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Brian MacNeel, Crime Prevention Task Force - 1/8

Brian MacNeel of the State Crime Prevention Task Force returns to discuss crime and crime prevention. Always entertaining and informative.

Highlights of Byron Roquemore’s TPM Talk Jan 8, 2019

Byron Roquemore from Florida’s Crime Prevention Task Force gave terrifically useful tips to protect yourself and your loved ones, including from the #1 crime—identity theft.

Byron filled in for Brian MacNeel, who is recovering from an accident.

  • Shred all mail that tells you you are preapproved for money, including the Return to Sender envelope—that barcode on the envelope’s bottom has your credit card info on it.
  • Incoming calls that say they’re from your bank, or the IRS or Microsoft—don’t take them.
  • Tampa Bay area is #1 in the state for child kidnapping/sex slave activity, targeting boys ages 10-13 especially.
  • Monitor your kids’ video gaming activity. Who are they talking to as they play? When Byron listened in on his own son, he heard a man say this chilling statement: “You play so good! Tell me where your bus stop is so I can bring you another remote.”
  • Ladies: hit the panic button on your car’s key fob in the parking lot if someone keeps approaching you after you tell them to stop. Keep the key fob by your bedside at night.
  • If your car goes into deep water, use an extraction device (find them at Lowe’s Home Depot or AAA) to cut your seatbelt first. THEN use the device to break your car window. Hit the bottom corners first.
  • Ladies: Do you carry a crossbody purse? Thieves have been coming up behind in a car, and dragging the victim by the strap from behind until the strap breaks, and they drive away, unidentifiable. In the parking lot, hold your crossbody bag in your hand.
  • He gave many other tips and ideas for products to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Want Byron to speak to your group? Call him at 813-446-0750 to schedule him.
Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 10:45am

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