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Beverly Newman: Holocaust and Today; and Isabel Glade: Cuba Happening Here - 3/12


Beverly Newman : Holocaust and Today AND Isabel Glade : Cuba Is Happening Here!

Here's some of what you missed
Beverly Newman Highlights
  • we see events and actions similar to what led to the Holocaust. Today in the US
  • The Tower of Baal (honoring pagan god of child sacrifice) was exhibited in NYC and Washington DC, and called “a symbol of peace.”
  • New York City Mayor Cuomo, after signing the fill allowing for murder of babies up to nine months in the womb, celebrated by asking for NY buildings to be lit in pink.
  • Despite their anti-Semitic statements, Dem. Dep. Party Director Keith Ellison and Louis Farrakhan are honored by the Democrat party.
  • Farrakhan: “Hitler was a very great man.” And “I’m not anti-Semite; I’m anti-termite.”
  • In contrast, Beverly praised Gov Ron DeSantis for speaking and acting against abuse of elderly and disabled.
  • Similar to what we are seeing, in Europe, Europeans gradually were desensitized to persecution and bloodshed of Jews by incrementalism. Examples:
  • School textbooks, songs, descriptions—designed to strip Jews of humanness.
  • Month after month, anti-Semitic laws were passed allowing persecution, enslavement, and finally execution.
  • Solution? Shake off apathy. Pray. Commit to speaking to others and educating them.


Isabel Glade Highlights

  • Isabel came to the US from Cuba in 1961 at age 20 with her brother, while her parents remained trapped there forty years. She gave her firsthand account.
  • Many are misinformed about Cuba before Castro and his Marxist transformation of the country.
  • Batista came to power in 1933 in a coup and was later elected in 1940. For a time he was out of office then was in until Castro.
  • Communists were actively indoctrinating people in Cuba, and in the 1930s many became enamored with Marxism, as they are prone to do during hard times.
  • Between 1910-1953 many thousands immigrated to Cuba as the country flourished economically and culturally.
  • The peso was equal to the US dollar. It was solidly backed by gold.
  • There was no reason to have a wholesale destruction of Cuba as happened under Castro’s rule. So how did it happen?
  • US media was one way. Examples: Herbert Matthews in 1957 lied in the NY Times, saying, “Batista murdered thousands.”
  • Jules Dubois wrote in the Chicago Tribune Batista “is an egomaniac, sadist.” He “orders …torture, assassination and exile…operates a police state … with limitless spies.”
  • In truth, Isabel, who lived it, said, “Batista was an authoritarian but allowed so much freedom…that there was corruption and some brutality.”
  • Castro called for an election. The people forgot their constitution. The winner wasn’t verified—Castro destroyed all the ballots!
  • Castro took over in 1958. Those who supported Castro were betrayed. Julio Lobo gave millions, but eventually lost his 14 sugar mills, his banks and his baseball team.
  • US celebrities, media, even clergy supported Castro—and still do.
  • How could they not know Castro trained as a communist in Russia’s embassy in 1946-47?
  • Did they not know of his participation in a communist-engineered uprising in Bogota Columbia in 1948 in which over 5,000 were killed?
  • Isabel’s personal experiences: when Castro’s men took over her uncle’s farm and were “sorting” the cattle, her uncle told them they were doing it wrong. The reply: “Don’t worry; we create a problem so we can create our solution.” Like Holder saying “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
  • When Castro’s men came to confiscate Isabel’s uncle’s grocery business, the trauma caused his mother to have a heart attack and die.
  • Isabel’s mother’s classmate’s experience: her husband opened the door and was immediately executed. Some were executed just for asking to leave Cuba.
  • With so many executions, usually with no reason, people took risks: Miriam Perez (who later married Isabel’s brother) came with 13 others on a relative’s 22 foot fishing boat, endured severe storms, and finally were rescued by the US Coast Guard.
  • All guns were confiscated. Local military training used sticks.
  • In each neighborhood each block had a home with a family charged with watching their neighbors and reporting any unapproved behavior or words—including going to church.
  • Government was the new god.
  • Castro indoctrinated children, taking them to schools in rural Cuba. The first half of the day they were indoctrinated with propaganda and songs. The second half they worked sugar cane fields.
  • Children were encouraged to report to the government any actions of their parents that were contrary to the government.
  • The government stirred up envy in the populace and dissenters were sent to jail, got “disappeared” or were executed. To create panic and confusion, government agents took actions against citizens who weren’t even dissenting (for example, they destroyed Isabel’s father’s jeep).
  • Solution: Compare what happened in Cuba to here. Reagan said the loss of freedom is only one generation away. We cannot remain complacent.
  • If we lose our freedom, there is no other country to go to. “We frequently hear ‘Freedom is not free.’ But to many it feels that way when you have it.”
Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 6:00pm

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