court” struck down “a” Higdon conviction. Glossed over is the word “a.” At no point was Higdon’s 23-year sentence in question. Instead, the case concerned a second count of “forcible” sodomy that netted Higdon another 15-year sentence that he would serve concurrently and would have no effect on his release date.

The “liberal court” to which the ad refers is the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. All five members of the court are Republicans, as they were in 2014 when Higdon’s case came before them. Not only is the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals rarely if ever described as “liberal,” it is a frequent target of left-wing media seeking to portray it as an unjust and even racist southern court because of its overwhelmingly “tough-on-crime” record. In 2016, the NAACP went as far as to sue to have Alabama’s democratic system of judicial elections overturned because each of the five judges Alabamans chose to elect to the court were white.

Directly applying Alabama Supreme Court precedent, the Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that, because there was no evidence Higdon used any violence or made any threats to his victims, the state had not presented enough evidence to sustain an element of this second conviction that required “[p]hysical force that overcomes earnest resistance or a threat, express or implied, that places another person in fear of immediate death or serious physical injury to himself or another person.”

It was only this statutory legal standard to which Moore was referring in the Strange campaign ad’s context-less and embellished quote that Moore “saw no threat of serious physical injury to the child victim.”

“Chief Justice Moore agreed with the Court of Criminal Appeals, arguing that to overturn precedent and allow the fact that Higdon was a day care worker to constitute an “implied threat” of ‘death or serious physical injury’ would mean the ‘court was stepping into the shoes of the legislature.’ Moore emphasized the importance of the roles of the different branches of government and wrote, ‘Although this may be a noble cause in certain situations, policymaking is beyond the role of this Court,’” Breitbart added.

Moore has been endorsed by a large number of prominent conservatives, including Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Al., Chuck Norris, Alan Keyes and Dr. James Dobson.

The special election takes place this Tuesday.


Courtesy of Joe [email protected]

If you’re as concerned about online censorship as we are, go here and order this book (Remember, half of what we earn will be donated to Hurricane Harvey relief):

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Campus Anarchy; When Enough is Enough

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 3:20pm

America’s college campuses have long been a place where our youth learn to spread their wings, grow into adulthood, learn responsibility and become educated in a wide variety of professions and careers. A college is a place where a youngster is supposed to learn not just book knowledge, but learn how to think in a broader framework and become problem solvers.

Except for West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Acadamy, most if not all college campuses have over the past two centuries been the focal point for untold amounts of protest. Women’s suffrage was the hot potato just after the turn of the twentieth century, and our colleges saw many, many protests as female Americans fought for the right to become voting citizens.

College campuses have long been a ground zero for so many major issues throughout our illustrious history. Wars have been protested, social injustices have been picketed, and even Presidents have been called upon to resign their posts. Throughout these hundreds and hundreds of examples of social unrest and upheaval, we have never seen anything as we have recently witnessed.

The major differences in today’s college protest and the protest from decades gone by are frightening. Once upon a time, students would hold signs, walk through the streets, give some speeches and the surroundings were left intact. Not anymore! Today, the students are not necessarily just students any longer. Today, the students have aligned themselves with groups such as Antifa (an anarchist group), Black Lives Matter (another anarchist group), and more. Today, they don’t just march, then speak and go home. Today, they march, loot, break windows, torch buildings, cars, destroy property and anything else they can think of to cause as much chaos as they can.

Between Black Lives Matter, La Raza, a complicit media, and liberal politicians, the narrative has been put out that if you disagree with these youngsters and their cause, then you by definition are a bigot and a racist. Consequently, city officials, local politicians, state and federal leaders are terrified at calling these thugs out for what they mostly are. The last thing a town’s mayor wants to be known as is a racist or right-wing zealot. Remember, you’re a right-wing zealot if you disagree with Antifa burning and looting.

Is this true acceptance and tolerance? I doubt it.

America, it is time to end this absolute insanity. Colleges and Universities are supposed to be the home of learning. Part of learning is being educated on acceptance of thought. This means if we are going to have a week of listening to speakers, then we need to hear from speakers from all sides of an argument, not just one opinion or position on a subject.

The University of California at Berkeley has long been a liberal institution. Berkeley has seen speakers from all aspects of politics for a hundred years. Today, they seem to have become much more narrow-minded than they once were. Berkeley welcomes speakers such as Bill Ayers who teach hatred for America while burning down the town if a Conservative Milo Yiennapolis wants to show up. All the while, not one local politician speaks out against the criminals who are destroying the city and school.

Currently, the Federal Government is subsidizing the University of California system to the tune of over $9,000,000,000 in grants annually. Of that, U of C Berkeley will receive some $3.7 Billion in grants and loans.

I am certainly not advocating that funding be pulled from our University system. Many colleges have incredible research and development programs which require large amounts of financing. Johns Hopkins, for instance, is one of the biggest recipients of government assistance, but in turn, they also have one of the largest research programs in medicine in the world today.

One of the most troubling developments stemming from these latest civil disobedience occurrences is the statistic that our students are drifting toward the belief that violence is a good thing. In a recent poll, some 19% of our students believe that using violence is proper to shut down speakers. Another 51% say it is alright to shout down those attempting to address their crowd.

In the end, this is what is happening across our nation today. Conservatism is being silenced through rioting, protesting, shouting down, violence (up to and including assaulting conservatives) and many other forms of intimidation. The once ‘oh so liberal and accepting left’ doesn’t want free speech, they want their speech to be the only speech. Colleges like Berkeley accept billions of your tax dollars but don’t want to teach the Constitution or the First Amendment. The First Amendment only applies to their ideological viewpoints.

America, it is the time we ask our elected officials to stop funding these Universities that don’t want to endorse or protect altering viewpoints or free speech. If Susan Sarandon can speak, then Joe the Plumber should be able to speak. If Rachel Maddow is allowed to give a speech, then Milo should be allowed as well. Our colleges and universities have left the realm of education and are now entered into indoctrination. When colleges hire people like Bill Ayers to be professors, then we have a problem.


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Palin: Moore Victory Will Inspire Other Grassroots Candidates

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 10:49pm
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told a raucous crowd on Thursday evening that if grassroots Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore defeats D.C. establishment Senator Luther Strange on Tuesday, it will inspire more grassroots candidates across the country to challenge establishment politicians who are selling them out.

Palin, along with former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, campaigned for Moore after his debate with Strange.

Palin told the crowd that if Moore wins on Tuesday, “he’s going to be an inspiration for the rest of the country” and motivate other grassroots candidates to “rise up and take on their own Swamp creatures in their own states.”

Palin, whose endorsement in GOP primaries since 2008 (ask Nikki Haley) has arguably been the most coveted and influential, said the D.C. establishment is scared of Moore because he cannot be controlled and answers only to the people of Alabama like former Sen. Jeff Sessions.

The D.C. establishment is so afraid that Palin’s prediction about a wave of grassroots challengers will come true that they reportedly begged President Donald Trump to campaign for Strange on Friday.

The Washington Post reported that Trump’s advisers “were deeply divided on whether” Trump “should risk jetting to Alabama to prop up” Strange, but establishment Senate Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) were “unwilling to let the president turn his attention elsewhere” because they are terrified that a Moore win “could prompt some GOP senators to retire to avoid facing the wrath of anti-establishment voters and the likes of Bannon’s Breitbart News.”

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who begged Trump to go to Alabama to campaign for the establishment, is reportedly thinking about retiring. Other Senators like Dean Heller (R-NV), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Roger Wicker (R-MS) are likely to face strong challenges from grassroots conservative candidates.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who has vowed to be fiercely loyal to the economic nationalist agenda that got Trump elected, recently told CBS anchor Charlie Rose that GOP primary challenges from economic nationalists will “rejuvenate” the Republican Party, which has proven time and time again that it cannot win national elections with milquetoast corporatist candidates.

Source Tony Lee

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Student Video Shows Cop Beheading

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 8:30pm

Warning This Video Will Offend YOU!

MADISON, WI — Vile. Racist. A “direct threat.” One Wisconsin lawmaker used these words to describe a video made by a group of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The video in question depicts the beheading of a police officer.

In the video, students dressed as officers wearing pig masks, including one leading a black student to a noose made of the U.S. flag. Later, a machete-wielding black student chases the officers before the video cuts to a frame of the student holding a bloody, decapitated pig mask.

