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Enter The Dragon

Tea Party Tribune - Sun, 03/17/2019 - 10:06am

What makes the Butcher Shop “cut meat” is diversity. Among our members are conservatives, liberals, all political parties, and beliefs. The one thing we all agree on is taking hot button issues on head on.

Brother Theo is a psychologist in the mold of Dr. Phil. He has filled many roles in his life including consultant to the Child Protective Services. He stood with me in Utah. Recently he became involved in another case. That case generated a string of articles, this being one.

When I first became involved with the CPS it was like the battle of the Alamo. I was on the wall and everybody else was a Mexican. After nearly ten years of frontal assaults one man emerged from the CPS ranks and put all the fires out. We became friends. I can never tell you his name, but I will tell you that he is highly placed.

This puts me in a precarious position. I agree with Jim Black on changing policy in Austin slowly, methodically, but I see Theo’s points while at the same time understanding my friend in the department trying to drain a swamp as he fights alligators off.

That having been said, we will never fix this if we don’t haul it out into the sun. Beware of “advocates!” Those people who claim to champion family rights but due to their ignorance or personal guilt damage as many families as CPS. The cure for this is simple. The Constitution.

The Butcher


The Return Of The Dragon!

When I was a child, still full of wonder, I lived in a world of discovery and optimism. I had no knowledge of drugs, or even alcohol abuse. There was no need for drugs in my young world, nor would there have been a place for them; drugs would have displaced other needed, and more interesting things. All that changed when I graduated from High School.

My parents were old school parents. After expending a tremendous amount of energy time, and yes, money during the first eighteen years of my life, they had given me a first class upbringing. It was time to launch. The problem was something that would take me the rest of my life to unravel.

Before Prohibition a dragon lay across the length and the breadth of this land, and the dragon was called addiction. It has been my experience that all humans are susceptible to addiction. The time of our weakness seems to coincide with times of intolerable conditions under which we must live, at an intersection of availability of that to which we become addicted. Of course Prohibition did not actually make alcohol unavailable, and the economic conditions combined with a dismal political climate made most Americans, even those positively affected by our upside down economy yearned for distraction, while the times called for action. By the time the Volstead act was dead, so was our nation’s belief in itself, and we found ourselves drinking more than ever.
Drugs too had taken root in our land long before the 18th amendment, and after its passage they became the kudzu of noxious elements. Opioids had become a critical problem largely due to the publication of a book titled Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. Men and women alike discovered the power of opioids to control depression, anxiety, and a condition that would later be called Anome, or facelessness. As time passed, our nation became aware that, while some of our citizens were doing just fine, most were not. The way forward became unnavigable for most Americans, and the roadblocks were put in their way by institutions.

For a time, common sense took root at the highest levels of government. The Republican hero, our forgotten hero, Theodore Roosevelt, passed a series of anti trust laws and others designed to decrease the power of corporate institutions, and help pave the way forward for ordinary public citizens. America moved forward, Alcohol and drug use declined. Roosevelt passed from office leaving in his wake all but a guarantee of Republican ascendency. A series of Republican presidents followed, each more corrupt than the last, each disconnected from the common man, and Americans slid into what might have been the greatest orgy of addiction ever to be known on our shores.

In time Theodores cousin, Franklin Roosevelt was elected to the presidency. Fascism was on the rise, and the party bosses were in love with it. Corporate profits insured that Germany, a destitute nation burdened with debt that all but assured its subjugation for the foreseeable future, would be equipped with the finest war machine known to all mankind. American involvement in the war was assured when Japan, an axis power, bombed our navy at Pearl Harbor. America took the road to prosperity and never looked back.
While the war raged, a raft of populist legislation was passed, made possible by the incredible flow of cash deluging America’s coffers. Addiction all but disappeared from the American landscape. The American Constitution became a template used by George Marshal abroad, and as he built a series of Utopias across Europe, addiction went into a decline abroad as well. For thirty five years America, and most of the world enjoyed a Pax Americana that ensured equal access to the masses, and a rule of law so thorough, that even billionaires were held accountable.

