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Pastor Umar Mulinde - 9/17

Pastor Umar Mulinde returns to Tea Party Manatee

Pastor Umar Malinde Bio:

Pastor Umar Mulinde, a father of seven biological children, is a Christian convert from a Muslim background, acid attack survivor, human rights activist, author, International Public Speaker and an ordained Senior Pastor of Gospel Life Church International, a mission-driven church based in Kampala-Uganda East Africa.

He is also involved in training and equipping Christian Leaders in Africa with practical strategic methods of transforming communities, Christian advocacy, development and care for the persecuted believers.

On 24/12/2011, he was attacked by Muslim extremists in Uganda who poured acid on him seeking his death because of his conversion to Christianity from Islam, promoting the love of Israel and his progressive Gospel preaching that has changed many Muslims.

When acid is thrown on a person, the result is horrifying; it causes the skin tissue to melt, often exposing the bones below the flesh, sometimes even dissolving the bone.

Nitric, hydrochloric, or sulfuric acids all have a catastrophic effect on human flesh. An acid attack on your body would dramatically change your life. Acid burnt him to near death had God not helped.

Pastor Umar Mulinde’s incredible inspiring life story is a powerful testimony of standing firm in the faith despite severe persecution. He is now travelling around the world sharing this moving testimony. It’s a message of perseverance and success in the Lord, by God's help and at the same time sensitizing the Church to be aware of the reality of the ongoing persecution faced by Christians world–wide, and how believers may take a meaningful stand.

Despite his sufferings, he knows from the Bible according to Genesis 50:20 that God can take a disadvantage, and turn it into an advantage.

Paul writes in Philippians that he was imprisoned for the furtherance of the gospel, and as a result, many of the brethren in the Lord were encouraged by Paul's bonds to speak and preach the word without fear - (Philippians - 1:12-14). In a very like manner, Pastor Umar Mulinde carries a very compelling and a very sobering message, with an aim to: "motivate Christians to not be so timid in their faith; but to be courageous preach boldly the Truth; and to stand up and be the light of world regardless of the challenges brought by the spirit of fear, political correctness and humanism ideology."

Watch this video clip news interview.
You can also find more on his website or on social media.

Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 6:00pm

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