The video was produced and directed by Eneale Pickett, a junior at the university, as a commercial to promote a clothing line he created with an anti-police message. He did not immediately respond to an email and a message through his Twitter account Thursday.

Republican state Sen. Steve Nass said in a statement Wednesday that the video is “vile and racist” and “clearly a direct threat to the brave men and women that serve behind the badge.” He urged the local police and the Wisconsin Department of Justice to investigate and called on the university to hold the students involved accountable.

The university said in a statement that while it condemns and rejects the video’s “glorification of violence,” ”all citizens have the rights to express political beliefs that others may find objectionable, or even counter to the values of the institution.” The statement said the university supports police and does not endorse the student’s clothing line.

Police expressed a similar sentiment.

“We do not agree with the message, but we appreciate and respect people’s opinions and their right to free speech,” said Marc Lovicott, a spokesman for university’s police department. Lovicott said police are not investigating because no crimes were committed.

The video is voiced-over with soundbites from President Donald Trump’s remarks following the deadly clashes last month at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The video begins with Trump saying, “You had a group on the other side that was also very violent and nobody wants to say that, but I’ll say it right now.”

The video ends with the image of the beheaded mask and Trump’s words: “You look at both sides, I think there’s blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it and you don’t have any doubt about it either.”


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‘Medicare-for-All’…ObamaCare on Steroids

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 3:33pm

Let’s play a game of guess who…as in who said, “If we expanded Medicaid [to] everybody. Give everybody a Medicaid card – we would be spending such an astronomical sum of money that, you know, we would bankrupt the nation.” Was it President Trump…Ted Cruz…or Carly Fiorina perhaps?

Nope to none of the above as it was none other than socialist masquerading as a Democratic former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (and you can see and hear him say it here:

He said it back in 1987 when he was mayor of Baltimore, Maryland. As the king of all flip-floppers, Bernie is now the chief architect and face of the push for universal health care, as in the push to shove a single-payer system that would devastate our nation’s health care system down all ‘We the People’s’ throats.

And right now Bernie has 15 uber liberal progressive Democratic co-sponsors for his ‘Medicare-for-All’ bill, including California Senator Kamala Harris…the first to sign on…as well as Senators Cory Booker, Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, and Kirsten Gilligan…all 2020 Democratic presidential possibilities. And if by some chance this bill was passed a single-payer system would become the law of the land…something that was always intended what with ObamaCare deliberately designed to fail.

Thankfully, even while Republicans still cannot agree on how to repeal and what to replace ObamaCare with, at least ObamaCare is slowly but rightfully dying on its own. But what Obama could not pull off Bernie just might, and if he is successful in doing so he would have pushed the others aside in laying the groundwork for a 2020 presidential run.

Posing the question of why is our country the “only major country on Earth not to guarantee health care to all people,” when he lays out his case on the floor of the Senate tomorrow…Bernie knows well his ‘Medicare-for-All’ bill…aka ‘BernieCare’…has no chance of passing a Republican-controlled House and Senate let alone would it survive a presidential veto. So why is he proposing this…because Bernie Sanders sees this as a way of further fracturing an already split Republican party while at the same time uniting his own party…fracturing one uniting the other in an effort to prevent the 2018 midterms from turning into a Democratic bloodbath.

“Health care must be recognized as a right, not a privilege…every man, woman, and child in our country should be able to access the health care they need regardless of their income. The only long-term solution to America’s health care crisis is a single-payer national health care program,” are the words Bernie Sanders keeps spouting to any and all who will listen. Likening his plan to those of the U.K., France, Denmark, Australia, and Canada, Bernie Sanders claims that whether a single-payer system is fully government controlled or a “public/private hybrid,” the end result would be that everyone would be covered no matter if they were employed or not and no matter their age.

And how does Bernie propose to finance his plan…with the Democrat’s calling card of further taxing the rich of course. Wanting the richest Americans to pay even more in income taxes, even more in capital gains taxes, and even more in estate taxes than they already do, Bernie Sanders also wants to see the funneling of existing health care expenditures going into his plan…a plan he claims would not only save ‘We the People’ and both large and small businesses $6 trillion over the next decade, but would go a long way into “helping the American people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.”

On his ‘Medicare-for-All’ website…which looks good on paper if you will but is devoid of any substance, how to, and details…Bernie claims his plan would promote innovation and entrepreneurship in every sector of the economy as he says it would help start new businesses, allow moms to stay home with their children, and allow those to leave jobs they do not like knowing they would still have health care coverage…have health insurance…for themselves and their families.

Further stating that his plan would both allow employers the freedom to focus on running their businesses instead of spending countless hours figuring out how to provide health insurance for their employees, as well as assuring that working Americans would not have to choose between bargaining for higher wages or better health insurance, Bernie also sees his plan as the ultimate panacea for seniors and people with serious or chronic illnesses. How so…Bernie claims his plan alone would allow them to be able to afford medications necessary to keep them healthy without worry of financial ruin. Under his plan, he says, millions of people will no longer have to choose between health care and other necessities like food, heat, and shelter, and will have access to services that may have been out of reach before, like dental and/or long-term care.

Nothing like living in a world of unicorns and fairy dust is there for if Bernie’s plan was ever to become law, the amount in taxes needed to finance such a plan that comes replete with up to a $32 trillion price tag over a ten-year period…with an estimated low-end cost of $1.38 trillion per year…would not just see the rich being taxed but would actually tax the middle class even more so while the ‘gimme-gimme, you owe me’ crowd gets, even more, freebies than they do now for Bernie Sander’s ‘Medicare-for-All’ plan is nothing but yet another entitlement program…and Medicare is not an entitlement program as working people pay into it their whole working lives. Not only that, but such a plan as Bernie is proposing, if implemented, would actually cede control of a full one-sixth of the American economy to the government.

So knowing those two important facts, why would anyone herald a single-payer health care system…also known as socialized medicine…unless politics alone was the deciding factor in the equation…which unfortunately it is. And as always it simply comes back to votes garnered… give away enough free stuff get votes in return. And vote garnering remains the calling card of the Democrats no matter what their policies have shifted our country in the wrong direction, especially in regards to health care, thanks to years of having to deal with the nightmare that is ObamaCare. And now with Republicans playing games in regards to repealing and replacing it, the only ones continuing to get burned are the American taxpayers who still have to foot the bill for this ongoing nightmare.

And here’s something interesting, according to a June 2017 Pew Research Center survey, a whopping 60% of Americans…they probably just surveyed liberal Democrats for this one…said the federal government should be responsible for ensuring health care coverage for all Americans. Amazing isn’t it, especially since a more recent Gallop poll said 65% of Americans who are not on ObamaCare are happy with the health care coverage they currently have and are happy with it being an employee based and tax deductible.

Gallop also said that only 33% of those polled support a single-payer system and I believe Gallop over liberal-leaning Pew Research surveys any day…especially with ‘BernieCare’…being a plan based solely upon policies that work to increase even more the power of the federal government’s intrusion into our lives at a time when the majority of ‘We the People’ want the federal government out of our lives. Big Brother is watching you was a hallmark of the Obama years and like with Obama good riddance is the order of the day.

“The path toward single-payer ought to be straightforward, and sinister corporate interests are the only obstacles standing in the way,” or so says Bernie Sanders who ignores the fact that his plan would not only infringe upon at first, and then eliminate entirely, people’s right to choose a healthcare plan best suited for them and their family’s individual needs, but would also threaten and then eliminate people’s existing coverage…coverage, like I said above the majority of Americans, are happy with…especially with them still being allowed to keep their own doctors…something under ‘Medicare-for-All’ they would no longer be allowed to do.

Also, Bernie’s plan allows the government to make the choice about paying for some things and not for others, which means that some treatments people really want or need might not be covered in the name of keeping both costs and the 20% out-of-pocket expenses down…which is really just another way of saying the death panels of ObamaCare would remain.

And let us not forget the doctor and hospital end of ‘Medicare-for-All’ and how a single-payer system affects them both. Remember, the whole point of single-payer is indeed to keep costs for medical treatment down, thus logic dictates that to do so payments to doctors would have to be cut as well, which means the dollar reimbursements to doctors would drastically drop, forcing those doctors who will (rightfully) refuse to accept lower fees to remove themselves from the system. And that, in turn, translates into patients no longer being able to see the doctor or doctors of their choosing even if they have been long-time patients of a doctor who has exited the system. And nowhere in Bernie’s plan is there any mention of whether people will be able to get health care outside of the ‘Medicare-for-All’ system, whether by purchasing supplementary insurance or by paying monies out-of-pocket to the doctors directly.