!In nineteen seventy one, the year that my parents launched their eldest project into the future, just one little problem stood in the way of success; I had been prepared to live in a world that existed in nineteen fifty one. America had grown weak in the interim. Vietnam, a war thought by the American people to have been a war of patriotism against the dark forces of communism, was really just a pipeline for the CIA to move what was in demand in America again, into the nation. Half of the country saw through the war that had been approved by five American presidents, representing both parties, to be a sham; The other half thought it to be a duty to be shouldered by their sons and daughters. Both sides hated the other, and Americas thirst for addictive substances began to grow. !Inside America’s borders, the way forward became more difficult by means of our corporate institutions co-opting our governmental institutions. Laws were passed that shifted power from families toward government, instead of allowing communities to have a say.

Things became so bad that Ronald Reagan became our fortieth president, swept into office largely on the concept that government was the enemy of the people, and not friendly to American families. It was true, and, it grew large under his administrations eye, but for the fact that whilst barriers to success were removed to an appreciable degree for corporate entities, it was ratcheted upwards on the common man and his family. America’s predilection for addiction swelled. Prison populations swelled, even as government tried to forestall the crisis by doing more of what didn’t work.

Amphetamine was first concocted by the Germans in eighteen eighty seven. In nineteen nineteen a stronger, more easily form of the drug was invented in Japan. Although much is made of it’s military use, practically no mention of methamphetamine is made of it’s use as a means of controlling citizens as well as military and government officials through shared addiction. Make no mistake, the war begun by the axis powers is not over. Our nation stands before the demon Meth with its head bowed. While the phrase “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help” has become a laughable trope, it is as true as it was at the end of Jimmie Carter’s presidency.

Enter The Dragon

Enter the Department of Child Protective Services. During what was a person of lawlessness brought on by a need to go forward on a path that had been converted to a highway for the rich only, children suffered terribly. Children have always borne the burden of incompetent, or indifferent government disproportionately. When CPS tried to tackle the problem with insufficient knowledge, or resources, they found themselves hamstrung by the Constitution.

Since the mission of government was to shrink government, CPS was reluctantly given the means by which to conduct the business of removing children from harm by any means necessary. Eventually, the CPS was given plenipotentiary and unconstitutional powers that made them nearly invincible. Within a short time, CPS was acknowledged as the authority in charge of the American family, thereby placing the futures of millions of children firmly in the hands of the children themselves. The terms child abuser, or pedophile became instant convictions for anyone labeled so by CPS based on “reason to believe”. Inductive reasoning became “evidence”, and children placed in a system of foster care that was broken before it ever began became the launch pad for failure, and the ranks of the addicted swelled. Methamphetamine became our nation’s drug of choice, and the dragon returned!

Meth addiction is going to win in the long run. Our government treats opioids and benzodiazepines as the real enemy, leaving Chinese, Mexican, and home grown drug terrorists what amounts to a free hand in the destruction of our nation. Perhaps worst of all, a condition previously known mostly in soviet bloc nations has emerged to present America with it’s most difficult challenge of all. this condition, known as Reactive Attachment Disorder is a lifelong sentence of misery the occurs only in children between the ages of birth to two years of age. RAD, as it is known in close knit psychiatric communities now affects approximately one in thirty six children. It is caused by indifference to a child’s cries for help, nourishment or comfort. Parents addicted to meth put a higher priority on the drug than on the needs of their children. Sex with children is often exchanged for drugs. Between heroin and meth, fully one third of generation “Z” will be at our gates in less than ten years. CPS has designated RAD as a rehabilitatable illness. Big mistake, but CPS is insular as well as wrong. If we are to survive this problem, we must begin at the root. CPS must be held accountable to constitutional standards. By making one of the largest institutions in America behave like the rest of America and contained. America the cause and scope of America’s looming threat can be known and contained. Americans must rise up as one against the dragon which has indeed returned

The Butcher Shop

The post Enter The Dragon appeared first on Tea Party Tribune.

