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Tea Party Patriots Action Items

From Tea Party Patriots:

“We are working with over 100 conservative organizations to fight against this bogus impeachment effort in a unified, coordinated way. The action items for the next few weeks will be tied to the work of this coalition.

“We’ve been asked to all be prepared and able to serve as a rapid response team over these upcoming weeks as the House Intel committee holds public hearings. We need to push out the real facts in radio, tv, and print interviews, on social media, to your email networks, and in speeches. You can share this call to action with likeminded patriots!”

Action Item #1


As you engage on social media, please be sure that you follow, RT, and copy and paste the tweets of Republican members of the House Intel and House Oversight Committees into your own words using the hashtags #NoEvidence and #DemsGotNothing. If you are not following the House GOP Intel and House GOP Oversight members, we set up twitter lists for you.

Key Members carrying the message (These accounts are the most important to follow, retweet, copy and paste what they are saying in your own words, etc. Be sure to use #noevidence #DemsGotNothing.)

House Intel Republicans
House Oversight Republicans Twitter: @GOPoversight
House Judiciary Republicans Twitter: **@JudiciaryGOP
House Freedom Caucus Twitter: @FreedomCaucus
Rep. Mark Meadows – Twitter: @RepMarkMeadows
Rep. Jim Jordan Twitter: @Jim_Jordan
Rep. John Ratcliffe Twitter: @RepRatcliffe
Rep. Devin Nunes Twitter: @DevinNunes
Rep. Lee Zeldin Twitter: @LeeZeldin
Rep. Andy Biggs Twitter: @RepAndyBiggsAZ

Action Item #2

Sign up for the Trump Defense Team special email group if you haven’t already! Especially on the days where there are hearings, we are sending out information from the White House and the GOP that is very important, and one of the only ways we have of getting the truth out, past the mainstream media.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are a statewide or local elected official or group leader, please use this form to sign up for emails geared toward leaders.   If you aren’t a leader, be sure to email or text statewide and local elected officials and other statewide and local leaders of groups (tea party groups, other conservative/likeminded groups) to ask them to join the Trump Defense Team coalition and serve as rapid responders next week. We’ve written templates that you can use to invite them to join. Just copy and paste the email or text message template pasted below my signature to invite them to join.

Action Item #3

If you have extra time this week, please call the 31 Democrats, supposed "moderates," that won seats from Republicans in 2018 in districts that voted for President Trump in 2016.

Print off the LIST OF 31 DEMOCRATS and use it as your checklist. Click on PDF link below.

In liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin


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