As for the hospital end…with Medicare some saying already on the road to bankruptcy citing Medicare’s latest annual report…a report which states that its main Part A trust fund used for Hospital Insurance will be exhausted in 15 years time…means the feds, in turn, would have to drastically cut benefits, raise the payroll taxes used to fund it or worse…as in delve further into the federal budget to cover seniors’ care…something seniors are truly entitled to after having paid into the system their entire working lives. And this key issue is nowhere addressed in Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare-for-All’ plan…meaning hospital care and seniors are damned.

And as far as corporate interests are concerned, logic dictates that insurance companies most assuredly want to stay in business and not be forced to close by greedy politicians whose end game remains pandering for votes. And close they would as ‘Medicare-for-All’ dictates that all persons be covered under its umbrella alone within four-years time, thus effectively phasing out private insurance companies by disallowing employer-based coverage to offer the same benefits as the government. And according to Bernie Sanders, this phasing out is being done to eliminate “improper or fraudulent payments”…something that in reality happens in just 10% of all claims filed.

Talk about a monopoly courtesy of a hostile takeover of one hundred percent of the insurance market, and it is a takeover orchestrated and operated by politics instead of by much-needed free-market incentives.

But the bottom line in all this is that thankfully Bernie Sanders’ ridiculous ‘Medicare-for-All’ plan will not become reality for most Republicans rightfully see it as nothing but ObamaCare on steroids…which in fact it is. And with the Republicans still controlling the House and Senate…even with the RINOs presence…it is of paramount importance that a Republican ObamaCare replacement plan…a plan that would allow for among other things a free marketplace, the removing of regulations on the types of plans companies can offer including the return of affordable catastrophic coverage alone, and a plan that allows for keeping tax credits in place for Americans who need assistance…that type of plan must become law before years end as all could change in 2018 if it is the Republicans who take a bloodbath and not the Democrats.

And don’t laugh at that one folk for stranger things have indeed happened in the world of politics…especially when the Democrats will sell their souls if it gives them even more government control over all our lives.

Copyright @ 2017 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved


Today, Tuesday, September 19th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss ‘Medicare-for-All’ being ObamaCare on Steroids, Craig’s take on prophecy and politics, and important news of the day.

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Temple to Journalist’s Self–Regard Falls on Hard Times

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 10:42am

Evidently, America just wasn’t that in to you.

The Newseum, a 250,000–square–foot Nexus of Narcissism for America’s journalists is in danger of closing. Originally opened 20 years ago, the Newseum is journalism’s valentine to itself. A museum designed to tell a breathless public everything it could possibly want to know about all that’s warm and wonderful about reporters.

That’s a tough sell when journalists are tied with lawyers in the public’s disdain ranking.

A better way to think of the Newseum is as a celebration of the interpreters of an event rather than the event itself.

I’m sure if historians were mentioned in the Constitution, that profession might have tried the same gambit. Fortunately we’ve been spared the “Histeum.”

The media, as it never tires of telling us, is mentioned in the Constitution and to prove it the Newseum has the First Amendment etched on the front of this Pennsylvania Avenue Preening Palace, but that’s only window dressing.

It would have been more fitting to simply install the world’s largest mirror so the Opposition Media could admire itself as members of the profession entered the building.

This tangible demonstration of the journalistic ego contains 250,000 square feet of exhibit space, PLUS 15 theaters, a conference center, parking garage, apartments AND a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.

For comparison purposes we have two other museums dedicated to the 2nd Amendment — also in the Constitution although journalists often pretend otherwise. The NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, VA is only 15,000–square–feet and the J. M. Davis Arms Museum in Claremore, OK totals another 40,000–square–feet. This makes the combined total less than 20 percent of Battleship News.

The Newseum was originally founded in Arlington, VA but as far was the sophisticates who ran the place were concerned they may as well have been in Claremore. They longed for the bright lights. So in 2008 the facility moved to Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and the Capitol.

Timing couldn’t have been worse. The Newseum greatly increased its expenses just when the journalism profession was beginning its long slow decline. A mausoleum would have made more sense.

Newseum marketers had as much trouble convincing tourists to visit as journalists had convincing those same Middle Americans to vote for Hillary. Adult tickets costing $24.95 didn’t help either. While the National Air and Space Museum had 7 million visitors in 2016 the Newseum had a mere 800,000, which according to the Washington Post, brought in $7.5 million in revenue.

Even hijacking captive audiences of school children on field trips, PR events trying to buy journo good will and industry confabs weren’t enough to cover the operating nut. To keep the Newseum from closing like a suburban newspaper, the Freedom Forum, formerly the Gannett Foundation, has been pumping approximately $20 million a year into the budget for a total of $500 million.

That’s a lot of money for a vanity project.

I’m a journalist myself and I never had any interest in visiting “my” museum.

In WaPost coverage of the Newseum’s problems mention is made of some of the more interesting exhibits, like the “interactive displays and exhibitions on 9/11, the FBI and the Unabomber, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Newer exhibitions include one on the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement and ‘First Dogs: American Presidents and Their Pets.’”

But the exhibits are all derivative. Journalists didn’t accomplish any of those events. They observed those events. Heck, they didn’t even clean up after the presidential dogs!

Visiting the Newseum and expecting a firsthand experience is like going to Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant and instead of being allowed to eat, they hand you a copy of the food critic’s review.

I’ve been trying to think about what would get me to visit and I came up with a list of journalistically–related exhibits that have real tourist interest:

  • An animatronic display with a copy editor — like Lincoln at Disneyland — explaing the proper usage of “fewer” versus “less” and why beer doesn’t need an ‘s’ to be plural
  • A small, tasteful display with the last vestige of CNN’s credibility
  • Brian William’s bullet–holed Katrina ballistic vest
  • Hillary’s 35,000 email messages
  • Katie Couric’s before and after facelift photos
  • The last offering envelope used by a major network anchor
  • And the biggest attraction of all: The Ark of Political Correctness

If the staff wants to adopt any of my ideas, they’re going to have to move fast. The Freedom Forum is getting ready to turn off the subsidy spigot. As Wayne Reynolds, a former Newseum board member put it, “Who would give them money when they were losing $30 million a year? People typically don’t want to salvage a sinking ship.”

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Friend Sociopath

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 11:49am

1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

The loser of the election is NOT a sociopath. Let that thought sit for a while. When people hear the word, “sociopath,” they pee on the fire, and call in the dogs, but let’s examine friend sociopath. Sociopaths dominate history. Remember Caesar? “I came, I saw, I conquered.” No, he mauled his way through Germania, and Gaul on his way to the British Isles, turned, came back, mauled his way into Rome, went to the senate where they mauled HIM! I outta be a history teacher.

The Crusades? The Muslims just thought they were bad until all them Europeans who never had a bath in their lives showed up to show them what a broad sword was really for. Even Joan de Arc! “Oh, Wilbur, don’t go there!” Uh, that’s a real sword hanging from her belt, and the “voices” are telling her who to use it on! Cute chick though. Matter of fact, if you look at any, and all successful military campaigns in history you’ll find a guy, or gal sitting at or near the top of the food chain that’s just a tad bit self centered.

So why do we put up with these people. The answer is simple. They get things done which benefit society as a whole. The CEO who fires half the company to bring up the bottom line, which in the end helps the survivors. The general who ignores all common sense, and cuts a path across Europe because the OTHER sociopath in Berlin has to be stopped! The president who tears up the government because he knows the way the country is going will lead to ruin and his family will lose all their money! Yeah, I really said that. The shortest, most logical path to the goal is always the sociopathic mission statement.

Sociopaths are not “crazy” as you would think. Unlike psychopaths the KNOW right from wrong, they just don’t CARE! Personal success is the ultimate goal. The rising star in the company knows he can’t kill his rival, so he kills his rival’s reputation. He doesn’t take his opponent’s life, he takes his life AWAY! If he rises to the top, and becomes the CEO he’s the one who fires half the company, and gives everybody left a raise!

It’s plumb Biblical. Judges: 20:6 “And I took my concubine, and cut her to pieces, and sent her throughout the country of the inheritance of Israel… “ Gives the phrase “Get a little piece” a whole new perspective, doesn’t it? As a writer I would instruct the author on the boring nature of repeating “ands” but I’m fully aware this cat was a sociopath. The rule remains the same, the ultimate goal was achieved by carving up a girl friend.

