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Human Life Protection Amendment

Please view this short video to get an idea of what the Human Life Protection Amendment is all about.

At TPM Nov 12 speaker Craig Scafidi informed us about the Human Life Amendment, which will protect life from first heartbeat to last heartbeat. This amendment offers protection not just to the pre-born but to the disabled and elderly as well.

You can help this worthy amendment. Amendments need signatures to get on the Florida ballot, and this campaign's goal is to collect over a million petitions by Dec 31, 2019. Let’s all help.

Take Action:

  1. Get petitions. You can download and print the petitions, circulate among your family, friends and church, and bring them back to TPM. Craig will collect them from us. You can download a printable petition from their website or by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. Contact groups and group leaders you know and give them the link so they can get petitions signed and spread the word, too.
  3. Mail your petition to the address you see on their site or petition OR you can bring petitions to a Tea Party Manatee meeting. Our group is acting as a collection point here in Manatee county. You can also contact Tea Party Manatee or any of the people that attend regularly and see if we could pick them up.
  4. Please share this webpage or Human Life Protection Amendment's webpage with your friends, family & church.

Here is Craig's contact information if you have any questions.

Craig Scafidi, CCIM
(813) 220-0713 CELL
(813) 769-1614  OFFICE
[email protected]


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