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An American Tragedy

Tea Party Tribune - Sat, 03/16/2019 - 5:41pm

An American Tragedy!

by Brother Theo

The American notion that history is a rising road has made great contributions to the American cause. The American Dream is founded on the idea that our destiny is one of greatness, and that no power shall have the legitimate force to steal our individual rights as they are defined by the constitution of the United States. This social contract upholds the vital requisite of parents to raise their children along the rising path toward the future, in a lawful fashion. !If any institution, public or private should appropriate to themselves this right, given to us by our founding fathers, and countenanced by every major religion of the world, then they should be held accountable for crimes against all Americans; for if this should be allowed to happen, then how shall America determine it’s own course? If parents must raise their children according to values and traditions different from those they choose to believe in, then why have parents in the first place? A rot has taken root in our communities, I have seen this rot firsthand, and I can tell you it is a worm growing in the breast of this great nation. It seeks to steal from us our futures, and to deprive our children of their pasts. It seeks to alienate us from our families, and to drive a wedge between ordinary citizens and their countrymen. I hardly need name this so called “frenemy”, It goes by different acronyms in different states, but it is known in every state by the fearful name of the CPS. These three ordinary letters of the English alphabet combined with one another represent the deepest fears of millions of Americans. Never has any person or institution been named with less aptitude.

Brother Theo

Child Protective Services is the embodiment of everything which has become a blight on America. As an institution it is everything it says it is not, and nothing it says that it is. For every wrong it rights, there are five destroyed families, a hundred devastated lives, as well as dead and missing children. These are not results that I have heard about, or believe to be true by means of inductive reasoning, but rather, I have reason to believe that they are rotten because I have seen these things with my own eyes. The wreckage left behind by this deformed monster is heartbreaking to behold. Should all Americans see it, clearly, as I have, I have no doubt that the population would rise up against this mistake as one and put an end to it! While it goes without saying that there is sometimes a need to protect children from their own families, it is not an excuse for this thing whose name should be anathema. In point of fact, it makes their crimes worse for the fact that they, the destroyers of family should wear the symbol of savior. !If the fact that we, the little people, must band together to bring about legislative change in order to stop them, if the fact that they are in the statehouse to defend their privilege of abusing our state’s constitution as well as that of our august nation, then you tell me what is needed to gain your support against them? The answer is all too clear, and all too tragic. This is America’s great tragedy. Having been given, by the blood of men and women who gave their lives for the freedoms that we do have, we look the other way.

We pontificate, and dither, and tell ourselves that good will eventually win out; but there are many dead, and many missing children who will not live to see this unrealized victory, because too many of us have not the guts to fight! Perhaps when the CPS slithers up to your door and tells your children that you have no control over them, when they tell your spouse that you must go your separate ways, then you might fight. The heartbreaking truth is, that when you look at those targeted by the CPS you will find among them are our most vulnerable families. Most families that the CPS preys upon are those people who are too strapped by the cost of supporting their families to be able to afford good legal defense. While the CPS makes free use of our courts, attorneys general, and our police, those attacked must make do with what is at hand to defend themselves. It is shameful that it must be so, and therefore I urge you to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Americans, despite race, color or creed to chop back this noxious weed that has crept into our homes. The CPS must be made to abandon their principle of the end justifies the means, and conduct the business protecting our nations most precious resource in a manner befitting the servants of a constitutional people.

The Butcher Shop

The post An American Tragedy appeared first on Tea Party Tribune.

Attacking your principles to ‘own the cons’

Liberty Unyielding - Sat, 03/16/2019 - 1:03pm
Progressives will do harmful, foolish things to ‘own the cons.’ In Michigan, a transgender activist burned down his own home, killing his five pets, in a hate crime hoax intended to make social conservatives look bad. He burned his pets to death to ‘own the cons.’

Majoritarianism and Democracy vs. Liberty and the Constitution

Center for Freedom and Prosperity (CF&P) - Sat, 03/16/2019 - 12:42pm

While she’s mostly known for radical proposals such as confiscatory tax rates and the Green New Deal, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also made waves with recent comments about imposing “democracy” on the economy.