I’m going to leave you with a test. There are two sisters. The mother dies, and at the funeral a well dressed young man expresses his sympathy, and they all exchange phone numbers. The young man never called. About a month later one sister kills the other. The question to you is why did she do that? Well, the most logical reason would be the sisters got into a jealous quarrel, and seeing that their mother had just died, with emotions running high, the argument over the young man got out of control. Involuntary manslaughter, or girlslaughter, whichever the case may be. Anyway, you’d be wrong, and by the way you’re normal. No, since the young man had not called, and the killer with her stated goal of starting a new life after the death of her mother, hoped he would show up at the NEXT funeral. Sort of like Hillary, don’t you think? Oh, by the way if you made choice number two, run for office.

Clevenger & Witt


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Mon, 09/18/2017 - 5:33pm

Decades ago, a debate over what kind of nation America is roiled the conservative movement.

Neocons claimed America was an “ideological nation” a “creedal nation,” dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.”

Expropriating the biblical mandate, “Go forth and teach all nations!” they divinized democracy and made the conversion of mankind to the democratic faith their mission here on earth.

With his global crusade for democracy, George W. Bush bought into all this. Result: Ashes in our mouths and a series of foreign policy disasters, beginning with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Behind the Trumpian slogan “America First” lay a conviction that, with the Cold War over and the real ideological nation, the USSR, shattered into pieces along ethnic lines, it was time for America to come home.

Contra the neocons, traditionalists argued that, while America was uniquely great, the nation was united by faith, culture, language, history, heroes, holidays, mores, manners, customs and traditions. A common feature of Americans, black and white, was pride in belonging to a people that had achieved so much.

The insight attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville – “America is great because she is good, and if America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great” – was a belief shared by almost all.

What makes our future appear problematic is that what once united us now divides us. While Presidents Wilson and Truman declared us to be a “Christian nation,” Christianity has been purged from our public life and sheds believers every decade. Atheism and agnosticism are growing rapidly, especially among the young.

Traditional morality, grounded in Christianity, is being discarded. Half of all marriages end in divorce. Four-in-10 children are born out of wedlock. Unrestricted abortion and same-sex marriage – once regarded as marks of decadence and decline – are now seen as human rights and the hallmarks of social progress.

Tens of millions of us do not speak English. Where most of our music used to be classic, popular, country and western, and jazz, much of it now contains rutting lyrics that used to be unprintable.

Where we used to have three national networks, we have three 24-hour cable news channels and a thousand websites that reinforce our clashing beliefs on morality, culture, politics and race.

Consider but a few events post-Charlottesville.

“Murderer” was painted on the San Fernando statue of Fr. Junipero Serra, the Franciscan who founded the missions that became San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan Capistrano and Santa Clara.

America’s oldest monument honoring Columbus, in Baltimore, was vandalized. Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia called for Robert E. Lee’s statue to be removed from the Capitol and replaced by – Pocahontas.

According to legend, this daughter of Chief Powhatan saved Capt. John Smith from being beheaded by throwing herself across his neck. The chief was a “person of interest” in the disappearance of the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke Island, among whose missing was Virginia Dare, the first European baby born in British America.

Why did Kaine not call for John Smith himself, leader of the Jamestown Colony that fought off Indian attacks, to be so honored?

In New Orleans, “Tear It Down” was spray-painted on a statue of Joan of Arc, a gift from France in 1972. Besides being a canonized saint in the Catholic Church and a legendary heroine of France, what did the Maid of Orleans do to deserve this?

Taken together, we are seeing the discoverers, explorers and missionaries of North America demonized as genocidal racists all. The Founding Fathers are either slave owners or sanctioners of slavery.

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Our nation-builders either collaborated in or condoned the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans. Almost to the present, ours was a land where segregationists were honored leaders.

Bottom line for the left: Americans should be sickened and ashamed of the history that made us the world’s greatest nation. And we should acknowledge our ancestors’ guilt by tearing down any and all monuments and statues that memorialize them.

This rising segment of America, full of self-righteous rage, is determined to blacken the memory of those who have gone before us.

To another slice of America, much of the celebrated social and moral “progress” of recent decades induces a sense of nausea, summarized in the lament, “This isn’t the country we grew up in.”

Hillary Clinton famously described this segment of America as a “basket of deplorables … racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic … bigots,” and altogether “irredeemable.”

So, what still unites us? What holds us together into the indefinite future? What makes us one nation and one people? What do we offer mankind, as nations seem to recoil from what we are becoming, and are instead eager to build their futures on the basis of ethnonationalism and fundamentalist faith?

If advanced democracy has produced the disintegration of a nation that we see around us, what is the compelling case for it?

A sixth of the way through the 21st century, what is there to make us believe this will be the Second American Century?

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A Laudable Intent

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 3:20pm

               A Laudable Intent
The Reconstruction And America’s First         Cold War

America’s Monumental  Mistake Part III

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, or so I’ve been told. It makes a person wonder what the road to heaven is paved with.


That Abraham Lincoln was elected President was due almost entirely to his nomination of Andrew Johnson, a democrat, and a confederate sympathizer as his Vice President. Sharing the power of the law through political compromise is known as power politics, and it rarely bears anything but bitter fruit. Thus it came to be that America came to suffer endless bitterness and spite, the result of men who took power through the appeasement of a minority of voters, who were nonetheless numerous enough to force the majority to compromise. Have we seen this in recent history?


Andrew Johnson, the compromise, became a crucial piece in the game of survival for those persons who believe in separatist powers within the state of a union which provides the means for prosperity. A prosperity meant, by the rules implied by our social contract to be shared. These separatists, royalist in truth, devise rules for themselves which differ from the rules that bind the common citizens of the union, allowing them to reap profits beyond reason, and they abide among us yet, and the reconstruction is why.

Put simply, there were three plans for reconstruction: there was President Lincoln’s plan, Vice President Johnson’s plan, and the plan devised by a congress, which, much like today, was completely controlled by radical republicans. While Lincoln’s plan was similar to Johnson’s in that they were both designed to bring the confederate states back into the union with all possible speed, they were polarized by the fact that Johnson wanted to allow the the important players in the confederacy to retain their property, and the continued right to devise and implement laws that differed from those of the union. Lincoln wanted immediate rights of citizenship, union citizenship, to be conferred on the freedmen, a thing he knew would never come to pass if the confederacy were left intact, and so his plan called for immediate union citizenship for all persons of the former confederate states, and the discontinued rights to govern by former confederate leaders. The plan of the congress was to deal harshly with not just former confederate leaders, but all white southerners, and to give the freedmen the balance of political power in the former confederacy. When that idiot Booth shot Lincoln, that left two competing plans. To make a long and complicated story short, what ensued was three years of chaos. Four million slaves freed with no place to go, A president at odds with his congress, so much so, that in addition to coming within one single vote of impeachment on three occasions, the first instance of important law vetoed by the president overridden by congress for the first time in our history. It saw the fourteenth amendment, and the first civil rights act, and the person charged with implementing reconstruction, soon to be president Grant, slipping around direct orders from the president, and using the military to prosecute members of the KKK, and a lesser known group, the Knights of the White Camellia, a terrorist group formed in the lower southern states and Texas, which was far more violent than the KKK. It is beyond the imagination of our parents generation to see such upheaval in so short a time, partly, I believe because the Cold War between capitalism and communism masked the Cold War between the south and the rest of the union, but we, today’s Americans understand that permanent change is upon us.

While most would say that reconstruction was born of a laudable intent, that both sides in the controversy crafted their roads with good intent, I wonder. I also wonder how we will feel when later in our own period of reconstruction, for that is what is happening; impelled by the failure to disenfranchise the former leaders of the confederacy, when the memorial wall to those fallen in the Vietnam war is torn down. Oh yes, those behind our current reconstruction view Vietnam as an evil war, and all monuments to those who fought in it will come down. How will the families of the fallen of that war feel? Ask a southern man or woman, they’ll tell you.


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Make America Great Again

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 2:21pm

I know a very intelligent man who says, “All politicians lie, the good ones do it convincingly.”

The Donald won his miraculous victory based on promises that built an agenda to make America great again. These promises basically said that he would address three areas, the economy, the wall, and taxes.  How’s he doing so far?

