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Davis Graham - Innovation in Education; Linda Schaich and Peggy Martin on the tax increase Manatee School District seeks - 01/16

Davis Graham will be speaking on an intriguing innovation in education.

Get informed about the tax increase from Linda Schaich and Peggy Martin—the special election costing tax payers $300,000.00 will be in March.

Davis Graham is a designer of technology solutions to improve efficiency both in education and in healthcare. An innovative thinker, Graham designed and delivered the first Apple application allowing for radiologists' reports to be instantly delivered to referring physicians on their iPhone/iPad.

Davis has served as an executive for over 30 years, seven of which were in government relations in Washington DC.

Davis has served as a Consulting Advisor for the Digital Literacy Project for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

 As a consultant, he continues to think outside of the box as a designer, motivated by innovative ideas implemented into action.

He works locally at The Bridge Church in Bradenton with teachers and students with learning disabilities using technology to facilitate reading and writing.

Davis Graham is an 2016 Brandeis University graduate with academic honors with an MS in Health and Medical Informatics (MS in HMI). His parents are regular attenders at Tea Party Manatee.

Linda Schaich & Peggy Martin on the tax increase Manatee School District is seeking

Linda Schaich is a community activist and watchdog who has been a fixture at Manatee School Board meetings for several years and twice ran for a seat on that board.

For nearly a decade Linda has attended and spoken at most school board meetings, workshops and audit committee meetings. She has served on four school district committees: Land and Facilities Committee, Sales Tax Committee, Budget Committee and Superintendent Search Committee.

When Schaich ran in 2012 against the incumbent, she said “the district was hiding deficits and was about to implode financially.” Just “six weeks later, the district imploded financially” as she had predicted.

For 20 years, Linda Schaich and her husband have owned and operated five equipment rental centers and two John Deere dealerships. She has been a Federally Licensed IRS Enrolled Agent, has forensic accounting experience and has taught school for the IRS at a local college.

Peggy Martin is also a community activist who has been a fixture at Manatee School Board meetings. She is also the newest member of the board of Tea Party Manatee. Stay tuned for more about Peggy!

Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 6:00pm

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