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Patrick Bergy - 3/26

Patrick Bergy - Shadowbanning and Psyops under Obama.
Patrick Bergy has over a decade as an Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO), Information Management Officer (IMO) and Knowledge Management Officer (KMO) for the highest levels of secured networks and programs in our Department of Defense. He voluntarily deployed in some of the most austere environments in Iraq and Afghanistan for a combined total of nearly 20 months.

After that Bergy spent from 2010 to 2015 as a KMO in South Korea providing collaboration tools our military can use in moving our main US presence from Seoul to Pyeongtaek. Prior to the decade with the Department of Defense, he spent a decade in computer and network administration and security in the private sector with a great deal of knowledge in electronic voting.

His background is unique in that it ranges from providing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) support to the “tip of the spear” in Afghanistan, to pioneering tactical, clandestine, social media psychological warfare capabilities for our military, and for commercial use as well. If any of that sounds exactly like what the FBI just indicted 13 Russians for doing, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Here's some of what you missed
  • Psyops—psychological operations. That is Patrick Bergy’s expertise and his contribution to the Department of Defense. What are psyops? You’re familiar with old methods formerly in use, like dropping flyers from planes or Voice of America radio.
  • Today it’s social media. Bergy was contracted as a subject matter expert to develop pioneering applications in social media psychological warfare for the Department of Defense. Basically, he pioneered social network “fake news” for the U.S. Department of Defense when social media was in its infancy.
  • What could work like this do? Bergy said, “I could literally make it look like I was sending an email from the Kremlin when I was on the beach in Clearwater.”
  • Bergy revealed that the technology taxpayers paid for the software Dynology kept and now as Jones Group Int’l sells to various buyers. Police can use it to catch pedophiles. It was used to create a truce between the Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq and work with the US to fight a common enemy.
  • Yet, he noted, the man who was Obama’s national security advisor, Gen. James Jones, is profiting from this taxpayer-funded software.
  • There are two parts to the process: the collection of information, and dissemination
  • What information? “mass collection of (a person’s)social data plus health, credit, and travel history, for example. The company Clearforce uses artificial intelligence then “to predict behavior.”
  • So “a company can run your name and you could be turned down for a job” because it predicted you might steal from the company.
  • “What’s to stop them from identifying Trump supporters and flagging them?” Bergy asked.
  • “Obama got rid of the Smith-Mundt Act” and allowed psyops on US citizens.”
  • The information is disseminated through the Shadownet: this includes paid journalists, news outlets like CNN or MSNBC, etc.
  • Politicians use it to win races. Bergy said, “I’m assuming every candidate is using what we created and we made flyers to sell.”
  • He was most impressed that President Trump, however, was approached to buy the psyop service and he refused.
  • Bergy showed a chart connecting names to this stuff: Gen. James Jones, John McCain (Dynology was McCain’s IT project during the 2008 primary). “Gen. Jones was McCain’s captain when McCain was active duty. Michael Hayden—Obama’s CIA director—all these people have ownership in this.”
  • Bergy: The use of the technology to “stop a war before it starts—that’s okay; but to determine the next senator—no.”
  • He noted the press doesn’t want to reveal this use of technology: When he contacted the “Washington Post, they said, ‘This doesn’t indict Trump so we’re not interested.’”
  • In fact, he noted, “the guy who posts all the time against Trump, appearing at the top of tweets, he’s on video saying he’s paid. He’s a contractor!”
  • The elevator incident (with two women confronting Judge Kavanaugh): I’d ask, “Who drove the women there? I guarantee it’s a contractor with Clearforce.”
  • “Our Fourth Estate is shot.”
  • Solution: “We need to get the Smith-Mundt Act back in place.” Write, share, talk to your electeds to get this.
  • Read Patrick’s book, Victim Of The Swamp: How The "Deep State" Destroyed The 40 Year Old Private
  • And check out his Indiegogo site.

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