The S&P 500 has added more than two trillion in market value since Trump’s election.  This is an astounding run for a bull market.  Records have been broken, and broken, and then broken again.

I call this the Trump Bump.

Economy growing: check.

What about the wall?

Homeland Security has issued a waiver to certain laws, regulations and other legal requirements to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers in the vicinity of the international border near Calexico, California. The waiver was published in the Federal Register today so construction of the border wall can begin.

How can this be?  I thought from hearing the media cartels storyline that this would never happen.

In legislation already on the books Congress provided the Secretary of Homeland Security with a number of authorities necessary to carry out its border security mission.

Current law provides that the Secretary of Homeland Security shall take such actions as may be necessary to install additional physical barriers and roads in the vicinity of the United States border to deter illegal crossings in areas of high illegal entry into the United States. In laws already in effect Congress called for the installation of additional fencing, barriers, roads, lighting, cameras, and sensors on the southwest border.  In this legislation Congress granted to the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to waive all legal requirements that the Secretary, in his sole discretion, determines necessary to ensure the expeditious construction of the barriers and roads authorized.

DHS is implementing President Trump’s Executive Order 13767, Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, enforcing laws already on the books laws that’ve been unenforced for years and is taking steps to immediately plan, design and construct a physical wall along the southern border, using appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve complete operational control of the border.

In other words despite the fake news the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media keep spinning President Trump is moving forward with his promise to build the wall.

Wall underway: Check.

What about taxes?

For years I’ve predicted that if we would reform the bewildering tax code, personally I advocate for a flat tax of 15%, lower the corporate tax, allow the repatriation of foreign holdings, and scale back regulation our economy would take off like a rocket.  The Trump administration is eliminating sixteen regulations for every new one.  Throw tax reform into the mix and maybe we’re about to see if that prediction has been valid.  Two trillion in growth may pale in comparison to what Americans can do if we remove the shackles forged by the anti-capitalist Progressives over the last twenty-nine years.

If we can corral enough RINOs we can pass the president’s tax reform plan.

Donald Trump promised that if we elected him together we would make America great again.  Since the day of his election he’s been under assault by the establishment.  It’s been unrelenting and according to the latest survey coverage has been 91% negative.  It’s become so ludicrous that if the President walked on water the headline would be, “Trump can’t swim!”  If he changed water into wine it would be, “Trump encourages alcoholism!”  And if he raised the dead it would be, “Trump attacks the funeral parlor industry!”

Even the politically blind can see through this haze of bias and partisanship disguised as journalism.  Even those made deaf by Progressive indoctrination disguised as education can hear that the political hacks and their media megaphone are doing a hatchet job on a man who sacrificed a life as a successful entrepreneur to work a thankless job for the benefit of his country.

Why?  What could induce someone to leave a life of luxury surrounded by a loving family all working together to accomplish great things?  Why would one of the most successful builders in American history leave his own plans in the hands of others to take on a job draining a swamp?  Why give up the life of a super star idolized and lionized by millions to be caricatured and hated by those driven mad because they didn’t get their way?


To make America great again that’s why.

Remember the man who said, “All politicians lie, the good ones do it convincingly.”  My vote went to a non-politician because I hoped a businessman might tell me the truth.

Let’s dedicate ourselves to doing anything and everything we can to support the President in his goal.  Contact your Senators.  Call your Representative.  Let them know that you want them to help not hinder the President.  Let them know you want them to forget about getting themselves re-elected and instead work to Make America Great Again!

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2017 Contact Dr. Owens [email protected]  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owen

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Conservative Rallies Don’t Work

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 10:43am

Conservative rallies don’t work! Write that down, there’ll be a test later. There are many reasons for this. Two come to mind, conservatives have jobs, and they voice their opinions in the voting booth, not at rallies. When CJ Grisham held his gun rallies the turnout was disappointing, but when the vote came to the floor, open carry became the law.

On the other hand, liberals, by virtue of just the age demographics alone, have the time, and energy to hike up Capitol Hill, be it Washington, or Austin, and join the party no matter what the cause is so long as it isn’t Donald Trump! The two airhead girls who were interviewed by the Alex Jones crew were prime examples. After a few simple questions they ran away in tears. They had no political foundation, no information, and probably didn’t really know what the event was about, save it had something to do with Trump being white. But, they came to the rally!

The forward march to make America great again will be completed by steady persistence, and unwavering focus on just why Trump was elected in the first place. You need to note that it was a sweep. Not just the White House. Congress, the senate, and more than a few surprises on the state level. It wasn’t the democrats, it wasn’t the republicans, it was the FedUp party. It was people fed up with small time hustlers in North Korea rattling their chains while we argue about toilets. It was a president who wouldn’t even utter the phrase, “Radical Islam” as states are dominated by “refugees” bent on replacing the constitution with Sharia Law. It was having to see a doctor you didn’t even want IF you could get an appointment.

Trump makes mistakes. Ok, we got that, the train has been off the rails so bad, so long that the Trump train is going to have to work hard to get it right again. But, conservatives do not rally! They VOTE! All the dead democrats and illegal alien voters combined couldn’t win the election no matter HOW many Tea Party votes they trashed. Was the election rigged? Hell YEAH, it was rigged. Look who was running on the other side? Trump was lucky he didn’t end up a suicide victim, and Thank God he wasn’t an ambassador before deciding to throw his hat into the ring.

When the MOAR ( Mother Of All Rallies) was organized the promoters had visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, but the turnout was quite low. Naturally, the left seized on this as a sign the Trump Train has run out of steam. They soaked MOAR’s Facebook page with ridicule, and lame brain jokes about the numbers. They couldn’t STOP MOAR, so the chose to slander it. News flash. Sixty three million pissed off Americans put Trump in office, and in 2020 we’ll be BACK!


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President Donald J. Trump Signs H.R. 624 and H.R. 1616 into Law

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 5:33pm

On Friday, September 15, 2017, the President signed into law:

H.R. 624, the “Social Security Number Fraud Prevention Act of 2017,” which restricts the inclusion of Social Security account numbers on Federal documents sent by mail; and

H.R. 1616, the “Bob Dole Congressional Gold Medal Act,” which provides for the award of a Congressional gold medal to Bob Dole, in recognition for his service to the nation as a soldier, legislator, and statesman.


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94-year-old grandma surprised with hurricane supplies from police

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 6:11pm

A 94-year-old grandmother got a surprise visit from police before losing power from Hurricane Irma.

Betty Helmuth of Clearwater, Florida, answered her door on Sept. 7 for Officer James Frederick and his colleagues who greeted her with supplies.

The touching moment was captured on video by Clearwater Police and shared on the department’s Facebook page one week later.

“Oh my gosh,” Helmuth said to the officers. “Oh gosh, you’re good-looking!”

Frederick told ABC News that he and his team brought groceries, water and flashlights to Helmuth after her granddaughter, Rachel Copeland of Texas, sent a Facebook message to police asking them to check on her grandmother.

PHOTO: Betty Helmuth, 94, of Clearwater, Fla., answered her door on Sept. 7, 2017, for Officer James Frederick and his colleagues of the Clearwater Police Department who greeted her with hurricane supplies before losing power from Hurricane Irma. (Clearwater Police Department )

“[Helmuth] was tremendously grateful, thankful and her personality and smile made it well worth it for us,” Frederick said. “She [Copeland] went through Hurricane Harvey and had a desire to be sure her grandmother was OK [in Irma] because of what she went through.”

Copeland said 75 percent of the Texas town she lives in was under water as a result of Hurricane Harvey. When she heard her grandma would be in the path of Irma, she contacted Clearwater police for help.

“I sent them a message and was just pleading with them, ‘Please anything you can do, please help my grandma,’” Copeland told ABC News. “They responded right away. I really can’t say how amazing they were.”

Copeland said her grandmother was thrilled by the visit.

Betty Helmuth of Clearwater, Florida, was thrilled to see police officers at her door on Sept. 7, with water and groceries in tow. (

“She still talking about how good-looking they are,” Copeland added, with a laugh. “They’re seriously all of our heroes.”

Frederick has since returned to Helmuth’s home to check on her again. Her power was restored Tuesday, he said.