In a discussion last year at Ponoma College in California, I explained why majoritarianism is misguided.

For all intents and purposes, unchecked democracy gives 51 percent of the people a right to rape and pillage 49 percent of the people.

Thankfully, America’s Founders realized that approach was incompatible with individual liberty.

They drafted a Constitution that explicitly limited the power of politicians (and thus also limited the power of people who vote for politicians).

Why? Because they understood history.

Professor Victor Davis Hanson explains how they recognized the dangers of majoritarianism.

The half-millennia success of the stable Roman republican system inspired later French and British Enlightenment thinkers. Their abstract tripartite system of constitutional government stirred the Founding Fathers to concrete action. Americans originally were terrified of what 51 percent of the people in an unchecked democracy might do on any given day—and knew that ancient democracies had always become more not less radical and thus more unstable. For all the squabbles between Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison, they agreed that a republic, not a direct democracy, was a far safer and stable choice of governance. …We often think that a Bill of Rights was designed to protect Americans from monarchs and dictators. It certainly was. But the Founders were just as terrified of what that the majority of elected representatives without restraint might legally do on any given day to an individual citizen. …All consensual governments are prone to scary wild swings of mob-like emotion—and to demagogues who can almost rein in or goad the dêmos. But the Founders sought to make American government immune to Athenian-style craziness through a system of checks and balances that vented popular frenzies without a great deal of damage.

In a column for the Foundation for Economic Education, Professor Gary Galles explains the difference between liberty and democracy.

…far too little attention seems to be given to the differences between democracy—the process by which we select members of government—and liberty—the key to good government. …our Constitution and Bill of Rights…put some things beyond majority determination… Unfortunately, democracy…is entirely consistent with choices that destroy liberty…the growing reach of government makes our exercise of democracy an increasing threat to liberty, defending that liberty requires understanding the limits of democratic determination.

George Will, citing the work of Professor Randy Barnett, explains that the fight is – or should be – between statist majoritarians and libertarian constitutionalists.

Regarding jurisprudence, Democrats are merely results-oriented, interested in…expanding government’s power… Republicans…have grown lazily comfortable with rhetorical boilerplate in praise of “judicial restraint.” …all progressives are Hobbesians in that they say America is dedicated to a process — majoritarian decision-making that legitimates the government power it endorses. Not all Lockeans are libertarians, but all libertarians are Lockeans in that they say America is dedicated to a condition — liberty. …Lockeans favor rigorous judicial protection of certain individual rights — especially private property and freedom of contract — that define and protect the zone of sovereignty within which people are free to act as they please. Hobbesians say the American principle is the right of the majority to have its way. …Lockeans say the Constitution, properly construed and enforced by the judiciary, circumscribes the majoritarian principle by protecting all rights that are crucial to individual sovereignty. …Barnett says, yes, the Constitution — “the law that governs those who govern us” — is libertarian. And a Lockean president would nominate justices who would capaciously define and vigorously defend, against abuses by majoritarian government.

You don’t have to be a Randian to heartily endorse and embrace this sentiment (h/t: Libertarian Reddit).

The most cogent warning about majoritarianism comes from the great Thomas Sowell.

“In the modern welfare state, a vote becomes a license to take what others create — and these others include generations yet unborn.”

— Thomas Sowell (@ThomasSowell) April 19, 2017

To emphasize the dangers of majoritarianism, I’ll close by simply citing Brazil in the past and Venezuela today.

P.S. Though I must admit that the Swiss are an example of how majoritarianism can lead to good outcomes.

P.P.S. I strongly encourage you to read what Walter Williams wrote on this topic.

Beto O’Rourke acutely aware of his biggest vulnerability — being a white man

Liberty Unyielding - Sat, 03/16/2019 - 12:30pm
'The government at all levels is overly represented by white men. That’s part of the problem, and I’m a white man.'


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