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Pastor Umar Mulinde’s Latest News

Pastor Mulinde writes, “Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

"My Washington trip was very successful. As you might be aware, God is using me to share a very urgent sobering message of a great importance. However, in many places after my speech, several people have been approaching me wishing how good it could be, if their political leaders could be able hear my story!

"Therefore, inviting me to a Dinner addressed by President Donald J. Trump in Washington DC and another invitation to U.S. Department of State in Washington DC, were answered prayers.

"After 45 minutes presentation, one official commended saying that, my story is important because, whereas anybody can talk about threats posed by Islam expansionist ideology and religious persecution in Africa and middle east, its more meaningful and impacting to hear them from a person who did not only study and practiced Islam but has also suffered persecution and deeply involved into effective outreach to muslims and taking care of exmuslim persecuted converts and educating their vulnerable children.

"In his perspective, my story gives a very essential ingredient given the fact that I was a muslim who studied Islamic theology, a victim of Islamic violence and successful Pastor who founded a Church with only 3 people but now has over 1000 members of which about 350 are exmuslims and running a safe house which is offering accommodation, Advocacy, social economic and technical development skills to religious persecution victim adults and education for their vulnerable children, strategically addressing the raising of Islamic extremism against Christians!

"Much was addressed for the betterment of the United States and the world at large!

"Other opportunities have opened to have me meet some other key global decision makers.

"Please continue to lift me up in prayers for safety, good health, favor and provision.

"Again, thank you so much for supporting me to enable me to honor important invitation to the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC.

"May the good Lord reward you abundantly.

"This testimony is impacting lives, creating awareness and providing a missing link necessary to address key challenges of our days.

"I am here on important Godly mission but not working and with no sponsors only stepping out in faith for Gods glory. I kindly request you to continue supporting me in any way possible for you to help me to be able spread this important message!

"Convey my sincere appreciation to your whole Tea Party congregation."

Thank you.

Umar Mulinde
Senior Pastor
Gospel Life Church International


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