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America First, Trump’s American Nationalism

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 1:12pm

However, this is clearly not Trumpian American nationalism. A careful review of Trump’s neo-American nationalism illustrates that the roots of Trump’s American First nationalism are essentially embedded in the core precepts of the American founding documents.

After careful review and analysis of Trump’s speeches, proclamations, policy announcements and doctrinal pronouncements, it is abundantly clear Trump’s America First doctrine is not a white nationalism, but an American Nationalism. The core identity of Trump’s Nationalism is based on America’s founding precepts and documents, rather than a racial identity.

For instance, this means embracing American Constitutional law over Islamic Sharia law; maintaining and keeping American manufacturing jobs over exporting manufacturing jobs to foreign shores;whenever possible, providing employment for the American worker first, rather than providing employment to foreign nationals first; building, repairing and replacing America infrastructure first, rather than repairing foreign infrastructure first; building and modernizing the American military first, rather than spending US taxpayers money on foreign military modernization first; securing America’s borders first before securing foreign borders. In essence, the message and doctrine of Trumpian American Nationalism is the theme of America First.

The message of the America First theme embraced by the Trump Administration are manifested in American liberty and equality under the law as preserved and protected by the Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and elucidated by the Federalist Papers.

Consider the following speech by President Trump defining the perimeters of Trump’s American Nationalism, which is clearly not based on race and a white nationalism, but rather, utilizing American labor to rebuild American infrastructure, national growth, and renewal.

The first principles of Trumps American Nationalism are the rejuvenation of American business, industry, infrastructure and American workers. A return to manufacturing in America made by American labor sold in America and exported internationally. Consider President Trump articulate American Nationalism.

American Nationalism also means a return to American law and order and a renewed respect for the armed services, law enforcement, border security enforcement and first responders. President Trump speech below confirms his commitment to law enforcement and American law and order.

Trump American Nationalism includes active participation in providing Federal assistance to States hit hard by natural disasters such as Florida and Texas. Nationalism includes placing all Americans first and rebuilding American infrastructure.Even Obama supporters admitted to the positive benefits of Trump American Nationalism. Consider the reports below.

Those who falsely label Trump’s America First Nationalism as white nationalism are either foolishly ignorant or have a nefarious agenda to mislead the American people. The Trump agenda is an American agenda.

A foolish liberal and globalist College Park City Council voted to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. The liberal and idiotic local community spokesman admitted that the result would allow illegal immigrants to vote, but homeless American citizens are barred from voting.

The liberal globalist end result will be a borderless state wherein foreign homeowners may vote while those American citizens who are not homeowners are barred from voting. No doubt, if the liberal globalist agenda is fully enacted foreign property owners will be qualified to vote in American elections, but American citizens without property ownership will be excluded from voting in American elections. Consider the following interview below carefully and ponder the ultimate results of such a globalist ideology. American citizenship becomes subservient to globalist property ownership. Tucker Carlson exposes the liberal globalist agenda.

The Trump Administration’s doctrine of America First or American Nationalism will prevent the liberal globalist ideology of allowing foreign property owners to vote in American elections and excluding American citizens who are not property owners. This is the nefarious objective of the globalist philosophy and agenda. A borderless State where wealth is more significant than citizenship. Isn’t it true, that under the strains of the siren song of globalism that less wealthy African American citizens will be hurt by laws that allow wealthy foreigners to vote and exclude non-wealthy American citizens?

And yet, despite the substantive threats of the globalist, open border, international voting policies, some liberals falsely attempt to label the Trump’s Administration American Nationalism as a white nationalism thereby further perpetrating an ignorant misconception hoisted upon the American people. Such a false premise is wrongly spread by a sports announcer dabbling in on the air politics to her sports audience.

In the end, ESPN Jemele Hill’s rants may be very damaging to African-American working class American citizens. The African American as other working-class Americans deeply and profoundly deserves protection and America First policies. The Trump Administrations American First policies are not White Nationalist policies but American Nationalist policies.

The Globalists in both the Republican and Democratic parties are vehemently opposed to the Trump’s Administrations American First and American Nationalism doctrine. Consider the following truism. These Globalists embrace open borders, open trade, the subordination of American citizenship and the de-emphasis of the American founding documents, in favor, of United Nations jurisdictional law and documents and other global instruments and organizations.

Hence, it is prudent to exam the underlying worldview and political ideology of those persons spreading the false claim that the Trump Administrations America First Nationalism is the same as white nationalism. Such a claim is expressly and patently false and designed to misleading and confusing the American people into accepting open borders, open trade and open voting. Trumpian Nationalism or America First doctrine are based on precepts found in the American founding documents and not rooted in racial identity. The core identity in American Nationalism as articulated by the Trump Administration is the American identity.

Source: Jeffrey Elliott Esq.  

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Spiritual WiFi

Tue, 09/12/2017 - 5:13pm

When your phone goes down, combined with having no internet it produces a new mental condition causing anxiety, depression, and a profound feeling of loneliness. The sound of silence is so profound it overshadows everything. We have become so used to constant contact to the planet that even a slight delay in a download irritates us. Recently I caught the virus.

For no reason at all my iPhone went dark. At first I thought that it had updated and was recycling. No, it had passed. It went suddenly, without pain, but I performed CPR on it, pressing the home and on/off buttons simultaneously, trying to shock its system back, but eventually had to admit that my iPhone had gone to join all those iMacs in the sky. I found myself at the cell phone provider, and happily I had insurance, but my replacement wouldn’t be here until tomorrow. TOMORROW! Freaking TOMORROW? As in overnight without a phone? Didn’t they realize I get upset about a thirty second download?

I went home trying to be brave. I had my iPad, but always relying on my iPhone hot spot, I did not have WiFi in my house. I soon discovered an iPad is basically a paperweight without an internet connection. My literary soul was a prisoner of the cloud. Eventually I put it down and just sat there. My cocktail wasn’t even any good. The internet had denatured the alcohol. I began to look around the house. No TV, I don’t use them, no magazines, newspapers, only a leather bound, King James Bible.

I stood there looking at it, and finally picked it up, making my way back to the porch. It was an exquisite Bible. The leather lending its fragrance to the pages, and the letters were large, which is always nice. I opened it, and began to thumb through its pages. I always check out the Sermon on the Mount. As I began to read, where my iPad had lost its magic, the Bible was the same as the day I set it down, but with one difference. You simply can’t read the Bible online. The act of actually turning the pages creates a feeling. Without all the internet commentary the words become clearer. The old English is better than modern translations trying to explain away the simple truths within.

Before I knew it I was skipping around through different books, and each time the reading invoked deep thought, leading me to yet another passage, then another, and another until I realized it was late, and was forced to set it down and retire. I’m a student of Christopher Hitchens, and very much admire his logic, but I differ with him on the origin of man, the universe, morality and the entity I believe to be behind it all. Without literary tricks the reasoning behind the Bible was crystal clear. Oh, and there was something else. I realized why the connection was still there. The feeling I felt when I bought my first Bible at fourteen years old had never left. It was still “five bars!” I like to call it “Spiritual WiFi!”

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John Kelly fires back at Democrat who called him ‘disgrace to the uniform’

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 10:54pm

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly fired back at a prominent House Democrat who called him a “disgrace to the uniform,” in the Gold Star father and retired Marine Corps general’s first public response to the personal attack on his service.

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez had leveled the criticism at Kelly over his support of President Trump’s decision to end a controversial program that shielded young illegal immigrants from deportation.

In an email to Fox News late Sunday, Kelly responded by saying Congress did “nothing” to help so-called Dreamers when they had the chance.

“As far as the congressman and other irresponsible members of congress are concerned, they have the luxury of saying what they want as they do nothing and have almost no responsibility,” Kelly said. “They can call people liars but it would be inappropriate for me to say the same thing back at them.  As my blessed mother used to say ‘empty barrels make the most noise.’”

He concluded, “The congressman has a right to his opinion.”

Kelly had advised the president to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program with a six-month wind-down, as announced last Tuesday.

Former President Barack Obama had created DACA via executive action, and both Democrats and Republicans have questioned the legality of the move even if they support the policy itself. Conservative voices are mostly unified in their view that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority by circumventing Congress. Even Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on MSNBC that the policy was on shaky legal ground, urging Congress to “pass a law.”

But the vocal and increasingly powerful left wing of the Democratic Party has been leading activist rallies across the country against the Trump decision on DACA.

