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Lisa Chittaro : Candidate for for the 12th Judicial Circuit - 2/4

Lisa Chittaro is an attorney in Sarasota and a “former assistant state attorney who specialized in elder fraud and animal cruelty cases, (and) has filed paperwork to run against her former boss Ed Brodsky, saying he has ‘eroded the public trust’ as state attorney for the 12th Judicial Circuit.

“Born in Ontario, Canada, Chittaro often visited Florida with her family. After she received a bachelor’s degree at the University of Windsor in 1998, she moved to Miami to attend St. Thomas University School of Law. She has two adopted sons and is an avid animal lover.

“Chittaro, a Republican, was an assistant state attorney beginning in 2006, working her way up into the Elder Fraud and Exploitation Unit. Beginning in 2013, she was one of two prosecutors focusing on white-collar crimes — including the exploitation of seniors, unlicensed contractors and embezzlement. She also worked several high profile animal abuse cases.

“With Sarasota having one of the oldest populations in the state, Chittaro and her colleague worked to increase awareness about elder abuse and exploitation. They recorded a radio show and routinely met with retirement communities in the area to discuss how to handle finances and prevent seniors from becoming victims.

“Her work with seniors taught her the importance of ‘embedding in the community and to be visible,’ she said. ‘That office should be very visible, accessible. These victims don’t always come forward.’

“Chittaro left the State Attorney’s Office in 2017 to start a private law practice.”

She also serves on the Constitutional Judiciary Committee. Her practice specializes in cases in Criminal Defense, Consumer Protection, General Practice, Appeals, and Litigation

Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 6:00pm

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