In a statement last Tuesday, Gutierrez said Kelly “has no honor and should be drummed out of the White House along with the white supremacists and those enabling the President’s actions by ‘just following orders.’”

In announcing the DACA decision with a six-month delay, Trump urged Congress to come up with a legislative solution.

Kelly indicated he’s not getting his hopes up.

“Every DOJ and DHS lawyer says DACA is unconstitutional.  Every other legal scholar – right and left – says the same thing.  Trump didn’t end DACA, the law did.  That said, I worked and succeeded to give the congress another six months to do something.  I am not confident,” he said.

Kelly previously served as secretary of Homeland Security, before taking the reins at the Trump White House. In his response to Gutierrez, he noted how he tried to get Congress to focus on DACA since the beginning of the Trump administration.

“During my time at DHS – from 20 Jan until this moment – I have met with hundreds of members on both sides of the hill … My [message] always was ‘I have bought you time to do something on DACA.’  I begged and pleaded with them.  They did exactly nothing.”

Gutierrez’ office took exception at Kelly’s description.

“[S]o far we have seen no courage to fight for DREAMers from the President or his Chief of Staff. There is a clear majority in the House today to support measures to defend DACA recipients, but Republicans need to choose whether they want to let that happen or not.  So far, the answer is not,” Gutiérrez spokesman Douglas Rivlin said.

He added, “Ending DACA amounts to surrender without a fight for the President and his Chief of Staff.”

The Trump administration announced the end to the program under the threat of lawsuit from Republican state attorneys general. But Rivlin said, “The constitutionality of DACA has never been challenged successfully in court and the Department of Homeland Security, which administers the program, certainly never questioned its constitutionality at its inception or while hundreds of thousands signed up for it.”

At this time it appears that Republicans, who control Congress, have at least three options for dealing with DACA.

They can let it expire without a legislative fix, favored by some conservatives; they can pass a bill that would essentially grant amnesty for the Dreamers and give them work permits, favored by congressional leadership; or they can work with Democrats like Feinstein on some sort of immigration compromise that might include funding for the border wall.

Source:  Christopher Wallace

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Generals Stirring the Proverbial Political Pot

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 10:03pm

Last Friday AG Jeff Sessions held a press conference to address the ongoing leaks that are affected the Trump presidency…a press conference I expected so much from only to get little to nothing of substance. Same old, same old, was the order of the day to such a degree that I am convinced Jeff Sessions is not up to the task he is now charged with. With the demeanor of a milquetoast of sorts, what Trump needs from his AG, especially with the leaks actually increasing not decreasing, would be what amounts to a bull in a China shop…and simply…Jeff Sessions ain’t it.

“This nation must end the culture of leaks”…Sessions said, stating the obvious when the obvious did not need to be said. And saying that the DOJ might…I repeat…might…as in there’s a possibility it will not…begin reviewing the potential for media subpoenas…shows a laize-faire attitude towards a media whose actions amount to treason if what they are willfully leaking affects national security or the safety of our troops. I did, however, agree when Sessions said that the press does not have an “unlimited” role in American society. “They cannot place lives at risk with impunity. We must balance the press’ role with protecting our national security and the lives of those who serve in our intelligence community, the armed forces, and all law-abiding Americans,” were his exact words rightfully said, but following those words was no stating of how to do what his words insinuated we do.

A let down for sure yet not unexpected when a weak man is put into a position that calls for a man of fortitude and strength…not one whose strongest words to the leakers were, “Don’t do it.” The leakers must be shaking in their boots with that one…sarcastically said.

And the timing of this press conference was laughable at best for it was announced just the day before a new and most grievous of leaks hit the public venues…as in the transcripts of private telephone conversations between President Trump and the president of Mexico, and President Trump and the prime minister of Australia.

“No government can be effective when its leaders cannot discuss sensitive matters in confidence or talk freely in confidence with foreign leaders,” Sessions said, again stating the obvious while ignoring the fact that the answer to the leaking is hiding in plain site. And I cannot believe that AG Jeff Sessions has no clue as to who the leaker is…but I’ll say again what I have said since day one…I believe National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster is the very man they all seek.

Now I will lay out my case for why McMaster must go.

I first stated some reasons for believing so almost immediately upon his appointment, and wrote about it back in March in article titled, The Manipulation of Willful Ignorance…an article you can read in-full by simply clicking on said title. Briefly and to the point, Gen. H.R. McMaster is an islamic-condoner whose beliefs about islam and the enemy we currently face are directly in opposition to those of President Trump…in opposition to such a degree that he vocally supported Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s ‘very bad’ nuclear deal with Iran.

And McMaster on numerous occasions has stated that he believes islam is a religion of peace hijacked by radicals, as could be witnessed in his first words said to his new staff after he assumed the national security advisor position…words to the affect that he considered the term “radical islamic terrorism” both “unhelpful” and “counterproductive,” and that eliminating that term would be “an improvement” in how we fight the enemy.

An improvement in how we fight those out to kill us all I think not for the man who said those words believes that the term radical islamic terrorism as per his own words, “angers the Muslim world, stokes anti-American fires, and endangers U.S. troops and national security,” forgetting that words are not a weapon of war…actions taken are.

And all of McMaster’s words said fit perfectly together with Obama’s words that we must “win the hearts and minds of the enemy”…that we dare not send his brethren to kingdom come where they truly belong. And really why wouldn’t McMaster say what he says and do what he does for I believe the general is an Obama operative…as he is a holdover from the Obama administration…one of but a few generals not fired by Obama when he purged his command of generals he deemed “not loyal” to his way of fighting the enemy…or should I say not fighting the enemy.

An Obama operative ‘planted’ to do as much damage to the Trump presidency as he can do for who would dare to question the doings or decisions of a lieutenant general with an almost impeccable military record, but a general who is a known anti-Semite who hates Israel (remember, Gen. McMaster was the lone voice against President Trump visiting the Western Wall and if Trump insisted on doing so not to let Netanyahu accompany him for fear it would offend muslims not because of falsely reported security concerns), and who like Obama has no love or respect for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unlike President Trump who does and also calls him friend.

But even with this, what I want to know is who recommended and got President Trump to appoint as national security advisor a man who opposes almost all of his ‘to-do’ list…the start of which is the fact that McMaster opposes the president’s temporary muslim travel ban; that McMaster opposes getting us out of Afghanistan while wanting us further engaged in Syria; and that he wants the ‘very bad’ Iranian nuclear deal kept in place as is. And to McMaster, China is not a big issue…to Trump it rightfully is.

So the rumor mill is ripe with possibilities but seems to be zeroing in on RINO Sen. John McCain as the one who pushed for McMaster’s appointment after the firing of Gen. Flynn, and that he did so while pretending to have buried the hatchet after Trump apologized for some questionable words said about McCain’s war-time service in Viet Nam…words said during a contentious campaign season. And if these rumors are true McCain buried the hatchet all right…right in President Trump’s back.

And now on top of all this surfaces an undated and unclassified letter Gen. H.R. McMaster himself wrote and sent via U.S. snail-mail…a letter delivered the last week in April…to Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice…she of Benghazi talk show infamy and he using Obama’s oft said catch phrase “going forward” in the second line of said letter. And in this letter McMaster gave Rice permission to not only keep her top-secret security clearance, but he also afforded her both “unfettered” and “continuing” access to highly classified information as well as waiving her “need-to-know” requirement on any and all…as in everything…she viewed and/or received during her tenure under Obama.

And what makes this beyond grievous is the fact that McMaster allowed Susan Rice these privileges even after she had been exposed as the one who “unmasked” both members of President Trump’s transition team and other Americans surveilled under the Obama administration…even giving some of their names to the media and the press.

But know that under some specific circumstances as per ‘Executive Order 13526 Section 4.4 Access by Historical Researchers and Certain Former Government Personnel,’ certain senior government officials can be given what’s called “unfettered” access to classified information, with their “need to know” being waived for a set period of time. But the question is why would one of Trump’s key advisors give such privileges to someone now under Congressional investigation…especially someone who is assuredly part of the shadow government trying to take this president down. Simply, they would not unless that person was not loyal to the man he now works for, but was a man whose loyalty and allegiances still lie with the very man who runs said shadow government…as in one Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

But the bottom line concerning this letter and what amounts to McMaster overstepping his bounds…his position is an advisory one not one where he can delegate policy…means that with Susan Rice actually no longer holding a government position and with Obama who appointed her no longer president, Rice should no longer be in possession of or have any access to any paper work or computer files she had when she was working in her official government capacity…it is as simple as that. And McMaster knew this, still did what he did, and said not a word about it to President Trump.

And dare we forget that McMaster has fired many folks our president trusted and counted on. To name just a few… McMaster fired top White House intelligence aide Ezra Cohen-Watnick who played a key role in exposing Obama’s appointed personnel eavesdropping on Trump officials; he fired Rich Higgins, senior director for strategic planning after he wrote a memo about globalists and islamist collaborating together to subvert Trump’s policy agenda; and just recently McMaster fired Col. Derek Harvey, the senior director for the Middle East after ‘supposed’ complaints from Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a McMaster ally of sorts who, unfortunately while a great military tactician, takes a somewhat soft stance on islam itself while taking a somewhat questionable stance on Israel. More on this in a bit.

To add to the list of those fired by McMaster is Adam Lovinger, senior director for strategic assessments, fired after he attended a bar-mitzvah in Israel because he accused anti-Trump bureaucrats of politicizing the security clearance process; as well as Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland, who was forced out of the NSC in April. And according to word out of D.C., McMaster is still firing others…including any and all opposed to Obama’s ‘very bad’ nuclear deal…and any and all who dare to mention any of Obama’s islamic-condoning holdovers.

But what did and do most of these folks have in common… first, most were hired by Gen. Michael Flynn, the very man Trump first appointed as national security advisor and a man who dared to tell the truth about muslims and islam. And second, most of those fired were champions of Israel… with many being Jewish…and were opposed to the ‘so-called’ Palestinians so-wanted two-state solution…the solution to help her enemies nail Israel’s coffin shut.

And if all I stated was not reason enough to fire McMaster there’s the matter of both his Deputy Security Advisor Dina Habib-Powell…a close friend of Obama’s roomie and still string-puller Valerie Jarrett as well as being friends with Huma ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ Abedin…and of Kris Bauman, the man he appointed the National Security Council’s new “point man” on all things Israel.

First…Habib-Powell. This woman is a member of Vital Voices, an organization founded and co-chaired by none other than Hillary Clinton herself and its rumored to be yet another part of her “donation racket”…and she is the one person reported to work hand-in-hand with McMaster…sort of a ‘twofer’ if you will. But here’s a bit of extremely disconcerting information…in the 1990s Habib-Powell was actually caught leaking to the press “negative stories” on Ginny Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Birds of a feather it seems as what one got caught doing the other is now highly suspected of doing…and I believe did do…or even did it together.

Second…Kris Bauman. McMaster appointed Bauman, a fellow islamic-condoner, Hamas supporter/apologist and John Kerry protege…who believes that the “Israel Lobby” is a threat and that Israel should be pressured into making concessions to islamic terrorists as well as retreat to its now indefensible ’67 borders…and a man who when part of the Obama team’s last round of peace talks said, “the Obama Administration must find creative (but legal) ways to include Hamas in a solution”…to basically be his personal advisor on Israel. A man who believes that Israel is at fault for the failure of all previous peace efforts and that peace can only be achieved when the U.S. applies enough diplomatic and economic pressure on Israel, will now be advising our president via McMaster on critical Israeli-Palestinian issues.

A friend and supporter of Israel Gen. H.R. McMaster is not no matter the media’s or his supporter’s claim to the contrary as his NSC is now full of anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, supporters.

And last for now it must be said that it was Gen. McMaster himself along with his recently appointed Senior Director of Counter-Terrorism Mustafa Javed Ali…who is CAIR’s ‘so-called’ diversity outreach coordinator…blocked anti-islamic activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali from formally presenting her paper on radical islamic terrorism at the NSC unless an official representative from CAIR could speak to refute her work. Traveling to D.C. to present her work before the Senate, McMaster was also the one who prevented Ali from meeting with President Trump, allowing her only an ‘informal’ meeting with NSC members.

But even with all I presented here know there is more that will come out about Gen. H.R. McMaster and those he surrounds himself with…after all he appears to be James Comey’s ‘deep state’ replacement…much more to add to the case for his firing (and dare I say arrest for subversion) for McMaster serves solely at the pleasure of the president, and like his buddy Comey, he can be fired for any reason or no reason at all.

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” – words once said by Gen. James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis.

A bit ago I mentioned Secretary of Defense James Mattis… a man ‘eased’ into retirement by Obama…but know that one critical Middle East stance of his raises some red flags for me for Gen. Mattis, has instead of placing blame for the region’s unrest on islam’s 1,400-year-old violent history, he places the blame for regional anti-Western, anti-American, sentiments and hostilities on the “Arab street’s” perception of the “injustice of oppression” supposedly suffered by the Palestinians under the Israeli occupation. In fact, in 2013 at the Aspen Security Forum, Mattis defended…and still defends…the two-state solution saying,“I paid a military security price every day as the commander of CENTCOM because the Americans were seen as biased in support of Israel.”

Guess what we are and rightly so as Israel is the Middle East’s only democracy…a beacon of freedom amongst those out to kill us all…as well as being our staunchest ally.

And Gen. Mattis also recently stated that Israel’s control of Judea and Samaria was “unsustainable,” and that Jewish “settlements” could turn Israel into an “apartheid state.” Sounds a bit too close to words said by Obama if you ask me, but remember, General Mattis was Obama’s appointee to head CentCom.

But please don’t get me wrong as I support our military one hundred plus percent, but supporting our military does not mean I cannot disagree with some choices made for why out of our vast military pool of possible choices did President Trump give two key positions to one holdover Obama appointee and the other a man who might or might not be a true supporter of Israel. Why…obviously our president is being given cleverly manipulated information… information not to help his presidency succeed but information to help in destroying it…and to do so via his own appointees.

Also, and with all honor and due respect for their service, I feel it must be noted that maybe the time has come for our political leaders to realize that those military men and women who came of age and wore our nation’s uniform during the Viet Nam era up to the time of the First Gulf War fought a different type of war and a vastly different enemy than we are fighting today. And so when choosing military men to lead our troops into today’s wars and even when choosing those who will advise our president, maybe those people should be drawn only from those valiant and brave men and women who have lived and fought…and maybe still do… during this age of escalating islamic terrorism for they know first hand better than most the here and now tangibles of the enemy we currently face.

And in the case of Gen. Mattis, who not long ago told Congress that we are “not winning” the war in Afghanistan (see and hear the general saying those words here:…not a great morale booster for our troops currently on the ground or those being sent there…the most important question that must be asked is are we, under his command, really winning in the Middle East more so than we were before. Unfortunately, I think not for while Mosul has been won back from ISIS control that winning in the long run remains tentative at best…Syria is still in turmoil as we continue to support the wrong side as in the anything but ‘rebels’ who are tentacles of ISIS and al-Qaeda…and Iran gets closer everyday to its goal of wiping Israel off the map.

So while the good general wages an intensely focused battle against ISIS, the fact remains that there is more to the Middle East conundrum than just ISIS, including the political battle of words we fight with our NATO allies over Israel…Israel who NATO condemns while they excuse the actions of the islamists even as their countries are being invaded and overrun by said islamists. And we have our own problems right here at home in that certain policy setters and advisors, while not condoning the islamists per se, still refuse to stand strong and admit who the enemy we fight really is…as in islam itself. And Gen. James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis is one such person, for this general above all else should know that you cannot win a war against an enemy you still refuse to name.

And that leads into the question do military men make good politicians or good cabinet choices. To that, except for some well-known exceptions, I’m not so sure they do. And why…while service in the military does prepare someone to make tough decisions and show leadership especially in times of war…politics is and will always remain a game that most times does not play by the rules. And with the military demanding allegiance to a certain set of rules above all else, and with politicians rarely playing by the rules, a politician is better suited to play the dirty game called politics. But a military leader close at hand is needed for their battle, weapons, tactical, and delegating of duties expertise, but even that can turn into a game playing negative when said military leader is not really part of the…in this case… president’s team.

This is surely the case with Gen. H.R. McMaster who needs to be sent packing post-haste, but in the case of General James Mattis and even to some degree with newly appointed Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, only time, battles won, right sides taken, and people rightfully fired will tell. But know that sometimes too much brass itself does indeed tarnish the proverbial political pot especially when that political pot is hand delivered by Barack HUSSEIN Obama… the still in operation enemy within.

Copyright @ 2017 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor


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